Gondor, Battle of the Lost Realms

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Costs: Totally free
URL: http://www.turn2turn.com [ dead link ]
Frequency: differs per game, once per week
Email: dragon@turn2turn.com [ok]
Type: Fantasy wargame
Last-Update: 2009Feb12
Keywords: free, closed-ended, email, www, computer, fantasy, wargame, rpg


Gondor is a turn based computer moderated fantasy strategic PBEM game where you play and interact with many real people. Diplomacy, interaction with players, strategy and roleplaying play big roles in this game.

Gondor is about conquering a fantastic world. You start with your own Realm. Your Realm consists of a Hero of your chosen race, a few settlements and troops in your home district. Everybody will form armies and discover surrounding districts to build new settlements and meet their neighbours. Soon you will join a religion to team up with others, elect the high priest, conquer settlements, fight monsters, use magic, forge alliances and maybe, just maybe you might rule Gondor.

Will Gondor be ruled by the Good, the Evil, a group of Religious, a band of friends ? The faith of Gondor is again in your hands..

You can use email and/or the website (www.turn2turn.com) to submit your turns and get results(html/xml). There is a community forum (http://realmsofgondor.com) where you can ask questions, talk religion and forge alliances. Many veterans players share strategy or/and help newbies around.

New games start regularly. Surf to the site, sign up for a free account and subscribe to the next game. We offer games with small and big numbers of players (30, 100 and up) and different turn around times for the addicted. There are games for newbies (1 newbie against a veteran who offers to teach the game), fast action game (4 players, 2 good against 2 evil). And regular games, one turn a week. Of course, you can join any game you choose, we just have a wide variety of scenarios to respond to popular demand.

There are also some special games opened, like the veterans game (very addictive- but you must have reached a certain degree of experience to join those). Some games can have updates once every two weeks, others with three updates a week. You choose which type of game/updates you like.

Gondor has been in and off development for many years but since 2004 the game is active and here to stay. The GM's are efficient, with a quick answering to problems if any arise, and the programmer is very dedicated to his game. Some tools were made in the recent years to simplify giving orders, and the message system is highly efficient: you can choose to talk to other players in your game either by the built-in message system on the website, or each turn you can send message to other players, or of course, the forum is the best tool to communicate.


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