Kaldor in Flames

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Costs: free
URL: http://duttond.topcities.com/Harn/Kaldor/index.html [ dead link ]
Frequency: one per week
Email: DennisDutton@Yahoo.com [ok]
Type: Play by Email Fantasy Role Playing Game
Last-Update: 2004May28
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg


This PbeM has been running almost continuously since early 2002, and consists of a blending of the Harnmaster Gold rule system, the Harn environment and a lengthy campaign from Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. To facilitate this form of roleplay, the GM handles anything that requires die rolls and the players are asked to only focus on their role. This means the players are not required to have any pre-knowledge of the rule system, the environment or the campaign. So, if you want to join the party, fill out the application form (http://duttond.topcities.com/Harn/Kaldor/application.html) and submit it. I'll create the character and their background and you can spend the option points however you want. (There is a wide selection of pre-generated characters if that is what you prefer or if you want a trial run.) If there's anything you don't know about Hârnworld and you think your character knows, just ask. What I'm looking for is strong character concepts, good roleplaying and mutual fun.


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