The Weapon

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Costs: 10,- Euro at all
URL: [ dead link ]
Frequency: every 2 weeks
Type: war and strategy in space
Last-Update: 2003Feb12
Keywords: commercial, closed-ended, email, computer, space, german, wargame, economic, abstract


(Played in German and English.)

The Weapon is a round based war and strategy game in space.

As we have to pay fee for this game we take a gamefee of around 10,- USD ~ 10,- Euro.

At this game everybody starts with his own homeworld at a 20 * 20 hex card, and you know only your own hex.

You have to build ships, research for better multipliers (economy, money, combat, movement) and search for other planets free to overtake.

Free? If there are others players on, it might be free enough too.

You could have two fixed partners, so you can work together as a team.

This game has been offered by KJC Games.

And I think, I'm now the only survived host worldwide.

It's quite strategic as all parameters are known by the players - only the researches of everybody are secret.

I'm very sorry for my bad english, but I'm just interested to stay The Weapon alive, so I have to use every chance to find new (and still old) player for this.

Everywhere you play, have fun.




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