Dragonfire Keep

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Type: fantasy
Last-Update: 2002Jul19
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Summary ======= Welcome to the continent of Falamar, upon which resides the Dragonfire Keep, among other such cities. The Keep was thusly named because deep within the heart of the castle, dragonfire burns in a protective sphere. It is this that keeps the castle under the protection of the dragons. If the fire were ever extinguished, .. well let's just say it'd be a -bad- thing.

The majority of the game will circle around the inhabitants of those in the castle and the new recruits for those who are to protect the castle. There are two groups; the Heralds and the Dragoons. The Heralds deal with local problems on the ground, while the Dragoons are known to take care of problems further away.

The new recruits are known to have mental/psychic abilities, and there are often searches made once a month for people with such abilities. However, only the Dragons and the Valen, SpiritHorses, are capable of sensing such capabilities in others. Once accepted into the ranks, the recruits undergo a rigorous training in the care of their partner, as well as in fighting, for the occasional times they go on missions.

Background ========== Dragonfire Keep was established by the royals, as a means of protecting the country when their guards just weren't enough; particularly when the Great War introduces Dark Mages who didn't hesitate to use their magic. A sorceress by the name of Akiza, partnered with her dragon, BlackBolt, fought on the side of the King, and she was the one who originally formed the factions that protect Dragonfire Keep. These two factions, the Heralds - who were partnered with their equine companions, the Valen, and the Dragoons, who were partnered with Mystic Dragons fought alongside the soldiers of the castle, until they utterly destroyed the mages who were threatening the land. To prevent dark magic from threatening the world again, Akiza and BlackBolt combined their power into a great ball of dragonfire, which is kept safe in the heart of Dragonfire Keep. The protective magic creatured by the alliance of human and dragon both has created an anti-magic barrier around the land of Falanar to keep the people safe. If that fire ever goes out, the magical barrier will fall, and the people will need the defenders of Dragonfire Keep more than ever.

Posting Requirements ==================== Though I'm the GM for the game, I'm going to be at first, fairly lax. We are in a medieval era, with castles and kings and queens and the like, so keep that in mind. Currently only 'good guys/gals' can be played. Keep in mind that these are students, so there aren't going to be any hard@$$ mercenaries and whatnot, just yet. Once we get the game rolling, I'll allow second characters to be brought into the mix for atmosphere or as NPCS (with exceptions to the rule, given enough reason).

I hope to have the posting requirements to be at least once a day or more; that would be ideal, but we'll keep in mind what the posting ability for everyone else would be. I expect everyone to respect each other, and if there are any problems, come to me. Actual posts should be at least a pararaph long; which is the equivalent of four or five decent sized sentences, but I will accept posts with more than one paragraph; provided you don't make it a novel all the time. Do not, repeat, NOT, write reactions or actions for other characters. Leave it open-ended and let the characters respond as they see fit. All you have to worry about is your own character's actions.


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