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Costs: Totally free!
Frequency: 3 times a week.
Type: Civilization
Last-Update: 2002Apr04
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, fantasy, wargame, economic, abstract


Stronghold is a Play By E-Mail medieval rulership game. Each player is a Baron, in control of a land of the Continent of Marcellies (and each land comes with its own people, resources, special features, military, and all the little pieces that make home "where the heart is"). Your goal is to unify all of the baronys into an overarching kingdom (with you as its God-Emperor, of course). This goal can be achieved through military conquest, economic control, diplomatic unification, or just plain ole' genocide of your enemies! You need to control what goes on in your kingdom: should we pay for that mercenary unit, or trade the extra grain away? Or even give it back to the peasents to make them happier? You make the decision (even down to what kind of tactics your military will use in each and every battle!). To assist you along this perilious road are you Military, Domestic, Trade, Foreign, Church, and Arcanic advisours (though, of course, each wants to help themselves to a bigge


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