the Gnostikos

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Costs: none
URL: [ dead link ]
Frequency: One to two per week
Type: supernatural, horror, humans, gnostikos, strife
Last-Update: 2004May01
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, modern, rpg, abstract, vampire


After many years, the few dozen parts in which the Sphinota's body had been dismembered into and scattered across the earth had finally been fully recovered, the charred and ragged pieces rearranged in some semblance of a humanoid.

The Gnostikos is a played-by-email RPG set in the fictious Grayfriar, USA. Here a crude ritual of sorts disguised as a masked ball will be conducted in a manor to revive the Sphinota, who is believed to be the first of the gnostikos. And what better substance to revive a species particular in that they feed off emotional energy than that very energy? Gnostikos are summoned by the perculiar energy signature---a virtual emotional vacuum,---of the stirring Sphinota, and they flock to the manor: out of cuiosity, out of greed, out of power-lust, or something else.

But not all are satisfied to just stand back to watch the Sphinota---purportedly the most powerful of gnostikos,---be revived to take over roles they had fought each other so bitterly over. While dissent spreads like wildfire amongst the gnostikos, the humans learn to rally together. Uncertain and---in some cases,---vengeance-blind, the humans start to close in on the secrets of the gnostikos that the gnostikos themselves know only an inkling of.

And caught between the dual species are the skiamakh; humans that are no longer that, but not truly gnostikos, either. They have to choose a side, but both sides have their merits and not all are willing to join what looks to be the losing side.

There remains the tiny detail all parties seem to have overlooked: the reason the Sphinota had been dealt with the way he had, and whether it is wise to have brought him back from the fragmented consciousness he had been sentenced to the past few milleniums.


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