Carnage Blender 2

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Costs: free!
Frequency: 10 Mins
URL: [ dead link ]
Type: Carnage Blender, a free multiplayer strategy RPG
Last-Update: 2005Jan10
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, mixed, fantasy, economic, rpg


Welcome to Carnage Blender, a free multiplayer strategy RPG. All you need is your web browser to join the carnage:

Fight hundreds of battles a day and use the experience to mold your Minions

Buy or rent powerful weapons and armor

Customize your items with Names of Power

Master economic activities like forging

Learn combat skills like Bloodlust and Vampiric Aura

Study offensive and defensive spells like Fireball and Guardian Angel

Play in weekly tournaments to test new strategies and earn more cash

Join a clan to team up and gain extra bonuses

I searched for months looking for a decent multiplayer game I could actually play for more than 2 days without puking from boredom, and this is the only one that passed the test. -- dark gift

I think the true measure of something on the internet is simply how many things it's better than. For Carnage Blender, that's a lot! Over the years, fun and original sites have been culled from the flock faster than you can say 'dot com.' [Independent] sites like Carnage Blender are pretty much the only ones worth visiting any more. -- Artius, on Slashdot


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