Celandra - the Undying Land (Interactive History)

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Costs: Free
Email: celandra@phoenyx.net
Frequency: Every 2-3 weeks.
URL: http://wiki.phoenyx.net/wiki/bin/view/Celandra/WebHome [ dead link ]
Type: fantasy, world-building, roleplaying, freeform
Last-Update: 2010May04
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg


Interactive History in Celandra

Celandra is a game in which the players take the roles of societies, rather than playing individual characters, and is a world with a long history and plenty of magic. The players invents or chooses a society with its culture and heritage, and guides its development and interaction with the world. Emphasis is be placed on developing a detailed history of Celandra, along with myths and legends. On the mailing list, there are actually multiple subgames all taking place in the world of Celandra, but in different regions.

Theme/Focus: The theme is societal development as it is played out in history. It is appropriate to detail (or roleplay) the deeds of mythic persons or legendary heros, but bands of common adventurers are below the scope of the game. If you want to describe or play out such "common" adventures, you are welcome to share them with the rest of us, but that is not the focus. Things should be relevant to your society and the world, and should have a place in history (ie they should be relatively important/noteworthy).

Morality: Good vs. evil is not really the theme here. It is seen most evidently in magic: material magic is neutral, while will-based magic is always "tainted" with morality. Mind-control would be evil, while healing would be good. In general, good will be defined as "put others before yourself" and evil will be defined as "put myself before others." This is not a perfect definition, and gets blurry at the edges, but will serve as a general guide.

Realism: The game will be fairly realistic. However, don't let that stand in the way of magic or legendary feats.

Outlook: The tone of the game is dark; politics and war can be ugly, and great injustices can and do happen. But magic is real, and utopia is achievable, at least in theory. Players can expect to succeed, but compromises may be necessary, and their neighbors may have conflicting goals.

Characters: There are no characters... players take the part of the rulers of societies. The societies can be anything: chivalric kingdoms, dark sorcerer-kings, mercantile city-states, isolated baronies, idealistic republics, barbarian nomads, orc tribes, enchanted elf-lands, etc. They can be good or bad, peaceful or aggressive, whatever they want. The players are welcome to create colorful characters inside their societies, though.

PC Importance: Players control the world. There are NPC societies, but the player societies are the movers and shakers. They guide the history of the world and the fate of it's peoples. Joining the game: The current active game is the southern continent of Qaiyore, and has been continuously played since 1999. New players are ALWAYS welcome - anyone interested in joining is recommended to join the list, review material at http://wiki.phoenyx.net/wiki/bin/view/Celandra/QaiyoreGame, and send in a proposal to play a society. Lurkers with comments are also welcome!


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