Buffy Alt. Season 7 PBEM

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Costs: Free
URL: https://groups.yahoo.com/group/DarknessFallsRebirth/info
Frequency: Posting should be a minimum of once a day
Email: AngelusShmangelus@hotmail.com
Type: Buffy/Fantasy/Horror
Last-Update: 2003Apr18
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, www, human, fantasy, rpg, vampire


This is an alternate Season 7 Buffy PBEM. Currently, Druscilla is launching a plan to raise the Master to the earth...again. This time everyone has revenge on their minds, and the Slayer is number 1 on everyone's hitlist. Currently we have Buffy/Spike/Dawn/Andrew/Xander/Gwen. We except created players, but we are putting a hold on those until we get a Willow. Players can control up to 2 players and all are welcome as long as they are serious and wil post at least once a day. WE ARE ALSO LOOKING FOR A BUFFY. I am currently temping her, but I am looking for a female RPer to take over.

This game is in progress, but not to much has happened. Come join the fun and enjoy. No writing sample needed, just e-mail me or simply start posting on the site.

We will also accept Angel/Giles/Anya/Druscilla/Darla and basically anyone that you can think of. Rock ON!


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