Outpost Foothold

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Costs: Free
Frequency: 3 per week
Email: Hywel862@aol.com
Type: Star Trek
Last-Update: 2010Aug30
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, mixed, startrek, rpg, abstract


'Swinging over the rail Ensign Morris grabbed the arm of one of the warriors, trying to swing the brutish giant in a Federation self-defence throw but the strength of his foe was too great and he found himself being thrown backward. Raising his weapon, the Jem' Hadar smiled as he pointed it at the uniformed youngster.

"That's my crewman." Growled Kaa.

Looking up in surprise, the Jem' Hadar forgot all thoughts of Morris as T' Kora's bat' leth sliced across his neck. Roaring, Kaa jumped forward as the remaining Ops Ensigns swarmed over the Jem' Hadar position.'


Station Foothold, and outpost in the Delta Quadrant, is seeking more crew members. Its been over twenty years since the station was handed over to the Federation by the Klingons, thriteen years since it was evacuated by Starfleet for classifed reasons. Returning to a crime ridden station, the Federation once again takes control, only to face the threat of Dominion invasion. The Station has faced countless dilema's, crimes and phenomena. Murder mysetry, diplomacy or just good old plain action, missions are of all types. A valuable foot hold into a quadrant full of untapped resources, it has been the centre of many conflicts. Now the station needs you to help in its struggles.

We are looking for the following crew:


Science officer



You don't have to be Tolkien, just good enough to write a minimum of three posts a week with decent spelling. If you think you're interested or want more information, Email me at Hywel862@aol.com

I look forward to seeing you on the station,

Hywel Griffiths (Alias Lieutenant Commander Kaa T' Kora)


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