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Broadside Ballad Index

Incomplete Contents Listing of 17th Century Broadside Ballad Collections, With a Few Ballads and Garlands of the 18th Century.

Corrections, questions, comments, additions to:
W. Bruce Olson

Version 3.1: W. B. O. 12/15/97. Last Ref. # assigned = ZN3425|

There is also a broadside ballad index by Steve Roud, in England, which is not yet comparable to this one for ballads prior to 1700, but has many thousands of 18th and 19th century ballads, including later reprints of many here. He also has a comparable index of folksongs. Roud's indices are at present available only directly from him on floppy disks, and require the user to furnish his or her own database software. The format of the disks is such that they may be easily loaded into most popular PC software systems. Steve may be contacted via e-mail at
He is soon to move, but can be contacted by post through the librarian at Cecil Sharp House of the EFDSS as: c/o Malcolm Taylor/ Vaughan Williams Library/ 2 Regents Park Rd./ London NW1 7AY.

This index unfortunately was not designed, it just grew. In 1987 The Pepys Ballads was published in facsimile in five volumes, but without an Index. I got very tired of thumbing through the volumes to relocate a text in which I had some interest, so decided to make a rudimentary Index. After I had it, I though I might as well throw in the Wood and Manchester collections for which I had made a contents list, and also the BL 'Book of Fortune' collection which I had seen many years earlier. After I had done that it seemed I might has well put in everything else that I could find reasonably easy, and here it is. In the interest of getting the maximum information in the least file space is I decided to put the titles of books cited in italics, but not to waste file space but putting the codes I use for these in italics. The file is in ASCII, so it can be read into almost any word processor, or a Web browser, and one can quickly search on key words with a SEARCH of FIND command, for these key words any place in the file, opening line, title, tune direction, etc. The biggest difficulty is in figuring out all the ways a word could be spelled in earlier centuries.

While 17th century broadside ballads is the main focus of this index, some few ballads in The Pepys, Roxburghe and Crawford collections are of the 16th century, or are reissues of 16th century ballads, and a number of ballads in the Roxburghe and Crawford collections are of the 18th century. Carol R. Livingston's British Broadside Ballads of the Sixteenth Century (hereafter CLB) indexes all of the extant printed sheets of the 16th century, and I have listed only those which were later reprinted, or which supplied a tune for a later ballad, or are in the collections of mostly 17th century ballads covered here. I have added contents of three major reprinted MS collections of 16th century broadside ballads to help complete coverage of the 16th century.

I have also included the 18th century garlands in the Roxburghe and Crawford Collections. C. M. Simpson, in The British Broadside Ballad and Its Music , 1966, (hereafter BBBM) notes a number of other broadside ballads in obscure collections, publications and in manuscripts. His manuscript coverage is by no means complete.

In the index here are also cited manuscript copies of several songs that were expanded into broadside ballads not previously known to be derived from earlier songs, e.g. "Frank[l]in is fled away." Also included are some songs that survive only in later copies, but for which there is some evidence that some version of it was at one time on a broadside ballad, now lost,. e.g. "Nichol o Cod."

Simpson obviously made a fairly complete index of broadside ballads, but did not publish such, and some collections are now published that were not published at the time of publication of his work. He did not mention any broadside ballads whose tunes he couldn't discover, and this is a sizeable number. Most of the songs he cites in MS may now be seen in microfilm copies of the MSS, and many of these songs may also be found in other MSS which he did not cite. I have not referenced the tunes to those in Simpson's BBBM, since his work is so well indexed. I have cross referenced Simpson's tune title usually only in the few cases where a tune title cannot be found in his index.

Many ballads are noted as Child ballads, and many more as traditional, and those noted in the U.S. are cited by the code given by G. M. Laws, Jr, American Balladry from British Broadsides, 1957, but with space between letter and # deleted, so SEARCH or FIND command in a word processor will not be defeated by having the letter on one line and number on another. (In retrospect I should have done this for AI #'s, and maybe a few other things. Some ballads traditional in the British Isles are also noted, but these notations are still being worked on.

I have skipped many of the political pieces given by Ebsworth in vols. 4 and 5 of Roxburghe Ballads, in Bagford Ballads, and a number of those in the Crawford collection, as these cite no tunes and are probably in most cases poems, not songs. I have also skipped some political pieces and satirical social commentaries that are songs in Roxburghe Ballads.

Robin Hood ballads are listed in a separate group following the main index.

Printed Collections

P(1-5): Pepys, The Pepys Ballads, 5 Vols., 1987: Volume = n, P5A = Vol. V, Appendix I; P5B = Vol. V, Appendix II. Facsimile reprint. Cited by page.

E-Euing Collection, Glasgow University Library, published, without editing, as The Euing Collection of English Broadside Ballads, 1971. Cited by #.

RB-Roxburghe Ballads, 8 Vols, 1869-99. I have not included all of the unreprinted 18th century slips songs in the Roxburghe collection, listed in Roxburghe Ballads, VIII, pp. 184-188, except those reprinted, and a few known from other, usually traditional, versions. Cited by page

RC-When Roxburghe collection has multiple copies I have used RC to designate secondary copies when publisher's imprint is given in Roxburghe Ballads.

BB-Bagford Ballads, 2 vols., 1878, continuously paginated. I have skipped many political and satirical pieces with no tune indication, as not conforming to my definition of broadside ballad. Ebsworth did not reprint complete collection. BC is used to designate ballads in the Bagford collection that were not published in Bagford Ballads. The listing of those unreprinted by Ebsworth is not here complete.

SH-The Shirburn Ballads, edited by Andrew Clarke, Oxford, The Clarendon Press, 1907. Late 16th and early 17th century broadside ballads copied into a the Shirburn manuscript. Cited here by number, Appendices, cited as SHA by page, include several ballads from Bodleian MS Rawl. poet. 185, here included as RP.

OPB-BL C.39.k.6. Ninety-three ballads on ninety-one sheets in the collection, published as Broadside Ballads of the Restoration Period: The Osterly Park Ballads, edited by F. Burlington Fawcett, London, John Lane, 1930. A very few are earlier than 1680.

RP-Bolle, Wilhelm 'Das Liederbuch Ms. Rawlinson Poet. 185,' Archiv fur das Studium der Neuren Sprachen und Literaturen, Band CXIV, pp. 326-57, 1905. Seventeen ballads, in a MS compiled about 1590. Later versions of a few are on 17th century broadsides.

CV-Boeddeker, K, a three part article, 'Englishe Leider und Balladen aus dem 16 Jahrhundert,' [from BL MS Cotton Vesp. A 25], Jahrbuch fur rominishe und englishe Sprache, N. F. II, III; 1875, 1876. Fifty two poems and songs from the MS, and a few songs from other sources near the end. The 1876 volumes commences with CV 41. The MS seems to have been finished about 1579. Few songs have tune indications, and many little title beyond 'Ballad'. Cited by Boeddeker's number.

ASM-Boldleian MS Ashmole 48. 76 songs and fragments from T. Wright, Songs and Ballads with other short poems Chiefly of the Reign of Phillip and Mary, 1860, reprinted 1970. Cited by Wright's #. Ref. to H. E. Rollins', Notes, are to AI and/or his article 'Concerning Bodleian MS Ashmole 48', MLN 34, 340-51, 1919.

SHN-Shane MS, BL MS ADDl. 38,599, compiled c 1615-26. Contents by H. E. Rollins' number from his article reprinting texts and some tunes, PMLA 38, 133-52, 1923. Latter cited as Rollins, Notes. Rollins lists, but did not print 7 pieces here, but one is in his OEB. These 7 noted below as SHNB

Unpublished collections included here

M-Manchester, two vols, many defective, but many rare ones from 1st half of 17th century. Contents from MLA Rotograph 57 in Library of Congress.

Wn-Wood's Collections, Bodleian Library, Oxford. The last four here are miscellaneous collections with several ballads scattered among the contents, and it appears that these only are incomplete in MLA Rotograph 60, Library of Congress. A few additions are from Simpson and Rollins. WE25-Wood E25; W1-Wood 401; W2-Wood 402, W6-Wood 416 (very few), W7-Wood 417, Wood 276a, Wood 276b.

CR-Crawford Collection, from catalogue, Bibliotheca Lindesiana, Catalogue of a Collection of English Ballads, 1890, 1962. Cataloged and cited by #. Collection now on loan to NLS, Edinburgh. A first line and short title index of the Euing and Huth (now Harvard) collection is also given in an appendix.

BF-BL C.20.f.14, 'Book of Fortune' Collection, 32 ballads, some published by Rollins in CP. Short title list published. Here from my contents listing made 1972 at BL. Cited by #.

HH-Harvard, formerly Huth collection, from CR Catalog. Acquired by Harvard after publication of Catalogue, 1905, (cited as HC) and not added in subsequent reprints, same for Harvard's part of DP. Cited by #.

DP-Dyson-Perrins collection, Ohio State Univ., 64 broadsides remaining of 130 originally. Remainder evidently at Harvard.

FSLB-Folger Shakespeare Library, small collection with only 1 of 17th century.

Not Complete:

BL-C.22.c.2, BL-C.22.f.6, formerly C.22.e.2 (Ebsworth, Crawford), and C.22.f.14 (Rollins). BL 1876.f.1, 1871.e.9

CH-Chetham, no information

RL-Bodleian, Rawlinson Collection, 4to 566, (#n), incomplete here. About 80% cited elsewhere and they are included here, but some sources cite same # in Rawlinson for different ballads.

DC-Bodleian, Douce Collections, 4 vols. of 17th and 18th cent. ballads, not published or catalogued, DC1 to DC4. Grossly incomplete here.

HC-Harvard Catalogue of English and American Chapbooks and Broadside Ballads in Harvard College Library, 1905, reprinted 1968, and again more recently. Reprints do not include broadsides acquired after 1905. Former Huth collection is included from Crawford, CR, Appendix, and Dyson-Perrins from those missing from original contents list in the volume at Ohio State Univ.

Other reprints of broadside ballads

PG-Hyder E. Rollins, A Pepysian Garland, Cambridge, The University Press, 1922 (reprinted, 1971) Eighty broadside ballads, one from Rawlinson, one from Manchester and five from Wood's collections, the rest being from Pepys.

PA-H.E. Rollins, Pack of Autolycus, 1927, reprinted 1969. Forty broadside ballads selected from Wood, Manchester, Douce, Rawlinson, and Pepys collections.

CP-H. E. Rollins, Cavalier and Puritan, New York, New York University Press, 1923. Seventy five broadside ballads from Manchester, 'Book of Fortune' (BL C.20.f.14), Thomason, and Lutrell collections, with several from the 'newspapers' of the Commonwealth period.

CB-John Ashton, A Century of Ballads. Ashton was quick to expurgate and otherwise delete verses. Most here, but not all, are from the Roxburghe and Bagford collections.

HWS-John Ashton, Humour, Wit, and Satire of the Seventeenth Century. A miscellany which reprints several broadside ballads, most, if not all, from the Roxburghe collection.

-- Not included are Charles H. Firth's An American Garland, and Naval Songs and Ballads. I have neither of these, and that, and not a lack of respect for Firth's excellent scholarship, is why they are lacking. The same for H. E. Rollins, The Pepys Ballads

C. Hindley also published a two volume selection from the Roxburghe collection.

J. P. Collier published A Book of Roxburghe Ballads, 1847, mostly, but not all, from the Roxburghe collection. This latter was apparently finished a few years before it was published, and except for one fanciful title, it seems accurate. But by 1847 Collier was engaged in writing his forgeries of old songs, announced at the beginning of vol. II of his Extracts from the Registers of the Stationers Company, 1849. The manuscript into which he copied his songs in now called the 'Joseph Hall Commonplace Book', Folger Shakespeare MS V.a. 339. Collier's forgeries were detected by Giles Dawson, former curator of MSS at the Folger Lib. and an account published in a technical article in 1971, but without the listing of the forged songs. Some have become rather wide spread, i.e., "The King's Hunt is up" was not long ago newly recorded as a 16th century song.

Works not indexed except a few primarily for purposes of cross reference with other texts.

OEB- H. E. Rollins, Old English Ballads, 1920, those for which there is evidence that they were to be sung, i.e., are not poems, are included here.

C79- A Collection of Seventy-Nine Black-Letter Ballads and Broadsides, 1867, and 2nd. issue, 1870. Cited by page. No editor named. Published by Joseph Lilly, and most often referred to under his name, but the collection was owned at that time by George Daniels and is sometimes referred to as 'Daniels'. A post card from J. O. Halliwell, in answer to a query, is in the Folger Shakespeare Library copy of the 1867 issue. In it J. O. Halliwell states that he had written the notes, and Tho. Wright had written the Introduction. Contents indexed in CLB.

CBB-Herbert Collman, Ballads and Broadsides chiefly of the Elizabethan Period, 1812, rptd. 1971. Collection that is now in Huntington Library in California. Contents indexed in CLB

LMC- Robert Lemon, Catalogue of a Collection of Printed Broadsides in the Possession of the Society of Antiquaries of London, 1866. This reprints a few of the broadsides cataloged. Contents indexed in CLB

Note 1: The = sign below means issues by same publisher, usually, but not necessarily, the ballads are from the same press run. [no imprint] may mean that the ballad was issued without a publisher's imprint, or, that it has subsequently been cut off. The latter is especially the case for many in the Roxburghe collection.

Note 2: Although the common terminology is that the imprints were of ballad printers, the ballads were actually often printed by others, and the imprints should actually be termed that of the publishers. The actual typesetting and printing were often contracted out to other printers. A. M. (Augustine Mathews), 1630's, did both. Martin Parsons and John Lock printed, but did not publish ballads.

Abreviations for publishers:

Most dates from C. Blagden, 'Notes on the Ballad Market in the Second Half of the Seventeenth Century', Studies in Bibliography, VI, 1954 (which contains much other valuable information also). I have made slight revisions in places, from noting imprints not seen by Blagden. Blagden noted only one John Clarke, this is one in 'the company,' who published at the Golden Lyon and at the Bible and Harp. A John Clark, Jr. appears, c 1680 at the Horseshoe in West Smithfield but published only a few ballads.

Note: Francis Coles spelled name Coules in 1620's and in the 1630's it becomes Cowles and Coles.

'The company'

CWVG-Coles, J. Wright (II), Vere, and Gilbertson 1655-58

-Coles, M. Wright, Vere and Gilbertson, 1658, (e.g., ZN63, ZN155)

-later we find: Martha Wright at the King's Head in the Old Baily (ZN749)

CVG-Coles, Vere and Gilbertson, 1658-64

CVGW-Coles, Vere, Gilbertson and J. Wright (III), 1663-5

-Coles, Vere, Wright, and R(achael). Gilbertson, 1665 (several of this imprint)

CVW-Cole, Vere and Wright, 1665-74 (Changed from Blagden's 1663-74)

CVWC-Coles, Vere, Wright and Clarke, 1674-9 [A number of ballads entered by this partnership on July 1, 1678 are ones previously published by Richard Burton]

CVWCTP- F. Coles, T. Vere, J. Wright (III), Clark, W. Thackeray and T. Passinger, 1679- 81 [Cole's name didn't dissappear immediately on his death by Sept. 1680, and is found from Nov. 1680 (ZN127|) to as late as May, 1681 (ZN1513|).

M. Coles, VWCTP with Mary Coles at beginning or end, 1681 The initial M. of Coles widow, Mary, appears on many, especially in the Pepys Collection, which Blagden did not examine, and are evidently to be dated 1681. In fact, she survived Vere, (see next entry) so Blagden's hypothetical imprint Vere, Wright, Clarke, Thackeray and Passinger is void, and should be replaced with the following:

WCTP, and M. Coles, mid 1681-early 1682? ZN31, ZN589, ZN2279

WCTP-J. Wright (III), J. Clarke, Thackeray and T. Passinger, 1682-4

Clark, Thackeray, Passenger and T. Wright. 1684. (John's widow)

CTP-Clarke, Thackeray and Passinger, 1684-6

Clark, at Bible and Harp, West Smithfield, succeeded by J. Bissell

TP-Thackeray and Passinger, 1686-88

TPW-Thackeray, Passinger and Whitwood, before 1678 when Thackeray and Passinger joined company, and after May, 1666, when Whitwood was freed of apprenticeship.

Wm. Thackeray, 1689

TMM-Wm. Thackeray, John Millet and Alex. Milbourn, 1689-92.

W. Thackeray, E[liz]. M and A. M, ZN1411

E[liz]. Millet, Nov. 1692 ZN1131, ZN1442

W. Thackeray and J. Hose, 1675, E 110 = RB7 699

P. Brooksby in West Smithfield, July 1683, (ZN2249, ZN3123) at Pye-Corner by the end of 1684, (ZN999)

BDBB: Brooksby, Deacon, Blare, and Back, This company seems to have started in 1690. Brooksby alone published ZN1114 in June of 1690, but in July BDBB published ZN430 and ZN1623. All of the partners, however, published separately in succeeding years, as well as in the partnership. Brooksby seems to disappear about 1696, and was succeeded for a very short period by his widow, E. Brooksby, but I can't guarantee this date. B[ridgit]. Deacon had succeeded her husband by 1702.

E[liz]. Brooksby, ZN685, ZN2374

Common, and a few uncommon, publishers abreviations,

W. O. - William Onely

A. M. - Alex. Milbourn, in 1680's and 90's

A. M. - Augustine Mathews, in the 1630's

J. M. - John Millet

E. M. - Elizabeth Millet

E. B. - Ed. Blackmore

P. B. - Phillip Birch/ Byrch, 1620's

H. G. - Henry Gosson

F. C. - Francis Coles

F. G. - Francis Grove

E. W. - Edward Wright

C. W. - Cuthbert Wright

I. W. - John Wright (I), and possibly John White earlier Wright seems to have started giving his address 'in Guilt-spur Street' in 1632

T. P. - Thomas Pavier

J. T. - John Trundle

M. P. - Martin Parsons, rare

J. L. - John Lock

Common authors initials

M. P. - Martin Parker

L. P. - Laurence Price

R. G. - Robert Guy

R. C. - Richard Climsell/ Climsall/ Crimsell

L. W. - Lawrence White

J. P. - Evidently John Phillips, educated by his uncle, John Milton. Evidence is a single brief statement by John Aubrey, quoted in Brief Lives - "Mr. Phillips, author of Montelon and Don Juan Lamberto, is happy at Jiggish Poetry and Gypsies and Ballads" He was also connected with one of the early drolleries.

T. L. - Tho. Lanfierre

S. S. - Samuel Smithson, see his RZN3 for his parody of Robin Hood ballads.

J. M. - Joseph Martin


Entering or registering of broadside ballads was done at the office of the Stationers' Company, for the primary purpose of copyright protection. Licensing, at times when this was in effect, was done at the Office of Revels in Whitehall for the purpose of political censorship. Licensing records may still be extant, but a personal communication of about 1970 indicated that the Office of Revels accounts were rolled and tied in bundles, and stored, unorganized, in paste-board boxes at that time. Ballad printers were not always conscientious in doing either, and were often untruthful about entry statements. Francis Grove last entered a ballad in the Stationers' Register on May, 29, 1658, (ZN3250) but published many subsequently with the statement 'Licensed and Entered according to Order.'

Usual form of licensing statement under Roger L'Strange was, c 1662-1685, 'With Allowance', but licensing statements are rather rare in this period. 'This may be Printed. R. L. S.' seems to have been used only from June 5, 1685, to the end of his term. L'Strange's term as licenser lasted into at least Nov. 1685. 'Licensed according to Order" was after Richard Pocock's term, 1689-96? Be careful; some reissues copied licensing statements from earlier issues. Sara Tyus, widow of Charles, is earliest to use 'With Allowance', and once used 'With privilege', ZN340.

Stationers' Register entry dates are here added complete for 17th century broadside ballads, from H. E. Rollins' AI = Analytical Index to the Ballad Entries. AI numbers as well as dates are given because titles sometime change, and also some ballads were entered only by first line. Don't trust the bald statement "Entered in xxxx"; there are many entries whose identification with a particular broadside ballad are questionable, but those by Rollins are usually good. With AI # quoted, or full entry quoted, you can satisfy yourself.

Form of index entries:

Entries are nominally; opening line, or two/ ZNnumber code| Short title/ Tune or tunes indicated/ author or initials, if any/ licensing and|or entry statements if any/ Source of collection or reprint of collection copy: Publisher or publishers code/ repeat of last for other copies. In brackets are listed other copies for which I have no information on one or more of the previous items. Significantly different opening or title or tune is preceded by // with quotation of the item that is different. Stationers' Register entries, misc. notes, also in brackets at the end.

This scheme breaks down with ballads from manuscripts, because rarely did a MS compiler indicate the printer, and most often there is no indication of a tune, although in rare cases the tune was copied into the MS. Often the title is not that from a broadside issue.

Entries are coded with a number, n, prefixed by ZN, ZNn and a terminator | (more about terminator below), to give ZNn|, and cross references to this entry are same without the Z prefix, Nn|. SEARCH or FIND command with ZNn| finds entry only. With N, but without Z, prefix you will get entry (ZNn|) and any cross references (Nn|) to it using SEARCH. <space>Nn| will leave out the main entry, ZNn|, but will find any cross references to it. Because most numbers were assigned in alphabetical order after about 3200 entries, you will usually not have many problems without terminator in this file as it now stands, but with, say a backwards search for ZN260 if you are way down the file, you will stop at ZN2609, ZN2608, etc. The terminator makes the number unambiguous for the SEARCH command.

First Line Index

Abroad as I was walking/ ZN1| The Gowlin/ Tune: New Play-House tune or, See the Gowlin my Jo, &c./ With allowance/ WE25 134: CVWC/ Tune: new Play-house Tune; Or, See the Gowlin, &c./ P3 108 = CR 2: WCTP [C.22.f.6 120] [D'Urfey's song, 1678, but printed in Pills to "London is a fine town", and the 'New Play-house tune' is unexplained]

Abroad as I was walking, all by the Park-side/ ZN2| The Merchant of Scotland/ Tune: Pleasant New Tune/ With Allowance. Ro. L'Estrange/ RB8 129: E. Oliver [This is actually the first half of the Child ballad, #108, "Christopher White," who is here "Kester a Wait." I have not found a broadside with the second half.]

Abroad as I was walking in a Summers day/ ZN3| Lovers Pastime/ Tune: As I went to Tatnum on a Market-Day [meaningless music given. Cf. BBBM p. 465-6]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 233: A. Milbourn

Abroad of late as I was walking/ ZN4| Mars and Venus/ Tune: pleasant New Tune, or, Mars and Venus/ P3 234 = CR 3: WCTP [Defective, right column trimmed] [Practically the same as T. Robbins "Lovers Battle," N205|. An early 19th century version called "A new Dialogue between Mars and Venus" is #82 in Holloway and Black's Later English Broadside Ballads , Vol. I]

The absence of my Mistress/ ZN5| The Ragman/ Tune: Upon the highest mountains/ By John Lookes/ M1 #46: London, Printed for Fr[ancis Grove, shorn]/ RB7 78 + RB8 777: London, Printed for Francis Grove on Snow-hill

Accept dear Love, these shadows of my grief/ ZN6| The Young-Mans A. B. C./ Tune: Aim not too high/ P1 508-9: CTP/ E 407: WCTP, 1684// Tune: The Young Man's A, B, C/ RB2 655: A. Milbourn [Entd. July 16, 1634, 1675. AI 3059, 3060]

Adew all glaidnes, sport and play/ ZN7| The Complaint of Scotland/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB3 501: Edinburgh, Robert Lepreuik, 1570

Adieu false men adieu/ ZN8| Forsaken Lovers Resolution/ Tune: Philander/ P3 97: M. Coles, VWCTP

Adieu, my dear Part'ner in all my past joys/ ZN9| The Couragious Seaman/ Tune: Touch of the Times/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 210: J. Millet

Adieu my dear, whom I adore/ ZN10| The Despairing Youth's Grief/ Tune: Black and Sullen Hour/ This may be printed, R. P./ RB4 416 = CR 4: P. Brooksby

Adew, my pretty pussy, Yow pynche me very nere/ ZN3401| [no title]/ ASM 74. [Rollins, Notes, this is early version of "Adieu, sweete harte, adewe" in C79 p. 222. A nonsense song, somewhat similar to farcical news, N3286|]

Adieu my sweet Lady of Royal Renown/ ZN11| King William's Courage..taking Leave of.. Queen.. for the expedition of Ireland/ Tune: Let Caesar live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 335: W. Thackeray, J. Millet, & A. Milbourn

Adieu to grief and discontent/ ZN12| Loves glorious Conquest/ Tune: My Love is on the Brackish Sea/ P3 213: J. Blare

Adieu to the hopes of the Whigs of the State/ ZN13| Good News in Bad Times/ Tune: Adieu to the Pleasures and Follies of Love/ RB5 399: P. Brooksby, West Smithfield

Adieu to the Pleasures and follies of Love/ ZN14| The Musical Shepherdess, or, Dorinda's Lamentation/ Tune: pleasant New Tune, called, Amintas farewel: or, Digby's Farewel/ [by] W.P./ With Allowance/ P3 342 = RB4 462 = CR 5: WCTP/ WE25 6: J. Hose [DC, C.22.f.6]

Adiew vain delights, and bewitch us no more/ ZN15| Robbery Rewarded.. Five Notorious High-way-men's Exploits/ Tune: Packingtons Pound/ [March-April, 1674?]/ WE25 108: P. Brooksby, West-smith-field [PA 168]

Adzooks ches went the 'other day to London town/ ZN16| Roger in Amaize/ Tune: Dutch Womans Jigg/ P5 428: J. Wilkins

After droght commythe rayne/ ZN3285| [no title, tune indication]/ CV 5

After man had broken the presepts of the Lord/ ZN3331| [no title]/ ASM 2 [Rollins, Notes, suggests possible entry in 1561/2 in Arber's Transcript I, 177 (not in AI) and notes similar title in 1565/6, AI 1912, but didn't repeat this in AI. Others in AI, 1913-1917, and 1919, are probably too late for this MS]

After mydnyght, when dremes dothe fawll/ ZN3340| [no title]/ ASM 11 [Rollins, Notes, points out another copy previously printed from BL MS Add. 15,233. ?Entd. 1557/8, AI 93. ?Entd. 1568/9, AI 115. Rollins also deduced (correctly) that Collier's "Arise and wake" was a forgery]

Ah, Cloris awake, it is all abroad day/ ZN17| Strephon and Cloris/ pleasant New Play-house Tune, Or, Love will find out the way/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P3 191 = E 344 = E 345 = CR 7: J. Deacon/ E 346: [no imprint]// [no licensing statement]/ WE25 22 = RB6 128 = CR 6: J. Clark, Golden Lyon [DC2 197v, DC3 82v, HH2 96] [Sequel, N1852|. Traditional, "Fond Shepherd", JFSS 2, 154, 1906. This starts with 2nd half of 1st verse, "Lie still my dear shepherd", which may have been the way the original song started. See tune direction for N696|]

Ah cruel bloody fate/ ZN18| The True Lovers Tragedy/ Tune: New Play-House Tune:. Or, Ah! cruel bloody Fate/ P3 9 = RB4 38 = CR 8: P. Brooksby [HH2 119]

Ah cruel bloody fate/ ZN19| The faithful Lovers Downfal/ Tune: ? [Ah cruel bloody fate]/ DC1 74: ? [BBBM]

Ah! cruel bloody Tom! What could'st thou hope for more/ ZN20| The Bully Whig/ Tune: Ah, Cruel bloody Fare! &c./ RB5 482: sold.. Old Spring-Garden, June, 1684

Ah Cruel Maid give ore/ ZN21| The Deceiver deceived: Or, The Virgins Revenge/ Tune: Ah cruel bloody fate!/ This may be Printed, R. L. S./ P3 83 = RB4 34 = CR 9:CTP/ DP 6: [no imprint] [HH1 68]

Ah, Cupid! thou provest unkind and too cruel/ ZN22| The True Lovers' Overthrow/ Tune: State and Ambition/ RB6 120 = DP 22: [no imprint]/ CR 10: P. Brooksby

Ah! how drousie's the skies/ ZN23| Loves Tyrany/ Tune: Let the Critticks Adore, &c./ CR 11: C. Passinger/ RB7 413: [no imprint]

Ah! how happy's he, Who's from business free/ ZN24| Jovial Gallant/ Tune: Excellent New Tune [BBBM #338 from music given]/ P5 425: C. Bates

Ah how I sigh! and how I moan!/ ZN25| Baker's Lamentation/ Tune: The Old Man's Wish [meaningless music given]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 394: J. Bissel

Ah how pleasant are the Charms of Love/ ZN26| The True Lovers Paradice [sic]/ Tune: excellent new Play-house tune: Or, Ah how pleasant are the Charms of love/ P3 161 = RB4 451 = CR 12: J. Conyers [only 1st two verses same as in N27|]

Ah how pleasant are the charms of love/ ZN27| The Enchanted Lover/ Tune: Pleasant New Playhouse Tune/ RB4 448 = CR 13: P. Brooksby [Cf. N26|]

Ah! how powerful is her charming eye/ ZN28| The Confined Lover/ Tune: Charms of Love/ RB4 454: J. Deacon

Ah! Jenny Gin, your Eyn do kill/ ZN29| The Loves of Jockey and Jenny: Or, The Scotch Wedding/ Tune: most pleasant New Song/ P4 110 = E 173 = RB6 178 = CR 14 = DP 62: P. Brooksby, West- smithfield [HH2 2] [Expansion of song by Aphra Behn, 1682. See another, N30|]

Ah! Jenny gin your eyn do kill/ ZN30| Jockey's Lamentation turn'd to Joy; Or, Jenny yields at Last/ Tune: Pleasant New Playhouse Tune/ RB6 181: J. Deacon [See another, N29|]

Ah! my Cruel Shepherd, so false and unkind/ ZN31| The Lamenting Shepherdess: Or, The Unkind Shepherd/ Tune: Cloris awake/ P3 368: WCTP, and M. Coles [no Vere!].

Ah my pritty Mopsaphil! no living tongue can tell/ ZN32| two Monstrous Lovers/ Tune: excellent new tune [meaningless music given]/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P5 271: P. Brooksby

Ah, Woe is me that I was born/ ZN33| Mr. Moor the Tripe-Man's Sorrowful Lamentation For Clipping and Coyning/ Tune: The Spinning Wheel/ [Roman letter]/ P5 27 = P5B 69 = P5B 70: Charles Barnet

Ah! woe's me! poor harmless maid/ ZN34| Jenny's Lamentation for the loss of her Jemmy/ Tune: Jenny Gin, or, Busie Fame/ RB6 184 = CR 15: P. Brooksby, West Smithfield [HH1 139]

Abroad as I of late did walk/ ZN35| The forsaken Damosel: Or, The Deluded Maid./ Tune: A Shepherds daughter once there was/ RL 24: ?

After curs'd Traitors damned rage/ ZN36| An Exit to the Exit Tyrannus/ Tune: I made a Voyage into France, &c./ RB7 663 [from BC1 68]: [white letter, no imprint]

Aim not to high in things above thy reach/ ZN37| An excellent song..consolation for a troubled mind/ Tune: Fortune my Foe/ P2 63 = RL 166: CVW// [Ayme not too high]/ M2 #12: Francis Coules/ RB1 326: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke [Entd. 1656, but probably late 16th century]

Alas, alas, I am undone/ ZN38| King Jameses Royal Victory [over Monmouth, beheaded July 15, 1685]/ Tune: Russel's Farewel/ P2 237: CTP [Ptd. RB5 660]

Alas and well away/ ZN39| A Loue-sick maids song/ Tune: In Melton on a day/ P1 371: I. W[right].

Alas I am come to Town/ ZN40| The Unfortunate Lover..Merry Andrew's Sweetheart Joan/ Tune: I marry and thank ye too/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 96 = CR 16 = RB7 229: BDBB [DC2 235v]

Alas I am in love, And cannot speake it/ ZN41| A Ditty of a Lover toss'd hither and thither/ Tune: Hide Park/ [by] Peter Lowberry/ RB2 235: Edward Wright [Entd. Jan. 8, 1638. AI 1580]

Alas I am in a Rage/ ZN42| The London Lasses Lamentation/ Tune: I marry and thank ye too/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 239 = CR 17: BDBB/ RB7 116: [no imprint]

Alas! I am taken most monstrous ill/ ZN43| The Statesman's Last Will and Testament/ Tune: O rare Popery/ P2 284 = CR 18: Printed in the Year 168[9?] [HH2 79 = 78v] [Crawford Catalogue suggest BDBB as publishers, evidently from ballad on verso, N1281|]

Alas my dear Celia/ ZN44| The Jolly Shepherd, and Jovial Shepherdess/ Tune: Strephon and Cloris [Ah Cloris awake]/ DC1 105: ? [BBBM]

Alas my dear husband, what is your intent/ ZN45| A Looking glass for all Good-fellows; or, The Provident Wives Directions/ Tune: Digby, or Packingtons Pound/ This may be Printed. R. P./ P4 79: J. Conyers

Alas! my dearest dear is gone/ ZN46| Constancy Lamented/ Tune: All happy times, &c., or, Languishing Swain/ P5 353: Charles Barnet [Answer to "There was a maiden fair and clear," N2523|] [Traditional. Part of Laws' M20]

Alas my dearest joy/ ZN47| The Maidens Lamentation [Answer to Seaman and Souldiers last farewel]/ Tune: I am so deep in love: or, Cupid's Courtesie/ WE25 139: CVWC

Alas my Youthful Coridon/ ZN48| The Dying Shepherdess/ Tune: Ah Cloris full of harmless thoughts/ P3 380: M. Coles, VWCTP

Alas! poor Brother Shop-keepers/ ZN49| The Shop-keepers Complaint/ Russels Farewel/ P4 328: BDBB

Alas poor female sex/ ZN50| The Maid's Unhappiness/ Tune: Philander/ RB4 382: WCTP

Alas! we widdows of the West/ ZN51| The Sorrowful Lamentation of the Widdows of the West.. [death of husbands in Monmouth's rebellion]/ Tune: Russels Farewel/ This may be Printed R. P./ P2 245: J. Deacon// This may be Printed, R. L. S./ Tune: Lord Russel's Farewel/ J. Deacon [Pepys copy ptd. RB5 724]

Alas what times here be/ ZN52| Inhumane & Cruel Bloody News from Leeds in Yorkshire/ Tune: The Bleeding heart, &c./ With Allowance. Ro. L'Strange/ WE25 102: CVWC

Alas what wretched bloody times/ ZN53| A warning for wiues, ..Katherine Francis.. killing husband..8 Aprill. 1629/ Tune: Bragandary/ [By] M. P[arker]./ P1 118-9: F. G[rove].

Alas! why should we thus lament/ ZN54| Good Christians Admonition/ Tune: The Fathers Good Counsel/ Entered according to Order/ P2 35: J. Deacon

Alas! within these Prison Walls/ ZN55| The Traitors Trouble/ Tune: Johnson's Farewell/ Licensed according to Order/ [Roman letter with meaningless music]/ P5 11: Charles Bates

The albe and surplisse white doe note/ ZN3398| [no title]/ ASM 70 [Symbolism of religious attire and objects]

All batchelors and lasses, I pray you now draw near/ ZN56| I'le o'er Bogie wi' him/ Tune: Its own proper new tune/ RB8 721: [no imprint, 18th cent.] [Tune in Orpheus Caledonius, c 1725, and Stewart's Music for (TTM), c 1726]

All batchelors new, come hearken to me/ ZN57| The Batchelours Guide/ Tune: The Sorrowful Damsels Lamentation for want of a Husband [qv]/ This may be Printed, R. P./ CR 21: P. Brooksby [HH1 15, C.22.f.6 84]

All careful christians mark my song/ ZN58| A right excellent and godly new ballad/ Tune: Wigmore's Gallaird/ SH #7 [1 verse, RB8 845] [Entd. May 3, 1591, 1624. AI 539, 54]

All Christian men give ear a while to me/ ZN59| The Judgement of God..John Faustus/ Tune: Fortune my Foe/ P2 142: TP/ E 145 = W1 53: CVG/ CR 22: A.M., W.O., and Tho. Thackeray/ RB6 703: W. O./ SH #15 [BC2 55, DC3 47, C.22.f.6 132] [Entered Feb. 28, 1589, 1624, 1625. AI 1498, 615, 1336]

All Christians and lay elders too/ ZN60| The Four-Legg'd Elder/ Tune: The Lady's Fall/ CR 23: [no imprint]/ CR 24: Ptd. 1647. And Reprinted 1677 for D. Mallet [Common Muse #182, from BC3 57]

All Company-keepers come hear what I say/ ZN61| Two-penny-worth of Wit for a Penny/ Tune: Packington's Pound/ CR 25 = RB6 483: J. Deacon/ CR 26: J. Deacon [diff. issue] [Douce]

All hail, all hail, thou Lady gay/ ZN62| The Scornful Maid/ Tune: Times Changeling I will never be; Or, Sawney, Or, A Fig for France/ By T. Robins/ CR 28: P. Brooksby, West Smithfield [HH2 80, DC2 194v, C.22.f.6 173] [Ptd. RB8 867]

All haile, thou bright and bonny Lass/ ZN63| The Loving Lad and Coy Lass/ Tune: my father gave me House and Land, or, The Young man's joy and Maidens happinesse/ M1 #8: F. Coles, M[artha] Wright, T. Vere and W. Gilbertson/ [Tune: pleasant New Tune]/ P3 141 = CR 30 = DP 57: WCTP/ RB7 289: [no imprint]/ RL 44: E. C. for CVW [HH2 7]

All hail thou Venus bright or darling to that Queen/ ZN64| The Politick young-man/ Tune: Come away to my Chamber, &c./ CR 31: Charls Tyus [verses in RB6 212 + RB8 432] [Entd. Mar. 12, 1656. AI 2133]

All hail to the pleasures of love/ ZN65| Loves Empire/ Tune: New Play-house Tune; Or, All hail to the pleasures of Love/ P3 48: CTP

All hail to thee my onely sweeting/ ZN66|. a pleasant song of a Mayden faire/ Tune: pleasant new tune/ P1 244-5: Henry Gosson

All hayle to the dayes/ ZN67| A pleasant Countrey new Ditty.. To driue the cold Winter away/ Tune: When Phoebus did rest/ P1 186-7 = RB1 84: H. G[osson].(Chappell mentions another copy in RC) [CB p. 341]

All hearts that ever yet did bleed/ ZN68| ..sad and true relation ..murder.. hanged.. 22 of Oct. 1675/ Tune: Bleeding Heart/ By W. P./ P2 144: John Hose

All in a fair morning for sweet recreation/ ZN69| The Ladies Lamentation for the losse of her Land-lord/ Tune: Highlander's March/ BF 32: Richard Burton, 1651. [Ptd. CP 316. Traditional, "The Blackbird", in Ireland, Scotland, and USA, but not to the tune in Simpson's BBBM. Oft. printed Irish tune for the song is that earlier in Oswald's Caledonian Pocket Companion , book 12, (c 1760), "The Bonny Lass of Aberdeen", as noted by S. Bayard.]

All in a garden greene/ ZN70| A merrye new ballad, of a countrye wench and a clown/ Tune: a fine tune/ SH #52 [2 lines, RB8 xxxv***] [Entered 1565/6, 1568/9. AI 56, 57]

All in a green meadow, a river running by/ ZN3272| [?A worthy Example for all proud Maides]/ [no broadside extant. Song in Bishop Percy's Folio MS: Loose and Humorous Songs, p. 114. ?Entd. under above title, July 16, 1634. AI 3041]

All in a May morning, in the merry month of May/ ZN71| A Warning for Maids/ Tune: No, no, not I/ [by] R. Climsall/ RB3 42: John Wright, the younger [Entd. Apr. 4, 1636, 1640?. AI 2866, 2855]

All in a mirtle Grove, where shepherds play/ ZN72| The Love-sick Shepheard/ Tune: Long days of absence/ WE25 12 = WE25 74: Richard Burton

All in a misty morning/ ZN73| The Wiltshire Wedding/ Tune: Excellent North-country Tune/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 107 = CR 32: J. Deacon/ RB7 205: Bow-Church-Yard [DC2 256v, HH1 110 = 109v] [CB p. 251]

All in a morning clear and fair/ ZN74| The Lovers Farewel to his Unconstant Mistris/ Tune: [Johnny Armstrong]/ DC2 139: ?

All in a morning fair/ ZN75| The Fox-Chace... Duke of Buckingham's Hounds/ Tune: Excellent New Tune/ Licens'd and enter'd according to Order/ RB1 360: RC1 120-1: W. O[nely]/ RC2 176: trimmed/ CR 33: [no tune, imprint]

All in a pleasant Morning/ ZN76| The Combers Whistle Or, The Sport of Spring/ Tune: The Carman's Whistle/ With Allowance/ P3 291 = RB3 564 = WE25 133: CVWC/ With Allowance. Ro. L'Estrange/ CR 34: CVWC [RL 100] [Derived from song, N3279|. Cf. N204|. Traditional Irish versions, "A Maid going to Comber", "Next Market day"]

All in a pleasant shady grove/ ZN77| Loves Paradise/ Tune: Fancies Phoenix/ by J. P./ E 176: W. Kendrick

All in a shady grove, as I was musing/ ZN78| Cupids Cure: or, An Answer to Cupids Cruelty/ Tune: Cupids' Curtesie/ DC1 47: ?

All in the Downs the fleet was moor'd/ ZN79| William and Susan/ Tune: Black-eyed Susan/ CR 35: Bow-Churchyard/ CR 36: Evans, Long Lane [c 1790]/ HC 694: chapbook, James Magee, Belfast, 1764/ HC 695, 696: [no imprint]/ [By John Gay] [Continued in N387|]

All in the evening as I walked/ ZN80| A mock-Song: Or, Love and no love/ Tune: Mars and Venus/ With Allowance, Ro. L'Estrange/ CR 37: P. Brooksby, West-smith-field [HH2 30, C.22.f.6 9] [Partially ptd. RB8 870]

All in the merry month of May, the maidens they did say/ ZN81| Arthur O'Bradley/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB7 320: [no imprint 18th cent. Added verse is from Scots Nightingale, 1778. Ebsworth also gave two earlier drollery versions, Cf. N2333|]

All in the merry month of May, the prime time of the year/ ZN82| Love's Mistery; Or, A Parcel of Clouded Waggery/ Tune: She lay all naked in her bed/ RB7 322 [slightly expurgated]: Wm. Kendrick

All in the Month of May/ ZN83| The Longing Sheperdesse/ Tune: Laddy lye near me, or, the Green Garter/ [By] R. G./ [RB8 691]/ M1 #28a: [incomplete, npn]/ P3 59: CVW/ [DC1 119] [Ptd. RB8 691, 865]

All in the morning in the midst of Summer time/ ZN84| Coridon's complaint for Celia's unkindness/ Tune: ?/ DC1 46v [Entd. Mar. 1, 1675. Rollins' AI 397-8. Sequel commences "O what's the matter" = N2059|]

All in the town of Ailsbury/ ZN85| Clock and Cushion/ Tune: All in the Land of Cyder/ CR 38: [18th cent., no imprint]

All in the West of England fair/ ZN86| Fancy's Freedom/ Tune: Amarillis, or, Phillis on the new-made hay/ RB6 113: Wm. Whitwood

All in the zealous city/ ZN87| The Saint turn'd Curtezan/ Tune: Quaker's Ballad; or, All in the Land of Essex/ CR 39: Printed for the use of the Protestant-Cobler in Pell-Mell [on Ben. Harris, and his wife Ruth, c 1681. For another on his cuckolding see N2599|. After a short stay in Boston, Mass., he started 1st general English newspaper in 1691]

All Jolly Blades that Inhabit the Town/ ZN88| Advice to Young Gentlemen; Or, An Answer to the Ladies of London]/ Tune: The Ladies of London./ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 87 = CR 40: J. Back [RB8 752 gives another version] [DC1 2, C.22.f.6 27] [Answer to N1592|]

All joy I bid adieu/ ZN89| Answer to the Lady's Tragedy/ Tune: The Ring of Gold/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 316 [Answer to "Why is my love unkind," N2924|]

All joy to fair Psyche in this happy place/ ZN90| The Power and Pleasure of Love/ Tune: new Play-House Tune: Or, All joy to fair Psyche, &c./ With Allowance/ P3 93 = WE25 144 = RB4 458: CVWC [DC2 183]

All Loyal Subjects resolve to be merry/ ZN91| A New Song, called, The Duke of Grafton's Welcome Home/ Tune: Charon make haste, &c. [With music, the only known copy of the tune]/ This may be Printed, R. P./ [Roman letter]/ P5 31: J. Bissel

All Maidens come hither and hearken a while/ ZN92| The Politick Maids Device/ Tune: What shall a Young Woman do with an Old man. Or, Digby's Farewel/ P3 166 = CR 41: J. Deacon

All melting hearts come here and../ ZN93| The Hartford-shires Murder/ Tune: Aim not too high; Or, Fortune my Foe, &c./ With Allowance/ WE25 103: CVWC

All men are inclinded/ ZN94| Euery Mans condition/ Tune: two Slips [for a tester]/ [by] Ll. Morg[an]./ P1 220-1: Fr. Coules

All men that now are here/ ZN95| The Reward of Murder. [execution of Richard Smith, 1640]/ [incomplete, no tune]/ M2 #20b: [no imprint]

All men the do wysshe unto them selffe all goode/ ZN3336| Henry lord Morlay/ ASM 6

All such as lead a jealous lyfe/ ZN96| The Torment of a Jealous minde.. Margit in Kent/ Tune: Rogero/ SH #64 [1 verse, RB8 816] [?Entd. July 25, 1592. AI 1696]

All tender hearts that ake to hear/ ZN97| The Spanish Virgin/ Tune: Chievy Chase; Or, Aim not too high [won't fit latter]/ P2 143 = CR 42: W. Thackeray [CB p. 348]

All thoughts of confusion forbear/ ZN98| The Young Man's Counsellour/ Tune: All Trades/ Licensed according to Order/ RB4 66 = CR 43: J. Deacon [HH2 163]

All Trades are not alike in show/ ZN99| A merry new catch of all Trades/ Tune: The cleane Contrary way/ P1 164-5: I. Trundle

All ye maidens fair I pray awhile draw near/ ZN100| The Faithless Captain; Or, the Betrayed Virgin/ Tune: none indicated/ CR 44: Jennings, 15 Water-lane [late 18th cent.]

All ye yt are Free-men of Ale-drapers hall/ ZN101| Nick and Froth/ Tune: We' Drink this Old Ale no more, no more/ CR 45 = HH2 42: R. Burton// All you that are/ RB6 486: [no imprint] [Ashton's HWS, prints 1st]

All you brave Damsels come lend your attention/ ZN102| A Fairing for Maids/ Tune: He that has the most money he is the best man/ [by] J. P./ BF 13: Fra. Grove [Ptd. RB8 676] [Rollins' AI 837, of 1656, may be this, but 1639 date for AI 836 seems too early for J. P.]

All you faithful Virgins, see N163|

All you gallants in city or town/ ZN104| The Patient Husband and Scoulding Wife/ Tune: Bonny, bonny bird/ RB7 182: W. Thackeray

All you good fellows who loue strong beere/ ZN105| A goodfellows complaint against strong beere/ Tune: a day will come shall pay for all./ P1 438-9: F. Groue.

All you honest men in country and town/ ZN106| The City Prophisier/ Tune: Oh is not Old England grown New/ [by Thomas Lanfiere]/ RL 101 ?

All you ladies that are barren/ ZN107| Female Doctor/ Tune: In Cold Nights when Winter's Frozen/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 417: J. Wilkins

All you lords of Scotland fair/ ZN3263| The Lovers Quarrel, or, Cupids Triumph [Tom Potts]/ Tune: [none indicated]/ Child ballad #109B: CVWC 1677 [Entd. May 11, 1657, 1675. AI 2757, 2666. This is more probably a poem than a ballad]

All you Sects and Seperatis [sic]/ ZN108| The downfall of women Preachers/ Tune: My Coussen make a Cuckold of me/ M2 #25: John Hammond

All you that are brave saylors/ ZN109| A New Spanish Tragedy [1639]/ Tune: the Angel Gabriel/ [by] L. P./ W1 137: Samuel Rand [PG 456] [Entd. Oct. 15, 1639. AI 1906]

All you that are counted good-fellows to be/ ZN110| The Bad-Husband's Experience of Ill-Husbandry/ Tune: Many Pounds and Crowns I have spent/ By L. W./ RL 132: CVWC [Ptd. RB7 820][Entered Mar. 12, 1675. AI 127]

All you that are disposed now/ ZN111| The kind hearted Creature/ Tune: Mother beguiled the Daughter/ [by] R. C[limsall]./ P1 292-3 = RB7 160: F. Coules [Entd. June 24, 1630. AI 1352]

All you that are to mirth inclin'd/ ZN112| The Sinners Redemption/ Tune: The Bleeding Heart/ P2 26: CTP/ E 333: [no imprint]// Tune: The bleeding heart, or In Crete, etc/ RB2 486: [npn?]/ RC II 422: G. Conyers/ RC II 288: Newcastle on Tyne/ CR 46: G. Conyers/ CR 47: G. Conyers [diff.issue] [RB7 801 gives a text as a carol from Bow Church-yard issue] [Entd. 1656, AI 2450, and probably that entered in Dec. 1634, AI 2794. [Traditional in England. Condensed version on single sheet song with new music, c 1780, does not have same selection of verses as traditional carol version.]

All you that are to mirth inclined/ ZN113| The Country Girl's Policy/ Tune [none indicated] RB7 286: [18th cent. DC3 17v] [Ptd. Common Muse #224]

All you that Christians be/ ZN114| Murder vnmasked. Barnevilles.. Conspiracie/ Tune: Weladay/ P1 108-9: W. I[ones].

All you that come to see my fatal end/ ZN115| The Bloody Murtherer..James Selbee/ Tune: Aim not too high/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 200: BDBB

All you that cry O hone O hone/ ZN116| A lamentable Ditty.. death of. Essex/ Tune: The King's last good night [BBBM 206]/ [also on sheet, Sweet England's pride is gone, N2423|]/ P1 106-7: printed at London for C. W[right]./ M1 #37b: London Printed by Edward Alde/ E 198: Printed at London for Cuthbert Wright/ E 199 = CR 48: A. M. W. O. and T. Thackeray/ P2 162: TP/ W1 75: W. Gilbertson/ [Tune, Essex last good-night, on one copy, other as Pepys] RB1 571: Cuthbert Wright/ Tune: The King's last Goodnight/ SH #79

All you that delight for to hear a new song/ ZN117| Poor Robin's Prophesie/ Tune: The Delights of the Bottle, &c./ With Allowance, Ro. L'Estrange/ P4 304 = CR 49: CVWC [DC2 183, RL 94, C.22.f.6 69]

All you that delight in a frolicksome song/ ZN118| Tit for Tat; or, The Merry Wives of Wapping/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB8 438 + xciv*** [incomplete]: [no imprint, 18th cent]// HC #2029: Printing Office, Stonecutter St. [Also as "The Frolicsome Sea Captain, or, Tit for Tat" and as "Tit for Tat". Tune, "Tit for Tat" in The Merry Medley, (I) 1744]

All you that delight in a jest that is true/ ZN119| The Dorsetshire Garland, Or, The Beggar's Wedding/ Tune: [none indicated/ CR 50 = HC 670: Bow-Church-Yard [18th cent.]// The Beggars' Garland/ HC 667: [no imprint]/ HC 668: James Magee, Belfast, 1764 [others, HC 669, 671, 672]

All you that delight in merriment/ ZN120| The Blink-Ey'd Cobler/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 51: [18th cent., no imprint]

All you that delight in Pastime and Pleasure/ ZN121| The praise of London/ Tune: second part of Hide Park/ [by] R. C[limsall]./ P1 188-9: F. C[oules]. [Entd. May 24, July 16, 1632. AI 2159, 2160]

All you that Delight in pastimes most Rare/ ZN122| Jack Pudding's Fegary/ Tune: I am a very good maid/ P4 266: CVWCTP

All you that delight to be merry/ ZN123| The St. James Frolick/ Tune: The Gentlemens Frolick/ P3 243: C. Bates

All you that do desire to hear and know/ ZN124| A Warning for Swearers/ Tune: Aim not too high/ [by] J. C./ RB8 76: TPW [CB p. 115] [Rollins dated this 1677, not AI 2871]

All you that desire to hear of a jest/ ZN125| The Unfortunate Miller/ Tune: Touch of the Times/ This may be Printed, R. P./ BB2 530: J. Deacon [Ptd. Common Muse #222] [earlier version N922|, also N3113|]

All you that do desire to know/ ZN126| The last Newes from France/ Tune: When the King enjoys his own again/ E 181: W. Gilbertson/ P2 206-7 = DC1 110: CVWC/ RB7 635: TPW

All you that do desire to know/ ZN127| London's Drollery [Nov. 17, 1680]/ Tune: All you that do desire to play, At Cards to pass the time away/ RB4 221 = CR 52 = DP 34: CVWCTP

All you that desirous are to behold/ ZN128| A new-yeeres-gift for the Pope/ Tune: Thomas you cannot/ [incomplete]/ P1 62: [no imprint]

All you that do in love delight/ ZN129| The Life of Love/ Tune: The fair one let me in; Or, Busie Fame/ This may be Printed, R. P./ RB6 191 = CR 53 = P3 126 = E 180: P. Brooksby

All you that ever heard the Name/ ZN130| The Fair Maid of Dunsmore's Lamentation/ Tune: Troy Town/ WE25 71: E. Oliver// With Allowance/ E 117 = RB6 767 = CR 54: WCTP/ CR 55: [no imprint] [see also "In Warkshire there stands a down", N1493|]

All you that fathers be/ ZN131| A Ballad Intituled, The Old mans complaint/ Tune: Dainty come thou to me/ P1 137: H. G[osson]./ Tune: To the same tune [first half of sheet missing, .. 'Mercers Son of Midhurst,' commencing "There was a wealthy man," N2538|]/ P1 541: CTP/ E 12: CVG/ E 13: [no imprint]/ To the same tune [Dainty..]/ CR 56 [2nd half of CR 1146]: W. Thackeray [Entd. June 1, 1629. AI 2006]

All you that fear the God on high/ ZN132| A Wonder of Wonders.. Beating of a Drum.. at Tidcomb/ Tune: Bragandary/ By Abraham Miles/ W1 193: William Gilbertson [PA 116]

All you that fear the Lord that rules the sky/ ZN133| Looking- glass for a Christian Family/ Tune: Aim not too high/ P2 34: CTP/ CR 57: WCTP/ RL 31: R. Burton [HH1 156]/ RB8 110: [no imprint]

All you that freely spend your Coyn/ ZN134| No Money, no Friend/ Tune: All you that do desire to play, At Cards, to pass the time away [New game at Cards]/ P4 255 = CR 58 = DP 27: CVWCTP [C.22.f.6 67]

All you that have now a desire to hear/ ZN135| The Distressed Mother..who lost her Husband in Ireland/ Tune: Let Caesar live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 319 = RB4 390 = CR 59: BDBB [CB p. 335]

All you that have stock, and are mad for a peace/ ZN136| The French Preliminaries/ Tune: Packington's Pound/ CR 60: Printed in the Year 1712

All you that know what 'tis to love/ ZN137| Love's Overthrow/ Tune: Bateman/ [RB7 119] = CR 61: P. Brooksby, West-smithfield [HH2 3, C22.f.6 60]

All you that in Love delight, see All you that do in love delight

All you that list to heare a song/ ZN138| A True Relation of the last Sea-fight between the English and the Hollander June the 8, 1665/ Tune: Wee'le pull the pride of Jocky downe/ [MS copy of 16 verse broadside in NLS MS 19.3.4 f. 155]

All you that list to looke and see../ ZN139| .Spanish Ships July last past, 1588/ Tune: The Valiant Souldier/ [by] T[homas] D[eloney]/ RB6 387 [from BL]: Thomas Orwin and Thomas Gubbin,.. 1588 [Entd. Aug. 31, 1588. AI 2544]

All you that love Pasty come hither to me/ ZN140| The Poplar- Feast: Or, A Cat-Pasty/ Tune: The Two English Travellers/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 183: C. Dennisson

All you that loyal lovers are/ ZN141| The Love-Sick young man, and Witty maid/ Tune: wert thou more fairer than thou art, Or, the skilful Doctor, Or, If you love me tell me so/ [by T. J.] DC2 137: ?

All you that merry lives do lead/ ZN142| A light heart's a jewell/ Tune: Jacke Pudding's vagary/ RB2 19: J. Wright, in Gilt-spur street.

All you that pass along/ ZN143| The Dumb Maid: Or, The Young Gallant Trappan'd/ Tune: new Tune, call'd, Dum, Dum, Dum: or, I would I were in my own Country, &c./ Licens'd and Enter'd according to Order/ E 67 = CR 62: W. O., A. M., and sold by C. Bates/ E 68: [no imprint]/ RB4 357 [two copies, one no imprint, one CVWCTP] [HH3 8] [CB p. 319] [Traditional, Laws Q5]

All you that pass by, I pray you draw nigh/ ZN144| The Princely Scuffle/ Tune: [none indicated, but verse form indicates it is 'An Orange' = 'The Pudding']/ P5 131: ... Printed at Amsterdam All you that spend your precious times/ ZN145| Misery to be lamented [June 21-4, 1661]/ Tune: Troy Town/ W1 185: F. G. on Snow hill [PA 69]

All you that standeth near me/ ZN146| Perjury Punish'd.. Or, Miles Prance/ Tune: No Ignoramus Iuries now, &c./ This may be Printed, R. P./ P2 236: J. Deacon

All you that strange Prophecies love to hear/ ZN147| The Countryman's Prophecy/ Tune: Covetousness out of England will run./ P2 280: G. J. [Cf. "Come hearken to me" = "Protestant Phrophesie," N591|]

All you that the Gentle-Craft Trade does profess/ ZN148| The Glory of the Gentle-Craft.. Valiant Shoomakers/ Tune: Touch of the Times/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 318: J. Blare

All you that to begin the world intend/ ZN149| The Young Man's Counsellor/ Tune: Aim not too high/ RB4 74: Richard Hardy

All you that to feasting and mirth are inclin'd/ ZN150| Old Christmas Returnd/ Tune: The Delights of the Bottle/ P1 474-5: P. Brooksby

All you that to merriment now are inclined/ ZN151| The Dyer Deceiv'd; Or, The Crafty Wifes Policy/ Tune: The Two English Travelers/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 126: J. Back

All you that unto marriage tend/ ZN152| The London Damsels fate/ Tune: Troy Town/ CR 63 [HH1 153]

All you that valiant fellowes be/ ZN153| A wonder in Kent.. Nicholas Wood [by R. C.]/ Tune: The maunding Souldier/ P1 72-3: H. G[osson]. [The Great Glutton of Kent]

All you which lay clame/ ZN154| Hang Pinching/ Tune: Drive the Cold Winter away/ [by] W. B./ RB3 255: Thomas Lambert [Entd. June 18, 1636. AI 1065]

All you which sober minded are/ ZN155| Terrible News from Branford/ Tune: Chievy Chase/ W1 181: F. Coles, M. Wright, T. Vere, and W. Gilbertson, 1661 [PA 76]

All you who haue heard/ ZN156| A Quip for a scornfull Lasse/ Tune: Two slips for a tester/ P1 234-5: F. Groue [Entd. Mar. 5, 1627. AI 2629]

All you who with prosperity/ ZN157| Good News from the North/ Tune: King Henry going to Bulloine/ [By] M. P./ W1 133: E. G[riffin]., Horse-shooe in Smithefield, 1640 [Entd. Sept. 29, 1640. AI 1024] [Ptd. CP 100]

All you whose minds be high & heavenly bent/ ZN158| Lesson for all true Christians/ Tune: The Letter for a Christian Family/ By J. C[art]./ P2 48: CTP/ P5B 41: A. M., W. O., and T. P./ RB7 814: A. M. [RL 99]

All you young Ranting Blades/ ZN159| A Caveat for Young Men/ Tune: Hey ho my Honey/ By John Wade/ E 27: John Andrews P2 22 = RB3 518 = CR 65: TPW [HH1 25]

All you Young-men who would Marry/ ZN160| A Prouerb old, yet nere forgot, Tis good to strike while the Irons hott/ Tune: Dulcina/ [By] Martin Parker/ P1 386-7: Francis Groue

All young men and maidens, come listen a while/ ZN161| The merry Pastime of the Spring/ Tune: Captain Digby/ [By] L. W./ RL 115:

All young men come harken a while if you please/ ZN162| A Good Wife is worth Gold/ Tune: [Jenny come tie my cravat]/ DC1 91v:

All youthful virgins, to this song give ear/ ZN163| The Virgin's A, B, C/ Tune: The Young Man's A, B, C/ RB2 651: M. P. for F. Coules// All you faithfull Virgins, to this song give ear/ N103| = N163| / The Virgins A. B. C./ Tune: The Young mans A. B. C./ P1 500-1, E 369: WCTP/ E 370: CVWC [Entd. late, Mar. 13, 1656, 1675. AI 2817, 2818. Lost is one entered to Grove in 1639, Maides Alphabet, AI 1628] [Tune, Aim not too high, from N6|]

All youths of fair England/ ZN164|..George Barnwell/ Tune: The Merchant/ E 81 = W1 77: CVG/ RB8 61: CVWC/ P2 158-9: CTP/ CR 66: W. O., A. M., and sold by booksellers [BC1 42, BC2 109] [Entd. 1624, 1675. AI 956, 957]

Allmighty God, uncreat and withowt measur/ ZN3373| [no title]/ Finis, quod Johan Walles/ ASM 45

Although I am a Country Lasse/ ZN165| The Countrey Lasse/ Tune: dainty new note [or] the Mother beguiles the Daughter/ [By] M. P[arker]. [P2 copy]/ RB1 165: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke/ P1 268-9: [no imprint] [CB p. 37]

Amids of melancholy trading/ ZN166| Alas poore Trades-men what shall we do/ Tune: Hallow my fancy Whither Wilt thou go/ M1 #38: Francis Grove [Ptd. CP 180]

Amyddes my myrth and pleasantnes/ ZN3330| Tempore quo fodiebam/ ASM 1

Amintas loved Cloris that fair one/ ZN167| Loves Wound, & loves Cure/ Tune: The wandering Spirits in the Air/ WE25 137: CVW/ P3 114: WCTP [RL 158, DC1 135] [Entd. Mar. 1, 1675. AI 1577]

Amyntas/[Amintas] on a Summers day/ ZN168| The Tragedy of Phillis/ Tune: new Court Tune [in Robt. Edwards Panmure MS/ [By] R[obert]. A[ytoun]./ [also on P1 sheet, Poore Harpalus oprest with love, qv.]/ RB2 608: H. G[osson]./ M1 #16a: E. P. for Francis Coules [signed M. A., with, poor Harpalus.]/ E 348: [no imprint, Phillis, separated from E 29: H. G[ossen]. or E 30: CVW/ [both songs] P3 319: CVWC/ RB2 608: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke [on same sheet is "Poor Harpalus," N2217|] [Copy of Aytoun's song is in Bishop Percy's Folio MS]

Amintas was walking one evening alone/ ZN169| The Faithful Shepherd/ Tune: Farewel fair Armeda; or, Captain Digby's Farewel/ DC1 75:

Among the nine muses, if any there be/ ZN170| The good fellowe's best Beloved/ Tune: Blew Cap/ [by] M. P./ RB3 249: John Wright, junior, Snow hill [Entd. 1634. AI 1017] [CB p. 188]

Among the violets, fair lillies and roses/ ZN171| The Dying Damsels Doleful Destiny/ Tune: [Charon make haste]/ DC1 66: ? [?Sequel, N1921|]

Amongst all the creatures by sea land & ayre/ ZN172| [Main title missing, continues-] Or, a pretty jest of a Bride and a Bridegroom/ Tune: Better late thrive than never/ P5B 5-6: [imprint shorn]>

Amongst the Forresters of old/ ZN173| The Unfortunate Forrester ...Lord Thomas.. fair Elener/ Tune: Chevy Chase/ With Allowance/ P4 48 = CR 70 = RB6 645: TPW [Variant of Child ballad #73. See other version, "Lord Thomas he was," N1719|]

Amongst the nine, all nymphs divine/ ZN174| The Lovers Joy and Grief/ Tune: Young men and Maids/ [by] M. P./ RB1 599: Tho. Lambert/ P3 345 = E 187: CVWC [RL 208] [Entd. 1635, 1636, 1675. AI 1589-91]

Amongst the pleasant shady bowers/ ZN175| The Shepherd's Ingenuity/ Tune: The Two Entire Lovers/ Licensed according to Order/ CR 71 = RB8 689: BDBB [DC2 205v]

Amongst the pure ones all/ ZN176| The Quaker's Song/ Tune: [none indicated, in Pills, V, 1719]/ CR 72: [no imprint, 18th cent?]

Amongst the Wonders God hath shown/ ZN177| Godly Maid of Leicester...Elizabeth Stretton/ Tune: In Summer time/ P2 40 = BC2 67: CTP/ E 129: E. C. for CVW/ RB8 86: [no imprint, but late issue] [RL 161]

Amongst those wonders which on earth are shown/ ZN178| Truth brought to Light/ Tune: Aim not too high/ W1 191: Charles Tyus [PA 96]

Amongst those worldly Joyes of which/ ZN179| The Married-mans best Portion.. a good Wife/ Tune: Fancies Phoenix/ P4 84 = CR 73: TPW

An alderman lived in the city/ ZN180| Beautiful Nancy: Or, The Witty Lass of London [married alderman]/ Tune: The Gentleman's Frollick/ Licensed according to Order/ CR 20: BDBB [Tradional. Reeves, Idiom of People #2]

An amourous damsel in Bristol city/ ZN181| The Constant Maiden's Resolution/ Tune: I love thee, dear, but I dare not show it/ With Allowance/ RB7 539: J. L. for J. Clarke, Bible and Harp [DC1 30v, 33][Entd. 1673, 1675 twice on same day? AI 384, 385, 479]

An amourous pair of young lovers/ ZN182| The Lovers Pastime/ Tune: Turn Love, &c./ With Allowance/ WE25 90: R. Burton [seduction of Betty]

An old song made, of an old aged pate/ ZN183| An Old Song of the Old Courtier/ Tune: The Queens Old Courtier/ Written by T. Howard, Gent./ P2 211 = RB6 758: F. Coles [This is a reworking of the older song. See BBBM for drollery copies from 1660, and earlier MS copies.]

...and he that hath the hevenly skill, see My father having moved his mind, N1811|

And the Devil he was so Weather-beat/ ZN184| The Devils Oak/ Tune: very pleasant new Tune/ P4 364 = E 75 = CR 78 = CR 79: C. Bates [diff. issues]

Andrew, Maudlin, Rebecka, and Will/ ZN185| The Young Man's Ramble/ Tune: gallant new tune, called, Andrew and Maudlin/ P3 47: WCTP// Tune: Andrew and Maudlin/ WE25 23: Thomas Vere [D'Urfey's rewritten text is in Pills, II, p. 19, 1719. An earlier song version is in Bodleian MS Rawl. 147 and NLS MS Adv. 19.3.4. Simpson, BBBM, points out ptd. texts of 1652 and 1656]

Anything for a quiet life/ ZN186| Anything for a quiet life/ Tune: Oh no, no, no, no yet, or Ile never loue thee more/ P1 378-9: G. P[urslowe].

Are the fates so unkind/ ZN187| The Squire's Grief crown'd with Comfort/ Tune: Let the Soldiers Rejoyce/ RB6 226 = CR 81: BDBB

Arise, and wake from wickednesse/ ZN188| A right Godly and Christian A, B, C/ Tune: Rogero/ RB3 160: Henry Gosson/ SH #8 [?Entd. Dec. 14, 1624. AI 299]

Aryse and wak, for Cristis sake/ ZN3380| [no title]/ ASM 52 [Entd. 1557/8. AI 93. Rollins, Notes, first ballad entry in Stationers' Register]

Arise from thy bed, my turtle and dear/ ZN189| Loves Return or the Maidens Joy/ Tune: the Tyrant, or, The Maiden's Sigh/ [by] S. S./ [Ptd. CP 417]/ BF 17: F. Grove

The army now returned to London/ ZN190| The Westminster Madams Lamentation/ Tune: O Mother! Roger, &c./ This may be Printed, R. P./ P3 339: J. Back

Art thou return'd my sister concubine/ ZN191| Dialogue between the D. of C[levelend] and the D. of P[ortsmouth]/ Tune [none, poem]/ CR 82: J. Smith [not a ballad, but compare "Brave Gallants, now listen," and "I prithee, dear Portsmouth"]

Art thou so loyal to thy love/ ZN192| An Answer to Nanny O/ Tune: Nanny O/ This may be printed, R. P./ RB3 411 = CR 83: P. Brooksby [Answers "As I went forth one morning fair," N275|]

As a maid was walking in a grove/ ZN193| Maidens Moan/ Tune: As May in all her youthful dress [meaningless music given]/ Licensed, and Entered according to Order/ P5 290: A. Milbourn

As Amoret with Phillis sate/ ZN194| Amoret and Phillis/ Tune: Excellent new Play-house Tune, called, Whilst Amoret, &c./ With Allowance, Ro. L'Estrange/ P3 240: CVWC [DC1 6v]

As at noon Dulcina rested/ ZN195| An excellent Ditty called the Shepheards Wooing/ Tune: Dulcina/ M2 #22: [no imprint]/ P4 6 = RB6 166 = CR 85 = DP 39: CVWC [Entd. 1656, AI 2419. [Version in Bishop Percy's Folio MS: Loose and Humorous Songs p. 32. Rollins cites AI 650, May 22, 1615, as that for N988|, but chorus "Forgoe me now, come to me soon" links both]

As bonny Nell went to the Mill/ ZN196| Nells Courtship.. Hasty Nell, and Fainthearted Johnny/ Tune: The Spinning Wheel/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 67: J. Blare

As Cloris full of harmless thought/ ZN197| Corydon and Cloris/ Tune: Pleasant new Play-House Tune: As Amoret and Phillis/ RB6 134: TPW [DC1 36]

As Cupid roguishly one day/ ZN198| The Frantick Mother/ Tune: Excellent New Tune/ Licensed according to Order/ BB1 92: B. Deacon [c 1702]

As Elder time there was of, see in elder times there was of yore

As from Newcastle I did pass/ ZN199| The North-countrey Maids resolution/ Tune: pleasant new Northern Tune/ Entered according to Order [not]/ E 257: F. Grove [Traditional? Ancestor of Scots "Dicky Macphalion" and Irish "Shule Aroon"]

As he was ready to faint/ ZN200| Maids Answer to.. Young-mans Lamentation/ Tune: same tune [meaningless music given]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 335: BDBB [answer to "I am so sick of love," N1254|] [Ptd. RB7 301]

As I abroad did walk within a meadow gay/ ZN201| The York-shire Maids Fairing/ Tune: Come hither my own sweet Duck/ [by] T. P./ P3 384: TPW

As I abroad for my pleasure did walk/ ZN202| Poor Robin and Betty, Or, Sport upon Sport/ Tune: Wanton Willy, Or, Loving Lad and Coy Lass/ WE25 59: R. Burton [Seduction]

As I abroad was walking/ ZN203| A New little Northern Song, called, Vnder and ouer/ Tune: pretty new Northern tune/ P1 264-5: H. G[osson]. [Entd. June 13, 1631. AI 1876] [Probably expansion of six verse "A Songe of a Journey" commencing "Of late as I was journininge" in BL MS 22603, f. 54v. This has burden with lover playing "At under and over, and over and under, An under and over again"]

As I abroad was walking/ ZN204| The Courteous Carman and the Amorous maid: Or, The Carman's Whistle/ Tune: The Carman's Whistle: or, Lord Willoughby's March, &c./ CR 87: CVWCTP/ CR 86: W. O. and sold by C. Bates [HH1 49, DC1 32v, 38, C.22.f.6 104] [1st verse in RB7 xv] [Not seen, probably derived from N3279|, c 1590. See also "All in a pleasant morning" = "Comber's Whistle," N76|]

As I by chance abroad was walking/ ZN205| The Lovers battle/ Tune: The Chorals Delight/ By T. R./ CR 88: T. P[assinger]/ RB8 707 [expurgated]: [no imprint?] [HH2 6] [almost same as "Mars and Venus" = "Abroad of late as I," N41|]

As I by chance was walking/ ZN206| The two Constant Lovers.. Samuel and Sarah/ Tune: pleasant new tune/ P3 27: TP/ E 360: CVG/ BB2 475 = CR 90: W. O./ CR 89: W. O. [CB p. 168] [Entd. June 1, 1629, 1675. AI 2373, 2758] [Traditional in Scotland and at one time in US. See P. Barry's BFSSNE #5, 1933, for early American MS text and later traditional tune. English versions are better preserved. A version without tune is in A. Williams' Folksongs of the Upper Thames, "Captain Barniwell". With tune is one in M. Karples' Cecil Sharp's Collection of English Folksongs, as "Young Barnswell", and a fragment "Sarah Barnwell" in Grieg-Duncan #218]

As I by chance was walking on a day/ ZN207| The loving young Couple Or.. wooing ..Willie and Nancie/ Tune: Of thee kind Mistress/ WE25 65: CVWC

As I came thorow the North country/ ZN208| A new Yorkshire Song, my money/ Tune: [none ind.]/ From Yorke, by W. E./ RB1 4: Richard Iones, 1594 [Entd. Nov. 16, 1587. AI 3050]

As I came up by Arpendeen/ ZN209| Watten Towns-end; Or, A Nosegay of Pleasure; Tune: Watten Towns end; Or, Lame leg next the Wall/ CR 91: P. Brooksby, Pye-Corner [Obviously old ballad, c 1610, reissued by Brooksby. This not ptd. in broadside collections, but is in D. Loth's The Erotic in Literature and Ed. Cray's The Erotic Muse, 1st ed. only, from former DP issue now at Harvard] [C.22.f.6 223, Harvard-DPA]

As I did lately walk abroad/ ZN210| The Amorous Petitioner/ Tune: Cloris full of harmless thought, Young Phaon, Busie Fame, or, the Lanthorn Horns grow dim/ P3 109: CVWCTP

As I did travel in the North/ ZN211| The Clans' Lamentation against Mar../ Tune: Bonny Katherine Ogie/ RB6 622: [no imprint, c 1715]

As I did walk abroad one time/ ZN212| The Mourning conquest/ Tune: A loving husband will not be unto his Wife unkind/ [Burden:- Alas poor thing]/ [by] S. B./ P3 139 = ?/ DC2 155v: CVWC/ BB1 447: WCTP/ RL 35: [no imprint] [Entd. 1675. AI 1835] [Variant song, RB7 695, "A Homely dialogue" comm. "As I was walking forth", N258|] [Douce copy ptd. Common Muse #111]

As I from Ireland did pass/ ZN213| The True Lovers Knot untied/ Tune: Frogs Galiard/ M1 #56: London, Printed for Francis Grove, 1643/ E 356: Entered according to Order/ F. G[rove]./ RB7 601: A. M./ P4 44: CTP/ WE25 16: CVWC// As I to Ireland did pass/ Licensed and entered according to Order/ CR 101: W. O. and A. M./ CR 102: C. Brown and T. Norris/ CR 103: [imperfect early issue]/ DP 58: W. O. and A. M and sold by booksellers [Bagford, DC, HH2 117, C.22.f.6 188] [Entd. very late, 1675. AI 2724]

As I in a Meddow was walking/ ZN214| The Faithful Lovers Farewell: Or, Private News from Chatham/ Tune: My Lodging is on the cold ground, &c./ With Allowance/ E 118 = RB7 544: Sarah Tyus

As I in the fields was walking along/ ZN215| A Match at a Venture/ Tune: Jenny, come tye my bonny Cravat/ RB7 138: J. Deacon, Rain-bow

As I late wandered over a Plaine/ ZN3233| The old ballad of Shepherd Tom/ Tune: [none indicated]/ Wit Restor'd, 1658 [?Entered June 1, 1629. AI 561]

As I lay musing all alone/ ZN216| The Poore Man Pays for All/ Tune: In slumbring sleepe I lay/ RB2 334: H. G[osson]. [Entd. Mar. 12, 1630. AI 2135]

As I lay musing all alone/ ZN217| Even in the Twinkling of an Eye/ Tune: [none indicated]/ [on same sheet, "Joseph was an aged man truly," N1556|]/ P2 27 = RB7 783 = RL 168: CVWCTP// A ballet of the Judgement day/ [no tune indication]/ CV 26// [no title, tune indication]/ SHN 7 [Entd. 1561/2. AI 2755]

As I lay musing all alone, close down by a chrystal fountain/ ZN218| The Shepherds Lamentation for His Phillis/ Tune: As I lay musing all alone/ CR 93 = OPB 77: J. Blare [In part from "How now shepherd, what means that." On same sheet is "While I gaze on Cloris trembling," N2906|]

As I lay musing all alone/ ZN219| The Fryer Well-fitted, fa, la, la, la, la/ Tune: a merry Tune/ P3 145: CVWCTP/ WE25 86: [imprint shorn]/ RB7 222 = CR 94: TP [BC2 129, RL 63, HH1 117, DC1 85] [Child Ballad #276. Entered, July 3, 1656. AI 922]

As I lay musing all alone, Great store of things I thought upon/ ZN220| [Title trimmed. A comparison made upon the Life of Man? Stat. Register, July 16, 1634]/ Tune: Sir Andrew Barton/ [By] R. C./ RB1 142: Francis Coules. [Entered June 1, 1629, and 1634. AI 101, 347]

As I lay musing in my bed/ ZN221| The Praise of Sailors/ Tune: pleasant new tune/ [Earliest version of "The Mermaid"?]/ P1 418-9: I. Wright/ P4 197: WCTP/ E 267: CVG [RL 157] [Ptd. RB8 lxxxi*] [Cf. N728|, N3028|]

As I lay of lat musynge in my bede/ ZN3249| [no title]/ Amen, quothe T. S. P./ ASM 20

As I lay on my lovely bed, I fell into a dream/ ZN222| The dainty Damsel's Dream/ Tune: As she lay sleeping in her bed/ [by] L. P./ RB7 102: John Andrews [Last verse is first of a song in Bishop Percy's Folio MS]

As I lay Slumbering in a Dream/ ZN223| The Poets Dream/ Tune: Sawney, &c./ P4 302: R. Smart, 1679/ RB7 11 = CR 95: P. Brooksby [HH2 56].

