Federation Sim Fleet

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Email: admshuni@aol.com [ bouncing email address ]
Frequency: one per week
Type: Star Trek PBeM
URL: http://www.sb254.com [ dead link ]
Costs: free
Last-Update: 2001Oct25
Keywords: free, open-ended, email, human, startrek, rpg, abstract


Named "The best Star Trek chat and email simulation group on the net!" by radio DJ David Long, from WNTS 1590 AM. But don't trust his word, try us out yourself!

Welcome to the Federation Sim Fleet, a role playing sim group for all ages and all types of people. Currently 71 duty stations open and available on 45 games. We're not the largest or the loudest, but we do have quality. :) With a top notch academy that puts you into the action without dull and boring instructors! The FSF would be terrific for you.

This group has been run through Bulletin Board Systems and then through the Internet since March 7th, 1993. The FSF is well equiped to handle you if you decide to join. We're always looking for new people to add to what we call a great online community. We consist of over 40 Star Trek simulations through email, internet relay chat, America Online Instant Messenger, and America Online. We're not just play by email, but also live chat and message board games. We're dedicated to providing top level simulation games and we welcome unique and diverse thinking. A team of community leaders has created dozens of online chats for members and non-members to come and enjoy common interests and ideas. Check out our open position list, which is updated daily. Don't just join a sim group, join an active community.

Our group has six fleets and many guilds that call the FSF their home. We are growing with six hundred members, and more joining everyday. The FSF is here to help expand your imagination and to provide you with warmth on the Internet. The FSF website is organized into a clean developed system, which has received many highly regarded awards by acclaimed web groups. The website that the FSF uses is a product of years of editing and expansion. We hold seminars and information sessions for anyone that would like more information on how to create a website and the story behind this one. You can ask questions by sending mail to anyone in the staff area, but we think you'll find your way around quite nicely. We're happy to have you reading about our little place on the Internet, and we're happy to provide the services we do with the intention of living up to Gene Roddenberry's dream of unity and ever lasting peace. Have fun, and enjoy what we have to offer.


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