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Costs: First 3 charcters free, more than 3 cost Euro 6.90/month = 8-20 turns
URL: http://www.heldenwelt.com
Frequency: 2 to 4 turns per week
Email: ssv.hannes@ssvgraz.com
Type: Fantasy adventure
Last-Update: 2003May21
Keywords: commercial, open-ended, email, mixed, fantasy, german, gui, rpg


(Played in German.)

Heldenwelt is a fantasy adventure play by email game.

With your first party of three charcters you can test it arbitrarily for a long time free of charge. If you decide to play more parties or add charcters to your party you will be charged a monthly fee for 8-16 turns a month, depending on the experience of your party. You never can loose turns or miss deadlines, our turn system prevents this.

You start your adventurer life with a party of three characters. During the game you explore the map, find dangerous places and creatures, fight and plunder common and magical things, quest, craft, trade, train your heroes and add more characters to your party.

With Heldenwelt you play not on-line, but you send your game turns by email to us, we evaluate the game turns and send back the results.

In addition you need the Heldenwelt position editor developed by us, which you can load free of charge from our web page. With this editor you manage your playing position, look at the turn result and enter new orders for the next turn.

If you liked yourselves to inform about the game Heldenwelt, then you should read the History of Heldenwelt from the beginning, and look around in the forum.

At no time everything of Heldenwelt will be known to anyone in the game. New areas, towns, NPC, races, professions, spells, items, creatures, quests, crafts, rites, alchemy receipes and enchantments will be added to the game. The players of Heldenwelt develope the neverending story...

On the message board you can tell us and your fellow players what you want in the game or give propositions to improve the game itself. We discuss it and we add it to the game if it is possible and fits to Heldenwelt. So the players have big influence to all aspects of the game.

Visit our webpage (www.heldenwelt.com) and read the welcome letter, it is the portal to become a well known hero of Heldenwelt.


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