As I lay slombrynge in manner of a trans/ ZN3356| [no title]/ Finis, Harry Sponer/ ASM 27

As I lay slumbering in my bed one night/ ZN224| St. Bernard's Vision/ Tune: Fortune my Foe/ RB2 491: J. Wright in Guiltspur St.// Tune: Flying Fame (which doesn't fit)/ P2 4-5: CTP/ E 316: CVWCTP/ Tune: Flying fame/ E 317: CVW / E 318: W. O./ RC III 348: [npn]/ RC II 887: WCTP/ CR 96: W. Thackeray, I. M., and A. M./ CR 97: [no imprint] [Entd. 1656, 1675. AI 2360, 2361]

As I of late was in a Dream/ ZN225| The Poet's Dream/ Tune: O Folly, &c. [Bragandary]/ CR 98: C. Bates [Ptd. RB7 828]

As I of late was walking by a Country Bakers door/ ZN226| ..Rare News for the Female Sex/ Tune: The Scotch Hay-makers/ P3 184: P. Brooksby/ P5 426: C. Barnet [The punching]

As I passed by a Green-Wood side/ ZN227| The Young-Mans Labour lost/ Tune: The Jeering Young-Man/ RB6 458: CVWCTP/ P3 329: WCTP [Cf. N1443|]

As I passed by this other day/ ZN228| The Coaches' Overthrow/ Tune: Old King Harry/ RB3 334: Francis Grove [Entd. Feb. 19, 1636. AI 316]

As I rang'd for my Recreation/ ZN229| The Perjured Swain; Or, The Damsels Bloody Tragedy/ Tune: Sefautian's Farewell/ This may be Printed, R.P./ P4 60 = CR 99: J. Blare [C.22.f.6 162]

As I sate at my Spinning-Wheel/ ZN230| The Bonny Scot: Or, The Yielding Lass/ Tune: Excellent New Tune/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P3 84 = BB1 19: P. Brooksby [Answered by "Behold, I pray, what's come to pass," N398|. Traditional in Scotland. Oft reprinted in 18th century, with at least three imitations]

As I sate in a pleasant shade/ ZN231| The Passionate Louer/ Tune: I Lou'd thee once Ile loue no more/ P1 320-1: [imprint trimmed, fragments of letters only]

As I sat singing in my stall/ ZN232| The Coblers New Prophesie/ Tune: The Wandering Jew's Chronicle/ P4 230: CVWCTP

As I through a meadow one morning did pass/ ZN233| The Dairy Maid's Tragedy/ Tune: The Nightingale's Song/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 320: J. Deacon [Answered by "The Dairy-Maid's Tragedy when I beheld," N741|, on William and Susan. revised in 18th century, Chappell's PMOT, II, p. 648, "Susan's Complaint"]

As I through a meadow on morning did pass/ ZN234| The Merry Milk-Maid: Being, Her Longing-Desire after Matrimony/ Tune: Tan Tivee [Crossed Couple]/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 13 = CR 100: BDBB, 1691

As I through England travelled/ ZN235|.. Song, called, The Shooe-makers travell/ Tune: Flying Fame/ W1 69: E. P. for Edward Wright, Guiltspur street [Entd. 1624. AI 2437]

As I through/to Ireland did pass, see, As I from Ireland did pass

As I through Sandwich town passed along/ ZN236| The Fair Maids Choice/ Tune: Shrewsbury for me/ By T. L./ BB1 289: CVWC

As I walked forth in a morning tide/ ZN239| Pittiful complaint of a damned soul/ SH #63 [Entd. 1586. AI 476]

As I walked forth in the merry month of Iune/ ZN237| Give me the Willow-Garland/ Tune: dainty new Tune, called, Give me the Willow Garland/ L. P[rice]./ P3 94 = CR 105: CVWC [RL 58, HH1 119, C.22.f.6 47] [Ptd. RB7 353] [Entd. Apr. 23, 1656. AI 966]

As I walk't in the forest, on evening of late/ ZN238| The Longing Maid/ Tune: The New made Gentlewoman/ RL 113 [BBBM, p. 220]: ? [expansion of "that which Harry gave Doll," Westmister Drollery, II, 1672, Pills, III, 168, 1719]

As I walkt forth of late/ ZN240| The Batchelor's Feast/ Tune: new tune called, With a hie dildo, dill [as chorus]/ [By] L. P./ RB1 47: I. W[right]. the younger [Entered June 28, 1636. AI 120]

As I walk'd forth one morning fair/ ZN241| The Unconstant Lover's Cruelty/ Tune: Black and Sullen Hour/ This may be Printed, R.P./ BB2 539: J. Blare

As I walked forth one summers day/ ZN242| A Merry new Dialogue.. Courteous young knight/ Tune: Adams fall, or Jockey and Jenny, or Where are you going my pritty maid/ [Dreadful expansion of "Where are you going my pretty maid, I'm going milking sir, she said"]/ WE25 36: W. Thackeray

As I walked forth to take the Air/ ZN243| True Love rewarded with Loyalty/ Tune: new West Country tune called, O hark my love, or Flora Farwell/ P3 146: TP/ RB6 260: [18th cent. Newcastle issue]/ CR 104: W. Thackeray, J. M. and A. M. [Douce] [Entd. 1675. AI 2722]

As I walkt forth to take the air/ ZN244| The Dispairing Maiden Reviv'd/ Tune: The fair one let me in; Or Busie Fame; Or, Jenny Gin/ P3 181: J. Deacon [DC1 54v]

As I walkt forth to take the Air/ ZN245| The New-Blossom'd Marigold/ Tune: Jenny Ginn, Or, as I walkt forth to take the air/ P3 210: C. Dennisson, 1685

As I walkt forth upon a day/ ZN246| The Daughters Complaint, to her Mother, for a husband/ Tune: The Spanish paving, or the Lovers Dream, or Martin Parkers Medly/ DC1 52, 66v: ?

As I was a walking one evening most clear/ ZN247| Laugh and lie Down/ Tune: As I was a walking one Snu [sic] shining day/ Licens'd according to Order/ P3 35: J. Shooter [Ptd. RB8 859]

As I was abroad one night with a friend/ ZN248| The Sorrowful Wife; Or, Love in a Tub/ Tune: Ladies of London/ This may be printed, R. P./ P4 116: J. Blare

As I was at a merry meeting/ ZN249| The Loyal Soldiers of Flanders/ Tune: To an Excellent New Tune [with meaningless music]/ [Burden, "True Blue will never stain."]/ P5 89 = CR 106: Ch. Bates/ The Loyal British Fighting in Flanders/ RB7 752: [no imprint].

As I was musing all alone/ ZN250| The Present State of England/ Tune: O Folly, desperate Folly [Bragandary]/ P2 77: C. Bates

As I was Rambling near Temple-Bar/ ZN251| An Answer to the Advice to the Ladies of London/ Tune: The Ladies of London, &c./ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 86: J. Deacon [Answer to N1592|]

As I was ranging Nelly/ ZN252| Answer to Poor Whore's Complaint/ Tune: The Guinea wins her, &c./ P5 407: J. Bissel [answer to "Pray hear my Lamentation"]

As I was ranging the forests of fancy/ ZN253| Charon's Kindness/ Tune: [Charon make haste]/ DC1 41v: ?

As I was upon the way/ ZN254| Denying Lady/ Tune: I [Aye] marry and thank you too [meaningless music printed]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 248: A. Milbourn [Cf. traditional "Spanish Merchant's Daughter"]

As I was walking all alone/ ZN255| The Lover's Dreame/ Tune: I laid me down to sleepe/ RB1 604: I[ohn] W[right] in Gilt-spur street [Entd. July 8, 1633. AI 1587]

As I was walking all alone, see Farewell, farewell, my dearest deare

As I was walking all alone/ ZN256| The Charming Eccho/ Tune: Oh love with unconfined Wings; Or, Young Phaon/ P3 187: J. Deacon [DC1 47V has additional tune direction, "Busy Fame"]

As I was walking along the Street/ ZN257| The Kind Mistress/ Tune: excellent new tune/ Licensed according to order/ P5 212: Charles Barnett [expansion of fragment in Percy Folio: Loose and Humorous Songs, "Dainty Duck". Modern version, "I walked down the street as a good girl should"]

As I was walking forth, I chanced for to see/ ZN258| A Homely Dialogue, betwixt a Young Woman and her Sweet-heart/ Tune: Pleasant New Tune, Alace! poor thing/ RB8 695: [no imprint] [Cf., "The Mourning Conquest" = "As I did walk abroad one time", N212|]

As I was walking forth of late/ ZN259| My Wife will be my Master/ Tune: A Taylor is a man/ WE25 68: CVWC/ P4 143 = CR 107 = DP 11: CVWCTP// Tune: A Taylour is no man/ RB7 188: [no imprint] [C.22.f.6 66]

As I was walking forth of late, within the meadows gay/ ZN260| The Love-sick Maid quickly revived/ Tune: What shall I do, shall I dye for love, &c., or The Haymakers/ RB6 238 [two copies] = CR 109: P. Brooksby, West-smithfield

As I was walking forth of late, in the prime of the weather/ ZN261| The faithful wooings of Two Country Lovers/ Tune: [none cited]/ [by] J. W./ RB6 250 = CR 108: E. C. for F. Coles, Vine-street [HH1 102, DC1 79v, apparently with alt. title, A pleasant song ..Two Country Lovers]

As I was walking forth one day/ ZN262| The Royal Health to the Rising Sun/ Tune: O my pretty little winking/ M1 #44: London, Printed for H. E. 1649 [Ptd. CP 247]

As I was walking I cannot tell when/ ZN263| The Ladies Delight: Or, Narcissus his Love-Flower/ Tune: Narcissus come kisse us, &c./ CR 110: Charles Tyus/ CR 111 = P3 149: TPW [HH1 147] [Expansion of song in Sportive Wit, 1656, Bodleian MS Rawl. B 35] As I was walking in the fields/ ZN264| The Charmed Lover/ Tune: Sir John Johnson's Fare-well/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 203: J. Wilkins

As I was walking in the shade/ ZN265| The Birds Harmony/ Tune: The Delights of the bottle, &c./ P4 268: M. Coles, VWCTP/ [DC1 13. Ptd. RB6 782] [This is earliest extant version, other versions, N2037|, N2038|]

As I was walking of late/ ZN266| Knauery in all Trades/ Tune: Ragged and torne and true/ [by] M. P[arker]./ P1 166-7: F. Groue [Entd. July 16, 1632. AI 1383]

As I was walking over a plain/ ZN267| Marriage forgotten/ Tune: I often for my Jenny strove/ With Allowance/ P5 231: J. W., 1689

As I was walking through Hide Park, as I us'd to do/ ZN268| A Turn-Coat of the Times/ Tune: The King's Delight, Or, True-love is a gift for a Queen/ P2 210 = DC2 218: CVW./ E 359: W. O./ RB4 517: [no imprint]/ CR 112: William Thackeray [HH2 122, DC2 218]

As I was walking under a Grove/ ZN269| The young-mans Resolution to the Maids Request/ Tune: In Summer time/ [Traditional. In Pills 1719, V, p. 36, with music which is not usual "In summer time"] / By J.S./ E 405: E. Andrews// [by] J. S./ P3 213 = RC3 356: J. Blare// [by] J. S./ CR 113: C. Passinger// [by] S. P./ CR 114: CVWCTP/ RB7 295: [no imprint] [RL 20, C.22.f.6 214] [CB p. 315] [Answered by "Come prethee young man do not flout," N691|] Traditional versions have no very distinctive titles. Gardiner and Chickering, Ballads and Songs of Southern Michigan, #158, entitle it "Things Impossible", and point out reprints of our ballad here]

As I was wandring all alone/ ZN270| True Love will never decay/ Tune: Poor Robins Dream/ DC2 226: ?

As I was wandring all alone/ ZN271| Age and Life of Man/ Tune: Jane Shore/ [by] P[eter]. F[ancy]./ E 11: T. Mabb for Ric. Burton/ P2 32: CVWC [DC1 3]

As I was wandring on the way/ ZN272| A Woman's Work is never done/ Tune: Delicate Northern Tune, A Woman's work is never done, or, The Beds making/ Entered according to Order/ RB3 302: John Andrews [CB p. 20] [Entd. June 1, 1629. AI 3005]

As I went abroad to play/ ZN273| Phillis forsaken/ Tune: Daphnaes Complaint, or O my Love, &c./ E 268: W. Whitwood

As I went forth one evening tide/ ZN274| Maids look about you/ Tune: Wet and Weary/ P. Fancy/ BF 8: Richard Burton [1st verse RB8 668]

As I went forth one morning fair/ ZN275| The Scotch Wooing of Willy and Nanny/ Tune: pleasant new Tune: Or, Nanny O./ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 36 = RB3 408 = CR 115: P. Brooksby, Pye-Corner [Answered by "Art thou so loyal to thy love", N192|]

As I went forth one Summers day/ ZN276| The diseased Maiden Louer/ Tune: excellent new tune, or, Bonny Nell/ RB1 260: Assigns of Thomas Symcocke/ P1 360-1: Iohn Wright/ P3 124 = WE25 122 = CR 116: CVW [RL] [Dis-eased Maiden Lover. part survived in later and traditional songs]

As I went forth one Sun-Shining day/ ZN277| The Nightingales Song; Or, The Souldiers rare Musick, and Maids Recreation/ Tune: No, no, not I; Or Peggy and the Soldier/ P4 41: WCTP [RL 67, DC2 166v] [Traditional, Laws P14. Entd. 1675. AI 1945. From tunes cited, this would seem to be of c 1635-40. Is it the ballad entered as 'The Souldier and his knapsack,' Nov. 4, 1639?]

As I went forth to view the spring/ ZN278| The Last Lamentation of the Languishing Swain/ Tune: Billy and Molly: Or, Jockey's Jealousie/ Licensed according to Order/ [Chorus:] cry Omnia Vincit Amor/ P3 367 = RB6 228 = CR 117: BDBB

As I went over London Bridge/ ZN279| The Life and Death of George of Oxford/ Tune: pleasant New Tune, called, Poor Georgy/ P2 150 = CR 118 = RB7 70 = DP 35: P. Brooksby, West-smithfield [HH1 150] [Child Ballad, #209, late version. For earlier see "Come you lusty Northerne lads," N707|]

As I went through John Robinsons Park/ ZN280| John Robinsons Park, Or a merry fit of Wooing/ Tune: [none indicated, see note]/ E 144: [no imprint]// Tune: [none indicated]/ P5A 3: [Scottish broadside with no imprint] [Tune in Scots Guthrie MS. c 1675]

As I went through the meddows greene/ ZN281| A Pleasant New Dialogue... Serving-man and Husband-man/ Tune: I have for all good wives a song/ [by] R. C./ RB1 300: F. Coules

As I went through the North Country/ ZN282| A pleasant new Ballad... Sir John Barly-corne/ Tune: Shall I lie beyond thee/ [also on sheet, Mas Mault he is a Gentleman, qv.]/ P1 426-7: H. G[osson]/ P1 470-1: CTP/ E 281, 282, 283: [no imprints, all half sheets, others E 277, 278?]/ RB2 373: RC1 343: John Wright, Guilt-spur Street, at the signe of the Bible/ RC3 360, 364: [imprints not given in RB]/ CR 119: W.O., and A. M. (other on sheet is CR 826) [Entd. Dec. 14, 1624. AI 2455]

As I went to Mondeer/ ZN283| The new Irish Christmas Box.. Dear Joy trick'd out of her Maiden Head/ Tune: New Teagueland Tune/ BB1 75: B. Deacon [This is Jonah Deacon's widow, c 1701]

As I went to Walsingham/ ZN284| Francis new Iigge/ Tune: Walsingham [diff. parts use diff. tunes] Iewish dance, Bugle Bow, goe from my window/ [by] George Attowell/ P1 226-7: I. W[right].// Mr. Attowel's Jigge/ Tune: Walsingham [which is given] [second part] Tune: The Jewishe Dance/ SH #61 [Entd. Oct. 14, 1595. AI 2189] [Ptd. Baskerville, Elizabethan Jig #22]

As in a slumber I was laid/ ZN285| A Prospective-Glass for Christians/ Tune: Monstrous Women [Bragandary]/ [Burden, O folly, desperate folly]/ P2 58 = CR 120: BDBB [HH2 61, C.22.f.6 16] [Ptd. RB7 827]

As it befell on a high Holyday/ ZN286| The lamentable Ditty of Little Musgroue, and the Lady Barnet/ Tune: excellent tune/ P1 364-5: H. Gosson/ [As it fell out on a Holy day] P3 314: CTP/ W1 91: CVG/ RB6 633: CVWC/ As it fell out/ CR 122: A. M., W. O., and T. Thackeray [RB6 631 from Wit Restor'd, 1658] [BC, DC1 151v] [Child ballad #81, ent'd June 24, 1630, 1656, 1675. AI 1506, 1507, 1508. 58. Incomplete in Bishop Percy's Folio MS, I, p. 120]

As it befell on a summers day/ ZN3268| [Gathering Codlings]/ [No broadside. Song in Bishop Percy's Folio MS: Loose and Humorous Songs, p. 82. Supplied tune title "Codlings" for N3069|]

As it befel upon one time/ ZN287| The Life and Death of Sir Hugh of the Grime/ Tune: [none indicated]/ P2 148 = CR 121 = RB6 595 = RL 9 = DC2 204v: P. Brooksby, West-smith-field [Child Ballad #191. See also "Good Lord John is a hunting gone," N1008|]

As it fell out on a Holy day, see, As it befell on...

As it fell out one Whitsunday/ ZN288| A pleasant new ballad, shewing how Sir John Armstrong.. Musgrave fell in Love with.. Dacres Daughter/ Tune: new Northern Tune/ E 271: CVW/ A Pleasant Ballad...,/ Licens'd and Enter'd according to Order/ E 272 = CR 123 = RB7 606: W. O. and sold by J. Blare [BC2 39]

As it fell out upon a day/ ZN289| Fair Margarets' Misfortune/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB6 641: Aldermary Church-Yard// As it fell out on a long summer's day/ Tune: To an Excellent New Tune/ DC1 72: Sarah Bates [CB p. 345] [Child Ballad #74]

As it fell upon a day/ ZN290| A Louers new Curranto/ Tune: pleasant new tune./ P1 341: I. W[right].

As Jenny Crack and I together ligg'd in bed/ ZN291| The New- Married Scotch Couple; Or, The second Part of the Scotch Wedding/ Tune: New Northern Tune; or, In January last, &c./ With Allowance/ RB8 460: TPW ["The Scotch Wedding" here is "In January last", N1431|]

As 'twas my chance to walke abroad/ ZN292| The woful Complaint of a Love-sick Maid/ Tune: Come, [come,] my sweet and bonny one. [1st part], The Pride of Lester-shire [2nd part]/ RB2 203: RC1 280-1, 348, 49b, 412-13b: F. Coules

As Jenny sat under a Siccomore tree/ ZN293| The Second Part of the new Scotch Jigg/ Tune: Jenny come tye my, &c./ [Sequel to Douce ballad reprinted in RB8 463]/ P4 37 = E 329 = CR 124 = DP 28 = RB8 468: TPW [HH2 40, DC2 200]

As Jone was walking o're the Green/ ZN294| Joans sorrowful Lamentation to Roger/ Tune: The Spinning-Wheel/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 292 = CR 126: BDBB

As Jockey and Jenny one evening were walking/ ZN295| All for Love/ Tune: Sawney and Jockey/ CR 125: P. Brooksby, West- smithfield/ DP 16: [incomplete, no imprint] [C.22.f.6 28, DC1 4]

As Johnny met Jenny a going to play/ ZN296| The New Scotch-Jigg: Or, The Bonny Cravat/ Tune: Jenny come tye my, &c./ P3 18: TPW [DC2 164, C.22.f.6 155. Ptd. RB8 466] [HH2 39?]

As Johnny met Jenny on a summers day/ ZN297| The Scotch Currant; Or, The Tying of Johnny's Cravat/ Tune: Jenny, come ty my bonny Cravat; or, Give me the lass/ me J. Wade/ DC2 192v: CVWC [Ptd. RB8 463]// New Scotch-Jigg, or Johnny's Cravat/ HH2 39: ?

As late I walkt the Meades along/ ZN298| The two Welsh Louers/ Tune: the Blazing Torch/ By Martin Parker/ P1 270-1: Ioh[ missing] shop in S[mithfield?]

As lately abroad I was walking/ ZN299| The Lover's Fancy; Or, True Love requited with Constancy/ Tune: Loves Fancy [She lay all naked in her bed?]/ RB8 138: CVWC

As lately I lay in my bed/ ZN300| [1st part missing, 2nd part of Barrow Faustis Dreame/ Tune: [none indicated]/ M2 #51: A[ugustine]. M[athews]. [Ptd. RB8 598, but Ebsworth misinterpreted printers initials, making date much too late. See N2870|]

As lately I to take the fresh Air/ ZN301| The Young Mans Joy, and the Maids Happiness/ Tune: My Father gave me house and Land/ P3 225 = RL 43: CVW

As lately I travelled towards Gravesend/ ZN302| The Seamans Compass/ Tune: The Tyrant hath stolen/ [By] L. P[rice]./ P4 191: CVWCTP/ E 325: F. G[rove]./ BB1 267 = CR 129 = OPB 240: CVWC [Entd. June 26, 1657. AI 2386]

As on a day Sabina fell asleep/ ZN303| Cupid's Courtesie in the Wooing of Fair Sabina/ Tune: Pleasant New Tune/ RB3 645 = CR 130: CVW [HH1 58, RL 127] [Entd. Mar. 13, 1656. AI 457. Early version in MS, Giles Earle's His Book, ed. by P. Warlock (Phillip Heseltine)]

As on the dearest Strephon's breast/ ZN304| .. Parthenia's Complaint/ Tune: delicate new tune [meaningless music given]/ This may be Printed, R. P./ CR 131 = OPB 9: P. Brooksby

As our King lay musing on his bed/ ZN305| King Henry II his Conquest of France/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 132 = FSLB 1: Bow Church-Yard [18th cent.]/ RB6 744: Aldermary Church Yard/ [Child Ballad #164]

As Phebus, in the lustrious aire/ ZN306| The two fervent Lovers/ Tune: The two loving Sisters, or, Lulling beyond thee/ [by] L. P./ RB2 611: Fr. Coules [Entered May 24, 1633. AI 2765. Cf. Rowland's song to his mistress in The Tinker of Turvie, 1630]

As Phillis and Thisbie did walk hand in hand/ ZN307| Thro' the Wood, Laddie/ Tune: New Scots Tune/ RB8 722: [no imprint, c 1720?] [Tune, BBBM #464, and not Scots according to John Glen, Early Scottish Melodies, p. 110. See Simpson for other songs]

As Robin was riding one day to a Fair/ ZN308| Robin's Delight: Or, Kate the Dairy-Maids Happy Marriage/ Tune: My Life and my Death/ This may be Printed. R. P./ P3 202: J. Deacon

As Roger and Mary were toyling/ ZN309| Roger and Mary: Or, the loving Couple in a great Engagement/ Tune: Moggies Jealousie/ CR 134, 135: P. Brooksby, Pye-Corner [C.22.f.6 72, DC2 186]

As Roger did rise in the morning betimes/ ZN310| The Jovial Lass: Or, Doll and Roger/ Tune: Robin Hood and the Stranger/ P3 116: WCTP [Entd Mar. 1, 1675. AI 1315]

As said the prophet Abacuce: Betwixt two bestes shulde lye one buke/ ZN3289| [no title, tune indication]/ M. asson/ CV 9

As soon as the Wind it came kindly around/ ZN311| A New Ballad/ Tune: King John, and the Abbot of Canterbury/ CR 136: [no imprint, c 1719]

As Thomas and Mary did meet/ ZN312| A Fairing For Young-Men and Maids/ Tune: The Winchester Wedding/ This may be Printed, R.P./ By Tobias Bowne/ P3 131 = CR 137 = RB7 111: P. Brooksby [HH1 98]

As through St Albones I did pass/ ZN313| The Jeering Lover: or, A new way of wooing/ Tune: The Zealous Lover, or, A Fig for France/ DC2 260: J. Clarke [1st tune is "Under the greenwood tree"]

As through the City I passed of late/ ZN314| The Sorrowful Complaint of Conscience and Plain-Dealing/ Tune: Packingtons Pound/ This may be Printed. R. L. S./ Entred according to Order/ BB1 431 = P4 354 = CR 138, 139: J. Deacon [by Charles Hammond?]

As Tom met Roger upon the Road/ ZN315| Tom and Rogers Contract/ Tune: Hey boys up go we/ By Tobias Bowne/ P4 18: P. Brooksby, Pye-corner [DC2 214]

As two men were a walking, down by the sea side/ ZN316| Noble Funeral of the Renowned Champion the Duke of Grafton.. slain at the Siege of Cork/ Tune: Fond Boy; or, Loves a sweet Passion// BL 1876, f. 1: Charles Bates// [Late copy with short title, no tune]/ RB5 738 [from Ebsworth's copy] 1738? [Traditional, "Six Dukes went a fishing". Title and tune here from incomplete copy from BL 1876, f. 1, reprinted in JFSS 12, p. 179, 1908. Morgan Lib., NY, has complete copy. There is a article on the song by Mary Rowland, 'Which Noble Duke?', FMJ 1965. This also reprints the BL copy. Cf. N2703|]

As Truth was passing through the open street/ ZN317| The Good Christian's Complaint/ Tune: [none indicated, Fortune my Foe]/ RB7 805: BDBB, 1692

As Watkin walked by the way/ ZN3278A| A new ballad of Mother Watkins ale/ RP 13 [Song, broadside expansion is:] There was a maid this other day// ZN3278B| A Ditty delightful of mother Watkins ale/ [no tune indication, its own tune]/ C79 251

As we was a ranging upon the salt seas/ ZN318| The Success of the Two English Travellers/ Tune: excellent new Irish Tune [as yet unidentified]/ P2 232: P. Brooksby, Pye Corner/ CR 140 = RB5 543: C. Bates [DC2 212]

As we was sailing on the Main/ ZN319| The Caesar's Victory/ Tune: Cannons rore/ This may be printed, R. P./ P4 198: J. Deacon

As William one morning was walking the street/ ZN320| The Trades-men's Lamentation.. Discourse between Will.. and Richard/ Tune: A Touch of the Times/ This may be Printed. R. P./ P4 315: J. Deacon

Assist me Appolo, and help my conceit/ ZN321| The Painters Pastime: or, A Woman Defin'd after a New Fashion/ Tune: Cook Laurel, or, Sing Tidne Too/ DC2 173: ?

Assist all you muses, see Assist me you muses

Assist me kind muses/ ZN322| A warning for all good fellowes.. Punkes inticements/ Tune: Ile go no more a Wooing by night/ [by] Robert Guy/ P1 288-9: T. P[avier]. [?Entd. late, 1675. AI 2865]

Assist me muses with your powers devine/ ZN323| The mournful Shepherdesse of Arcadiah/ Tune: Tell me you wandering Spirits [in the air]/ [by] A. S./ M1 #21: London printed for Fran. Grove on Snow-hill [2 verses, RB8 cxxiii*] [?Entd. July 2, 1624. AI 2420. This tune can't be the original one. Cf N2533|]

Assist me now, you doleful dames/ ZN3276| A verie pretie sonnge. To the tune of Hobbinoble and John a Side/ RP 9 & OEB #65

Assist me some mournful muse/ ZN324| The Whipster of Woodstreet .. Murther..of Mary Cox../ Tune: Grim King of the Ghosts/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 190: W. Thackeray, J. Millet, and Alex. Milbourn

Assist me, you muses, to make my sad moan/ ZN325| Answer to.. Cook-Maid's Tragedy/ Tune: If loves a sweet passion/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 318: J. Deacon// Assist all you muses, to make my sad moan/ BB1 200: J. Deacon [answer to "O treacherous lovers, what do you intend," N2050|]

An Atheist liveth in the North/ ZN326| The Punish'd Atheist/ Tune: Jealous Lover/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 51: J. Blare

At bewtyse bar, wher I did stand/ ZN3402| [no title in MS. The arraignment of a Louer]/ ASM 75 [incomplete. Rollins, Notes, by George Gascoigne in Posies, 1576. Broadside entd. Sept. 3, 1580. AI 174]

At Charlton there was a fair/ ZN327| Hey for Horn-Fair: Or, Room for Cuckolds/ Tune: The Winchester Wedding/ This may be Printed, R. L. S./ P4 128: C. Dennisson [Ptd. RB8 665]

At Debtford there was such a wedding, the like before never was known/ ZN328| The Debtford Wedding/ Tune: Moggie's Jealousy/ DC1 54: J. Clarke

At last let the murmurs/ ZN329| Good Subjects Delight/ Tune: pleasant New Play-Tune, of, At last let the Murmurs, &c. Or, Ah Cloris awake!/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 213: WCTP [Entd. 1683. AI 1025a]

At length the Seaman he came home/ ZN330| The Seamans safe Return/ Tune: Tom the Taylor near the Strand/ P4 181: J. Deacon [Answer to one commencing " A seamans wife, a buxome dame," N2325|]

At Rome there is a most fearful rout/ ZN331| New Song of Lulla By/ Tune: Green Sleeves, Or, My Mistress is to Bulling gone/ WE25 110: Printed in the year 1689/ P5 64: [incomplete, some text and imprint wanting]

At Westminster was such a Match/ ZN332| The Westminster Wedding: Or, Trick for Trick/ Tune: The Winchester Wedding/ P4 105: Josiah Blare

At Winchester was a wedding/ ZN333| The Winchester Wedding/ Tune: The King's Jigg/ P4 106: P. Brooksby, Pye Corner// Tune: a new Country Dance, or, the King's Jigg/ CR 144 = BC2 80: J. Deacon/ RB7 208: [no imprint] [DC2 252v, DC3 106, HH2 149]

Attend a while, good people, pray, to what I shall relate/ ZN334| A Sorrowful Lamentation and Last Farewel.. Prisoners to be Executed../ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB8 726: J. Sharpe, Holborn [1680?]

Attend and give ear, good Christians to me/ ZN335| ..Murder of the Earl of Essex/ Tune: My Life and my Death/ P2 172: J. Wallis

Attend and give ear, I'll make it appear/ ZN336| The Country-Mans Kalender .. 1692/ Tune: An Orange/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 357 = BB1 186: BDBB

Attend and prepare for a cargo from Dover/ ZN337| The Merchant A-La-Mode/ Tune: Which no body can deny/ CR 145: [no imprint, c 1712-3]

Attend and you shall hear/ ZN338| The Lamentation of Seven Journey men Taylors/ Tune: I am the Duke of Norfolk/ Entred according Order/ P3 337 = CR 146: J. Deacon [DC, C.22.f.6 136] [Entd. July 10, 1684. AI 1456. Partially ptd. RB7 487]

Attend good Christian people all/ ZN339| Strange News from Westmoreland..Gabriel Harding/ Tune: In Summer time/ [by] Abraham Miles/ E 342: E. Andrews// Strange and true news../ [no author]/ E 341 = RB8 79: P. Brooksby/ P2 155 = BC2 54: CTP [PA 163, CB p. 89]

Attend good Christian people all/ ZN340| The Devil's Conquest.. May, 1665/ Tune: Summer Time/ With privilege/ E 76: S[arah]. Tyus [PA 24]

Attend good Christians young and old/ ZN341| The Wonder of Wonders..strange Birth in Hampshire/ Tune: My bleeding heart/ [by] T. L[anfiere]./ WE25 104: J. Hose [PA 186]

Attend good people all/ ZN342| The Unnatural Mother...Jane Lawson..[1st] Sept. 1680../ Tune: There was a Rich Merchant Man/ P2 191: CVWCTP

Attend good people, lay by thy scoffs and scorns/ ZN343| The Recantation Of a Penitent Proteus/ Tune: Doctor Faustus/ W6 99: [no imprint]

Attend my masters and give ear/ ZN344| Time's Abuses/ Tune: Over and Under/ RB2 576: J. Wright in Gilt-spur-street

Attend my Masters, and listen well/ ZN345| The Cooper of Norfolke/ Tune: The Wiuing age/ [By] M[artin]. P[arker]./ RB1 99: Francis Grove/ P1 400-1: [imprint trimmed]/ P1 536-7: TP/ E 44: F. G[rove]/ CR 147: W.O. and A. M./ CR 148: W. O. and sold by B. Deacon and C. Bates [not entd. until 1675. AI 395] [This is reworking of "How a Bruer meant to make a Cooper Cuckold," C79]

Attend to the Moan, Of Honest Plain-Dealing/ ZN346| The Poor Man's Complaint/ Tune: Let Mary live long/ P2 88: C. Bates/ [diff. issue] P4 300: C. Bates

Attend to this ditty, which fairly does treat/ ZN347| London Lottery/ Tune: If love's a sweet passion [meaningless music given]/ Licensed and Enter'd according to Order/ P5 421: J. Deacon

Attend to this Relation/ ZN348| The West-Country Wonder [William impregnates Wife of 66 or 67]/ Tune: The Guinnea wins her/ Licensed according to Order/ E 386 = P5 235 = CR 149 = RB8 716: J. Blare

Attend true lovers and give ear/ ZN349| Celinda's Last Gasp/ Tune: Young Phaon; Busie Fame, or, Cloris full of harmless thought/ RB3 488 = CR 150: J. Deacon

Attend unto a true relation/ ZN350| The Four Indian Kings/ Tune: [none indicated/ CR 151: [no imprint, 18th cent.]

Attend yee Youngones/ ZN351| All the Lettters of the A. B. C./ Tune: [none]/ E 1: [no imprint] Anno 1575.

Attend you and give eare a while/ ZN352| The Honour of Bristol.. The Angel Gabriel of Bristol/ Tune: Our Noble King in his Progress/ [By Laurence Price]/ E 142: T. Vere/ P4 203 = CR 152: WCTP/ RB6 429: T. Vere

Attend you Friends and Parents dear/ ZN353| The Mournful Maid of Berkshire/ Tune: The Jealous Lover/ P3 364 = CR 153: J. Deacon/ RB8 653: [no imprint]/ Licensed according to Order/ OPB 244: J. Deacon

Attend you Lovers and give ear/ ZN354| Two Unfortunate Lovers.. John True and Susan Mease/ Tune: The Brides Burial/ [First entered June 13, 1631]/ P3 328: CTP/ P3 358: [no imprint]/ E 363: CVW/ RB2 641: Henry Gosson/ RC III: [late issue]/ WE25 84: CVG [Entd. June 13, 1631, 1645. AI 2787, 2778]

Attend you loyal lovers all/ ZN355| Bristol Tragedy/ Tune: The Languishing Swain/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 310: C. Bates

Attend young lasses all/ ZN356| Answer to Scotch Hay-makers/ Tune: Twas within a furlough of Edinborough Town [meaningless music given. BBBM #412]/ P5 260 = CR 154: Charles Barnet

Audience, audience, gallants all/ ZN357| The Phantastick Age/ Tune: O women, monsterous women [Bragandary]/ RB3 117: Thomas Lambert [Entd. 1634, AI 862]

Aurora now begins to blush/ ZN358| [Main title missing, continues -] being a pleasant new Song on the rites and ceremonies of marriage/ Tune: In the merry maying time: or, Shall I wrastling in dispair/ P5B 17-18: F. Coul[es]

Awak, all fethfull hartes, awake/ ZN3359| [no title]/ Finis, Sponer/ ASM 30 [Pious. Rollin, Notes, entry 'a frutful songe of bearynge of Christes Cross', 1568/9. AI 935]

Awake, awake from slumbring sleep/ ZN359| The two Ioyful Lovers/ Tune: Fancies Phoenix/ [by] T. R./ CR 155: Sarah Tyus [Ptd. RB7 501]

Awake, awake, oh England/ ZN360| A new ballad, ..Bell-man for England/ Tune: O man in desperation/ P1 54: H. G[osson]./ SH #6// England's new Bell-man. 1652... 1656/ W1 159: CVG/ P2 61 = CR 156 = DP 59: A. M., W. O. and T. Thackeray/ WE25 128: CVW/ RB4 467: [no imprint] [HH1 89, RL ?] [Entered Dec. 6, 1586, Mar. 1, 1675. AI 181, 709. But ZN935, of 1580, uses tune of this. Dates of 1652... etc, in heading of later copies mean nothing, ballad is same.]

Awake, awake, ye drowsy sinners all/ ZN361| The Stormy Judgements/ Tune: Our Saviours Birth/ Licensed according to Order/ BB1 83: I. M. 1703

Awake from sinne! vaine man, awake/ ZN362| Glad tydings from Heaven/ Tune: The Doleful Shephard, or Sandy Soyle/ RB1 402: C[uthbert]. W[right].

Awake my muse! great fame allarms my eares/ ZN363| Perkin's Passin Bell [Rebells overthrow, - Monmouth at Sedgemoor]/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 157: George Croom, 1685

Awake my owne deare sweeting/ ZN364| An excellant Ditty, both merry and witty/ Tune: pleasant new tune, or, two louely Louers/ [by] L. M./ P1 242-3: Iohn Grismond

Awak, rych men, for shame, and here/ ZN3362| [no title]/ Amen, quothe Henry Sponar/ ASM 33 [Rollins, Notes, entry in 1558/9. AI 1084]

Awak, ye woful wight/ ZN3294| A balet [Damon and Pythias]/ CV 15 [From Richard Edward's play. Ballad entd. 1565/6, 'tow lamentable songes Pithias and Damon.' AI 2768. The other 'lamentable' song in the play commences 'Alas, what hap hast thou, poor Pithias, now to die.' with burden 'Woe worth the man which for his death hat given us cause to cry. The song of the shaving of Grim the Collier, however, is far from 'lamentable'. It commences 'Such barbers God send you at all times of need' and has for burden 'With too nidden and todle todle doo nidden, Is not Grim the collier most finely shaven?']

Away, away, make no delay/ ZN365| The Post of Ware/ Tune: pleasant new tune/ [By] The Post/ P1 212-3: I. Trundle

Away I will forsake her company/ ZN366| Ballad of young gentleman and a young Gentlewoman/ Tune: Pity, pity me/ SH #53 [1 verse, RB8 xxxiii***]

Away with Cupids idle darts/ ZN367| The Couragious Gallant/ Tune: Four-Pence-Half-Penny-Farthing/ This may be Printed, R. P./ CR 159: I. Deacon [HH1 37, C.22.f.6 102]

Away with the causes of riches and cares/ ZN368| The young Gallants Tutor/ Tune: The Delights of the Bottle/ With Allowance/ P4 246: CVWC

Ay me, vile wretch, that ever I was born/ ZN369| ..complaint and lamentation of Mistresse Arden of Feuversham in Kent/ Tune: Fortune my Foe/ RB8 49: C. W. [CB p. 291] [Entered July 8, 1633. AI363]

Bacchus the father of drunken Nowles/ ZN370| The Man in the MOON Drinks Claret/ Tune: same tune [as other on sheet, Forth from my sad and darksome cell, N910|]/ P1 502-3: WCTP/ [2nd half of E 248?] E 207: CVG/ RB2 256: A. M[ilbourn]/ CR 160: TP (same sheet as CR 397)

Bad Husbands now I pray draw near/ ZN371| Folly plainly made Manifest, By An Extravagant Husband/ Tune: I have a mistris of my own/ Entred according to Order [Entered, Oct. 3, 1683, to Tho. Milbourne]/ P4 120: I. Deacon/ CR 161: J. Deacon [HH1 109]

The baffl'd Knight was by the Lass/ ZN372| An Answer to the Baffl'd Knight/ Tune: pleasant New Tune/ P5 170: C. Bates/ [Defective copy] P5B 55: C. Bates [which commences "There was a Knight was drunk with wine," N2505|]

The baffl'd Knight was fool'd once more/ ZN373| The Third part of the Baffl'd Knight/ Tune: The Baffl'd Knight/ P5 171 J. Deacon [follows N2505| and N372|]

The baily that now goes a wooing/ ZN374|.. The Baily of Hounslow/ Tune: The City Ramble/ P5 160: [no imprint]

A baker lives in Edmonton/ ZN375| The Crafty Country Woman/ Tune: The beating of the Drum, &c. [Bragandary from N132|]/ BB1 34: J. Shooter

A ballad, a ballad let's make in haste/ ZN376| [The Downfall of Pride]/ Tune: Bragandary/ [by] H. C./ [source unstated] RB7 825: Francis Grove [Entd. 1656. AI 635] [opening imitates N103|, and to same tune]

A Ballet, a ballet! let every Poet/ ZN103| Tom Bagnall's Ballet Tune: [Bragandary]/ [burden] Oh women, monsterous women, What do you mean to do [no broadside, incomplete in Musarum Deliciae, 1655, complete in Wit Restor'd, 39, 1658. N357|, of 1634, seems to take its tune title from burden of this. Whether burden is imitation of that of N53|, or that of N53| imitation of that here I don't know]

Balow, my babe, weep not for me/ ZN377| The New Balow/ Tune: Balow/ RB6 577: [no imprint] [Simpson discusses variants. Copy of song of c 1625-30 is in Folger Shakespeare Lib. MS V.a. 345. Bishop Percy's Folio MS, III, p. 515. Other MS versions in Morfill's Ballads from MSS] [?Entered June 19, 1627. AI 162]

A Batchelour I have beene long/ ZN378| A Batchelers Resolution/ Tune: The Blazing Torch [is soon burned out]/ P1 232-3: [no imprint, not quite complete] [Entered June 1, 1629. AI 123]. [For tune see note to N2597| (and compare N407|)]

Batchelors of e'ery station/ ZN379| The Berkshire Lady/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 163: Bow-Church-Yard// The Berkshire Lady's Garland/ HC 673: James Magee, Belfast, 1767 [others, HC 674, 676, 677, 678, 679. See Ebsworth's note RB8 804, where principals are identified]

Be light, and glad, in God rejoyce/ ZN380| A prayer and thanksgiving [Nov. 17, 1577]/ Tune: foure score and one Psalme/ By I. Pit, minister/ CR 165: Christopher Barker [AI 2218]

Be merry all you that be here/ ZN381| An easie way to Tame a Shrew/ Tune: Delightful New Tune: Or, the Collier of Croyden had Coles to sell/ CR 166: P. Brooksby, West-Smithfield [HH1 87] [mostly ptd. RB8 lxxxii***]

Be merry, my friends, and list a while/ ZN382| Good Ale for my money/ Tune: The Countrey Lasse/ [by] Lawerence Price/ RB1 412: Printed at London [npn]

Be merry, my hearts, and call for your quarts/ ZN383| A Health to all Good=Fellows/ Tune: To drive the cold Winter away/ RB1 447: Henry Gosson [Later revised, see ballad commencing "It was of late, my happy fate," N1534|]

A beauteous Lady of comely carriage/ ZN384| The fair Lady of the West/ Tune: A gallant Damosel of Bristol City, &c. or, William the Weaver/ P4 3 = CR 168: TPW/ RB6 161: [no imprint]

A Beautiful damsel, but eighteen years old/ ZN385| The Country Damsels Resolution/ Tune: [My life and my death]/ DC1 34: ?

A beautiful damsel from Sommerset-shire/ ZN386| The Sommerset- shire Damsel beguil'd/ Tune: The Two English-Travellers/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 22 = CR 169: J. Blare

Beautiful Virgins of birth and breeding/ ZN387| The Plymouth Tragedy/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 170 = RC3 374: Bow-Church- Yard [continuation of "All in the downs," N79|]

Beauty thou Throne of Graces/ ZN388| Loves Torments Eased by Death/ Tune: pleasant new Court-Tune: Or, Phillis thou soul of Love/ E: 172 = CR 171 = RB7 415: P. Brooksby, West-smith-field [HH2 4] ["Phillis thou soul of love" is 1st line of 2nd verse of "Hail to the Mirtle shades," N1092|]

Before you went to Town/ ZN389| The Young Ladies Answer to the Forsaken Lover/ Tune: an Excellent New Tune/ P5 165: T. Moore, 1691

Begar, what we have long been doing/ ZN390| Dunkirk's Lamentation/ Tune: The French Dancing-Master: or, The Soldiers Departure/ P2 314: P. Brooksby

A Begger, a Begger, A Begger Ile be/ ZN391| The Jovial Crew, Or, Beggers-Bush/ Tune: From hunger and cold/ E 150: William Gilbertson/ BB1 195 = CR 172: TPW [HH1 145]

A Begger got a Beadle/ ZN392| The Pope's Pedigree/ Tune: pleasant new Tune, Or, London is a brave Town/ E 280 = CR 173: J. Conyers/ RB4 101 [one copy no imprint, other as Euing]/ DC3 77: Wm. Dicey [18th cent] [HH3 16] [Ebsworth points out copy in Wit and Drollery, 1656, but copy of c 1630-35 in Folger Shakespeare Lib. MS V.a. 345, p. 235]

A Begger of late most poore in estate/ ZN393| The Beggars Intrusion/ Tune: Sallingers Rownde/ [by] William Hockom./ P1 216-7: E. W[right].

Begone! [Be gone] Thou fatal fiery feaver, now begone/ ZN394| The Love Sick Maid ..[Gerard's Mistress]/ Tune: pleasant new tune/ Entered according to Order/ M1 #24: R. I[bbotson]./ M2 #8: John Hammond/ RB6 563 [RC2 300]: W. Onley/ RC3 901: TPW/ P3 324 = CR 164 = DP 61 = E 171: A. M[ilbourn]./ P2 344: CTP [HH1 182, DC1 133, BC] [Entered to Ibbitson, Mar. 12, 1656, but Hammond issue probably older. AI 1559. Simpson give tune but does not note that this is expansion of song in several MSS: BL MS Egerton 2725, f 142; BL MS Harl. 6917, f 78, MS Harl 3511, f. 3; Bodleian, M. Crum First Line Index, B183, 3 copies]

Behold greate heavens's protection/ ZN395| Iter Boreale/ Tune: Now ye Torys that Glories/ RB5 157: C. Tebros [Charles Corbet] 1682

Behold, here's a ditty, 'tis true and no jest/ ZN396| The Turkey Factor/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RC3 869: [no imprint?] [DC4 28 Pt'd Old Ballads, III, 221, 1725. Traditional in part, Laws Q37, Greig-Duncan #1062, but this is an exceedingly long ballad]

Behold I am an Aged Man/ ZN397| The Undutiful Daughter of Devonshire/ Tune: How can I be merry or glad/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 388 = CR 175: BDBB [C.22.f.6 195, DC1 58v]

Behold, I pray, what's come to pass/ ZN398| Answer to the Bonny Scot [Spinning wheel]/ Tune: The Spinning wheel/ This may be Printed, R. P./ CR 176 = DP 19/ P. Brooksby// Licensed according to Order/ RB3 399 = P. Brooksby [Answers "As I sate at my spinning wheel," N230|]

Behold in this age/ ZN399| The Dissatisfied Subject/ Tune: Let Mary live long [with meaningless music]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 136 = CR 178 = OPB 62: BDBB

Behold, O Lord, a Sinner in distresse/ ZN400| A Godly Song, entituled, A Farewell to the world/ Tune: Fortune my foe!/ Finis. Thomas Byle/ RB1 407: Henry Gosson

Behould the fall of almost all/ ZN3408| Two pretie Songs of Landlordes and Tennantes/ [no tune indication/ SHN 6

Behold the Touchstone of true love/ ZN401| The Merchant Daughter of Bristow/ Tune: The Maidens Joy/ P1 516-7: CTP/ E 209: W. O[nely]./ E 210: CVG/ E 211 [no imprint]/ RB2 87: [RC1 278, RC3 376, 378] RC1 232: William Blackwall/ W2 51: [no imprint]/ CR 178: Bow-Church-Yard/ CR 179 [incomplete] [Entd. Feb. 24, 1595, 1624, 1675 AI 1707, 1692, 1709. Cf. AI 1708, 2nd part]

Behold these sorrows now this day/ ZN402| Francis Winter's last Farewell/ Tune: Russel's Farewel/ P2 188: J. Deacon

Behold what noise is this I hear/ ZN403| Frollicksome Wager/ Tune: Logan Water [meaningless music given]/ P5 199: Charles Bates

The bell-men that walk in the ?/ ZN404| The Conceited Bell-man/ Tune: the Midnight Ramble, with the burden to it/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 262: Printed for the Sawcy Bell-man

Betrayed me! how can this be/ ZN405|.. The Gallant Grahams/ I will away, and I will not tarry [I will away and be a Captains' Lady- Scots song]/ RB6 590 = DC3 39v: [no imprint, mid 18th cent. Scottish copy? Three verses of 1740's in NLS MS 6299, with no tune indication]

The birds flew over the green, boys/ ZN3405| [no broadside/ [song of c 1632 in MS Harl. 6057. Old farmer spies young wife making love to boy in corn, chases boy off, is called cuckold. Ptd. by J. Wardroper, Love and Drollery, # 320. Wardroper ignored repeats noted in MS. Traditional? Apparently collected in Ireland, but all after 2nd verse rewritten. Published as sheet music song by Chappell & Co., 1906. 'Words traditional' and tune 'arranged by Herbert Hughes from an old Irish Air'. Tune Scots, variant of that for N3404|]

Black murther and adultery/ ZN406| The Careless Curate and the Bloudy Butcher/ Tune: Oh women, monsterous women/ W1 187: William Gilbertson [Woods' MS date 1662]

Blame not a woman although shee be Lewd/ ZN3269| [Womens Praise?]/ [no broadside extant. Song in Bishop Percy's Folio MS: Loose and Humorous Songs, p. 84. ?Entd. as title above, June 9, 1637. AI 3013]

The blazing torch is soon burned out/ ZN407| A Good wife or none/ Tune: a pleasant new tune/ RB1 418: Francis Coules/ P4 49: CVWC/ RL 198: CVW/ [?Entered as 'The blazing torch, both parts,' Dec. 14, 1624. I doubt this identification by Rollins is correct, because this song is not the broadside expansion of "The blazing torch," having only 1 verse of it. See note at N2597|]

Blind fortune begone thou false partial W___ [hore]/ ZN408| An Excellent Song Entituled The Loyal Ladies Love to Her Phillander/ Tune: To an Excellent New Court Tune [with meaningless music]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 182: J. Bissel

Blind-fold Cupid with his dart, did a long time strive to hit me/ ZN409| Cupid's Wanton Wiles/ Tune: Shee cannot keepe her, &c./ [by] L. P./ RB7 100: John Wright, the younger

Blith lad I prithee go/ The courteous Shepherdesse/ ZN410| Tune: Laddy lye neere me./ M2 #35: F. Grove [RB8 xcii*, from this copy] [Entered Sept. 6, 1639. AI 419]

Bold Titus he walkt about Westminster-Hall/ ZN411| Perjury Punished/ Tune: Packington's Pound/ RB5 603: Richard Butt

A bonne, god wot, Stickes in my throte/ ZN3320| A Cristenmas carroll/ [no tune indication]/ CV 43 [The 'carol' celebrates good food and drink. Cf. Chambers and Sidgwick, #132-41, who classify such as 'Trivial' rather then 'Divine', include versions of 'The holly and the ivy', and "Back and sides go bare'. See also R. H. Robbins Secular Lyrics and Chapter 6 of Luria and Hoffman's Middle English Lyrics for similar songs]

A boney blith lad, in the North country/ ZN412| True Lovers Victory/ Tune: rare Northern tune, or, Jennys cogwheel/ WE25 42: J. C[lark]./ RB7 176 = CR 181 = OPB 197: CVWC [Entd 1675. AI 2726]

The bonny Grey-eyed morn began to peep/ ZN413| Bonny Grey-Eyed Morn/ Tune: Pleasant New Scotch Tune [meaningless music given]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 400: A. M., 1697/ CR 182: A. M./ RB7 302: [no imprint, white letter]

Bony lad, prithee lay thy pipe down/ ZN414| Unconstant Peggy/ Tune Excellent new Scotch Tune [meaningless music given]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 297: BDBB [expansion of D'Urfey song of 1692. Answer, ZN2255]

Bonny lass, gin thou wert mine/ ZN415| The Longing Virgins Choice/ Tune: new Scoth [sic] Tune, sung a Dukes Playhouse [1681, and in Pills]/ CR 183: P. Brooksby, Pye-Corner [HH1 155, C.22.f.6 142]

Bonny lass I love thee well/ ZN416| Bonny Scotish Lad/ Tune: The Liggan Waters [meaningless music given]/ P5 269 = J. Conyers/ [without music] RB3 475 = CR 184 = DP 46: J. Conyers

Both Men and Women listen well/ ZN417| The Woman to the Plow and the Man to the Hen-Roost/ Tune: I have for all good wives a song/ [By] M. P./ E 397: F. Grove/ [Without Parker's initials] E 398 = P4 100 = CR 185 = RB7 185: WCTP [HH3 20] [Entd. June 22, 1629, 1675. AI 2999, 3000. Cf. better and older Scots version, N1410|. The traditional "Father Grumble" doesn't derive from Parks's version]

Both old & young, both rich & poor/ ZN418| The Wicked-Mans Warning-peice/ Tune: Jasper Conningham/ [by] T. L[anfiere]./ P2 23: CVWC

Both parents and lovers, I pray now attend/ ZN419| The Tragical Ballad: Or, The Nobleman's Cruelty to his Sons/ Tune: The Loyal Forrester/ CR 186: J. Hinson [18th cent?]/ CR 187: J. Pitts [1802 or later]

Both Robert and Richard, nay, William and Ned/ ZN420| Advice to Batchelors/ Tune: A Touch of the Times, or, The Country Farmer/ This may be Printed, R. P./ RB3 373 = CR 188 = DP 45: P. Brooksby [HH1 1]

Both young and old, both rich and poor give ear/ ZN421| A Letter for a Christian Family/ Tune: The Godly Mans Instruction/ By me I.V[icars]./ WE25 149: CVWC/ P2 33 = P5B 45 [defective] = CR 189 = RB7 811: CTP/ CR 190 = RC2 269: W. Thackeray, J.M. and A.M. [Entd, 1675. AI 1492]

Both young and old I pray attend/ ZN422| The Religious Mans Exhortation/ Tune: The Young Man's Legacy; Or, The Sinners Redemption/ This may be Printed, R.P./ E 297 = CR 191: P. Brooksby

Both young and old, I pray draw near/ ZN423| The Gloucestershire Tragedy; or, the Unnatural Mother/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RC3 382: ? [Madden2 346-7]

Both yong men, maids, and lads/ ZN424| The Praise of our Country Barly-Break/ Tune: When this Old Cap was new/ RB2 386: H. Gosson [Entd. July 16, 1634. AI 2162]

Boys, let healths go round, with knees to the ground/ ZN425| King William's Welcome to Ireland/ Tune: My Sweet Coridon/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 41: BDBB

Boys, let the Bells most sweetly ring/ ZN426| The Kings Return from Holland/ Tune: The Spinning-Wheel/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 354: BDBB

Boys let us sing the Glory and Fame/ ZN427| Couragious Betty of Chick-Lane/ Tune: Lilli-burlero/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 294 = RB3 641: BDBB/ [last 5 verses only]/ E 390A: BDBB

Boys sound the Trumpet, beat the Drum/ ZN428| King William's Welcome to Holland/ Tune: March Boys, &c. [with meaningless music]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 86: BDBB, 1692

Boys, the day is all our own/ ZN429| King Williams Triumph.. Entrance into The City of Dublin/ Tune: Valiant Jockey/ P2 300: C. Bates

Brave Boys, let Bells now sweetly ring/ ZN430| The Protestant Triumph..[Battle of Boyne].. first of July, 1690./ Tune: The spinning wheel/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 302: BDBB

Brave Boys of Renown/ ZN431| The Valiant Collonel/ Tune: Let Mary Live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 90: BDBB

Brave boys, we shall soon have an army of those/ ZN432| The Couragious English Boys/ Tune: Let Caesar live long/ Licensed according to Order/ BB1 381: J. Blare

Brave Bristol boys, where e're you be/ ZN433| The Brave Boys of Bristol/ Tune: Hey boys up go we; Jenny Gin; Busie Fame; Or, Russels Farewel/ DC1 19: ?

Brave Devonshire boys make haste away/ ZN434| The Devonshire Boys Courage..Loyalty..King William/ Tune: Excellent New Tune, call'd The Devonshire Boys Delight: Or, The Liggan Waters, &c./ E 233 = P2 358 = RB4 325 = CR 192: BDBB

Brave English boys come follow me/ ZN435| The Loyal Subjects Resolution/ Tune: Turn Love/ With Allowance/ T. Mabb for Richard Burton

Brave English boys, now/ ZN436| Great Britains Delight..Health.. Prince of Orange/ Tune: The Prince of Orange his Delight/ P3 242: Printed in the year 1689. [no printers name]

Brave English Boys now rejoyce and be merry/ ZN437| A Third Touch of the Times/ Tune: Charon make haste, &c./ P4 311: Printed in the Year, 1688 [no printer]

Brave English listen while I tell/ ZN438| News form [sic] the Netherlands/ Tune: A Fig for France, &c./ With Allowance/ [battle, Prince of Orange with Duke of Monmouth, Aug. 14, 1678]/ WE25 106: CVWC

Brave gallants, now listen and I will you tell/ ZN439| A Pleasant Dialogue betwixt Two Wanton Ladies of Pleasure [Dutchess of Portsmouth and ?]/ Tune: Tan tarra rara, tan tivee/ BB2 599: I. Deacon [Entd. Jan. 15, 1685. AI 2101. But Ebsworth RB4 277, disagrees with this date. See his dating there also for other Portsmouth ballads. A difficulty was Dutchess of Portsmouth went back to France for a period, 1682, and which date does her farewell refer to? A scurillous ballad was written on her return, that is as obscene as anything I've ever seen, N3256|] [Cf. "I prithee, dear Portsmouth," N1330|, to same tune, and N1329|]

Brave gallants now of England/ ZN440| The Valiant hearted Seaman/ Tune: Lusty Stukely/ [By] J. R./ With Allowance/ E 366: S[arah] Tyus

Brave London 'Prentices, come listen to my song/ ZN441| London's Glory and Whittington's Renown/ Tune: Dainty come thou to me/ RB7 582: R. Burton

Brave loyal hearted English-men/ ZN442| Englands Valor, and Hollands Terror [encouragement to fight Dutch]/ Tune: The stormy winds do blow/ With allowance/ E 103: CVGW [1665?]

Brave News and Tydings here we bring/ ZN443| The Glory of the Northern parts of England/ Tune: Valiant Stutely [Stukely]/ P2 262: B. J., 1689

Brave news there is I understand/ ZN444| The Worthy Kings Description/ Tune: [none indicated, When the King enjoyes his own again]/ E 404: [no imprint]

Brave West-Country Blades come listen/ ZN445| The West-Country Cheat upon cheat/ Tune: Hy, ho, my honey/ With Allowance/ WE25 130 = P4 247: CVWC

Brave William He is now come ore/ ZN446| .. King William's welcome home from Flanders/ Tune: All happy times/ [Roman letter]/ P2 341: T. Moore

Brave William is a lad/ ZN447| The Protestants Wish for King William/ Tune: Young Jemmy/ With Allowance/ P5 43: J. M., 1690

Brave Windham late, ../ ZN448| Iohn Flodder and his Wife,... burning Town of Windham. .xi day of June 1615/ Tune: Fortune my Foe/ P1 130-1: Iohn Trundle

Break heart and dye, I can no longer live/ ZN449| The Despairing Lover/ Tune: Aim not too high/ RB1 254: F. Coules/ P3 317 = CR 194: W.O. for A.M. and sold by J. Deacon [RL 182] [Entered July 8, 1633. AI 556]

Bright as the Noon-day sun/ ZN450| The Distainful Virgin led Captive/ Tune: Ah! cruel bloody fate/ RB4 380: J. Jordan

Bright was the morning, cool was the air/ ZN451| The Loyal Lovers Farewel/ Tune: Bright was the morning/ [Expansion of D'Urfey song, in Pills]/ CR 195: J. Blare [HH1 28v]

Brisk Ralph of late he came to Kate/ ZN452| Jolly Ralph the Joyner/ Tune: New tune of, Daniel Cooper, Or, Tom the Taylor/ P3 176: J. Deacon

Brittons all your voices raise/ ZN453| England's Glory; Or, Duke Williams Triumph../ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB6 626: Sheffield: Francis Lister, 1746

A buxom rich widdow hath late laid in grave/ ZN454| The Wanton Widow's pleasant Mistake/ Tune: Tune: Let Cesar Live long/ P3 306: J. Millet [Versified jest, last of A. C. Mery Tayles, 1526, 'Of the burning of Old John.' Wooden statue of late husband is burned to keep widow and new lover warm. A much later song version is "The Death of Gluttonous Swallowall,.. Or, Tom Brown and the Alderman's Widow," The Universal Songster, II, p. 68, 1826. Undoubtably based Petronius' tale of 'The widow of Ephesus'.]

By a brook beneath a shade/ ZN455| ... The Happy Young-Man, Or, the Virgin betray'd/ Tune: Billy and Molly/ This may be Printed, R.P./ P3 78: R. Kell

By all the powers, I love you so/ ZN456| Young Squires Conquest/ Tune: Excellent New Tune [meaningless music given]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 227: C. Dennison, 1689

By Brittains true Monarchs, Great William and Mary/ ZN457| The Proclamation For a General Fast in the Nation/ Tune: Packington's Pound/ P5 114: [no imprint]

By west of late as I did walk/ Ballet/ ZN3301| [no tune indication]/ CV 22 [Rollins, AI 1740, suggests entry of Aug. 15, 1590. 'A mery newe ieste of a wife that threst her husband with a ffleale.' If we changed flail to cudgel this would be "The Cobler of Colchester", and closer to the correct date. The latter was undoubtably suggested by that in CV.]

Byd Y bigail [title]/ ZN458| [In Welsh]/ Tune: daintie new tune/ Terfyn R. H./ P1 457: by A. M[athews] for H. G[osson].

Calm was the evening and clear was the sky/ ZN459| Amintas and Claudia/ Tune: Calm was the evening and clear was the sky/ [Expansion of Dryden's(?) song]/ E 2 = BB2 499 = CR 199 = DP 17: TPW [HH1 5]

Caluary mount is my delight/ ZN3413| [no title, tune]/ OEB #22, / Bodleian MS Eng. poet. b. 5

Can any Man tell What I ayle/ ZN460| A Maydens Lamentation for a Bedfellow/ Tune: I will giue thee kisses one, two or three/ P1 246-7: Iohn White/ P1 286-7: Iohn White [diff. issue] Bishop Percy's Folio MS: Loose and Humorous Songs, p. 55

Can Life be a blessing/ ZN461| Loves Power and Greatness/ Tune: New Play-house Tune/ P3 133 = CR 201: P. Brooksby

Can you dance the shaking of the sheets/ ZN462| ..doleful Dance, and Song of Death/ Tune: Pleasant New Tune/ [also on sheet, "Walking all alone" = "Ballad of Just Man Job," N2718|]/ W1 59b: CWVG/ [Can you dance only] W2 47: CVG/ P2 62 = CR 202: CVWCTP/ RB3 184: [1st only, half sheet, no imprint] [HH1 76, RL] [Entd. Dec. 14, 1624. AI 2408, Cf. AI 480, 1833]

Canst thou not weave Bonelace?/ ZN463| Chastities Conquest/ Tune: Canst thou not weave Bonelace/ This may be Printed. R. P./ P3 135 = RB3 497 = CR 204: P. Brooksby// [By] D. M./ E 28: P. Brooksby [HH3 4] [Chappell, RB3 496, gives tune from ballad opera Silvia]

Captain Chilver's gone to Sea/ ZN464| The Benjamin's Lamentation/ Tune: The poor Benjamin/ P4 200: Alex. Milbourn/ CR 205: CVWC/ RB7 529: WCTP [CB p. 209] [Traditional, "Bold Benjamin"]

Captain Hume is bound to sea/ ZN465| ... The Granadeers Rant/ Tune: Hy! the brave Granadeers; Ho/ RB7 532: [no imprint]

A captain of fame/ ZN466| The Late Bloody Fight in Flanders/ Tune: Let Mary live long/ P2 342 = CR 206: P. Brooksby [CB 233]

Captain Robert is gone to Sea/ ZN467| The Seamans Frolick: Or, A Cooler for the Captain/ Tune: New Tune; Or, Come no more there, &c./ P4 213: M. Coles, VWCTP [Ptd. RB8 xciii***]

Captains courageous/ ZN468 Valorous Acts ... Mary Ambree/ Tune: Blind Beggar's Daughter/ [PF I 516]/ M1 #14: W. Gilbertson Bishop Percy's Folio MS, I, 516

A Carman of late, who liv'd in the city/ ZN469| A Pleasant Jigg Betwixt Jack and his Mistress/ Tune: [Let] Mary live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 14 = CR 207: BDBB/ [incomplete, 2 verses only] DP 8: [no imprint]/ RB8 703: [no imprint] [DC2 182v] [Ptd. Baskerville's Elizabethan Jig #10]

Cassandra's beauty charmed my eye/ ZN470| The Tormented Lovers Admonition/ Tune: Busy Fame/ DC1 47v: ?

Cast off your Sorrow, disperse all your Fear/ ZN471| England's Happiness..Coronation [of William and Mary]/ Tune: Touch of the Times/ Licensed according to Order/ [Roman letter]/ P5 36: G. Croom, 1689.

Cease my pretty Nancy do not thou bewail/ ZN472| The Unfeigned Lover, Or, The Loyal Seamans kind Farewell/ Tune: The Usurers Daughter/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 169: J. Deacon

Celia that I once was blest/ ZN473| Coy Celia's Cruelty/ Tune: excellent new play-house tune [meaningless music given]/ P5 301 = CR 208: Charles Bates

A certain great King once did rule over this land/ ZN474| Tragical History of King Lear/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB6 717: [no imprint]

Charles the first was a noble King/ ZN475| The Traytors Downfall/ Tune: Fa la la, &c./ E 350: Francis Coles [Ptd. RB7 661] [See BBBM, 144, footnote 2]

Charming Jenny is fair, and gay/ ZN476| ..Happy Shepherd/ Tune: Excellent New Tune [meaningless music given]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 225 J. Millet, 1688?

Charming ladies fair, I'll to you declare/ ZN477| The Oxfordshire Garland/ Tune: [none indicated] CR 209: Bow-Church-Yard

Charon make haste, and ferry me over/ ZN478| The Dispairing Lovers Address to Charon/ Tune: Charon make haste, &c./ This may be printed, R.P./ P3 375: J. Conyers, and J. Bissel/ RB6 24 = CR 210: C. Dennison

Chast thoughts within my love sick breast/ ZN479| Amintas; Or, the constant Shepherd's Complaint/ Tune: Young Phaon strove the bliss to taste/ RB3 391 = CR 211: P. Brooksby, West-smithfield [HH1 4]

Chear up all true Subjects, and seem not to frown/ ZN480| A comfortable and friendly Advice.. True-hearted Subjects../ Tune: Five Sail of Frigate bound for Malago/ P2 248: CTP

Cheer up your hearts, and be not afraid/ ZN481| The Cavaliers Comfort/ Tune: The King Injoys his own again/ E 26: William Gilbertson

A Cheshire man sailed into Spain/ ZN482| A Dialogue.. Englishman and a Spaniard/ [Tune: none indicated]/ RB6 657: [no imprint, 18th. cent.]

Children both far and near, hear the sad fate/ ZN483| The Childrens Cryes.. Barbarous Cruel Father.. 1696/ Tune: You Pritty Maidens all [Franklin is fled away?]/ [Roman letter]/ P5 12: Charles Barnet

Ch'il tell thee, Tom, the strangest story/ ZN484| A New Song [on Monmouth, 1683?]/ Tune: I'll tell thee, Dick/ RB5 417 [from Wood 276a 347]: [no imprint]

Chloe your pride abate/ Beauty's Overthrow/ ZN485| Tune New Play-House tune, called; Chloe, your pride abate/ RB6 59: J. Clarke, Golden Lyon

A chimney-man lately in London did dwell/ ZN486| Chimney-man's Lamentation/ Tune: Packington's Pound/ Licensed according to Order/ P5B 25, 32: [no imprint]

Christ is my love he loved me/ ZN487| The Complaint of a Sinner/ Tune: the bonny broome [Poore Coridon, 1st half of sheet]/ P1 41: [F. Coules] [Ptd. RB8 585, with conjectual completions]

Christmas is my name, far have I gone/ ZN488| Christmas Lamentation/ Tune: Now the spring is come/ RB1 154: F. C[oules].// A Songe bewailinge the tyme of Christmas/ Tune: [none indicated]/ SHNB 6 = OEB #73 [?Entd. Aug 15, 1586. AI 1969]

A citizen wife I am, I declare it/ ZN489| Quakers Wanton Wife/ Tune: Let Mary [live] long/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 180: BDBB/ CR 214: W. O. for B. Deacon, at Angel/ OPB 25: J. Deacon

The Citizens brave/ ZN490| [First half lost, no title, tune]/ CR 213: John Andrews

The city has no knave so base/ ZN491| The Ladys Vindication.. to Your Humble Servent Madam]/ Tune: The Same Tune/ RB3 582: William Gilbertson [Answers "I am a blade," N1184|]

Clavers and his highland men/ ZN492| The Memorable Battle fought at Killecrankie/ Tune: Killy Cranky [in Scots Coll'ns]/ RB6 646: [no imprint, c 1775]

Cleane witheowt feare truthe dothe me constrene/ ZN3333| [no title]/ ASM 4

Clear was the morning, and azure the skie/ ZN493| The Amorous Shepherd, and coy Shepherdess/ Tune: Calm was the Evening, and Clear was the Skie/ DC1 9: ?

Clippers and Coiners your works are not right/ ZN494| England's Complaint/ Tune: When I was young I had no wife./ M1 #48: Bristol, Printed by Will. Bonny in Tower lane. [c 1710-20?]

