USS Pegasus NCC 53647 D

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Type: space
Last-Update: 2004Nov24
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, space, rpg


What makes the USS Pegasus different from the pack?

+ Above average posting rates, there are always subplots and excitement, always things to post about. + Missions last around two months rather then petering out over month after month before people get tired of finding things to do. + A strong command team with three senior officers means there is always someone around to keep things going, even during vacation periods. + Varied plots, including diplomatic missions, planetary evac, detective missions as well as the odd spacial or temporal anomily - it's not all shoot-em-ups in space. + Opportunities for character development as well as solving external problems. + New opportunities for Engineers and Scientists with an R&D field team being set up. + A ship with close to 4 years of experience.

The USS Pegasus is in a new fleet, and now is the time for crew intakes. We have room for the novice as well as the seasoned player with both junior and senior/department head crew positions available. If you have a character that is collecting dust as you are looking for the right crew, please contact us.

NB: We are on a joint mission at the moment and so our Yahoo Groups is looking a little vacant. We can provide you with posts if you wish to see what sort of level we write at. Those with freelance writing experience will be welcomed warmly.

The USS Pegasus is a fleet PBeM (Play-By-Email) role-playing game operating in Hawking Fleet. Our writers are generally age 18 and above, and have good to excellent writing skills. You will find the USS Pegasus is a plot-oriented ship with a lot of attention paid to character development. The stories have a nice mixture of mystery, romance, adventure, and a lot of fun and humor. It is a round-robin style of play, each character adding their point of view while actively progressing the plot. Each player takes on a part of a Starfleet officer, NCO, or civilian, and writes their story along with the rest of the people who make up the crew.

Once you join you will be trained in the posting form for the game. You don't have to have previous role-playing experience, only an active imagination and good-to-excellent writing skills. Come join us on this classic ship with an active and friendly crew who are ready to welcome you aboard! There is never a dull moment aboard the USS Pegasus!

Warmest regards,

Lieutenant Commander Anna Coltrane & Lieutenant Jathal Deveris

Recruitment Team USS Pegasus D


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