The Caves of Doom

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Costs: free
Frequency: the game should move on every 1-3 days.
Type: ADD 2nd Ed
Last-Update: 2005May14
Keywords: free, closed-ended, www, human, fantasy, rpg


The Caves of Doom are a devilish and wicked environment where death lurks around every corner and behind each secret door.

Create a character by using one of four character templates. Develop your personality in the Crows Foot Tavern, Make friends you could travel with into the deadly caves and then set off on the adventure!

Why enter the caves? For the precious cup of life, an artifact that grants the holder eternal life.

Why not full and free character creation? Given that your character may well not live past the second chamber it would be a shame to spend several hours working creatively with the numbers.

Why bother if I'm just going to die anyway? 1. Death although gruesome and painful may be a learning experience for you. The next time you enter you might get further! 2. It is possible to win but not easy and survival is not guaranteed.

To join, head over to and quickly join up then find the game in the Adult section (I put it there because death is a pretty unpleasant and mucky business in the Caves of Doom.)

Good luck!


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