Boke of Divers Knowledge Submissions

The Boke of Divers Knowledge is dedicated to medieval arts and sciences, the sharing of them, the research of them, and how-to-do them. I'm always on the lookout for new articles (and artwork!). If you're not sure what I might want, either ask or send it to me anyway. Some of the things I'm *not* interested in are 'fantasy' stories or articles (you know, the kind where the lowly but good-hearted young man/woman finds a magical stone/sword/book and fights the bad guy/dragon/troll to save the beloved prince/princess/shire), event announcements (the Boke travels far and wide, and so event announcements don't work --- besides, that's for the local, regional, or kingdom newsletters), and SCA-specific articles (like the 'What kind of feast gear is best for SCA feasts' or 'Silver duct tape works well for SCA swords, shields, mending, etc' type of articles). Other than that, well, I'm looking for just about anything! When I publish your article, you will receive a complimentary copy of that issue --- this lets you show others, give it to your mom (or laurel, or whomever), and is basically your 'brag' issue while your good issue (saved for posterity) is safe at home.

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