USS Emancipator

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Costs: Free (I'm not that greedy)
URL: [ dead link ]
Frequency: recommended minimum once per week, but generally as time allows
Type: Star Trek PBeM Sim
Last-Update: 2003May13
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, startrek, rpg, abstract


The USS Emancipator is a Star Trek sim unlike any other. Set almost 10 years after the return of the USS Voyager it is the first ship to sucessfully utilise some of the technology recovered from it. The Borg are invading, the Romulans are split between those who want peace with the Federation and those who want to destroy us and everyone who sides with us, a strange Borg-Changeling hybrid named Hobbs is invading the galaxy for purposes known only to him, and with the loss of the USS Enterprise and it's crew the UFP is with many enemies and few allies. With the most advanced tachnology the Federation has to offer, and the most elite crew ever known, the USS Emancipator was built to go further and faster than any ship, take on worse odds, and to defend the Federation from the multiple dangers facing it.

The ship is led by Captain Tritous Caraway, commonly called the Mad War Cap of Starfleet. He is a soldier born in space, trained by both the best and worse, and brought up to be the best. His fearless attitude has made him many enemies in high places, and several times the Emancipator has been sent on suicide missions, but it has prevailed.

The USS Emancipator is a totally free sim, the rules are basically common sense, and aim is to have fun and help others have fun, and it is all done by e-mail. if you want to join or want to find out more about our adventures visit our website at or you can contact me directly at I'll try to get back ASAP, I can usually respond within a day, but Real life issues may occassionally delay me, but rarelu for more than a day or two.

=/\=Captain Tritous Caraway=/\= Commanding Officer USS Emancipator


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