Cloe's face is heav'n to me/ ZN495| The London Lads Lamentation to Cupid/ Tune: an Excellent New Tune, Sung at the Court/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P3 334 = RB7 109 = CR 215: I. Back/ E 168: [no imprint] [DC1 117]

Cloris in a myrtle grove/ ZN496| Constant Cloris.. Mirtillo.. killed in Ireland/ Tune: Celia that I once was blest [with meaningless music]/ Licensed according to Order/ OPB 59: P. Brooksby

Cock up your beaver, sir/ ZN497| Fop Masters Instruction/ Tune: Make your honours miss [meaningless music given]/ Licensed, and Entered according to Order/ P5 429: BDBB

The coffee-house Trade is the best in the town/ ZN498| The City Cheat discovered/ Tune: Lilli-bulero/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 102: J. W., 1691

Cold and Raw the North did blow/ ZN499| The Northern Ditty: Or, The Scotch-man Outwitted/ Tune: Song much in Request at Court/ This may be Printed, R. P./ E 258 = RB7 233: BDBB/ DC2 168: T. Norris/ DC3 70: Newcastle [HH3 15, C.22.f.6 ?] [D'Urfey's song appeared in 1688. Sequels N2294|, N500|]

Cold and raw you can't forget/ ZN500| A Third Merry Ditty Of Cold and Raw/ Tune: same tune/ This may be Printed, R. P./ CR 216: J. Deacon [Ptd. RB7 235. C.22.c.2 19] [Sequel to N2294|]

The Cold winter is past and gone/ ZN501| Mally Stuart/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB8 784 [from a garland, 1746-50]: ? [With music in Scots Musical Museum and G. Petrie's Ancient Music of Ireland. There are many prints of this on broadsides and in chapbooks and garlands. One reprinted from a broadside in the Madden collection is #54 in Holloway and Black's Later English Broadside Ballads I, 1975. A variant version is their #66]

Come all loving People, pray listen a while/ ZN502| The Cock-pit Cuckold/ Tune: excellent new Tune/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 141: C. Bates

Come, all loyal lovers, so courteous and free/ ZN503| Love and Constancy/ Tune: Digby's farewell, or, the Tyrant, &c./ RB6 70: John Hose

Come all loyal lovers/ ZN504| The Seamans adieu to his Dear/ Tune: I'le go to Sir Richard, &c./ E 324: Richard Burton/ RB7 524: F. Coles

Come all loyal subjects I pray you draw near/ ZN505| Great Britains Joy/ Tune: Digbys Farewel/ WE25 101: CVW

Come all loyal Subjects of every degree/ ZN506| Good News for the Nation..[new parliament]/ Tune: Digby's farwel, Or Packington's pound/ With Allowance/ P2 235: P. Brooksby [HH1 125]

Come all Loyal Subjects of every Sort/ ZN507| Englands Holiday.. Coronation [of William and Mary]/ Tune: Let Caesar live long, Now now the Fights done, The Plow-mans Health, Joy to the Bridegroom Or, My Life and my Death/ P5 33: J. Conyers

Come all my kind neighbors/ ZN508| The Quaker's Prophesie/ Tune: Then coveteousnesse out of England shall run/ RB6 6 [from BL] = CR 218-391: Absalon Chamberlain [Same sheet, N891|]

Come all my kind neighbours, & hear me a while/ ZN509| The Gossips Meeting, Or, The merry Market-Women of Taunton/ Tune: The Parliament of Women: Or, Digby's Farewel/ WE25 120: CVWC [RL 112] [Gossips complain of husbands over pot of nappy ale. Cf. N2120|]

Come all that love good company/ ZN510| The Merry Hoastess/ Tune: Buff Coat has no fellow/ [by] T. R[obins]./ RB3 307: John Andrews [CB p. 193]

Come all ye Ancient Women/ ZN511| Age renewed by wedlock/ Tune: A Begging I will go, &c./ P5 159: J. W., 1693

[Come] all ye Farmers, and listen a while [left col. trimmed]/ ZN512| A New Ballad, Called The Husbandmans Delight.. praise of Straw/ Tune: Ladies of London, &c./ This may be printed, R. P./ P4 317: R. Kell

Come all ye people far and near/ ZN513| .. Lord Mohun and Duke Hamilton/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB8 232: Aldermary Church- Yard [DC3 55]

Come all ye young gallants and listen a while/ ZN514| The Staffordshire Maid/ Tune: [none indicated/ CR 219 = RC3 388: Aldermary ChurchYard/ CR 220: Bow Church Yard

Come all ye Protestant Lads in the Land/ ZN515| The Protestants Delight, Or An Health to His Highness/ Tune: Lilli Burlero [with meaningless music]/ P5 96: I [or J?] C.

Come all ye tribes of hostises/ ZN516| All is ours and our Husbands/ Tune: The Carman's Whistle, or, High Boys up go we/ RB3 280: P. Brooksby/ Come all you tribes/ CR 227: P. Brooksby [HH1 3]

Come all you batchelors so brave/ ZN517| Fancies Phoenix/ Tune: amorous new tune/ [by] C. H./ M1 #26: F. Grove/ E 113: [no imprint]/ RB7 42: [no imprint] [DC2 178] [Entd. 1675. AI 860, a very late entry]

Come all you brave boys, whose courage is bold/ ZN518| Copy of Verses composed by Captain Henry Every/ Tune: The two English Travelers/ Licens'd according to Order/ P5 384: Theophilus Lewis

Come all you brave gallants and listen to me/ ZN519| The Seamans Wives Frolick/ Tune: The Country Farmer/ This may be Printed, R. P./ [Answer, to different tune, commences "Why does the poets abuse us," N2922|]/ P4 184: C. Dennisson

Come all you brave gallants, whom honour inspires/ ZN520| Honour's Call..joyn in the Discent on France.. 1693/ Tune: If Love's a sweet Passion/ Licensed according to Order/ [with meaningless music]/ P2 372: P. Brooksby

Come all you brave heros of fame and renown/ ZN521| The Valiant Souldiers Lamentation.. Loss of... General Talmarsh/ Tune: The Fortune of War/ P5 140: Eben. Tracy

Come all you brave sailors/ ZN522| The Famous Fight at Malago/ Tune: Five Sail of Frigats bound for Malago/ With Allowance/ [Fought July, 1656.-C.H. Firth's Naval Songs and Ballads]/ P4 204: CTP/ RB6 412 = CR 221 = DP 37: W.O., A. M., and sold by C. Bates/ OPB 227: W. O. and sold by J. Dear [Deacon?] [HH1 104] [Traditional, Patrick O'Shaughnessy, More Folk Songs from Lincolnshire, #5, a version collected by C. Sharp, 1911]

Come all you brave Sawyers/ ZN523| Wavering Nat and Kind Susan/ Tune: The Protestant's Prophesie/ RB8 471: J. Deacon, Rainbow

Come all you brave Sea-men of Courage so free/ ZN524| News from the coast of Spain/ Tune: Digby's Farewel/ WE25 100: J. Clarke [RL 82]

Come all you constant lovers, and to me lend an ear/ ZN525| The Bloody Gardner's Cruelty; or, the Shepherd's Daughter Betrayed/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 222: Bow-Church-Yard/ CR 223, 224: Jennings issues/ RC3 392: Aldermary Church-Yard

Come all you fox hunters, where ever you be/ ZN526| A New Hunting Song/ Tune: Ballinamona Ora/ RB7 93: [no imprint, 18th cent.]

Come all you frolicksome jilts of the town/ ZN527| Female Captain/ Tune: Ladies of London/ Licens'd according to Order/ P5 424: J. Butcher

Come all you gallants listen well/ ZN528| Frenchman gull'd of his Gold/ Tune: a Fig for France/ WE25 40: John Clarke, Harp and Bible

Come all you good fellows wherever you dwell/ ZN529| A caveat for a bad husband Or, The Good Fellows Warning Piece/ Tune: [Packington's Pound, or the World is grown hard]/ [By Tho. Lanfiere]/ RL 155: ?

Come all you jovial buxome girls/ ZN530| The Female Warrior/ Tune: I am a jovial batchelor/ With Allowance/ BB1 326: C. Passinger

Come all you jovial sailors/ ZN531| Admiral Hood's Conquest/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 225: Turner [in Coventry, 18th cent.]

Come all you maidens fair/ ZN532| The West Country Nymph/ Tune: Young Jemmy/ RB6 441: [no imprint]/ DC2 248 = CR 226: P. Brooksby

Come all you old Bakers, attend and give ear/ ZN533| The West- Country Wedding/ Tune: If Love's a sweet Passion, &c. Or, Fond Boy, &c./ P4 113: J. Blare

Come all you pretty maids/ ZN534| Amorous Betty's Delight/ Tune: New West Country tune, or, The Waterman's Delight/ By John Wade/ BB2 578 [from Roxburghe copy]/ R. Burton [Answered by "Oh what rare musick's this," N2058|]

Come all you sweet lips, round me stand/ ZN535| The Deptford Plumb Cake/ Tune: An Old Woman Poor and blind/ Licensed according to Order/ BB1 71: T. Jackson [c 1700]

Come all you tribe of hostises, see come all ye tribe

Come all you very merry London Girls/ ZN536| The Maydens of London's brave Adventures/ Tune: A Taylor is a man; or, Wet and Weary/ [by] L. P./ RB7 491: Fran. Grove [Entd. Mar. 12, 1656. AI 1652]

Come all you young damsels/ ZN537| The Young Woman's Complaint/ Tune: What should a young woman do with an old man, or, The Tyrant/ WE25 37 = E 406: W. Gilbertson [Ptd. RB8 679]

Come all you young Damsels where ever you dwell/ ZN538| The Country Lasses Good Council/ Tune: Shrewsbury for me. Or: The Seamans adieu to his dear/ P3 20: CVWCTP/ P4 51: CVWCTP

Come all you young girls in town or in city/ ZN3247| The Maidens Fairing/ Tune: ?/ DC2 144 [Entd. 1675. AI 1645]

Come all you young lovers, give ear to my ditty/ ZN539| The Citizens joy, and the Bone-Lace-Weavers Happiness/ Tune: Du Val's Delight, Or, Love without Measure, or, Late in the Country/ [by] John Wade/ WE25 73: R. Burton

Come all you young Maidens & lend an Ear/ ZN540| The Huntsmans Delight. Or, The Forresters Pleasure/ Tune: Amongst the leaves so green a/ By J. M[artin]./ P4 271: TP/ RB7 557 (expurgated, readings added RB8 843): A. M. [DC1 97v] [Traditional, "The Keeper" collected by Cecil Sharp. Variant of tune collected by Sharp is said by Roger Fiske, English Theatre Music in the Eighteenth Century, 2nd. ed., p. 454, 1986, to be that given by Dr. Samuel Arnold as "All among the leaves so green O" in musical score for The Castle of Andalusia , 1782, for a song by J. O'Keeffe. The chorus of O'Keeffe's song imitates that our ballad here. O'Keeffe's song, with tune, in Calliope, or The Musical Miscellany, #190, p. 354-5, 1788 ]

Come, all young men and maidens, and listen unto me/ ZN541| The Pining Maid/ Tune: Alack, for my Love I must die/ RB8 121: P. Brooksby

Come all you young pupils, that yet have no skill/ ZN542| Good Counsell for young Wooers/ Tune: to Pretty Bessee/ Finis M.P./ M2 #3: F. G[rove]. [Entd. Mar. 15, 1633. AI 1015]

Come all young maids that are to be wed/ ZN543| The married wives Complaint of her unkind Husband/ Tune: a very pleasant new tune, or Jonny Armstrong, or True Love rewarded with Loyalty/ WE25 148: P. Brooksby, West-smithfield [DC2 151v]

Come and assist my trembling pen!/ ZN544| The Matchless Murder.. [Feb. 12, 1682]/ Tune: Troy Town/ WE25 98 = RB5 111: J. Conyers [By J. M, according to Simpson, who cites another title]

Come and attend young virgins all/ ZN545| A Job for a Joyner/ Tune: Over the water fain would I pass, or, Jig-Jog-goo &c./ WE25 34: CVW

Come, and doe not musing stand/ ZN546| The little Barly-Corne/ Tune: Stingo/ RB2 29: E[dw]. B[lackmore]. [Entd. Nov. 23, 1632. AI 1504]

Come and hear my pleasant song/ ZN547| The Crafty Barber of Debtford/ Tune: Daniel Cooper/ CR 229: John Clark, Junior, Horse-shoo [HH1 52, DC1 48v]

Come and hear the strangest story/ ZN548| Cheat upon Cheat/ Tune: Tender hearts of London City/ CR 230: I. Blare/ RB8 558: [source imprint not given] [HH1 28]

Come and help me to complain/ ZN549| A Pattern of Love/ Tune: The Cannons Rore/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P3 216 = CR 231 = C.22.f.6 14: J. Blare/ RB6 286: [no imprint] [HH2 51]

Come ashore, you jolly tar, with your trousers on/ ZN550| The Loving Lasses Invitation to a young Sailor in his Trousers/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB8 436: [no imprint 18th. cent.] [Tune is that known as "The cuckoo's Nest"]

Come Batchelers and Married men/ ZN551| The Cruel Shrow: Or, The Patient Man's Woe/ Tune: Cuckolds all arowe/ [By] Arthur Halliarg/ RB1 94: M. P. for Henry Gosson

Come Betty why art thou so bashful/ ZN552| Conceited Lover/ Tune: prithee love turn to me/ WE25 46: R. Burton

Come Boys cast away sorrow/ ZN553| The Royal Health/ Tune: Come, Boys, Fill up a Bumper/ Licensed, and Entr'd according to Order/ P5 93: R. Hayhurst

Come, boys, fill us a bumper/ ZN554| The Courtiers' Health/ Tune: Come, Boyes, fill us a Bumper; or, My Lodging is on the cold ground/ RB3 631 [3 copies] = CR 232 = DP 54: P. Brooksby, West- Smithfield [repeated RB5 90] [HH1 39]

Come Boys let us fill our Helmets/ ZN555| The Royal Health/ Tune: to a new Tune. [meaningless music]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 91: J. Conyers [at Black Raven] and J. Conyers [in St. Peters- Alley]

Come Brave Boys don't you hear/ ZN556| Englands Triumph.. King William's March.. to Ireland/ Tune: The Beggar with the Wooden-Leg/ With Allowance/ P2 308: J. W. near Fleet-street, 1689

Come brave Boys lay by your Fears/ ZN557| .... The Weavers Loyal Resolution/ Tune: Legon-Water/ With Allowance/ P5 138: J. Wilkins, 1689

Come brave Boys of great Renown/ ZN558| The Seamans and Souldiers Courageous Resolution.. P. of Orange/ Tune: Hark! the thundring Cannons rore/ P2 321: T. J[?].

Come brave England, be of good cheare/ ZN559| England's Joyful Holiday, Or, St. Georges Day/ Tune: The King Enjoys his own again/ By me O. G./ W1 28+26 [split sheet]: Rich. Burton

Come brave noble hearted Sea-men/ ZN560| The Protestant Seaman's Resolution/ Tune: The Soldier's Departure/ P4 208 = CR 233: J. Blare [HH2 62]

Come brave Young men lend and ear/ ZN561| The Young-Man's New Way of Courtship/ Tune: pleasant New Tune, called, The Ramp/ P3 157: James Gilbertson

Come buy my new ballet/ ZN562| The Ballad of the Cloak/ Tune: From Hunger and Cold: Or, Packington's Pound/ E #14: A. M. W.O. and T. Thackeray/ P2 218 = RC IV 32: P. Brooksby/ RB4 605 [RC III 394, with tune "Packington's Pound," but no imprint]/ CR 235: Reprinted, Revised, and enlarged by the Author/ CR 236: P. Brooksby [BC3 8, HH1 10, HH3 3] [tune given on some copies, BBBM #153. Simpson notes earlier version]

Come cease your songs of cuckolds row/ ZN563| A pleasant new song that plainly doth show .. all are Beggers/ Tune: Cuckolds all arow/ M2 #34: M. F. for R. Harper [Ptd. CP 114]

Come chear up your hearts, boys, & all hands to work/ ZN564| The True English Prophet/ Tune: new play house tune/ Licensed according to Order/ CR 237: T. Alldridge, 1697

Come, Come away you maidens fair/ ZN565| Fancies Favourite/ Tune: Fancies Phoenix./ [by] C[harles] H[ammond]/ P3 29 = CR 239: CVWC/ E 115: [no imprint]/ E 116: [no imprint]/ RB7 44: [no imprint] [HH1 105][Entd. 1675. AI 858. Very late entry]

Come, come, come, come, let us leave/ ZN566| The Gentlemans Resolution/ Tune: [with music, Purcell's? No tune indication]/ OPB 98: Charles Barnet

Come! come! come! come! What shall I say/ ZN567| [Main title missing] And lover's lamentable complaint/ Tune: The glass doth run/ SH #17 [1 verse, RB8 845]

Come, come great Orange, come away/ ZN568| Ballad/ Tune: Couragio/ CR 240: [no imprint]

Come, come my brave gold/ ZN569| Gathergood the Father and Scattergood the son [missing title from Stat. Reg. Entry, Apr. 9, 1638]/ Tune: To drive the cold winter away./ [By] N. P./ RB1 129: Henry Gosson [AI 946]

Come, come my deare, that art so pretty/ ZN570| Yong-man's most earnest affection/ Tune: New Northern Tune/ RB3 14: [no imprint]

Come, come, my roaring ranting boys/ ZN571| The Merry Boys of Christmas/ Tune: Hey, Boys, up go we/ RB5 82: [no imprint]

Come, come my sweet and bonny one/ ZN572| The Green-sickness grief/ Tune: pleasant new tune/ E 125: E. C. for CVW [Entered June 1, 1629. AI 1048. Some verses traditional]

Come, come you greedy worldlings/ ZN573| Bee Patient in Trouble/ Tune: Bodkin's Galliard/ [by] L. P./ RB3 174: John Wright, junior [Entered June 28, 1636. AI 172]

Come, England, make a joyful Day/ ZN574| England's Joy, For the Taking of the Chimney-Money/ Tune: Hey Boys up go we/ Licensed, and Entred according to Order/ P4 308: A. Milbourn. and sold by R. Hayhurst

Come follow, follow all/ ZN575| The brave English Jipsie/ Tune: The Spanish Jipsie/ RB3 329: John Trundle

Come follow follow me, you Fairy Elves that be/ ZN576| The Fairy Queene/ Tune: Spanish Gypsies./ M1 #13: Printed for Edw. Wright in Guiltspur-street

Come follow, follow me/ ZN577| Three merry Coblers/ Tune: The Spanish Gipsie/ [by] M. P./ RB2 587: F. Grove [Entd. Feb. 5, 1634. AI 3032]

Come friend if thy leisure permit thee to stay/ ZN578| The poor Mans Councellor/ Tune: The poor mans comfort/ P2 86: CTP/ RB8 103 [two copies, 2nd, Newcastle]: [no imprint]/ CR 241: P. Brooksby

Come friends and unto me draw near/ ZN579| The Royal Oak/ Tune: in my freedom is all my Joy/ [By] J. W./ E 308: Charles Tyus

Come, friends, let's away/ ZN580| The Quakers Farewel to England/ Tune: The Independents Voyage to New England/ With Allowance/ BB2 729: F. G., 1675 [too late for F. Grove]

Come from the Temple away to the bed/ ZN581| The Hasty Bridegroom/ Tune: Bass his Carreer, or, Bow Bells/ M1 #10: Francis Grove on Snow hill/ P4 95: WCTP/ CR 242: A. Milbourn, W. Ownly, and T. Thackeray/ RB7 458: [no imprint]/ RL 65: CVWC [DC1 96v, Morgan] [entered to Grove, June 17, 1656 and again, 1675. AI 1080, 1081. In AI 1081, Rollins points out an earlier version]

Come gallants and listen unto me a while/ ZN582| The new made Gentlewoman/ Tune: New tune, Or, Flatteries of Fate/ By L. W./ CR 243: CVWC/ RB8 562: [no imprint] [Entd. 1675. AI 1879]

Come Gallants and welcome, partake of my cheer/ ZN583| A Groats- worth of Mirth for a Penny/ Tune: The Country Farmer/ This may be Printed, R. L. S./ P3 207: J. Blare/ P5B 53: J. Blare

Come Gallants, let's tender/ ZN584| The Protestant Court of England/ Tune: The Pudding/ Licensed and Entred according to Order/ P2 275: A. Milbourn

Come give attention young and old/ ZN585| Frenchmens Wonder; or, The Battle of the Birds/ Tune: In Summer time/ With Allowance. Roger L'Strange/ WE25 64 = RL 78: CVWC [PG, p. 162]

Come give's a brimmer XX it up/ ZN586| A health to the Royal Family/ Tune: new Play house song, Tune, Hey boys up go we/ P2 217: WCTP

Come grant me, come leave me/ ZN587| The Golden Age/ Tune: pleasant new Court tune, or, Whoope do me no harme good man/ P1 152-3: I. T[rundle].

Come hear a wonder people all/ ZN588| Mount Aetna in flames/ Tune: Troy Town/ W1 199: CVW [PA 156]

Come hearken Apollo my pitiful groan/ ZN589| The Young-Mans Complaint for The Loss of his Mistris/ Tune: Excellent New Tune, I have lost my dear Mistris, &c./ P4 52: WCTP and M. Coles [no Vere] [HH2 162]// Come hearken Apollo my pitiful moan/ The Young-Mans Complaint/ Tune: Excellent New Tune, I have lost my dear Mistris/ CR 245: CVWC

Come hear a song, and a very fine song/ ZN590| The Trappand Taylor/ Tune: The loving Lad, and coy Lass: Or, wanton Willy, &c./ J. P./ With Allowance/ P3 74: TPW

Come hearken to me whilst the truth I do write/ ZN591|.. The Protestant Prophesie/ Tune: When Covetousness out of England will run/ WE25 117 = BB1 439: CVWC [Cf. Countrymans Prophesie, N147|]

Come hearken to me young maidens all/ ZN592| The Credulous Virgins complaint/ Tune: Sawney will never be my Love again/ CR 246: P. Brooksby [HH1 55, DC1 40, C.22.f.6 107]

Come here you brave Gallants/ ZN593| The Skilful Doctor; Or, The Compleat Mountebank/ Tune: Over the Mountains/ By R. Pilkington/ This may be Printed. R. P./ P4 265: J. Conyers [DC2 201v]

Come hither Friends and listen unto me/ ZN594| Englands honour, and Londons glory [proclaiming Charles II, May 8, 1660]/ Tune: Vi vel a roy/ [By] I. W./ E 97: William Gilbertson

Come hither good fellows and hear what I say/ ZN595| A Groatsworth of Good Counsel for a Penny, Or The Bad Husbands Repentance/ Tune: Packingtons Pound; Or, Digby's farewel/ With Allowance/ P4 78 = CR 247: P. Brooksby, Pye-corner/ RB6 480: [no imprint] [HH1 127, RL 19]

Come hither, good fellowes, come hither/ ZN596| The merry Old Woman/ Tune: This is my Grannam's deedle/ [by] Robert Guy/ RB2 164: F. Coules [Entd. July 8. 1633. AI 1743]

Come hither learned sisters/ ZN597| The Poets News-years-gift/ Tune: The Jovial Tinker, or Tom a Bedlam/ DC2 180: ?

Come hither my Daughter, come hither I pray/ ZN598| Good Sport for Protestants/ Tune: The [Two] English Travelers/ P3 46: J. Wallis

Come hither, my dear Betty, and sit thou down by me/ ZN599| True Love Indeed/ Tune: The Scotch Haymakers/ P3: W. J.[?] in the Strand

Come hither my dutiful son, and take this good counsel of me/ ZN600| Merry and Wise/ Tune: [none indicated/ RB6 217: [no imprint, 18th century]

Come hither, mine host, come hither/ ZN601| A Knott of good fellows/ Tune: Stand thy ground, old Harrye/ SH #21 [2 verses, RB8 857]

Come hither my jovall [sic] blades/ ZN602| The good Fellows Complaint/ Tune: Raged and torn and true/ M2 #23: John Hammond [Ptd. CP 209]

Come hither my Muse if that thou be'st cold/ ZN603| Michaelmas Term/ Tune: The Rambling Clerk/ P4 352: CVW/ BB1 401: CVWG [Entered July 8, 1633. AI 1758]

Come hither my pretty Sue/ ZN604| ..Dialogue.. Master and his Maid/ Tune: I Marry and thank you too [meaningless music given]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 224: J. Bissel

Come hither sweet Husband/ ZN605| A dainty new Dialogue between Henry and Elizabeth/ Tune: [Now] The Tyrant/ P4 76: CVWCTP/ E 78 = RB3 664 = CR 248: TPW [HH1 65]

Come hither sweet Nancy/ ZN606| The Two Jeering Lovers.. Dick Down-right..Nancy/ Tune: dainty new tune, call'd, Now the tyrant hath stolen, &c./ L. P./ [Ptd. CP 415]/ BF 2: William Gilbertson [Entd. May 15, 1656. AI 2764. Origin of tune title "Dick and Nan"]

Come hither sweet John, and let me discover/ ZN607| Joan's sorrowfull Lamentation/ Tune: Let Mary live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 91 = CR 249: BDBB/ RB7 346: P. Brooksby

Come hither, the merri'st of all the nine/ ZN608| Blew Cap for me/ Tune: Curious new Scottish tune called Blew Cap/ [Entered to Lambert, Mar 22, 1634. AI 219]/ RB1 75: Thomas Lambert [Also in An Antidote Against Melancholy, p. 29, 1661.]

Come hither thou seaman braue/ ZN609| The contended Couckould/ Tune: pleasant new tune/ P1 408-9: W. I[ones]. [Expanded version of "Cams't thou not from Newcastle."]

Come hither to me and I will declare/ ZN610| The Traytors downfal/ Tune: Fa, la, la [RB8 liii*]/ M1 #19: Printed for J. Andrews and J. Garraway, and are to be sold at the White Lyon, near Py[e Corner]/ E 350: Printed for Francis Coles, in the Old-Baily/ Lutrell [RB7 661]

Come hither young sinner/ ZN611| I warrant thee boy shee's Right.. Wanton Lass/ Tune: rare Northern Tune: Or, All Hail to the dayes, &c./ CR 250: T. Vere, 1664

Come hither yongmen and give eare/ ZN612| Life and death of George Sands.. executed.. 6 September, 1626/ Tune: Flying Fame/ P1 128-9: F. Coules

Come honest Neighbors all/ ZN613| A Harmony of Healths/ Tune: Give the word about/ M2 #38: John Hammond [Ptd. CP 188]

Come Hostess fill the pot/ ZN614| A very pleasant new Ditty/ Tune: Stand thy ground old Harry [Henry VIII ?]/ P1 282-3: H. Gosson

Come in Tom Longtayle, come short hose and round/ ZN3261| [Tom Long the Carrier?]/ [no broadside. Bishop Percy's Folio MS: Loose and Humorous Songs, p. 112.] [?Entd. 1561/62, 1633. AI 2658, 2659, 2660]

Come, Joane, by thy owne deerest husband sit downe/ ZN615| [Title shorn, Jack and Joan discourse]/ Tune: [diff. tunes for diff. parts] But I know what I know, Captaine Ward, and Gilty Coate Peggy [Scots, Kilt thy Coat Maggie?]/ [By] Ed. Ford/ RB1 249: F. Coules

Come, John, sit thee down, I have somewhat to say/ ZN616| An Amorous Dialogue between John and his Mistress/ Tune: Packington's Pound,; or, What should a young woman, &c., or, Captain Digby/ RB3 395 = WE25 26 = CR 252: P. Brooksby [?Entd. Sept. 5, 1681 to J. Clarke. AI 1295. But chapbook 'John and his Mistress', Pepys Penny Merriments, I #35, was published by J. Deacon] [Imitation of song is BB2 503, "Come sit thee down, Billy, I have something to say," N696|]

Come Lambeth wives & gossips all/ ZN617| The Five Merry Wives of Lambeth, Or, the Carpenter Cornuted/ Tune: I am a jovial Batchelor, &c./ WE25 95: R. Burton [The Gardiner toucht the Carpenters wife, a little above the knee]

Come let our sports with our songs be renownd/ ZN618| A pleasant new Ditty, called the new So Ho/ Tune: pleasant new Tune/ P1 462-3: R. B. [Entd. Oct. 13, 1657, to F. Grove. AI 1903]

Come let us be frollick and gay/ ZN619| The Mistery Discovered; Or, Frollick upon Frollick/ Tune: New Tune of, Come let us Frollick, &c./ CR 253: WCTP/ RB7 323: [no imprint]

Come let us drink the time invites/ ZN620| The Loyal Subject/ Tune: [none cited, its own. See RB8 xciv*]/ P4 243: E. C[rouch]. for CVW [DC2143v, RL 84]

Come let us joyful Anthems raise/ ZN621| The Scotch Lord's Welcome to England [coronation of Queen Anne]/ Tune: Over the hills and far away/ CR 254: [no imprint, c 1702-7]

Come let us merry be, brave boys/ ZN622| The Careless Drunkards/ Tune: The fair one let me in: Or, Jenny Gin, &c./ P4 239: J. Deacon

Come let us tryumph and be jolly/ ZN623| Englands Objects: [taking of Hugh Peters]/ Tune: Come hither my own sweet Duck/ W1 175: CVG

Come let's now rejoyce all with a loud voice/ ZN624| England's Captivity Returned/ Tune: The brave Sons of Mars/ RB8 787 [incomplete, from H. W. Balls' Coll'n]: [This ballad was, in early 19th cent., in Heber Collection, but did not pass, like most, to the Euing Collection]

Come let's sing of the Honour and Praise/ ZN625| The True Protestant's Triumph: Or, Lilli-Bolero in English/ Tune: [no tune direction, but verse form indicates tune is 'Lilli Burlero']/ P5 123 = RB7 718: John Wallis

Come let's to the tavern there's nothing so sweet/ ZN626| The Jovial Crew/ Tune: Let the Bay-liffs be hang'd, and the Serjeants accurst, or, Digby's Farewell/ RL 141: ?

Come light and listen gentlemen/ ZN627| A New Prophesie, or, Some Strange Speeches declared.. Margaret Hough/ Tune: the Old Mans Sorrow for these sad Times/ BF 27: Richard Burton [Ptd. CP 477]

Come listen a while and I'le tell you a jest/ ZN628| News out of the Strand.. 1662| Tune: Come my own dear let us dally a while [Crost Couple]/ E 252: Francis Grove

Come listen a while and a Story you'll hear/ ZN629| The Murtherer Justly Condemned.. May, 1697/ Tune: Packington'd Pound/ With Allowance/ E 223B: John Foster

Come listen a while and here I will relate/ ZN630| Simple Simon's Misfortune/ Tune: Delights of the Bottle/ RB8 428: Bow- Church-Yard [This is probably reissue of AI 2143, Mar. 31, 1688, "Poore unfortunate Symon, or, Margery's outragious Cruelty &c." See N2532| for Price's original]

Come listen a while, and I here will unfold/ ZN631| Evan's Gamesome Frollick/ Tune: The Country Farmer/ DC1 69: ?

Come listen a while and I will relate/ ZN632| The Extravagant Youth/ Tune: King James's Jigg; Or, The Country Farmer/ This may be Printed R. P./ P2 92 = CR 255: J. Deacon/ RB4 443: [no imprint] [HH1 96] [CB p. 309]

Come listen a while, and I here will unfold/ ZN633| A Fair Warning for Pride/ Tune: Touch of the Times/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 310: J. Bissel

Come listen a while and I will unfold/ ZN634| The Kentish Wonder .. Old Miser/ Tune: If Love's a sweet passion/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 189: E. Tracy

Come listen a while both Young and Old/ ZN635| A View of the Popish-Plot/ Tune: The bonny blacksmith/ P2 281: Printed in the Year 1689

Come listen a while though the weather be cold/ ZN636| Blanket Fair/ Tune: Packington's Pound/ CR 256: Charles Corbet, 1684 [HH4 35]

Come listen all good people/ ZN637| A True Relation... Notorious Cheater one Robert Bullock/ Tune: And for my Offence I shall die, or, For the loss of my goods/ By one of Oxford/ W1 197 = W2 91: [no imprint] [Ptd. PA 126]

Come listen all unto my song/ ZN638| The Male and Female Husband/ Tune: What shall I do, shall I dye for Love, &c./ CR 257 = RB8 444 [expurgated, restored readings p. 842]: P. Brooksby

Come listen all you that to mirth are inclin'd/ ZN639| The Plow-mans Prophesie/ Tune: Cook Laurel, or, The Country Miss, &c./ With Allowance. Ro. L'Estange/ WE25 81: J. Hose/ P4 297: J. Blare [RL 120]

Come listen and hear me tell/ ZN640| The Lass of Lynn's New Joy ..Third Song of Marry and Thank ye too/ Tune: same tune/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 300: J. Millet [See N1258|, N1304|]

Come listen awhile to the Lines which I bring/ ZN641| The Western Triumph: Or, The Royal Progress.. King James the II. into the West of England/ Tune: King James's Jigg/ This may be Printed. R. P./ P2 246: P. Brooksby

Come listen, come listen, come listen a while/ ZN642| The Female's Frolick/ Tune: Young Essex/ CR 258: W. O for T. Norris

Come listen kind neighbors/ ZN643| A Looking-glass for a covetous Miser/ Tune: Fair Angel of England, or, the Tyrant/ [by] T. I./ P2 19 = CR 259: TPW [HH1 159, C.22.f.6 7]

Come listen now both young and old/ ZN644| The Wonder of this present Age. Or, An Account of a Monster.. born [Sept. 16, 1687]/ Tune: Young Mans Legacy/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 285: J. Deacon

Come listen now dear Daughter Joan/ ZN645| The Mothers Kindness.. Daughters Vindication of.. Seaman/ Tune: The Spinning Wheel/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 212: BDBB

Come listen now you loyal subjects all/ ZN646| The Mournful Solemnity.. Funeral..William the Third.. [Apr. 12, 1702]/ BB1 319: B. Deacon and C. Bates

Come listen to me and I will declare/ ZN647| Good News for England, Or, The Worst is past/ Tune: the Woody Querristers, Or, Covetuousness out of England shall run/ This may be Printed, R. L. S./ P4 296: J. Conyers

Come listen to me, and I will declare/ ZN648| Crafty Maid: or, batchellour outwitted/ Tune: Fond Boy/ P5 242: J. Science

Come listen to me, brave English boys/ ZN649| Englands Scorn Or.. Sham Invasion/ Tune: A Pudding, &c./ P5 379: J. W., 1692

Come listen to me, my true Love/ ZN650| The Two Constant Lovers; Or, The Prentice obtain'd his Masters Daughter/ Tune: As I walked forth to take the Ayre, &c./ P3 61: J. Blare

Come listen to my song/ ZN651| Dirty Dolls Farewel/ Tune: The Rich Merchantman/ P5B 47: WCTP [lost fight with devil in 1684, and died]

Come listen to this ditty, Not far from London City/ ZN652| Lusty Lad of London/ Tune: A Soldier and a Sailor/ P5 226 = CR 261 = OPB 91: J. Deacon

Come listen to this pleasant ditty/ ZN653| Cuckoldy Cook/ Tune: The London Cuckold: or, [Oh] Mother Roger/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 255: J. Bissel

Come listen unto my new Ditty/ ZN654| The Wonder of Wonders: Or, An Excellent Song of a Six-Legged Creature [Louse]/ Tune: Old Simon the King/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 281 = CR 262 = RB7 477: James Bissel [HH2 156] [A version in Merry Drollery, 2nd part, 1661, is "The Louse" comencing "If that you will hear a ditty, That's framed by a six-footed Creature." Another is "The Soldier's praise of a Lowse" commencing "Will you please to hear a new ditty, In praise of a six-footed Ceature" in Westminster Drollery, 1671. Some are probably among AI 2185, 3019, 3020, and 3021]

Come listen well to a Jocular song/ ZN656| The Jolly Chair-Man/ Tune: Here I love, there I love, &c. [with meaningless music]/ Licensed according to Order/ OPB 41: [no imprint]

Come listen while I do relate/ ZN657| Perjured Sayler/ Tune: The Languishing Swain/ Licensed and Entred according to Order/ P5 371: J. Blare, 1693

Come listen, while I here unfold/ ZN658| Pretended Country Squire/ Tune: Marry and Glad/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 393: BDBB, 1692

Come listen ye Whigs, to my pitiful moan/ ZN658| The Salamanca Doctor's Farewell/ Tune: Packington's Pound/ RB5 605: Richard Butt [May, 1685?]

Come listen you gallants, see Come listen young gallants

Come listen, you Protestant Subjects/ ZN660| The Triumph of Namur/ Tune: The Evening Ramble/ Licens'd according to Order/ P5 88: J. Deacon

Come listen, young gallants/ ZN661| Shrewsbury for me/ Tune: delightful new tune, or, Shrewsbury for me/ WE25 44: Richard Burton// Come listen you gallants, of Shrowsbury fair town/ Shrowsbury for me/ Tune: delightful New Tune: or, Shrowsbury for me/ P2 135 = RB6 359 = CR 263: WCTP [Entd. July 26, 1658. AI 2440. Note this was a transfer from Burton, who had printed it earlier than the date of this entry]

Come listen young lovers/ ZN662| The Country Lass for me/ Tune: Hey Boys up go we/ CR 265: P. Brooksby [HH1 42]

Come listen young lovers, awhile, and you'll find/ ZN663| The Golden Bull/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 264: Bow-Church-Yard

Come little babe, come silly soul/ ZN664| A LULLABY [by Nicholas Breton]/ Tune: [no tune cited]/ [also on sheet, Diana and her darlings dear, N779|]/ P1 480-1: CTP/ E 251: CVWC [both songs]/ RB2 525 [same sheet as Diana and her darlings dear]: A. M. and Booksellers

Come live with me, see Live with me

Come London Boys all, and listen to me/ ZN665| A New Song/ Tune: The Prince of Orange's Delight/ Written by Richard Rigby, Shoomaker/ P2 293: John Wallis, 1689

Come, Love, let's walke into the Springe/ ZN666| The Lover's Delight/ Tune: New Court Tune/ RB1 611: Francis Coules

Come, love we god of might is most/ ZN3406| A Christmas Carroll maid by Sir Richard Shanne, priest/ Tune: [given]/ SHN 2

Come lovely lasses listen well/ ZN667| The repentant song of Sara Hill/ Tune: Live with me and be my love/ SH #50

Come lovers all, and you shall hear/ ZN668| Despairing Lover/ Tune: The Ruin'd Virgin/ Licens'd according to Order/ P5 283: J. Shooter (?answered by "What dismal tidings," N2791|)

Come lovers all both great and small/ ZN669| The Country Lass for me/ Tune: Hey Boys up go we/ CR 265: P. Brooksby, West- smithfield [HH1 42, C.22.f.6 98 ?Entd. Apr. 22, 1656. AI 405. Probably not]

Come maidens all and pity me/ ZN670| The Distracted Maid's Love to the Farmer's son/ Tune: Attend, you Boatmen, and give ear/ RB8 315: [no imprint, c 1756. A maid in Bedlam]

Come make a good Toast, and stir up the fire/ ZN671| The Pot- Companions/ Tune: Excellent New Tune; Or, The Loyal Health, &c./ Licensed according to Order/ P5 98: J. Millet

Come Maurice my brother let us go together/ ZN672| [Title partially shorn, on Prince Rupert and Prince Maurice]/ Tune: Plundering Jack, or, Nobody else shall plunder but I/ M2 #27: John Hammond [RB8 xxiii***, from this copy]

Come mourn, come mourn with me/ ZN673| The Brides Burial/ Tune: The Ladies Fall/ RB1 186: H. Gosson/ P3 358: [no imprint]/ E 21: CVW/ E 22: W. O. for A. M./ CR 266 = OPB 223: A. M./ CR 237, 268: [very late copies] [HH4 18] [Entered June 11, 1603, 1624, 1675. AI 236, 237, 238]

Come mourn with me fair Nymphs, come mourn/ ZN674| The Laundry Maids Lamentation for the loss of her Seaman/ Tune: Ah Jenny [Gin]/ This may be Printed. [no initials]/ P4 164: P. Brooksby, Py-corner

Come mourn with me ye Shepherds all/ ZN675| The Shepherds Joy Renewed/ Tune: Young Phaon/ P4 53: WCTP

Come mourn with me you Ladies all/ ZN676| The Trappan'd Virgin/ Tune: When busie Fame/ E 349 = CR 269 = RB7 178: CVWCTP

Come mournful muse assist my quill/ ZN677| The Tragedy of Hero and Leander/ Tune: pleasant New Tune, Or, I will never Love thee More/ E 347 = RB6 558: R. Burton [DC2 224v] [Expansion of song of c 1625-35 in Folger Shakespeare Lib. MS V.a. 345, and printed in Orpheus Caledonius, II, #40, 1733]

Come, my best and deerest/ ZN678| Amantium irae Amoris/ Tune: The Meddow brow/ RB1 18: H. Gossen

Come my dear hearts delight/ ZN679| The faithful Shepherd/ Tune: Hail to the mirtle shade/ P3 224: M. Coles, VWCTP

Come my fatall Sisters three/ ZN680| Whipping Cheere/ Tune: hempe and flax/ P1 208-9: H. G[osson]

Come my Grace come sit thee by me/ ZN681| George the Glover/ Tune: Tell me Jenny tell me roundly/ P3 227: Joshua Conyers

Come my hearts of gold, let us be merry and wise/ ZN682| The Reformed Drinker/ Tune [Old Simon?]/ RB6 317 [from unspecified source]

Come, neighbors, follow me/ ZN683| Cuckold's Haven/ Tune: The Spanish Gipsie/ RB1 148: M. P[arsons]. for Francis Grove [Entd. Jan. 25, 1638. AI 448]

Come noble hearts/ ZN684| The twelve brave Bells of Bow/ Tune: [as title]/ M2 #14: T. S. [Ptd. CP 251]

Come open the Door sweet Betty/ ZN685| John's Earnest Request/ Tune: Pleasant new Tune much in Request/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P3 62 = RB6 202 = CR 271: P. Brooksby/ E 154: E. Brooksby [HH3 11]

Come pity a Damsel distressed/ ZN686| The Forlorn Damsel/ Tune: Moggy's Jealousie/ E 109 = CR 273 = RB7 374: P. Brooksby [DC1 82]

Come pitty pitty me, all you that lovers be/ ZN687| Repenting Maids Sorrowful Lamentation/ Tune: Oh, my dearest dear/ P5 277: J. W. near Fleet-street, 1698?

Come prethy Love let me prepare/ ZN688| The Zealous Lover/ Tune: Underneath the Green wood Tree, &c./ E 408 = CR 274 = RB7 451: R. H. and J. Williamson

Come, prethy Peggy, let's imbrace/ ZN689| The Down-Right Wooing of Country William and his pretty Peggy/ Tune: A Fig for France/ With Allowance/ RB7 262: W. Thackeray, Crown-Tavern

Come prethy Wil let us drink our fill/ ZN690| [Title trimed].. Or The Good Fellows Frolick/ Tune: new Tune, Or, leave the World behind us/ P4 242: CVW

Come prethee young man do not flout/ ZN691| The maidens reply to the Young mans Resolution/ Tune: the Young Mans Resolution/ CR 275 = RB7 297: J. Williamson [HH2 17] [Answers "As I was walking under a grove," N269|] [Traditional version is in A. Williams' FSUT, "Then my love and I'll be married" p. 200]

Come Robin, Ralph, and little Harry, and merry Thomas at our green/ ZN692| The Shrop-shire Wakes. or, Hey for Christmas/ Tune: [Dargason]/ RL 144 = DC2 207: [P. Brooksby]

Come Shepheards, deck your heads/ ZN693| The Shepheards Lamentation/ Tune: plain-dealing Woman [tune known by 1st line]/ P1 366-7: I. W[right]. [?Entd. Feb. 20, 1613, ?Nov. 19, 1613. AI 2416, 2417. One of these could possibly be "In sad and ashy weeds", N1457|]

Come, Sisters three, with fatall knife/ ZN694| The Lover.. death of his Lady E. C./ [epitaph, no tune]/ SH #57

Come sit down my dear, until I declare/ ZN695| The happy meeting between Iohn and Betty/ Tune: Celia's my foe/ By L. W./ With Allowance/ WE25 138: CVWC [RL 96]

Come, sitt thee down by these Coole streams/ ZN3271| [?A fair warning for coy maides]/ [no broadside extant. Song in Bishop Percy's Folio MS: Loose and Humorous Songs, p. 111. ?Entd. as title above, June 6, 1633. AI 830. See M. Crum, First Line Index..Bodleian, C 603, "A Sonnet"]

Come sit thee down, Billy, I have something to say/ ZN696| A Merry Discourse between Billy and his Mistress/ Tune: Lye still my dear Shepherd (see note) / BB2 503: F[rather J]. Jordan [Cf. "Come, John sit thee down", ZN616. Tune from 1st line of 2nd half of 1st verse of N17|, possibly the original start of that song]

Come son, you are young, yet I oft have been told/ ZN697| The Father's good Counsel/ Tune: The delights of the bottle/ RB8 578: [no imprint, 18th cent.?]

Come sound up your trumpets and beat up your drums/ ZN698| Queen Elizabeths's Champion, or Great Britian's glory.. Earl of Essex over emperor of Germany/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB6 405: [no imprint. 18th century]/ FSLB 6: Bow-church-yard/ Harvard Catalogue 1035: [no imprint]

Come sweet lass, this bonny weather/ ZN699| ...Jockey's Complaint/ Tune: [none indicated, meaningless music given. BBBM #82]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 263: C. Bates, Sun and Bible// Slighted Jockey/ Tune: Pleasant new Tune/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 274: J. Deacon

Come take a view good people all/ ZN700| Natures Wonder?/ Tune: London Prentice: Or, Jovial Batchelor/ With Allowance, Novemb. 12th, 1664| E 237: E[liz]. Andrews [PA 23]

Come the merriest of the nine/ ZN701| An Exact Description ..[Procession to Parliament, 1640]/ Tune: Triumph and Joy/ [by] M. P./ W1 139: sold at Horse-shoe [Ed. Griffin] [Entd. Mar. 20, 1640. AI 2548. Ptd. CP 77]

Come, turn thy Rosie face/ ZN702| The Loves of Damon and Sappho/ Tune: Hail to the Myrtle Shades/ RB6 153 = CR 277: CVWCTP [HH2 1]

Come ye merry men all, of Watermans-hall/ ZN703| The Thames Uncas'd/ Tune: Hey Boys up go we/ CR 278: Printed for the Author, and Sold by J. Norris, 1684

Come you brave gallants that long to hear news/ ZN704| New from the Navy/ Tune: He that hath the most money is the best man/ Wood 276a 548: J. Clarke, Harp and Bible

Come, you learned poets/ ZN705| The Wonderful and Miraculous Escape.. [of K. Charles]/ Tune: Come let us drink, the time invites/ W1 173: CVG [Ptd. RB8 lxvii*]

Come you lusty Lovers and hear a pleasant Jest/ ZN706| The Slighted Virgin/ Tune: The Scotch Hay-makers/ P3 69: J. Blare

Come, you lusty Northerne lads/ ZN707| A lamentable new Ditty.. George Stoole/ Tune: A Delicate Scottish Tune/ [Burden] and God be with my Georgie/ RB1 576: H. Gosson [Child Ballad #209. Entered June 1, 1629. AI 1115. Tune in Straloch lute MS, "God be with thee Geordie," is unfortunately defectively noted. For later version of song see "As I went over London bridge", ZN279]

[Come you] Maidens all, that are wishing to wed ZN708| [part of left col. missing]/ The Married-womans Case/ Tune: Married-mans Case/ [By] M. P[arker]./ P1 410-11: H. G[osson].

Come you young men and maidens fair/ ZN709| The dying Young-man, and the obdurate Maid/ Tune: Fancis Phenix/ E 59: John Andrews

Come young men and listen to what I'le you show/ ZN710| A good wife is a portion every day/ Tune: Packington's Pound/ By John Wade/ WE25 131: R. Burton/ RB6 332 = CR 280 = DP 25: P. Brooksby [DC1 90v, RL 210]

Come young men and maidens, both of high and low degree/ ZN711| The Politick Maid of Suffolk; or, the Lawyer Outwitted/ Tune: Alas! poor thing/ RB8 431 [from Madden3 638 [incomplete]: J. Butler, Worcester [DC2 180] [Cf. N3130|]

Company of Gossips that love strong bub/ ZN712| The Merry Gossips Vindication/ Tune: Digby's Farwel/ CR 282: P. Brooksby [HWS 299]

Complaine my Lute complaine on him/ ZN713| A pleasant new Ballad of two Louers/ Tune: pleasant new tune/ P1 338: H. G[osson]./ RB2 305 = M2 #26a = CR 283: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke [It appears that this has been separated from "I wander up and down," N1345|, on Roxburghe and Crawford copies, but not on Manchester ?Entd Dec. 11, 1639. AI 2109]

Conceits of sundry sorts there are/ ZN714| A most excellant Ditty, called Collins Conceit/ Tune: Wigmores Galliard/ P1 455: H. G[osson]

Conscience, for a fancy, rambl'd forth to find/ ZN715| Truth in Mourning/ Tune: Scotch Hay-makers/ P2 52: J. Blare

Consydering Godes mercye greate/ ZN3361| [no title]/ Finis quothe Sponer/ ASM 32 [Rollins, Notes, entd. 1558/9. AI 815]

Consyderynge the great goodnes of Gode, full of myght/ ZN3383| [no title]/ ASM 55

Considerynge this worlde and the incres off vice/ ZN3351| [no title]/ Finis, T. S. P./ ASM 22 [Rollins, Notes, see for copy entituled 'Caveat Against Idle Rumours', Old Ballads, 1810, and other late copies]

Constancy I am sure is not my Fate/ ZN716| Unconstant William/ Tune: Excellent New Tune [with meaningless music]/ [Answered by "I am a brisk batchelor, aiery and young," N1190|]/ P5 155 = CR 284 = RB7 200: C. Bates [C.22.f.6 220]

Constant Betty that sweet creature/ ZN717| Kind William. Or, Constant Betty/ Tune: the Doubting Virgin/ P3 179 = CR 285 = RB7 201: J. Deacon [HH1 91 = 90v, C.22.f.6 46v]

Cook Laurel would have the Devil his Guest/ ZN718| A Strange Banquet; Or, The Devils entertainment by Cook Laurel/ Tune: Cook Laurel/ P4 284: WCTP/ Licens'd and Enter'd according to Order, E 343 = CR 286 = RB7 219: W. O. for A.M. and sold by J. Deacon/ RL 207: F. Coles/ C.20.f.292: W. Gilbertson [This piece by Ben Johnson is in An Antidote Against Melancholy , 1661, and, among other places, Bishop Percy's Folio MS: Loose and Humorous Songs, p. 40.]

Could Man his wish obtain/ ZN719| The Mournful Shepherd ..Played and Sung at the King's Play-House/ Tune: Pleasant New Tune, called Could man his Wish Obtain, &c./ P3 356 = E 234 = RB6 62 [two copies] = CR 287: P. Brooksby, West-Smithfield [DC2 160, HH2 34] [Possible sequel is N2018|]

A Counsell grave our King did hold/ ZN720| A.., The Battell of Agen-Court/ Tune: When flying Fame/ P1 90-1: S. W.

A country blade of late/ ZN721| Mars and Venus in Opposition/ Tune: Colonell Downes his men/ M2 #11: F. G[rove].

The country damsells boast/ ZN722| London Lasses Vindication/ Tune: The milking pail/ P5 254: P. Brooksby

A Country farmer, as 'tis said/ ZN723| The Skillful Doctor of Glocester-shire/ Tune: The Beds making/ P1 530-1: CTP/ CR 288/ Thackeray, Millet and Milbourn/ RB8 570: CVW [DC2 199v] [Entd. Mar. 12, 1656, 1675. AI 2462, 2463]

The country Farmer is now undone/ ZN724| The Answer to the Buxome Virgin [= The Country Farmer]/ Tune: The Country-farmer, Or, The Buxome Virgin/ P3 189 = CR 289: J. Deacon/ RB3 366: [no imprint] [HH1 41] [Answer to "There was a brisk lass," N2489|, N758|]

A country Gentleman came up to town/ ZN725| .. Debauchery Scared; Or, the Beggar-wnch [sic] trund [sic] into a Devil/ Tune: Ladies of London/ This may be printed, R. P./ P4 306 = RB4 20 = CR 290: J. Bissel

A Country Lad and bonny Lass/ ZN726| Have-at a Venture/ Tune: Hey boys up go we/ P3 233 = CR 291 = [expurgated] RB8 694: WCTP [HH1 128] [Common Muse #116]

A country life is sweet/ Plowman's Praise/ ZN727| Tune: The Bonny Milkmaid, &c./ P5 264: J. Deacon

Countrie men of England/ ZN728| Saylors for my money/ Tune: Iouiall Cobler/ [by] M. P[arker]./ Chorus: How ere the wind doth blow/ P1 420-1: C. Wright [Early version of "When the stormy winds do blow," N3028|, by J. P.]/ [Ptd. RB6 797] [Cf earlier N221|]

The country store up hay, oats and wheat/ ZN729| Answer to Harvest Home: Tune: Harvest Home/ CR 292: BDBB

Courteous kind Gallants all/ ZN730| Sir Walter Rauleigh his lamentation..October 1618/ Tune: welladay/ P1 110-1: Philip Birch

Courtiers, courtiers, think it no harm/ ZN731| The Beggars Delight; as it was Sung at the Theatre-Royal/ Tune: [it's own, none indicated]/ P4 253: [imprint trimmed]/ CR 293: P. Brooksby, Pye-corner [DC1 18, C.22.f.6 85] [in Pills, IV, p. 142, 1719]

A cruell Cornish murder/ ZN732| [Title shorn. On murder]/ Tune: Ladies daughter/ Finis. M. P./ P5B 13-14: F. Coules

Cruel fate that mortal foe/ ZN733| Mournful Moggy/ Tune: Excellent new Tune/ Licens'd according to Order/ P5 278: C. Bates, Sun and Bible

Cuckold, my friende, wilt mee believe, Never express the thinge that makes thee greive/ ZN3400| [no title]/ ASM 73

Cudie and Peggy together/ ZN734| The Souldiers delight in the North/ Tune: the Northern Diddle, or, raged and torn/ [incomplete]/ M2 #32: [no imprint] [Entd. Mar. 16, 1635. AI 2472. Ptd. C. R. Baskerville's Elizabethan Jig, #7, 1929, 1965]

Cupid, as you shall understand/ ZN735| A New Song/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB8 198: 814: [no imprint, c 1775]

Cupid, leave thy tyranizing/ ZN736| Love's Tyrannick Conquest/ Tune: Blush no redder than the morning [With music which doesn't fit, "Great York has been debar'd of late." See BBBM #167, and for proper tune #30]/ RB6 290: C. Hussey [BC]

A curse of your shams, ye coffee-house dames/ ZN737| Complaint of all the She-Traders/ Tune: an Orange/ P5 405: I. Wallis

A curse on blind Cupid his name I do hate/ ZN738| A Westminster Wedding, Or, A Whore-master Buried Alive/ Tune: [Digby's Farewel]/ RL 142

A Curse on the zealous and ignorant crew/ ZN739| Love and Honesty/ Tune: The Duke of Monmouth's Jigg/ With Allowance, Ro. L'Estrange/ RB6 56: E. Oliver [RL 71]

A dainty spruce young Gallant/ ZN740| The Secret Lovers, Or, The jealous Father Beguil'd/ Tune: West-Country Tune; Or, Alack for my Love I must dye/ P3 127 = RB6 205 = CR 295: P. Brooksby [DC2 203v]

The dairy-Maid's Tragedy I beheld/ ZN741| An Answer to the Dairy Maid's Tragedy/ Tune: The Nightingale's Song/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 321: J. Deacon [See "As I through the meadows one morning did pass," N233|]

The Damask Rose, nor Lilly faire/ ZN742| Love's Solace/ Tune: New Court Tune called The Damaske Rose/ [by] M. P./ RB1 623: Francis Grove [Entd. 1632, ?1632. AI 1572, ?1966]

Dame Flora in her rich array/ ZN743| Flora's Departure/ Tune: Young Phaon, or, Busie Fame/ RB6 103: J. Deacon

Damon in the shade was walking/ ZN744| No Love, No Life/ Tune: Tender Hearts of London City/ P3 196 = RB6 89 = CR 296: J. Deacon

A damsel came to London town/ ZN745| The London Taylors Misfortune/ Tune: Four-Pence-halfpenny-Farthing/ This may be Printed, R. P./ CR 297: J. Back [Ptd. RB7 470] [DC2 127v] [See Golden Garland, "The Barber fitted by a Wanton Miss"]

A Damsel came to London Town/ ZN746| Roger the Millers present/ Tune: Billy and Molly: Or, A Job for a Journey-man Shooe-maker/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P3 211: J. Blare [expurgated in RB8 625]

A damsel fair, compleat and fine/ ZN747| The Maidens Answer to the Young-Man's Request/ Tune: Then my love and I will marry/ BB2 535: I. Blare [see "As I was walking under a grove," N269|]

A damsel with a knight lived of late/ ZN748| Dorset-shire Tragedy/ Tune: The Ruined Virgin/ P5 303: J. Blare

Dark clouds and storms did hide the glorious sun/ ZN749| Good News for England.. Long live Charles the Second/ Tune: Bodkins Galliard/ [By] A. Starkey/ E 131: M[artha]. Wright, Kings Head

A Dean and Prebendary/ ZN750| The Battle Royal/ Tune: a Soldier and a Sailor/ CR 1010: Printed in the Year, 1689 [Ptd. Pills VI, 213, 1720]

Dear Brother, and Confederate/ ZN751| King James his Lamentation/ Tune: The Leggan Water/ P2 297: Charles Thorp

Dear, comfort I must, though it grieves me to go/ ZN752| The Unchangeable Lovers/ Tune: Cloris, awake/ RB6 795 = CR 298: J. Conyers

Dear Country-men, at my departure/ ZN753| The Soldiers Return/ Tune: The Soldier's Departure/ BB1 338: P. Brooksby. Pye-Corner

Dear Cousin Agra, and my Friends now attend/ ZN754| Teague, the Irish Trooper/ Tune: Old Siege of Limerick: Or, Let Caesar live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 360: BDBB

Dear daughter come hither and hear what I say/ ZN755| The Witty Damsel of Devonshire/ Tune: Here I love, there I love: Or, The Two English Travellers/ Licensed according to Order/ CR 299: BDBB [HH2 151]

Dear Daughter, i'de have thee to take special care/ ZN756| The wonderful Praise of a Good Husband/ Tune: My Life and my Death; Or, The Poor Man's Counsellor/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 88 = CR 300: J. Deacon/ RB7 147: [no imprint] [Answer commences "Good Husbands are Jewels far better then Gold," N1007|]

Dear friends behold a brother most sad/ ZN757| Quakers lamentation/ Tune: The Old Man's Wish/ With Allowance/ P5 409: T. Moore, 1692

Dear Gill, I ne'r thought, untill last night/ ZN758| The New Married Couple.. Country Farmer../ Tune: The Country Farmer/ RB4 17: P. Brooksby [DC2 165v = Common Muse #198. [1st sequel to "There was a brisk lass," N2489|, Cf N724|]

Dear Jockey's gone to the wood, and dame Jenny's gone twa/ ZN759| The Scotch Wooing/ Tune: Jockey's gone to the wood/ RB7 305 = CR 302: P. Brooksby [HH2 84: DC2 195, 208]

Dear Lord what sad and sorrowful times/ ZN760| Strange and Wonderful News of a Woman which lived near unto... London/ Tune: in Summer time/ [by] L. P./ [Ptd. CP 372]/ BF 28: Fran. Grove

Dear love regard my grief/ ZN761| The Trial of True Love/ Tune: Dainty come thou to me/ M2 #17b: [imprint shorn]// A Pattern of True Love/ WE25 35: CVW/ P3 223: CTP/ Licensed and Entered according to Order/ RB6 682: [no imprint]/ CR 303: CVG/ CR 304/ W. Thackeray [RL 174, DC3 68, BC2 121] [?Entd. June 18, 1639. AI 2690. Rollins suggested N3053|, but late tune dates rule that out. Entd. 1624, 1675. AI 479, 2050]

Dear mother, I, alas! must leave/ ZN762| The Sorrowful Mother/ Tune: Troy Town/ This may be Printed, R. P./ RB8 90 = CR 305: J. Deacon [HH2 92]

Dear mother I reckon to marry, I hope you will give your consent/ ZN763| The Ploughman's Praise/ Tune: The Evening Ramble/ Licensed according to Order/ CR 306: P. Brooksby [Ptd. RB8 682] [much later "Young Roger that follows the plow," Lib. of Congress broadside]

Dear Pickininny, if half a guinea/ ZN764| The Captains Courtship/ Tune: Sung in Don Quixote [expansion of D'Urfey song]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 214: [no imprint]

Dearest dear we must be parted/ ZN765| The Seamans Constancy/ Tune: The Doubting Virgin/ This may be Printed, R. L. S./ P4 190: C. Dennisson

Dearest do! You easily may/ ZN766| The New Way of Marriage/ Tune: Pleasant New Tune/ With Allowance/ RB7 158 = CR 308: P. Brooksby, West-smith-field

Dearest know I do not slight thee/ ZN767| The Doubting Virgin's Satisfaction/ Tune: The Repriev'd Captive; Or, The Doubting Virgin [same tune]/ RB4 347: P. Brooksby [Answer to "Oh, my dearest do not slight me," N2031|]

Dearest love, I needs must leave thee/ ZN768| A Dialogue between a Souldier and his love, at his taking his leave/ Tune: The Souldier's Departure/ [from The Royal Garland of Protestent Delight, 1689]/ BB2 547: J. Blare [Ptd. RB7 734]

Dearest Nanny, prithee tell me/ ZN769| Doubtful Robin; Or, Constant Nanny/ Tune: Wou'd you be a Man of Fashion, or, Doubting Virgin/ RB4 376 = CR 310: P. Brooksby, Pye Corner

Death! quickly come away/ ZN770| Celia's Complaint for the loss of her Virginity/ Tune: Philander/ RB3 505 = CR 311: Charles Passinger/ DP4: [no imprint] [HH1 25]

The delights and the pleasures/ ZN771| The Prodical Son Converted/ Tune: New Play-House Tune, Call'd, The Delights of the Bottle, &c./ RB4 49: R. Burton

The delights of a cuckold that doth not repine/ ZN772| The Rich and Flourishing Cuckold well Satisfied/ Tune: The delights of the Bottle/ With Permission by R. L'Strange/ WE25 123: CVWC [RL 22, Ptd. RB8 clxiv*]

The Delights of the Bottle, & Charms of good wine/ ZN773| The Delights of the Bottle/ Tune: most Admirable New Tune, every where much in Request/ E 71 = WE25 58: P. Brooksby, and R. Burton/ RB4 44: [no imprint]/ CR 312 = DP 48: P. Brooksby [HH1 69, RL 34] [Entd. July 1, 1678 to 'company' another of Burton's here claimed by 'company.' AI 535. Rollins notes original by T. Shadwell]

The delights of the bottle are turn'd out of doors/ ZN774| The Wine-Coopers Delight/ Tune: The Delights of the Bottle/ RB4 53: Printed for the Protestant Ballad Singers [Wood 276a 553, W7 61]

Dell's Mistress dear, with Carret hair/ ZN775| The Lamentation of Dell's Mistress/ Tune: a New Tune, called; The little Fishes in the Deep, knows no such liberty/ P3 333: CVWC [for tune see Crum Index, T 1187, and 2nd verse of ZN1724.]

A Den of foxes on a day/ ZN776| The Fox too Cunning for the Lyon/ Tune: the Three Cheaters/ CR 314: Charles Tyus [HH1 111]

The devil has left his puritanical dress/ ZN777| ..Licentiousness of the Times/ Tune: The Blinde Beggar of Bednall-Green/ BB2 715 = CR 315: [npn] 1679

De'el take the wars that hurry'd Willy from me/ ZN778| ... Scotch Song [.in.] A Wife for Any Man/ Tune: [none indicated, meaningless music given. BBBM #114]/ P5 259: A. M., 1696

Diana and her darlings dear/ ZN779| A new Sonet.. Diana/ Tune: Rogero [on Manchester copy only, BBBM p. 612. Otherwise Tune is "a New Tune."]/ M1 #29: J. W. dwelling in the Old Bayley/ E 251: CVWC/ RB2 520: Printed by and for A. M., and sold by booksellers/ RC III 422: [J. White, Newcastle?]/ E 251: CVWC/ P1 480: CTP [See N664 for other song printed on same sheet in some collections. Manchester copy reprinted by Rollins in A Handeful of Pleasant Delights, p. 93, 1924. Roxburghe copy ptd. CB p. 260. Entd. 1624, 1675. AI 597, 2497. Cf. AI 988. J. W. above is the 2nd John Wright who dropped the 'junior' designation after the first died, c 1646]

Diana's a Nymph so chast and so fair/ ZN780| Diana's Darling/ Tune: new Tune.. called Diana's a nymph/ With Allowance/ P3 230 = CR 316: J. Conyers/ RB4 58: [no imprint]

Dick resolved to court young Nan/ ZN781| Dicks Loyalty To his True Love Nancy/ Tune: The Maids a Washing/ This may be Printed, R. P. /P3 182: J. Deacon [DC1 64v]

Did you never hear of worthy butchers three/ ZN782| The Three worthy Butchers of the North/ Tune: Pleasant New Tune/ [by] Paul Burges/ RB7 59 = CR 317: P. Brooksby, West-Smithfield [Traditional. Laws L4] [HH2 100] [See also, "I'll tell you a story of lovely butchers three," N1365|]

Did you not hear a fellow/ ZN783| The Young Man's approbation against the Wise Fortune-Teller/ Tune: Corridon's Complaint/ [by] John Wade/ RB4 493: J. Lock for J. Clarke, Bible and Harp

Did you not hear of a bricklayer of late/ ZN784| A Job for a Journeyman Joyner/ Tune: [Ladies of London]/ DC1 106: ?

Did you not hear of a rumor of late/ ZN785| The Long-Nose'd Lass/ Tune: The Country Farmer/ This may be Printed, R. P./ RB8 29: P. Brooksby

Did you not hear of a Wedding of late/ ZN786| An Answer to the Wealthy Grasier/ Tune: Ladies of London/ This may be Printed. R. P./ P3 172: J. Deacon [Answer to "Prithee sweet creature," N2256|]

Did'st ever see the like, dear brother/ ZN787| The Downfal Of the Whiggs/ Tune: Patrick Flemmen he was a galant Souldier/ CR 318: J. Dean

Diogenes that laugh'd to see/ Here is an Item for you/ ZN788| Tune: King Henry [is gone to Bullen]/ P1 202-3: M. F[lesher]./ RB1 457: M. F.

Disloyal lovers listen now/ ZN789| An Answer to The Merchants Son of Exeter/ Tune: O how can I be merry or glad/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 366: BDBB [Sequel to "Susan a merchants daughter dear," N2418|]

The dismal day is come at last/ ZN790| The Mournful Murderer.. George Gadesby.. 28th of May, 1697/ Tune: Russel's Farewel/ Licensed according to Order/ [Roman letter]/P5 23: J. Shooter

Do you see how basely this young Maid/ ZN791| The Young-Mans Answer to the Merry Maid of Shoreditch/ Tune: Hold Buckle and Thong together/ P3 260: J. Deacon [Answer to "You Young maids all," N3148|]

The doleful news which every day/ ZN792| Horrible Murder/ Tune: The Children in the Wood/ P5B 23: CVWCTP

Dolly and Molly are new come to town/ ZN793| Dolly and Molly/ Tune: excellent new play-house tune; Or, Bacon and Beans/ With Allowance. Ro. L'Strange/ WE25 140: Printed for P. B[rooksby] and E. O[liver]/ CR 319: P. Brooksby [HH1 77]

Down as I lay, one morning in May/ ZN794| Part Second [of Birds Harmnoy]/ Tune: [none]/ RB6 308: [Aldermary Churchyard, 18th century]

Down by a forrest as I did pass/ ZN795| The woeful complaint, and lamentable death of a forsaken Louer/ Tune: pleasant new tune/ P1 354-5: Henry Gosson/ P3 347: CTP/ E 391: CVW/ E 392: [no imprint]./ E 393: [no imprint]/ RB7 422 = CR 320: A. M., W. O., and Tho. Thackeray [RL 175][Entd. 1624, 1675. AI 633, 2982]

Down by the side of a fair Christial Fountain/ ZN796| The Languishing Swain/ Tune: Charon, make haste/ This may be Printed, R. P./ CR 321/ RB6 29: [no imprint]

Down in a cypress grove as I was lying/ ZN797| A Strange encounter of two Lovers/ Tune: On the Bank of a Brook, &c./ With Allowance/ [lover's ship sunk, made slave to Turks, escaped and returned]/ WE25 147: CVWC [DC2 211]

Downe in a Garden sits my dearest Love/ ZN798| The Maid's Comfort/ Tune: Pleasant New Tune/ RB2X 1 (RC1 242-3) [repeated] RB8 cxxix*: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke [Ebsworth gives version from Wit's Interpreter, 1656, in RB8 749. With tune in NLS Leyden MS of 1639]

Down in a garden green/ ZN799| The Ill Fortune of a Younger Brother/ Tune: If I should marry a young wife/ With Allowance/ By L. W./ WE25 4: CVWC

Down in a Meadow, the River running clear/ ZN800| The Countrey peoples Felicity/ Tune: The Hay-makers Mask/ L. P[rice]./ E 49: Francis Grove [Entd. Mar. 12, 1656. AI 413. Traditional, familiar from the Copper family's singing but recorded from others in England as late as the 1970's]

Down in a meadow [where Nymphs are playing?]/ ZN801| True Love Revealed/ Tune: State and Ambition/ DC2 231: ? [Simpson notes this is revision of "Down in a Valley where nymphs are playing," N803|]

Down in a pleasant Valley/ ZN802| Loves Quintessence. Or, The Frolick on Hackney Marsh/ Tune: new Scotch Tune, or in January last/ P3 273: J. Conyers

Down in a valley where nymphs are a playing/ ZN803| True Love Unvail'd/ Tune: Rare New Tune, Or, The French Minnim/ With Allowance/ CR 322: P. Brooksby [HH2 110] [Simpson notes revised version "Down in a meadow" = "True Love Revealed," N801|]

Down in an Arbour devoted to Venus/ ZN804| Youngmans careless Wooing..all done out of old English Proverbs/ Tune: Mars and Venus. [See, Abroad of late]/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P3 130 = CR 323: P. Brooksby [?Earlier version, July 18, 1623. AI 2769]

Draw near and here attend a while/ ZN805| The Trappan'd Maulster; Or, The Crafty Ale-Wife/ Tune: A Fig for France/ P3 277: J. Deacon

Drawe nere, dood [good] frendes, & list awhile/ ZN3324| true balett of Deniing [denying] a poore man a loffe of bred, which he paid for. --1577/ [no tune indication]/ CV 47 [Entd. Dec. 14, 1624 as 'The rich man of Yorke' with many other old ballads. AI 2294. The rich man was named Phidrus, which seems to rule out AI 1076, See also AI 1341 = 1405. Cf. N2529|]

Draw near kind friends and neighbors all/ ZN806| The Dying Tears of a Penitent Sinner/ Tune: The Faithful Friend, or the Brothers Gift/ Entred according to Order/ E 62: Francis Grove/ E 63 = RB4 362 = CR 324: CVWCTP [RL 38] [to Grove, Dec. 24, 1638, 1675. AI 657, 658]

Draw near to me young girls so fine/ ZN807| The Crafty Maids Approbation/ Tune: A Fig for France/ WE25 70: J. Williamson/ E 36: CVWCTP?/ Licens'd and Enter'd according to Order/ E 37 = RB3 565 = CR 325: W. O., A. M., C. Bates

Draw neere you Countrey Girls/ ZN808| Seldome Cleanly/ Tune: Upon a Summers time/ [By] L. P./ E 330 = RB2 514: Iohn Wright, junior

Draw near young lasses that in the first passes/ ZN809| Doctors Medicine/ Tune: This will restore my maiden-head again/ WE25 43: J. Clark, Bible and Harp

Draw near young Maidens every one/ Loves Downfall/ ZN810| Tune: Flora farewel Or, True Love rewarded with Loyalty/ WE25 61: TPW/ P3 326: CTP/ P5B 49 = RB6 265 = CR 327: A. M., W. O. and T. Thackeray [RL 27v] [Entd. July 1, 1678. AI 1563. Falls in love with fathers stable groom]

The dreadfull day of doom drawes neare/ ZN811| Miraculous news from the city of Holdt/ Tune: Lady's Fall/ [Entd. Oct 20, 1616]/ SH 16# [1 verse, RB8 845]

Drown'd melancholy, in a glass of wine/ ZN812| The Couragious Loyalists/ Tune: Rowze up Great Monarch [with meaningless music]/ CR 328 = OPB 100: I. Deacon

Drunkards how dare ye boast of your hard drinking/ ZN813| Looking-Glass for Drunkards. Or, the Good-Fellows Folly/ Tune: Fy, Dutchmen, fye!/ W25 52: R. Burton/ P4 258: R. B. and sold by CVWC

Dule Hamilton was as brave a lord as ever Scotland could afford/ ZN814| Duke Hamilton and Lord Mohun's Fight/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB8 234: [no imprint, c 1713]

During the reign of the Roy Robert/ ZN815| .. challenge of King Robert/ Tune: [none indicated]/ P5A 2: [Scottish broadside with no imprint]

A Dyer's wife she was a dainty curious doe/ ZN816| The Dyer's Destiny/ Tune: Why are my eyes still flowing, &c./ RB4 405 = CR 330: J. Blare [HH1 84] [Ebsworth ptd. 'Cuckold' upside down, making sure it drew attention!]

E Hath my herte in hold/ ZN817| Two proper nue Balletes/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 331: [no imprint. c 1560. On same sheet is "A thousand times I me recomende", N1601|]

Earely in the morne, when the night's ouerworne/ ZN818| The Faulconers Hunting/ Tune: Basse his Careere/ P1 452-3: E. A[lde]. [Rollins, The Pepys Ballads, II, p. 40, takes this to be an immitation of Basse's Carrier, N1707|, on same sheet. A close imitation of the one here is in Bishop Percy's Folio MS, Vol. III, p. 369.]

Early in the morning fair/ ZN819| The West Country Squire/ Tune: Liggan Water, Or, Nanny, O/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 62: J. Deacon

The Earl of Essex in the tower/ ZN820| Romes Cruelty.. Essex.. Murthered/ Tune: There is one Black and Sullen Hour/ P2 177: P. B.

E'er, see Ever

An elder time was so yore, see In elder times there was of yore

The elfin knight sits on yon hill/ ZN821| The wind hath blown my plaid away/ Tune: its own pleasant new Tune/ P5A 5: [Scottish broadside with no imprint. Child Ballad #2]

The Emperor of Germany/ ZN822| The two faithful Friends ..Alexander and Lodwicke/ Tune: Flying Fame/ P1 82-3: Henry Gosson

An Emporer Vespasian sometime in Rome there was/ ZN823| Of the horrible and woful destruction of Jerusalem/ Tune: Queen's Almaine/ W1 81b [= 82]: CWVG [One verse ptd. RB7 824] [reissue of 16th cent. ballad, CLB 116]

England cast off thy mourning/ ZN824| London and England Triumphant ..Proclaiming of King Charles the Second/ Tune: I am a jovial Batchelor/ E 167: F. Grove

England, give prayse unto the Lord thy God/ ZN825| A joyfull new ballad..Victory obtained by my Lord Mount-joy.. 2 of December last [1601] to [Jan. 9, 1602]/ Tune: Fortune, my Foe/ SH #31 [Ptd. RB8 xi***][ Prob. that entered Jan. 22, 1602, AI 65]

England Must be Watchful now/ Romes Plots/ ZN826| Tune: Jones Placket is Rent and Torn/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 120: R. Kell

England rejoyce, thy Succor is come/ ZN827| The Protestant's Jubile/ Tune: The Touch of the Times/ P2 285: H. Wallis

England, thy Sun have shined many years/ ZN828| The Royal Court in Mourning.. Death.. King William/ Tune: Aim not too high/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 145: J. Blare [Mar. 8, 1702]

England, with chearefull hart give ear/ ZN829| An excellent new Ballad..Shewing the Petigree of our Royal King James [I]/ Tune: Gallants, all come mourn with me/ SH #77 [Ptd. RB8 758] [source of tune, RB8 clxx*, AI #942, and entered June 11, 1603. AI 1377. Tune, "Gallants all" = "Nobles all" is from ballad in Bodleian MS Rawl. A. 122, on Essex's execution. This does not cite a tune. Cf. RB8 clxx*, and 758 for another MS copy.]

