The Nürnberg Manuscript

This German-langauge manuscript was written in 1517 by Johannes Cochläus at Bologna, and sent to Willibald Pirckheimer in Nürnberg. It contains 7 dances, of which 6 have correspondences to surviving 15th century Italian dances, and one (Vite de Colei) is considerably different from the Italian dance with a similar name.

This facsimile is copied from the 1990 article by Ingrid Wetzel, "Hie innen sindt geschriben die wellschen tenntz: le Otto Dance Italiane del Manoscritto di Norimberga," which is an appendix in Guglielmo Ebreo da Pesaro e la Danza nelle Corti Italiane del XV Secolo. This appendix also contains a transcription and translation into Italian.

A transcription and translation into English of the choreographies can also be found in Appendix II of William A. Smith's Fifteenth-Century Dance and Music, Volume II. Smith also gives a bibliography.

You can browse the pages as HTML or download the entire book as a pdf (161 kbytes).

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Gregory Blount of Isenfir (Greg Lindahl)