PREV UP NEXT SCA Dance Cheat Sheets

1.5: Credits

Thanks to those who have made major contributions:

Margaret (Gretchen Miller) <> and Dani of the Seven Wells (Dani Zweig) <> wrote the ``Draft Dance Notes'' for the College of Cour d'Or, which I used extensively.

Estrill (Deborah Sweet) <> provided a copy of the Ansteorran Dance Manual, as well as some other Arbeau and ECD material.

Rosina / Vivian Stephens <> provided some 15th century Italian Balli, which I haven't used yet, but I will eventually.

Filip of the Marche (Philip Cutone) <> provided an electronic copy of a transcription of half of 1651 Playford.

Jessa d'Avondale (Marla Lecin) <> provided a bunch of Playford dances.

Veerle Fack proved she carefully proofread things by spotting all 4 ways I spelled Bodleian, in addition to spotting more significant errors than all the other proofreaders.

Mara Kolarova (Meredith Courtney) <> provided an article on La Volta.

Henry of Malden (Alexander Clark), who pointed out some errors in my Inns of Court dances.

Also thanks to those who have made smaller (but still appreciated!) contributions of information, proofreading, and dance-testing:

michael squires <>
Ian Engle <>
Una / Ann Kennedy <>

My girlfriend, Chriemhilt von Regensburg, deserves thanks for not killing me for working on this instead of sewing for Pennsic. Finally, thanks are due to the Free Software Foundation, for providing the Texinfo software system, and Donald Knuth, who wrote TeX.