Life Beyond the Hellmouth

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Last-Update: 2009Feb09
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High Quality Buffy/Angel Writing List Seeking Player for Charles Gunn

Do you love Play by Email role play but hate long lags between posts? Do you miss the Scooby gang and have ideas about what life beyond the Hellmouth might be like? Do you like to get immersed in the plot framework and solve your way out through character interaction with other like minded writers? Do you enjoy writing joint posts live online with a partner as well as creating your own solo posts where you can really develop your character? Are you looking for an expertly managed group where you can count on an excellent return on your investment of time and energy? Have we got the game for you... Life Beyond the Hellmouth is not for the casual writer/gamer and has been created as an outlet for people with a fanatical need to write on a fast paced, high quality writing list. We have been up and running strong since 2004 and have assembled a solid and very talented group of writers. We have remained true to the Buffyverse through the BtVS Series Finale and through the end of Angel fourth season (before they accepted the offer at W&H). We are currently accepting auditions for Charles Gunn. Additionally, we are always looking for dedicated, creative writers to play original characters.


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