Planescape: The Great Modron March (2ed)

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Costs: FREE
Frequency: one per day
Type: Planescape, AD&D, 2nd Ed, PBeM
Last-Update: 2004Jul31
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, www, human, fantasy, rpg


"On a regular schedule, the Great Modron March spills out of Mechanus and the lawful automatons file their way around the Great Ring. No one knows why they do it, but everyone stays out of their way - because when the modrons march, they'll walk right over a berk who doesn't know enough to move aside. But this March has started decades before it was supposed to begin, and that's even more of a mystery. Caught unprepared the planes shudder under the modrons' collective footsteps - and even the modrons themselves seem a little out of sorts."

New to PBeMing, I've decided to just get on with it and thrust myself into the phenomenon (of course I've spent over a month reading and getting ready for it, although I may be a bit out of sorts so please be gentle... ;). There will be (6) character slots. All information can be found on the corresponding website. Check there for remaining character slots. If you're familiar with The Great Modron March campaign, please do not apply.

Much obliged.



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