AnteDiluvian World

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Costs: free
Frequency: weekly
Type: fantasy RPG
Last-Update: 2004Dec06
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg


The AnteDiluvian World (antediluvian means "before the flood") is set in a fantasy verion of Earth circa 15,000 BC. Atlantis is still a continent, Archeron, Avalon and Tartessoss are actual cties, and dragons are still pretty far from extinct.

The game system is home-brewed. Deveopment point based character creation. A robust and flexiblew magic system. A brutal and realistic combat suystem. Physics matter.

I roll all the dice and provide results in a narrative format. I can hide the rules completely, if so requested.

The game world is deliberately generic. It is the stated mission of this campaign to rescue characters from defunct campaign. I can translate from most popular FRP rule systems.

I am always open to new characters, be they solo or in small groups. (I won't run a party over six players.) No restictions on power level - but bear in mind that I will concoct opponents at 110% of your development points. Power gamers get power enemies. No restictions on character types, though you have to be able to explain it. The character must be as plausile as the campaign he/she/it inhabits.

Have a character in mind before you contact me. There are precious few templates.

The beta test party has been going since 1999, and is still going. I try to turn around results within 48 hours, but I have a random job situation, and make no guarantees. Daily posters are going to be frustrated.

The game is rated R. I'll accomdate sex and violence, but I don't want to write porno. Coherent English (full sentences and so forth) is expected, as well as adult conduct. Don't make me ask your age.

FAQ and primer available on request.

Tony Padegimas - GM


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