Englands fair dainty dames/ ZN830| Prides Fall/ Tune: All you that love good fellows/ W1 157: CVG/ E 269 = RB8 20: CVW/ P2 66-7: CTP/ CR 366: Tho. Thackeray, A. M. and W. O./ Tune: All you that fathers be/ SH #33 [BC2 40] [Entd. very late, 1656, 1675. AI 2194, 2195]

Even as the flye that dies in flame/ ZN831| [1st half missing/ Tune: [I am confirmed a woman can]/ [Burden:] But let them hang me at the dore, If ever I dote upon them more/ [By] L. Price/ [Obvious expansion of Suckling's song, "I am confirmed a women can"]/ M2 49b: .. sold at the Horse-Shooe in Smithfield [c 1639-43. E. Griffin or R. Burton?]

E'er since I saw Clorinda's Eyes/ ZN832| The Lovesick Serving- Man/ Tune: Ise often for my Jenny strove/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 390 = RB6 149 = CR 332: BDBB/ CR 333: Aldermary Church Yard [HH1 163] [Answer = N3231]

Fayne would I have a prettie thing/ ZN659| [A proper Song, Intituled: Fain wold I haue a prettie thing to giue unto my Ladie]/ Tune: [Lusty gallaunt]/ Handeful of Pleasant Delights// [not title, tune]/ OEB #64

Fain would I if I might/ ZN833| The Matchless Shepheard Overmatcht by his Mistriss/ Tune: Fain I would if I could, Or, O brave house/ [By] L. P./ RL 36: CVW [Ptd. CP 440] [Entd. May 30, 1656. I found two MS copies of "Fain I would" and published the readable one in Folk Music Journal, p. 62, 1980. Price's ballad to a great extent imitates it.]

A Faire and comly creature/ ZN834| The Fame, Wit, and Glory of the West/ Tune: The glory of the West/ M1 #53: Richard Burton at the Horse-shooe in Smithfield, 164[9?] [Ptd. CP 257]

Fair Angel of England/ ZN835| A Courtly New Ballad ..Wooing of the fair maid of London, by King Edward/ Tune: Bonny Sweet Robin/ RB1 181: Henry Gosson/ P3 235: CTP/ E 51: CVG/ E 52: [no imprint.]/ CR 367: [no imprint]/ CR 368: [18th cent. no imprint] [BC, RL, 2xDC] Entd. 1600, 1624, 1675. AI 2200, 823, 2201]

Fair beautiful lady my love and delight/ ZN836| Imprison'd Commander/ Tune: If love's a sweet passion/ Licensed and Enter'd according to Order/ P5 281: J. Blare

Fair Coelia in her frantick fits/ ZN837| The distracted damsel Or the mad Maids Morrris/ Tune: She lay all naked in her bed, or the mad Mans Morris/ RL 145: ?

Fair England, the Garden of England was call'd/ ZN838| England's Monthly Predictions. 1649/ Tune: Faire Angel of England, or, Bonny Sweet Robin/ M2 #44: [no imprint] [Ptd. CP 215. Cf. England's Monthly Observations, to same tune, N2803|]

Fair England's Joy is Fled/ ZN839| King Charles his Speech and last Farewell. Jan. 30 1649 [1649]/ Tune: Welladay/ M2 #54: F. Grove [Ptd. RB8 xc***, CP 233]

Fair Fidelia, tempt no more/ ZN840| A new way of Hunting, Or, the hunting of the wild Boar/ Tune: Draw the Curtaines/ M1 #9: London, Printed for Francis Grove on Snow Hill. And Entered according to Order [RL 47] [Entd. to Grove, May 30, 1656. AI 1909] [Expansion of song in NLS MS Adv. 19.3.4, f. 20. This may have been inspired by an earlier song in BL MS Harl. 3511. The latter song commences "Fair Fidelia now adue." Both songs have Fidelia trying to delay departure of her lover, in the broadside to go hunting, and in the early MS song to go to war.]

Fair Isabel of beauty bright/ ZN841| Faithful Marriner/ Tune: The False-hearted Young Man, or, The Languishing Swain/ P5 365 = CR 369 = OPB 147: J. Blare/ RB6 793 [where Pepys copy ptd. rather than late Roxburghe copy]

Fair Isabel, mind me well/ ZN842| The Westminster Lovers/ Tune: Russel's Farewell/ CR 370: P. Brooksby/ RB7 403: [no imprint] [DC2 240]

Fair lady leave your costly Robes aside/ ZN843| The Great Messenger of Mortality; Or, A Dialogue betwixt Death and a Lady/ Tune: Farewel my heart's delight/ W7 129: J. Deacon/ RB7 ix: John White, Newcastle/ CR 371 (no tune indication): Bow-Church-Yard/ DC4 46: J. Pitts/ DC3 34: [no imprint] [Madden, BM 1871.e.9, Yale] [Doesn't fit "Farwell my hearts' delight," N879|. Traditional, "Fair lady, lay those costly robes aside/ Death and the Lady/ with Carey's tune, 1740/ JFSS 2, 137, 1905// Fair lady, lay your costly robes aside/ Death and the Lady/ JFSS 1, 169, 1902. See also Harvard Catalogue]

Fair maid, you say you lov'd me well/ ZN844| The Seaman's Answer to his Unkind Love/ Tune: I lov'd you dearly, &c., or, Languishing Swain/ OPB 94: T. Staples [Ptd. RB6 792. Answer to "I lov'd you dearly..," N1299|]

Fair maids draw near to me awhile/ ZN845| The West Country Maids Advice]/ Tune: Hey boys, up go we/ CR 372: P. Brooksby [HH2 144, C.22.f.6 224, DC2 250v]

Fair Nelly and her dearest dear/ ZN846| ..Nellys' Sorrow/ Tune: My dearest dear and I must part; Or, In summertime/ RB6 789: [from Neptune's Fair Garland, 1686. Copy in NLS Lauriston Castle Coll'n]

Fair Nymph! those sparkling eyes of thine/ ZN847| True Lovers Conquest/ Tune: Hark! the thundring Cannons rore/ P3 214: J. Blare Fair Venus, I admire the power of thy son/ The Souldier; his Salutation to the Wary Wench of Worcester/ Tune: Pleasant Scottish tune, call'd, Lowden's Delight/ RB7 653 = HH2 94 = CR 374 = DP 60: [no imprint on any copy]

Fairest and dearest to thee I am bound/ ZN848| The Dying Lovers Reprieve/ Tune: Digby's Farewel: Or, Give me the Lass, &c./ With Allowance. Ro. L'Estrange/ WE25 20 = RB4 394 = CR 375: CVWC/ P3 99: CVWCTP [HH1 85]

Fairest mistris cease your moane/ ZN849| The Honest Wooer/ Tune: Lulling beyond her/ [By] R. W./ P1 302-3: H. G[osson]./ RB1 464: F. Coules [Entd. May 24, 1632, & 1635. AI 1136, 1137]

The fairest Nymph the valleys/ ZN850| The Obsequy of faire Phillida/ Tune: New Court Tune/ RB2 345: [no imprint, trimmed ?]

Fairest of Creatures I leave thee/ ZN851| The two Lymas Lovers, Thomas and Betty/ Tune: O so ungrateful a Creature/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 166 = CR 376: J. Deacon

Fairest of fair ones/ Love and Loyalty Well Met/ ZN852| Tune: State and Ambition/ CR 377 [Ptd. RB7 550 + RB8 782]: J. Blare [C.22.f.6 55]

Fairest Sisley. let me move thee/ ZN853| The Lover's Request/ Tune: To a pleasant New Tune/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 183: J. Blare

Faith I'm a dog if I can guess/ ZN854| A New and True Ballad of the Poet's Complaint/ Tune: I am confirm'd, &c./ CR 378: CVWC [HH2 36, DC2 179, C.22.f.6 10]

False wretch, why would thou thus betray/ ZN855| Whitney's Dying Letter/ Tune: Whitney's Farewel, &c./ P2 183: J. W., 1692

Famous Britanny/ ZN856| A Scourge for the Pope/ Per me Martin Parker/ Tune: Roome for, &c./ P1 60-1: Iohn Trundle, by M. P[arker] = OEB #28

Farre in the North Country/ ZN857| Robin and Kate/ Tune: Blew Cap/ M.P./ RB2 414: Thomas Lambert [Entd. May 9, 1634. AI 2304]

Fare you well, adieu my dear/ ZN858| Dover Lovers/ Tune: Little Girls Wish/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 363: Elias Lambert

Farewell Bony Scotland, and Saundy adue/ ZN859| A New Ballad of Jockey's Journey into England/ Tune: Mogey was Moou'd/ RB5 73 [from Luttrell]/ P.M. and M. R., 1681

Farewel both Hauk and Hound/ ZN860| The Wanton Wife of Castle- Gate/ Tune: its own proper New Tune/ E 372 = RB7 369 = CR 381 = OPB 230: Alex. Milbourn, W. Onely, T. Thackeray

Farewell Farewell deceitful Pride/ ZN861| Rebellion Rewarded with Justice.. Monmouth beheaded.. [July 15, 1685]/ This may be Printed, July the 15th. 1685. R. L. S./ P2 243: J. Deacon [Ptd. RB5 692]

Farewel, farewel, false hearted Love/ ZN862| The Discontented Young-Man, and the Loving Maid/ Tune: Farewel thou flower of false Deceit, or Flora Farewel/ By T. Lanfire/ P3 112: CVWCTP

Farewell, farewell, my dearest deare/ ZN863| The paire of Northerne Turtles/ Tune: New Northern tune, or, A health to Betty/ RB2 312: F. Coules// [2nd part only] As I was walking all alone/ The Northerne Turtles/ Tune: new Northerne tune, or, A health to betty/ P1 372-3: I. H[ammond].

Farwel, farwel [sic] my hearts delight/ ZN864| Love without blemish/ Tune: new Play-house Tune. Or, The Fair one let me in/ P3 331: WCTP

Farewell German Princess, the fates bid adieu/ ZN865| The German Princess/ Tune: New Tune, called The German Princess' adieu/ RB7 64: P. Brooksby [See "Will you hear a German Princess", N2934|]

Farewell, good company/ ZN866| The Good-fellowe's Advice/ Tune: Upon a Summer time/ By Charles Records/ RB3 261: J. Wright, junior, Old Baily

Farewell Lucrecia, my amorous jewel/ ZN867| Valiant Soldiers last Farewell/ Tune: What shall I do to show how much I love her [meaningless music given]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 280 = CR 384: BDBB [Answer entered Nov. 25, 1690. AI 85]

Farewell my Calista/ ZN868| Love and Honour/ Tune: New Sad Air, or, Now the Tyrant has stolen/ RB6 40 = CR 386: P. Brooksby, West-smithfield// Licensed and Entered according to Order/ E. Brooksby

Farewel, my Clarinda, my life and my soul/ ZN869| Love and Gallantry/ Tune: Farewel, my Calista/ RB6 438: Phillip Brooksby, West-Smith-field

Farewel my dear Peggy, whom I loved so/ ZN870| The last Dying Words of Robert Boxall, of Petworth/ Tune: Farewel my dear Johnny, &c./ Licensed according to Order/ P3 362: J. Blare

Farewel my dearest dear/ ZN871| The Constant Seaman And his Faithful Love/ Tune: Philander/ P4 189: J. Coniers

Farewell my Dearest Dear, now I must leave thee/ ZN872| The Unconstant Maiden/ Tune: a pleasant New tune [meaningless music given/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 163: BDBB [This ballad may be the source of the 'Ring of Gold' tune title. See Simpson, BBBM, pp 147-51. This ballad is answered by one commencing 'I am a mournful bride,' N1211|. Ptd. RB8 lxxvi*]

Farewel my Dearest Dear/ ZN873| The Mariners Delight/ Tune: Philander/ This may be Printed/ P4 165: J. Deacon [Almost identical to The Faithful Marriner, N874|]

Farewel my dearest dear for thee and I must part/ ZN874| The Faithful Mariner/ Tune: Philander/ P4 171: J. Blare [Almost same as The Mariners Delight, N873|]

Farewel my dearest Dear, now I must leave thee/ ZN875| The Seamen and Souldiers last Farewel to their Dearest Jewels/ Tune: I am so deep in Love, Or, Cupids Courtesie/ P4 216: CVWCTP/ E 328: Coles, Vere, R[achel]. Gilbertson and Wright

Farewel my dearest Johnny whom I loved so/ ZN876| Disconsolate Lover/ Tune: excellent new tune [Cf. P5 309]/ P5 333: E. Tracy

Farewel my dearest Love now I must leave thee/ ZN877| The Seamans doleful Farwel/ Tune: State and Ambition./ This may be printed, R. P./ P4 186 = CR 387: J. Deacon [C.22.l.2 176] [Ptd. RB7 549 + RB8 780] [Laws K14. Answer commences "Welcome my dearest with joy", N2769|]

Farewell my dearest Nancy/ ZN878| Undaunted Marriner/ Tune: Intreagues of Love/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 364: J. Blare

Farewel my hearts delight, Ladies adieu/ ZN879| The two faithful Lovers/ Tune: Franklin is fled away/ P3 325: CTP./ E 361 = CR 388: A. M., W. O., and T. Thackeray./ E. 362 = BB2 471: W. O. for A. M. [Entd. May 15, 1656. AI 583, Ans. to N916|?] [She dies in ship wreck while bound for Venice. Traditional version, "Fare thee well", JFSS 2, 201, 1906]

Farewel my love, farewel my dear/ ZN880| Jealous Lover/ Tune: new Tune/ P5 367: C. Bates

Farewel my sweet lady, my love and delight/ ZN881| The Protestant Commander..King William in Ireland/ Tune: Let Casear live long/ Licensed according to Order/ BB1 305: BDBB

Farewell Royal Queen, to the bloody Scene/ ZN882| The Royal Resolution: or, His Majesty's leave of the Queen.. Expedition to Ireland/ Tune: My Sweet Coridon/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 38: BDBB

Farewell the old year, with all sorrows and grief/ ZN883| Englands Deliverance/ Tune: The two English Travellers/ P2 65: A. B.[?]

Farewel thou flower of false deceit/ ZN884| The True pattern of Constancy/ Tune: Excellent New Tune; Or, Farewel thou Flower of false deceit, &c./ This may be Printed, R. P./ P3 206: C. Dennisson/ RB6 44: [no imprint]/ CR 390: BDBB

Farewel to blind Ambition now/ ZN885| The Penitent Traitors.. Charnock, Keys, and King.. March, 1695/ Tune: Russel's Farewel/ [Roman letter]/ P5 18: J. Bissel

Farewel ungrateful Traytor/ ZN886| Olimpyas Unfortunate Love.. Sung in a Play, called, The Spanish Fryer/ Tune: pleasant new Play-House Tune/ P3 354 = RB6 21: J. Deacon

Farewell unto all joy and pleasure/ ZN887| Hard-hearted Lady/ Tune: Excellent New Tune [meaningless music given]/ With Allowance/ P5 321: T. Moore

Farewel, worldly pleasures and fading delight/ ZN888| Sir Thomas Armstrong's Farewell [executed June 20, 1684]/ Tune: Digby's Farewel; Or, Packington's Pound/ RB5 483: WCTP

A farmer of Tanton=dean Town in the West/ ZN889| A New Western Ballad, Of a Butcher that Cuckolded the Farmer/ Tune: Ladies of London/ This may be printed, R. P./ P4 125 = P5B 39: R. Kell

The fatal day is come at last/ ZN890| Capt. Whitney's Confession ..1693| Tune: Johnson's Farewel/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 186: BDBB

A female Quaker in Cheap-side, She lov'd a Presbyterian/ ZN891| A New Song called Love in a Tub/ Tune: Daniel Cooper/ CR 391: Absalon Chamberlain [on sheet with "Come all my kind Neighbors," N508|]

Fie, see also fye

Fie sluggish Country Man/ ZN892| The Soldiers Glory/ Tune: Old Jemmy is a Lad, of Royal Birth and Breeding/ With Allowance/ P5 67: J. Wilkins, 168[?].

Fie upon love! fond love!/ ZN893| Labour in vaine/ Tune: Jenkinson/ [by] M. P./ RB1 593: Thomas Lambert [Entd. Jun 18, 1636. AI 1389]

A fierce dispute of late there was/ ZN894| If you Love me tell me so/ Tune: [?Loves Tide, or Wert thou more fairer?]/ RL 53 [Entd. 1656. AI 1220. Traditional, "Come write me down you powers above," = "The Wedding Song." Apparently expansion of song in NLS MS Adv. 19.3.4, with burden, "If thou lov'st me tell me so." Song, "Wert thou more fairer," in same MS] [There a later copy entitled "Love Fierce Dispute," BL 1871 e.9 46]

The fifteenth day of July/ ZN895| Lord Willoughby/ Tune: Lord Willoughby/ RB4 8 = W1 67: F. Coles/ P2 131: TP/ CR 392: A. M. W. O. and T. Thackeray [HH1 59 = 58v, BC, DC]

Fyll the cuppe phylyppe, & let us drynke a drame!/ ZN3281| [untitled, no tune indication]/ CV 1 [Chambers and Sidgwick, EEL #132]

Fyrst whan thow, nature, all thynges brought to pas/ ZN3381| Anno D. 1558/ ASM 53

Five thousand Pound for James the Scot/ ZN896| Monmouth Routed And Taken Prisoner/ Tune: King Jame's Jigg/ [Roman letter]/ P5 32: James Dean [Ptd. RB5 663]

Flee Stately Juno Samos fro/ ZN3235| Dittie to.. Queenes mai. Eliz by Lodowick Lloyd/ Tune: Welshe Sydanen [Sedany]/ British Bibliographer, II, 1810 [from MS that is now Folger Shakespeare Lib. MS V.a. 198, f. 19v, and a longer version, but later, c 1604-8?, in MS V.a. 399, f. 32. Entd. Aug. 13, 1579. AI 249]

Flora Farewel, I needs must go/ ZN897| Flora Farewell/ Tune: Delicate new tune, Or, A thousand times my love commend/ [By] L. P[rice]./ WE25 48 = E 121: F. G[rove].// [no author]/ P3 7: WCTP/ E 120 = RB6 105 = CR 393: A. Milbourn, W. Onley, and T. Thackeray [HH3 10] [Entd. Mar. 12, 1656, & 1675. AI 898, 899]

Flora in her Grove she lyed/ ZN898| Flora's lamentable passion/ Tune: Tender hearts of London City/ P3 197= RB6 98: J. Deacon [HH1 108]

Follow bonny lad, By the highway side/ ZN899| ..High-way Mans Advice/ Tune: Follow bonny Lad: Or, The High-way Man's Delight/ P2 157: WCTP

Fond boy what dost thou mean/ ZN900| An Excellent New Song of the Two Happy Lovers/ Tune: excellent New Play-house Tune [meaningless music given]/ P5 184 = CR 394: P. Brooksby

Fond love why dost thou dally/ ZN901| [title as 1st line]/ Tune: The mocke Widdow/ RB1 374: Francis Coules [expansion of song in BL MS Addl. 30982, f. 146]

The fops and fools, like silly night-owls/ ZN902| The Vindication of Top-Knots/Tune: London Top Knots/ BB1 122: [no imprint] [Cf. Women and maidens vindication, "Since women and maidens," N2363|, N2801|]

For certain and sure, this Girl will go mad/ ZN903| The Young-Man's Answer to the Politick-Maids Device/ Tune: Digby's Farewel: Or, What shall a Young Woman, &c./ P3 167: J. Deacon

For Iris I sigh and hourly dye/ ZN904| The Indifferent Lover/ Tune: Pleasant new Amphytrion [meaningless music given]/ P5 197 = CR 395 = OPB 123: Ch. Bates

For what is man confin'd/ ZN905| The Batchelor's Triumph/ Tune: For what is man, &c./ With Allowance/ RB3 427 = CR 396 = DP 19: P. Brooksby, West-smithfield

Forbear your vile plotting/ ZN906| The Plotter Executed [Ed. Colman, Dec. 3, 1678]/ Tune: Captain Digby, or, Packington's Pound/ With Allowance/ RB4 125: P. Brooksby

Forgive me if your looks I thought/ ZN907| The Knights Tragedy/ Tune: I Love you more and more each day/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 379: J. Blare [Roman letter issue, "The Esquire's Tragedy," N909|]

Forgive me if your looks I thought/ ZN908| Despairing lovers Complaint/ Tune: Excellent New Tune [meaningless music given]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 336: J. Blare [Blare also issued "Knight's Tragedy" commencing identically]

Forgive me, if your looks, I thought/ ZN909| Esquires Tragedy/ Tune: I love you more and more each day/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 315: BDBB [same as Knight's Tragedy, N907|. Cf. N908|. Ptd. RB8 637]

Forth from my sad and darksome cell/ ZN910| New Mad Tom of Bedlam/ Tune: Grays-Inn-Mask/ [also on sheet, Bacchus the father of drunken Nowles, N370|]/ P1 502-3: WCTP/ [1st song E 207?] E 248: [no imprint, prob. E 207, CVG]/ RB2 259: A. M. (from RC1 298)/ CR 397: TP (same sheet as CR 160) [Entd. 1675. AI 1878, 2656. This was published as single sheet song with music in 18th cent.]

Forth walking in the Summers time/ ZN911| You pretty little Ladies will do so/ Tune: Lusty Bacchus, &c./ P4 12: CVWCTP [DC2 266, RL 55] [Entered Mar. 12, 1656. AI 3054]

Fortune hath taken thee away my love/ ZN912A| [title?]/ Tune: [see ZN912]/ [Raleigh's poem and Queen Eliz.'s reply in article by Black in TLS, May 13, 1968. See N912|. AI 910. June 13, 1590 Stationers' Register entry reads "ffortune hath taken thee awaye my love, beinge the true dittie thereof"]

Fortune my foe, why dost thou frown on me/ ZN912| A Sweet Sonnet, Lover exclaimeth against Fortune [Fortune my Foe]/ Tune: Fortune my Foe/ P1 512: [no imprint]/ BB2 961: [no imprint]/ RC3 192: ?/ CR 398: W. Thackeray, I. M. and A. M. [Expansion of poems by Sir W. Raleigh and Queen Elizabeth. See N912A|. Entd. 1624, 1675. AI 911, 2569]

The four and twentieth day of May/ ZN913| The Swimming Lady: Or, A Wanton Discovery/ Tune: I'le never love thee more/ P4 20: WCTP/ BB1 142: B. Deacon [version in MS Rawl 84, c 1660]

Four monarchs of worth/ ZN914| The Royal Strangers Ramble.. Four Indian Kings [Iroquois]/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 399: W. Wise, 1710

The fragraunt flowers freshe to vewe/ ZN3313| Another ballett, Pearson doing (Maid in may 1578 -- at Yorke)/ [no tune indication]/ CV 35 [Rollins says ballad entered in 1569/70 fits entry admirably (but it is off by 8 years). AI 1737]

France that is so famous/ ZN915| .. Fraunce.. death of.. King Henry the 4/ Tune: new tune/ P1 112-3: H. G[osson]. [Entd. May 15, 1610. AI 2983]

Frankin my loyal friend, O hone, O hone/ ZN916| A mournful Carol ..Frankin and Cordelia/ Tune: Franklin is fled away/ P2 76 = RB7 418: M. Coles, VWCTP/ DC: [Wm. Gilbertson] [BC2 69] [Entered 1656. AI 1823, Expansion of six verse song in NLS MS Adv. 19.3.4, f. 19v, where name is Frankin, not Franklin. ?Answer, N916|]

Frantick love to what extreams/ ZN917| Young Man in Loves Pound/ Tune: Excellent new tune/ With Allowance/ P5 298: T. Moore, 1692

French Admirals all, Whom I have intrusted/ ZN918| Distracted French King/ Tune: Let Mary Live Long/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 378: BDBB

French and Irish now beware/ ZN919| Englands Hopes, or, Look to't Teague/ Tune: Ise often for my Jenny strove, or, Lilli borlero/ P5 61: J. C.

The French and the Tories are all in Distress/ ZN920| A Brief Touch of the Irish Wars. by a Private Centinel/ Tune: Let Caesar live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 310: BDBB

Friends, I'm a gentlewoman born/ ZN921| London's New Cry; or, the Dumpling Woman's Delight/ Tune: March Boys/ Licens'd and Enter'd according to Order/ P5 422 = CR 400: J. Shooter

Friends will it please you to hear me tell/ ZN922| A Cuckold by Consent/ Tune: The Beds making/ P4 124: WCTP/ RL 172: CVW [Entd. Jan. 16, 1640. AI 446. Same tale later, N125|, N3113|]

A frolick of late/ ZN923| The Kentish Frolick/ Tune: Let Mary live long./ Licensed according to Order/ P3 242 = RB8 548: C. Tracey

A frolick strange I'le to you tell/ ZN924| The Westminster Frolick, Or, the Cuckold of his own procuring/ Tune: Hey boys up go we/ P4 131 = CR 401 = RB8 477: WCTP/ CR 402: [imprint not given] [HH1 152, C.22.f.6 205] [Cf. AI 1866]

>From a dissimilynge frende unjuste/ ZN3375| [no title]/ Finis, the autor unsertayn/ ASM 47 [Rollins, Notes, possibly entd. 1567/8. AI 30]

>From a Woman who thirty long Winters has seen/ ZN925| The Gallant's Wife/ Tune: O brave Popery, &c./ Licensed according to Order/ P4 148: J. Blare

>From ancient pedigree by due descent/ ZN926| The Begger-boy of the North/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB3 323: F. Grove

>From Barwick to Douer/ ZN927| A Whetstone for Lyers/ Tune: With a tricke that I haue/ P1 466-7: Francis Groue [Song of marvels or lies. A version is in BL MS Sloane 1489]

>From Cornwall mount to London faire/ ZN928| [Missing], or, The vnfortunate Gallant gull'd at London/ Tune: Shall I wrastle in dispaire/ P1 200-1: T. L[angley].

>From Fairy land it is reported/ ZN929| News for Young Men and Maids/ Tune: Curious New Tune/ RB6 8: Thackery and Whitwood

>From India Land/ ZN930| News out of East India..Amboyna/ Tune: Braggendary/ P1 94-5: F. Coules [Dutch execution of English at Amboina, Feb. 23, 1623]

>From infallible Rome, once more I am come/ ZN931| Room for a Ballad/ Tune: Excellent new tune, called, The Powder Plot/ RB4 105 = CR 406: Benjamin Harris [BL 1876, f.1 17,9, W6]

>From London city lately went/ ZN932| [2nd part lost]/ The Anabaptist out of order...Samual Oates/ Tune: Goe home in the morning early/ M2 #28: [no imprint] [Ptd. CP 175]

>From Oberon in Fairy Land/ ZN933| The mad-merry prankes of Robbin Good-fellow/ Tune: Dulcina/ RB2 81: = P1 80-1: H. G[osson]./ E 203: CVW./ E 204: CVWCTP [Entd. 1675. AI 1615]

>From old famous Lincolne that's seated so hye/ ZN934| The Cheating Age/ Tune: pleasant new tune/ By William Cookes/ P1 158-9: E. A[lde]. for Iohn Wright

>From sluggishe sleepe and slumber/ ZN935| Bellman's good morrow/ Tune: A-wake, a-wake O England [= O Man in desperation]/ SH #43/ OEB #40 [Entered Nov. 21, 1580. AI 183. Tune from ZN360]

>From the tap in the guts of the honourable stump/ ZN936| A Litany from Geneva/ Tune: Cavilly Man/ RB5 196 [from Wood 417, 89]: Printed ..1682

A Fryar was walking in Exeter-street/ ZN937| The Crafty Miss of London: Or, The Fryar well Fitted/ Tune: O fine [or, O brave] Popery/ P4 59: P. Brooksby, Pye-corner [DC1 39 = Common Muse #187]

Full fifty Winters have I seen/ ZN938| The heavy heart, and a light purse/ Tune: My Lord Monks March to London, or, Now we have our freedom, &c./ [By John Wade]/ E 136: [incomplete? no imprint]/ RB6 337: [no imprint]/ CR 412: WCTP [BC2 57, HH1 129]

Full ten honest Tradesmen did happen to meet/ ZN939| The Catalogue of Contented Cuckolds/ Tune: Fond Boy, &c. Or, Love's a sweet Passion, &c./ P4 130: J. C. in Little- Britain/ RB3 481: J. Conyers [BC1 59, HH1 23]

Fye, see also fie

Fye upon this living single/ ZN940| The lovely London lasse long lamenting for a husband/ RL 50: ? [Entry to Grove, Dec. 22, 1647. AI 1578]

Fye upon this paultry Cupid, he hath shot me with his shaft/ ZN941| The Batchelor's Choice, or, A Young-man's Resolution/ Tune: Chess-nut, Or, Cat after kinde/ RL 45: ? [Entered Mar. 12, 1656. AI 118]

The gallant Esquire nam'd before/ ZN942| The second part of the Barkshire Damsel/ Tune: To the same Tune [All happy Times &c.]/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 27: A. M[illet]. 1697. [Sequel to N2492|, commencing "There was a Damsel young and fair"]

A gallant lady gay, as she was walking/ ZN943| Cupid's Triumph/ Tune: Saraband, used in Dancing-School. Or, Cupid Courtesie/ RB4 13 [from RL 76]: TPW

A gallant youth at Gravesend liv'd/ ZN944| The Gallant Seaman's Resolution.. marry his Landlady/ Tune: Think on thy Loving Landlady, &c./ P4 192 = DC1 86: W. O., A. M. and sold by J. Bissel/ CR 413 = C.22.f.6 136v: A. Milbourn [HH1 124 = 123v, 88v] [Ptd. RB7 495] [Entd. 1656, 1675. AI 940, 939]

Gallants, all come mourn with mee/ ZN945| A Lamentable mone of a Souldier, for the losse of his dearly beloved Lorde/ [Ebsworth gave title and first line from a MS of a Robert Hassell. This piece dated 1601 in RB8 758, and 1st verse quoted on clxx*. The song, incomplete, is apparently that commencing "Nobles all come mourn with me" in Bodleian MS Rawl. A 122. It is a lament for the Earl of Essex after his execution, Feb. 25, 1601. Entd. June 16, 1603. AI 942. Entry of May 31, 1603, AI 661, might be the same or might not. 'Cales' in entry may possibly be an error for 'gallows', but ballad may be a memorial to him, recalling his actions at Cales. A look at MS copy in Bodleian would help straighten things out.]

Gallants come list a while/ ZN946| The Valiant Commander, with his resolute Lady/ Tune: new Northern tune, called, I would give ten thousand pounds she were in Shrewsbury. Or, Ned Smith/ E 367: [no imprint]/ P2 208 = CR 414: CVWCTP/ RB6 281: [no imprint] [HH2 131, BL C.22.f.6 200] [CB p. 242]

Gallants far and near/ ZN947| The Jacobite's Recantation/ Tune: Oh! how happy's he, &c. [with meaningless music]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 111: BDBB

Gallants I pray attend, to this new ditty/ ZN948| ..Catalogue of young wenches/ Tune: The Forsaken Lover/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 418 = OPB 169: BDBB

Gallants you must understand/ ZN949| The Seamans Song of Captain Ward/ Tune: The Kings Going to Bulloign/ [On same Euing sheet, Danseker, commencing "Sing we seamen now and than"]/ E 327 = W1 79a: CVG/ W2 39: CVWG/ [DC2 199. Ptd. RB6 784] [On same sheet, Danseker, commencing "Sing we seamen now and than", N2367|] [Entd. July 3, 1609, 1656 2393, 2390]

A Gamester and a pretty Lady/ ZN950| Loves Masterpiece/ Tune: With a ha, ha, ha, ha, you will undo me [from "Loves Victory Obtained"]/ [seduction]/ WE25 87: CVW

A gardiner brisk and brave/ ZN951| Wanton Will of Waping/ Tune: I marry and thank you too/ [meaningless music given]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 251: G. Conyers

Gentlemen, gentlemen, listen to my ditty/ ZN3423| Jack the Plough-Lads Lamentation/ Tune: Prentices fuddle no more/ T. R./ BF 26: Richard Burton, 1654 [CP 361] A gentleman that lately liv'd/ ZN952| The West-countrey Gentlemans last Will & Testament/ Tune: I am James Harris call'd by name/ RL 154: ?

The George-Aloe and the Sweep-stake too/ ZN953| The Sailor's onely Delight/ Tune: The Sailor's Joy [Heigh ho holiday]/ RB6 409: CWVG / Child #283 = RL 183 [CB p. 205] [Entd. 1611. AI 955] [Sailors Joy lost, but entry, AI 2357, gives tune. Tune from poem/song in E. Spenser's Shepherds Calendar, 1579, and in Englands Helicon, 1600. Anthony Holborne gives a tune, "Hey ho, holiday" in Pauens, galliards, almains, etc., 1599]

The gift is small, a Douzen of Points/ ZN954| A Godly new Ballad, Intituled, A Douzen of Points/ Tune: [no tune indicated]/ [same sheet, When righteous Joseph wedded was, N2878|]/ P2 30: TP/ [both ballads] E 126: CVG [RL 176, HH 120][Entd. 1624. AI 639. both ptd. RB7 779-80]

Gilderoy was a bonny boy/ ZN955| Scotch Lover's Lamentation/ Tune: excellent new Tune/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 354 = BB1 = CR 415 = OPB 183: C. Bates [See also "My love he was as brave a man," N1821|]

Give ear a while to my Ditty/ ZN956| Grist ground at Last. Or, The Frolick in the Mill/ Tune: Give ear a while, &c. or, Winchester Wedding/ [Chorus:] Says old Symon the King, says old Symon the King, with a thread-bare Cloak and a mamsy Nose, sing hey ding, ding, ding, a ding, ding./ P3 110 = CR 416: CTP [HH1 126, C.22.f.6 49] [Ptd. RB8 622, Traditional version, "Miller and the Lass" given by Reeves, Purslow]

Give ear a while to my song/ ZN957| The Subtle Damsels Advice/ Tune: Jenny Gin, Or, The fair one let me in, Or, Young Phaon, Or, Busie Fame/ CR 417 [C.22.f.6 182]

Give ear brother seamen/ ZN958| The Tar's Frolic/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB8 566: T. Evans, 79 Long-lane [late 18th or early 19th cent.]

Give ear good people, whilst I tell/ ZN959| ..Dredful News from Holland..Storm../ Tune: Russel's Farewel/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P2 136: J. Blare

Geve eare, my children to my wordes/ ZN3306| A Ballet/ [no tune indication]/ CV 28 [Entd. Sept. 4, 1564. AI 1257]

Give eare, my loving countrey-men/ ZN960| A Pleasant new Ballad you here may behold, How the Devill, though subtle, was gul'd by a Scold/ Tune: The Seminary Priest/ RB2 367: Henry Gosson [RL 169] [Entd. June 24, 1630, 1656. AI, 1162, 3053. Tune probably from N3411|, is same meter. Early version of Child ballad #278, "The Farmer's Curst Wife", not noted by Child]

Give ear, O King and nobles all/ ZN961| .. the Plot/ Tune: Stone Walls cannot a Prison make, &c./ Written by J. Taylor/ RB4 153 [from Luttrell Coll,'n]: London, 1680

Give Ear to a Frollicksome Ditty/ ZN962| The Jolly Gentleman's Frolick: Or, The City Ramble/ Tune: Pleasant New Tune/ P4 336: BDBB/ CR 419: C. Bates/ CR 420: C. Bates [diff. issue]/ RB6 513: Bow-Church-Yard [DC1 106v, HH1 142]

Give ear to me you youngmen whilst I write/ ZN963| A Caveat for Young-men/ Tune: Aim not to high/ P2 36: M. Coles, VWCTP

Give ear to my confession/ ZN964| The Canter's Confession: Or, The Old Roundhead Turn'd Ranter/ Tune: The Guinea wins her, &c./ P5 100 = CR 421 = OPB 125: P. Brooksby

Give ear to my Ditty/ ZN965| Whipping Tom/ Tune: Awake Oh my Cloris/ P4 288: CVWCTP

Give ear unto a Maid, That lately was betray'd/ ZN966| The Trappan'd Maiden.. sent to Virginia/ Tune: [none indicated]/ Licensed and Enter'd according to Order/ P4 159 = CR 422 = OPB 237: W. O., A.M. and C. Bates [Ptd. RB7 511]

Give eare unto my story true/ ZN967| A Warning for all Murderers/ Tune: Wigmore's Galliard/ RB3 137: Henry Gosson [with full address] [Entd. Sept. 8, 1638. AI 2869]

Give ear you lads and lasses all/ ZN968| Two Strings to a Bow/ Tune: Scotish Tune, call'd Gilderoy/ RB8 542 [expurgated]: Charles Tyus

Give ear you lusty Gallants/ ZN969| A famous Sea-fight. Hollander..Spaniard..September 1639../ Tune: Brave Lord Willoughby/ [By] John Lookes/ M2 #36: Fr. Grove [PA 26, Common Muse #9] [Entd. Sept. 23, 1639. AI 2383]

Give me the Lass that's true Country bred/ ZN970| The Country Miss new come in Fashion/ Tune: excellent new Play-house Tune, Called, The mock Tune to the French Rant/ With Allowance/ P3 262 = P3 304 = RB4 402 = CR 424: TPW/ CR 423: E. Oliver

Give o'er you rhiming Cavaliers/ ZN971| Bloody News from Chelmsford/ Tune: Chevy Chase/ BB2 736: Oxford, 1663// Give o'er you rhiming Lads/ CR 425: Oxford, 1663

Give thanks, rejoyce all, you that are secure/ ZN972| A Sad and True Relation of a great fire or two/ Tune: Fortune my Foe, or Aim not too high/ By Abraham Miles/ W1 189: E. Andrews [PA 103]

Glazing torch, see, blazing torch

The gloryes of our birth and state/ ZN973| The Vanity of Vain Glory/ Tune: The Gloryes of our Birth and State/ RB5 578: CVWCTP

Go empty Joys/ ZN974| Verses written by Thomas Earl of Strafford/ Tune: [none cited]/ M2 #48X: [no imprint] [Draper, Broadside Elegies #7. Frank, Hobbled Pegasus , p. 43, puts it as May, 1641. M. Crum, First Line Index...Bodleian G 142, notes MS copies, one with music]

Go fetch me some of your father's gold/ ZN975| The False Knight Outwitted/ Tune: [none cited]/ RB7 383: [no imprint 18th cent. Made up of parts of Child ballads]

God above that made all things/ ZN976| A Pleasant New Song in Praise of a Leather Bottel/ Tune: The Bottle-makers Delight/ [by] John Wade/ WE25 56: R. Burton// [By] J. W./ P4 237: CVWCTP/ RB6 470: W.O. and sold by I. Walter [HH4 29] [CB p. 181] [Entd. July 1, 1678. AI 2115, again on this date, a Burton ballad entered after Burton died]

God against nature thre wondres haith wrought/ ZN3291| By reason of two, & no poore of one, This tyme god & man was set at one/ [no tune indication]. CV 12 [Date is about right, so this just might be a ballad entered Mar. 5, 1579, 'A godly songe Declaringe ye singular loue of god toward mankind in suffrynge for sinne.' AI 1006]

God Cupid's unkind/ ZN977| Cupid's Master-Piece; Or, Long Wisht for Comes at Last/ Tune: Caelia's my Foe/ CR 427: TPW [HH1 63, RL 73, C.22.f.6 39]

God hath preserved our Royal King/ ZN978| The Royal Patient Traveller [Charles II]/ Tune: Chivy Chase, or, God prosper long our Noble King/ RB7 639 [from W1 171]: By Henry Jones of Oxford God helpe vs all, god helpe vs all/ ZN3299| [no title, tune indication/ CV 20

God ys the cheffist vnion, The soule of man doth lyke/ ZN3326| [no title, at end is] ..[missing].. Harfurthe doing, 1576 .. [missing]... & died 1577 at lamas/ [tune not named, but music given]/ CV 49

God prosper long our gratious Queen/ ZN979| .. Fight near Audenard.. In allusion to the Unhappy Memorable Song, commonly call'd Chevy-Chace/ Tune: [none indicated, but obviously Chevy Chase]/ BB1 393: J. Bradford [1708?]

God prosper long our Noble King/ ZN980| ... Cheuy Chase/ Tune: Flying Fame/ P1 92-3: H. G[osson]./ M2 #7: E. Wright/ M2 #53b: [no imprint]/ E 212 = W1 47 = W2 31: CVG/ E 213: CVG/ RB6 740: CVW [3 other Roxburghe copies of 18th cent]/ CR 430: [no tune, imprint. 18th cent?] CR 431 [no imprint]/ CR 432: Dunning, Windsor [DC1 27, DC3 99. Bishop Percy's Folio MS, II, p. 7. Entered Dec. 14, 1624, and 1675. AI285, 1700. Child ballad #162B. See N3337| for earlier Child #162A. Cf. 982]

God prosper long our Noble King, our lives and safeties all/ ZN981| The Lord's Lamentation/ Tune [none indicated/ RB6 777: [no imprint, 18th cent.]

God prosper long our noble king/ ZN982| ...Hunting at Chevychase/ Tune: Yle of Kyle/ P5A 4: [Cf. 980. This is Scottish broadside with no imprint. Tune, "Isle of Kell" is said by James Dick to be same as "Hardy Knute," but I have not been able to verify that]

God prosper long our noble king, His Turks and Germans all/ ZN983| An excellent new Ballad/ Tune: Chivy Chace/ [18th cent. broadside with no imprint, bound in BL MS Harl. 1717, f. 66]

God prosper long our Noble King/ ZN984| The English-mans Valour, Or, The Hampshire-Friggets fight with six Spanish-Ships/ Tune: Let no brave Souldier be dismaid/ [By] T. S./ E 107: [no imprint]

God prosper long our noble king, our hopes and wishes all/ ZN985| The Belgick Boar/ Tune: Old Tune of Chevy-Chase/ RB3 437 = CR 429: [no publisher] Printed in the Year MDCXCV ["The Belgic Boar or Chevy Chase Revived" is the title in Bodleian MS Rawl. poet. 169]

God prosper long our noble King, and send him quickly o'er/ ZN986| Hunting-Match/ Tune: Chevy-Chace/ CR 428: [no imprint, c 1700]

God prosper long the just and good/ ZN987| Summers his Frolick/ Tune: Russel's Farewel/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 198: J. Deacon

The golden god Hyperion/ ZN988| An excellent new ditty.. Dulcina complaineth for the absence of.. Coridon/ Tune: [Dulcina]/ SH #13 [Ptd. RB8 clv*] [?Entd. 1615. AI 650, but why not N195|?]

The golden tyme is now at hande, The daye of joye from heaven doth springe/ ZN3310| A carroll of the birth of christ/ [no tune indication]/ CV 32 [Entd. 1569/70, 'the byrth of Christe.' AI 202]

Good awdience, harken to me in this case/ ZN3366| [no title]/ Finis, quod J. Wallys/ ASM 38

Good children, refuse not these lessons to learne/ ZN989| A Table of Good Nurture/ Tune: The Earle of Bedford [Light o Love]/ [second part] Tune: Troy Towne/ RB2 570: H. G. [Entd. Dec. 14, 1624. AI 2578]

Good Christian people all, both old and young/ ZN990| .. Captain John Bolton. Guilty. 27th of March, 1775.. Murder of Elizabeth Rainbow/ Tune: Fair lady, lay your costly robes aside/ RB8 724: [no imprint]

Good Christian people all, I pray/ ZN991| The Leeds Tragedy; or, The Bloody Brother/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RC3 454: [no imprint] [DC3 57]

Good Christain people all pray lend an ear/ ZN992| The Disturbed Ghost/ Tune: Aim not too high, or Kings Tryal/ DC1 56v: Phillip Brooksby [PA 174]

Good Christian people all that do pass by/ ZN3425| The Andover Garland/ Tune: [none indicated]/ HC 636: E. Blare at the Looking-Glass [c 1700] Good Christian people be content/ ZN993| The Sinners Care to Repent in due time/ Tune: The Sinners Redemption [= "All you that are to mirth inclined" = "My bleeding heart" = "Sir Andrew Barton"]/ BB1 227: J. Deacon, Rainbow

Good Christian people lend an eare/ ZN994| The Divils cruelty to Mankind..7 of March 1663/ Tune: The Two Children in the Wood/ [By] C. H./ W1: William Gilbertson [PA 122]

Good Christian People understand/ ZN995| A Looking-glass for all Impenitent Sinners/ Tune: My bleeding heart/ By Charles Tipping/ P2 71: R. Kell

Good Christians all, attende a while/ ZN996| A most strange.. monsterous child [Mar. 16, 1602]/ Tune: The Ladye's Fall/ SH #72

Good Christians all attend unto my ditty/ ZN997| ..Strange and Wonderful Storm of Hail.. 18th of May 1680../ Tune: Aim not too high/ P2 137: CVWCTP [PA 207]

Good Christians all give eare awhile/ ZN998| ..or, a brief relation of an Atheisticall creature./ Tune: Jasper Cuningham, or brave Lord Willoby/ M1 #35: London, Printed for C. D. 1649 [Ptd. CP 278]

Good Christians all that live both far & near/ ZN999| Sad News from Salisbury. Dreadful Frost and Snow.. 23d. of December, 1684/ Tune: Aim not too high/ E 159A: P. Brooksby, Pye corner

Gid faith Ise was a blith and bonny lass/ ZN1000| Coy Moggy/ Tune: The bonny grey-ey'd Morn/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 265: J. Shooter

Good fellows all, both great and small/ ZN1001| Sack for my Money/ Tune: Wet and Weary/ RB6 319 = CR 434: W. Gilbertson [CB p. 185, missing six verses]

Good Fellows all come lend an ear/ ZN1002| The Good Fellows Consideration/ Tune: Hey boys up go we, &c./ Lately written by Thomas Lanfiere/ E 133 = RB6 340 = CR 435: P. Brooksby

Good fellows all I pray draw near/ ZN1003| Tobie's Experience Explain'd/ Tune: That Dill Doul/ RB7 153: P. Brooksby

Good fellows all to you I send/ ZN1004| A pleasant new Song, Or the backes complaint, for the bellies wrong/ Tune: A, B, C./ Per me Edward Culter/ P1 446-7: W. I[ones]. [Entered July 10, 1622, July 18, 1623. AI 125, 126]

Good fellows come hither, 'tis to you I speak/ ZN1005| The Alewives Invitation to Married-Men, and Batchelors/ Tune: Digby's Farewell/ CR 436: P. Brooksby [HH1 2, C.22.f.6 80] [Ptd. RB8 797]

Good Folks look to your purses/ ZN1006| Money, Money, my Hearts/ Tune: High Boys up go we. Or, Jenny Gin/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 319: BDBB

Good Husbands are Jewels far better then Gold/ ZN1007| An Answer to the Praise of Good Husbands/ Tune: My Life and my death/ This may be Printed, R. P. [Sequel to one commencing "Dear Daughter, i'de have thee to take special care," N756|]/ P4 89: I. Deacon

Good Lord John is a hunting gone/ ZN1008| Sir Hugh in the Grime's Downfall/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB6 598: L. How [c 1770?. See "As it befell upon one time," N287|, for earlier version]

Good Lord what a wicked world is this/ ZN1009| A most excellent godly new Ballad/ Tune: Greensleeves/ M1 #4: At London printed by P. B. [Phillip Birch? Rollins gives printers initials as R. E., PA 3. Entered Aug. 1, 1586, and 1624. AI 7, 1021]

Good Lord, what Age we do live in/ ZN1010| Warning For all such as do desire to Sleep upon the Grass.. August 14, 1664/ Tune: In Summer Time/ E 375: Charles Tyus, 1664 [PA 134]

Good may'st thou be, as thou art great/ ZN1011| England's Heroic Champion [Gen. Monk]/ Tune: Pleasant New Northern Tune/ [by] J. W./ RB7 675: J. Andrews

Good morrow faire Nansie, whither so fast/ ZN1012| A most pleasant Dialogue/ Tune: Lucina/ [by] C. R./ P1 310-1: H. G[osson]. [Entd. May 24, 1632. AI 1808]

Good morrow, kind Gossip, why whither so fast?/ ZN1013| The cunning Age/ Tune: The Wiuing Age/ P1 412-3: Iohn Trundle [Entd. June 1, 1629. AI 451]

Good morrow, neighbour Gamble/ ZN1014| Mondayes Work/ Tune: I owe my Hostesse money/ RB2 149: F. Grove [Ent. 1632. AI 1784]

Good-morrow, Neighbour, now I vow/ ZN1015| Down-right Honesty/ Tune: The Spinning Wheel/ P4 333: J. Bissel

Good morrow, old father Starket/ ZN1016| Have among you! good Women/ Tune: O such a Rogue/ [by] M. P./ RB1 435: Thomas Lambert [Entd. Apr. 17, 1634. AI 1082]

Good morrow, Valentine! God bless you ever/ ZN1017| .. Two Valentines and their Lovers/ Tune: Did you see Nan to-day/ RB7 114: CVG [RL 123?]

Good neighbour, why d'ye look awry/ ZN1018| .. Dialogue between Alice and Betrice/ Tune: Mopsaphil/ This may be Printed, R. P./ BB1 68 = CR 439 = OPB 181: J. Blare [with music in Pills , V, 73, 1719]

Good people adieu! and fair England farewel/ ZN1019| Collonel Sidney's Overthrow [Dec. 1683]/ Tune: Now, now the fight's done/ RB5 426: J. Deacon

Good people all come cast an eye/ ZN1020| Strange News from Stafford-shire/ Tune: My bleeding heart/ WE25 125: CVWC [PA 201]

Good people all, hark to my call/ ZN1021| Iter Boreale, the Second Part.. Progress of the Lord General Monk../ Tune: When first the Scottish Wars began/ By T. H./ BR7 670 [from BC3 16]: Henry Broome, 1660

Good people all I pray attend, and listen/ ZN1022| The Penitent Highway-man.. [12 Mar. 1695]/ Tune: Russel's Farewel/ Licens'd according to Order/ P2 195: P. Brooksby

Good People all I pray attend/ ZN1023| The Midwife's Maid's Lamentation/ Tune: Russel's Farewel/ [Roman letter]/ P5 24: L. Moore [T. Moore?]

Good People all I pray attend/ ZN1024| The Bloody minded Midwife/ Tune: Russels last Farewel/ [Roman letter]/ P5 10: J. Bissel

Good people all I pray attend, and mind/ ZN1025| The Bloody- minded Husband... John Chamber/ Tune: Aim not too high/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 169: J. Deacon

Good people all I pray draw near/ ZN1026| England's Gentle Admonition/ Tune: Poor Tom's Progress: Or, John Dory sould his ambling Nag for Kick-shaws/ By Thomas Robins/ RB4 477: CVWC

Good people all I pray draw nigh/ ZN1027| Kates Hue-and-Cry after Her Maiden-Head/ Tune: The Spinning-wheel/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 76: BDBB

Good People all I pray give ear/ ZN1028| Whose there Agen: Or, the 6-penny Cuckold of Shoreditch/ Tune: Daniel Cooper/ P4 127: J. Blare

Good people all, I pray give ear/ ZN3236| Philporter's Farewell/ Tune: [It's own?]/ Wit and Drollery, 1682, Pills IV, 4, 1719, to "Chevy-Chase" (Flying Fame). Entd. May 31, 1656. AI 678. Stationer's entry says Mr. Phill:Porter" died May, 1656. Tune, "Philporter's Lamentation," is in Eliz. Roger's Virginal Book. MS is same year!]

Good People all, I pray give Ear/ ZN1029| A New Song On the Death of the Old Pope/ Tune: Billy and Molly/ With Allowance/ P5 70: T. R., 1689

Good people all I pray give ear/ ZN1030| Hells Nightwalker/ Tune: Forgive me if your looks I thought/ CR 441: Charles Barnet

Good people all I pray hear what I read/ ZN1031| The Godly Mans Instruction/ Tune: Aim not too high/ CR 442: P. Brooksby [Ptd. RB7 830 + RB8 clxxxii*]

Good people all, I pray you now draw near/ ZN1032| The Distressed Gentlewoman/ Tune: Aim not too high/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 74: BDBB [PA 226]

Good people all I pray you to attend/ ZN1033| The Bedfordshire Prophesie/ Tune: Bernard's Vision, or, Aim not too high/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 69: Printed in the Year 1690

Good people all I pray you understand/ ZN1034| A Godly Guide of Directions/ Tune: Aim not too high/ By Robert Tipping/ RB8 106 = CR 443: P. Brooksby

Good people all, I'le tell you here in short/ ZN1035| A godly song for all penitent Sinners/ Tune: A Lesson for all True Christians/ P2 50: CVWC

Good people all listen a while/ ZN1036| The Dying Mans good Counsel to his Children and Friends/ Tune: in summer time/ WE25 142: CVWC/ P2 44: WCTP

Good people all pray lend an ear/ ZN1037| A Warning-peice for Ingroosers of Corne/ Tune: In Summer time, &c./ E 379 = W1 161: William Gilbertson [PA 32]

Good people all pray listen well/ ZN1038| Strange and wonderful News from Northampton-shire/ Tune: Summer time/ W1 203: R. Burton, and are to be sold by W. Whitwood [MS date 1674] [PA 180]

Good people all repent with speed/ ZN1039| A Warning for all Worldlings to learn to Dye/ Tune: The Ladies Fall/ [Entered 1624]/ E 376 = CR 444: CVW/ Tune: Ladye's Fall/ SH #3 [RL 124, HH2 138] [1 verse, RB8 845. Entd. 1624, 1675. AI 1025, 2859]

Good people all sing and rejoyce/ ZN1040| The Christian Conquest [over Turks at Vienna, 1683]/ Tune: When the King enjoys his own again/ RB5 372: WCTP

Good people all that round about me stand/ ZN1041| The Sommersetshire Wonder/ Tune: the Bleeding heart/ BB1 63: J. Jackson [c 1700]

Good people all to me draw near/ ZN1042| True Wonders and strange news from Rumsey in Hampshire/ Tune: in Summer time/ By L. W./ RL 117: CVWC [PA 191]

Good People attend, I bring a relation/ ZN1043| The Valiant Damsel....Listed her self for a Soldier/ Tune: Let Mary live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 137: C. Bates

Good people attend I'le discover/ ZN1044| The Bunters Wedding/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 445: J. Pitts (1802-40)/ CR 446: Turner, Coventry [18th cent.]

Good people attend now, and I will declare/ ZN1045| Mans Amazement..Thomas Cox.. / Tune: Digby's Farewel/ P2 175: J. Deacon [Ptd. PA #38]

Good people attend, Without Disputation/ ZN1046| Midnight Wonder/ Tune: Let Mary live long/ With Allowance/ P5 406: T. Moore, 1692

Good People come buy, The Fruit that I cry/ ZN1047| The Rare Vertue of an Orange; Or, Popery purged.../ Tune: The Pudding/ P2 259: Printed for A. B.

Good people come buy/ ZN1048| A New Song of an Orange/ Tune: The Pudding/ P5 109: R. G., 1688

Good people come hither come listen awhile/ ZN1049| The Brickmaker's Lamentation from Newgate/ Tune: Packington's Pound/ RB3 471: Phillip Brooksby

Good people, do but lend and ear/ ZN1050| Sea-Martyrs/ Tune: Banstead Downs/ P5 375: [no imprint]

Good people e'ery one, Sir/ ZN1051| Maiden Sailor/ Tune: Guinea wins her: Or, Farewel my dearest Nancy/ Written by John Curtin, Seaman, on Board the Edgar/ P5 366: J. Blare

Good People I pray now attend to my moan/ ZN1052| The Shooemaker Our-witted/ Tune: [If] Love's a sweet Passion: or, Fond Boy, &c./ Licensed and Entred according to Order/ P3 271: J. Bissel

Good people, I married a turbulent wife/ ZN1053| The West Country Weaver/ Tune: If Love's a sweet passion/ RB7 22 = CR 448: C. Bates [DC2 250]

Good people, I pray now attend to my muse/ ZN1054| The Lord Chancellors Villanies/ Tune: Hey brave Popery, &c./ P2 288: Printed in the Year, 1689

Good people I pray now pity my case/ ZN1055| Bakers Lamentation/ Tune: March Boys, &c./ Licensed according to Order/ P5 395: BDBB

Good people I pray to a wa__er give ear/ ZN1056| The Essex Miracle/ Tune: If Love's a sweet Passion/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 79: J. Blare

Good people I wish you, a while to attend/ ZN1057| Good Admonitions, or Wholesome Counsel/ Tune: Fair Angel of England, or, Bonny sweet Robin/ [by] I. P./ DC1 89: ?

Good people I'll tell you now of a fine jest/ ZN1058| The Cloth-worker caught in a Trap/ Tune: How now Jockey whither away. Or the Tyrant/ P4 142 = CR 447: TPW/ RB3 547: [no imprint]

Good people mind what here is penn'd/ ZN1059| A soluntary SONG. for all stuborn Sinners/ Tune: Sinners Redemption/ This may be Printed, R.P./ P2 49 = CR 456: P. Brooksby [HH2 89]

Good people now I pray give ear/ ZN1060| The Kentish Garland/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 457: Bow-Church-Yard/ RC3 458: Aldermary Church-Yard [DC3 48]

Good people of England, I hope you have had/ ZN1061| The Happy Return of the Old Dutch Miller/ Tune: To the Tune of the First [Cook Laurel]/ CR 459: Allen Banks, 1682/ W7 84/ Wood 276a 549 [Answers "I am a brave miller", N1188|] [Simpson, BBBM p. 569, didn't recognize "the first", and discusses ballad under "Packington's Pound"]

Good people pray give your attention/ ZN1062| The London Lasses Hue-and-Cry After Her Dearly Beloved Robin/ Tune: the Rant/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 245 = CR 460: BDBB [HH1 154, C.22.f.6 140]

Good people stay and hark a while/ ZN1063| The Victorious Wife/ Tune: The Journey-man Shoo-maker; or, Billy and Molly/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 134: J. Blare

Good People that do see my end/ ZN1064| .. Captain Winters last Farwell..May 17th 1693/ Tune: All Happy Times/ [Roman letter]/ P5 14: T. Moore, 1693

Good subjects, and they that lov'd him, did pray/ ZN1065| [Title missing, conjecturally supplied] Charles King of England/ The Second Part to the same tune/ Entred according to Order [not]/ RB8 788 [from W. H. Balls' Coll'n]: F. Grove [Grove often put entry statements on ballads after his last entry, May 29, 1658]

Good Tydings I bring, from William our King/ ZN1066| Poor Teague in Distress/ Tune: The Orange/ P2 304: Charles Bates

The Good-Wife her Daughter did send to the Miller/ ZN1067| The Lusty Miller's Recreation/ Tune: pleasant New Tune/ E 157 = CR 461 = RB8 618 [expurgated, restored, p. 850]: P. Brooksby, West-smith-field [?Entd. 1656. AI 1636. The Brooksby broadside is before 1685, thus earlier than D'Urfey's song version of 1696]

Good women all a while give ear/ ZN1068| The Examination, Confession, and Execution of Ursula Corbet [Mar. 15, 1660]/ Tune: The Bleeding Heart/ CR 462: John Andrews

Good your worship cast an eye/ ZN1069| The Low-Country-Soldier/ Tune: excellent new tune/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 348 = RC III 460: BDBB/ E 161 = CR 463: C. Bates/ CR 464: C. Bates [diff. issue] [reworking of M. Parker's 'Maunding Soldier,' N1070|, following]

Good your worship, cast your eyes/ ZN1070| The Maunding Souldier/ Tune: Permit me Friends/ [by] M. P./ F. Grove [CB p. 237] [see previous item, N1069|, for later version]

Good your worship, cast your eye/ ZN1071| The Whoremonger's Conversation/ Tune: The Maunding Souldier/ [by] M. P./ RB3 122: Fr. Cowles [Entd. June 20, 1629. AI 2951]

Great are the wonders that our God has done/ ZN1072| Dying Tears [death of Henry, son of K. Chas. I, 13 Sept., 1660]/ Tune: Aim not too high/ E 65: Charles Ty[u]s

Great Brittain be Chearful an hold up thy head/ ZN1073| Great- Brittains Renown.. Coronation.. 11th. Day of April, 1689/ Tune: A Touch of the Times/ P2 269: G. Conyers

Great Britain is agreed, I hear/ ZN1074| .. Late Lord Chancellors Last Will../ Tune: Of all Delights the Earth doth yield, &c./ P2 287: Printed in the Year 1689

Great Charles, your English Seamen/ ZN1075| The Valiant Seamans Congratulations .. King Charles the second/ Tune: Let us drink and sing, and merrily troul the bowl. Or, The Stormy winds do blow. Or, Hey ho, my Honey/ Entred according to Order [not]/ E 368: F. Grove

Great controversie hath been in England/ ZN1076| A Loyal Subjects Admonition. Song of Brittaines Civil Wars/ Tune: General Monks right march, that was sounded before him from Scotland to London, or the Highlanders's march/ Composed by loyal T. J./ E 160: F. Grove

Great God that sees all things that here are don/ ZN1077| Anne Wallens Lamentation,. murthering ..husband...22 June 1616/ Tune: Fortune/ [by] T: Platte/ P1 124- 5: Henry Gosson

Great joy to England I'le proclaim/ ZN1078| Coronation.. King James the Second/ Tune: the Kind Lady; Charming Nymph; or Jenny Gin/ P5B 37: J. Coniers [Apr. 23, 1685]

Great Lewis in a mighty heat/ ZN1079| The Witty Harlot; Or, The French King in the Powdering Tub/ Tune: I Love you more and more each day/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 121: J. Conyers and J. Conyers

Great Mars and Venus/ ZN1080| To him Bun, take him Bun: or, The hunting of the Conney/ Tune: To him Bunne/ P1 450-1: A. M[athews].

Great Souls that are free from Faction, rejoyce/ ZN1081| A New-Years Gift for the Whigs/ Tune: Then then to the Duke let's fill up the Glass [music ptd.]/ CR 466: J. Deane [with tune given in BBBM #460]

Great William's returned in triumph/ ZN1082| King William's Welcome Home [from Flanders]/ Tune: The Evening Ramble/ P5 42, and different issue P5 60: J. Blare

Great William's success does his Trophies advance/ ZN1083| A New Ballad..Victory.. at Sea.. Rocks of Jersey/ Tune: Let Caesar live long/ P4 215: J. Bissel

Great York has been debar'd of late/ ZN1084| The Loyal Tories Delight/ Tune: Great York has been debar'd of late/ [With tune, BBBM #167]/ RB4 636: R. Shuter

A greater fall, Envie, yow cannot require/ ZN1085| [single verse, no title, tune]/ SH #56

Grieve no more sweet husband/ ZN1086| The Householder's New- Year's Gift/ Tune: Where is my true love./ RB1 125: F. Coules (on same sheet as that reprinting RB1 122, N1179|) [Entd. Jan, 14, 1598. AI 1149]

Grim King of the Ghosts make haste/ ZN1087| The Lunatick Lover.. Call to Grim King of the Ghosts/ Tune: Excellent New Tune/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 61: P. Brooksby/ RB6 222: [no imprint]// Licensed according to Order/ CR 468: P. Brooksby, Pye-Corner/ DC2 142: J. Walter/ [Bagford coll'n]

The guilefull Crocodile/ ZN1088| [Title trimed. Fair Maid's Apology,] Or, Cupid's wrongs vindicated/ Tune: Cupid's cruell torments/ [By] M. P[arker]./ RB1 159: F. G[rove]. [Entered May 29, 1633. Title from Rollins, AI 828]

Hail mighty Prince/ ZN1089| A Congratulatory Poem to.. Prince of Orange/ Tune: [none, not song]/ [Roman letter]/ P5 34: [no imprint]

Hail! thou mighty Monarch, valiant James/ ZN1090|..Coronation of King James..Second [Apr. 23, 1685]/ Tune: Hail to the mighty Monarch, valiant Pole [The Grenadeers March]/ RB5 545: [source not stated]

Hail to the mighty Monarch, valiant Pole!/ ZN1091| A New Song [on King John Sobieski]/ Tune: The Grenadeers' March/ RB5 384 [source unstated]: [no imprint]

Hail to the Mirtle Shade/ ZN1092| Loves Boundless Power/ Tune: When Busie Fame, &c./ P3194 = CR 475: J. Deacon [HH1 166, DC1 127, 132v, C.22.f.6 58] [original song, 1680, ptd. RB5 422]

Hang sorrow! let's cast care away/ ZN1093| Joy and sorrow mixt together/ Tune: Such a Rogue should be hang'd./ [by] Richard Climsall/ RB1 509: John Wright the Younger [Entd. July 3, 1630. AI 1318. Probably AI 1066 also, 1668]

The happiest man that now doth lyve/ ZN3316| [no title, that in Stationer's Register is 'The pleasure of Content preferred before all estates']/ To the toune of: "The raire & greatest gift"/ [by] T. Richeson/ CV 38 [Entd. Sept. 22, 1592. AI 2125. Tune from N3345|]

Happy's the Man that's free from Love/ ZN1094| .. The Languishing Swain/ Tune: Excellent New Tune/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 247: W. Thackeray, J. Millet, and A. Milbourn// OPB 157: J. Blare [Ptd. RB7 832] [Simpson points out on metrical grounds that this is not the source of the tune title "Languishing Swain"]

A handsome buxom Lass, lay panting in her bed/ ZN1095| A Remedy for the Green Sickness/ Tune: Philander/ P3 119 = BB2 543: CVWCTP

Happy is the Countrey life/ ZN1096| The country Mans Delight/ Tune: new Tune of, Happy is the Country life, Or, Smiling Phillis, &c./ P4 349: WCTP// The Country Innocence/ To a pleasant new tune/ RB5 564: [no imprint]

Hard by a sweet delightful green/ ZN1097| The Unhappy Lovers Garland/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 479: Sympson's Warehouse [18th cent.]

Hard hap had I, poor harmless maid/ ZN1098| The Virgins Constancy; Or the Faithful Marriner/ Tune: Amarilis/ P4 55: TPW// Tune: Loves ride, or, Wert thou more fairer/ CR 480: William Gilbertson [DC2 272]

Hardnes ys headstrong, And will not be hampered/ ZN3309| Another ballet. of this presend tyme or worlde/ [no tune indication]/ CV 31 [My Guess: ?Entd. Aug. 20, 1578. AI 518. see also AI 521]

Hark Charon, come away/ ZN1099| The true Lovers Joy/ Tune: New Tune, much in Request/ E 355: P. Brooksby, West Smithfield/ E 354 = P4 176 = RB7 521 = CR 481: P. Brooksby, Pye-Corner [DC2 220, 221]

Hark! Hark! and yonder hear the Martial Thunder/ ZN1100| King William's March/ Tune: To a Pleasant New Trumpet Tune, call'd, King William's March (With musical score, given by Simpson, BBBM, p. 413)/ P5 55: Ch. Bates/ [with meaningless music] CR 482: Ch. Bates

Hark! Hark! Hark! how the mad World/ ZN1101| King William's Courage and Conquest.. over.. Duke of Savoy/ Tune: To an Excellent New Tune/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 83 = CR 483 = OPB 178: BDBB

Hark! how sweet the Birds do sing/ ZN1102| England's Joy in the merry month of May/ Tune: Ah! how pleasant 'tis to Love, &c./ Licenced [sic] and Entred [sic] according to Order/ P5 37: A. Milbourn

Hark how the Huzza's go round/ ZN1103| Englands Extasie... Coronation of King William.. Queen Mary/ Tune: Grim King of the Ghosts, &c./ Licensed according to Order/ P2 254: J. Bissel

Hark, hark in yon Grove the fair Nymph she does sing/ ZN1104| The Kind Lovers, Or, Cupids Conquest over.../ Tune: Hark! hark in yon Grove, or, Digby's Farwell/ P3 228: J. Conyers

Hark, how the cries in every street make lanes and allies ring/ ZN1105| The Cries of London/ Tune: The Merry Christ Church Bells/ RB7 57: Bow-Church-Yard [DC1 7v]

Hark! I hear the Cannons rore/ ZN1106| A Carrouse.. Duke of Lorrain/ Tune: new Tune, at the Play-House/ P2 250 = CR 484 = RB5 366 (RC4 2): P. Brooksby/ RC2 582: [no imprint] [HH1 22, C.22.f.6]

Hark! I hear the Trumpets sound/ ZN1107| A Loyal Song on King James..Birthday [Oct. 14]/ Tune: The Cannons Roar/ This may be Printed, R. L. S./ P2 233 = RC4: J. Back

Hark man what I thy God/ A ZN1108| passing bell towling/ Tune: Triumph and Joy/ Wood 276b 103: [imprint shorn] [Printed, PG #32] [Entd. Oct. 1582, 1624. AI 2043, 1078]

Hark the bells and steeples ring/ ZN1109| .. King James the Second [crowned]/ Tune: Hark! the thund'ring Cannons roar/ RB5 520 [from Ebsworth's copy]: Richard Butt, 1684 [new style, Mar. 1685]

Have at ye blind Harpers; for once let us try/ ZN1110| The Hang- Man's Lamentation..Chancellours [Jeffrie's] Farewel/ Tune: O Brave Chancellour/ [Roman letter]/ P5 25: Printed in the Year, 1689

Have over the water to Florida, see ZN3403

He runs farre that ne'r returneth/ ZN1111| Charles Rickets his recantation/ Tune: Ile beat my wife no more/ [By] Charles Rickets/ P1 172-3: Iohn Wright [?Entd. 1633. AI 1525.]

He that is a clear Cavalier will not repine/ ZN1113| Old Cavalier/ Tune: Excellent New Tune/ P5 99 = CR 486 = OPB 53: C. Bates [With music that is actually "Sabina in the dead of night" (Simpson, BBBM). Music and version with considerable differences is poor copy in Pills, III, 129, 1719]

Hear my lamentation, good people, now I pray/ ZN1114| Cuckold's Calamity/ Tune: The Scotch Hay-makers/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 256: J. Blare

Heard you not lately of a Man/ ZN1115| The Mad Mans morice/ Tune: a pleasant New tune/ [By Humphry Crouch. Entered Aug. 2, 1637]/ P3 315: TP./ E 201: Francis Coles/ E 202: F. Coles, in Vine- street./ [by] Humfrey Crowch/ RB2 154 = CR 487: Richard Harper/ RC2 362: W. Onley/ CR 488, 489 (diff. issues): A. M./ CR 490: Bow-Church-Yard [HH2 15] [Entd. Aug. 2, 1637, AI 1612. Crouch's version apparently expands song in BL MS Egerton, 2725, f. 99, "The Madd Lover"]

Heard you not of a valiant Trooper/ ZN1116| The Valiant Trooper and pritty Peggy/ Tune: pretty new Tune; Or, though I live not where I love /[By] T[homas]. R[obins]./ [Chorus:] But unconstant woman, true to now man, is gone and left me her bird alone/ P4 40: TPW [Cf. nautical version, 'The Unconstant Woman,' Pills V, p. 80, 1719]

Heard you not of Bellswager of old/ ZN1117| The Jolly Coachman/ Tune: Prithee sweet Joan/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 25: J. Fillingham

Heard you not of the Headborough/ ZN1118| The Mirror of Mercy/ Tune: Joy to the Bridegroom: Or, In Summer time/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P2 174: C. Dennisson

[Heaven is angry, lord send peace]/ ZN3240| [No title, first part]/ A comodation of peace/ M2 #46b: F. Coules. [A fragment only. ?Entd. Aug. 7, 1643. AI 1093.]

Heavens look down and pity my crying/ ZN1119| Mournful Lover/ Tune: Royal and Fair/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 369: J. Wilkins

A heavy dolefull storye I am about to write/ ZN1120| The fearful Judgement of Almighty God [on two sons who murdered father]/ Tune: The Merchant of Emden/ [1 verse, RB8 xviii***, source unstated] SH #39 [Entd. Mar. 22, 1594, 1675. AI 1816, 1817. Stationers' entry names T. Deloney as author]

Heigh (Hey) ho, see hi=ho

Henry our Royal King would ride a hunting/ ZN1121| A Pleasant new Ballad..King Henry the second... Miller of Mansfield/ Tune: French Levalto/ P1 528-9: T. P./ RB1 539: A. Milbourn/ W1 5: CVG/ CR 491 W. O./ CR 492: Bow-Church-Yard [Bishop Percy's Folio MS, II, p. 148]/ Henry our royall Kinge would go on hunting/ Tune: The French Lauata/ SH #51 [June 30, 1625, 1675. AI 1763, 1355, 1367]

Heeres a health to all good fellowes/ ZN1122| Roaring Dick of Douer/ Tune: Fuddle, roare and swagger/ [by] R. C[limsell]./ P1 434-5: H. G[osson]. [Entd. May 24, 1632. AI 2300]

Here I must tell the praise of worthy Whittington/ ZN1123| An Old Ballad of Whittington and his Cat/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB7 585: Aldermary Church-Yard [DC3 103, DC4 31] [Entd. July 16, 1605. AI 2822]

Here I will give you a perfect relation/ ZN1124| The Taylor's Wanton Wife of Wapping/ Tune: What shall I do to show how much I love her/ Licensed according to Order/ RB7 484 = CR 494: BDBB

Here I write a sorrowful Ditty/ ZN1125| The Royal Funeral:.. Mary Queen of England.. Fifth of March, 1695/ Tune: Hopes Farewel, &c./ Licens'd and Enter'd according to Order/ P5 143: J. Deacon

Here is a crew of jovial Blades/ ZN1126| The Good Fellow Frolick, Or, Kent Street Club/ Tune: Hey boys up go we, Seamans mournful bride, or the fair one let me in/ P4 239 = CR 495: J. Coniers/ RB6 351: [no imprint] [DC1 86b, HH1 122]

Here is a disloyal Tutch/ ZN1127| The Ungrateful Rebel/ Tune: Turn-Coat of the Times/ P2 367 = RB5 719 = CR 496: N. Sliggen [HH2 128]

Here is a jest I do protest/ ZN1128| The Crafty Lass of the West..Mortgag'd her Maiden-Head../ Tune: Liggan Water/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 7 = CR 497: BDBB [HH1 53] [Later version, "I pray attend unto this jest," N1318|]

Here is a new fine ditty/ ZN1129| The New Corant; [Up goes aly, aly]/ Tune: new Tune call'd Up goes aly aly/ With Allowance/ [with tune modified, new 'Scotch' verses were set to it, sung by Mr. Beard, and published as a single sheet song with music, c 1740, and reprinted with music as late as 1788 in Calliope: Or, The Musical Miscellany, p. 416.]/ P3 293 = WE25 14: CVWC

Here is a new medley of pastime enough/ ZN1130| New Merry Medley/ Tune: Fond Boy [meaningless music given]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 401, 403: P. Brooksby

Here is a new song, Good people pray mind it/ ZN1131| The Crafty Scotch Pedlar: Or, The Downfal of Trading/ Tune: [Let] Mary live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 326: E[lizabeth]. M[illet]. for C. Bates

Here is a pennyworth of Wit/ ZN1132| A Choice Pennyworth of Wit: Or, A clear Distinction between a Virtuous Wife and a Wanton Harlot/ Tune [none]/ CR 498: J. Butler, and sold by James Grundy and G. Lewis, Worcester/ CR 499-501 also]/ RC3 474:? [DC2 73] [4 verses, RB8 805]

Here is a summons for all honest men/ ZN1133| A General Summons ..Hen-Peck'd Frigate/ Tune: Cold and Raw/ This may be Printed, R. P./ CR 502: J. Deacon// Tune: Ladies of London/ [no licensing statement] OPB 114: J. Deacon [W7] [Ptd. RB8 667] [Entd. Mar. 1, 1675 to CVWC, as "Horne Fair". AI 1146. Can this id. be correct?]

