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Email: [ok]
Frequency: 1-2 updates per week
Type: space strategy
URL: [ dead link ]
Costs: none
Last-Update: 2009Feb12
Keywords: free, closed-ended, email, mixed, space, wargame


StarCluster is a sci-fi strategy game with a story where the players each control a human colony in a distant star cluster after a war with an alien race has interrupted communications with Earth, and the initial colonizatin effort in the star cluster fell into disarray.

The game is mostly computer moderated, but the maintainer occasionally adds a rumours section or similar to the turn reports, and sometimes manages the interaction between players and NPC empires in the game.

A definite limit of 99 turns has been imposed on the game, but in practice, the game is usually over after some 50-75 turns depending a bit on what the campaign configuration parameters are (in particular the layout of the map, which varies between games).

There is no charge for the game, as it is theoretically still being developed, so you may have to be prepared to get what you pay for... However, in practice, the game has been quite stable since about June 2000.


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