Cooperative Ninth Pass Pern PBEM

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Costs: None
URL: [ dead link ]
Frequency: varies bwt. 1/day to 1/wk
Type: PBEM based on Anne McCaffrey's Pern world
Last-Update: 2002Jul17
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy


Cooperative Ninth Pass Wants YOU!

We know you're out there.......and we want you! Come and play in our Cooperative Ninth Pass Pern PBEM! Play one of the valiant dragonriders - ride a fire-breathing dragon, and help keep the planet Pern and its people safe from the deadly Thread. Not your cup of tea? Then perhaps you'd like to be a stolid Holder: self-sufficient, hard-working, independent....building a better world through landholding and caretaking. Or possibly you'd be happier as a skilled Craftsmen? You could be a knowledgeable Harper, inventive Smith, animal-loving Herdmaster, sea-faring Fisher, or come and play with dolphins by joining the Dolphin Craft! Whatever your preference, we have room for you.

Five years into the First Pass, the Weyrleaders of the Three Weyrs, Fort, High Reaches, and Telgar, met to discuss the founding of a new Weyr. Humanity was spreading steadily eastward, and the Weyrs were hard pressed to protect them all from the deadly menace of Thread. The Weyrs were also suffering from overcrowding, and there was little room in the craters for more expansion. It was decided that a huge double crater in the eastern mountains would be the ideal site. Cibryen Weyr was founded on the exact site where Benden is located in the real Pern Timeline. The Weyr took its name from Charles Cibryen, also called Ch'les, a Wingleader from Telgar who had died in a Fall, protecting the settlers in the east. Cibryen Hold was founded first, named by the grateful families.

~~~~~~~~~ Wavecrest was established near the end of the 7th interval as an experiment. Distant relations between hold and weyr had many weyrs worried, and for one Lord Holder, Lord Mairen of in particular, whose family had been devoted to the weyrs since the first weyr was established during the first pass, it was unacceptable. He approached the Weyrleaders of Cibryen Weyr with a proposition: Scout the Southern Continent for a suitable place, and establish a weyr and hold, extraordinarily close to each other, with exceptionally close ties. Holders and weyrfolk would be encouraged to traverse between the two, and all could benefit from the pairing.

Wavecrest Weyr is located in the sheer face of a cliff overlooking the ocean. The support staff and non-rider persons live in the far back regions of the caves system. The Weyr was established in a vast cave system by the ocean, and passages were bored from the top-level caves to the surface. A series of heavy stone buildings built from the stone taken from inside the caves cover the surface, establishing a unique layout. Dragons fly constantly in and out of the weyrs, and the calmer seas away from the crashing breakers are a rainbow of dragons swimming with the dolphins.

The land atop the cliff home of Wavecrest Weyr is somewhat sparse near the cliff itself, but the farther inland you go, the more jungle-like and heavily wooded the terrain becomes. Hunters patrol the area to ward off wildcats or other beasties, but the presence of the dragons usually frightens most dangerous wild animals. Weyrlings and dragons unable to fly are housed in barracks atop the cliff, especially designed for them with a lake reserved for Weyrlings and injured dragons. It's a smaller lake fed from the same freshwater spring that feeds Mirror Lake.

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