Here is News from famous Flanders/ ZN1134| The Bloody Fight of Flanders/ Tune: Excellent New Tune; Or, Now the fatal Fight is over/ P2 339: C. Bates

Here is presented to the eye/ ZN1135| The Great Assize... By Mr. Stevens, Minister/ Tune: Aim not too high, &c./ RB1 395: P. Brooksby, Pye-Corner

Here is wonderful Strange News/ ZN1136| The London Jilts Lamentation/ Tune: Cold and Raw/ This may be Printed, R. P./ CR 503: J. Deacon [DC1 116]

Here to the world I do declare/ ZN1137| Capt. Johnsons Loves Lamentation/ Tune: Russel's Farewell/ Licensed according to Order/ [Roman letter with meaningless music]/ P5 6: Charles Bates

Here we are good fellows all/ ZN1138| Round boyes indeed/ Tune: pleasant new tune/ [by] L. P[rice]./ P1 442-3: I. Wright [?Entd. June 24, 1637. AI 1749]

Here you may see the turns of fate/ ZN1139| The Low-Country Soldier turn'd Burgomaster/ Tune: [none]/ CR 505: Bow-Church- Yard/ CR 506: J. Turner, Coventry [18th cent.]

Here's, see Heeres

Here's a health to the King and his lawfull successors/ ZN1140| The Oxford Health, Or Jovial Loyalist/ Tune: On the bank of a river, or Packington's pound/ WE25 27 = RB5 37= CR 504: P. Brooksby [HH2 50]

Here's a health to the King whom the Crown does belong to/ ZN1141|The Loyal Bumper.. Health to King William and Queen Mary/ Tune: To an Excellent New Tune/ P5 94: [no imprint]

Here's a Lamentation that's spread abroad of late/ ZN1142| The Young Damsels Lamentation ..against the late Punching/ Tune: The Scotch Hay-makers/ P3 287: J. Deacon

Here's a pleasant Ditty I'll Sing you, if you please/ ZN1143| The Jolly Cheese-Monger ..Wifes Consulting the Cunning Man../ Tune: The Scotch Haymakers/ P3 67: J. Knight

Here's joyfull good News we from Ireland bring/ ZN1144| The Triumph of Ireland.. June the 14th. 1690| Tune: Let Caesar live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 276: P. Brooksby

Here's joyful good tydings I bring you this day/ ZN1145| The Glory of Flanders. Army's Victory.. at Namur/ Tune: Fond Boy/ P2 337: J. Bissel

Here's joyfull News come late from Sea/ ZN1146| The Seamans Victory Or, Admiral Killegrew's Glorious Conquest.. French Fleet/ Tune: The Spinning Wheel/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 221 = BB1 283: BDBB

Here's Joyful Tydings now we bring/ ZN1147| The Scotch Protestants Courage/ Tune: Billy and Molly/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 346: BDBB

Here's news from the fleet/ ZN1148| Triumph of the Seas/ Tune: Let Mary live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 387: BDBB, 1693?

Here's strange Tydings which I bring/ ZN1149| The French Monstrous Beast/ Tune: Liggan Water/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 371: BDBB

Hey boys my Fathers dead/ ZN1150| Mirth for Citizens/ Tune: Ragged, torn and true/ By Abraham Miles/ P4 117 = P4 144: WCTP/ CR 507 = RB8 699: P. Brooksby [C.22.f.6 65]

Hey ho hunt about/ ZN1151| Hey ho Hunt about/ Tune: Couragious hartuless healths/ CR 508: CVWC [RL 122, C22.f.6 50, HH1 131] [CB p. 60] [Entered Mar 12, 1656. AI 1116]

Hi-ho, I've lost my Love, Toll la ra, Toll la ra ra/ ZN1152| The Fond Lovers Friendly Advice/ Tune: a Pleasant New Tune [meaningless music given]/ P5 162: C. Bates [Answer " Hi-ho my heart it is light," N1153|]

Hi-ho, my heart it is light/ ZN1153| The Well-shaped West-Country Lass/ Tune: Cavalilly Man/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 281 = CR 509: BDBB [Answers "Hi-ho, I've lost my love," N1152|]

Hie hoe, pray what shall I do/ ZN1154| Roger, the West Country Lad/ Tune: Cavilly Man/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 218 = CR 510: James Gilbertson and G. Conyers

Ho, Brother Teague, dost hear de Decree/ ZN1155A| A New Song: To an Excellent Irish Tune/ Tune: [none further indicated]/ P4 312: A. B./ CR 513: [with music, no imprint]/ CR 514: [no imprint]/ CR 515: [no imprint]

Ho Brother Teague, dost hear the Decree/ ZN1155B| A New Song [Lilli Burlero]/ Tune: [none indicated, meaningless music given]./ [Roman letter]/ P5 33: W7 168: [no imprint] [In Cambridge Univ. Lib. MS 7112, "The New Irish Song: in Anno: 1688. a little before King James ye second went out of the England"]

Hold fast thy sword and scepter Charles, sad times are coming on/ ZN1156| Popery Unvail'd/ Tune: Young Phaon/ DC2 174v: ?

Hold fast thy sword and scepter Charles, sad times may else come on/ ZN1157| Loyalty Unfeigned/ Tune: Busie Fame, Young Phaon, or The Father's Exhortation/ RB4 640: [no imprint]/ CR 517: P. Brooksby [HH2 13] [2 verses in Bodleian MS Eng. poet d. 152, f. 58]

Hold up thy head England, and now shew thy face/ ZN1158| Englands Joy in a Lawful Triumph [on proclaiming Charles II King]/ Tune: Packington's Pound/ E 98: F. G[rove].

Holly and Ivy or Missleto/ ZN1159| The Trader's Medley/ Tune: When Cold Winter storms are past/ BB1 115 [from Garland]: I. Walter [CB p. 71]

An honest old man of late/ ZN1160| A Looking-Glass for Lascivious Young Men/ Tune: I marry and thank you too/ Licensed and Entred according to Order/ P2 72: W. Thackeray, J. Millet, and A. Milbourn

Hope, farewell, adieu to all pleasure/ ZN1161| Sefautian's Farewel/ Tune: Excellent New Tune, or, Sefautian's farewel [meaningless music given]/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P5 351 = W5 159: J. Deacon, 1688 [Ptd. RB3 414. Answered by "My Sefautian, art thou deceased," N1851|]

A horsse chuyng on the brydle, In the stable is but idle/ ZN3300| A Ballyt/ [no tune indication]/ CV 21 [Rollins suggests an entry of 1562/3, the single word 'love' from burden, 'Ys love, this idle busynes.' AI 1553]

How blest are shepherds how happy their lasses/ ZN1162| The Shepherds Happiness/ Tune: Excellent new Tune [meaningless music given]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 189: J. Conyers, 1691|/ The Happy Shepheard/ CR 520 = OPB 65: C. Bates [Answered by "Why are the Shepherd's," N2918|]

How bonny and brisk, how pleasant and sweet/ ZN1163| The Amorous Gallant/ Tune: Jenny's Delight/ CR 521: CVW [RL 88, C.22.f.6 81]

How bright art thou whose starry eyes/ ZN1164| The Triumph at an End/ Tune: Pleasant new tune of How bright art thou, &c., or, Young Jamey/ RB6 76 = CR 522, 523: WCTP

How can I conceal my passion/ ZN1165| Loves unspeakable Passion ..Answer to Tender Hearts of London City/ Tune: New Play-House Tune; or, Tender Hearts/ RB6 83 = CR 524 = DP 63: J. Deacon [Entd. June 12, 1684, AI 1575. Answers N2462|]

How can you call me so ungrateful/ ZN1166| The Maidens Vindication: Or an Answer to O so Ungrateful a Creature/ Tune: Oh so ungrateful a Creature/ P3 160: James Bissel

How cool and temperate am I grown/ ZN1167| Loves Tide; or, A Farewel to Folly/ Tune: Wert thou more fairer, &c. Or, Lusty Bacchus/ DC1 134: ? [c 1675 issue. Entd. 1649, 1675. AI 1573, 1574. Cf. RB6 774]

How cruel is fortune grown/ ZN1168| Unconstant Phyllis/ Tune: Tell me no more you love/ WE25 13 = CR 525: P. Brooksby [RL 121]

How England is opprest with grief/ ZN1169| Sorrowful Subject.. [death of] Charles the Second/ Tune: Troy Town/ P2 227: CTP

How fares my fair Leander/ ZN1170| ...Sonnet of the Unfortunate Loves of Hero and Leander/ Tune: Gerhard's Mistress/ [by] H. Crouch/ E 89 = RB6 560: CVW/ P3 322: Alex. Milbourn [Humphry Crouch's version, with sexes reversed]

How happy are we, when we meet with a beauty/ ZN1171| The Intreagues of Love/ Tune: pleasant new tune/ P5 215: J. Seiense [Science]/ CR 526 = OPB 128: C. Barnet [Ptd. RB8 649. Tune in Beggar's Opera, #30, with title as 1st line here, does not fit.]

How happy's the lover who after long years/ ZN1172| The Happy Lovers/ Tune: new Play-house Tune [with meaningless music, BBBM #199]/ Licensed according to Order/ CR 527: BDBB

How happy's the State where no discords are breeding/ ZN1173| Unfeigned Friendship, Or, The Loyalists Cordial Advice/ Tune: new Playhouse Tune, called, How happy's the State, or, Can Life be a Blessing, &c./ P4 348 = CR 528: WCTP [HH2 124, C.22.f.6]

How long Elisa shall I mourn/ ZN1174| Good Luck at Last/ Tune: Ah Jenny Gin, &c./ CR 529: P. Brooksby

How long shall I sigh and mourn/ ZN1175| The School of Venus/ Tune: Hail to the Mirtle Shade/ P3 221: C. Passinger/ CR 530: Josiah Blare [HH2 76, C.22.f.6 172, DC2 188]

How lovely's a woman before she's enjoy'd/ ZN1176| A Excellant new Song Women/ [With music, BBBM #200]/ M1 #49: Tho. More, 1695/ Tune: Play-House song to pleasant new tune [with meaningless music]/ P5 220: Charles Barnet/ CR 534: A. M.

How now good fellow, what all amort/ ZN1177| Poor Robin's Dream; commonly call'd Poor Charity/ Tune: compleat Tune, well known by Musicians, and many others: Or, A game at Cards/ With Allowance/ E 285: J. Clark, Harp and Bible/ P4 295: CTP./ E 286 = BB2 973: A. M. and booksellers/ CR 631: A. M. and W. O./ CR 532: [no imprint, 18th cent.] [Collier, A Book of Roxburghe Ballads, p 308, gave a copy said to be printed by J. Lock for J. Clarke. It was entered to Clarke in Jan. 11, 1668, and re-entered in 1675. AI 2139, 2140]

How sad is my Fate how unhappy my Life/ ZN1178| The Wheel-Wrights Huy-and-Cry After his Wife/ Tune: Let Caesar live long, Or the Female Drummer/ P4 115: J. W. 1693

How shall we, good husband, now live, this hard yeare/ ZN1179| A new Ballad, Containing a communication.. careful Wife.. comfortable Husband/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB1 122: F. Coules. (on same sheet with another, RB1 125, N1086 [CB p. 17. Entd. Jan. 2, 1579, & 1624. AI 343, 1160]

How vile are the sorid intreagues of the town/ ZN1180| The discontented Lady/ Tune: New tune much in request [with meaningless music]/ CR 535 = OPB 31: C. Bates [expansion of song by D'Urfey, Pills I, 297, 1719. Rollins ident. as AI 600, of 1656 can't be correct, unless D'Urfey t touched up an old song, as he was known to do, e.g., ZN185]

I (a young lass,) have been courted by many/ ZN1181| Trap, Or, The Young Lass/ Tune: Traps Delight: Or, I know what I know/ With Allowance/ P3 17: CVWC// I a tender young lass have been courted by many/ A new ballad called, Trap, or the Young Lass/ Tune: Traps Delight, or, I know what I know/ With Allowance/ WE25 30: CVW [Entd. July 1, 1678. AI 2685] [With music in Pills. Occasionally printed in 18th and even early 19th century. Often sung, but traditional?]

I am a Bastard, by my Birth/ ZN1182| The Great Bastard, Protector of Little One/ Tune: the Italian Dutchess [N1643|]/ P5 118: J. W., 1689

I am a Batchelour bold and brave/ ZN1183| A New Merry Dialogue betweene John and Besse/ Tune: sweet George I love thee/ L. P./ BF 6: William Gilbertson// I'm [a] batchlour bold and brave/ dialogue between John and Bessee/ [wooing and marriage]/ WE25 85: W. Gilbertson [Entd. May 15, 1656. AI 1886. Ptd. CP 409]

I am a blade that from an old trade/ ZN1184| Your Humble Servant, Madam/ Tune: Very Fine Northern Tune/ RB3 576: William Gilbertson [Answered by "I am a lass that doth surpass," N1204|, and "The city has no knave so base," N491|]

I am a blade that hath no trade/ ZN1185| The Swaggering man/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB8 671: [no imprint]

I am a bonny Scot Sir/ ZN1186| The New Medley/ Tune: rarest of tunes/ W1 153: Fran. Grove

I am a brave lass, and I travel'd about/ ZN1187| Stand too't Whetstone-Park Ladies/ Tune: Never a Penny of Money/ CR 537: P. Brooksby [HH2 148, C.22.f.6 77, DC2 188v] [evidently a prostitute. Curious note in Simpson, to Crost Couple, p. 144.]

I am a brave miller but newly come o'er/ ZN1188| Dutch-Miller and New invented Wind-Miller/ Tune: Cook Laurel/ EW25 53: CVWC [see German Illustrated Broadsheet in 17th Century. Sequel, "Good people of England, I hope you have had", N1061|] [Entd. 1675. AI 651]

I am a brave padder, You ne're knew a madder/ ZN1189| The High- way Hector/ Tune: [From] Hunger and Cold, or Packington's Pound/ Licensed according to Order/ CR 538: W. Gilbertson [C.22.f.6 124] [Two stanzas ptd. RB8 846]

I am a brisk Batchelor, aiery and young/ ZN1190| An Answer to Unconstant William/ Tune: Here I love, there I love [with meaningless music. Tune title from antecedent commencing "Constancy I am sure is not my fate," N716|]/ P5 156 = CR 539: C. Bates/ [C.22.f.6 31. Ptd. RB7 213]

I am a brisk Gallant, all this I can tell/ ZN1191| The Rambling young Gallant/ Tune: Jenny come tye my bonny Cravat/ By Robert Tipping/ P3 58: J. Deacon

I am a brisk Youngster/ ZN1192| The Country-mans care in Choosing a Wife/ Tune: I'le have one I love, &c. Or, The Yellow-hair'd Laddy/ P4 90 = RB3 598 = CR 540: P. Brooksby [DC1 35, HH1 45]

I am a Damosel fair of blooming Beauty/ ZN1193| The Covetous- minded Parents/ Tune: Farewel my dearest Dear/ Licensed according to Order/ E 46 = P5 294 = RB3 616 = CR 541: BDBB [HH1 50] [Sequel, N1860|]

I am a damsel which doth part/ ZN1194| The Seaman's Loyal Love/ Tune: Billy and Molly/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 217: BDBB

I am a downright Country-man, both faithful, and true/ ZN1195| The Downright Country- Man/ Tune: Hey, boys, up go we; Or, Busie Fame/ RB7 276: P. Brooksby [HH1 80, C.22.f.6 112] [Answer is "What silly sensless country clown," N2810|]

I am a faire maid, if my glasse does not flatter/ ZN1196| The Wooing Maid/ Tune: If 'be the dad on't [from N3267|]/ [by] M. P./ RB3 52: Thomas Lambert [Entd. June 18, 1636. AI 3031. [for much later reworking see "I heard an old proverb by my father and mother," N1290|. Good traditional versions are practically identical to an early 19th century version, "The old Maid's last Prayer" in e.g., The Dandy's Companion, c 1825]

I am a gallant Blade indeed/ ZN1197| The honest Tradesmans Honour Vindicated/ Tune: General Monk was a Noble man, &c./ P4 350 = CR 543: TPW/ RB7 37: [no imprint] [HH1 134]

I am a Jack of all Trades/ ZN1198| Jolly Jack of all Trades/ Tune: pleasant new Tune, Or a begging we will go/ This may be Printed. R. P./ P4 263: J. Conyers [DC1 104]

I am a Jovial Batcheler/ ZN1199| The Maidens Delight/ Tune: Behold the man with a glass in his hand. Or, The Mountebank of York/ [By] L. P./ E 205: Fran. Grove/ [DC2 147, RL 68] [Ptd. RB8 94] [Entd. 1656, 1675. AI 1644, 1643]

I am a jovial marriner, our calling is well known/ ZN1200| The Jovial Marriner/ Tune: I am a Jovial Batchelor, &c./ With priviledge/ [by] J. P./ RB6 369 [source unstated, probably that following] = CR 544: T. Passinger

I am a Lad that's come to the Town/ ZN1201| West-Country Tom Tormented/ Tune: Lilli burlero/ P4 322: J. Blare/ CR 545: J. Wolrah

I am a Lass of Beauty bright/ ZN1202| The Maiden's New Wish/ Tune: The Languishing Swain/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 88: BDBB

I am a lass of the North Country/ ZN1203| The Northern Ladd; Or, The Fair Maid's Choice/ Tune: There was a lass in Cumberland, &c./ RB7 171: [no imprint]/ HH2 46 = CR 546: P. Brooksby

I am a lass that doth surpass/ ZN1204| The Counterfeit Court Lady.. Answer to Your Humble Servant Madam/ Tune: Your Humble Servant Madam/ E 33 = RB3 579: CVWC [HH1 38, HH3 5] [Answer to "I am a blade," N1184|]

I am a lusty begger/ ZN1205| The cunning Northern Begger/ Tune: Tom of Bedlam/ RB1 37 = M2 #37 = E 55: F. Coules [Entd. July 16, 1634. AI 450]

I am a lusty lively Lad/ ZN1206| The Prodigals Resolution/ Tune: Pleasant New Tune/P4 240 = RB6 329: CVWCTP/ CR 547: CVWC [HH2 60, BL C.22.f.6 167?][Expansion of song by T. Jordan. In Pills to tune of "Jamaica"]

I am a maid both brisk and bold/ ZN1207| The Wanton Maid of Lambeth and the Couragious Waterman/ Tune: Tom the Taylor/ P4 172: J. Blare

I am a maid of Flushing, and I have a Pincushing/ ZN1208| The Maids new All-amode Pincushing; Or, Come stick a Pin here my Lads/ Tune: I am the Duke of Norfolk/ [one column missing?/ P3 178: P. Brooksby [Cf. "I have a gallant pinbox," N1266|]

I am a Maiden in my prime/ ZN1209| The Wanton Maidens Choice/ Tune: Hey boys up go we: Or, Alas poor thing/ P3 190 = CR 548: J. Deacon

I am a man of wealth and land/ ZN1210| The Country Gentleman/ Tune: an excellent tune, Or, Hey boys up go we/ With Allowance/ CR 549: CTP [CB p. 42]

I am a mournful Bride, almost distracted/ ZN1211| An Answer to The Unconstant Maiden/ Tune: The Unconstant Maiden/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 164: BDBB [tune from antecedent, "Farewell my dearest dear," N872|]

I am a mournful Lady, sharp sorrows I lye under/ ZN1212| The Mournful Lady,, Loss of her Noble Commander [Gen. Talmarsh, 1694]/ Tune: The Guinea wins her/ CR 550: J. Deacon

I am a pilgrim poor and bare/ ZN1213| The Distressed Pilgrim/ Tune: Who can blame my woe? or, I am a Jovial Batchelor/ RB8 93: TPW [HH1 75] [Burden "Let patience work for me" becomes tune title]

I am a plow-man brisk and young/ ZN1214| The Plow-Man's Reply to the Merry Milk-Maid's Delight/ Tune: I am a weaver by my trade/ RB7 238 [from DC2 177v]: TPW

I am a poor Jacobite now in distress/ ZN1215| Sport upon Sport/ Tune: Let Caesar live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 294: BDBB

I am a poor Maiden in woful distress/ ZN1216| The Maiden's Moan..Complaint for want of a Husband/ Tune: A Touch of the Times. Or, The Country Farmer/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P3 267: P. Brooksby

I am a poor maiden lives in great distress/ ZN1217| The Sorrowful Damsels Lamentation/ Tune: The Country Farmer/ CR 552 = DP 13: P. Brooksby [HH2 91, C.22.f.6 180, DC2 209]

I am a poor man, God knows/ ZN1218| Ragged, and Torne, and True/ Tune: Old Simon the King/ RB2 409: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke [Entd. Dec. 20, 1632. AI 2234. But Symcocke assignes are no later than 1629]

I am a poor married wife God knows/ ZN1219| The Married wives complaint/ Tune: Come off my mother, Sirrah, Sirrah/ DC2 144v: ?

I am a poor married man truly/ ZN1220| She is bound but won't obey/ Tune: The West-Country-delight/ With Allowance/ WE25 67 = RL 14: CVWC [Ptd. RB8 clxix*]

I am a poor pilgrim in this life/ ZN1221| The Contented Pilgrim/ Tune: Let patience work for me/ This may be printed., R.L.S./ P2 45 = CR 553: P. Brooksby [HH1 36, C22.f.6 95] [Ptd. RB8 98]

I am a poor prisoner condemned to die/ ZN1222| Luke Huttons Lamentation/ Tune: wandering and wavering/ [By] L Hutton/ E 189: H. Gosson/ P2 147 = CR 554: WCTP/ W1 85: CWVG/ RB8 55: [no imprint] [BC2 72, H2 14] [Entd. Dec. 22, 1595, 1624. AI 1605, 1604] [Britwell/ Huntington #46 is dated 1598 according to CLB 246]

I am a poore sheperd, yet borne of high blode/ ZN3305| A Ballet of a sheperd/ [no tune indication]/ CV 27 [Better to be shepherd than King]

I am a poor sinner, how should I begin/ ZN1223| Christian Conference ..Christ and a Sinner/ Tune: Goe to bed, sweet heart [take thy rest]/ RB3 164: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke [Entd. Nov. 7, 1586, & 1624. AI 295, 1183]

I am a Prisoner poore/ ZN1224| The woefull lamentation of Edward Smith [Ned Smith]/ Tune: Dainty come thou to me/ P1 59: C[uthbert]. W[right]./ RB2 465: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke [Entd. 1624. AI 1859]

I am a Roman Catholick/ ZN1225| The Rambling Roman Catholick/ Tune: A begging we will go/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 295: BDBB

I am a stout Seaman newly come to shore/ ZN1226| The Gallant Seamans return from the Indies/ Tune: Five Sail of Frigats, Or, Shrewsbury/ By T. L[anfiere]./ With Allowance/ P4 161 = RB6 415 = CR 555: CVWCTP [HH1 118, RL 97, DC1 87, BC2 83]

I am a taylor now in distress/ ZN1227| The Taylor's Lamentation/ Tune: The Old Man's Wish/ RB7 474 = CR 556: BDBB

I am a true born Cavalier/ ZN1228| The Loyal London Prentice/ Tune: Pleasant Old Tune, called, The Royal Rose/ RB4 240: Richard Hill, 1681

I am a Weaver by my Trade/ ZN1229| Will the weaver and Charity the Chamber-maid/ Tune: pleasant new tune; Or, I am a Weaver by my trade. Or, Now I am bound, &c./ P3 132 = RL 21: P. Brooksby, West-smithfield/ RB7 536 (Weaver part only): [18th cent, no imprint] [Traditional. This ballad, and several later versions printed in Roy Palmer's article, 'The Weaver in Love,' Folk Music Journal II, 261, 1977. Present song apparently combination of Palmer's 'B' and 'C' songs from Holloway and Blacks's Later English Broadside Ballads , I, #123, and #38. Related is the first part of a curious two part ballad (on two separate subjects) "Beauties Warning-piece," N1415|, by WCTP. The second part of the latter is virtually "Death and the Lady."]

I am a woman poor and blind/ ZN1230| Ann Askew/ Tune: [none indicated]/ M1 #54: T. P[avier]./ [on same P2 sheet, It was a Ladies Daughter, qv.]/ E 3: [no imprint]./ P2 24-5: CTP./ RB1 31: A. M[ilbourn]./ CR 557: A. Milbourn, W. Only, T. Thackeray/ CR 558: W. O. [HH3 1] [entd. 1624, 1675. AI 1184, 74]

I am a young blade that had money good store/ ZN1231| The World turn'd up-side down/ Tune: Packington's Pound/ CR 559: P. Brooksby [HH2 159]

I am a young Damsel, both beauteous and fair/ ZN1232| The Damosel's Hard Shift for a Husband/ Tune: Oh how I sigh; Or, The Tyrant, Or, The New made Gentlewoman/ RL 131: ?(BBBM) [Entd. 1675. AI 478.]

I am a young damsel that's plunged in woe/ ZN1233| The Constant Maiden's Resolution/ Tune: Laugh and lie down/ DC1 32: [no imprint] [2 verses and note, RB8 815, BBBM p. 63]

I am a young damsel this day in distress/ ZN1234| Young Lass's Lamentation/ Tune: Fond Boy [meaningless music given]/ P5 331: T-- H-- in the Fryars, 1693

I am a younge lasse, and my time doth so passe/ ZN1235| A merry Ballad of a rich Maid. 18.. Suitors/ Tune: hoop do me no harme good man/ P1 248-9: Henry Gosson

I am a young maid, and daily am taught/ ZN1236| The Vertuous Young Maid/ Tune: the Old Mans Wish/ CR 560: George Croom, 1685

I am a young maid of beauty bright/ ZN1237| The Passionate Damsel/ Tune: The Vertue of the Pudding/ This may be Printed, R. P./ CR 561 = DP 14: P. Brooksby [DC2 176, C.22.f.6 159]

I am a young Maid that now am afraid/ ZN1238| The Handsome Maid of Milkstreet.. for fear she should never be Married/ Tune: an Orange/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 289: BDBB

I am a young Maiden so brisk and so gay/ ZN1239| The Dreaming Virgins Conceited happiness. Or, The Innocent Maidens Hue and Cry/ Tune: My Life and my Death/ With Allowance/ P3 113: CTP

I am a young man that do follow the plow/ ZN1240| The Plowman's Art in Wooing/ Tune: Cupid's Trappan/ RB6 526 = OPB 216: P. Brooksby, West-Smithfield [HH2 54] [Answered by "Of late did I hear a young man domineer," N2108|]

I am a young Wife that has cause to complain/ ZN1241| The Somersetshire Lady/ Tune: If Love's a sweet Passion, &c./ P4 83: J. Back

I am a young woman and faine I would have/ ZN1242| The merry- conceited Lasse/ Tune: pleasant Northerne Tune/ [by] L. P./ RB2 111: Thomas Lambert

I am a Young Woman, 'tis very well known/ ZN1243| The Un-equal Match ..The Young Beautiful Brides Lamentation/ Tune: If Love's a sweet passion/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 87: J. Blare

I am an undaunted Seaman/ ZN1244| The English Seamans Resolution [to fight for] King and Countrey/ Tune: I prethee Love turn to me. Or, When this Old Cap was New/ With Allowance/ E 106: CVW

I am an unfortunate lady this day/ ZN1245| Weeping Lady.. loss ..Noble Commander/ Tune: If love's a sweet passion/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 279 = BB1 181: J. Deacon

I am as bold a hector/ ZN1246| The London Libertine/ Tune: The Ginny wins her/ CR 563 = OPB 56: J. Science [2 verses ptd. RB8 851]

I am but a servant poor/ ZN1247| Wenching Tanner/ Tune: I met with a Country Lass/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 252: R. Kell, 1689

I am come to lock all fast/ ZN1248| ... Lock all Fast/ Tune: [music given]/ P5 200: T. Moore, 1693

I am de very honest French man/ ZN1249| French Dancing-Master's Misfortune/ Tune: excellent New Tune [meaningless music given]/ P5 434: C. Bates

I am Plain-dealing, which all men ought to use/ ZN1250| A Description of Plain-Dealing, Time, & Death/ Tune: A Letter for a Christian Family/ Written by Thomas Lanfire/ CR 564: CVWC [HH1 73, C.22.f.6 3] [Ptd. RB7 808]

I am quite undone: my cruel one has me forsaken quite/ ZN1251| The Dying lover's Complaint/ Tune: Young Phaon/ RB7 430 [two copies] = CR 565: CVWCTP

I am so deep in Love, I cannot hide it/ ZN1252| The Maidens Complaint against the Young-Mens Unkindness/ Tune: Cupids Courtesie/ P3 220: CTP// The Kind Virgin's Complaint/ RB6 253: [no imprint]// The Virgin's Complaint/ CR 566: A. M., W. O., and T. Thackeray [HH1 62, DC2 235] [Entd. 1678. AI 1642]

I am so sicke for loue/ ZN1253| A merry new Song of a rich Widdowes wooing/ Tune: Stand thy ground Old Harry/ P1 284-5: T. Langley

I am so sick of love, I can neither stand nor go/ ZN1254| Young-mans Lamentation/ Tune: Excellent New Play-house Tune [meaningless music given]/ Licens'd according to Order/ P5 334: J. Deacon [Ptd. RB7 300] [Answered by "As he was ready to faint," N200|]

I am the faithfull Damosill/ ZN1255| The Faithful Maids Adventures/ Tune: Farewel St. Gylses, &c./ [by] L. P./ [CP 434]/ BF 7: Francis Grove

I am the King and Prince of drunkards/ ZN1256| The King of Good Fellow/ Tune: Pleasant New Tune/ RB6 502: J. Jordan

I am the worst of woman-kind/ ZN1257| The Midwife of Poplar's ..murder..23rd of this instant October, 1693/ Tune: Russel's last Farewel/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 192: J. Bissel

I am the young lass of Lynn/ ZN1258| Answer to I marry and thank ye too/ Tune: same tune [meaningless music given]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 245: BDBB (with full addresses) [See Answer to N1304|, followed by N640|]

I built my love a gallant ship/ ZN1259| The Lass of Ocram/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB6 613: [no imprint, c 1765? Scots? Lass of Roch Royal, Child Ballad #76]

I came unto a Puritan to wooe/ ZN3248| The way to wooe a Zealous Lady/ Tune: ?/ Merry Drollery, 1661, Rump, I, p. 194, 1662. [no broadside known, but Stationer's Register entry, "A merry new ditty made of an old Jeast", Nov. 1, 1639, fits it well. AI 1739. Original is termed Fuller's jest, rhymed dialogue in the play A Pleasant conceited Comedie, Wherein is shewd how a man may chuse a good Wife from a bad, 1602. Although given as dialogue, the regular stanzas make it obvious that it was written to be a poem or song]

I come, my blessed Saviour, now behold I come/ ZN1260| The King's last Speech.. made upon the Scaffold/ Tune: Gerheards Mistress/ P2 203: CVWCTP [Ptd. RB7 625]

I come not to sing you a sonnet of lies/ ZN1261| The Shepherd's Son/ Tune: The Royal Forrester/ Licensed according to Order/ CR 587: C. Bates

I courted a maiden was handsome and fair/ ZN1262| The Young-Man's Rambles or, The Batchelor's Shifts/ Tune: New Tune, or, Laugh and lie down/ RB8 858 [from RL ?, incomplete]

I do not sing of triumph, no/ ZN1263| Unfortunate Lady/ Tune: The Languishing Swain/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 319: BDBB/ CR 570: J. Blare [HH2 126] [?answer, "What dismal tydings do I hear," N2792|]

I dote, I dote, but am a sot to show it/ ZN1264| The Lovers mad fits and fancies/ Tune: Delightful New Tune/ WE25 39: CVGW/ P3 117 = BB2 516: A. P. for CVWC [Entd. Mar. 1, 1675. AI 1594]

I had no more wit/ ZN1265| The Good Fellows Counsel/ Tune: Tan Tivye/ WE25 19 = RB6 499 = CR 571 = DP 26: P. Brooksby [HH1 121, RL 149]

I have a gallant Pin-box/ ZN1266| The High-prized Pinbox/ Tune: Let every man with Cap in's hand, &c./ P3 232 = CR 572 = RB8 713 [expurgated]: WCTP [HH1 132, DC3 43] [If I remember correctly, this was given in Germaine Greer's The Female Eunuch. Cf, "I am a maid of Flushing," N1280|]

I have a good old Father at home/ ZN1267| Crums of Comfort for the Youngest Sister/ Tune: pleasant new West country Tune [Bailiff's Daughter?]/ P3 129 = CR 573: P. Brooksby/ CR 574: P. Brooksby [diff. issue] [RB6 248 reprints Pepys copy, mentioning others also, DC1 31v, HH1 56]

I have a good old Mother at home/ ZN1268| Virginity grown Troublesome/ Tune: Pleasant New West-Country Tune/ RB6 246 = CR 575: P. Brooksby, West Smithfield [HH2 132, C.22.f.6 222]

I have a hostesse pretty/ ZN1269| The kind believing Hostesse/ Tune: When Willy once he strayed/ RB1 515: B.B.

I have a house trimm'd up most gallant and brave/ ZN1270| A Merry Dialogue between a Maid and her Master/ Tune: delightful new Tune, called, Fill her belly full, full/ P3 140, 297: CVWC [?Entd. 1640. AI 1684]

I have a lass that doth excell/ ZN1271| The glory of Middlesex, or, the Bonny Lasse/ Tune: I love my love/ [incomplete]/ M2 #17a: [imprint shorn]

I have a love so faire/ ZN1272| Pretty Nannnie/ Tune: Northern Nannie/ [by] R. C./ RB2 323: Tho. Lambert [Entd. June 18, 1636. AI 2187]

I Have a Mare her Colour is White/ ZN1273| The Ingenious Braggadocia/ Tune: Cook Laurel/ P4 140 = CR 576 = RB8 600 [expurgated]: CVWCTP

I have a Wife, the more's my Care/ ZN1274| The Invincible Pride of Women/ Tune: The Spinning Wheel/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 153 = CR 577: BDBB/ RB7 28: [no imprint] [HH2 59] [HWS 40]

I have an awd woman wed, doth nothing but scold and rail/ ZN1275| Iockeys complaint for want of his Ienny/ Tune: [Hey ho my honey]/ [burden] and Jenny were here again/ RL 133: ? [See N3409| for what may be a version of this]

I have as compleat a man/ Hold your hands, Honest Men/ ZN1276| Tune: Keepe a good tongue, &c./ [by] M. P./ RB3 243: Thomas Lambert [Entd. Aug. 11, 1634. AI 1128]

I have been a bad husband this full fifteen year/ ZN1277| The Good Fellow's Resolution/ Tune: The Plow-man's Honour made known/ By T. Lanfiere/ RB6 343 = CR 578: CVWCTP [Cf. N3110|]

I have been a travelor, Thirty three years/ ZN1278| An Honest mans delight/ Tune: I'le hold thee five shillings/ [by] T. J./ WE25 50: R. Burton

I have been a traveller long/ ZN1279| A Merry new song.. happie return of the Figure of Two/ Tune: Ragged and Torn and True/ [by] C[harles]. H[ammond]./ DP 50 = CR 579: Wm. Gilbertson/ RB6 324: [no imprint]

I have been a Twelve-month at London/ ZN1280| The Buxome Lass of Bread-street/ Tune: The City Rant/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 295: BDBB

I have been abused of late/ ZN1281| The Scolding Wives Vindication: Or An Answer to the Cuckolds Complaint/ Tune: The Cuckold's Complaint/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 137 = E 321 = RB7 197 = CR 580: BDBB/ [Pepys overflow copies, P5B 30, 31, 33, 36 all BDBB] [DC1 321, HH5 78] [Answer to one commencing "I marry'd a wife of late," N1303|]

I have been long in Custody here/ ZN1282| The Chancellors Resolution/ Tune: Lilli Borlero/ P2 278: Printed in the Year 168[?]

I have been such a bad husband of late/ ZN1283| The Farmers Reformation/ Tune: Ladyes of London/ P2 89 = CR 581: R. Kell [HH1 106, C.22.f.6 118]

I have been the master of money good store/ ZN1284| Money is my master/ Tune: Better late thrive than never [P2 100]/ RB3 280: Francis Coules

I have for all good wiues a song/ ZN1285| A merry Dialogue betwixt a married man and his wife/ Tune: excellent new tune/ P1 388-9: M. Trundle, Widdow/ RB2 159: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke [Entd. June 12, 1629. AI 1190]

I have now been Marry'd a Twelvemonth and more/ ZN1286| The Sorrowful Bride/ Tune: Let Cesar live long/ P3 244: R. Kell

I have traveled fare/ ZN1287| .. Londons Old Cryer/ Tune: [1st shorn off]..g or, The parson of the Parish/ M2 #53a: [no imprint]

I having an hour of time and leisure/ ZN1288| True Lovers Extremity/ Tune: Charon make haste [with meaningless music]/ This may be Printed, R. P./ OPB 140: P. Brooksby/ E 353: [no imprint] [HH2 112]

I heard a northern lad/ ZN1289| What is that to you? Or, The Northern Lad, his description of a Northern Lass/ Tune: Jenny were here again/ RL 102: ? [Tune, see BBBM, p. 118, N3049|]

I heard an old proverb by my father and mother/ ZN1290| The Maids call to the Batchellors/ Tune: Excellent new Tune/ Licens'd according to Order/ P5 194: J. Deacon [reworking of M. Parker's "I am a faire maid, if my glass does not flatter", N1196|]

I hard lately to a lady/ ZN3338| [no title, tune]/ ASM 9

I heard much talk of Oxford town/ ZN1291| Ralph and Nell's Ramble to Oxford/ Tune: [none cited]/ CR 583 = RC3 490: Aldermary Church-Yard/ CR 584: [same, diff. issue] [DC3 79, and Philomel, 1744. Tune in Convivial Songster, 1782, is Dragon of Wantley-Simpson, BBBM. RB8 417, bowdlerized]

I killed a man and he was dead/ ZN1292| Tom Tell-Truth/ Tune: Tanta ra ra ra, Tantivee/ CR 585 = RB8 425: WCTP [HH2 103] [Possibly earlier version entd. 1564/5. AI 2662. Traditional in England: "A Shoulder of Mutton Jumped over from France", Cecil Sharp, JFFS 20 ,p. 292, 1916; "As I was going to Banbury: A Selection/ Sharp, Vaughn Williams and others, Novello. Also in Cecil Sharp's Collection of English Folksongs]

I languish all night, and I sigh all the day/ ZN1293| Tyrannick Love/ Tune: Diana's a Nymph, &c./ RB4 63: CVWCTP

I lay one night upon my bed/ ZN1294| Death Triumphant/ Tune: Come here is a carrousing Health/ P2 3: WCTP

I like my humour well/ ZN3242| [Burden of song in Merry Drollery. Entd. Jan. 11, 1634. AI 1192.]

I loathe that I did love/ ZN3341| [no title, elsewhere, 'The Aged love Renounceth Love']/ ASM 12// A pretie songe of an ould man/ SHNB 2 [By Vaux and in what is loosely called Tottel's Miscellany. Entd. 1563/4. AI 48]

I love you more and more each day/ ZN1295| Constant Lovers Lamentation/ Tune: New Tune [with tune = BBBM #217]/ P5 299: C. Bates

I Lov'd no King in Forty One/ ZN1296| The Religious Turncoat/ Tune: London is a Fine Town/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 113: [no imprint]/ CR 595 = OPB 103: Rich Kell, 1693

I loved one both beautiful and bright/ ZN1297| The Distracted Young-Man/ Tune: Sighs and Groans/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P3 387: J. Deacon

I lov'd thee wel once, but i'le love thee no more/ ZN1298| The Lovers final Farewel. To his Faithless false Mistress/ Tune: Love and Honour or Digby's farwell/ RL 147: ?

I lov'd you dearly, I lov'd you well/ ZN1299| Nellys Constancy/ Tune: New Tune: or, Languishing Swain/ Licensed according to Order/ Charles Barnet [Ptd. RB6 791] [Answered by "Fair maid, you say you lov'd me well," N844|]

I lov'd you dearly once 'tis true/ ZN1300| Two Entire Lovers/ Tune: excellent new Ayre [meaningless music given]/ P5 210 = CR 596: BDBB [Madden1 434] [Ptd. RB8 687]

I Marry'd a Scolding Wife/ ZN1301| The Hen-peckt Cuckold/ Tune: I met with a Country Lass, &c./ Licensed according to Order/ P4 129: J. Millet [Ptd. RB7 432. Answer commences " My Cuckold tells Tales of me," N1791|]

I marry'd a wife of late/ ZN1302| Keepe a good tongue in your head/ Tune: The Milkmaids, &c./ [by] M. P./ RB3 237: Thomas Lambert [Entd. July 7, 1634. AI 1345]

I Marry'd a Wife of late/ ZN1303| The Cuckold's Complaint/ Tune: I marry and thank ye too/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 132: BDBB [Ptd. RB7 431] [Answer, "I have been abused of late," N1281|]

I met with a country lass/ ZN1304| Thankful Country Lass/ Tune: I am so sick of love [meaningless music given. BBBM #17, 18] Licensed according to Order/ P5 398: J. Bissel [Pepys copy reprinted BB1 542*] [Answers, "I am the young lass of Lynn," N1258|, and "Come listen and hear me tell," N640|]

I met with a jovial Beggar/ ZN1305| The Knight and the Beggar- Wench/ Tune: The Kings Delight, or Turn Coat/ P3 222: CVWCTP/ E 155: Coles, M. Wright, Vere, and Gilbertson/ RB7 376: [no imprint]/ CR 598: W. O. A. M. and sold by C. Bates/ RL 61: CVW [BC1 81][Entd. 1675. AI 1384]

I met with a jovial girl/ ZN1306| The Roaring Lad and the Ranting Lass/ Tune: [come hither my own sweet Betty, or, My lodging is on the cold ground]/ RL 87: ? [Ptd. Common Muse #138]

I might have lived merrily/ ZN3418| [no title, tune]/ OEB #35 [Entd. 1564/5. AI 1193]

I must confess that we all lamented/ ZN1307| The Protestant Queen..Princess Ann.. 8th March, 1702/ Tune: Did you not hear of a Gallant Sailor/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 148: B[ridgit] Deacon and C. Bates.; P5 149: John Alkin/ CR 599 [two imperfect copies]: Printed by B. Deacon...

I never saw a face till now/ ZN1308| Love in Extremy/ Tune: I never saw a face till now/ RB5 553 [from 180 Loyal Songs, 1685?]

I Now, alas! this very Day/ ZN1309| The Plotters Reward.. Sir John Fenwick. Beheaded.. 28th. of January, 1696/ Tune: Russels Farewel, &c./ [Roman letter]/ P5 22: Charles Barnet, 1697

I often for my Joaney strove/ ZN1310| Constant Lovers/ Tune: New Northern Tune [BBBM #221, from music given here]/ P5 253: P. Brooksby

I often have known/ ZN1311| The father hath beguil'd the sonne/ Tune: Drive the cold Winter away/ [by] M. P[arker]./ P1 362-3: Francis Coules [Entd. June 20, 1629. AI 872]

I on the Roads have Reigned long/ ZN1312| The Notorious Robbers Lamentation.. Whitneys Sorrowful Ditty/ Tune: Russels Farewel/ Licensed according to Order/ [Roman letter]/ P5 15 = BB2 559: BDBB

I once did love a xx Lasse/ ZN1313| A Caueat or Warning/ Tune: Virginia/ P1 46-7: H. G[osson].

I once espi'd an handsome wench/ ZN1314| The Young Man's Wooing/ Tune: Pleasant new Tune/ CR 601: [no imprint]

I once had a servant, as other maids have/ ZN1315| The Subtile Damosel/ Tune: new made Gentlewoman/ By J. Wade/ CR 602: Richard Hardy// Tune: The foolish husband/ CR 603: P. Brooksby, Pye-Corner [HH2 97] [Ptd. RB8 565]

I once lay napping on my bed/ ZN1316| The Damsels Dream/ Tune: I often for my Jenny strove/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 80: BDBB [Late song expansion of 16 line erotic poem found in MSS c 1620-40, usually entitled "The Maiden's Dream." I doubt any other piece can be found in so many different MSS. Although incomplete, it is even in the Scottish Bannatyne MS, a late addition, of course. Ebsworth, RB8 cxl*, gave text from printed version in Constant Nancy's Garland, c 1745]

I once loved a man, and I loved him dear/ ZN1317| The Faithful Maid, and the Faithless Young Man/ Tune: New Tune, Or the Pinckt Petty-coat/ With Allowance/ by J. Wade/ P4 54: CVWC [Answer "Oh! what's the reason," N2060|]

I pray attend unto this jest/ ZN1318| The Fair Maid of the West; Who sold her Maidenhead for a High-crown'd Hat/ Tune: Liggan- Water/ [expurgated, restored p. 842] RB8 551: Aldermary Church- Yard [Cf., "Here is a jest I do protest," N1128|] [DC3 28, Madden2 286] [Ptd. Common Muse #228]

I Pray draw near, and you shall hear/ ZN1319| The New Compos'd Medly; Or, The true Vertue of the Hop-Sack/ Tune: With a Hop- Sack/ This May be Printed, R. P./ P4 369: J. Deacon

I pray give ear unto my tale of woe/ ZN1320| ..cruel murder.. upon..Abraham Gearsy/ Tune: Fortune, my foe/ [by] R. C./ RB3 150: John Wright, junior [CB p. 298, incomplete]

I pray good people all draw near/ ZN1321| The World's Wonder [quadruplets] 25th day of April.. 1677/ Tune: In summer time/ With Allowance/ RL 95: CVWC, 1677 [PA #33]

I pray Mr. Jacobite tell me why/ ZN1322| The Jacobite tossed in a Blanket/ Tune: Fa la; Or, Tan tara Tantroy/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 292 = CR 605: J. Conyers, and J. Conyers

I pray now attend and give ear to the jest/ ZN1323| Down-Right Dick of the West/ Tune: The Country Farmer/ This may be Printed, R. P./ [Answer commences "If you to my word now will attend"]/ P4 273: J. Deacon/ RB4 385: [no imprint] [CB p. 52]

I pray now attend to this ditty/ ZN1324| The Ranting Rambler/ Tune: New Tune, called, The Rant, Dal, derra, rarra/ Licensed according to Order/ BB1 205: BDBB

I pray now attend to what I have penn'd/ ZN1325| The Jolly Porters: Or, The Merry Lads of London/ Tune: an Orange/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 292: BDBB

I pray now listen to my Ditty/ ZN1326| An Answer To the London Cuckold/ Tune: O Mother Roger/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 125: J. Deacon [Ptd. RB8 605. Answer to "A Trades-man hearing of the story," N2669|]

I pray now listen to this Song/ ZN1327| The City Rambler; Or, The Merry Cries of London/ Tune: The Spinning Wheel/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 334: BDBB

I pray you draw near and attend now a while/ ZN1328| The Malster caught in a Trap: Or, the Witty Ale-Wife/ Tune: What should a young woman do with an old man, Or, Digbys Farewel/ CR 606: P. Brooksby [HH2 19, C.22.f.6 149]

I prithee, dear Portsmouth, now tell me thy mind/ ZN1329| The Dutchess of Portsmouth's Farewell/ Tune: Tan tarra rara tan tivee/ RB4 283 [from Luttrell Coll'n]: CTP [Cf. "Brave gallants, now listen," N439|, to same tune, and the following, N1330|]

I prithee, Portsmouth, tell me plain/ ZN1330| Portsmouths Lamentation/ Tune: Tom the Taylor, or, Titus Oates/ BB2 606: C. Dennison [Entd. Oct. 18, 1684. AI 2151. Cf. N439|, N1329|]

I rede howe that the marbell stone/ ZN3387| [no title]/ To the tune of Lusty gallant/ [by?] Oliver Currant. John Fyldynge./ ASM 59 [Rollins, Notes, suggests this inspired by song in Tottel's Miscellany, 2nd. ed., 1557]

I reade, in ancient times of yore/ ZN1331| The Map of Mock-begger Hall/ Tune: Is it not your Northerne Nanny; or, Sweet is the Lasse that Loves me/ RB2 132: Richard Harper/ [Another version] Mock-Begger's Hall/ RB6 762: Richard Harper [Another version, N1409|]

I read that many years ago/ ZN1332| A proper new ballad, intituled Jepha Judge of Israel/ Tune: [none indicated]/ M2 #56a: T. L[angley]./ SH #41| RB6 685: CVG/ RL 123: CVWC, 1675? [Entd. 1624, AI 1278]

I saw the lass whom dear I lov'd/ ZN1333| Jockey's Jealousie/ Tune: excellent New Tune [meaningless music given]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 261: BDBB

I scorn the concept of a lovers condition/ ZN1334| The two Scornful Lovers/ Tune: I'le goe no more a wooing by night/ M2 #24: I. T[rundle]. [Chorus: I care not a pinne whether I have her or no.]/ [Expansion of short song or poem. Wm. Mure of Rowallan's reply, 1614, in The Paisley Magazine, 1828, p. 208, with three verses of original from MS of 1673 on p. 104. This may be connected to a traditional song, JEFDSS, III, p. 252 (1939). Also possibly related was a lost ballad, "I did not mean to have her," entered Oct. 1612 = AI 1189. Other MS copies are "I heate ye estate of yt lovers condition" in NLS MS 1806 and BL MS Harl. 7332.]

I selly crosse that here do spande/ ZN3319| The lamentation of the crosse. St. Augustin/ [no tune indication]/ CV 42

I sing in the Fame, Of a pritty young Dame/ ZN1335| The Female Souldier/ Tune: Let the Souldiers Rejoyce/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 350: C. Bates

I sing in the praise of Shooe-makers/ ZN1336| Shoee-maker's Triumph [Oct. 1695]/ Tune: The Evening Ramble/ Written by Richard Rigby/ P5 427 = CR 608 = OPB 86: C. Bates

I sing not the battle (so famed) of Lepanto/ ZN1337| Toringtonia .. Late Sea Engagement/ Tune: Which nobody can deny/ P5 377: Printed at the request of a Tarr. For the diversion of the Melancholy Widows of Wapping [npn]

I sing ye a ballad, as round me you stand/ ZN1338| ..Great Victory over the French Fleet May 19th, 1692/ Tune: Hey! for the Honour of England [P5 410?]/ P5 382-32: R. Baldwin, 1692

I spent my time in rioting, debauch'd my health and stength/ ZN1339| The Last Words of James Mackpherson Murderer/ Tune: [none cited, tune in Sinkler MS, 1710, and ptd. book 7 of Caledonian Pocket Companion. Earlier in English dance publications as "Mac Fossett's Farewell".]/ CR 613: [no imprint. Ptd. by Motherwell, The Paisley Magazine, 1828. I am not sure this should be called traditional, although a version is still widely known among Scots.]

I spyed a Nymph trip ore the plaine/ ZN1340| The Maidens Nay, Or I loue not you/ Tune: pleasant new tune/ [by] R. H./ P1 298-9: Iohn Wright/ RB7 247 = CR 614 = DP 30: CVW [RL 165v] [Entd. 1624, AI 1199]

I told young Jenny I lov'd her well/ ZN1341| Jenny Crack: or, A brisk Encounter between two Lovers/ Tune: new Tune much in request, call'd, I told young Jenny, &c./ P3 177: P. Brooksby [Mock battle. RB5 295 gives original song of 1674]

I Traueled farre to finde/ ZN1342| I Smell a Rat/ Tune: The Seminary Priest/ P1 182-3: Henry Gosson

I walking near a Prison a Wall [sic]/ ZN1343| The Jesuits Exaltation/ Tune: Hey Boys up go we. Or, Russel's farewell/ P2 277 = W7: J. Back, 1688

I walking to take the air, one evening near a grove/ ZN1344| Languishing Lass/ Tune: I am so sick of love [meaningless music given]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 306: J. Deacon, 1689

I wander up and down/ ZN1345| The Lover's Complaint for the losse of his Love/ Tune: Pleasant New Tune/ RB2 309 = CR 617 = M2 #26b: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke [It appears that this has been separated from "Complain my lute," N713|, in Roxburghe and Crawford copies, but not in Manchester] [Royal Garland of Love and Delight, 1681. Several lines in Contented Cuckold = Walsingham, N609|. Is this possibly "the Lovers lamentation" entd. Oct. 19, 1593. AI 1592, 1651? Cf. "My fancy did I fix," N3386|]

I was a bad husband that had a good trade/ ZN1346| The bad Husbands Reformation/ Tune: My Life and my Death; Or, The poor mans Councellor/ This may be Printed, R. P./ CR 618: P. Brooksby [HH1 9, C22.f6 83] [Ptd. RB8 796]

I was a fair young Maid of late/ ZN1347| The Maiden's Melancholy Moan For the Loss of her Virginity/ Tune: Liggan Water/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 68: BDBB

I was a harmless maid, born in the Northern shade/ ZN1348| The Young Ladie's Complaint/ Tune: New Tune, called, I was a harmless maid/ By L. W./ Licensed by Roger L'Estrange/ RL 104: CVWC [Ptd. RB7 435]

I was a modest maid of Kent/ ZN1349| The Kentish Maiden/ Tune: The Languishing Swain/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 86 = CR 619: J. Back/ CR 620: ?/ [expurgated, restored, p. 842] RB8 550: Aldermary Church-Yard

I went to the Fair to pick out a Wife/ ZN1350| A New Ballad Of an Amorous Coachman/ Tune: There was a brisk Lass/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 96: P. Brooksby, Pye-corner [DC1 8]

I wyll not paynt to purchace prayes/ ZN3332| [no title]/ Amen, quothe Sponner/ ASM 3 [Part of a ballad controversy according to Rollins, Notes]

I wish for no man's riches/ ZN1351| Wat Williams' Will/ Tune: Then let us to Virginia go/ [by] Wat Williams/ RB3 75: H. Gosson

I wish I were those gloves dear heart/ ZN1352| A Proper new ballad/ Tune: New Tune, I'le never love thee more/ [second part of this is actually 'Claridora' by Robert Aytoun]/ RB6 584: no imprint, Scottish copy. Relative of "My dear and only love take heed"]

I wonder that this age is grown/ ZN1353| The Hartford-shire Mens Fears of the Maidens Furies/ Tune: She got money by't/ This may be printed, R. P./ P3 276: J. Bissel [Answer to "There was a young-man liv'd of late," N2546|]

I wolde no man wear anggre, but all women pleasyde/ ZN3372| [no title]/ Finis, J. Walles/ ASM 44

Ianthe the lovely, the joy of her swain/ ZN1354| The Loyal Swain/ Tune: new Play-House Tune/ BB1 110: B. Deacon [Ebsworth notes copy in Pills, 1706, and with Arne's new tune in Clio and Euterpe]

I'de tell you of a wonder/ ZN1355| The World's Wonder.. Monster [fish].. 1664/ Tune: When the stormy winds do blow/ DC2 241v: R. White, Bible in Giltspur-street

I'll go no more to the old Exchange/ ZN3250| New Exchange/ [No broadside copy, in Merry Drollery. [Entd. May 29, 1658. AI 1868]

I'll sing a song, and a dainty brave song/ ZN1356| The Trappan'd Taylor/ Tune: How many Crowns and Pounds have I spent/ CR 586: CVWC [HH2 105] [Ptd. RB7 467]

I'll sing ye a Song, if you'll pay me but for't/ ZN1357| The Brandy-Bottle Plot/ Tune: Lilli Burlero, &c./ Licensed and Entred according to Order/ P5 115: J. M[illet]., 1689 [Entered to Millet, Oct. 28, 1689. AI 228]

I'le sing you a song and a true one indeed/ ZN1358| .. Baker's Frollick/ Tune: The Orange/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 207: [no imprint]

I'le sing you a Sonnet that ne're was in print/ ZN1359| Much A-do, about Nothing/ Tune: Which nobody can deny/ W1 167: T. Vere, at the sign of Cock in St. Johns street

Ile tell you a jest if you'l listen a while/ ZN1360| Yea & Nay the Quaker, Deceived/ Tune: The Two English Travellers: Or, Packington's Pound/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 280: C. Dennisson

I'll tell you a Jest of a Provident Lass/ ZN1361| Young-Man & Maidens Fore-cast/ Tune: The Country Farmer. Or, The Devonshire Damosels/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 371 = CR 588: P. Brooksby, Pye-corner near West-Smithfield [C.22.f.6 210] [HWS p. 225, CB p. 326] [In part from the 1001 Nights. A very similar song is one in Pills, IV, p. 45, 1719.]

I'll tell you a Iest which you'l hardly beleeue/ ZN1362| A Bill of Fare/ Tune: Cooke Laurell, or, Michaelmas Terme/ [By] M. P./ RB1 70: M. P[arsons]. for Fr. Grove [Entered Oct. 4, 1637. AI 198]

Ile tell you a pretty fine jest/ ZN1363| A Leicester-shire Frolic, Or, the Valiant Cook Maid/ Tune: Ragged and Torn/ WE25 28: R. Burton [CB p. 271, Brooksby issue]/ CR 589: P. Brooksby [HWS p. 327] [Another version, "Of late in the north a fine frolique did pass," N2113|]

I'le tell you a story, a story anon/ ZN1364| ..King John and the Abbot of Canterbury/ Tune: The King and the Lord Abbot/ With Allowance, Ro. L'Estrange/ P2 128 = E 223A = RB6 747: P. Brooksby, Pye-Corner/ With Allowance R. L. S./ CR 590: P. Brooksby, Pye-corner/ CR 591 [mention is made here of a 3rd copy, unnumbered, in CR]: P. Brooksby [diff issue]/ CR 592: Aldermary Church Yard [Older version, Bishop Percy's Folio MS, I, p. 509] [It would appear from the form of the licensing statement on Brooksy issues that it was published between late 1683 and June, 1685.]

I'll tell you a story of lovely butchers three/ ZN1365| ..Three Merry Butchers/ Tune: Excellent New Tune/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 176 = E 235 = RB7 62 = CR 593: J. Bissell/ CR 594: [Roman letter, no imprint] [HH2 100, DC3 91v, 92v] [Another version "Did you never hear of worthy butchers three," N782|. Traditional. Laws L4]

Ile tell you a tale no stranger than true/ ZN1366| The crost Couple/ Tune: new Northern tune much in fashion [BBBM #94]/ M1 #28b: [2nd half only, imprint shorn]/ RB3 648 (2 verses in RB8 lxxxix*): CVWC/ E 56: CVWC [Versification of "Lost Calf" tale in Les Cent Nouvelles, Nouvelles. Traditional song versions of the tale are known, but don't seem to derive from this ballad. Tale type is Aarne/ Thompson 1355B]

I'm [a] batchlour bold and brave, see I'm [a] batchlour bold and brave

I'm a lass both brisk and fair/ ZN1367| The Virgin's Complaint for want of a husband/ Tune: Robin Cushee [Scots, Kind Robin loves me]/ P5 178: Printed for the Company of Chanters. [BB2 930, from Pepys copy. Other on sheet, "My Phillis she is red and white," N1846|]

I'm a prize for a Captain to fall on/ ZN1368| An Excellent New Song Entituled, A Hot Engagement Between A French Privateer and an English Fire-Ship/ Tune: [none indicated. music printed is The Rant]/ P5 386: T. Moore, 1691|// A Fight Between An English Fire-Ship And A French Privatiere/ Tune: Give ear to my Frolicksome ditty/ CR 597: J. Bissel

I'm as bold a hector as any's in the town/ ZN1369| The Town bully's Bravery./ Tune: The Scotch Hay-makers/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 164: C. Bates

I'm Born of English Flesh and Blood/ ZN1370| The Modern Fanatical Reformer/ Tune: Liggan Water/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 117: Rich. Kell, 1693

I'm in Love says Noll/ ZN3419| Short and Sweet.. wooing of Oliver and Dorothy/ Tune: the Gunfleet/ This may be printed, R.P./ P3 65: W. Thackeray [See BBBM #176 for tune and origin of this song]

I've liv'd in this Town these 5 years/ ZN1371| Joans Victory Over her Fellow-Servants/ Tune: My own sweet Nichol a Cod/ P3 137 = CR 616: P. Brooksby [HH1 140]

I'se love my dear Moggy, said Jocky so fair/ ZN1372| Jockey and Willy, The Scotch Rivals: Or, Moggy's constancy/ Tune: K. Williams' March in Flanders/ CR 607: BDBB

I's not come here to tauke of Prute/ ZN1373| Welshman's Praise of Wales/ Tune: [none, not a ballad]/ BB2 855: J. Raven, 1700

If a man was secure/ ZN1374| ... The Pleasure of Love/ Tune: new Play-house Tune/ Licens'd according to Order/ P5 193: J. B. in the Strand

If all the World my mind did know/ ZN1375| Wit bought at a Dear Rate/ Tune: Turn Love, I prethee turn to me/ With Allowance/ P4 259 = RB6 478 = CR 621: F. Coles in Vine-street [Entd. Nov. 2, 1670. AI 2973]

If any are infected, give audience awhile/ ZN1376| Doctor Do-good's Directions/ Tune: The Golden Age/ [By] I. D./ RB1 234: Richard Harper

If any in Town or Country can/ ZN1377| The French Cryer Newly arriv'd in England/ Tune: Lullaby-Baby/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 321: J. Millet

If any man or woman/ O yes... the Cryer/ ZN1378| Tune: the Parrator/ RB2 353: = P1 272-3: F. Coules

If any standers by that leads a single life/ ZN1379| Halfe a dozen of good Wives/ Tune: The cleane contrary way/ RB1 451: F. C[oules]. [Entd. July 16, 1634. AI 1061]

If Death should come and show his face/ ZN1380| Deaths Dance/ Tune: On no, no, no, nor yet, or, the meadow brow/ RB1 283: = P1 56-7: H. Gosson [Entd. Nov. 4, 1631. AI 507]

If ever England had occassion/ ZN1381| A true Subjects Wish/ Tune: O how now mars/ [By] M. P./ W1 141: E. G. [Ed. Griffin] [Ptd. CP 83. Entd. Apr. 24, 1640. AI 2741]

If ever wight had cause to rue/ ZN1382| A most sorrowfull Song,.. Bannister..betrayed Duke of Buckingham/ Tune: Live with me and be my love/ P1 64-5: F. Coules [Entd. Jan 18, 1600. AI 1834]

If ever wofull tale, moved man to pittye/ ZN1383| Callis, his woful Lamentation for her helplesse people/ Tune: Crimson Velvet/ SH #60

If ever words did move a wight to shed a wofull teare/ ZN1384| A new Ballad.. fall of Christ's Church pinnacle in Norwich [Apr 29, 1601]/ Tune: flyinge fame/ SH #48 [1 verse, RB8 xviii***]

If every woman was served in her kind/ ZN1385| I father a child that's none of my own/ Tune: Cook Laurel: Or, Give me the lass, &c./ CR 627 = DP 51 = RB8 440: P. Brooksby [DC1 77]

Yff I durst, butt I dare nott for drede off dyspleysure/ ZN3382| [no title]/ Finis, quot Johan Wallis/ ASM 54

If I live to be king, as the world knows I hope/ ZN1386| The Young Bastards Wish [Monmouth]/ Tune: The Old Mans Wish/ CR 628: J. Dean, 1685

If I live to grow old/ ZN1387| The Old Mans Wish/ Tune: Pleasant new Play-House Tune/ P4 370: J. Deacon/ RB6 507: W. O. for B. Deacon [DC2 171v] [Answer, N2045|]

If I was young, as now I am old/ ZN1388| A New Song, Call'd The Old Mans Wish/ Tune: New Playhouse Tune/ With Allowance/ P5 186: T. M., 169[6?]

If in this present Reign, the War to maintain/ ZN1389| The Brewers Answer/ Tune: The Orange/ P4 337: J. Millet [Answer to "In this present Reign", N1489|]

Yf love wear all lost for lacke of lybartye/ ZN3369| [no title]/ Burden: Axe them if I lie/ Finis, quod J. W./ ASM 41 [by John Wallys, as several previous pcs. in MS. Rollins, Notes, suggests entry of 1563/4. AI 2167]

If Love's a Sweet Passion, why does it Torment?/ ZN1390| The Young Lovers Enquiry/ Tune: an Excellent New Ayre, Sung at the Play-House [from Purcell's The Fairy Queen, 1692]/ [with music]/ P5 173: C. Bates, 1692/ P5 174: [with meaningless music] C. Bates [Answer, 'True love's a sweet passion,' N2672|]

Yf musinge thos that do behould/ ZN3317| A notable Instrucyon for all men to beware the abuses of dyce, wyne, & women/ [no tune indication]/ CV 40 [Entd. twice 1565/66. AI 1974, 1976. Again Sept. 17, 1578. AI 598]

If Rosamund that was so fair/ ZN1391| The woeful Lamentation .. Jane Shore/ Tune: [Come] Live with me/ P1 486-7: CTP/ M1 #36: At London printed by G. E[lde]/ RB1 493, (where two more copies in RC mentioned.): A. M[ilbourn]./ E 394: CVW/ E 395: W.O. for A. M./ W1 45: CVG [Bagford 2 eds., Douce, Morgan, Harvard] [Entd. 1624, 1675. 1272, 1273, 2986. Cf. AI 1452]

If Sorrow the Tyrant invade thy Breast/ ZN1392| The Distruction of Care/ Tune: To an Excellent New Tune [By Sir Dew. Morgan (Simpson) tune given, as in Pills V, 82, 1719. Also sung to King James' Jig]/ This may be Printed R. [P?]./ P5 97: P. Brooksby [Ptd. RB5 172]

If that I must in order tell/ ZN3397| [no title, one long verse]/ ASM 69

If that there a bonny brisk Batchellor be/ ZN1393| The Maids Hue and Cry after a Husband/ Tune: Two English Travellers/ This may be printed, R. P./ P4 10: J. Conyers

If that you will heare a ditty/ ZN1394| The French Whipper/ Tune: the Corranto/ P1 174-5: Iohn Trundle

If there were employments/ ZN1395| The Country=man's Care away/ Tune: Love will find out the way/ [By] Ro. Guy/ CR 629: H. Gosson/ RB1 111: [no imprint] [?Entered June 13, 1631. AI 406]

If woefull objects may excite/ ZN1396| The vnnatural Wife: Davis stabbed.. by Wife 29 June, 1628/ Tune: Bragandary/ P1 122-3; M[argaret]. T[rundle]., Widdow

If you to my words now will attend/ ZN1397| The Londoners Answer to Down-right Dick of the West/ Tune: The Country Farmer/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 274: J. Back [Pepys copy ptd. RB7 282]

If you will love me be free in expressing it/ ZN1398| The Hasty Lover/ Tune: Pleasant new tune [meaningless music given]/ CR 630: Charles Barnet [By D'Urfey, Pills I, 1719]

If you would take a wife for pleasure/ ZN1399| The Old Mans Advice/ Tune: Oh Mother! Roger &c./ This may be printed [no licenser]/ P4: J. Conyers

If Young Men and Maidens/ ZN1400| The Merry Mans Resolution/ Tune: Ile hold thee five shillings [internally inspired?]/ by T. J./ W25 38: R. Burton// [no authors initials] P3 185 = CR 631: J. Williamson/ RB7 366: [no imprint] [DC2 155]

Imprimis- When men doe beginne/ ZN1401| Impossibilities/ Tune: I sigh, I sob, &c./ [by] E. F[ord]./ RB1 493: Edward Wright [Tune from N3062|, see note there]

In a sartayn place apoynted for pleasur/ ZN3367| [no title]/ Finis, quod John Walles/ ASM 39

In a comly closset, when the tyme was/ ZN3350| [no title]/ Amare et sapere vix deo conceditur, quoth T. S. P./ ASM 21

In a Grove where fair Nymphs dwell/ ZN1402| The Dispairing Shepherds Advice to Rash Lovers/ Tune: Hail to the Mirtle Shades/ P3 361: WCTP

In a market town of late/ ZN1403| The Miserable Mountebank/ Tune: Cold and Raw/ This may be Printed, R. P./ CR 633: J. Deacon

In a May-Morning as I was walking/ ZN1404| The two faithful praise of Betty/ Tune: amorous Damsel of Bristol City/ By T. B[owne]./ With Allowance/ P3 286 = CR 634: WCTP [Entd. 1675. AI 2762. Same title of 1656, AI 2761, is, I think, too early for T. B.]

In a May morning I met a sweet nurse/ ZN3267| ?/ ? [no broadside extant. Song in Bishop Percy's Folio MS: Loose and Humorous Songs, p. 74. Variable burden "If I be the dad on't" gives tune for N1196|]

In a melancholy fancie/ ZN1405| Bedlam Schoolman/ Tune: Holow my Fancie, whither wilt thou go/ RB6 452: [no imprint. Ebsworth gives related song in Percy Folio MS song (PF II, p. 30), "Hallowe my Fancye". Another early copy is in Bodleian MS Eng. Poet. e 13. Entd. Dec. 30, 1639. AI 1058]

In a melancholy passion/ ZN1406| The Vertuous Maid's Resolution/ Tune: I am a poor and harmless maid [BBBM, p. 328]/ [Chorus:] In my freedom's all my joy/ M1 #18: Richard Burton/ P3 37 = P3 54: WCTP/ RB7 144: W. O., A. M., sold by J. Deacon [RL 25] [Entd. July 1, 1678. AI 2824, another entry of a ballad earlier printed by Burton]

In a melancholy study/ ZN1407| Alas, poore Scholler! Whither wilt thou go/ Tune: Halloo, my Fancy, &c./ RB6 456: [no imprint]

In a pleasante earbar, very quaynte and quadrente/ ZN3357| [no title]/ Finis, quothe Herry Sponare/ ASM 28

In a pleasant morninge/ ZN3279| A pleasante new sonnge, called the carmans whistle: to the tune of neighbor Roberte/ RP 16 [Original song. Comber's Whistle, N76| is derived from this, and Carman's Whistle, N204|, probably is]

In an arber of honour, set full quadrant/ ZN3368| [no title]/ Fynys, quod John Walles/ ASM 40

In antient Times, in Britain's Isle, Lord Henry was well known/ ZN1408| Lord Henry and fair Katherine/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB8 158: [no imprint, c 1735] [Ebsworth points out copy in Vol. IV of TTM, 1740, and with tune in Vocal Magazine, 1798 (Vol II). Single sheet issue with music, c 1725, is in Folger collection M1497/ C42, Vol. IV, #463, entitled "Henry and Katherine." BUCEM lists 3 other copies]

In ancient times, when as plain dealing was most of all in fashion/ ZN1409| Mock-Begger's Hall/ Tune: It is not your Northern Nancy; or, Sweet is the Lass that loves me/ RB6 762: Richard Harper [See another version "I reade in ancient times," N1331|]

In ancient years, as books express/ ZN3255| A ballad of a Pennyworth of witt/ [no broadside extant, Entd. Aug 16, 1586. AI 2063. In Old Ballads, II, 1723]

In Auchtermuchty lived a man/ ZN1410| The Good-man of Auchtermuchty/ Tune: [Pox fa that] Pultring Poverty/ CR 636: [no imprint, 18th cent.] [DC3 36v, Madden2 367, Chetham 254] [From Bannatyne MS, via Ramsay's The Evergreen, 1723. Parker's poor version of the tale is N417|. For tune see both suggested for N3424|, the second of which fits well. Traditional "Father Grumble" was probably derived from this by Allan Cunningham, whose version is said the be the original of all the "Father Grumble" texts.]

In Bath a wanton wife did dwell/ ZN1411| The Wanton Wife of Bath/ Tune: Flying Fame/ P2 39: CTP/ E 374: Francis Coles/ WE25 93: F. Coles, Wine street/ RB7 213: [no imprint]/ BC1 33: W. O. and A. M/ BC2 13: W. Thackeray/ CR 637: W. Thackeray, E[liz]. M. and A. M./ CR 638: J. D [18th cent/ CR 639, 640: [no imprint, 18th cent.]/ CR 642: [?] [DC2 241, DC3 107, DC4 29] [Entd. June 25, 1600. AI 2962]

In Blackman-street there dwelt Sir a baker of renown/ ZN1412| A Copy of Verses of a Baker and a Mealman/ Tune: The Scotch Hay-makers/ P3 72: P. Pelcomb

In bloody town of Newberry/ ZN1413|...Shuff of Newberry/ Tune: Chevy Chase/ BB2 864: [white letter, no imprint] [Crum Index, I 1250, dated 1664]

In Bocas an Guydo I rede and fynde/ ZN3377| [I will say nothing]/ ASM 49 [Entd. 1564/5. AI 1207. Title from entry.]

In Brichin did a Webster dwell/ ZN1414| Life and death of the Websters Mare/ Tune: To the Weaver when you [Scots Musical Museum #103]/ CR 643: [no imprint]

In Cambridge lives a maiden fair/ ZN1415| Beauties Warning-piece/ Tune: Yo, ho, ho/ BB1 148: WCTP [The first part of this curious ballad is a version of "Will the Weaver" = "I am a weaver to my trade," N1229|, and the second apparently "Death and the Lady"]

In Charles the second's Golden Reign/ ZN1416| The Vicar of Bray/ Tune: [none indicated, its own]/ CR 644: [no imprint, 18th cent.]

