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Basic Dance Reconstruction


Basic Dance Reconstruction, PDF format

Bella Gioiosa – A Reconstruction Problem


Bella Gioiosa, a reconstruction problem, PDF format


Bella Gioiosa (Caroso), transcribed by Katrina Hunt. This version has no repeats.
Bella Gioiosa (Caroso), arranged by Stephen Hendricks. The repeat structure for this is AA BBB x 7, which matches Etienne de Clermont's reconstruction of the dance.
Bella Gioiosa (Caroso), transcribed by Adina Hamilton. The repeat structure for this is AA BBB ABABAB AAAAAA B, which matches Adina's reconstruction of the dance.

Reading Italian Dances If You Don't Read Italian


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An Italian Dance Vocabulary

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Dance Notes for Musicians


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The Lochac Dance List