Adventurers of Renown: Ruins of Able-WyvernTM (ARRA)

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Costs: Guests free, additional characters for $$
URL: [ dead link ]
Frequency: immediate feedback
Type: fantasy, rpg, action
Last-Update: 2002Aug26
Keywords: free, commercial, open-ended, www, computer, fantasy, rpg


Explore the ancient Ruins of this Dread Castle in the first of 15 games from PBM≥ converted from PBM/PBeM to the web. Choose your favorite game environment settings! Adventurers of Renown Gaming SystemTM is a Fantasy Role-Playing game of high adventure and legendary deeds. The Ruins of Able-WyvernTM (ARRA) is the first introductory game module of man-to-Hero combat. 'The Ruins' provides your new characters the best place to begin their first few campaign adventures before going into game series -- Legends of Renown DeedsTM (LoRD). Winners in gladiatorial combat excel in abilities and Renown; losers gain shame and injuries!

Members create customized characters' attributes, select various career paths, and choose characters' race. Members also enjoy the privilege of up to 20 active characters and many other benefits. 'Guests' are supplied a single 'randomly' generated character and are restricted from several members' gaming areas. Guests play for 'FREE'; Members enjoy more options for a minimal monthly fee.

This game is statistically balanced, and allows your new or advanced characters to grow in status, skill and renown.


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