In Chrystmasse time, as yt befell/ ZN1417| A new Song.. To Wappe with a Widdow/ Tune: New Northern Tune/ SH #70 = [1 verse RB8 816]

In Clerkenwell-Church there was a Rout/ ZN1418| The Frightened People of Clarkenwel..Cow Ran into Church.. [Aug. 18, 1689]/ Tune: In Rome there is a most fearful Rout/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 343: J. Millet

[In Crete] In creat when dedylus fyrst began/ ZN655| [no title, tune] /OEB #66

In Deptford liv'd a bonny lass/ ZN1419| The Unfortunate Damsel/ Tune: My child must have a father, Or, She got money by't/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P3 6: C. Dennisson

In Dorset-shire lived a young Miller by Trade/ ZN1420| The Dorset-shire Damosel/ Tune: Fond Boy, &c. Or, Love's a sweet Passion, &c./ P3 272 = RB4 339 = CR 646: J. Deacon

In Dublin was played such a Prank/ ZN1421| Here, Here, Here is Pig and Pork.. Bishop of Kildare in Ireland, and a Shop- keeper's Wife in.. Dublin/ Tune: Winchester Wedding/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 315: As it was Printed in Dublin, 1689

In Elder times there was of Yore/ ZN1422| The shepherd and the King, and of Gillian/ Tune: Flying Fame/ P1 506-7: WCTP/ E 331: [no imprint]/ E 332: A. M. .. booksellers/ CR 648: WCTP/ CR 649: Wm. Dicey, et. al./ As Elder time there was fo [sic]/ P1 76-7: [npn] / P1 506-7: WCTP/ W1 1: F. Coles, Old Baily/ An elder time was so yore/ RB3 211: [no imprint] [Entd. Sept. 25, 1578, 1624. AI 1354, 1358]

In every place where men do meet/ ZN3244| A lamentable relation of second fearefull seafight/ [Not seen, entd. Oct. 15, 1639. AI 1415, and title from this. Said to be in Ballads from the Collections of Sir James Balfour.]

In e'ery street I hear 'em sing/ ZN1423| The Young Womans Answer To Her Former Sweet-Heart/ Tune: I lov'd you dearly, &c./ CR 647 = OPB 75: Charles Barnet [Answer to "When I went early in the spring," N2863|]

In fair and pleasant Weather/ ZN1424| The French Satyre/ Tune: The Soldier and Sailor/ P5 71 = P5B 72 [defective copy]: J. Deacon

In fair London late did dwell/ ZN1425| The Mistaken Bride/ Tune: Tune: Excellent New Tune, call'd Celia that I once was blest/ E 217 = CR 651 = DP 56 = RB8 133: J. Conyers

In famous York City a farmer did dwell/ ZN1426| The Cruel Knight, Or, the Fortunate Farmer's Daughter/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 652: Turner, Coventry [18th cent.]/ CR 653, 654: [no imprints, 18th cent.]/ RC3 508: Stonecutter St. [DC4 25, Madden1 206] [Ebsworth describes it at length, RB8 806]

In Flint-shire liv'd, we hear, a 'Squire young/ ZN1427| The two Unfortunate Lovers.. Flintshire Squire and Shropshire Maid/ Tune: The Ruined Virgin: or, Franklin is fled away/ Licens'd according to Order/ P3 363: J. Deacon [See notes, RB8 807]

In former ages there never was the state/ ZN1428| Virgins Vindication/ Tune: The Scotch Hay-makers/ P5 432: J. Blare

In Gosport of late there a damsel did dwell/ ZN1429| The Gosport Tragedy: Or, The Perjur'd Ship-Carpenter/ Tune: Peggy's gone over the Sea, &c./ CR 655: Bow-Church-Yard/ CR 656: [no imprint]/ RB8 143 + 173 [RC3 510] [CB p. 101] [Traditional, Laws P36A, better known is revised version P36B, "The Cruel Ship Carpenter," or "Polly, pretty Polly, come go along with me"]

In harvest time I walked/ ZN1430| .. Merry Discourse between a Country Lass and a young Taylor/ Tune: Kester Crab/ [his tool too short]/ RB3 604: P. Brooksby

In historyes of old to rede/ ZN3346| [no title]/ ASM 17 [long, quarrel and fight between Lewis West and Johan Darsey]

In January last, upon a Munday in the Morn/ ZN1431| The Scotch Wedding/ Tune: New Northern Tune, much us'd at the Theatre/ With Allowance/ E 322 = CR 657 = RB8 458: P. Brooksby, West- smithfield/ CR 658: [diff. Brooksby issue] [DC2 193. Answered by "As Jenny Crack an I together ligg'd in bed," N291|. A version is in D'Urfey's A Fond Husband, 1677, where D'Urfey says part is not his, and in Pills]

In Lime began a rebellion/ ZN1432| The Glory of the West, or, the Virgins of Taunton Dean/ Tune: the Winchester Wedding/ This may be Printed, July the 31, 1685. R. L. S./ CR 659: James Dean, 1685 [W7 144]

In Londons Citty faire/ ZN1433| Sure my Nurse was a Witch/ Tune: See the golding [building], or, Watton townes end/ [by] Ro. Guy/ P1 204-5: H. G[osson].

In London dwelt a marchant man/ ZN1434| .. A Warning to Youth/ Tune: The Lord Darley [Darnly]/ RB3 36: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke// Tune: Lady Darcy/ W1 103: CVG [Entd. 1624, AI 1227.]

In London city late did dwell/ ZN1435| Politick Lovers/ Tune: Why should not I complain on thee/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 397: A. M.

In London lately as I went/ ZN1436| A new Ballad intituled, I haue fresh Cheese and Cream/ Tune: new tune/ [Cf. Nancy, the fresh cheese and cream seller in London Chanticleers ]/ P1 340: W. W. 16--

In London liv'd a crafty old miser/ ZN1437| The Two Faithful Lovers Tragedy/ Tune: Hope Farwel/ CR 660 = DP 23: J. Conyers [CB p. 106]

In London liv'd a squire/ ZN1438| Ladies Lamentation/ Tune: Languishing Swain/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 282: C. Bates, next the Crown Tavern

In London liv'd a wealthy merchants wife/ ZN1439| The Downfall of Pride/ Tune: Aim not too high/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 59: BDBB

In London there lived a beautiful maid/ ZN1440| two Unhappy Lovers/ Tune: If love's a sweet passion [meaningless music given]/ P5 332 = OPB 130: J. Conyers

In London there lives a rich merchant by trade/ ZN1441| London Tragedy/ Tune: Fond Boy/ P5 308: J. Blare

In London-town we understand/ ZN1442| Unconstant Quaker/ Tune: The Baffl'd Knight/ Licens'd according to Order/ P5 241: E[liz.]. M[illet]. for J. Blare

In Moor-fields, one evening tide/ ZN1443| The Crafty Maid/ Tune: The Despairing Maid; or, Fye, Love, Fye/ RB3 652: [no imprint]/ CR 661: P. Brooksby [HH1 54] [Altered version "As I past a green-wood side, a pritty couple I espied," N227|. Wooing of scornful lass, cf. "Well met fair maid," N2773|]

In Mourning, in Mourning the Kingdom appears/ ZN1444| The Court and Kingdom in Tears.. Death.. Queen Mary.. [18th] December, 1694/ Tune: If Love's a sweet Passion, &c./ P2 373: BDBB/ RB7 766: [white letter, no imprint] [CB p. 147, a Brooksby and Bates issue]

In new Brandford late/ ZN1445| .. On John Foster.. stealing a Magpye and Cage/ Tune: [Let] Mary live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 402: T. Moore, 1693

In Nineve old Toby dwelt/ ZN1446| A Pleasant new Ballad of Tobias/ pleasant new Tune/ M1 #42: F. ? [shorn, prob. Coules as RB2 621]/ RB2 621: F. Coules/ RC III: 18th cent. Newcastle on Tyne issue/ P1 188-9: CTP/ E 270: A. M. and booksellers/ E 276: CWVG// Tune: [none indicated]/ BF 30: CWVG/ W1 73: CVW/ CR 662: W. Thackeray, J. M. and A. M./ CR 663: W. O./ CR 664: W. O. [diff. issue] [Entd. 1624, 1675. AI 2653, 2652] [Sequel, N3414|]

In Norfolk there liveth a yeoman/ ZN1447| Norfolk Stiff-Rump/ Tune: Winchester Wedding/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 419: R. H., 1692

In Nottinghamshire, as late I did heare/ ZN1448| The two Nottinghamshire Louers/ Tune: I feare I shall stay too long/ P1 356-7 = RB8 124: H. Gosson

In old times past there was a King we read/ ZN1449| The Old Abbot and King Olfrey/ Tune: The Shaking of the Sheets/ P2 127: WCTP/ DC2 169: A. M.

In Our Country, in our Country/ ZN1450| The Merry Hay-Makers/ Tune: Excellent New Tune/ Licensed according to Order/ [Version, 'The Country Wake,' Pills, IV, p. 196, 1719. Tune in Village Opera, 1729]/ E 215: C. B[ates]. [DC2 154, ptd. Common Muse #106]

In place where late I chanced to be at/ ZN1451| The country mans chat/ Tune: Welcome to Towne/ P1 184-5: H. G[osson].

In Popish time when Bishops proud/ ZN1452| The King and the Bishop/ Tune: Chevy Chase/ P1 472-3: WCTP/ RB6 751: CVW/ CR 666: Alexander Milbourn [Entd. 1675. AI 1359]

In prime of years when I was young/ ZN1453| The Age of Man/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 667: Aldermary Church Yard

In reading merry memories/ ZN1454| An excellent merye song of the freier and the boye/ Tune: Peggy Ramsey/ SH #37 [Entd. Aug. 16, 1586. AI 921. See long version of tale in Bishop Percy's Folio MS: Loose and Humorous Songs, p. 9]

In Rome a Noble man did wed/ ZN1455| A Lamentable Ballad ..Tragical end..Gallant Lord and a Vertuous Lady... Blackamoor/ Tune: The Ladies Fall/ E 197 = W1 113: CVG/ E 284: CVW/ P1 546-7: TP/ RB2 49: A. Milbourn/ CR 668: W. Thackeray, J. M. and A. M./ CR 669: A. Milbourn/ CR 670: [no imprint, 18th cent.]/ CR 671, HC 693: Aldermary Church Yard [HC 686, 687 = chapbook; 688: Bow Church Yard; 689 = chapbook, T. Johnson, Falkirk; 690 chapbook, W. McNie, Stirling; 691: [no imprint]; 692: J. Evans [late 18th cent?] [Entd, 1624, 1675. AI 1234, 2677. Cf. AI 2542]

In Rome I read, a noble-man the Emperor did offend/ ZN1456| A worthy example of a Vertuous Wife/ Tune: Flying Fame/ E 403 = W1 111: CVG/ RB8 4: E. W./ M2 #30: [no imprint]/ P1 492-3: TP/ CR 672: W. O and A. M. [DC2 258, DC3 108v] [Entd. 1624, 1675. AI 1235, 3042. Cf. AI 1803]

In sad and ashy weeds/ ZN1457| The good Shepherds sorrow/ Tune: excellent new tune/ P1 352-3: Henry Gosson [See N693| for possible Stationers' Register entries]

In sad lamenting sighs and tears/ ZN1458| The Unnatural Husband.. Edmund Allen..Executed.. 19th of July, 1695: Tune: Russel's Farewel, &c./ Licensed according to Order/ [Roman letter]/ P5 8: J. Bissel

In Scarlet Town where I was bound/ ZN1459| Barbara Allen's Cruelty/ Tune: Barbara Allen's Cruelty/ Licensed according to Order/ RB3 434 [two copies] = CR 675: BDBB [HH1 11, HC 652, 653] [CB p. 173. Child ballad #84.]

In scripture we read how that Dorcas the good/ ZN1460| The Bedford-shire Widow/ Tune: Let Caesar live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 75 = RB3 443 = CR 678: BDBB [HH1 17]

In searching ancient chronicles/ ZN1461| A pleasant history of a Gentleman in Thracia/ Tune: Chevy Chase/ RB2 262: H. G[osson]. [Entd. July 8, 1633. AI 2106] [Earliest broadside calling for tune under this title]

In searching famous Chronicles/ ZN1462| A most notable Example of an ungratious Son/ Tune: Lord Darly [Darnly, N1112|]/ P1 42: H. Gosson// Tune: Lord Darley/ RB2 74: M. P. for Henry Gosson// Tune: Lord Derby/ P2 180-1: CTP// Tune: Lord Derby/ E 225: CVW// Tune: Lord Derby/ E 226: CVWC/ Tune: Lord Derby/ E 227: CVG// Tune: Lord Derby/ CR 677: Alex. Milbourn/ CR 678: A. M. [Entd. Aug. 8, 1586, 1624, 1675. AI 1975, 1236, 1807. Note how a misprinted tune title after middle of 17th century is perpetuated in later issues]

In slumber and Sleep my senses fail'd/ ZN1463| Death's Uncontrollable Summons.. Dialogue between Death and a Young-Man/ Tune: My Bleeding Heart/ E 69 = RB4 27 = CR 679: P. Brooksby [This is a late print of a much earlier ballad. It would appear that tune should be "Heigh ho holiday" rather than "My bleeding Heart." See N953| for tune]

In slumbering sleepe I lay/ ZN1464| A comfortable new Ballad.. Dreame of a Sinner/ Tune: Rogero/ P1 39: E. Wright [Entd. 1624. AI 1237]

In Somerset-shire as it happen'd one day/ ZN1465| Farmers Wife's Complaint/ Tune: New Playhouse Tune/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 412: T. Moore

In sorrow and compassion great/ ZN1466| A maruellous Murther... George Drawnfield/ Tune: My bleeding heart/ M2 #1: Francis Coules [PA p. 15, there put at c 1638. Rollins errs on tune equivalant]

In Southwark there did lately dwell/ ZN1467| ..Old Woman's Legacy to her Cat/ Tune: The Bleeding heart, &c./ P5 414: James Read, 1695

In stately Rome sometimes did dwell/ ZN1468|..faithful friendship ..two faithful friends [Alphonso and Ganselo]/ Tune: Flying Fame/ RB3 205: [no imprint] [Bishop Percy's Folio MS, III, p. 507]

In sommer tyme I dyd prepaire[,] Myself vnto the felde so faire/ ZN3323| Another Ballet/ [no tune indication]/ CV 46 [Entd. 1569/70. AI 1243]

In summer time when flowers do spring/ ZN1469| The West-Country Delight/ Tune: O how they did Firk it: Or, Salengers round/ DC2 242v, 247: ? [Ptd. Pills, IV 122, 1719]

In Summer time when folkes make Hay/ ZN1470| An excellent new Medley/ Tune: Tarleton's Medley/ [By] M. P./ RB1 52 [1st copy]: H. G[osson]./ [2nd copy]: CVW/ P4 342: CVW/ E 86: F. Grove/ CR 680: CVWC [HH1 94]

In summer-time when leaves are green/ ZN1471| The Northampton- shire Lovers/ Tune: True love rewarded with Loyalty, or, Loves Downfal/ With Allowance/ RB6 274: CVWC// [no licensing statement]/ P1 532-3 = CR 681: WCTP

In summer time when leaves grow green/ ZN1472| ...King Edward the fourth, and a Tanner of Tamworth/ Tune: Excellent New Tune/ E 274 = W1 43: CVG/ P2 129: WCTP/ E 273: CVWC/ RB1 531: A. M[ilbourn]./ [no tune ind]/ BF 22: J. Wright in Old Bailey/ FSLB 5: Aldermary Church Yard [18th cent.] [1st entd. on Aug. 1, 1586, later in 1600, 1612, 1624 and 1675. AI 1360, 1745, 1361, 1362, 1366]

In Summer time when Men make hay/ ZN1473| The Beggars Song, Both in City and Country/ Tune: Oh, how they Firk it and Jerk it, under the Green-wood Tree/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 250: TP

In Summer time when Phoebus rayes/ ZN1474| A pleasant Song, made by a Souldier/ Tune: Calino/ P1 465: Iohn Wright// .. Phoebus raises/ P4 42: CVW [Also on P4 sheet, N1749|]/ W1 59a: CWVG/ RB6 284: [no imprint, and late] [Entered, Apr. 24, 1588, as "A Sweet newe songe latelie made by a Souldier, and named it the falle of follye." Later, 1624, re-entered by first line, which became a popular new tune title for "Callino." AI 2567, 1238. AI 508, of July 29, 1583, "Deathes merry answere to the songe of the soldier" was undoubtably a sequel.]

In that faire, fragrant month of May/ ZN1475| The Constancy of True Love/ Tune: Downe by a Forrest/ RB1 175: Francis Coules [Pyramus and Thisbie tale, but without their names. Cf. N2815|]

In the days of Old/ ZN1476| A new Ballad, ...Prince of England, loved Kings Daughter of France./ Tune: Crimson Velvet/ E 245 = W2 27: CVG/ W1 119: CVW/ P1 514-5: CTP/ Wood 276b: [imprint shorn]/ RB1 309: Alex. Milbourn/ CR 684: A. M./ SH #46 [ Bishop Percy's Folio MS, III, p. 443] [Entd. 1624, 1675. AI 1240, 2425]

In the desarts of Greenland/ ZN1477| The Suffering Lover/ Tune: excellent new Tune/ Licensed according to Order/ CR 685 = OPB 134: C. Bates

In the gallant month of June/ ZN1478| The desperate Damsell's Tragedy/ Tune: Dulcina/ [By] M. P[arker]./ RB1 265 = CR 686: H[enry]. G[ossen].

In the merry month of May, when pretty birds do sing/ ZN1479| The Birds Noats on May Day Last/ Tune: Tune: Down in a Meadow/ C[harles]. H[ammond]./ BF 4: Richard Burton [Tune from Country Peoples Felicity, N800|. 1st, 2nd, and 12th verses, RB6 309. Birds relate seeing lovers in spring. Cf. N1805|]

In the merry month of Maye/ ZN1480| The lover's reply to the Maiden's Fye Fye/ Tunes: Nay fye! nay fye, and Newton Fielde/ SH #4 [1 verse, RB8 xxxii***]

In the month of February/ ZN1481| The true Lovers Good-morrow... brace of Valentines/ Tune: As at noon Dulcina Rested/ P3 64: CTP/ CR 687: W. Tackeray, J. M. and A. M. [HH2 114, C.22.f.6 197, RL 125, DC2 219v, 228]

In the pleasant month of may/ ZN1482| The sweet Salutation on Primrose Hill/ Tune: Though Father angry be: Or, Deep in Love/ P3 53: TPW

In the sweet temperate Ayre/ ZN1483| Loue with Lucke/ Tune: new Celebrand/ P1 348-9: I. G[rismond]. [Entd. Sept. 5, 1631. AI 1561]

In the wanton season/ ZN3229| A Pretie Songe in Comendation of the Springe, called the Queen of Love/ SHN 5 [with music. Copy with disordered beginning in Folger Shakespeare Lib. MS V.a. 399. Second part of Queen of Love entd. Jan. 10, 1605. AI 2227. This is close to date of Folger MS song]

In the west, A weeping lover/ ZN1484| Perjur'd Billy/ Tune: Come sweet lass, &c./ Licens'd and Enter'd according to Order/ P5 275: J. Blare

In the West, in Devon-shire/ ZN1485| True Love Exalted/ Tune: Tender Hearts, &c./ P3 256= RB6 93 = CR 688: P. Brooksby [HH2 109, C.22.f.6 219] [RB6 96 gives another version from Old Ballads, 1723]

In the West of England/ ZN1486| Life and Death of Thomas Stukely/ Tune: King Henry's gone to Builoign/ P2 130: CTP//..Stutelie/ Tune: King Henry's going to Bullen/ W1 71: W. Gilbertson/ RB7 575: F. Coles [Roxburge 4 copies]/ CR 689: A. M. W. O. and T. Thackeray/ CR 690: T. Norris and C. Brown [BC1 62, HH1 151, DC1 111v, DC3 59]

In this merry Maying time/ ZN1487| A pleasant Country Maying Song/ Tune: Popes Machina/ P1 337: T. L[angley]. [?Entd. 1629. AI 1694]

In this present Reign, the War to maintain/ ZN1488| The Bountiful Brewers/ Tune: An Orange/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 335: BDBB/ CR 691: [no imprint] [Entered Dec. 18, 1690. AI 225] [Answer commences "If in this present Reign," N1389|]

In this town fayre Susan dwells/ ZN1489| .. young man in praise of ..sweet Susan of Ashford/ Tune: [none indicated]/ SH 54 [1 verse, RB8 851, completed in RB8 clxiii*]

In times of yore, sure men did doate/ ZN1490| A peerelesse Paragon/ Tune: The mother beguil'd the daughter/ RB2 300: Thomas Lambert [Entd. Apr. 5 & Nov. 18, 1633. AI 2057, 2056] [J. Wardroper, Love and Drollery, #381, from Wit and Drollery, 1656, gives what was undoubtably the original version.]

In Venice towne not long agoe/ ZN1491| song... Gernutus a Jew..would have a pound of flesh../ Tune: Blacke and Yellow/ P1 144-5: T[ho]. P[avier]/ W1 101: E. P. for I. Wright, in Gilt- spur-street

In Wapping there did dwelt [sic] of late/ ZN1492| Perjur'd Steward's Cruelty/ Tune: Russel's Farewel/ P3 377: J. Blare

In Warkshire there stands a down/ ZN1493| Lamentable song of the Lord Wigmore/ Tune: Diana/ CR 694: [no imprint, 18th cent. From Crown Garland of Golden Roses, 1612, rptd. RB6 771]

In Westminster there is a wife/ ZN1494| The Westminster Frolick, Or, A Cuckold is a good mans Fellow/ Tune: Hey Boys slap goes she; Or, Alas poor thing/ CR 695: P. Brooksby [HH2 147v, C.22.f.6 204] [Ptd. RB8 702]

In Westminster town, you there may discover/ ZN1495| Kentish Dick.. Lusty Coach-Man/ Tune: Let Mary live long/ Licensed according to Order/ E 148 = CR 696 = RB8 546 [expurgated]: J. Deacon

In Windsor famous town did dwell/ ZN1496| Windsor Lady/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 697: Bow-church-Yard

In winter time when flowers do fade/ ZN1497| Hey for our Town, but a Fig for Zommerset-shire/ Tune: Sallenger's Round/ DC1 96: R. Burton

In Yorkshire late happen'd a desperate fight, 'Tween a Jacobite Lady and a Williamite/ ZN1498| ... The Female Duel/ Tune: If Love's a sweet Passion/ P5 128 = OPB 136: P. Pelcomb

Indeed this world is so unjust/ ZN1499| An Antidote of Rare Physick/ Tune: No love like a contented mind, or, Phancis Phenix [Fancy's Phoenix]/ This may be Printed, June 5, 1685. R.L.S. Entred according to Order/ P2 46 = RB6 354: J. Deacon [HH1 7] [Entd. June 6, 1685. AI 89]

Iris on the Bank of Thames/ ZN1500 A Beautiful Nymph.. [advice to sister]/ Tune: Excellent New Tune [meaningless music given]/ P5 198: R. Kell. 1691

Is my sweetest creature dead/ ZN1501| Young-mans Lamentation/ Tune: Celia, &c./ Licens'd according to Order/ P5 337: C. Bates [Answer to "Loyal lovers far and near," N1731|]

Is she gone? let her go, I do not care/ ZN1502| The Deluded Lasses Lamentation/ Tune: Is she gone, let her go/ Licensed according to Order/ E 70 = RB4 23 = CR 699: BDBB// Tune: Excellent new tune [meaningless music given]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 289: J. Deacon [Cf. D'Urfey song, Pills II, p. 193, 1719. Ebsworth, RB4, reprints Westminster Drollery copy, 1671]

Is there never a man in all Scotland/ ZN1503| John Armstrong's Last Good-Night/ Tune: pretty new Northern Tune/ [by] T. R[obins]./ W1 93: F. Grove on Sow-hill [sic]. Entred according to Order/ W2 59: Francis Grove. Entred according to Order/ P2 133: TP/ Licensed and Entered acccording to Order/ E 151: W. O[nley]./ RB6 604: [no imprint]/ CR 700: W. O./ CR 701: A. Milbourn/ CR 702: [no imprint, 18th cent.] [BC1 64, CD1 103, HH1 141] [Child Ballad #169B. Entered to Grove Mar. 26, 1658, and re-entered in 1675. AI 1300, 1301. Same year as Wit Restor'd version, 1658]

It befell at martynmas, When wether waxed colde/ ZN3329| Captain Care/ [no tune indicatiion/ Finis per me, William Asheton clericum/ CV 51 [Child #178 A, "Captain Car or Edom o Gordon. Child gives other versions also, including Percy Folio MS text.]

It being my fate, to walk out of late/ ZN1504| The Maidens merry meeting/ Tune: Sir William Belfore, or, My Lord of Winfors/ M2 #55a: [no imprint] [incomplete, one verse, ptd. CP 30]

It chanced not long ago/ ZN1505| The Bulls Feather/ Tune: pleasant new Tune: Or, The Bulls Feather/ P4 152 = E 23 = RB3 418 = CR 704: CVWC [HH1 21] [In Pills with tune]

It chanced of late, as I heard one tell/ ZN1506| The Norfolk Lass; or, The Maid that was Blown with Child/ Tune: The King and Northern-Man; or, Tommy Potts/ RB8 655: P. Brooksby [HH2 45]

It chanced on a day/ ZN1507| A Wench for a Weauer/ Tune: hang up my shuttle/ [by] Tho. Neale/ P1 252-3: F. Coules

It fell upon a Sabaoth day/ ZN1508| A new ballad of the Parrator and the Divell/ Tune: The miller would a wooing ride/ SH #75 [1 verse, RB8 xxxvii***] [Entd. 1624, 1629. AI 566-7, 2042]

It grieves my heart to tell the woe/ ZN1509| A Lamentable Ballad of Combat..Steward.. Wharton/ Tune: Down Plumpton Park/ E 195: F. C[oules]. dwelling in the Old-Baily/ W1 87: CVG/ E 194: CVW/ P2 126 [defective copy, P5B 44]: TP/ RB7 595 = CR 705: A. M., W. O., and T. Thackeray/ CR 706: [no imprint, 18th cent.]/ BF 29: CWVG [BC2 112, DC1 135] [Ebsworth gave date of combat as Nov. 9, 1609, RB8 785]

It grieves my heart to write such heavy news/ ZN1510| [missing title, Fire on London bridge]/ Tune: Aim not too high/ [incomplete]/ M1 #50: [imprint shorn]

It is, see also 'Tis

It is an old saying/ ZN1511| Few words are best/ Tune: I'le tell you but so/ RB1 116: = M2 #31: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke/ E 123: W. Gilbertson [Entd. 1629. AI 881]

It is reported in the East/ ZN1512| The Country Schollar's Folly/ Tune: Folly, desperate Folly, &c. [Bragandary]/ P4 329 = RB3 588 = CR 708: J. Bissel

It is well known for some years past/ ZN1513| A New Wonder.. Storm May 4, 1681| Tune: Troy Town/ WE25 97: F. Coles, VWCTP, 1681 [Coles died by Sept. 1680] [PA 36]

It seems the Pope he lies desperate sick/ ZN1514| The Pope's Last Will and Testament/ Tune: O rare Popery/ Licensed according to Order/ RB7 726 [Source not stated, but probably Royal Garland of Protestant Delight]: J. Blare

It was a blind begger that long lost his sight/ ZN1515| The Rarest Ballad... blind Beggers Daughter of Bednal-Green/ Tune: [no tune ind.]/ P1 490-1: TP/ E 293: CVG/ E 294: CVW/ E 295: CVWC/ RB1 38: A. Milbourn/ CR 709: W. Evans, Bristol [18th cent.]// This song's of a beggar, who long lost his sight/ CR 1167: Jenning [c 1790] [Bishop Percy's Folio MS, II, p. 281][Entd. 1624, 1675. AI 210, 211.] [Traditional, Laws N27]

It was a bold keeper that chased the Deer/ ZN1516| The Master- piece of Love-songs/ Tune: The Week before Easter, the Day's long and clear, &c./ By Abraham Miles [P5 Appendix only]/ P5B 29: CTP/ E 208 = BC2 123 = CR 710: A. M., W. O., and Tho. Thackeray/ RB6 230: [no imprint]/ [HH2 22, C.22.f.6 20v] [CB p. 164] [See "There was a bold seaman", N2847|. Traditional as "Bold Dragoon/ Soldier", Laws M27]

It was a brave souldier that long liv'd in Wars/ ZN1517| A New Ballad of the Souldier and Peggy/ Tune: New Northern Tune/ P4 151: WCTP/ E 243: CVG/ E 244: [no imprint]/ RB2 476: F. Coules [HH3 14] [Entd. late, 1656, 1675. AI 2470, 2471] [Traditional, "Lame Soldier", Laws P13. In Skene MS, title "Peggie is over ye sie wi ye souldier" was added in later hand]

It was a frog in a well/ ZN3249| A moste strange weddinge of the Frog and the mowse/ [no broadside extant, title here from Stationers' Register. With music in Melismata, 1611] [Entd. Nov. 21, 1580. AI 1815]

It was a Ladies Daughter, of Paris properly/ ZN1518| A rare Example of a Vertuous Maid in Paris/ Tune: O man in desperation/ [on same sheet, I am a woman poor and blind, qv.]/ RB1 35 (Chappell mentions another copy in RC.): A. M[ilbourn]/ P2 24-5: CTP/ E 292: CVWC/ CR 711: A. Milbourn, W. Onley, T. Thackeray/ CR 712: W. O. [HH3 17] [Traditional, Laws Q32. Entd. Aug.1, Aug. 15, 1586, 1624. AI 778, 1264, 1624]

It was a lady of the North/ ZN1519| Room for a Jovial Tinker, Old Brass to mend/ Tune: Behold the man [with a glass in his hand]/ P3 31 = CR 713: M[ary]. Coles, VWCTP/ RB7 74: CVG [BC2 114, RL 126, DC2 258] [?Entd. Nov. 20, 1639. AI 1350. Cf AI 1309, 2323]

It was a maid of Islington, and her wheel ran very rounde/ ZN1520| A pretie ditty to the tune of Lady Jane/ RP 5 &SHA p. 340 [Burden, 'I fere a mayden I shall die, before my web I rele.' Tune from 'The lamentation that Lady Jane made', Furnival, Ballads from MSS, I, p. 426. Another on Lady Jane, that following on p. 429, is a forgery by J. P. Collier.] It was a maide of my countrie/ ZN3315| A mery Ballet of the Hathorne tre, to be songe after Donkin Dargeson/ [by] G. Poete [Peele?]/ CV 37 [Traditional versions: "The Hawthorn Green", collected without tune c 1825, Emily. B. Lyle, Andrew Crafurd's Collection of Ballads and Songs, I, p. 4, 1975; "The Hawthorn Bush", Fred Hammers, Garners Gay, p. 15, EFDSS, 1968. Song in Wm. Chappell's PMOT is expurgated and incomplete]

It was a Rich Merchant man/ ZN1521| The Merchant and the Fidlers wife/ Tune: Pleasant Northern Tune [with music in Pills V, p. 77 (1719)/ by J. P./ P4 163: CVWCTP [Entd. 1678, but J[ohn] P[hillips]. ballads are earlier. This, like some on that day, is probably an entry of a ballad earlier published by R. Burton] [Barely traditional, two verses with tune and summary in prose, is "The Fidler's Bitch" in Randolph-Legman, Roll Me In Your Arms, #101, 1992, with two other fragments. Legman's cante-fable designation is nonsense. Song with few verses, and rest in prose is in Oxford Jests, 5th ed., c 1685]

It was a Scotchman, a Scotchman lewd of life/ ZN1522| A wonderful Example of God's Iustice.. Jasper Conningham/ Tune: O Neighbor Robert/ CR 714: Thomas Millington (CLB #247)/ M2 #45: E. P. for F. Coles/ W1 97 = W2 55: CWVG/ E 399: CVWC/ P2 166-7: WCTP/ CR 715: W. Thackeray, J. M and A. M./ RB3 104: A. Milbourn [CB p. 94] [Entd. 1624. AI 1275] [Tune from N3260|]

It was a worthy Lord of Lorn/ ZN1523| A pretty Ballad.. Lord of Lorn and false Steward/ Tune: Green-Sleeves/ P1 494-5: CTP/ E 264: CVW/ E 265: A.M. and W. O./ RB2 56 = CR 716: A. M[ilbourn]/ RC3 534-5: [npn]/ W1 95: CVG/ CR 717: A. M./[cite> Bishop Percy's Folio MS, I, p. 181. Child ballad #271. Entd. Oct. 6, 1580, 1624, 1675. AI 1546, 1545, 1547]

It was a yong Knight borne in the West/ ZN1524| The Western Knight, and the young Maid of Bristol/ Tune: pretty amorous tune/ P1 312-3: F. Coules [Entd. June 1, 1629. AI 2904] [classic theme, and basis of traditional English songs: "Down by the riverside", #28, Reeves' Idiom of People /"My Valentine, #95, A & B. Reeves' Everlasting Circle/ "Abroad as I was Walking", (with music) Purslow, The Wanton Seed, p. 6./ "Down by the Woods and Shady Green Trees" (with music) Purslow, The Wanton Seed, p. 37. Cf. other versions revising the ending in Folk Music Journal, 1967-9]

It was a younge man that dwelt in a towne/ ZN3265| Panche/ [no broadside extant. Song in Bishop Percy Folio MS: Loose and Humerous Songs, p. 61] [?Entd. "A merry ballad as ever you Did see of Ffrances Ffyleguttes furmentye", Sept. 12, 1612. AI 106. Derived from G. Kyttes poem of c 1585, "The Unluckie Firmentie"]

It was a youthful Knight/ ZN1525| Constance of Cleueland/ Tune: Crimson Veluet/ P1 138-9: I. Wright/ RB6 572: CWVG/ P1 476-7 = CR 718: CVWC [Entd. 1603, 1624. AI 824, 1266]

It was an old man which with his poore wife/ ZN1526| A most excellent ballad, of an old man and his wife/ Tune: Priscilia/ P1 43: E. A?/ E 221: CVG/ RB2 348: CVWCTP?/ CR 719: W. O. and sold by B. Deacon [RL 173, DC] [Entd. 1624, 1675. AI 1267, 2007]

It was at the birth of a winter's morn/ ZN1527| The Gang; Or, The Nine Worthies and Champions/ Tune: Robin Hood/ RB7 658: Charles Gustavus [c 1660]

It was my chance as I did walk/ ZN1528| The poor man, the Merchant, and the King/ Tune: King and poor northern Man/ W1 51: Charles Tyus [Rollins' PA p. 46, who points out version in Percy Folio, III, p. 127. Subject is King Soloman and his fool, Marcolphus. This is version of the jest 'Of the merchant that lost his budget between Ware and London,' #16 of Tales and Quick Answers, c 1535]

It was my chance, not long ago/ ZN1529| The two Loving Sisters/ Tune: Pleasant New Tune/ [entered Nov. 4, 1631]/ RB3 290: E. B[lackmore]. [Entd. Nov. 4, 1631. AI 2770]

It was my chance, not long time since/ ZN1530| Friendly Counsaile/ Tune: I could fancy pretty Nancy/ [By] C. R./ RB1 65: Richard Harper [Entd. 1633. AI 928]

It was my chance of late/ ZN1531| The deserued downfall of a corrupted conscience .. 20 June, 1621/ Tune: The humming of the Drone/ P1 142-3: G. E[lde].

It was my chance to be amongst a jovial crew/ ZN1532| Tom Brown's Delight/ Tune: To thee Tom Brown/ WE25 66: CVWC [RL 116] [Traditional, "Tom Brown" or "The Card Song". Text and good bibliography of almost all but broadside in P. Kennedy's Folksongs of Britain and Ireland, #283]

It was not long agone, since Cupid with his dart/ ZN1533| The merry Maid of Middlesex/ Tune: Northern Tune; Or, the Maid that lost her way/ CR 720: E. Crowch for CVW [HH2 25] [Entd. 1656. AI 1728]

It was of late, my happy fate/ ZN1534| A jolly Company of jovial Blades/ Tune: General Monk hath advanc'd himself since he came from the Tower/ E 152: CVW/ E 153: [no imprint] [revision of older ballad commencing "Be merry, my hearts, and call for your quarts," N383|]

It's true, thou justly maist complain/ ZN1535| Young Mans Answer/ Tune: Languishing Swain/ P5 288: A. M/ CR 721 = OPB 80: P. Pelcomb [Ptd. RB8 414. Answer to "Why should not I complain," N2928|]

Jack, Tom, where are you/ ZN1536| Dialogue.. L. Hump & his Valet d Chamber/ Tune: Hark, hark, and yonder [with music, BBBM #264]/ P5 430: T. M.

Jack's a naughty Boy/ ZN1537| The West-Country Jigg/ Tune: Merry Scotch Tune, Or, Up with Aley, Aley, &c./ With Allowance/ E 385 = RB7 343 [expurgated] = CR 722: P. Brooksby. [HH2 143][Ptd. Baskerville, Elizabethan Jig]

The Jacobites do wonder/ ZN1538| England's Joy, Ro [sic], King William safely Arrived from Flanders/ Tune: Hark, Hark and yonder/ With Allowance/ P5 82: Tho. Moore, 1691

James our great monarch is crown'd with all glory/ ZN1539| .. Coronation of King James and Queen Mary/ Tune: State and Ambition/ RB5 549: [source not stated]

Jemmy and Susan both loving and Loyal/ ZN1540| Faithful Jemmy, and Constant Susan/ Tune: State and Ambition/ P4 167 = RB7 493 = CR 723: J. Deacon [BC2 156] [?Lost sequel of Oct. 3, 1683. AI 2725]

The Jenny a small Picaroon in the Park/ ZN1541| The City Caper; Or, The Whetstone-Park Privateer/ Tune: Captain Digby's farewel/ CR 724: P. Brooksby [RL 129, DC1 26, HH1 30, BL C.22.f.6 92][Entd. 1673. AI 308]

Jenny gin you can love/ Jockey and Jenney/ ZN1542| Tune: pleasant new Scotch Tune Sung in.. Three Dukes of Dunstable [play of 1688. meaningless music given]/ P5B 56: J. Conyers [This is not "Ah Jenny gin". Song is in Bodleian MS Eng. poet. d 152, f. 84]

Jenny has a thousand charms/ ZN1543| Beauteous Jenny; Or, The Maiden Mistress/ Tune: Excellent New Scotch Tune/ Licensed according to Order/ CR 725: P. Brooksby

Jenny is a pretty young lass/ ZN1544| A New Wedding: or, The Marriage of Jenny, and Tommy/ Tune: Old Simon the King/ RL 79:? [Entd. June 16, 1657. AI 1910]

Jenny my blithest maid/ ZN1545| Amorous Jockey and Yielding Jenny/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB8 lxxxvi*** [Nat. Thompson, 1684, from A New Garland, Pepys Coll'n]

Jenny she was a wanton girl/ ZN1546| The Unhappy Marriage/ Tune: to the pleasant new tune of Jenny was a Wanton Lass, or, Martello/ WE25 76: WCTP [Jenny, loving Sawney, married against will to Jockey]

Jenny, when I was most loyal/ ZN1547| Courageous Jemmy's Resolution.. Answer to Jenny's Reply/ Tune: Jenny, tell me roundly/ RB3 544: J. Deacon [Cf. "Tell me Jenny," N2453|]

Jerusalem my happy home/ ZN1548| The true description of the everlasting Joys of Heaven/ Tune: O man in desperation/ RL 167: CVW/ [incomplete, completed from RL copy] SH #40 [1st verse, RB7 796]// The Questers song of Yorke in praise of heaven/ Tune: (see note at N2353|) SHN 1 [Entd. 1624. AI 1281] Four verses copied on scattered pages of 16th cent. book, Folger Shakespeare Lib., with notes, apparently of 1629. These state song was by J. Leighe in 1587, and Leighe born 1565, d. 1629]

The Jesuits they are a sort of men/ ZN1549| The Jesuits Character/ Tune: Which nobody can deny/ RB4 140 [from Lutrell coll'n]: Printed in the Year 1679

Jesu lorde as made me, And with thi precius Blode me boght/ ZN3327| [no title, tune indication]/ CV 50 [Prayer to Christ]

Jesus my loving spouse/ ZN1550| The sinner... beloved Saviour, Jesus Christ/ Tune: Dainty come thou to me/ SH #18/ OEB #30 [?Entd. 1568/9, 1570/1. AI 27212, 1161] [?Entd. 1568/9. AI 2721. Tune is 16th century, but probably not as old as the entry date.]

Jewry came to Jerusalem/ ZN1551| Two pleasant Ditties, one of the Birth, the other of the Passion of Christ/ Tune: Dulcina/ [incomplete]/ M1 #12: [no imprint]/ Jury came..,/ P2 28: [no imprint]/ Jury came.., E 83: Coles, M[artha]. Wright, Vere and Gilbertson [c 1665]/ Jury came to Jerusalem (and) Turn your eyes that are affixed/ Two pleasant ditties/ Tune: Dulcina (for both)/ RB2 549: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke/ SH #11, #12 [RL, BC] [Entd. 1675, AI 501. Rollins queries AI 2026, of 1640, but that in my opinion is not likely, as Mrs. Griffin would have had no rights to this, obviously 'company' property from an early date.]

Joan scrub'd up her Rooms, made all things clean/ ZN1552| The Coy Cook-Maid/ Tune: There was a brisk Lass, &c. [Country Farmer]/ This may be Printed, R.P./ P3 156 = E 45 = RB3 627 [two copies] = CR 726: P. Brooksby

Joan to the maypole away let's run/ ZN1553| May-Day Country Mirth/ Tune: excellent new tune/ RB7 79: [no imprint]/ CR 727: J. Deacon [DC2 152]// Rural Recreations: Dancing round a Country May-Pole/ Tune: Excellent new Tune/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 244: W. Thackeray [expanded from very early MS song, c 1625, in Victoria and Albert Museum MS D.25.F.39 f. 89v, "Jone to ye maypole away let us be."]

Iohn and Jone in one house did dwell/ ZN1554| Wit Out-witted, Or, The Cheater Cheated/ Tune: The Devonshire Frollick/ DC2 255: ?

The jolly shoemakers, it is said/ ZN1555| The Gentle Craft's Complaint/ Tune: Now, comes on the glorious Year/ RB7 35: [no imprint] [DC3 38v]

Joseph an aged man truly/ ZN1556| Most excellent Ballad Joseph... Mary.../ Tune: [none indicated]/ P2 27 = RB7 781 = RL 168: CVWCTP [Entd. 1675, and possibly 1624. AI 1312, 1311] [Pepys copy on same sheet with "As I lay musing all alone" = "Twinkling of Eye", N217|]

A Jovial crew of lively lads/ ZN1557| Loves Carouse/ Tune: [Joan's placket is torn]/ [by Samuel Smithson]/ Luttrell2 133: [Francis Grove]

Joy to the Bridegroom, fill the Sky/ ZN1558| The Joys of Vertuous Love/ Tune: Pleasant New Tune of, Joy to the Bridegroom/ This may be Printed. R. P./ P4 93 = CR 729: C. Dennisson [D'Urfey song expanded. Pills, I. 323, 1719]

Ioy to the person of my Loue/ ZN1559| A Lover forsaken of his Loue/ Tune: new Court Tune/ E. 188: G. P./ Joy to .../ RB2 65: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke

Joyful tydings I bring, let us merrily sing/ ZN1560| Valiant Seaman's Courage/ Tune: Fond boy [meaningless music given]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 385: C. Bates

Judge and revenge my cause, O lord. psalme 106/ ZN3415| A verie pretie pslame [sic] in foure partes/ [no tune]/ SHNB 5

Just when the young & blooming Spring/ ZN1561| Pretty [or, Bonny] Kate of Edenborough; Being a new Scotch Song, Sung to the King ../ Tune: [none indicated, with 'inaccurate but recognizable' music, Simpson, BBBM, 53]/ P4 35 = RB7 304 = CR 730: P. Brooksby, Pye- corner [Wood 417 #113]

A Kentish maiden to London came, on Monday morning early/ ZN1562| Bouncing Bess of Brumley, or, The Bob-Tail'd-Bob/ Tune: Tom the Taylor, Or, The Journey-man Shoomaker/ [Licensed by R. L. S.]/ DC1 15v: ?

Kind countreymen, and our acquaintances all/ ZN1563| The lamentation of Edward Bruton [Mar. 18, 1633]/ Tune: Fortune my Foe/ [and] Kind hearts, give care to that which I shall tell/ Another Bloody murther.. neere Ware/ Tune: same tune [Fortune]/ M1 #39 = RB3 144: London, Printed for H. G.

Kind Countrymen, attention give/ ZN1564| A Ready Cure for Uneasie Minds/ Tune: As I sat at my Spinning-Wheel/ P5 135: J. Blare

Kind countrymen give ear unto these lines/ ZN1565| A Pill against Popery/ tune: Aim not too high/ BB2 586: J. Coniers

Kind Country-men list to my Ditty/ ZN1566| A Tryal of skill, performed by a poor decayed Gentlewoman/ Tune: Ragged and Torn./ P4 303 = CR 731: WCTP/ CR 732: [same?]/ CR 733 = RB8 556: CVWC/ C.22.f.6 20: WCTP [RL 114, HH2 23 & 121] [?Entd. Aug. 27, 1633. AI 2689]

Kind country-men listen I pray/ ZN1567| All things be dear but poor Mens Labour/ Tune: Hold Buckle and thong together/ By L. W./ WE25 119: J. Clarke, Bible and Harp [Ptd. Common Muse #42]

Kind Country-men pray listen now/ ZN1568| The Wicked Midwife [incomp]/ Tune: The bleeding heart/ M1 #41: [no imprint]

Kind Cozen David, prethee stay/ ZN1569| Man's Felicity and Misery/ Tune: I haue for all good Wiues a song/ [By] M. P[arker]./ P1 392-3: F. Groue/ P4 91: CVWCTP/ [by] M. P./ RB2 183: Francis Grove [Entd. 1632, 1638?, 1675. AI 1657, 1671, 1658]

Kind Gentlemen let me request/ ZN1570| The Cheater Cheated/ Tune: Hark the Thundring Cannons Rore/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 279: P. Brooksby

Kind hearted men, awhile geue ear/ ZN1571| Iohn Spenser a Cheshire Gallant/ Tune: in Slumbering Sleepe/ by Iohn Spenser/ P1 114-5: I. Trundle

Kind husband, if you mean to thrive/ ZN1572| The Carefull Wife's Good Councel/ Tune: The Spinning-Wheel/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 73 = RB3 478 [two copies] = CR734: BDBB [Douce ?]

Kind husband, the Comfort of my life/ ZN1573| The Good Wives Humble-Petition/ Tune: March Boys/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 75: BDBB

Kind Lewis is my Friend/ ZN1574| Royal Letter from a Mournful Monarch [K. James]/ Tune: Let Mary Live Long/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 75: BDBB

Kind Robin he met young Kate/ ZN1575| The May-Morning Ramble/ Tune: I Marry and thank ye too/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 65: W. Thackeray, J. Millet, and A. Milbourn

Kind Robin loves me (chorus and tune), see, Shakum Guie

Kind travellers I pray attend/ ZN1576| The Country Travellers Advice/ Tune: Liggan Water/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 60: Eben. Tracy

King Charles he now is Landed/ ZN1577| The King and Kingdoms joyful Day of Triumph/ Tune: The Scottish Lady, or, Ill tide the cruel peace that gain'd a War on me/ [By] J. W./ E 146: John Andrews

King Charles was once a Prince of great state/ ZN1578| The true manner of the Kings Tryal/ Tune: Aim not too high/ And Entred according to Order/ E 357: R. I[bbitson]./ The manner of the Kings Tryal/ Tune: Aim not too high./ P2 204-5 = RB7 622 [from Pepys]: TP/ W1 145: ? DC2 145v] [Entd. Mar. 12, 1656, to Ibbitson. AI 2727]

King James the first was a Gallant King/ ZN1579| .. true Touch of the Times/ Tune: The Loyal Health. Or, Why are my eyes still flowing, &c./ This may be Printed, R. P./ E82: P. Brooksby/ RB7 707: BDBB [HH1 95, C.22.f.6 32]

King Leare once ruled in this land/ ZN1580| King Leare and his Three Daughters/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB6 714 = FSLB 2: Marshall, Aldermary Church-Yard/ CR 735: Bow-Church-Yard

A King once Reign'd beyond the Seas/ ZN1581| Cupid's Revenge [version of King Cophetua and the begger maid]/ Tune: I often for my Jenny strove/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 42: BDBB/ RB6 661: [white letter, no imprint]/ CR 736, 738: [no imprint, 18th cent.]/ CR 737: Bow-Church-Yard [HH1 61]

King William and Mary is crown'd, and sits in the heighth of the throne/ ZN1582|..Happy Coronation of William and Mary/ Tune: Grim King of the Ghosts/ RB7 719 [source not stated, but probably Royal Garland of Protestant Delight]: J. Blare, 1689

King William he is now come o'er/ ZN1583| An Excellent New Copy of Verses/ Tune: [none, poem]/ P5 51: [no imprint]

King William, Heaven's Bless him/ ZN1584| London's return of King..Flanders/ Tune: The Guinney wins her/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 59: E. Tracy

King William is come to the Throne/ ZN1585| The Subjects Satisfaction/ Tune: Grim King of the Ghosts: Or, Hail to the Myrtle Shades/ P2 270 = WE25 114 = RB7 720 [two copies] = CR 729: J. Deacon

King William returning from Flanders/ ZN1586| The Royal Progress/ Tune: The Evening Ramble/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 46: J. Blare

King William was pleas'd at a Farmers to dine/ ZN1587| The Country Lasses good Fortune..feasting King William/ Tune: Let Cesar live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 299: J. Millet [Ptd. RB7 758]

The Kings most faithful Subjects we/ ZN1588| Englands Triumph: Or, The Subjects Joy/ Tune: pleasant new Tune, Or, come let us drink all day and night/ E 102 = RB4 483 = CR 740: J. Hose [RL 137, HH1 92]

A knot of Women in Wapping do meet/ ZN1589| The Merry Wives of Wapping, Or, the Seaman's Wives Club/ Tune: The Country Miss; or, The Plowman's Prophesie/ With Allowance. Roger L'Strange/ WE25 126: CVWC

A lad o' th' town that made his moan/ ZN1590| The Scotch Lad's Moan/ Tune: excellent New Scotch Tune/ This may be Printed, R. P./ [With corrupt music, Simpson, BBBM, 574]/ P3 360 = CR 741: P. Brooksby/ RB7 364: [no imprint] [HH2 81]

Ladies all, behold and wonder/ ZN1591| The True Lover's Ghost/ Tune: Tender Hearts of London-City/ RB6 85 = CR 742: J. Deacon [DC1 232, HH2 113]

Ladies of London both wealthy and fair/ ZN1592| Advice to the Ladies of London/ Tune: Excellent new Court Tune/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 85 = RB3 369 = CR 743: J. Back [See answers commencing, "As I was Rambling near Temple-Bar," N251|, and "All Jolly Blades that Inhabit the Town," N88|. See also RB8 752 for others closely related]

Ladies of London I strange and admire/ ZN1593| The Young Mens Advice To Proud Ladies/ Tune: How blest are Shepherds [with meaningless music]/ Licensed according to Order/ CR 744: BDBB

The Lady Marquess and her gang are most in favour seen/ ZN1594| Animadversions on the Lady Marquess/ Tune: Hey, Boys, up go we/ RB5 67: J. Jordan

The lady of Northampton-shire/ ZN1595| An Answer to the Northampton-shire Knight's Daughter/ Tune: The Languishing Swain/ P5 177: C. Bates [Answer to "Near to a fountain all alone," N1869|]

A lady of pleasure in Bartholomew-Fair/ ZN1596| The Miser mump'd of his Gold/ Tune: Let Caesar live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 360 = CR 745: BDBB [C.22.f.6 153] [Ptd. RB8 711] [Entd. 1624. AI 1799]

Lament, lament, good Christians all/ ZN1597| The Clippers Execution/ Tune: In summer time/ With Allowance/ WE25 105: CVWC

Lament, lament, you Saints of Rome/ ZN1598| Papist's Lamentation ..William Stafford/ Tune: Fair Phillis, your prevailing charms, or, A Fig for France/ RB4 229: J. Conyers

Lament your sinnes, good people all, lament/ ZN1599| Death's loud Allarum/ Tune: Aime not too high/ [By] R. C./ RB1 239: John Wright, the Younger

A Lancashire Farmer he had a fair wife/ ZN1600 The Lancashire Cuckold/ Tune: Fond Boy, &c./ Licensed according to Order/ P4 145, E 200: J. Blare

A larke somtimes did breed/ ZN1601| A worthy mirrour/ Tune: Rogero/ [by] Arthur Bour[cher]: RB3 87: Richard Jones

The Lasses now of Southwark/ ZN1602| Deplorable news from Southwark/ Tune: Saint Gyleses [Merry Man's Resolution]/ BF 3: Tho. Vere [CP 421, with following two verses omitted. Verse 7: The next news of these Damsels/ that I have here to tell ye/ Poore Kate hath got a griping/ and rumbling in her belly/ And pretty Nancies Apron/ is grown too short before/ And so is Nans and Sarah's/ and many others more/ The valiant/ Gallant/ Souldiers as they say/ Hath stoln both their loves and hearts away. Verse 8: Poor Maries nose looks picked/ and so doth bonny Nell/ And Betties under Peticoat/ Strange tales of her doth tell/ Mary is half deceived/ And Debro quite beguiled/ She hath lost her Maiden-head/ and Susan's great with Child/ The gallant/ Valiant/ Souldiers as they say/ Hath stolen from them their Maiden-heads away]

Last Christmas 'twas my chance/ ZN3270| Gray's Inne Maske/ [no broadside. Song and tune, 1622, in BL MS Add'l. 23723, f. 21. With diff. tune and lacking 1 verse song is in Pills , 1707, 1714, and V p. 25, 1719. Simpson, BBBM, has Pills tune, which is not the original. Simpson did not connect tune to "Panders/ Gallants come away" in Bishop Percy's Folio MS: Loose and Humorous Songs which gives another tune title. Other early copies of song here are in BL MSS Sloane, 1489, and Harl 7332]

Last Sunday I met by chance/ ZN1603| The Jesuits Market/ Tune: Old Simon the King/ P5 107: J. C.

Last week in Lent I came to town/ ZN1604| The Humours of Rag- Fair/ Tune: [none indicted, but its own, used for other songs]/ CR 747 = RC3 550: Ptd. and Sold in Stonecutter-Street [DC3 41, DC4 40]

Late abroad as I was walking, by a little shady grove/ ZN1605| William's Seven-Years Love Completed/ Tune: The Doubting Virgin/ DC2 252: ?

Late in the Country as I abroad was walking/ ZN1606| Love in a Maze/ Tune: pleasant New Tune, called, The true Lovers delight; Or, The Cambridge Horn/ RB2 42: Richard Burton/ E 178: J. Hose// Late in the morning as I abroad was walking/ P4 28-9 = E 177: Alex. Milbourn/ CR 749: W. Thackeray [Entd. July 1, 1678. AI 1555]

Late in the country as I was walking/ ZN1607| Love without Measure/ Tune: rare new Tune, called, Du-Val's Delight, &c./ CR 748: TP/ P3 3: A.M. and W. O. [Entd. 1675. AI 1562]

Late in the morning as I abroad was walking, see Late in the country

Late near Temple-Bar, a Frollick we hear/ ZN1608| The Maidens Frollicksome Undertaking To Press Twenty Taylors/ Tune: An Orange/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 276: Thackeray, Millet, and Milbourn// [With answer commencing,"Good People you know,"]/ P4 277: Thackeray, Millet and Milbourn [Another version, N2115|, and its answer N2622|]

Lately in a shady bower/ ZN1609| Faithful Damon, Or, Fair Celia obtained/ Tune: The Doubting Virgin/ RB6 155 = CR 750: J. Deacon/ CR 751: J. Deacon [diff. issue] [DC1 73, HH1 99]

Lavenders green didle, didle/ ZN1610| Didle, Didle, Or, The Kind Country Lovers/ Tune: Lavender green, &c./ With Allowance, Ro. L'Strange/ P3 28: CVWC/ E 58 = RB4 434 = CR 752: WCTP [double entendre. Basis of Walt Disney's version.]

A lawyer in our Town did dwell/ ZN1611| The Loving Mistress, and The Wanton Clerk/ Tune: A fig for France, or, The Country Farmer, or, Where's my Shepherd/ P3 164: J. Conyers

Lay by your pleading, Law lies a bleeding/ ZN1612| Law lies a Bleeding/ Tune: Love lies a bleeding/ W1 167: Printed Anno Domini 1659 [Ptd. RB8 clxxxi*, see xxxvi*]

Lay by your pleading, Love lies a bleeding/ ZN1613| Love Lies a Bleeding/ Tune: Cyclops/ Entred according to Order [not]/ M1 #22 = E 174: F. G[rove]. on Snow-hill [Ptd. RB8 730]

Lenton stuff ys cum to towne/ ZN3388| A new ballad entytuled, Lenton stuff.../ To the tune of the Crampe/ Finis, quothe W. Elderton/ ASM 60 [Rollins, Notes, remake entd. 1569/70. AI 1489. Cf. N2240|, to same tune]

Let all bold Traytors here come take a view/ ZN1614| A Looking- Glass for Traytors [executed Dec. 3, 1678]/ Tune: Aim not too high, or, Fortune my Foe/ With Allowance/ WE25 33: CVWC [this copy ptd. RB4 130]

Let all honest Protestants merrily sing/ ZN1615| Great Britains Glory...Confidence in a Free Parliament/ Tune: Touch of the Times, &c./ P2 258: I. D. [Jonah Deacon]

Let all loving people be pleased to attend/ ZN1616| The West- Country Miser/ Tune: Love's a sweet Passion: or, Fond Boy, &c./ P4 236 = BB1 221 = CR 754: J. Wolrah [HH2 145]

Let all Loyal Protestants both far and near/ ZN1617| The Protestants Joy..King's safe arrival [from Ireland, Sept. 6, 1690]/ Tune: Let Caesar live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 328: BDBB

Let all Loyal Subjects be pleas'd to draw near/ ZN1618| England's Happiness.. Safe Return of King William ... Flanders.. 30th Day of October, 1693/ Tune: If Love's a sweet Passion, &c./ Licensed according to Order/ P5 58: E. Tracy

Let all loyal subjects look well to their wits/ ZN1619| Treason Rewarded at Tiburn.. executed [24th of January, 1679]/ Tune: Digby's Farewel/ With Allowance/ WE25 99: CVWC [This copy ptd. RB4 136]

Let all Loyal Subjects now freely Rejoyce/ ZN1620| Irelands Happiness..William's.. Arrival at Carigfergus/ Tune: Let Cesar live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 352: W. Thackeray, J. Millet, and Alex. Milbourn

Let all Loyal Subjects Rejoyce now amain/ ZN1621| The Chimney- Men's Grief..Downfall of that Terrible Tax/ Tune: Why are my Eyes, &c./ Licensed according to Order/ P4 309: J. Deacon

Let all Men God's mercies admire/ ZN1622| The True Protestants Contemplation/ Tune: Sefautian's Farewell/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 82: BDBB

Let all noble stout Commanders/ ZN1623| The Valiant Souldiers Misfortune..Schomberg's last Farewel/ Tune: The Souldier's Departure/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 349 = BB1 350: BDBB [July, 1690]

Let all pretending Lovers/ ZN1624| The bloody Miller..[Francis Cooper murdered pregnant Anne Nicols]/ Tune: Alack for my Love I dye/ P2 156: P. Brooksby [Traditional, Laws P35, but Laws did not note this early version. See note at N3196| for many descendants]

Let all Royal Glory and State/ ZN1625| The Loyal Subjects Free Choice..New Parliament/ Tune: Grim King of the Ghosts/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 266: BDBB

Let all the Kings on Earth draw nigh/ ZN1626| King James's Lamentation For the Loss of His Three Kingdoms/ Tune: Billy and Molly/ With Allowance/ P5 80: J. W., 1689

Let all true English hearts now sing/ ZN1627| The shamefull downfall of the Popes Kingdome/ Tune: Triumph and Joy/ M1 #55: [imprint shorn] [Ptd. RB8 xv***]

Let all true protestants now in this Nation/ ZN1628| ... Coronation..11th.. April, 1689/ Tune: Charon, &c./ P2 271: J. Blare

Let Bells through the Nation now merrily Ring/ ZN1629| Englands Triumph..Kings safe Return from Flanders/ Tune: Let Caesar live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 333: BDBB

Let Brittain now with joy abound/ ZN1630| Brittains Triumph/ Tune: Young Phaon; Or, Busie Fame/ P2 230: CTP

Let Caesar live long, and his temper abide/ ZN1631| The True Loyalist/ Tune: Let Caesar live long/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P2 223: J. Back

Let Country, City, Court, and Town/ ZN1632| The Glorious Victory .. o'er the French Fleet/ Tune: March Boys, &c./ Licensed according to Order/ P4 214: C. Bates

Let Drums beat and Trumpets sound/ ZN1633| The Countries Loyalty..Success of King William's Army/ Tune: New News and Tydings/ P2 357: [no imprint]

Let each jovial Heart rejoyce/ ZN1634| The New Loyal Health/ Tune: Valiant Jockey's march'd away [with meaningless music]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 92: J. Bissel

Let each man here courageously stand/ ZN1635| A New Song, As it is Sung upon the Walls of London-Derry/ Tune: Excellent New Tune, called, The New Scotch March/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 50: J. Millet,.. 1689

Let England, and Jreland, and Scotland rejoyce/ ZN1636| The Royal Victory [over Dutch fleet, June 2, 3, 1665]/ Tune: Packingtons pound/ With Allowance/ E 311 = W2 95: Coles, Vere, R[achel]. Gilbertson, and Wright// With Allowance, June the 9th, 1665/ RB6 435: CVW, and R. Gilbertson [CB p. 229]

Let England now rejoyce with speed/ ZN1637| Englands rejoycing [verse title, ascession of King Charles II]/ Tune: Gallant Souldiers do not mourn/ Entred according to Order [not]/ E 95: F. G[rove].

Let England now with me/ ZN1638| An Excellent Song Fitted for the Times/ Tune: I met with a Jovial Beggar/ P2 283: Printed for T. R.

Let England Rejoyce and all sorrows expell/ ZN1639| The Princely Triumph..Birth of the Young Prince of Wales/ Tune: Packington's Pound/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P2 251: P. Brooksby

Let England rejoyce and good Subjects be glad/ ZN1640| The Manifestation of Joy.. Publication [of] Liberty of Conscience/ Tune: The Country Farmer/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P2 247: W. Thackeray and C. Passinger

Let England rejoyce with heart and with voice/ ZN1641| A New Protestant Ballad.. Reign of King William/ Tune: Packington's Pound/ CR 755: [no imprint. dated 1690 in BL MS Harl. 7315. Also as "England's Congratulations" in BL MS Harl. 6947]

Let every Irish Tory/ ZN1642| .. Englands Glory Or, The Irish- Mans Lamentation/ Tune: Lay of your Pleading/ With Allowance/ P2 289: J. Wallis

Let every King and Queen give ear/ ZN1643| The Italian Duchess: Or, the Lamentation of Mary.. for the loss of her three Kingdoms/ Tune: Billy and Molly: Or, King James's Lamentation/ P5 74: M. A., 1689

Let falsehearted Lovers now/ ZN1644| The Perjur'd Youth/ Tune: Valiant Jockey/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 376: BDBB

Let Glory and Fame, With loud Acclamation/ ZN1645| King William's Welcome from Flanders/ Tune: [Let] Mary live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 331: BDBB

Let honest Christians now attend/ ZN1646| The Penitent Robber.. Capt. James Whitney.. Executed.. First of February, 1693/ Tune: Russells last Farewel/ Licensed according to Order/ [Roman letter]/ P5 9: J. Bissel and C. Bates

Let honest tradesmen now attend/ ZN1647| The Troubles of this World/ Tune: The Spinning Wheel/ Licensed according to Order/ CR 756: J. Deacon/ P2 87: BDBB

Let joyful Acclamations give/ ZN1648| France Outwitted/ Tune: March Boys, &c./ Licensed according to Order/ P5 125: J. W., 1691

Let Knaves and Fools lament/ ZN1649| Scandalous Fuller Rewarded/ Tune: Down with 'em, &c./ P5 151: Whitherington and Jones

Let Loyal Subjects now attend/ ZN1650| The Irish Rebels Routed.. at Cavan/ Tune: Liggan Water/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 307: BDBB

Let loyal true Protestants both far and near/ ZN1651| The Joy of Protestants.. [K. William's return from Ireland Sept. 6, 1690.]/ Tune: Let Caesar live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 336: J. Millet

Let Mally, and Jenny, and Peggy sit still/ ZN1652| A farewel to Hackney Iades/ Tune: [Let the Bay-liffs be hang'd, or, Digby's Farewell]/ RL 90: ?

Let Mary Live long/ ZN1653| The Loyal Englishman's Wish for the Preservation of The King and Queen/ Tune: (not titled, given. Reprinted by Simpson, p. 437)/ P5 63 = CR 757: T. Moore, 1692

Let me extoll (these ficke times)/ ZN1654| The Pope's Great Year of Jubilee/ Tune: Have at all/ RB4 118: [no imprint]/ RL 218: CVWC/ W6 128b: CVW

Let my Celia prove kind/ ZN1655| The Shepherds Petition To the Goddess of Beauty/ Tune: Let the Soldiers Rejoyce [meaningless music given]/ P5B 61: J. Millet/ [no music] CR 758: BDBB [C.22.f.6 178]

Let my fairest Virgin prove most kind to me/ ZN1656| The Windsor Gallant/ Tune: New Tune played at the Court; Or, The Usurers Daughter/ This may be Printed, R. L. S./ P3 279: C. Dennisson

[Let Nym]phs and kind shepherds caress it/ ZN1657| The Lovers Paradice, or The Transported Lover/ Tune: [Let Oliver now be forgotten]/ DC1 129v: ?

Let Oliver now be forgotten/ ZN1658| An excellent New Ballad/ Tune: How unhappy is Phillis in love/ OPB 1: Benjamin Harris and Langley Curtis, 1681 [seven verses in MS, Victoria and Albert Museum MS D.25.F.38, p. 771, dated 1680]

Let our Subjects Rejoyce/ ZN1659| The Loyal Wish/ Tune: Let the Solders rejoyce (with meaningless music)/ P5 66: J. Millet and A. Milbourn

Let Peals of Bells most sweetly Ring/ ZN1660| The Triumph of Ireland..Aghram.. [July 12, 1690]/ Tune: The Spinning-wheel/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 356: BDBB

Let Pickering now be forgotten/ ZN3234| The Conspiracy [Rye- house] Plot/ Tune: Jow unhappy is Phillis in Love: or, Let Oliver now be forgotten/ RB5 311: [no imprint] [Entd. 1683. AI 605]

Let Protestants freely allow/ ZN1661| The Protestants Joy/ Tune: Grim King of the Ghosts: Or, Hail to the Mirtle Shades/ Licensed according to Order/ BB2 612: J. Deacon [CB p. 144]

Let Protestants now with true courage advance/ ZN1662| The Protestants Prayer/ Tune: The Touch of the Times/ P2 70: BDBB

Let the Bells sweetly ring/ ZN1663| The Triumph of Ireland: Or, The Surrender of Limbrick/ Tune: Let the Souldiers Rejoyce/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 298: BDBB

Let the critics adore, Their old Venus no more/ ZN1664| Celia's Truiumph, Or, Venus Dethron'd/ Tune: new Tune of, Let the Critticks adore/ With Allowance. May 8, 1678. Ro. L'Estrange/ CR 763: P. Brooksby [HH1 27, C.22.f.6 35]

Let the cinick zealots impose on dull sots/ ZN1665| Gallantry All-a-Mode/ Tune: Let the Traytors Plot on/ RB4 629: CVWC [?According to Blagden's dates for CVWC, tune here can't be later than 1679, but is from D'Urfey song of 1680]

Let the females attend/ ZN1666| The Woman Warrier/ Tune: Let the Soldiers rejoice/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 309 = CR 764: Charles Bates [HH2 153]

Let the Moors repine, their hopes resign/ ZN1667| Tangier's Lamentation/ Tune: The Tangier March/ RB5 474: [no imprint, 1684]

Let the Nation be glad/ ZN1668| An Excellent New Song, Called, General Ginkle's Conquest, Or the Surrender of Limerick/ Tune: Let the Souldiers Rejoyce/ With Allowance/ P5 81: T. Moore, 1691

Let the Nation now revive/ ZN1669| Great and Happy New for England/ Tune: The Liggan Water/ P2 301: J. Bissel

Let the Soldiers rejoyce/ ZN1670| Royal Courage, or, King William's Happy Success in Ireland/ Tune: Let the Soldiers Rejoyce [with wrong music]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 65: J. Millet [Expansion of song in Purcell opera. Tune given on broadside is 'Why are my eyes still flowing." Proper tune and discussion, Simpson, BBBM, pp 440-41.]

Let the Trumpets sound a Charge/ ZN1671| The City and Country's Loyalty..Defense of King William Queen and [sic] Mary/ Tune: Valiant Jockey/ P2 364 = RB3 522 = CR 765: C. Bates [HH1 31]

Let the Whigs repine, and all combine in a damp'd Association/ ZN1672| A New Song on the Old Plot/ Tune: The Tangier March/ RB5 455: [no imprint]

Let tories Curse on and Wiggs let them Rage/ ZN1673| Religion made a Cloak for Villany/ Tune: Now, Now the Fight's done/ WE25 78 = CR 766: WCTP/ RB4 250: [no imprint]

Let Traytors plot on till at last they're undone/ ZN1674| The Loyal Protestant../ Tune: Let Traytors plot on/ P2 215: J. Conyers

Let true-hearted English-men freely Rejoyce/ ZN1675| The Loyal Subjects Happy Choice.. Protestant King and a Free Parliament/ Tune: Touch of the Times/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 263: W. Thackeray, J. Millet, and A. Milbourn

Let true-hearted Protestants with me rejoyce/ ZN1676| A New Touch of the Times. Nation's Consent For a Free Parliament/ Tune: Why are my Eyes still flowing/ WE25 11 = WE25 111: C. D[ennisson?]/ P4 316: Printed for T. F.

Let true Lovers all our Fortunes Rehearse/ ZN1677| The True Lovers Cruel Tragedy ..being a New Song Sung at the Kings Theatre/ Tune: a Pleasant New Play House Tune. Or, Methinks the Poor Town has been Troubled too Long/ This may be Printed, R. L. S./ P3 351: C. Dennisson

Let true subjects beat a pace/ ZN1678| The Relief of London- Derry/ Tune: The Glory of London-Derry/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 324: BDBB

Let true hearted subjects now merrily sing/ ZN1679| Warlike Monarch/ Tune: Touch of the Times/ Licensed according to Order/ P5B 35: BDBB

Let unbelieving men attend/ ZN1680| The Happy Damsel...26th of November, 1693../ Tune: Summer-time/ P2 81: J. Blare [PA #40]

Let us all rejoyce amain/ ZN1681| The Courtly Triumph, or, King William's Welcome from the Irish Wars/ Tune: Valiant Jockey [with meaningless music]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 64: BDBB

Let us drink and be merry, dance, joke, and rejoyce/ ZN1682| The Careless Gallant/ Tune: Pleasant lofty New Tune [see note]/ BB2 722: CVWC// Let us sing and be merry, dance, joke, and rejoyce/ The Careless Gallant: Or, a farewel to Sorrow/ Tune: Excellent, and delightful new tune./ P4 241 = RB3 484 = CR 767 = DP 15: CVWC/ P4 347: M. Coles, VWCTP [RL 109, DC2 27?] [By T. Jordan, 1675, Pills tune is from Choice Ayres , 1676]

Let us now with joy proclaim/ ZN1683| The Protestant Victory.. obtained in Ireland/ Tune: Valiant Jockey/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 361: Charles Bates

Let us sing and be merry, dance, joke, and rejoyce, see Let us drink and be merry

Let us sing to the mem'ry of glorious Queen Bess/ ZN1684| Queen Elizabeths' Day/ Tune: Bonny Dun-dee/ RB4 334: [White letter, no imprint, c 1711]

Let water flow from every eye/ ZN1685| The Londoners Lamentation [Great fire, Sept. 1666]/ Tune: When Troy Town/ With Allowance/ E 170: J. Clark, Bible and Harp

Let Young men giue eare/ ZN1686| Nobody his Counsaile to chuse a Wife/ Tune: Wanton Wife of Westminster/ P1 382-3: A. M[athews].

