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Costs: free
URL: http://www.qfgc.com [ dead link ]
Frequency: varies
Email: administration@qfgc.com [ok]
Type: high fantasy
Last-Update: 2004Feb05
Keywords: free, open-ended, www, human, fantasy, rpg, abstract


So, you wanna know a little more about the QFGC, eh? Well, if you're nice, and take a seat over there by the fire, don't worry about the guild master, he wouldn't wake up if another war starterd. Anyways, yes, take a seat, and listen, and we just might tell you about why this is the best place to role-play on the net.

Who We Are

One day, while seeking adventure, riches, and glories, you may find your way to him. No need to ask the man's name because it's on the tongues of the pretty waitresses and fun loving socialites. His company is entertaining, but definitely not exclusive, for he has a tale for all. Pull up a chair and an ear (or two), because this is certainly the first tale you should hear, especially for the new. The bard puts down his pipe and ale, and strums a lively tune on his lute.

Here is a tale for the young and old about how we came to our humble abode Before the isle of Tourning Star we had several worlds inhabited afar Exotic names like Llyr and Shalinaria, with Spielburg the most popularia, From the realm of Prodig-aria.

The bard stops to take a sip of his ale. "The QFGC started on the old Prodigy bulletin board system with a handful of Quest for Glory fans wanting to roleplay about their favorite computer adventure/rpg mix by Sierra. This system, way back in 1993, cultivated a fantasy community with the famous guilds of Fighter, Mage, Thief, and Paladin to provide a setting for the would be Hero. In these towns of Llyr, Shalinaria, and Spielburg, people would play characters and even took important jobs such as the Sheriff, Baron, or head of the guilds. But, as time went on, Prodigy started to wane, and the new fangled Internet started to gain momentum. The choice to move over to the faster moving, more accessible medium had to be destiny." The bard plays a slower paced song.

A time expanse far over seven seas, Lies a place to congegate endlessly, Where people from all around, can join with us on common ground. Blitzkrieg, our honored but first town, but lack of interest brought it down, To then developed the Tourning Star isle, the land determined to last for a while.

"Our first foray onto the Internet didn't last too long. The first idea was to make a usenet newsgroup that held our posts, but to create a usenet server was just too difficult, not to mention teaching others how to use a newsgroup properly. So, circa 1997, we came upon free web forums, which eventually became the roleplaying medium of choice. Growing in popularity, the classic guilds of Fighter, Mages, Thieves, and Paladins grew to include other major guilds, and even a taste of minor guilds such as the Archer's Guild, Assassin's Guild, and Healer's Guild. Players had their characters take up natural positions such as the heads of these guilds, the sheriff, the village idiot, and so on, much to resemble the roleplaying community as they saw fit."

On the boat, here we go, to the docks, now don't get lost. Tourning Star! Tourning Star! That mystical land from afar! Tourning Star! Tourning Star! If it's bizzarre, You're in Tour-ning.... STAR!!!

The bard snaps his fingers and orders a drink for both you and him. "I think we've covered all you've needed to know about us. I'm parched. Have a drink?"


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