Andromeda Trek

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Costs: free
URL: [ dead link ]
Frequency: every 2 days
Type: Star Trek TOS timeframe
Last-Update: 2004Oct18
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, startrek, rpg


The Resolution is a Play By eMail writing game and part of the Andromeda Trek RPG. Mysteriously transported to the Andromeda galaxy, along with the USS Eagle and USS Clark, the Resolution finds itself on a new mission of exploration in an area of space the crew never expected to see.

With the survivors of DS-4 safely settled on the planet Drux, the Resolution now must explore the Andromeda galaxy, looking for any way home or any knowledge to help them find a way home.

They can not count on ever returning home to the Milky Way, so the Resolution must also seek out new resources to sustain Perseus colony on Drux and establish diplomatic connections with any races they encounter.


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