Let's call and drink the cellar dry/ ZN1687| The Noble Prodigal/ Tune: The Jew's Coranto/ RB6 490: [no imprint]/ CR 760: [no imprint] [HH2 44]

Let's drink off my bottle each night for my share/ ZN1688| The Merry Boys of Europe/ Tune: Now, now the Fight's done, &c./ RB5 85: J. Clarke [II], Horse-shoe

Liberty's the soul of living/ ZN1689| Love's Mighty Conquest/ Tune: New Play Tune/ With Allowance/ P5 201: Richard Butler

The lyf ys longe that lothesumlye dothe last/ ZN3342| [no title, Tottel, 'Comparison of lyfe and death']/ ASM 13 [Rollins, Notes, it is in Tottel's Miscellany. More extensive notes and its connection to Harington, and note of additional copies are in R. Hughey's The Arundel Harington MS, #19, 1960]

Lift up thy head England & lay by thy mourning/ ZN1690| The Triumph of four Nations;.. [peace of Breda]/ Tune: Packingtons Pound/ With Allowance/ E 351: W. Thackeray

Like the Egyptain locus/ ZN1691| [1st part, tune indication missing/ [By] John Lookes/ [Chorus:] Oh thou Projector whither wilt thou stray/ M2 #51Y: F. Grove

Like to a dove-cote never haunted/ ZN1692| [title shorn, subtitle is:] Pretty Comparisons wittily grounded/ Tune: Like to the Damask Rose/ RB2 12: Fr. Coules

Like to a dying Swan/ ZN1693| No natural Mother, but a Monster,.. 11. of December, 1633/ Tune: Welladay/ [by] M. P[arker]./ M2 #2: F. Coule[s.] [Entd. July 16, 1634. AI 1949] [PG 425]

List Christians all unto my song/ ZN1694| Murder upon Murder [Jan. 22, 1635]/ Tune: Bragandary downe, &c./ W1 129: T. Langley, and sold by Thomas Lambert [PG 432]

List to my ditty Country men/ ZN1695| The Constant Wife of Sussex/ Tune: I haue for all good wiues a song/ P1 414-5: Fr. Coles [earliest spelling thus?] [Entered to Gosson and Coles, May 24, 1632. AI 389]

List, you brave youngsters, that live in the City/ ZN1696| A Fairing for Young Men, Or, The careless Lover/ Tune: He that has the most money he is the best man/ [By] C. H./ BF 12: Francis Grove [Ptd. RB8 672. Entd. 1656. AI 839]

Listen a while, and I here will unfold/ ZN1697| The Golden Voyage..Arrival of the James and Mary/ Tune: Ladies of London/ This may be printed, R. P./ P4 199: J. Blare

Listen a while dear friends I do you pray/ ZN1698| .. sad judgement..Dorothy Mattley.. 1660/ Tune: Fortune my Foe/ W1 177: W. Gilbertson [PA 64]

Little Tom Dogget, what dost thou mean/ ZN1699| The country-mans lamentation for the death of his cow/ Tune: pleasant Country Tune, called, Colly my Cow/ E 31: [no imprint]/ E 32: J. Hose/ RB3 601 = CR 769: C. Passinger [RL 15] [With pseudo-Gaelic chorus. Is this inspired by "Druimion Dubh Deelis, or the Irishman's Lamentation for the Loss of his Black Cow"? Francis O'Neill, The Music of Ireland, #130, equated the two tunes, but the songs are in different meter]

Live with me, and be my Love/ ZN1700| A most excellent Ditty of the Lover's promises to his best beloved/ Tune: Live with me, and be my Love/ [by Chris. Marlow, 2nd part by Walt. Ralegh]/ RB2 3: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke [Entd. June 11, 1603]

London, liue thou famous long/ ZN1701| Londons Lotterie/ Tune: Lusty Gallant/ P1 190-1: W. W. for Henry Robaras...1612 [Entd. July 12, 1612. AI 1520] [Ptd. Firth's An American Garland, p. 17]

London, London, singe and praise thy Lord/ ZN3277| A proper ballade wherin is plaine to be seene, how god blesseth England for love of our Queene: Soung to the tune of Tarlton's caroll/ finis T./ RP 12 [Cf. entry of 1595, 'Englandes Tryvmphe Conteyninge Diuerse of those aboundant blessinges wherewith this our Realme hathe ben blessed by our moste gratious Quene Elizabethes Reigne.' AI 720]

The London miss was ranting fine/ ZN1702| London Miss well fitted. Answer to Four pence-Half-penny Farthing/ Tune: Four-pence-Half-penny Farthing/ This may be Printed, R. L. S./ P3 238: J. Deacon [Answer to N2173|]

London now smiles to see Oxford in tears/ ZN1703| Oxford in Mourning for the Loss of the Parliament/ Tune: Packingtons pound, or, Digby's Farewel/ WE25 96 = RB5 30 = CR 770: J. Jordan, Angel in Guilt-spur-street [before J. Deacon]

A Londoner into the Country went/ ZN1704| The Sorrowful Cittizen/ Tune: The Country Farmer/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P3 254 = CR 771: J. Blare/ RB7 279: [no imprint] [HH2 90]

Long cold nights, when winter frozen/ ZN1705| The Scotch Lasses Choice, Or, Jennys Love for Jockey's Kindness/ Tune: pleasant New Scotch Tune [Comes Amoris, 1687, BBBM #292]/ This may be Printed, R. P./ CR 772 = OPB 68: J. Deacon [First found in Scotland as tune for "Mary Scott (the Flower of Yarrow)". For other Scots titles see John Glen, Early Scottish Melodies p. 81, 1900]

Long days of absence, dear, I could endure/ ZN1706| The Kind Mistress/ Tune: The German Princess's Farewel/ Licens'd and Enter'd according to Order/ RB7 106: [no imprint] [DC1 108, HH1 146] [Answered by "Think not my dear," N2579|] [This appears to be based on a song about Charles II and Nell Gwin]

Long ere the Morne expects the return/ ZN1707| Maister Basse his Careere/ Tune: new Court tune [Bass's Career]/ P1 452-3: E. A[lde]. [On same sheet, "Earely in the morne, when the night's ouerworne," N818|. Parodied in song in BL MS Addl. 30982, "On a Welshman hunting of a haire"]

The long expectation at length now is come/ ZN1708| K. William's March to Ireland/ Tune: Let Caesar live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 317: BDBB

Long have I been a singinge, and sondrie partes ofte I haue songe:/ ZN3292| [no title, tune indication]/ CV 13 [In praise of moderation]

Long have I grieved for to see/ ZN3239| Faith I must lash you/ Tune: [unknown]/ For entry of 1641, AI 842, Rollins points to song in Pills, 1707, II, p. 85 as possibility. A much earlier version is in Choyce Poems by the Wits of Both Universities, 1661]

Long have I liv'd a Batchelors life/ ZN1709| Slippery Will, or the old Batchelors complaint/ Tune: The Bonny Bonny Broome/ E 337 = RB2 503: E. B[lackmore].

Long Live our Great Caesar, and long be his Reign/ ZN1710| The Royal Character/ Tune: Long Live our Great Caesar; Or, Now, now the Fight's done/ P4 227: WCTP

Long sporting on the flowery plain/ ZN1711| Unfortunate Stephon/ Tune: Long sporting on the flowery Plain, Or, Young Strephon fain the Bliss would taste, &c. Or, Jenny Gin/ This may be Printed, R. L. S. August the 4th. 1685/ P3 383: CTP

Long time have I been a Souldier/ ZN1712| The Covenant Or, No King but the Old King's Son/ Tune: True Blew will never stain/ E 43: Charles Yyns [Tyus]

Long time I lamented, in sorrow and grief/ ZN1713| The West Countrey Maids Lamentation For the loss of her Maidenhead/ Tune: Over hills and high Mountains: Or, Cloris awake/ DC2 246:? [BBBM]

Long time I've been married, the most of my grief/ ZN1714| The Complaining Maid/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB8 199: [no imprint, BL copy is Pitts issue, 1802-40. Traditional; F. Purslow, The Wanton Seed, p. 103]

Look downe, O Lord, upon this sinful land/ ZN1715| A wonderfull wonder/ Tune: Aime not too high/ [by] L. P./ RB3 132: John Wright, junior

Look you faithful Lovers, on my unhappy state/ ZN1716| ... unfortunate Love of a Lancashire Gentleman/ Tune: Come follow my [me] Love/ E 80 = WE25 32: CVG/ P3 318: [imprint shorn]/ P3 327: CTP/ CR 775: W. Onley and A. Milbourn/ CR 776: T. Norris [RL 179, DC3 160] [Entd. 1624, 1675. AI 1530, 2786. Ptd. RB8 lxxxiii*, referred to as "The Palatine Lovers"]

The Lord of Hosts hath blest no Land/ ZN1717| The Ioyfull Peace ..Denmark. Sweden/ Tune: Who list to lead a Soldiers life/ P1 100-1: Henry Gosson, 1613

The Lord that rules both heaven and earth/ ZN1718| The old man's life renewed by heavenly providence/ Tune: [none, poem?]/ RB3 340: ?

Lord Thomas he was a bold Forrester/ ZN1719| ..Lord Thomas and Fair Ellinor/ Tune: a Pleasant New Tune, called, Lord Thomas/ This May be Printed, Ro. L'Estrange/ P3 316: CTP/ OPB 172: A. M., W. O., and T. Thackeray/ RB6 647: Newcastle, Thomas Saint/ CR 777: Bow-Church-Yard/ CR 778: Aldermary Church Yard/ CR 779: [no imprint, 18th cent. Child Ballad #73. From the form of the licensing statement this is of last half of 1685. Cf. N173|]

The lottery is now completed/ ZN1720| Fortunate Lasses of London/ Tune: The Evening Ramble/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 431: P. Brooksby [Answer to "You lovers that have been false- hearted," N3042|]

Louing mortal, see Loving mortal, N1729|

Love I am ready at your call/ ZN1721| ..The Batchellor's Answer to the Helpless Maiden/ Tune: [Music given]/ P5 196: J. S., 1691 [Answer to, and music same as, "Sweet if thou lov'st me," N2426|]

Love I come to take my leave/ ZN1722| The Protestant Souldier.. Damsels Resolution to take up Arms against the Irish/ Tune: Liggan Watter: Or, Glory of London-Derry/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 359: J. Blare

Love in Phantastic Triumph sat/ ZN1723| The Lovers Invitation: Or The Forsaken Batchelors Complaint/ Tune: Love in Phantastic Triumph sat; Or, May in all her Youthful Dress/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 46: CTP

Love with unconfined wings/ ZN1724| The Pensive Prisoners Apology/ Tune: Love with unconfined wings, or, No, no, no, no, not yet/ P2 80 = CR 780: CVWC/ RB3 179 [without second tune direction. halfsheet, no imprint] [HH2 53] [Entd. Mar. 29, 1656. AI 2064, from Lovelace's poem]

Lovely and charming Clea lay/ ZN1725| Strephon and Clea/ Tune: New Tune Us'd at the play-House/ P5A 8: [no imprint]/ CR 781: P. Brooksby

Lovers all come hear my story/ ZN1726| The Bleeding Lover/ Tune: The Doubting Virgin/ RB3 459 = CR 782: CTP

Lovers, I beg lend an ear to this story/ ZN1727| The Yarmouth Tragedy/ Tune: [none indicated] CR 783 = RC3 558: Bow-Church- Yard [DC3 111]

A Loving couple in Yorkshire, they having seven Children small/ ZN1728| The Tryal of Patience/ Tune: In Summer-time/ This may be Printed, R. P./ RB7 702 = CR 784/ P. Brooksby/ CR 785: P. Brooksby [diff. issue]

Louing mortal, In Loue I here exhort all/ ZN1729| An inconstant female/ Tune: same tune [as for separated 1st part, "See the building," N2330|]/ P1 370: Francis Coules/ RB3 60: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke [Pepys, 'Louing','loue'; RB, 'loving', 'love']

Loyal hearts of London city, Come, I pray and sing this ditty/ ZN1730| The Duchess of Monmouth's Lamentation for the Loss of her Duke/ Tune: Tender Hearts of London City/ RB5 640 [from BM 1876]: J. Deacon, 1683 [Entd. to Deacon Sept. 27, 1683. AI 646]

Loyal lovers far and near/ ZN1731| False-hearted Lover/ Tune: Celia, &c./ P5 348: C. Bates [Answered by "Is my sweetest creature dead," N1501|]

Loyal lovers listen well/ ZN1732| A new Love-Song, and a true Love-Song/ Tune: Colin and Amarillis/ [by] Thomas Jones/ CR 786: Richard Burton [DC1 76v]

Loyal Souls, drink off your wine/ ZN1733| The Royal Health/ Tune: Hark how the thundring Canons roar, &c./ Written by Thomas Sibley, Gent./ [Roman letter.]/ P2 343: John Wallis

Loyalty's a noble thing/ ZN1734| The Reward of Loyalty/ Tune: Hark the Thundering Cannons Rore/ CR 787: J. Huzzey, 1685

Lucina sitting in her bower/ ZN1735| Fair Lucina Conquered/ Tune: Jenny Gin, Or Russels Farwel/ This may be Printed R.L.S./ P3 229: J. Conyers// Tune: Jenny Gin; or, The fair one let me in/ RB6 189: [no imprint]/ CR 788 [no licensing statement]: Josh. Coniers [HH1 97]

A lustie country lad, that lately came to town/ ZN1736| Ill- gotten Goods seldom Thrive/ Tune: Was ever Young-man Crost/ RB8 623 [expurgated]: W. Gilbertson

A lusty lad there was of late/ ZN1737| Sport upon Sport...Fellow that in the attire of a Woman with../ Tune: Daniel Cooper/ C. Dennisson, 1685

A lusty stout joyner he had a fair wife/ ZN1738| The Biter Bitten/ Tune: The Two English Travellers/ This may be Printed R. P./ P3 144 = RB3 446 = CR 789: J. Blare/ E 19: [incomplete, no imprint]

A lusty young shaver, a vapouring gallant/ ZN1739| The Two-Penny Whore/ Tune: He that hath the most Money he is the best Man/ E 191A = RB8 718 [expurgated]: TPW/ CR 790: T. Passenger [RL 107, HH2 116, C.22.f.6 171]// Royoters Ruine/ HH2 71: ?

Maddame d[']angloyse me tell you verye true/ ZN3259| [A Spanish Gentleman and an English Gentlewoman]/ [No broadside. Ptd. from Bodleian MS Rawl. poet. 108 by Baskerville. Elizabethan Jig #14. Entd. Aug. 1, 1586. AI 188]

The maidens of London are now in despaire/ ZN1740| The wiuing age/ Tune: the Golden age/ [By] M. P[arker]./ P1 384-5: Francis Coules

Maids that are fair and young/ ZN1741| Young-Mans Answer to the Maids Garden of Tyme/ Tune: pleasant new tune/ P5 246: A. M., 1696 [Answer to Child Ballad not known so early. Cf. "The Gardener Lad," "The Seeds of Love", "The Garden of Thyme"]

Make room for an honest red-coat/ ZN1742| A New Ballade, to an Old Tune/ Tune: Tom of Bedlam/ RB7 648: Printed at the Hague for S. Browne

Make your honours Miss, Tol, Tol/ ZN1743| .. Love for Money/ Tune: New Play-House Tune [meaningless music given]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 192 = CR 791: J. Conyers [Expansion of song by T. D'Urfey. See N1744|]

Make your honours miss, first to the gentry here/ ZN1744| Modish Dancing Master/ Tune: A new Minuet [music given] Licensed according to Order/ P5 435: BDBB [expansion of D'Urfey song, music given is version of that in Pills II, 170, 1719. See N1743|]

A man and a maiden lately did walk/ ZN1745| The Venturing Lover/ Tune: [none indicated]/ P3 15: CVWC [defective sheet = P5B 38] [Entd. 1675. AI 2806]

The man is blest, That lyves in rest/ ZN3297| A Ballet/ [no tune indication]/ CV 18 [Entd. 1557/8, Dec. 4, 1559. AI 3006, 3007]

Man, man, man is for woman made/ ZN1746| United Lovers/ Tune: pleasant new tune [Purcell's, BBBM #302. 1696]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 415: J. Deacon

A man that had a pretty young wife/ ZN1747| The Benefit of marriage/ Tune: The Young Mans Advice [King's Delight, BBBM]/ E 18: E. Andrews [Ebsworth mentions a later copy without giving source, RB8 660]

The manifold changes that have hap'ned of late/ ZN1748| The High Court of Justice [trial of Regicides]/ Tune: Packingtons Pound/ Entred according to Order [not]/ E 139: F. Grove

Marche out, gods soldiers! Your enimies be sure at hand/ ZN3308| A Ballet, diclaring howe ewery christian..fight... banner of his capton christ; to be songe after: Rowe well, you maryners/ CV 30 [Entd. 1569/70. AI 1154]

Margaret my sweetest, Margaret I must go/ ZN1749| The Souldiers farewel to his love.. Dialogue betwixt Thomas and Margaret/ Tune: pleasant new Tune/ P4 42 = CR 793: CVW [Also on P4 sheet, N1474|] [Entered Dec. 14, 1624, by 1st line. AI 1666. Ptd.: Rollins, PG; Baskerville, Elizabethan Jig # 3. Copy in Bishop Percy's Folio MS, II, p. 335. Early 19th century broadside version is "William and Nancy's Parting." Traditional, Laws N4]

Margaritta first possest, if I remember well, my breast/ ZN1750| Love's Chronicle/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB7 449: [18th cent. Wm. Dicey et al. Expansion of song by Abraham Cowley]

Mark well, Gods wonderous workes, and see/ ZN1751| A battell of Birds..Corke [Sept. 8 1621]/ Tune: Shores wife, or, Bonny Nell/ P1 70-1: W[illiam]. I[ones].

Mark well my good instructions/ ZN1752| Make use of Time/ Tune: Behold the man with a Cann in his hand/ [By] S[amuel]. S[mithson]./ P4 248: CVW

Mark well my heavy doleful Tale/ ZN1753| A Lamentable Ballad of the Ladies Fall/ Tune: In Pescod time/ P1 510-1: TP/ M1 #30: CVWC/ SH #49/ E 196: CVW/ RB6 764: CVWC/ CR 793: A. Milbourn/ [Tune: In Peascod time]/ CR 794: A. Milbourn/ [Tune: In Peascod Time, &c.] CR 796: W. O. and A. M./ SH #49 [RC3 164, RC3 570, DC3 62v. Bishop Percy's Folio MS, II, p. 247. Entd. June 11, 1603, 1624. AI 1394, 1395. Tune in Simpson, BBBM, 368, who doesn't note song "In Pescod Time" is in Churchyard's Chance, 1580, pp. 13-14]

Mark well my words you country men/ ZN1754| The Doleful Words of Thomas Dangerfield/ Tune: And for my offence I must Dye [Downfall of Wm. Grismond]/ CR 797: J. Huzzy, 1685 [A poem on him is "Dangerfield's Dance," BB 705 = CR 707]

Marke well thys storye strange and trew/ ZN1755| .. lamentable.. ditty..Italian Gentleman and his three sonnes/ Tune: The Ladye's Fall/ SH #71 [1 verse RB8 xix***]

Mars shall to Cupid now submit/ ZN1756| The Ruined Lovers/ Tune: Mock-beggers Hall stands empty/ E 313 = DC2 184v: CVW/ E 314 = RB7 411: W. Thackeray, J. M. and A. M./ [incomplete copy] P5B 24: CTP/ CR 798: W. Thackeray [DC2 187] [Tale is same as "Barbara Allen"] [Entd. 1675. AI 2345]

The Martial drum no sooner did beat/ ZN1757| The Couragious Soldiers of the West/ Tune: Lilli borlero/ Licensed according to Order/ BB1 365: J. Deacon

A Maulster that liv'd in the County of Kent/ ZN1758| The Miserable Maulster/ Tune: Fond boy, or, Loves a sweet Passion/ CR 799: J. Raven [undoubtably error for J. Conyers at Black Raven]

Mas Mault he is a gentleman/ ZN1759| A new Ballad ... Mault doth deal with every one/ Tune: Triumph and Ioy/ [also on sheet, As I went through the North Country, qv,]/ P1 426-7: H. G[osson]./ P1 470-1: CTP/ E 277: CVWC/ E 278: CVG/ RB2 379: John Wright/ RC3 361, 365: [imprints not given in RB]/ [Mr. Malt is a gentleman/ No tune dir. same sheet as other] CR 826: W. O. and A. M.

May the Gods of the Sea/ ZN1760| The Church of Englands Wish for .. safe Voyage to Holland/ Tune: Let the Soldiers Rejoyce/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 87: R. Kell

Mee thinks I heare a groan/ ZN1761| The cryes of the dead.. Murther in Richard Price Weauer../ Tune: Ned Smith [p. 59]./ P1 116-7: T. L[angly].

Melpomene now assist a meek Lover/ ZN1762| The Frantic Squire/ Tune: Let Mary live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 248 = RB6 225 = CR 800: BDBB

Mento mori/ ZN1763| The Organ's Echo/ Tune: The Cathedral Service/ RB7 612: Printed in the yeere 1641

A merchant's son of worthy fame, From the town of Bristol came/ ZN1764| The Bristol Garland/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB3 304, 863: ?/ HC 717: Bow Church-Yard

A merry milk-maid on a time/ ZN1765| The Milk-Maids Morning-Song/ Tune: Ginny [Jenny] Gin, Or, The fair one Let me in/ P3 198: J. Deacon

Methinks I feel fresh bleeding wounds/ ZN1766| The wounded Lover/ Tune: Some say there was a Papists plot; or, Jenny Gin/ P3 381: CTP

The mighty Lord that rules in heaven/ ZN1767| A Wonderful Prophesie..Christian James.. 8 of March [1656]/ Tune: In Summer time/ Contrived in meteer by L. P[rice]/ E 400: J. Wright, Globe in Little Britain/ P2 55: CTP/ CR 801= C.22.f.6 25: G. Conyers/ RB8 81: J. White, Newcastle [Entered Mar. 26, 1656. AI 3025]

The miller in his best array/ ZN1768| A pleasant ballad of the mery miller's wooing of the Baker's daughter of Manchester/ Tune: Nutmegs and Ginger/ SH #29 [?Entd. Mar. 2, 1581. AI 1765]

A miller liv'd near Overton/ ZN1769| The Hampshire Miller... Miller and Widdow do the trick/ Tune: The Languishing Swain/ P3 13: T. S. in the Strand

Miners of minerals, where e're you be/ ZN1770| The Loyal an True-Hearted Subjects' Good Will to King and Commonwealth/ Tune: The Duke's Wish; or, I'le ask no more/ By Thomas Houghton/ RB6 69 = DP 64 = CR 802: Thomas Passenger [HH2 10] ["I'll ask no more" is burden of song in BL MS Add. 22603, f. 15v. The song commences "Fortune since thou art grown so kind"]

A miss who near London did set up her Trade/ ZN1771| The subtil Miss of London/ Tune: The Two English Travellers/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P3 253 = CR 803 = DP3: J. Deacon [HH2 98]

Moggy full as blith and gay/ ZN1772| Beautiful Moggy; Or Scotch Jemmy's Delight/ Tune: The Female Trooper [with meaningless music]/ Licensed according to Order/ CR 804 = OPB 33: BDBB

Moggy, now rejoyce and sing/ ZN1773| An Answer to Moggy's Misfortune/ Tune: Robin Cushie/ Entered according to Order/ RB3 348 = 805: BDBB [Answer to "Shakum Guie has gotten a wife," N2334|]

Monmouth is a brave lad/ Jemmy and Anthony/ ZN1774| Tune: Young Jemmy/ RB5 169: R. Shuter, 1782

Monsieur Burgua's a brisk young gallant/ ZN1775| Monsieurs Misfortune/ Tune: Excellent New Tune [meaningless music given]/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P5 229: P. Brooksby

More Ballads! here's a spic and span new supplication/ ZN1776| A Free Parliament Litany/ Tune: An Old Souldier of the Queen's/ RB7 665 [from BC3 42]: [white letter, no imprint]

Most early in a morning faire/ ZN1777| The honest Mayden's Loyalty/ Tune: new tune, or, wert thou more fairer/ M1 #34: W. G. dwelling in Gilt-spur-street/ CR 821: Richard Burton [HH1 133, C.22.f.6 125]]

The most Royal Frolick of our Great King/ ZN1778| An Answer to the London Frolick/ Tune: Let Caesar live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 326: A. Milbourn [Sequel to one commencing "Old stories inform us of jocular things," N2141|]

The most Royal frollick, of William our King/ ZN1779| The Royal Recreation; Or, a Second Part.. Farmer and his Wife.. found the King/ Tune: Let Caesar live long/ Licensed according to Order/ RB7 761: BDBB [CB p. 338] [Answer to N2140|]

Mother I have a desire to wed/ ZN1780| The Hasty Virgin/ Tune: Ladies of London/ This may be printed, R. P./ P3 175: J. Deacon

Mother let me Marry, I long to be a Bride/ ZN1781| The Maulsters Daughter of Marlborough/ Tune: The Scotch Hay-makers/ P3 70 = CR 823: J. Blare [Traditional, "Whistle daughter, whistle"] [Answered by "What's this my dearest Nanny," N2814|]

A Mountebank upon the road/ ZN1782| A Merry Dialogue Between a Doctor and a Dairy Maid/ Tune: Butter boxes curse the day, or, A Fig for France, &c./ [by] T. J./ BB1 458: R. Burton

Mourn England, mourn, like one forlorn/ ZN1783| English-mans Advice/ Tune: Young Phaon/ P2 14 = P5B 34: M. Coles, VWCTP

Mournful Melpomeny assist my quill/ ZN1784| Lamenting Ladies last farewell. Anno 1650/ Tune: Oh hone, oh hone [Franklin is fled away. BBBM p. 232]/ [By] E. S. [on Wood sheet only]/ W2 75: Tho. Vere/ M1 #15 = E 183: Tho. Vere in the Old-Baily/ P2 368: WCTP/ RB7 631 [4 total copies]: T. Vere, Gilt-spur St// [Licensed according to Order/ CR 824: W. Thackeray/ CR 825: [no imprint] [C.22.f.6 137, DC1 112v, DC1 130v] [Entd. Mar. 25, 1656. AI 1409]

Mother, pray when shall I marry/ ZN1785| The Hasty Damsel/ Tune: The Seamans departure, or, Doubting Virgin/ This may be printed, R. P./ P4 178: P. Brooksby, Pye-corner [DC1 94v]

Must I wear the wreath of willow/ ZN1786| Frantick Shepherd/ Tune: Excellent New Tune, or, Only tell her, &c. [meaningless music given]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 352: C. Bates

Must the absence of my mistresse/ ZN1787| A Paire of Turtle Doves/ Tune: The absence of my Mistresse, or I live not where I love/ [by] Martin Parker/ RB2 317: Thomas Lambert [This and Lowberry's ballad, N3048|, expand on verse by Robert Southwell commencing "Sith my life my love was nested" which R. Morley extracted from a longer poem and printed with a new tune in First Book of Ayres, 1600. Tune in Simpson, BBBM, #212 is Morley's. Traditional versions of this or N3048|, are rarely very coherent; one is "Farewell Lads and farewell Lasses"/ Farewell Lads/ JFSS 1, 273, 1904]

My Betty thou knowest I have courted thee for long/ ZN1788| The Lancashire Lovers/ Tune: Love's Tide; or, At home to be in my own Country/ DC1 134v: WCTP [Ptd. RB7 ix*]

My bleeding heart, with grief and care/ ZN1789| A Warning to all Lewd Livers/ Tune: Sir Andrew Barton/ [by] L. P./ RB3 23: Thomas Lambert / RC III [with initials M. P.]: Fra. Grove/ P5B 27: CTP/ CR 828: W. O. for A. M. and sold by J. Deacon [BC2 52: ?, HH2 136] [Entd. July 14, 1633, to Lambert, and on 1675. AI 2854, 2882]

My bonny Jean, long have I been a seeking thee from morn to e'en/ ZN3404| An excellent New Song, entituled Bonny Jean of Aberdeen/ Tune [none indicated, see note]/ RC III, 577 [Also in NLS MS 6299. Tune is its own, in Orpheus Caledonius , 1725; Music for (TTM), c 1726; Craig's Scots Tunes, 1730; in three ballad operas, and many later Scots collections. Tune is that for Ballantyne's "Castles in the Air", "Stuttering Lovers" (N3405) and "Ball of Kirriemuir"]

My children dear mark well my words/ ZN1790| An Hundred Godly Lessons/ Tune: Dying Christians Exhortation/ P2 16-7: TP/ Tune: Wigmore's Galliard, E 143: CVWC/ Tune: Dying Christian's Exhortation/ RB1 428 = CR 829: A. Milbourn [Entd. 1624, 1656, 1675. AI 1171, 1172, 1173, 1174. Rollins notes 'copy' (not ballad?) of nearly same title entd. Nov. 26, 1590]

My cytie shall full well indure/ ZN3312| A Songe of the Ladie Sion the churche. A Balet of Sir Peter Hartforth... vicare of hovedon departed/ [no tune indication]/ CV 34 [First four lines are chorus. These commence 'Ego, ros campi in the feld'.]

My Cuckold tells Tales of me/ ZN1791| The Wifes Answer to the Hen-peckt Cuckolds Complaint/ Tune: Marry and thank you too/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 135: J. Millet [Ptd. RB7 433] [Sequel to ballad commencing "I marry'd a scolding wife," N1301|]

My Daughter dear, now since you are become a Bride/ ZN1792| The Good Wives Fore-cast/ Tune: Why are my Eyes, still flow---ing, &c./ This may be Printed, R. P./ E 132 = RB6 349 = CR 830: J. Deacon [DC1 91, HH1 125] [CB p. 8]

My deare adewe, my sweet love farwell!/ ZN1793| [no title and incomplete]/ Tune: [unnamed, but given. By Orlando Gibbons] SH #58 [2 verses, RB8 xxxii***]

My dear and only love I pray/ ZN1794| A Proper New Ballad/ Tune: I'le never love thee more/ RB6 581: [no imprint] [Cf. N1795|]

My dear and only love take heed/ ZN1795| Ile never Love thee more/ Tune: new tune called, O no, no, no, not yet [song on same sheet, N3192|]/ P3 266: CVWC [RL 190v, DC1 101v] [See RB6 581-5. Folger MS V.a. 339 gives variant copy of c 1625. This appears related to "The blazing Torch," N2597|, and both were imitated and expanded as broadside ballads, whose precise chronology I have not yet been able to sort out]

My dear canst thou love me, I pray tell me true/ ZN1796| Love Crownd with Victory. A merry Dialogue betwixt an old rich country Batchelor, and a young witty London Virgin/ Tune: Ile crown thee my dearest &c. Digby's Farewel, Or, Packingtons Pound/ CR 831: P. Brooksby [C.22.f.6 56, DC1 123]

My Dear let nothing trouble thy Heart/ ZN1797| An Answer to the Inconstant Shepherd/ Tune: excellent New Tune/ P3 90 = BB2 508: Charles Bates/ [with the tune] CR 832 = OPB 186: Charles Bates [Answer to "O how can I be merry or glad," N2014|]

My dear to thee I'le surely be as chast as ice or snow/ ZN1798| Vertue the Reward of Constancy/ Tune: same tune/ [by] Mary Foart/ RB7 543 = CR 833: P. Brooksby/ [HH2 11] [on same sheet as antecedent "Till from Leghorn," N2618|]

My dearest come hither and listen tome [sic]/ ZN1799| The merry Discourse between two Lovers/ Tune: Digby's Farewell/ WE25 77: John Clark, Bible and Harp [Entd. 1675. AI 1322. Entry title different, is this identification correct?]

My Dearest come hither to me/ ZN1800| Invincible Love/ Tune: Moggies jealousie/ P3 147: WCTP

My dearest dear adue/ ZN1801| The Discourse betweene A Souldier and his Loue/ Tune: Upon a Summers time/ P1 296-7: F. Coules [?Entd. July 17, 1640. AI 2469]

My dearest dear could I relate/ ZN1802| Damons Triumph/ Tune: Russel's Farewel: Or, Jenny Gin/ P3 66: WCTP

My dearest I must to the sea/ ZN1803| The Mariner's Delight; Or, the Seaman's Seven Wives/ Tune: Hail to the Mirtle Shades/ RB7 490 = CR 834: J. Conyers [HH2 20]

My Dearest it grieves me/ ZN1804| The Wapping Lovers/ Tune: The [two] English Travelers/ P4 182: C. Dennisson

My dearest lets walk through the meadows this weather/ ZN1805| The Young Man and Maids Recreation or, The Spring Birds Notes/ Tune: [Charon make haste]/ DC2 265v: ? [Cf. N1479|]

My dearest love, why art thou so unkind/ ZN1806| The Discontented Plowman/ Tune: True love Rewarded; or, Flora Farewel/ RB8 863 [from RL]: CVWC [RL 86, HH1 72, C.22.f.6 111]

My dearest this letter unto thee I send/ ZN1807| News from Ostend/ Tune: The Seamans adieu to his dear, Or, Ile go to the Captain, &c./ With Allowance/ WE25 132: CVWC [2nd letter, "Now my love and dearest jewel," N1941|]

My Dearest, to Ireland with speed I must go/ ZN1808| The Royal Farewel his Leave..the Irish Expedition/ Tune: Let Caesar live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 327: Robert Hayhurst

My Fairest and Rarest/ ZN1809| The Volunteers kind Answer to the Loyal Damosels Resolution/ Tune: The Flatteries of Fate: Or, Jenny, Jenny, &c./ P3 307: TPW

My fairest my dearest/ ZN1810| The Faithful Young Mans Answer to the Kind Hearted Maidens Request/ Tune: Jenny, Jenny/ E 114 = RB6 295 [repeated RB8 127]: J. Clarke, Bible and Harp [Answer to one commencing "Now farewel dear Father," N1918|]

My fancie did I fix[,] In faithfull form and frame/ ZN3386| [no title]/ Tune: [All in a garden Green?] ASM 58 [Rollins, Notes, one verse only of song is in Handefull of Pleasant Delights, but meter wrong for tune it cites. Cf. N1345|]

My Father having moved his minde that now his tale was done/ ZN1811B| The admonition of his mother and her consaile [of son] at his departing/ RP 7 & SHA p. 343. [Sequel to] ...and he that hath the hevenly skill of lernings lore attained/ ZN1811A| [opening and title lost]/ RP 6

My frend, the lyf I lead at all/ ZN3343| [no title]/ ASM 14 [Rollins, Notes, points out entry to Colwell in 1565/6, but I can't find it in AI and this is not in first line index in AI]

My Friends, if you will understand/ ZN1812| The Great Boobee/ Tune: pleasant new Tune; Or, Salengers Round/ Entred according to Order/ E 124 = RC3 228: R. I[bbitson]./ P4 232: W. Thackeray, J. M., and J[A?]. M./ RB7 273 : F. Coles, Wine- street [DC1 92, DC3 35] [CB p. 48][Entd. Mar 15, 1656. AI 1032. The New tune from Rawlison MS is given by Simpson, BBBM. This even appears in a mid-19th cent. American song MS as "The Country Clown", Thompson and Cutting's A Pioneer Songster, p. 188, 1958]

My good-man is gone to Sea/ ZN1813| The Seamans Wives Ranting Resolution/ Tune: Couragio, Or If by your good leave I may, &c./ P4 168: M. Coles, VWCTP

My heart doth bleed to tell the woe/ ZN1814| A Noble Dewel [Aug. 1660]/ Tune: Sir George Wharton/ W1 99: J. Andrews [PA 52]

My hand and pen proceede to write/ ZN1112| A Dolefull Ditty... Lord Darly [Darnly], sometime King of Scots/ Tune: blacke and yellow/ [Catalogued by R. Lemon, facsimile in CLB, Plate V.]

My hart is impure my body within/ ZN1815| The second part [or ballad] of Jeamye/ Tune: Gigg-gogge, or Woddyecocke/ SH #45 [2 verses, RB8 xxxiv***]

My hart is lened on the land, in langer of my ladye deare/ ZN3396| [no title]/ Interlaced burden: I so sycke, make my bede, I wyll dye nowe/ ASM 68

My heart is oppressed with sorrow sweet wife/ ZN1816| The Poor Mans Comfort/ Tune: Fair Angel of England/ P4 92 = RL 39: CTP

My jornay lat as I dyd take/ ZN3358| [no title]/ Finis, quoth Harry Sponare/ ASM 29 [domestic dispute between John and Joan]

My Joy and only Dear/ ZN1817| The West-Country Wooing/ Tune: When Sol will cast no light: Or, My pretty little rogue/ E 387 = CR 836: P. Brooksby, West-Smithfield/ E 388 = RB7 252 = CR 835: TPW [HH3 19]

My Kebbell sweete, in whom I trust/ ZN3390| [no title]/ [by] John Manton/ ASM 63

My Lady Pecunia/ ZN1818| The siluer Age/ Tune: pleasant new Court tune/ P1 154-5: G. E[ld]. [Entd. Nov. 16, 1621. AI 2446]

My Life and my Death lies both in your power/ ZN1819| Love and Constancy United/ Tune: pleasant new Tune, Or my Life and my death/ This may be Printed. R. P./ P3 204: C. Dennisson [with adv. to beware of false Counterfeit. Answer comm. "Thy life and thy death," N2616|]

My little, pritty youthful Nancy/ ZN1820| The Faithful Farmer: Or, The Down-right Wooing between Robin and Nancy/ Tune: O Mother, Roger/ This may be Printed, R. P./ RB4 372 = CR 837 = DP 38: J. Blare

My love he was as brave a man/ ZN1821| Gilderoy/ Tune: its own Proper Tune/ CR 838: [no imprint, c 1700] [See also "Gilderoy was a bonny lad," N955|]

My Love I come to take my leave/ ZN1822| The Undaunted Seaman/ Tune: I often for my Jenny strove/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 211 = CR 839: BDBB [DC2 234, HH2 123, C.22. 194] [Ptd. RB7 551]

My love is gone alack a day/ ZN1823| The Maids Lamentation/ Tune: The Lass that comes to bed to me, Or, Sawney is gone/ CR 840: P. Brooksby, Pye-corner [C.22.f.6 63]

My Love is on the Brackish Sea/ ZN1824| The Seamans sorrowful Bride/ Tune: Ah Jenny Gin/ P4 193 = RB6 444 = DP 21: I. Deacon [HH2 74]

My Loue she is faire/ ZN1825| The Louers Guift.. Edmund and Prisilly/ Tune: pleasant new tune/ P1 250-1: Iohn Trundle

My Loue she is faire and honest/ ZN1826| Coridons commendation ...Phillis/ Tune: pleasant new tune/ P1 330-1: I. T[rundle?]

My Masters all attend you/ ZN1827| = ZN1828| Turners dish of Lenten stuffe/ Tune: Watton Townes end/ [by] W. Turner/ P1 206-7: I. W[right]./ CR 841: CVG, 1662

My masters all attend you, if mirth you love to hear/ ZN1828| = ZZ1827: The Common Cries of London/ Tune: Watton Towns End/ [Collier's A Book of Roxburghe Ballads, p. 207, said to be printed by CVG, 1662. This is undoubtably CR 841 above]

My Masters all give eare a while/ ZN1829| The worst is past/ Tune: pleasant new tune/ E 402 = RB3 69: Richard Harper [Entd. June 20, 1629. AI 3040]

My masters, and friends, and good people, draw near/ ZN1830| A Caveat for Cut-purses/ Packington's Pound/ RB3 492: W. Gilbertson [from Ben Jonson's Bartholomew fair]

My Masters attend/ ZN1831| A new merry ballad I haue here to show ..I tell you but so/ Tune: You'd do so, would you not, Yes I warrant you/ P1 176-7: F. G[rove]. [Entd. June 20, 1629. AI 1201]

My minde to me a Kingdome is/ ZN1832| A sweet and pleasant Sonet, .. My minde to me a kingdome is/ Tune: In Crete/ P1 339: H. G[osson]./ P2 7: M. Coles, VWCTP/ SH #28 [DC2 200v, 270v] [Entd. 1624. AI 1853]

My most Royal Lady, I now must away/ ZN1833| The Royal Dialogue.. Wars in Flanders/ Tune: If Loves a sweet Passion/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 330: J. Blare

My Mother duns me e'ery day/ ZN1834| The Old Miser Slighted/ Tune: I often for my Jenny Strove/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 8 = RB8 194 = CR 842: BDDB

My Mother to heauen is gone/ ZN1835| A merry Progresse to London/ Tune: Riding to Rummford/ P1 198-9: I. White

My Mother's a good old woman/ ZN1836| The new-found Northern Deedle/ Tune: This is my grannam's deedle/ [by] R. Guy/ RB2 246: Thos. Lambert [Entd. July 14, 1633. AI 1872]

My name is Captain Kid who has sail'd, &c./ ZN1837| Captain Kid's Farewel to the Seas, or the Famous Pirate's Lament/ Tune: Coming Down/ CR 843: [no imprint, c 1702] [Ptd. C. H. Firth's Naval Songs and Ballads. Traditional, Laws K35]

My name is Tom of all Trades/ ZN1838| Merry Tom of all Trades/ Tune: Behold the Man/ WE25 47: CVG/ P4 261 = CR 844: WCTP [RL 186] [CB p. 332. Entered May 15, 1656. AI 1751]

My Noble friends give ear/ ZN1839| God speed the Plow, and bless the Corn-Mow/ Tune: [I am] the Duke of Norfolk/ Euing 127: W. Gilbertson/ P4 272: CTP/ RB6 523: [no imprint]/ CR 845: TPW/ CR 846: TPW [diff. issue]

My noble muse assist me/ ZN1840| The Honour of the Inns of Court Gentlemen/ Tune: our noble king in his progress/ [by] M. P./ CR 847: Thomas Lambert

My only love thour't welcome to the shore/ ZN1841| A dainty new Ditty of a Saylor and his Love/ Tune: a pleasant Sea-far-ing Tune/ P4 157: CTP/ WE25 8: John Wright, Globe in Little Britain [Entd. July 18, 1637, 1656. AI 2353, 2354 to same printer]

My own dear children understand/ ZN1842| The Old Gentlewomans last Legacy/ Tune: Fear God, and keep his Command, &c./ Licensed according to Order/ CR 849: P. Brooksby, Pye-corner

My own dear Nanny, my fair eyne/ ZN1843| A New Scotch Ballad of Jealous Nanny/ Tune: Moggies Jealousie./ E 249 = CR 848: P. Brooksby, West-Smithfield/ RB7 372: [no imprint] [DC2 164, HH2 38]

My pen and my fancy shall never give o're/ ZN1844| The Royal Entertainment.. Thurs. 4 July 1660| Tune: Packington's pound/ M1 #7: London, Printed for Francis Grove on Snow-hill [Stated on sheet to be entered, but was not]/ [RB8 xliv* from this copy]

My Philida, adue, loue/ ZN1845| A Louers Lamentation to his faire Phillida/ Tune: new Tune/ P1 346-7: G. P[urslowe].

My Phillis she is red and white/ ZN1846| The Conquered Virgin/ Tune: Moggy's bed so near me/ P5 178: Printed for the Company of Chanters [2nd on sheet, "I'm a lass both brisk and fair, N1367|]

My Pockets begar, were lin'd very well/ ZN1847| The Difficult French-Man's Unsucessful Adventures/ Tune: There was a brisk Lass, &c. [Country Farmer]/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P3 136: P. Brooksby [DC1 61v]

My pretty Betty I now must leave thee/ ZN1848| A Voyage to Virginia/ Tune: She's gone and left me Bird alone [P4 40]/ P4 159: CTP, 1685/ RB7 508: [no imprint]/ CR 850: [no imprint] [DC2 236v]

My pretty little Rogue/ ZN1849| A Serious Discourse between two Lovers/ Tune: When Sol will cast no Light, Or, Deep in Love/ [by] John Wade/ WE25 2 & 146 = C.22.f.6 146: R. Hardy/ P3 98 = 851: TPW/ RB7 254 = CR 852 = OPB 194: P. Brooksby, West- Smithfield [HH2, 75, 85, 120]

My pretty Turtle-dove, my love, and heart's delight/ ZN1850| The Young-Man's hard shift for a Maiden-head/ Tune: Bar up the door/ RB6 213: William Gilbertson

My Sefautian, art thou deceased/ ZN1851| Answer to Sefautian's Farewel/ Tune: to the same tune/ This may be Printed, R.P./ E 6 = RB3 416 = CR 853: J. Deacon [Ans. to N1161|]

My Shepherd's unkind, alas, what shall I do/ ZN1852| The Lamentation of Cloris For the Unkindness of her Shepherd/ Tune: O Cloris awake, &c./ P4 56 = E 193 = RB6 131 = CR 854: CVWCTP [Common Muse #197. Sequel to N17|]

My son if you reckon to wed/ ZN1853| The Father's wholesome Admonition/ Tune: Grim King of the Ghosts/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 83 = RB6 216 = CR 855: BDBB

My sweet Sister Sue, ah! what shall I do/ ZN1854| The Distressed Damsels..Loss of Loves.. which were .. pressed/ Tune: an Orange/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 64 = RB4 409 = CR 856: BDBB/ E 57: [imprint shorn]/ [CB p. 218]

My sweetest, my fairest, My rarest, my dearest/ ZN1855| The True-Lovers Holidaies/ Tune: Nobody else shall plunder but I/ L. P[rice]./ P3 120 = RL 195 = CR 857: CVW// [by] L. P./ RB6 73: [no imprint] [HH2 118]

My sweetest sweet and fairest fair/ ZN1856| I would I were where Helen lies/ Tune: Its own proper tune/ RB8 872: [no imprint] [Scots, "Helen of Kirconel". Tune from Blaikie MS given by Glen, Early Scottish Melodies, p. 111. Also in Leyden MS, 1692]

My true Christian hearts of gold/ ZN1857| The Protestant Exhortation..Verses to...Collonel Walker, in London-Derry/ Tune: The Glory of London-Derry; Or, Nanny O/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 49: Printed in the Year, 1689

My Wretched Fate, I do declare/ ZN1858| A King and No King; Or, King James's Wish/ Tune: Sawney will ne'er by my Love again/ P5 78: [no imprint]

My young Mary do's mind the Dairy/ ZN1859| The Happy Husbandman: Or, Country Innocence/ Tune: pleasant new Court Tune/ This may be Printed, R.P./ P3 45: P. Brooksby/ P3 173 = RB7 29 = CR 858: P. Brooksby [diff. issue]/ E 137: P. Brooksby

My youthful charming fair, and sweetest jewel/ ZN1860| Answer to Coveteous-Minded Parents/ Tune: The Ring of Gold [meaningless music given]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 323: BDBB [Answer to "I am a damosel fair, of blooming beauty," N1193|]

Near a fair fountain a Damsel sat weeping/ ZN1861| The Love-Sick Lady/ Tune: What shall I do to show how much I love her/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 70 = CR 859: BDBB/ RB7 725: [no imprint]

Near a pleasant flowing river/ ZN1862| The Young Man's Unfortunate Destiny/ Tune: The Doubting Virgin/ RB7 399 = CR 860: J. Deacon [HH2 166, C.22?] [Answer "When she heard how he died," N2882|]

Near a pleasant shady grove, in prime of summer weather/ ZN1863| The Wealthy Farmers Choice/ Tune: Cold and Raw/ This may be Printed, R. P./ OPB 142: J. Blare [DC2 239]

Near Guildford town I hear, of late in Gloucestershire/ ZN1864| The Gloucestershire Tragedy; or, The Lover's Downful/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 861: Bow-Church-Yard// Tune: The Palatine Lovers/ RB8 573: [no imprint]

Near Mitchel'ever, now I heard them say/ ZN1865| The Country Blacksmith/ Tune: Fond Boy/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 36: J. Bowyer [?]

Near old Gravel-lane, a widower does dwell/ ZN1866| Love-sick Blacksmith/ Tune: Pegg and the Soldier/ Licens'd and Enter'd according to Order/ P5 276: J. Shooter

Near Ratcliff Cross liv'd a cooper there/ ZN1867| The Cruel Cooper of Ratcliff/ Tune: [none indicated/ CR 862: J. Pitts [1802-40]/ RC3 590: Stonecutter St. [18th cent.]

Near the town of Taunton lives a bonny lass/ ZN1868| The Taunton-Dean Damosel/ Tune: The Scotch Haymakers/ Licensed according to Order/ RB8 205: J. Deacon

Near to a fountain all alone/ ZN1869| The Northampton-shire Knight's Daughter/ Tune: The Languishing Swain, &c./ Licensed according to Order/ P5 176: C. Bates [Answer commences, "The lady of Northampton-shire," N1595|]

Near unto Dover lived late/ ZN1870| Broken Contract/ Tune: All Happy Times/ P5 329: T. Moore

Near Wolverhampton liv'd a Maid/ ZN1871| The Maidens Tragedy/ Tune: Russel's Farewel/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 371 = CR 864 = DP 29: BDBB/ RB3 256 = CR 863: J. Deacon [HH2 18] [Answered by "You lovers all, both far and near," N3035|]

Near Woodstock town in Oxfordshire/ ZN1872| Constant Lady/ Tune: New tune (BBBM #361)/ P5 285: [no imprint, shorn]/ [no tune citation] CR 865: Bow-Church-Yard [Pepys copy ptd. RB8 635] [Traditional, Laws P25]

Neighbour Roger, woe is me!/ ZN1873| Household Talke/ Tune: Buckle and Thong-a/ [by] M. P./ RB1 441: Assigns of Thomas Simcock, sold by Francis Grove

Neighbors cease to mone/ ZN1874| The Tragedy of Doctor Lambe,..14 June, 1628/ Tune: Gallants come away/ [by] M. P[arker]./ P1 134-5: H. G[osson]. [For tune see note at N3270|]

Never was I lesse alone then beyng alone/ ZN3335| Henry lorde Morley to his posteritye/ ASM 6

A new calculation of late has been given/ ZN1875| A New Copy of Verses, of Monsieurs Boating/ Tune: Packington's Pound/ P5 110: [npn] 1697.

News from Newcastle [title, opening missing. By M. Parker]/ ZN1876| Tune: Let's to the Wars againe/ M1 #1: Printed at London, by E. G[riffin]: and are to be sold at the Horse-shooe in Smith-field [Ptd. CP 96]

The News from Scotland if you'l heare/ ZN1877| Articles of Agreement betwixt Prince Charles and the Parliment of Scotland/ Tune: The Lord Willowbie's March/ M2 #18: A. B. [Ptd. CP 310]

The night her blackest sables wore/ ZN1878| The Kind Lady/ Tune: new tune. Or, Hey boys up go we, the charming Nymph, or Jenny Gin/ P3 162 = CR 866: J. Conyers/ RB6 195: [no imprint] [expansion of D'Urfey song]

The night is passed, & joyful day appearth/ ZN1879| The Bride's Good-morrow/ Tune: pleasant new tune/ RB1 62: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke [CB p. 11. Entd. Dec. 14, 1324. AI 239]

No longer will I grieve/ ZN1880| The Loyal Seamans Happy Return/ Tune: Young Jemmy/ P4 170: J. Conyers

No more silly Cupid! will pine and complain/ ZN1881| The Batchelor's Ballad/ Tune: Pleasant New Tune; Or, The Duke of Monmouth's Jig/ With Allowance. By Ro. L'Estrange/ RB7 334: P. Brooksby [DC1 13, 20v]

No, no, poor suffering heart/ ZN1882| Cruel Celia/ Tune: new Tune [meaningless music given]/ P5 302: C. Bates

No, no, 'tis in vain/ ZN1883| Damon and Celia/ Tune: Play-house tune called No, no, 'tis in vain/ WE25 152: Printed for J. H[ose] and sold by CVWC/ RB3 660 = CR 867 = DP 47: CVWCTP [DC1 52v]

No, no tis in vain, plot again and again/ ZN1884| The Plotters Ballad/ Tune: No no, tis in vain/ Licensed December the 2d. 1678/ BB2 698: H[enry] B[rome], 1678

Noble Argyle when he went on/ ZN1885| ..Mar's Lament for his Rebellion/ Tune: Now comes on the glorious year/ RB6 621: [no imprint, c 1715]

Noble English Boys, here's a thousand Joys/ ZN1886| The Royal Dignity..11th. of April, 1689/ Tune: My sweet Corydon/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 274: P. Brooksby

Noble hearted English boys/ ZN1887| Englands Royal Renown [Apr. 23, 1685]/ Tune: The Cannon rore/ Entered according to Order [Apr. 25, 1685]/ BB2 593: J. Deacon [CB 141]

A noble lord of high renown, As he was coursing up and down/ ZN1888| The Presumptious Sinner/ Tune: The Compleat Christian/ CR 870: M. Edwards [17th cent?]/ [no tune indication] CR 871| Aldermary Church Yard

A noble lord of high renown, Two daughters had/ ZN1889| The Northern Lord (and Cruel Jew)/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 872: Aldermary-Church-Yard/ RC3 306: Aldermary Church-Yard [BL 1876]

A noble man he marry'd with a cruel Scold/ ZN1890| A Caution for Scolds/ Tune: Why are my Eyes still Flowing/ This may be Printed, R. P./ CR 873: P. Brooksby, Pye-corner, near West- Smithfield/ RB3 508: [HH1 24] [imprint missing] [CB p. 28]

A Noble man liv'd near a Village of late/ ZN1891| The Noble-Mans Generous Kindness/ Tune: The two English Travellers/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P2 56 = RB7 329 = CR 874: P. Brooksby, Pye-corner/ Licens'd according to Order, E 159B: E. Brooksby// My good old Lord Falconbridge's generous Gift/ CR 875: [no tune, imprint] [DC2 272, HH2 43] [Traditional, and with a tune in Scots Musical Museum #372, 1792]

A noble Marquess, as he did hunting ride/ ZN1892| An Excellent New Ballad of Patient Grissel/ Tune: The Brides Good-morrow/ P1 34-5: H. Gosson/ P1 520-1: CTP/ E 85: CVG/ RB2 269: John Wright/ RC3 310-3; J. White [Newcastle, 18th cent.]/ RC3 312, 843 [no imprint]/ CR 876: Alex. Milbourn/ CR 877 : J. D. for Sam. Howells/ CR 878: [no imprint, 18th cent.] [BC2 23, 16th cent. Copy C79] [Entd. 1624, 1675. AI 1956, 1957, 2045]

A noble Roman was the root/ ZN1893| The Gentle Montgomeries/ Tune: its own Proper Tune/ CR 879: [no imprint, c 1720]

None can endure the flames of Love/ ZN1894| The Seamans Lamentation: Or, The Captain at the Helm/ Tune: Jenny Gin, Or, Hey boys up go we/ This may be Printed. R. L. S. June 23d. [1685?]/ P4 194: J. Back

Nor horse, nor man, ere turned home, Ought bettered by the sight of Rome/ ZN3399| [no title, the single couplet here]/ ASM 72

Nor morning red nor blushing fair/ ZN1895| The olde Bride/ Tune: Dainty New Tune/ RB2 358: Thomas Lambert [Entd. Mar. 12, 1635] [expansion of song in Davenant's play Love and Honour , 1634]

A North country lass up to London did pass/ ZN1896| The Northern Lasses lamentation/ Tune: I would I were in my own Country/ With Allowance/ E 259: P. Brooksby, West-Smithfield/ RB7 168: [no imprint]/ CR 880: [imprint shorn]

Not far from hence, there dwelt/ ZN1897| The Woman Outwitted: Or, The Weaver's Wife..sent her to Virginny/ Tune: excellent new Tune/ E 396 = RB7 190 = CR 881: W. O...sold by C. Bates [CB p. 31]

Not long ago, as all alone I lay upon my bed/ ZN3232| [Cuckolds all a row]/ No tune, Wit and Drollery, 1661 [Entd. June 9, 1637. AI 447]

Not long ago from hence I went/ ZN1898| The Lusty Fryer of Flanders/ Tune: Cold and Raw/ P3 44: J. Blare, 1688/ RB8 715: [no imprint] [DC2 143 = Ptd. Common Muse #184]

Not long ago hur came to London/ ZN1899| The Trappan'd Welsh-man, Sold to Virginia/ Tune: Monsieurs Misfortune/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 31: C. Dennisson

Not long agoe I hard a Maide/ ZN1900| The louing Forrester/ Tune: new tune or nay fie, nay fie/ P1 326-7: I. White

Not long ago it chanced so/ ZN1901| The London Lasses Folly/ Tune: The Journey-man Shooe-maker/ This may be Printed, R. L. S./ P3 236 = P5B 28: C. Dennisson [P3 236 copy ptd. RB3 351, preceeding answer, "You maidens wild, that were beguil'd," N3059|]

Not long agoe it chanced so/ ZN1902| Tis a wise Child that knows his own Father/ Tune: Locks and Bolts doe hinder/ [By] L. P./ M2 #33: R. Ousler for John Wright the younger

Not long agone, Walking alone/ ZN1903| The wily, witty, neat and pritty Damsell/ Tune: The Oyle of Barley/ M1 #40: Printed by John Hammond [Ptd. CP p. 292]

Not many years ago, There fell a mighty snow/ ZN1904| News from Frost-Fair/ Tune: Come from the temple to the bed/ HH4 23: ?

Now all my friends are dead and gone/ ZN1905| A Fayre Portion for a Fayre Maid [Four-pence half penny farthing]/ Tune: Gramercy Penny/ [By] M. P./ RB1 365: F. G. [Entd. May 1, 1633. AI 1470. Later version, N2173|]

Now all my money is gone, how should I swagger/ ZN1906| No body loues me/ Tune: Philladay [2nd part to] Dainty come thou to me/ P1 430-1: E. W[right].

Now am I tost on waves of love/ ZN1907| Cupid's Conquest; Or, Will the Shepherd and fair Kate of the Green/ Tune: As I went forth to take the air; Or, My dearest dear and I must part/ This may be Printed. R. L. S./ CR 882: J. Deacon [HH1 57]

Now as fam'd as report, a young duke keeps a court/ ZN1908| The Frolicksome Duke: Or, The Tinker's good Fortune/ Tune: Fond Boy, &c./ Licensed according to Order/ P4 235: J. Blare

Now comfortable Tydings is come unto England/ ZN3422| Joyfull News for England [Peace.. April 6, 1654]/ Tune: Lord Willoughby/ BF 23: CVWG [CP 314] Now Cupid let me quickly dye/ ZN1909| The Broken=hearted Lovers Triumph/ Tune: Blind Cupids Power I set at nought/ P3 348: CVWCTP

Now did you not hear of the wooing of late/ ZN1910| Poor Robin's Miserable Misfortunes/ Tune: The Countrey-Farmer/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 97: P. Brooksby, Pye-corner

Now draws on the fruitfull tyme/ ZN1911| The lovyle Lamentation of a Lawyer's daughter for lacke of a Husband/ Tune: An Oyster Pye, or Robinson's Galliard/ [burden] What shall I do? shall I dye for love, and never married be?/ SH #74 [1 verse, RB8 xxx***]

Now Duke Schomberg he is Landed/ ZN1912| New Coppy [sic] of Verses ..General Schomberg's Happy Success, since his Landing in Ireland/ Tune: Now the Fight is Over/ With Allowance/ P5 53: J. Wilkins, 1689

Now England be merry, and ever rejoyce/ ZN1913| Great Brittain's Joy...Queen Ann.. Proclaim'd/ Tune: an Orange/ P5 150: J. Read

Now England grows mad/ ZN1914| The Cabal/ Tune: New Play-house Tune/ OPB 175: WCTP// Now England grown mad, with strange faction divided/ The Cabal; or, A Voice of the Politicks/ Tune: New Play Song/ RB8 762 = OPB: WCTP

Now England, old England, still hold up thy head/ ZN1915| Englands Happiness..Crowning of William and Mary/ Let Caesar live long, and his temper abide; or, my Life and my Death/ Licensed and Entred according to Order/ P2 267: A. Milbourn

Now England's Bloudy flag's display'd/ ZN1916| The Nations Joy for a War/ Tune: Legin Water, or Round about the Hollow Tree/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 329: P. Brooksby

Now fare thou well my dearest dear/ ZN1917| Unkind Parents/ Tune: Excellent New Tune [meaningless music given]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 322 = OPB 22: C. Bates [Ptd. RB7 552]

Now farewel dear Father and Mother also/ ZN1918| The kind hearted Maidens Resolution/ Tune: Jenny, Jenny/ E 149: J. Clarke, Bible and Harp [Ptd. RB8 xcii***] [Entd. 1675. AI 1353, 1202. Answer commences "My fairest my dearest," N1810|]

Now farewel to Saint Gileses, that standeth in the fields/ ZN1919| Merry Man's Resolution/ Tune: gallant new tune, called, the Highlander's new Rant/ [By] L. P./ BB1 485* [RC3 242 copy] = M1 #27 = BF 9: London Printed for F. Grove on Snow-hill [Entd. 1656. AI 1733]

Now fifteen years are gone and past/ ZN1920| The Disdainful Damosel/ Tune: Ise often for my Jenny strove/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 209: W. Thackery, J. Millet, and A. Milbourn

Now for the loss of my amorous jewel/ ZN1921| Young-Mans Complaint..Answer to Damosels Tragedy/ Tune: Charon, &c./ This may be Printed. R. P./ P5B 22 = CR 884: J. Back/ BB2 938: [no imprint] [?Answer to N171|]

Now Gentlemen sit ye all Merry/ ZN1922| A True Character of Sundry Trades and Callings/ Tune: Old Simon the King/ This may be Printed, R. P./ E 352 = BC1 54: P. Brooksby/ RB7 17: [late, no imprint] [HH2 107] [Reprinted in early 19th century]

Now he in the West is Landed/ ZN1923| Englands Happiness Revived; Or A Farwell to Popery/ Tune: Souldiers Departure/ P2 279: Printed in the Year 168[3?].

Now I am bound to the Seas/ ZN1924| The Saylors departure from his dearest Love/ Tune: Adieu my pretty one/ WE25 141: J. Wright, in Little Britain/ E 315: M[artha]. Wright, Kings head in the Old Baily. [c 1658]/ P4 162 = RB7 534: WCTP/ CR 886: G. Conyers [Entd. Mar. 26, 1656. AI 2356]

Now I am constrained to write of a thing/ ZN1925| The Jewes high Commendation.. Church of St. Paul/ Tune: The Repairing of Pauls/ W1 125 & [split] 110v + 108: CVG [PA 59]

Now I am in a merry vein/ ZN1926| The Shepherd's Glory/ Tune: True love rewarded with loyalty; or, Flora farewel/ RB6 269 = CR 887: P. Brooksby, West-Smithfield

Now I pray you attend to the lines that are penn'd/ ZN1927| The Unconsionable Gallant/ Tune: Fond Boy [meaningless music given]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 236 = CR 888 = OPB 138: C. Nates [i.e., Bates] White Hart in West Smithfield

Now in the Garden are we well met/ ZN1928| Clod's Carroll/ Tune: pleasant new Tune/ RB1 201: A. M[atthews]. for Henry Gosson [Ptd. Baskerville's Eliz. Jig #6]

Now is my departing time/ ZN1929| Good Night, and God be with you all/ Tune: [none indicated, well known Scots song and tune]/ RB8 312: [no imprint, c 1750][Irish call it "The Parting Glass"]

Now I'll pull off my green gown of velvet/ ZN1930| The Disconsolate Nymph/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB7 385: [18th cent. no imprint]

Now James is dismay'd, and sorely afraid/ ZN1931| Jemmy's Recantation/ Tune: The Pudding/ P5 79: [no publisher's name] 1689

Now let us all true Protestants ever Rejoyce/ ZN1932| ...Prince of Orange's March/ Tune: Packingtons Pound, Country Farmer, Or, Digby's Farwel/ P2 257 = WE25 115: Printed for A. B.

Now, like the swan, before my death I sing/ ZN1933| .. lamentation of..John Stevens..[executed Mar. 7, 1632 (old style)]/ Tune: Fortune, my foe/ RB3 155: H. Gosson [Entd. July 8, 1633. AI 995. 7 March last would be Mar. 7, 1633]

Now lesten a whyle, and let hus singe/ ZN3303| A mery ballett/ [no tune indication]/ CV 24 [Entd. late, June 28, 1605, 'A mery newe ballad Declaringe that Women will haue their Will and Intituled I hold you a groate the wyfe will haue yt.' AI 3010]

Now listen a while, while I do relate/ ZN1934| Protestant Observator..Turn of the Times/ Tune: A new Touch of the Times/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 105: [no imprint]

Now listen and be not mistaken/ ZN1935| The West-Country Wedding/ Tune: The Crafty Miss, Or, Moggies Jealousie/ P4 108: I. Deacon

Now listen to my song, good people all/ ZN1936| Witchcraft discovered and punished/ Tune: Doctor Faustus; or, Fortune my Foe/ RB6 706: [no imprint, 1682] [CB p. 79]

Now lovers with their sweathearts go/ ZN1937| News from the River of Thames/ Tune: ?/ HH4 34: ?

Now Mopsa now we are alone/ ZN1938| The Kind Lad & Scornful Lass/ Tune: To a New Tune [meaningless music given]/ P5 188: C. Bates [Expansion of song in Pills VI, p. 55, 1720, "Do not rumple my Top-knot, I'll not be kiss'd to Day"]

Now, mortals all, prepare to hear reason/ ZN1939| The Good- Fellow, his Three Wishes/ Tune: delightful new Playhouse tune/ This may be Printed, R. P./ RB8 lxxxix*** [source not stated]: WCTP, 1671 [This date cannot be correct]

Now my dearest sweet Jewel/ ZN1940| Faithful Inflamed Lover/ Tune: Over hills and high Mountains/ This may be Printed. R. P./ P3 192 = RB6 124 = CR 889: J. Deacon

Now my love and dearest jewel/ ZN1941| The Souldier's Second Letter/ Tune: The Souldiers Departure/ This may be Printed, R. P./ BB2 966 [from DC2 193v]: J. Back [see "My dearest this letter," N1807|]

Now my love has crossed the ocean/ ZN1942| The Souldiers Departure/ Tune: pleasant new tune; Or, The Doubting Virgin/ This may be Printed, R. P./ BB1 355: J. Deacon

Now my painful eyes are rowling/ ZN1943| A very godly song, ..Clarke of Bodnam/ Tune: New tune/ P1 48-9: H. G[osson].// [eyes lie rowling/ Tune: sweet solemn Tune/ P2 41: WCTP/ E 372 = RB7 40 = CR 890: W. Thackeray/ W1 65: CVG [RL 181, BC2 48] [Entd. 1624, 1675. AI 311, 2811]

Now noble hearted Boys, let the sweet Trumpet sound/ ZN1944| The Couragious Commander..Sir Cloudesly Shovell/ Tune: Let Caesar live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 219: R. Kell

Now now all our doubts and our troubles are clear'd/ ZN1945| The Civil Orange/ Tune: Now, now the Fight's done/ P5 126 = W7 173+180: J. Back, 1689

Now, now is come the glorius year/ ZN1946| The Glorius Year/ Tune: Now, now comes on the glorious year/ By J. P./ CR 891: [no imprint, c 1714]

Now, now King James of high renown/ ZN1947| .. Gratulation of King James the Second/ Tune: Hey, Boys, up go we/ RB5 547: [source not stated]

Now, now let's Rejoyce, and let England be glad/ ZN1948| England's Joyful Welcome.. King.. 16th. of December, 1688/ Tune: Why are my Eyes [still] flowing/ P2 253 = WE25 107: C. Dennisson [Ptd. RB7 710]

Now, now loving people be pleas'd to draw near/ ZN1949| The York-shire Tragedy/ Tune: Fond Boy/ Licens'd and Enter'd according to Order/ P2 182: J. Blare

Now, now the fight's done the great god of War/ ZN1950| Loves Conquest/ Tune: Now! now the fight's done, Or Digby's Farwell/ P3 105: CVWCTP

Now now the Papists all go down/ ZN1951| Popery's Downfal, and The Protestants Uprising..Crowning of King William and Queen Mary/ Tune: Hey boys up go we/ P2 316: G[eorge]. C[onyers]. on Ludgate Hill

Now, now, the Prince is come to town/ ZN1952| The Papists' Exaltation/ Tune: none indicated, but burden is Hey, Boys, up go we]/ RB4 305: N.B., H.F., and J.K., 1689

Now, now the times come/ ZN1953| The Contented Subjects/ Tune: Now, now the fight's done/ RB5 166: P. Brooksby, West Smithfield [1682]

Now, now the works done/ ZN3237| [England's happiness]/ Tune: Now, now the fight's done/ This may be Printed. R. P./ ?: R. M. for James Deane [title from Rollins, AI 696, entry of June 13, 1688]

Now, now too weak alas! I find our cause/ ZN1954| Collnel Sidney's Lamentation/ Tune: What name/ RB5 429: [no imprint]

Now, now the Tories all shall stoop/ ZN1955| The Whig Rampant/ Tune: New Tune, of, Hey Boys up go We/ E 389 = RB4 264 = CR 893: P. Brooksby, West-Smithfield

Now, now we are lost, by my Shoul, all undone/ ZN1956| Teague the Irish Soldier.. loss of Lymerick/ Tune: Let Caesar Live long, or, Now, now the Fight's done/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 72: BDBB

Now, now, you blind boy I you clearly deny/ ZN1957| Cupid's Revenge/ Tune: Now, now the Fight's done/ CR 895: CVWCTP [Ptd. RB8 cxxxvi*]

Now, now's the seige rais'd, and the numerous Train/ ZN1958| Tune: Now, now the fight's done/ RB5 359: J. Deacon, Angel, 1683 [Early Deacon imprint]

Now of my sweet Bettie/ ZN1959| Constant, faire, and fine Betty/ Tune: Peggy went over Sea with a Souldier/ [By] R. C./ RB1 207: Iohn Wright the younger [?Entd. June 1, 1269. AI 468. Can't be right. AI 3064?, but wrong printer]

Now Orange is on British shore/ ZN1960| The Prince of Orange's Triumph/ Tune: Couragio/ WE25 112 = P4 205: J. Back

Now our bloody fight is over/ ZN1961| Monmouth's Saying In the West of England/ Tune: The Souldiers Departure/ P2 241: B. J. [Ptd. RB5 678]

Now our mighty William goes/ ZN1962| A New Loyal Song, upon King Williams Progress into Ireland/ Tune: Valiant Jockey Marcht away/ With Allowance/ P5 40: J. Conyers

Now our work is almost done/ ZN1963| The Rebels Totally Routed [taking of Monmouth and Gray]/ Tune: Hark I hear the Cannons Rore/ This may be Printed, R. L. S./ P2 238: J. Deacon [Ptd. RB5 666]

Now Pan leave piping, The gods have done feasting/ ZN1964| The fetching home of May/ Tune: Roome for Company, &c./ RB3 312: J. Wright, junior

Now plots upon plots makes the Jesuits smile/ ZN1965| Protestant Unity/ Tune: Now, now, the fights done/ RB4 245 = CR 896: CVWCTP [HH2 65]

Now ponder well you parents dear/ ZN1966| The Norfolk Gentleman/ Tune: Rogero. [Simpson 612, later tune, its own, "The Children in the Wood"]/ M1 #43: Printed for I. W[right]./ RB2 216: J. W./ E 254: CVW/ E 255 = W1 29: CVG/ E 256: [no imprint]/ P1 518-9: TP/ CR 897: Alex. Mibourn/ CR 898: Bow-Church-Yard/ CR 899: Bow-Church-Yard [diff. issue]/ RC3 586, RC3 588: [?]/ W2 63: [imprint shorn] [BC1 44, Douce, HC 640-50] [Entd. Oct. 15, 1595, 1675. AI 1962, 1963. Traditional, Laws Q34]

Now raise up your spirits brave English men/ ZN1967| Englands Happy State... New Parliament/ Tune: Now Now the Fights Done/ P2 249: [no imprint]

Now Sol's bright shining beams/ ZN1968| The Country Mans Paradice/ Tune: Philander/ CR 902: WCTP [HH1 47] [Ptd. RB8 709]

Now sweet Shinny wilt thou be Wed/ ZN1969| The Welch Wedding/ Tune: The Devonshire Frolick, Or, The Country Farmer/ This may be Printed. R. P./ P4 109 = CR 903: J. Deacon [DC2 244, C.22.f.6 203]

Now that bright Phoebus his rays doth display/ ZN1970| The Spring's Glory/ Tune: Monk hath confounded/ Licensed according to Order/ [by] J. P./ RB6 137 = CR 604: W. Gilbertson [HH2 95] [Rollins suggests this is late version of "posye for Maides' entd. in 1627, AI 2128. I doubt it.]

Now that the day star doth appear/ ZN1971| A friendly Caveat To all true Christians/ Tune: The Ladies Fall/ CR 905 = DP 36: TPW [HH1 116]

Now the fatal fight is over/ ZN1972| Monmouth Routed.. Promise.. to Return/ Tune: The Souldiers Departure/ CR 906: P. Brooksby, 1688[?]/ P2 239: [no imprint] [Cf."Now we see the fight is over," N1986|] [Ptd. RB5 674]

Now the fatal tryal's ended/ ZN1973| The Sorrowful Lamentation of Sr. John Fenwick's Lady/ Tune: the Duke of Monmouth/ [Roman letter]/ P5 20: N. D., 1697

Now the joyful day appears/ ZN1974| Major General Kirks Happy Arrival..Relief of London-Derry/ Tune: Liggan Water, Or, Glory of London-Derry/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 344: A. Milbourn

Now the maids and the men are making hay/ ZN1975| An Excellent New Song; or No Kissing at All/ Tune: Excellent New Tune [meaningless music given]/ P5 190: E. M. for J. Deacon/ CR 907: J. Deacon

Now the parliament sits/ ZN1976| Long lookt for is come at last/ Tune: let the Bumpers go Round, &c./ RB4 194: CVWCTP

Now the Royal deed is done/ ZN1977| Englands Triumph.. proclaiming King William/ Tune: Thundering Cannons roar/ P2 273: W. Thackeray

Now the Season of Winter/ ZN1978| The Dairy-Maids Mirth and Pastime on May-Day/ Tune: Over hill and high Mountains/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P3 201: I. Deacon

Now the Spring is come, turne to thy Love/ ZN1979| A Lover's desire/ Tune: New Court Tune/ RB1 617: Assigns of Thomas Symcocke [Bishop Percy's Folio MS, III, p. 213]

Now the Tyrant hath stolen my dearest away/ ZN1980| Loves fierce desire, and hopes of Recovery/ Tune: new tune, or, Fair Angel of England/ [By] L. P.]/ E 175 = RB6 67: Tho. Vere/ [initialed] L. P./ P3 104 = CR 909: CVWCTP [HH1 167, C.22.f.6 59] [Entd. Mar. 25, 1656. AI 1565. Traditional in England, with opening as here and "Some rival/ (or The Americans) have stolen my dearest away]

Now the weather grows warm/ ZN1981| John and Betty: Or, the Vertue of Cherry-Stones/ Tune: I am a Maid and a very good Maid/ P3 52: CVWCTP

Now to discourse of man I take in hand/ ZN1982| A discourse of Man's life/ Tune: Ayme not too high/ RB1 217: H. G[osson]. [Entd. June 20, 1629. AI 602. Incorporates the 'Carol' "Like to the Damask rose you see", which is in several MSS. Cf. N1692]

Now to my true lover Betty/ ZN1983| The Young Mans Joys Completed/ Tune: O so ungrateful a Creature [tune ptd. is "Joy to the Bridegroom"]/ This may be Printed, R. P./ CR 910: J. Blare [HH2 164, C.22.f.6 213]// Tune: I never saw a face till now/ DC2 263: ?

