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Costs: free
URL: [ dead link ]
URL: [ dead link ]
Frequency: unlimited
Email: [ok]
Type: fantasy, midieval
Last-Update: 2004Feb06
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, rpg


ShadowStar RPG has been running nearly four years and is fairly active with great players and creative plots. We're always looking for new blood to add to the creativity so if you're looking for a mid-sized PBEM RPG with a classic yet creative plot, this may be what you're looking for. Read on to find what it's all about.

ShadowStar is a land of many people of all kinds. The society in which they live is fairly peaceful, but it was not always this way. Several thousand years ago when Irotana, the Mother Goddess, created the world, she had five children. Four became the gods of the four elements: fire, earth, air, and sea. The fifth became an evil goddess, a dark lady of Chaos. To defend her creation from her fallen daughter, Irotana created a mindlink between creatures of each of the four realms and people.

The people and their bonds fled to the last haven still held by Irotana, a little island that was a light in the darkness that they called ShadowStar. There they held their ground against the neighboring Chaosians. Until one day, their king turned traitor and Chaos swept across the island burning, pillaging, and enslaving the people, going so far as to ban bonding.

For four-hundred years Chaos ruled, until Ryntan, a prince at the time, made a treaty with Irotana and reinitiated bonding in secret, deciding that royal creatures would bond the people that the gods thought best and these people would govern the island. Ryntan led his people in one last struggle against Chaos, and though he was killed in battle, the people drove Chaos back to a tiny desolate island.

Time passed, Chaos made several attempts to take over ShadowStar island, but bonding and unity were strengthening the island. However as time passed, there was a certain amount of strife between the realms, and through those tiny cracks, Chaos could begin to infiltrate. Now, ShadowStar's survival is based on unity. If they do not unite, even Irotana and her four children cannot stop the forces of evil from turning the world of Calycia into pure Chaos.


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