USS Millennium

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Costs: No Costs
URL: [ dead link ]
Frequency: once per week, Once every two for lower ranks
Type: Star Trek Based RPG
Last-Update: 2002Aug15
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, startrek, abstract, rpg


The Sovereign class USS Millennium provides hard hitting, back-alley intelligence data and is a key member of the Pheonix Defense Force Fleet, Stationed at the outer edge of the Badlands. Millennium's sleek strength coupled with the Federation's finest combat and stealth technology provides a powerful combination for quick response, offensive action, and decisive missions.

It's crew, known for their resourcefulness and daring, are Federation's toughest individuals. What they lack in spit and polish they make up for in deeds and field smarts.

Hard fighting, drinking and laughing, you'll be hard tested to find a better group of no-nonsense, combat ready cut throats the PDF has to offer.

Our characters are detailed and multi-dimensional. We combine experienced writers with out-of-the-ordinary Star Trek Role Play. Missions are long playing and complex, but with the right mixture of humor and personality. Making our stories enjoyable to play and read.


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