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Costs: $2/turn
URL: [ dead link ]
Frequency: Varies (once or twice a week depending on game)
Type: Fantasy, Strategy
Last-Update: 2005Mar13
Keywords: commercial, open-ended, email, computer, mixed, fantasy, economic


NOTE: You must be able to read and modify MS Excel spreadsheets to play this game.

PHOENIX is a PBEM game of resource management, diplomacy, role-playing and nation building. Phoenix, unlike many similar games of this nature, is not a 4 X (explore, expand, exploit, exterminate) game - you will not do well in the long run with such a mind set. Instead Phoenix is a 4 D game - Discover, Develop, Diplome, and Dominate. Each player assumes the role of leader for an emerging population. Under their command, each leader has the grudging acceptance of their people, a small military force to protect their meager lands, and few tidbits of knowledge regarding the old ways. As time passes, knowledge will be relearned, towns will grow into cities, land will be settled, threats vanquished, and the emerging people's of Marnor will meet each another once again. Many choices will present themselves throughout the game, and like all good games, the changes in PHOENIX will become a story; your story. Should you meet the challenge. . .

Phoenix is a game of civilization building at its heart and the careful manipulation of resources and development of the new lores your nation will learn will bring you the best results. Warfare is certainly possible, but hardly the point of the game - it exists as but another tool at your disposal.

Phoenix has gone through 4 successful playtests and the newest system showcases the development of the game giving the players more options then they can realistically use so that no two nations will be identical. There is no right way to play, only the right way for you.

Games are now forming, head on over to the website and take a look around. Feel free to join the Yahoo Group, even if you aren't sure you want to play. The old hands will be happy to talk to you about the game.


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