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The Romans say that if you have a Frank for a friend, it is certain that he is not your neighbor. (From a ninth century Life of Charlemagne.)

Some learned men were sitting talking of the fabulous generosity of famous men of old, and especially of that of the Barmecides. Sa'id, the Vizier of Mu'tamid, remarked that he believed all such tales were fictions invented by sycophants in the hope of gain. Abu'l-Aina asked why, in that case, no similar tales were invented about His Excellency the Vizier, from whom something was to be hoped and feared, whereas the Barmecides were dead and could do neither good nor harm to anyone.

(Condensed from al-Tanukhi, 10th century)

Why are the hills of Lebanon bare?

Because every Frank in Christendom has a splinter of the True Cross.

Why does the King of the East wear a crown?

To discourage falcons in nesting season. (Written during Finvairr's reign)

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