Now trading goes dead and I've nothing to do/ ZN1984| News from Morefields: Or the Wanton Wag, or, Ione go to't/ Tune: Steering my coast one night/ WE25 25: J. Hose

Now trading is dead, I resolve to contrive/ ZN1985| True Blew the Plowman/ Tune: The Country Farmer/ This may be Printed, R. P./ RB6 532 = CR 911: P. Brooksby

Now we see the fight is over/ ZN1986| Monmouth Worsted In the West/ Tune: The Souldiers Departure/ P2 240: W. J./ WE25 116: Printed for G. H. in the Year 1688 [Cf. "Now the fatal fight is over," N1972|]

Now welcome my Moggy, my dear/ ZN1987| The Scottish contract/ delightfull Scoth [sic] Tune, or I am a silly old man [= Scots, "An the kirk would let me be"]/ E 323: Richard Burton [compare with Scots song "The Blithsome Bridal" ("Scotch Wedding" in Simpson's BBBM) which is to same tune. "Silly Old Man" (An the kirk wad let me be) is in Walsh's Caledonian Country Dances, I, c 1734. Cf. N3364| for similar Scots wooing, wedding and feast]

Now welcome neighbour Rowland/ ZN1988| News good and new/ Tune: Twenty pound a yeere/ P1 210-1: I. Trundle

Now would I give my life to see/ ZN1989|..Dialogue.. Dinner at Drapers' Hall.. 1660/ Tune: I'le never love thee more/ RB7 672: [no imprint] [BC3 5]

Now you Young Females that follows the Mode/ ZN1990| Advice to the Maidens of London To Forsake Their Fantastical Top-Knots/ Tune: Ladies of London/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 365 = BB2 934: J. Blare [Answer, N3217|]

Now young batchelors all draw near/ ZN1991| The Wanton Wenches of Wiltshire/ Tune: The Maids a Washing/ This may be Printed, R. P./ CR 912 = RB8 651: J. Back

Now young tempting Phaon you shall have your prey/ ZN1992| The Userer's Daughter's Reply/ Tune: Pleasant New Play-House Tune [with music, BBBM #484]/ This may be Printed, R. L. S./ CR 913 = OPB 39: P. Brooksby [The ballad to which this is answer is lost]

Oh Billy, Billy, whither art thou fled/ ZN1993| Injured Phyllis/ Tune: Pleasant and Delightful New Tune/ P5 349: A. M. 1696 [Answered by "What dismal cruel news is this I hear," N2789|

O blessed bird, whose soaring song/ ZN1994| Sad Marshal to the Singing Larke/ Tune: [none indicated]/ Finis quod Marshal/ [2nd of 3 on sheet]/ RB3 190: [followed by -] O man sigh on! for thou hast cause/ The Reply of the Larke:/ RB3 19: [no imprint] [?entd Dec. 14, 1624. AI 288]

O Broder Teague, and Teague my Roon/ ZN1995| The Irish-mens prayers to St. Patrick/ Tune: The Countrey Farmer's now undone/ Licensed and Entred according to Order/ P5 69: A. Milbourn

Oh Brother Taylor what shall we do now/ ZN1996| A Dialogue between the French and Irish Officers/ Tune: My Life and my Death/ P5 62: J. Bissel

Oh Brother Teague what shall we do now/ ZN1997| A Dialogue between a French and Irish Officer.. Leaving Limerick/ Tune: Let Caesar live long/ P2 363: J. Bissel

O christis cross by my good Speed/ ZN3416| [only a few lines given]/ SHNB 1

O come you wilful young men/ ZN1998| The Downfall of William Grismond..22 of March, 1650/ Tune: Where is my Love?/ W1 155: CVG/ E 61: CVGW/ RB8 70: CVW/ CR 914: A. M. W. O. and Tho. Thackeray/ RC3 606: White, Newcastle [DC1 57v, BC2 47, BC2 70, RL 180] [Entd. 1656, 1675. AI 636, 637. Traditional in Scotland, "William Guiseman", "William Graham", Greig- Duncan #190]

Oh Cupid thou now art too cruel/ ZN1999| The Shepherds Complaint/ Tune: Moggies Jeousie [sic]/ P3 217 = CR 931: Josiah Blare/ CR 930: J. White [HH2 86, DC2 202, C.22.f.6 177]

Oh cruel and unhappy me/ ZN2000| Damsels Complaint for the Loss of her Maidenhead/ Tune: Liggan Water/ With Allowance/ P5B 57: T. M. 1690

O cursed be the wars that ever they began/ ZN3231| Billy and Molly/ No tune. Late issue, Bradshaw coll'n, opening quoted in BB1 112. [Entd. Apr. 1 1686. AI 199]

O did you not hear of a rumor of late/ ZN2001| The Long-Nos'd Lass/ Tune: The Country Farmer/ This may be Printed, R. P./ CR 915 = RB8 29: P. Brooksby [CB p. 312]

Oh, England, England! 'tis high time to repent/ ZN2002| A True Relation of the Great Floods/ Tune: Aim not too high/ [by] L. W./ RB7 689: J. Clark, Bible and Harp

O fain would I marry/ ZN2003| [Title missing]/ Tune: Drive the cold winter away/ M2 #47: [no imprint]

O father deare, so opulente/ ZN3363B| A grace aftare dynnare/ Amen, quoth Sponare/ ASM 35 [Companion piece to N3363A|. Rollins, Notes, A and B entd. together, 1561/2]

Oh! fye upon care, Why should we despair?/ ZN2004| The ranting Whores resolution/ Tune: General Monks March/ P3 138: CVW, 1672/ BB1 *479: Coles, M. Wright, Vere and Gilbertson [1658]/ RL 59: ? [Entd. 1675. AI 2238] [Ebsworth, BB, gives title as Ranting Wanton's Resolution, but I've not compared with Pepys copy as to expurgation]

Oh fie! what mean I foolish maid/ ZN2005| ...Private Encounter between two young lovers/ Tune: last new play,.. [J. Crowne's] The Marrried Beau [meaningless music given]/ P5 240: P. P./ OPB 13: Charles Barnet [Song in Pills, III, p. 243, 1719. Tune by J. Eccles]

Oh fie upon Cupids skill/ ZN2006| Young-Mans Tryal/ Tune: The fits come on me now/ WE25 49: J. Andrews, 1655 [Entd. May 15, 1656. AI 3072. If AI 3071 is same, why does Andrews and not Grove print it?]

O Gentlemen, if you will hear/ ZN2007| News from Argiers/ Tune: King Henries going to Bolloigne/ P5B 3-4: G. P.

O god aboue, relent, and listen to our cry/ ZN3412| here followeth the songe of the death of mr. Thewlis/ Tune: Daintie, come thou to me./ OEB #13 [from BL MS Addl. 15525. See N3411|]

O God of Goddes and kynge of kynges/ ZN3363A| A grace before dynner/ ASM 34 [by Sponer, see companion piece N3363B|]

O god of thy great might strengthen our frailtie soe/ ZN3410| Songe of foure preistes that suffered death at Lancaster (1601)/ Tune: Daintie, come thou to me/ OEB #11 [Also a copy of c 1650 in Bodleian MS Eng. poet. b. 5]

O God the father of us all/ ZN2008| Quakers Fear/ [By] L. P./ This is Licenced according to Order/ W1 165: CWVG [Entd. Apr. 25, 1656. AI 2226]

O God, what a world ys this now to see!/ ZN3374| [no title]/ Expliceth, quothe Rychard Sheale/ ASM 46

O gratious God and heavenly King/ ZN2009| Sinner's Supplication/ Tune: Troy Towne/ RB2 498: Henry Gosson on London Bridge

Oh! gratious Good, look downe the wicked deedes that I have done/ ZN2010| The Lamentation of Henry Adlington/ Tune: Shore's Wife's Lamentation/ SH #25 [1 verse, RB8 847]

O hark! I hear the French and Dutch/ ZN2011| he Dutch's Happy Conquest: Or, The French Routed/ Tune: the Thundering Cannons Rore/ Licensed and Entered according to Order/ P4 22: R. Hayhurst

O hark, O hark, methinks I hear a voice/ ZN2012| Looking-Glass for all true Christians/ Tune: Aim not too high/ P2 47: WCTP/ E 164: CVG [Entd. 1656, 1675. AI 1534, 1535]

O heavenly god! O father dere/ ZN3304 prayer of the earle of essex deathe [1576]/ [no tune indication, but see note]/ CV 25 [7 MS copies and that in Paradise of Dainty Devices are noted in Ruth Hughey's The Arundel-Harrington MS, II #68, 1960. There is another copy in Bodleian MS Rawl. D. 924. Ms. Hughey also points out some late printed copies. There are many discrepencies as to who wrote it and exactly when Essex died, but in Aug./Sept. 1576. None of these MSS name a tune, but BL MS Add. 15117, f. 4r has music as well as the song. I have seen a note in an early 19th century hand in a copy of Brydges reprint of PPD that the tune was "Rogero".]

Oh horrid is the Crime of blood/ ZN2013| The barbarous and bloody Son Who Shot his Father/ Tune: I love you dearly, &c./ [Roman letter]/ P5 28: Charles Barnet

Oh, how can I be merry or glad/ ZN2014| The Unconstant Shepherd/ Tune: Excellent new Tune/ Licens'd according to Order/ E 365 = P5 357 = CR 933: C. Bates [Euing copy ptd. BB2 981] [Answered by "My dear let nothing trouble thy heart," N1797|]

Oh How happy is that man/ ZN2015| The Arrainement condemnation and execution of ..John Selman [7 Jan., 1612]/ Tune: The rich Merchantman/ Finis Quoth Henry Sm[ith]/ P5B 8 [Entd. Jan. 9, 1612. AI 95. Not known to Rollins]

O how pleasant are young lovers/ ZN2016| The distracted Sailor/ Tune: What is greater Joy, &c./ CR 916: [no imprint, 18th cent. 1747, according to C. H. Firth, Naval Songs and Ballads? Tune in Robin Hood, and other ballad operas, and is also known as Come and listen to my ditty, Hoosier's Ghost, and other titles. Firth's MS in Bodleian]

O Jane, come and sit thee down by me/ ZN2017| John the Glover, and Jane his Servant/ Tune: [Moggies Jealousie?]/ DC1 103v: ?

O Jockey thou art the lad, that I have leukt for lang/ ZN2018| A Maidenhead Ill-bestowed/ Tune: Would Jenny were here again/ RB7 348 [from RL 215]: R. Burton [Tune from N3409|. Simpson, BBBM #249, takes this to be a sequel to N719|]

O Latham, Latham! thowe maste lamente, for thowe haste lost a floware/ ZN3384| An epithe.. Margrete countes of Darbe.. deparytde this world xixth day of January .. 1558../ Amen, quothe Rychard Sheale/ ASM 56

O lord my God I come to thee/ ZN2019| sorrowfull Lamentation of a Penitent Sinner/ Tune: The Lamentation of a Sinner/ P2 12-3: WCTP// RB4 365 [repeated RB8 99, split sheet, other half RB7 791]: CVW [also on sheet "When Jesus Crist was 12 years old," N 2865. Entd. 1624. AI 1987]

O Lord what Misery there has been/ ZN2020| The Protestants Great Misery in Ireland/ Tune: London-Derry/ P2 332: P. Brooksby

O love! if e're thou'lt ease a heart/ ZN2021| The Tormented lovers/ Play-House tune, called, Oh Love! if e're thou'lt ease a heart/ RB7 408 = CR 918: C. Passinger

O love, thou art a treasure/ ZN2022| The Women's Just Complaint/ Tune: New Play-House Tune/ RB7 292 = CR 919: P. Brooksby, West- Smithfield [DC2 255v, HH2 154]

O man in desparation/ ZN3253| [Ballad lost. Entd. Aug. 15, 1586, 1624. AI 1990, 1991. Tune used for other ballads is still subject of research, as evidence is not firm that tune in Simpson, BBBM, #340, is correct one. See John Ward's tune comparisons of "Querister's Song of Yorke" (N1548|, Simpson's #340), "In the Wanton Season" (from same MS) and "Mall Sims" in JAMS XX, 60, 1967]

Oh man, refraine thie vile desyre/ ZN3314| Another song of T. Pearson doing/ [no tune indication]/ CV 36 [Entd. Sept. 9, 1578. AI 2257]

O mine owne sweet heart/ ZN2023| A Country new Iigge between Simon and Susan/ Tune: I can nor will no longer lie alone, or, Falero lero lo/ P1 260-1: H. Gosson/ P1 278-9: W. I. [Ptd. Rollins' PG, Baskerville's Elizabethan Jig #4]

O mortal man, bedrencht in synn/ ZN2024| New ballad intituled A Myrrour or Looking-glasse/ Tune: Queene Dido/ SH #36 [1 verse, RB8 845] [?Entd. May 18, 1595, 1624. AI 1537, 1992]

O mortal man behold and see: this world is but vanitie/ ZN3275| A pretie ditie and a pithie, intituled: O mortal man/ [no tune indication] RP 4 & OEB #47 [?Entd. as 'The fall of vanity', 1579. AI 851]

O most unhappy men we are/ ZN2025| The Murtherers Lamentation.. John Jewster and William Butler/ Tune: Russel's Farewel/ P2 179: J. Deacon

O Mother chave been a Batchellor/ ZN2026| The Merry Wooing of Robin and Joan/ Tune: The beginning of the World, Or, Sellengers Round, Or, Great Boobe/ P4 15: J. Conyers/ RB7 308: [no imprint] [Ptd. from Wit Restor'd, 1658, by Baskerville, Elizabethan Jig #15, where tune direction is "The beginning of the World. R. P. Delight"]

Oh Mother! Roger with his kisses/ ZN2027| Modesty Amazed/ Tune: an excellent New Tune, much in request/ This may be Printed. R. P./ P4 23 = E 218 = CR 933 = RB8 201: J. Deacon [HH2 31] [There is a warning at end 'to beware of a false Counterfeit Song in imitation of this true Copy.' Possibly "The Dutiful Daughter" #3 in The Country Garland, 1687, or that from The Loyal Garland, 1686, given in RB8 200, one entered to Conyers, AI 1255]

Oh my dearest come away/ ZN2028| The true Lovers Happiness/ Tune: Amintas on the new-made Hay, or Loyal Lovers/ P4 57: TP/ E 191B = RB6 116: W. Thackeray, E. M., and A. M. [HH2 115, RL 27, DC2 139v] [Entd. July 1, 1678. AI 1588]

Oh my dearest dear, be not severe/ ZN2029| Cruel Lover/ Tune: pleasant new tune/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 295: Charles Bates, 1697

O my dearest do not grieve/ ZN2030| A way to Woo a Witty Wench/ Tune: Pleasant New Tune, Or, Musgrove's March/ RB7 244 = CR 921: CVWC [RL 197, HH2 139] [Transfered from Burton in Sta. Reg. July 26, 1658. AI 2894]

Oh my Dearest do not slight me/ ZN2031| The Doubting Virgin/ Tune: Repriev'd Captive/ By Tobias Browne/ P3 153 = RB4 344 = CR 935: P. Brooksby, Pye-corner [HH1 79] [Answered by "Dearest, know I do not slight thee," N767|]

O My kind Officers what shall I do/ ZN2032| Dialogue Between .. King James The Duke of Berwick, and Tyrconnel/ Tune: Why are my eyes still flowing/ P2 311: James Bissel

O Nachbar Robert, mien hertz ist voller Pein/ ZN3260| [O Neighbor Robert]/ [No English broadside. Ptd. from German pamphlet by Baskerville, Elizabethan Jig #25]

O neighbor Robert, see O Nachbar Robert, N3260|

O noble England, fall doune upon thy knee/ ZN2033| .. happie obtaining of the great Galleazo/ Tune: Monsseuers Almaigne/ [by] T[homas]. D[eloney]./ RB6 384 [from BL]: John Wolfe for Edward White, 1588 [Entd. Aug. 10, 1588. AI 1998]

O now I have counsell'd young men/ ZN2034| Directions for Damosels/ Tune: All Trades/ This may be Printed, R. P./ RB4 70 = CR 922: J. Deacon [HH1 71]

O pity a harmless maid/ ZN2035| The Pensive Lover; Or, The Damsels Crosses Crown'd with Comfort/ Tune: Grim King of the Ghosts/ CR 923: J. Blare [HH2 52, DC2 176v, C.22.f.6 160]

O pity a lover who lyes I declare/ ZN2036| Wronged Lady/ Tune: If love's a sweet passion/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 328 = CR 924: J. Deacon [Answered by "Was ever young noble so tortur'd as I," N2738|

Oh says the Cuckoo, loud and stout/ ZN2037| The Woody Querristers/ Tune: The Bird-catchers Delight/ P4 267: CTP (1684-6)/ RB6 301 [two copies]: [no imprints]/ DC2 243v: T. Norris & J. Walter [18th cent.]/ CR 936: W. O./ HC 685: [no imprint, 18th cent.] [Cf. earlier N265| and N2038| Traditional, "Little Leather-winged Bat"]

Oh says the Cuckoo loud and stout/ ZN2038| The Birds Lamentation/ Tune: The Bird-catchers delight/ P4 269 = CR 937: P. Brooksby, Pye-Corner/ HC 684: Wm. Dicey [18th cent] [RB6 305 reprints Pepys copy. Cf. earlier N265| and N2037|

O smile, o smile! o my joy, o my sweetinge/ ZN2039| [title, first part missing] Second Part/ Tune: So Ho/ SH #20 [1 verse, RB8 xxxv***]

Oh! so ungrateful a Creature/ ZN2040| A New Song of a Fickle and Unconstant Lover/ Tune: new Play-House Tune/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P3 159: James Bissel [see N2041|]

Oh, so ungrateful a creature/ ZN2041| The Mistaken Lover/ Tune: New Tune, Sung at Court/ This may be Printed, R. P./ CR 938: C. Dennison [HH2 29] [RB7 454 from CR copy?] [only first two verses same in two versions, see N2040|]

Oh stay a while you lusty lads/ ZN2042| Take Time while Time is/ Tune: The Ladies's Daughter of Paris/ RB2 559: M. P. for Henry Gosson

O stout! you valiant English-men/ ZN2043| The English Courage Undaunted..against the Moors/ Tune: a pleasant New Tune/ P2 214: W. Miller [at address formerly Coles]

Oh that I had never been married/ ZN2044| Womens work is never done/ Tune: The Doubting Virgin/ CR 939: [no imprint, 18th cent.]

O that I was now a marry'd wife/ ZN2045| An Answer to the Old Man's Wish/ Tune: The Old Man's Wish/ Licensed acccording to Order/ P5 187: C. Bates [Answer to N1387|]

O that I were with my true love/ ZN2046| The Resolved Lover/ Tune: ?/ RL 118 [Entd. July 18, 1623. AI 2280]

Oh! the sad and dismal story/ ZN2047| The Unhappy Voyage: .. Royal Anne Galley.. 10th of November, 1721| Tune: Woman's work is never done/ RB8 260: [no imprint]

Oh! this would make a stout heart lament/ ZN2048| Criminals Cruelty.. Tho. Wise.. murdered Elizabeth Fairbank.. executed.. Oct. 1684/ Tune: Aim not too high/ P2 153: J. Deacon

Oh, the mighty innocence of Russel, Bedford's son/ ZN2049| Russel's Farewell/ Tune: Oh, the bonny Christ-Church Bells/ RB5 324: [white letter, no imprint, c July, 1683]

O treacherous lovers, what do you intend/ ZN2050| Cook-Maid's Tragedy/ Tune: If loves a sweet passion [meaningless music given] Licensed according to Order/ J. Deacon [Answered by "Assist me, you muses, to make my sad moan," N325|]

Oh what a madness 'tis to borrow or lend/ ZN2051| Tis Money that makes a Man/ Tune: Bonny black Bess; Or, Digby/ By J. Wade/ With Allowance, Ro. L'Estrange/ WE25 150 = CR 940: CVWC/ P4 254 = RB6 346: CVWCTP [HH3 32] [AI 1653, of 1630, can't be this]

O what a pain it is, to be a Lover/ ZN2052/ The Bashful Virgin: Or, The Secret Lover/ Tune: I am so deep in Love: Or, Little Boy, &c./ P4 30 = RB3 430 = CR 926: TPW [HH1 13]

O what a pittiful passion it is to be sick for love/ ZN2053| The Old Man's Complaint/ Tune: I prethee, Love, turn to me/ RB8 197: Richard Burton [?Entd. Mar. 1 1675. AI 424. This entry is just about the time that Burton died, perhaps just after, with the 'company' here staking claim]

O what a plague is love/ ZN2054| Phillida flouts me/ Tune: Pleasant tune, Or, Phillida flouts me/ RB6 461: F. Coles

Oh what a plague is love/ ZN2055| A prettye sonnet of the disdainefull shepheardess/ Tune: Dainty come thou to me/ [burden] Phillidia flouts me/ SH #73

O what a sinful age, is this we live in/ ZN2056| Friendly Advice to Extravagants/ Tune: The rich Merchant Man/ CR 927: CVWCTP [HH1 115] [Ptd. RB8 779]

Oh! what a wicked Age is this/ ZN2057| The Injured Children, or, The Bloudy Midwife/ Tune: Russel's Farewel/ P2 193: T. Moore

Oh what rare musick's this/ ZN2058| Sweet Williams Answer to Amorous Bettys delight/ Tune: same tune, or, The Waterman's Delight/ By John Wade/ BB2 581: R. Burton [Answer to "Come all you pretty maids," N534|]

O what's the matter with this Shepherd Swain/ ZN2059| Celia's Kind Answer to Corydon's Complaint/ Tune: Corydon's Complaint/ With Allowance/ P4 47: CVWCTP [Sequel to "All in the morning in midst of summer time," N84|]

O! whats the reason/ ZN2060| The Kind Young Man's Answer to the Faithful Maid/ Tune: new Tune, or the Pinckt Petty-coat/ by J. Wade/ With Allowance/ WE25 5 = WE25 129: CVWC [Answer to "I once loved a man," N1317|]

O when shall I be married/ ZN2061| Maidens sad Complaint for want of a Husband/ Tune: new west country tune, or, Hogh when shall I be married/ [by] L. W[hite]./ WE25 57: CVWC [Entd. July 1, 1678. AI 1647] [Traditional, "My father has forty good shillings", and with music in Scots Musical Museum #453, and without music in two Scots songbooks slightly earlier]

Oh where are now these golden times/ ZN2062| The Tradesman's Complaint/ Tune: In Summer time, &c.; or, Phancie's Phoenix/ RB5 4 [= RB7 4]: J. Coniers, Southwark

O where's my Rosinda? shall I never more/ ZN2063| The two Unfortunate Lovers.. [Almander and Rosinda]/ Tune: My Life and my Death/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P3 350: C. Dennisson// O where's my Rosinda shall I never more// Unkind Parents/ Tune: Fond Boy/ With Allowance/ P5 326: T. Moore/ Tune: Fond Boy, Or, Love's a Sweet Passion/ OPB 84: J. Blare [Traditional, Laws M30]

Oh why am I always perplexed in mind/ ZN2064| slighted Lover/ Tune: How lovely's a woman., &c./ P5 355 = CR 941: R. Lifford

Oh! why does my true love so sadly disdain/ ZN2065| Languishing Young Man/ Tune: If loves a sweet passion/ Licens'd according to Order/ P5 312 = CR 942: J. Deacon/ RB6 34: [no imprint]/ [BC2 146, DC1 114]

Oh wretched England mind!/ ZN2066| Strange News from Brotherton.. raining of Wheat../ Tune: The rich Merchant man/ M2 #39: John Hammond [PA 40]

O wretched man that levest earthly things/ ZN2067| The Worldlings Farewell/ Tune: Guy of Warwick, or, Troy Town/ P2 15: TPW O Wretched me George Feast by Name/ ZN2068| The Inhumane Butcher ..May, 1697| Tune: Russels Farewel, &c./ [Roman letter]/ P5 19: E. C., 1697

Oh Wretched Woman that I am/ ZN2069| Quaker's Wifes Lamentation.. Loss of Husbands Jewels/ Tune: The Spinning Wheel/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 302: James Bisssel

O! ye jolly lads of England fair/ ZN2070| King William's Delight Or, the English welcome to Ireland/ Tune: Papists all must be content, E're long to sing this new Lament [meaningless music ?]/ Lisenced [sic] according to Order/ P5 44: [no imprint]

O ye sons of Hibernia, who're snug on dry land/ ZN2071| Patrick O'Neal, Or, the Irishman's Description of a Man of War/ Tune: [none indicated, see note]/ CR 929: J. Pitts [1802-40. Excellent song! In The Polite Songster, p. 85, c 1793, and The London Songster, p. 133, c 1795, 12 verses. Cut to 8 verses sung by Mr. Norman, as headed in The Whim of the Day for 1795. Both subsequently reprinted. Tune, there are three, two traditional and another in a manuscript of c 1800 in Newberry Library, Chicago]

O yes, O yes, O yes, I cry/ ZN2072| The Forlorn Lover/ Tune: The False-hearted young man/ P5 211: J. Deacon

Ods whirlikins! what mun Che do/ ZN2073| The Countrymans Joy, at the Coronation of King William and Queen Mary [Apr. 11, 1689]./ Tune: I'll tell thee Dick, &c./ Licens'd April 10. 1689. [Licensed by] J. Fraser/ P5 47: Robert Hayhurst

Of a Constant Young Seaman/ ZN2074| The Algier Slaves Releasment/ Tune: Awake, Oh my Cloris/ P4 188 = RB6 447: J. Deacon [CB p. 221]

Of a gallant Apothecary/ ZN2075| A Portion for an Apothecary/ Tune: Old Flesh/ E 279: Tho. Vere

Of a maiden that was deep in love with a souldier brave & bold sir/ ZN2076| The famous Woman Drummer/ Tune: Wet and Weary/ [by] L. P./ RB7 730: CWVG// [rptd. from defective sheet with title and tune direction missing, here with new tune direction]/ Licensed and Entered according to Order/ CR 1302: [no imprint] [On same woman, N3084|]

Of a pritty jest I shall you tell/ ZN2077| A New Song, of a Taylor and his Maid/ Tune: The BlackSmiths Song. Or oh brave Popery/ P3 40: A. Milbourn

Of a rich Counsellor I write/ ZN2078| The Crafty Lover: Or the Lawyer Outwitted/ Tune: I love you more and more/ Morgan 30: ? [Collection of Old Ballads, II 234, DC3 14, Madden1 182] [Traditional, Laws N26]

Of a stout Cripple that kept the high way/ ZN2079| ..Stout Cripple of Cornwall/ Tune: the blind Begger/ P1 136-7: H. G[osson]./ P1 513: WCTP/ E 141: CVG/ E 242: CVW./ RB2 532: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke/ CR 943: W. Thackeray, J. M. and A. M. [BC] [CB p. 280, A. M. issue. Entd. 1624. AI 427]

Of a worthy London Prentice/ ZN2080| The Honour of a London Prentice/ Tune: All you that are Good-Fellows/ P3 252: TP/ E 135: CVGW/ W1 63: CVG/ RB7 589 [two copies] = OPB 213: W. O./ CR 944: A. M. [BC1 44, DC1 118 (Coles), DC4 47] [Entd. 1656, 1675. AI 1138, 1139] [Traditional, Laws Q38]

Of Adam's seed poore sinner I/ ZN2081| Confession of a Penitent Sinner/ Tune: O man in desperation, or, Some men for suddaine joys do weep/ RB3 168: H. Gosson

Of all sorts of callings, that in England be/ ZN2082| The Clothier's Delight/ Tune: Jenny, come tye, &c., Packington's Pound, or, Monk hath confounded, &c./ RB7 7: CVWC [CB p. 64]

Of all spendthrifts in this Land/ ZN2083| Wit never ought, till it be bought; & then it is stark nought/ Tune: Bad Husband's Folly, Or, Come hither my own sweet Duck/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 260: J. Conyers

Of all the Birds that haunt the woods/ ZN2084| The Cukowes Comentation/ Tune: the Button'd Smocke/ P1 406-7: Mr. R ?

Of all delights that Earth doth yield/ ZN2085| The Hunting of the Hare..Bamstead-Downs/ Tune: pleasant new Tune/ RB7 87: Francis Grove// Of all the delights/ W2 79: CVW/ P4 270: TP/ CR 945: W. O. [DC3 41] [Entd. 1675. AI 1180]

Of all the curst plagues that e'er fate did decree/ ZN2086| The Saylor's Complaint/ Tune: Iantha/ DC3 85v: [Wn. Onley] [Ptd. Firth, Naval Songs and Ballads]

Of all the Lords in merry England/ ZN2087| The Leaping of the Lords/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB8 135: [no imprint c 1680-1700?]

Of all the Kings in Israel/ ZN2088| Solomons Sacrifice/ Tune: To a new Tune/ P2 64 = E 339 = CR 949: W. Thackeray/ RB2 536: Henry Gosson [also on sheet, "Those that will run a vertuous race," N2590| [BC2 5]

Of all the nations in the universe/ ZN2089| The Loyal Martyrs; or, Bloody Inquisitor/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RC3 605: [no imprint, 18th cent. garland]

Of all the Pirates I've heard or seen/ ZN2090| The Merites of Piracie/ Tune: My Virgins' Treasure/ RB8 217: [no imprint, c 1705]

Of all the plagues upon the earth/ ZN2091| The Politick Wife; Or, The Devil Outwitted by a Woman/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 950: Bow-Church-Yard/ RC3 867: 41, Long Lane [Evans, late 18th cent.] [DC3 175v]

Of all the Protestants that ever were nam'd/ ZN2092| Voice of Fame/ Tune: The Cloak/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 396: C. Bates

Of all the recreations which attend on human nature/ ZN2093| The Royal Recreation of Jovial Anglers/ Tune: Amarillis/ RB7 52: CVGW/ CR 952: E. C. for CVW

Of all the rich pleasures that ever was seen/ ZN2094| Joyfull News to the Nation..[Crowning of] Charles the II. on the 23. of April/ Tune: Packingtons Pound/ [By] Peter Fancy/ E 147: Richard Burton

Of all the Songs that e're was penn'd/ ZN2095| Londons Praise, Or, The Glory of the City/ Tune: London is a brave Town/ P4 339: J. Hose [RL ?]

Of all the Towns that ere I see/ ZN2096| The Resolute Gallant/ Tune: A Blew coated Country serving Man/ P3 56: M. Coles, VWCTP

Of all the Trades that ever I see/ ZN2097| The bonny Black-smiths delight/ Tune: dainty new Tune, called, Nobody can deny/ P4 264: CVW/ A merry new ballad,... In praise of the Black-smith/ Tune: Greensleeves/ RB2 127: [no imprint] [RL 191] [Copy in An Antidote Against Melancholy, p. 11, 1661, "The Blacksmith. A Song."] [?Entered Mar. 21, 1635. AI 204]

Of an ungrateful son, my purpose is to write/ ZN2098| The Ungrateful Son.. his Aged Father/ Tune: Kentish miracle/ Licensed according to Order/ BB1 443 = CR 953: BDBB [HH2 129]

Of damned deeds/ ZN2099| Damnable Practices..three..Witches.. Joane Flower../ Tune: Ladies fall/ P1 132-3: G. Eld for Iohn Barnes, 1619 [Witchcraft on Manners children. Daughter, Katherine, later married Buckingham, and reputedly practiced witchcraft at King James deathbed]

Of Fire, Fire, Fire I sing/ ZN2100| London mourning in Ashes [Great Fire, 1666]/ Tune: In sad and ashy weeds/ P4 228: E. Crouch for CVW

Of Greece and Troy I shall you tell/ ZN2101| The Greeks and Trojans' Wars/ Tune: A Conscionable Caviat/ [by] H. C./ RB5 543: F. Grove [RL 184, DC3 27v] [Entd. July 26, 1658, but not to Grove. also in 1675. AI 1046, 1047]

Of Hectors deeds did Homer sing/ ZN2102| A most Excellant Ballad...St. George for England... Mighty Dragon/ Tune: Flying Fame/ [Title, woodcuts, tune missing. M2 #42b: E. Wright/ P1 526-7 = W2 23: CTP/ E 222: CVW/ E 92 = W1 115: CVG/ M2 #55b: [no imprint]/ E 222: CVW/ RB1 380 = CR 954: Alex Milbourn/ CR 955: [no imprint, c 1700]/ [incomplete] SH #23 [Copy in An Antidote Against Melancholy, p. 26, 1661] [Entd. 1624, 1675. AI 2363, 2364. Cf. AI 2365, 2366]

Of honour and renown i'le sing/ ZN2103| The Frenchmen's Lamentation..loss of..Mounsieur Turenne [July 23, 1675]/ Tune: A Fig for France and Holland too/ With Allowance/ E 110 = RB7 699 = CR 956: W. Thackeray and J. Hose [HH1 114]

Of horned Vulcan I have heard/ ZN2104| A Monstrous Shape [Hog-faced woman, Tanniken Skinker]/ Tune: the Spanish Pavin/ [by] L. P./ W1 135: M. F. for Tho. Lambert [Rollins' PG, p.449, gives ballad and notes continuing revivals, one being a Pitts' sheet in the Douce collection. A duplicate from the Madden Collection is #105 of the second vol. of Holloway and Black's Later English Broadside Ballads]

Of ioyful triumphs I must speak/ ZN2105| .. tryumphs kept in Ireland [by Earle of Essex]/ Tune: Tryumph and Ioy/ SH #78

Of late as I layde me to reste uppone my bede/ ZN3355| [no title]/ Finis q. H. S. [Henry/ Harry Sponare]/ ASM 26

Of late as I went abroad/ ZN2106| The Lovers Farewel/ Tune: St. Gilses/ [CP 465]/ BF 19: J. Andrews

Of late did I hear a young damsel complain/ ZN2107| Young Man put to his shifts/ Tune: Cupids Trappan/ P3 23 = CR 958: CVWCTP/ RB7 179 = CR 957 = DP 7: TPW [DC2 262, C.22.f.6 26, HH2 165]

Of late I did hear a young man domineer/ ZN2108| The Milkmaid's Resolution/ Tune: Cupid's Trapan/ RB6 529 = CR 959 = OPB 191: P. Brooksby, West-Smithfield [HH2 28] [Answer to "I am a young man that do follow the plow," N1240|]

Of late I did hear of a woeing/ ZN2109| The Quarrelsome Lovers/ Tune: New tune called Old Tony, Or let Oliver now be forgotten/ CR 960: P. Brooksby, West-Smithfield [C.22.f.6 169]

Of late I did walk in a pleasant fair day/ ZN2110| The Constant Couple, Or, The Glory of True Love/ Tune: Bonny Cravat; or, Digby's farwel, or Packington's Pound/ This may be Printed R. L. S./ P3 163: J. Conyers [DC1 31] [Rollins' AI 380 can't be this.]

Of late I chanst to be where I/ ZN2111| The merry Forrester/ Tune: With a Fadding/ By Robert Guy/ P1 224-5: H. Gosson

Of late I heard a dity/ ZN2112| The Credit of Yorkshire/ Tune: the right Glory of the West/ by Charles Hammond/ M1 #6: London, Printed for Richard Burton at the Horse-shoo in Smithfield, 1649 [Ptd. CP 266]

Of late in the north a fine frolique did pass/ ZN2113| The Couragious Cook-Maid..a Leicestershire frolic/ Tune: The City Caper, Or, Digby, &c./ CR 961 CVWC [Another version, "I'le tell you a pretty fine jest," N1363|] [C.22.f.6 101]

Of late it was my chance to walke/ ZN2114| A penny-worth of Good Counsell/ Tune: Dulcina/ [by] M. P./ RB2 295: [no imprint] [CB p. 24] [Entd. Apr. 9, 1638. AI 20623. Traditional, "My husband has no courage in him", e.g., F. Purslow, The Wanton Seed, p. 82. Latter title in Eliz. Cochrane MS (Harvard), c 1730, but text page missing]

Of late near the Strand we well understand/ ZN2115| The Maidens Frollick..Prest Fourteen Taylors/ Tune: an Orange/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 368 = RB3 402 = CR 962: BDBB [Answered by "'Tis not long agoe, good people you know," N2622|]

Of late there was a damsel mild/ ZN2116| The Blind eats many a Flye: Or, The Broken Damsel made Whole/ Tune: My Father gave me House and Land/ CR 963: P. Brooksby, Pye-Corner [Ptd. RB8 684] [Entered Apr. 12, 1627. AI 212. How did Brooksby get this?]

Of late there was a false old knave/ ZN2117| The Taylor's Vindication/ Tune: Jenny Gin, or Hey, Boys, up go we/ RB7 480 [from unstated source]: P. Brooksby

Of late there was a wedding kept, in faire Gloster towne/ ZN2118| Match me this Wedding/ Tune: New Court Tune/ [by] J. S./ RB2 178: Thomas Lambert

Of late we hear in Devon-shire/ ZN2119| The Surprized Lord & Lady/ Tune: I often for my Jenny strove/ P4 293: R. Kell

Of late within an evening tide/ ZN2120| The Gossips Feast/ Tune: delicate new tune, or, There was an old man sate piping/ M2 #6: Thomas Lambert [Entered to Lambert, Jan. 2, 1635, and among several, June 18, 1636. AI 1028, 1029. Cf. N509|, but here they do not complain of husbands, they immitate them by gathering for gossip with drink, as in N2561|]

Of lyghtnes most unsade/ ZN3353| [no title]/ Amen, quothe Henry Sponare/ ASM 24

Of lingering love misliking growes/ ZN3295| [no title, tune indication]/ CV 16/ Bod. MS Rawl. 148, f. 62v. [Entd. 1563/4. AI 2002]

Of many marvels in my time/ ZN2121| A description of a strange.. Fish/ Tune: Bragandary/ [by] M. P./ W1 127: Thomas Lambert [PG 437]

Of noble Warriors/ ZN2122| A brave warlike Song/ Tune: List lusty Gallants/ P1 88-9: Fr. Coules

Of the kinde Widdow of Watling street/ ZN2123| ..Widow of Watling street/ Tune: Bragandary/ [for 2nd half] Tune: the Wanton Wife/ P1 140-1 = RB8 8: Fr. Cowles/ SH #1/ C79 157: T. P./ [Entered to Rich. Jones, Aug. 15, 1597, & in 1624. AI 2957, 2958]

Of Turkey lately I did read/ ZN2124| The Patient Wife betrayed; Or, The Lady Elizabeths Tragedy/ Tune: Chevy Chase, or, The Lady Isabells Tragedy/ E 289: J. Clark, Bible and Harp

Of two notorious thieves [Whitfield and Gibs]/ ZN2125| A Warning for all Wicked Livers [By] L. P./ Tune: Ned Smith [= Dainty come thou to me]/ M1 #32: F. Grove dwelling on Snow-hill [Ptd. CP 380]

Of wonders strange that was/ ZN2126| A Looking glasse for Corne- hoorders..Iohn Russell ..4 March 1631/ Tune: Welladay/ P1 148-9: H. Gosson

Oft have I heard of many men/ ZN2127| The merry carelesse Lover/ Tune: The mother beguilde the daughter/ By Robert Guy/ RB2 105: F. Coules [Entd. 1634. AI 1714]

Oft have I heard the Wives complain/ ZN2128| The Vergins Advice/ Tune: Oh! that I were young for you/ P5 219 = CR 964: Charles Barnet [Burden: The maid is best that lies alone]

Oft have I sworn I'le love no more/ ZN2129| Loves Captivity and Liberty/ Tune: I'll go no more to the old Exchange/ P4 5: CVWC [RL 56] [Expansion of poem by H. Hughes]

Old Beelzebub, merry disposed to be/ ZN2130| An Excellant new Ditty..women best Warriers be/ Tune: Death's Dance/ RB1 331: H. G[osson]. [?Entd. 1634. AI 786]

Old Cavaleers prick up your ears/ ZN2131| Here is some comfort for Poor Cavaleers/ Tune: pleasant tune called Monks March, or, Maids will say nay and take it/ [By] T. L./ Entred according to Order/ E 141: F. Grove [not entered]

Old England many countries hath/ ZN2132| Darby-shires Glory/ Tune: I am a Jovial Batchelor/ CR 965: TPW [HH1 67] [See following]// Old England many counties hath/ ZN2132B| Lancashires Glory/ Tune: St. George/ RL 134: ?

Old England now rejoyce/ ZN2133| The Royal Subjects Warning-piece to all Traytors/ Tune: Come back [hither] my own sweet Duck/ [By] T. R./ E 310: [no imprint, c Mar. 1660]

Old England now rise up with one accord/ ZN2134| Englands Miseries..preserving ..Royal Brother.. last horrid Plot/ Tune: Aim not too high/ P2 225: WCTP

Old England of thy sins in time repent/ ZN2135| Newes from Hereford..Earthquake [Oct. 1, 1661]/ Tune: Aim not too high/ By W. K./ W1 179: CVG [PA 81]

Old Graham he is to Carlisle gone/ ZN2136| .. Song of Sir Robert Bewick and the Laird Graham/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB8 160: [no imprint, c 1778] [DC3 85]

Old James with his rascally rabble of rogues/ ZN2137| The Bogg-Trotters March/ Tune: Excellent New Tune, Or, March Boys, March Boys, &c. [with music reprinted as BBBM #303]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 54: C. Bates/ [with meaningless music] CR 966: C. Bates

Old Jemmy is a lad right lawfully descended/ ZN2138| Old Jemmy/ Tune: Young Jemmy/ RB4 667: Nat. Thompson, 1681 [W7 57]

Old Lewis had a rugged bear/ ZN2139| Royal Match of Bear-Baiting/ Tune: The new Game at Cards/ P5 376: B. C.

Old stories do tell us of notable things/ ZN2140| The Royal Recreation..King William's. Entertainment at a Country Farmer's House/ Tune: Let Caesar live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 312 = CR 967: BDBB [Ptd. RB7 759] [Answer commences "The most Royal frollick," N1778|, N1779|. Almost identical to that here is 'The Royal Frolic,' commencing "Old stories inform us of Jocular things," N2141|]

Old Stories inform us of Jocular things/ ZN2141| The Royal Frolick. King William.. Entertainment at the Farmers House/ Tune: Let Caesar live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 313: J. Millet [Ptd. RB7 756] [Almost the same as 'The Royal Recreation,' commencing "Old stories do tell us of notable things," ZN2140. The answer to the Royal Frolick commences "The most Royal Frolick of our Great King," N1778|, 1779]

Old stories tell how Hercules/ ZN2142| .. More of More-hall and the Dragon of Wantley/ Tune: [none indicted, music given BBBM #124]/ P5 391: Randal Taylor, 1685/ RB8 417: John Garnet, Sheffield [18th cent.]

Ould Tobie calde his lovinge sonne/ ZN3414| [no title, tune]/ OEB #36 [Sequel to N1446|]

On a Friday morning we set sail/ ZN2143| A New Song, call'd The Mermaid/ Tune: The Stormy Winds do Blow/ RB8 446 [from Ebsworth's coll'n, not Roxburghe]: J. Catnach? [19th cent. Child Ballad #289]

On a time as I was walking/ ZN2144| Love put to it's Shifts.. Jemmy and Jenny/ Tune: Tell me Jenny, &c./ Entred according to Order/ P4 34: J. Deacon

On a time I was great, now little am Grown/ ZN2145| The Fantastical Prodigal/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB8 811: [no imprint] [ Also entitled "Multum in Parvo," and "Spendthrift clapped in Limbo." According to Ebsworth tune is in Merry Musician III, 57. It is in Flora, 1729. Ebsworth gives notes, and late sequel, RB8 813. Traditional, "Limbo"; a version collected in 1908, is given in R. Palmer's Everyman's Bk. of Brit. Blds, #67, 1980]

On Easter Monday last, when ladds and lasses play/ ZN2146| Northern Nancy/ Tune: [In January last]/ DC2 163v: [CVWC?]

On Enfield common I met a woman/ ZN2147| Enfield Common/ Tune: Excellent New Tune/ OPB 89: Charles Bates [With music by Purcell, in Pills, IV, 224, 1719]

On May morning as I walkt forth/ ZN2148| Tobias Advice/ Tune: Daniel Cooper/ By Tobias Bowne/ P3 154 = RB7 151 = CR 969 = DP 33: P. Brooksby, Pye-Corner [HH2 101]

On Midsummer day I chanc't to goe/ ZN2149| A Banquet for Soueraigne Husbands.. 24 June, 1629/ Tune: Woman to the Plow, and the Man to the Hen-Roost/ [by] M. P[arker]./ P1 402-3: Francis Coules

On Midsummer day, as I abroad was walking/ ZN2150| The Shoo- maker's Delight/ Tune: When Sol will cast no light/ RB7 33 = CR 970 = OPB 201: P. Brooksby, West Smithfield

On Sunday Johnny went to Church/ ZN2151| A Weeks Loving, Wooing, and Wedding/ Tune: Billy and Molly/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 39 = E 382 = RB7 136 = CR 971: BDBB [with full addresses of all] [DC2 246v]

On the bank of a Brook as I sat Fishing/ ZN2152| The Happy Lovers Pastime/ Tune: Pleasant new Tune, called: On the Bank of a Brook/ P4 4: CVWCTP [RL 213, C.22.f.6 121] [first two verses ptd. RB8 xcv***]

On the banks of a river close under a shade/ ZN2153| Love's Triumph over Bashfulness/ Tune: new Play-house Tune/ RB7 442: [no imprint?]/ CR 972: P. Brooksby, Pye-Corner [HH2 5]

On the Fourteenth day of October/ ZN2154| The French King's Vision/ Tune: Hope farewell/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 275: BDBB

On the tender grass, a young bonny lass/ ZN2155| The Hasty Virgin/ Tune: Excellent New Tune/ This may be Printed, R. P./ CR 973: J. Deacon

On yonder hill there spring a flower/ ZN2156| The Shepherds Delight/ Tune: Frog Galliard/ E 346 = RB2 528: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke [On sheet is another commencing "When Daphne did from faire Phoebus did flee," N2831| Entd. 1624. AI 2016. Revised from Nicholas Bretton poem]

Once busie in study betwixt night and day/ ZN2157| A marvellous Medicine to cure a great paine, If a Mayden-head be lost to get it againe/ Tune: pleasant new tune/ P1 336: H. G[osson]./ [no tune direction] RB8 426: [no imprint]/ RL 196: CVW [Entd. 1624. AI 1697. Early MS version, c 1520 in Reliquiae Antiquae, I, p. 250. Cf. M. Crum First Line Index. ..Bodleian T 11]

Ons dyd I aspyre to loves desyre/ ZN3389| [no title]/ To the tune of The downeryght squyre/ ASM 61

Once did I kiss a fair lady/ ZN2158| Crafty young man/ Tune: Turn love/ WE25 41: J. Clarke, Bible and Harp

Once did I love a bonny bonny Bird/ ZN2159| Cupids Trappan; Or, Up the green Forrest/ Tune: pleasant new [Northern] Tune, Now all in fashion/ P3 107: WCTP/ E 35 = DC1 50: CVW/ With Allowance/ RB7 359: CVWC/ CR 974 = C.22.f.6 41?: W.O, A. M. and sold by J. Deacon [DC1 39v, RL 111] [Answer, N2160| Traditional versions change 'bony bird' to 'bonny boy'. "The Bonny Boy" is the title of a version on a Pitts broadside issue c 1802-40. Versions in JFSS 1, 274, 1904/ JFSS 2, 82, 1905/ English County Songs, p. 147, 1893]

Once did I love and a very pretty Girl/ ZN2160| The Batchellors Answer to Cupids Trappan/ Tune: Cupids Trappan/ With Allowance/ E16: P. L. for R. Burton [Ptd. RB7 361. Answer to N2159|]

Once I knew a lad/ ZN2161| The merry Country Maids Answer To the Country Lovers Conquest/ Tune: Once I Lov'd a Lass with a Rowling Eye/ P3 174 = WE25 124: R. Burton [Ptd. RB7 340] [Answer to one commencing "Once I lov'd a lass with a rowling eye," N2162|]

Once I loved a Lass with a Rowling eye/ ZN2162| The Country Lovers conquest/ pleasant new Tune, very much in use/ E 50: R. Burton [Ptd. RB7 338] [Answer commences "Once I knew a lad," N2161|]

Once I loved a maiden fair/ ZN2163| The Revolted Lover/ Tune: Pleasant New Tune/ RB2 404: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke [Entd. June 1, 1629. AI 2285]

Once I read a noble volume/ ZN2164| The Princely Lovers Garland/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 975 = RC3 598: [no imprint, c 1750] [DC3 75]

Once in a morning sweet and fair/ ZN2165| The New Way of the Gaberlunzie Man/ Tune: To its own proper Tune/ CR 976: [no imprint, c 1720] [Commences "Into a morning fresh and fair" in NLS MS Adv. 19.3.44, f. 35v. Bonny Prince Charlie ? in guise of Gaberlunzie Man. See also, same MS, f. 39, for another.]

Once more brave boys, let us proclaim/ ZN2166| ..Spaniards defeat..Admiral Vernon [Apr. 1, 1741]/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 978: [no imprint]// Vernon's Glory/ Tune: Brave Vernon's Triumph/ RB8 280: [no imprint, c 1741]

Once musing alone upon things many a one/ ZN2167| Wit's never good till 'tis bought/ Tune: Basses Careere/ RB3 63: Thomas Lambert [Entd. May 9, 1634. AI 2974] [Cf. "As witt is seldome good, till it be dearely bought" in Arundel-Harington MS, and as broadside "Churchyard's Farewell" CLB]

Once upon a time, There was a Taylor neat and fine/ ZN2168| The War-like Taylor/ Tune: I am the Duke of Norfolk/ P4 282: WCTP/ CR 979: P. Brooksby, West-Smithfield [Battle between tailor and Louse, recast from John Taylor's "There was upon a time, a Taylor neat and fine," to same tune, N2570| See also N2449|]

One Evening a little before it was dark/ ZN2169| News from Hide- Park/ Tune: The Crost Couple/ CR 981: William Gilbertson/ E 250 = CR 982 = RB6 496 [with some expurgation of text]: CVW/ WE25 92: Ptd. by I. Crowch for CVW/ P3 257: WCTP [DC2 166, DC3 67]

One evening, in hot weather/ ZN2170| The Hackney Damsell's Pastime/ Tune: pleasant new tune [meaningless given]/ This may be printed, R. P./ P5 205 = OPB 36: Charles Bates

One Evening in Summer season/ ZN2171| Love in a Bush/ Tune: Oh so ungrateful a Creature/ This may be Printed. R. P./ P3 158 = RB7 455 = CR 983: James Bissel [HH1 160]// [Same, but diff. title] A New Song: Call'd The two Loyal Lovers Joy Completed/ Tune: O so ungrateful a Creature [meaningless music given]/ This may be Printed. R. P./ P5B 60: J. Bissel

One morning as lately musing/ ZN2172| Satyr.. Jarring of the two East India Companies/ Tunes: [music given]/ P5 456: [no imprint] [This is actually an early single sheet song with music rather than a broadside ballad. Song is by D'Urfey]

One morning bright, (for my delight)/ ZN2173| Foure pence halfe penney Farthing/ Tune: Bessy Bell, or, a Health to Betty/ [by] M. P[arker]./ P1 274-5: C. W[right]. [later 'She got money by it'.. Money in both your pockets, N2513| [Entd. June 22, 1629. AI 915. Based on Parker's ballad, N1905|]

One morning early, by the breake of day, walking to Totnam-Court/ ZN2174| The Bonny Bryer/ Tune: The bony Broome/ [by] M. P./ RB7 165: F. G[rove].

One morning I walk'd by my self on the shoar/ ZN2175| The Sorrowful Ladies Complaint/ Tune: The Earl of Sandwich farewel/ P4 195 = RB4 398 = CR 984: Phillip Brooksby, West-Smithfield [Expanded from song in New Academy of Compliments, 1671. Also in BL MS Add. 30982, f. 150v, where sexes are reversed. In Harleian MS cited by Ault, song is termed "The mad woman in the Pilgrim". Traditional, Laws K17]

One morning of late, hard by Billingsgate/ ZN2176| The Bloody Battle at Billingsgate/ Tune: The Orange/ P4 289: BDBB

One morning in pleasant weather/ ZN2177| Constant Coridon/ Tune: Excellent New Tune, or, See yonder she swims, &c./ Licensed according to Order/ P5 325 = OPB 48: BDBB

One morning when bright Sol/ ZN2178| The louing Virgins Complaint/ Tune: Walking of late abroad/ P1 328-9: Fr. Coules

One night as I lay on my bed/ ZN2179| A Favourite Love Song/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB6 207 (two more verses at RB8 123): [18th century, no imprint]

One night as Polly Oliver lay musing on her bed/ ZN2180| Pretty Polly Oliver's Ramble/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB7 739 [from Ebsworth's collection]: J. Catnach [19th cent. Traditional]

One night at a very late hour/ ZN2181| Mark Noble's Frolick/ Tune: The New Rant/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 324 = CR 985 = HH2 21: BDBB/ RB6 510: B[ridgit]. Deacon

One night at ten o'clock, I sat reading, looking back/ ZN2182| Jack Tar's Return/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB8 437: [no imprint, 18th cent.]

One night in my bed/ ZN2183| Old England's New Save-all/ Tune: Let Mary live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 327: P. Brooksby, Pye-corner

One night when all the village slept/ ZN2184A| The Dying Lovers last Farewel/ Tune: excellent Play-house tune, called, Stone walls do not a prison make. Or, Young Phaon/ P3 8 = CR 986, 987: J. Conyers// One night when all the village slept/ ZN2184B|/ The Mournful Lovers Last Farewel/ Tune: [One night when all the village slept, or] Young Phaon/ DC2 157v: ?

One night when blustering winds blew/ ZN2185| The Debtford Frollick, Or, A Hue and cry after the Shag-Breeches/ Tune: The fair One let me in/ P4 150 = RB4 31 = CR 988: P. Brooksby, Pye- corner

One summer evening, fresh and Fair/ ZN2186| Love in the Blossome/ Tune: Amarillis told her Swain/ [by] J. P./ CR 989: TPW/ RB6 110 [no imprint]

One summers night when all alone/ ZN2187| Complaining Shepherdess Satisfied at last/ Tune: Ah! Jenny Gin, &c./ BB2 511: WCTP

On tyme I layde me down to rest/ ZN3393| fa re my la/ ASM 65 [she came to him and spent pleasant night]

One Valentine's day in the morning/ ZN2188| Princely Diversion, or, The Jovial Hunting Match/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB7 91: L. How [18th cent] [DC3 75v]

One year begins, another ends/ ZN2189| A Godly Ballad/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB3 198: [no imprint, same sheet as "you dainty dames," N3003|]

Onely tell her, onely tell her, onely tell her that I love her/ ZN2190| The Modest Batchelor/ Tune: Set to a Pleasant new Tune. [given, and reprinted by Simpson, 560]/ Licens'd according to Order/ P3 89: J. Millet

Our age strange things hath brought to light/ ZN2191| [Title, tune indication missing]/ [by] J. W./ CR 990: John Andrews

Our comet of the blazing star/ ZN2192| .. Randizvous [sic] On Hounsley-Heath [defeat of the Turks]/ Tune: Hark the Thundring Cannons Roar, &c./ CR 991: James Dean, 1685

Our gracious King William's going over the Main/ ZN2193| The Souldiers Prayers for King William's Good Success in Ireland/ Tune: Let Caesar live long, &c./ Licensed according to Order/ P2 305: James Bissel

Our great King and Army is gone over the Sea/ ZN2194| The Protestant Soldiers Resolution to Fight for King William/ Tune: My life and my death; Or, Let Cesar live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 299: James Bissel

Our Jockye sale have our Jenny, hope I/ ZN3364| [no title]/ Finys, quothe Wallys [elsewhere John Wallys]/ ASM 36 [lively wooing, wedding and wedding feast with dance of a hornpipe. Rollins, Notes, identifies it with an entry of Dec. 9, 1615, AI 1291, which I doubt is correct. Of about the same date is one in Bannatyne MS, 'Robyens Iok come to wow our Iynny'. A dance was later added to this so it has closer correspondance to ASM 36, in "The Country Wedding" in Herd's Scots Songs . Cf. also N1987|]

Our Monarch's whore from France is come/ ZN3256| Portsmouth's Return/ Tune: to a new Scotch Tune [no broadside copies. Bodleian MS Rawl. 159. 1682. Without tune indication in BL MS Harl. 6914, and Victoria and Albert Museum MS D.25.F.37.]

Our noble king in his progress/ ZN2195| ..The King and the Souldier/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB6 786: [source not indicated]

Our Oats they are how'd and our Barley's reap'd/ ZN2196| The Country Farmer's Vain-glory/ Tune: New Tune much in Request [Purcell's for song in Dryden's King Arthur]/ Licensed according to Order/ E 54 = RB3 610 = CR 992: BDBB [Another version, "Your hey is mow'd," N3222|]

Our priests in holy pilgrimage/ ZN2197| The Explanation/ Tune: [Hey boys up go we]/ W7: ? [BBBM, p. 307]

Our Royal King William to Flanders is gone/ ZN2198| The Loyal Subjects Prayers of King Williams ..Success.. Flanders/ Tune: Let Caesar live ling, &c./ Licensed according to Order/ P2 318: James Bissel

Over hills and high Mountains/ ZN2199| The Wandering Maiden/ Tune: excellent new Tune/ Entered according to Order [not!]/ P3 165 = BB2 572 = CR 993: J. Deacon

Over the Mountains/ ZN2200 Truths Integrity/ Tune: Love will find out the Way. To a pleasant new tune/ E 358: CWVG/ RB2 639: F. Coules [DC, RL] [Entd. very late, 1656, 1675. AI 2745, 2746. Answer entered 1633, AI 81]

The Parliament all, near Westminster Hall/ ZN2201 A New- Years-Gift for Covetous Colliers/ Tune: The Orange/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 323: J. Millet

Passing through a meadow, young John and Joany met/ ZN2202| The Dorser-shire Lovers/ Tune: The Scotch Hay-makers/ Licensed according to Order/ CR 995: P. Brooksby [HH1 78]

The passions of Love are too great and too cruel/ ZN2203| Loves Unlimited Power/ Tune: State and Ambition/ This may be Printed June 6, 1685/ P3 215: J. Back

The Perse owt off Northombarlonde and a vowe to God mayd he/ ZN3337| [No title, old 'Chevy Chace']/ ASM 8 and Child #162A and several other places. See later version N980|]

Phillis my wounded hearts delight/ ZN2204| The healing Balsom of a true Lover/ Tune: Amoret and Phillis/ P3 298 = BB2 568 = CR 996: CVWCTP [C.22.f.6 ?]

Phillis on the new made hay/ ZN2205| The Coy Shepherdess; or, Phillis and Amintas/ Tune: Phillis on the new-made Hay; or, Amarillis/ [by] J. P./ RB3 619 = CR 997: R. Burton [nine verse version in Boldeian MS Rawl. 214]

Pity a noble Peer, fam'd for renown/ ZN2206| The Banish'd Duke.. Polander/ Tune: The Ruined Virgin, &c./ Licensed according to Order/ [Roman letter]/ P5 3: J. Deacon

Pitty here a Loyal swain/ ZN2207| The Lovers Lamentation...New Mock-Song/ Tune: Celia that I once was blest/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 85: BDBB

Pluto Arise: Great Master come/ ZN2208| A New Song Of Father Petre, and the Devil/ Tune: Flying from Olinda/ P2 290: Printed .. 1689

Poore Besse, mad Besse, so they call me/ ZN2209| Love's Lunacie/ Tune: The mad man's morris/ [by] Richard Climsell/ RB2 7: John Wright the Younger [Entd. Dec. 12, 1637. AI 1568]

Poor conscience unregarded lies/ ZN2210| Destruction of Plain Dealing/ Tune: O Desperate Folly, &c. [Bragandary]/ BB1 434: J. Deacon

Poore Coridon, did sometimes sit/ ZN2211| The New Broome/ Tune: [none indicated, the bonny broom]/ P1 40: F. Coles [Ptd. RB8 586]

Poor England now is full of care and grief/ ZN2212| The Troubles of these Times/ Tune: A Lesson for all true Christians/ RB7 692 = CR 999: P. Brooksby [HH2 106]

Poor England the world at thee doth admire/ ZN2213| Englands Present State/ Tune: Old England's now grown New/ P2 10: WCTP

Poor England thy sorrows this many a year/ ZN2214| England's Mercies/ Tune: Packington's Pound, Or, Digby's Farewell/ Entered according to Order [not]/This may be Printed, R. L. S./ P2 226: J. Deacon

Poor Englands sorrow's this many a year/ ZN2215| The Poor Mans Prayer for Peace/ Tune: Game at Cards/ CR 1000 = RB7 753: P. Brooksby [HH2 108, C.22.f.6. 166]

A poore Essex man, that was in great distress/ ZN2216| A new Ballad... poore man in Essex/ Tune: The Rich Merchant-man/ RB2 222: H. Gosson [HH2 152] [CB p. 82]

Poore Harpalus, opprest with loue/ ZN2217| The complaint of the Shepheard Harpalus/ Tune: pleasant new tune/ [by] D. M./ [also on sheet, N168| P1 368-9: H. G[osson]./ [with N168|] M1 #16b: E. P. for Francis Coules/ E 29: H. G[ossen]. [signed D. M.]/ E 30: CVW/ [both songs] P3 319: CVWC// [by] D. M./ RB2 605 [on same sheet is "Amyntas on a summer's day," N168|]: Assigns of Thomas Symcocke [RL 164?]

Poor Innkeepers now/ ZN2218| The Inn-keepers Complaint.. Dearness of Malt/ Tune: Let Mary live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 330 = CR 1001: J. Blare

A poor man he lately did bury his wife/ ZN2219| The poor Mans distress & tryal/ Tune: The Two English Travellers/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P2 94 = DP 20: P. Brooksby

The poor of this Kingdom such times never knew/ ZN2220| The New and True Touch of the Times/ Tune: excellent new Tune/ Licensed according to Order/ By Thomas Joy/ P4 332: Phil. Brooksby, Pye- corner

Poor people are over-charged sore with grief/ ZN2221| The Poor Man put to a Pinch/ Tune: The Description of this Age, or, Aim not to high/ P4 299: J. Conyers

A poore soule sat sighing under a Sicamore tree/ ZN2222| A Louers complaint/ Tune: pleasant new tune/ [Shakespeare's Willow song expanded]/ P1 358-9: I. W[right]./ The Complaint of a Lover forsaken of his Love/ RB1 171: M. P[arsons]. for Edward Wright [?Entd. 1569-70, AI 351. I doubt Rollins' suggestion is here correct]

Poor Teague, what shall we do/ ZN2223| Teague and Monsieur's Limerick/ Tune: O hone, Oh, hone/ P5 73: Ch. Bates

Poor Tom the Taylor don't lament/ ZN2224| Oxford-shire Betty/ Tune: I love you more and more each day [meaningless music given]/ P5 185 = OPB 46: C. Bates [Ptd. RB7 481]

The Pope and his agents strove of late/ ZN2225| The Downfall of Popery/ Tune: A New Game at Cards/ P2 282: Printed for A. B.

The porter a lusty young wooer/ ZN2226| .. Fox-Hall Frollick/ Tune: The City Ramble/ Lycens'd according to Order/ P5 208: T. M.

Pox fa that pultron [or pultring] povertie/ ZN3424| The Banishment of Poverty/ Tune: The Last Good-night/ by his Royal Highness J. D. A. [James II]/ broadsides in NLS/ Harvard [I've seen only that in Watson's A Choice Collection, 2nd ed. 1713, part I, p. 11. Rest of info. from Simpson's BBBM #132, where tune is suggested to be Essex' Last Good-night. Song is from before James became king, probably written during one of his exiles in Scotland. A more likely tune in my opinion is "Johnny Armstrong's Last Good-night", evidently that found as "Armstrong's Farewell" in Oswald's Caledonian Pocket Companion and reprinted in The Scots Musical Museum, #356]

A pox of the fooling and plotting of late/ ZN2227| The Claret Drinker's Song/ Tune: Let Caesar live long/ RB4 645: J. Jordan/ By a Person of Quality [no tune indication] CR 1004: London, 1680 [in BL MS Harl. 6947, Cambridge Univ. Lib. MS 7112]

A pox upon this needles scorn/ ZN2228| Beauties Triumph: Or, The Joys of Faithful Lovers/ Tune: New Play-House Tune; Or, The Reward of Loyalty, &c. [Hark the thundering cannons roar]/ CR 1007: P. Brooksby [HH1 16, C.22.f.6 33]

The praise of wisdom some doe write/ ZN2229| The praise of Nothing/ Tune: Though I have but a mark a year/ RB2 340: = E 263: H. Gosson

Praise we the lord, that haith no peare/ ZM3325| A Carroll/ [no tune indication]/ CV 48

Pray did not you hear of young frolicksome Kate?/ ZN2230| The West-Country Frolick/ Tune: Fond Boy, &c. Or, Love's a sweet passion, &c./ P5 161 = CR 1008: J. Deacon [DC3 103v]

Pray gentle Iohn Iarret, give eare to my wordes/ ZN2231| I tell you John Iarret, you'l breake/ Tune: the wiuing Age/ P1 170-1: [no imprint] [Entd. Dec. 20, 1630. AI 1305]

Pray hear my lamentation, young gallants of the city/ ZN2232| Poor Whore's lamentation/ Tune: The Guinea wins her, &c./ Licensed according to Order/ P5 416 = CR 1009: J. Bissel [Answer, N252|]

Pray lend me your Ears, if you've any to spare/ ZN2233| A Trimmers's Confession of Faith/ Tune: Which no Body can deny/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 112: James Thomlinson, 1694

Pray listen to this Ditty/ ZN2234| The Three Buxome Maids of Yoel/ Tune: The Guinny wins her/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 71 = RB8 647: J. Blare

Pray now attend and listen a while/ ZN2235| The False-hearted Glover/ Tune: Lilli Burlero/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 92 = CR 1011: BDBB [DC1 84v, C.22.f.6 117]

Pray now attend to this Ditty/ ZN2236| The Easter Wedding/ Tune: Oh so ungrateful a Creature/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 111 = CR 1012: C. Dennisson [DC1 70v, C.22.f.6 114] [Ptd. RB7 457, CB p. 14]

Pray rub up your Ears, and I'll tell you a thing/ ZN2237|.. Epithalamium Or, A Wedding Song... 1689/ Tune: Lulla by baby, &c. [Greensleeves]/ Lycensed, and Entered according to Order/ P5 130: J. Wilkins, 1689/ CR 1013: [imprint shorn]

Prepare good people to give ear with speed/ ZN2238| The Youths Guide/ Tune: A Lesson for all true Chistians; Or, My bleeding Heart/ CR 1014: P. Brooksby [C.22.f.6 216] [Init. letters of verses spell out author, Paul Burgis]

Prepare with speed/ ZN2239| A hartie thanks givinge to God.. queenes majestie/ Tune: the medley/ SHA p. 334 [from MS Rawl. poet. 185] [Entd. Aug. 15, 1586. AI 2260] [Tune is probably "Tarleton's Medley"]

Prepare with speed, (prepare with speed): Crist commyng is at hand/ ZN3420| A hartie thanks givinge to God for our queenes most excellent maiestie; and is to be sounge to the tune of the medley/ RP 11; SAH p. 334; Morfill, Ballads from MSS II, 109 [Entd. Aug 15, 1586. AI 2260] [Tune, ?Tarlton's medley]

Prepare yourself to fast this lent/ ZN2240| A ballad from the countrie sent to showe how we should fast this lent/ Tune: the crampe/ RP 8 & SHA p. 347 [Entd. 1569/70. AI 1488. Similar is another to same tune, N3388|]

A pretended Quaker near Yarmouth did dwell/ ZN2241| Yea-and-Nay the Hypocrite/ Tune: The Touch of the Times/ P4 278: BDBB

Prethee Moll, Be not so dull/ ZN2242| The New courtier/ Tune: Excellant New Court Tune/ [Chorus:] A little of 'tone with 'tother/ P3 19: F. Coles, in Vine-street

The prettiest Iest that ere I heard/ ZN2243| The Roaring Black-Smiths Resolution/ Tune: Pleasant new Tune, call'd Farwel to St. Gileses/ [by] T. J./ BF 18: Richard Burton [CP 341]

Pretty Betty, now come to me/ ZN2244| Shall I? Shall I? No, No, No!/ Tune: The Doubting Virgin/ RB6 157 = CR 1016: P. Brooksby, Pye-corner [DC2 189v] [Entd. Apr. 4, 1684 to Geo. Larking. AI 2409]

A Pretty jest I shall declare/ ZN2245| A Jest; or, Master Constable/ Tune: The Three Pilgrims/ Entered according to Order/ RB6 515: Francis Grove [Entd. Oct. 13, 1657. AI 1283]

A pretty iest Ile tell/ ZN2246| News from Tower-hill/ Tune: the North countrey Lasse/ [By] M. P[arker]./ P1 266-7: E. B[lackmore]. [Entd. Nov. 4, 1631. AI 2058]

A pretty jest I will you tell/ ZN2247| The Gelding of the Devil/ Tune: The Gelding of the Devil: Or, the Card Players/ P4 351: CVWC/ RC2 192: [no imprint]/ BC1 55, BC2 128: Wm. Onley [Ptd. RB8 cii***, at the famous page Ebsworth allowed for glueing shut, as the facing page is blank and the same number is on the verso. Entd. 1656. AI 948. There is a version in An Antidote Against Melancholy, 1661, which commences "Now listen a while and I will you tell."]

Pretty lasses, attend to the lines which I send/ ZN2248| The West-Country Counsellor/ Tune: Fond Boy, &c./ Licensed according to Order/ BB2 493 = CR 1017: J. Deacon

Pride the bane of human creatures/ ZN2249| Lord Russels Farewel ..beheaded for High-Treason.. July 21st. 1683/ Tune: Tender hearts of London City/ [with meaningless music]/ P2 165 = CR 1018: P. Brooksby, West-Smithfield [HH2 72] [Ptd. RB5 326]

Pride's a reigning sin of this nation/ ZN2250| England's Pride/ Tune: Sefaution's Farewel/ Licensed according to Order/ CR 1019: J. Deacon [Ptd. RB8 18 + 801]

The prymerose in the greene forest/ ZN3403| [no title]/ ASM 76 [Rollins, Notes, two ballads intertwined, "The primrose in the green forest" and "Have over the water to Florida". See Rollins article for other fragments of these songs]

A prince dothe sit a slippery state/ ZN2251| A proper new ballad, intituled The mery life of the Countriman &c. Wherin is shewed his contented minde..../ To the tune of Lacaranto/ RP 15; SHA p. 360 [?Entd. Mar. 16, 1635,'The Countrymans Life.' AI 407. I doubt this is correct ident.]

The Prince van Orange is come to this land/ ZN2252| The Prince of Oranges Welcome to London/ Tune: The Two English Travelers/ P2 225, WE25 118: G. J., 1688

Prince George at last is come/ ZN2253| A New Song on the Arrival of Prince George/ Tune: Old Jemmy/ M1 #5a: Nath. Thompson, Old Spring Garden, 1683

The Prince he will come soon/ ZN2254| Gallant News of late I bring [verse title. anticipation of new King, Chas. II]/ Tune: Royal News, Royal News [Sound a charge?]/ Entered according to Order [not]/ E 130: Francis Grove

Prithee bonny lad let thy pipe play/ ZN2255| Peggys Kind Answer/ Tune: Bonny Lad, prithee lay thy pipe down/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 244: BDBB [Answer to N414|]

Prithee sweet Creature sit down by my side/ ZN2256| The Wealthy Grasier's Joys Completed/ Tune: Ladies of London, &c./ This may be Printed, R. P./ P3 168 = CR 1020: J. Deacon [HH2 140] [Answer, N786|]

Prithee sweet Joan let us have a kiss/ ZN2257| Loving John: or, Yielding Joan/ Tune: new tune [meaningless music given]/ Licensed and Entred according to Order/ P5 222: C. Bates

Pritty Nancy my Love/ ZN2258| The Constant Country-Man/ Tune: Woman Warrier/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 265 = RB3 551 = CR 1021: BDBB

Pritty Philomel was so charming/ ZN2259| Cupids Tragedy.. Corydon's Courtship/ Tune: The new Bory [Boree]; Or, Will you be a man of Fashion/ CR 1022: P. Brooksby, West-Smithfield [HH1 64, C.22.f.6 40, DC1 28v]

Promotion's a Trifle, a vanishing Vapour/ ZN2260| Contented And Rich/ Tune: State and Ambition/ P2 26: CTP

A proper handsome young man/ ZN2261| A man cannot lose his money, but he shall be mockt too/ Tune: Oh no, no, no, not yet/ Finis. M. P./ P5B 19-20: Francis Grove

Protestant Boys, both valliant and stout/ ZN2262| Undaunted London-Derry/ Tune: Lilli burlero/ Licensed according to Order/ BB1 426: J. Deacon

Protestant Boys, good tydings I bring/ ZN2263| Dublin's Deliverance..Surrender of Drogheda/ Tune: Lilli burlero/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 303: BDBB

Protestant Boys now stand your Guard/ ZN2264| The discovery of the New Plot/ Tune: Lilli burlero/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 369: Charles Bates

A Protestant muse, yet a lover of Kings/ ZN2265| Private Occurrences/ Tune: Ho brave Oliver, &c./ P5 101 [no imprint]/ P5B 52 [no imprint]/ CR 1023: [no imprint] [Burden "Sing hey brave Popery" becomes tune title". Copy in Lib. of Congress has MS date of Nov. 29, 1688]

The Protestant subjects of England rejoice/ ZN2266| ..Kingdom's Joy for the Proclaiming King William/ Tune: Lilli Burlero/ P2 272: J. B[lare or Back?].

Protestants chear up amain/ ZN2267| The Glory of London-Derry/ Tune: The Liggan Water Or, Nanny Oh/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 323: J. Blare

Protestants now we have cause to be chearful/ ZN2268| Great Brittains Joys compleated.. [proclaiming K. William and Q. Mary, Feb. 13, 1689]/ Tune: Charon make haste/ P2 338: J. Blare

Protestants now your Glory proclaim/ ZN2269| The Protestants Satisfaction/ Tune: Protestant Boys shall carry the day/ Licensed and Entred according to Order/ P2 264: BDBB

Protestants rejoyce and sing/ ZN2270| The Joy of London-Derry/ Tune: London Derry, Or, Nanny, O/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 322: J. Deacon

Proud Scot I doe hate thee/ ZN2271| Alas said the Papist/ Tune: Open the doore, &c./ M2 #49a: [no imprint]

A proverb oftime hath been told/ ZN2272| The Cobler's Corrant/ Tune: Craft; or, Crafts-men more or less/ Written by Richard Rigby/ Licens'd according to Order/ P4 231: C. Bates

A Queen beyond Seas did Command/ ZN2273| The Ladies Looking- Glass, or the Queen and the Cobler/ Tune: I often for my Jenny strove/ Licensed and Entred according to Order [Old tale versified?]/ P3 95: J. Millet

Queen Elenor was a sick Woman/ ZN2274| Queen Eleanor's Confession/ Tune: pleasant New Tune/ E 291 = BC1 33 = CR 1024: C. Bates/ RB6 680: Newcastle [18th cent.] [HH2 87, C.22.f.6 71, DC3 80] [Child Ballad #156]

Quoth John to Joan what will wilt thou have me/ ZN2275| The North Country lovers..John and Joan/ Tune: New tune. Quoth John to Joan/ P4 24: [no imprint. For variant version see N2276|]

Quoth John to Joan wilt thou have me?/ ZN2276| The Country-mans delight/ Tune: new Play-house Tune: Dolly and Molly/ P3 134 = CR 1025: P. Brooksby/ RB3 593 [two copies]: [no imprint] [HH1 46] [See N2275|]

Ranging the plain one summers night/ ZN2277| Strephon's Comforts: or, Phillis Reviv'd/ Tune: Pleasant New Tune: or, The fair one let me in [new tune given, BBBM #240]/ W7 112: ?

Ranging the silent shade/ ZN2278| Bleeding Lovers Lamentation.. Clorinda's sorrowful complaint/ Tune: The Ring of Gold/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 68 = RB3 456 = CR 1026: BDBB [HH1 18]

The reare and grettyst gyfte of all/ ZN3345| [.. 'heare followith the three peticons of Salomon' from Arundel Harrington]/ ASM 16 [Incomplete copy, R. Hughey, The Arundel Harrington MS, I, #281] [Rollins, Notes, relation to tune of this to N3316|]

Rebellion hath broken up house/ ZN2279| Rebellion over House- keeping/ Tune: Old Simon the King/ P2 209 = WE25 21: WCTP, and M[ary]. C[oles] [No Vere!]

Regard my grief kind Ladies all/ ZN2280| The Lamenting Lady/ Tune: the Ladies fall/ P1 44-5: Henry Gosson

Regard my sorroes, you lasses you love/ ZN2281| A pretie new ballad intituled willie and Peggie/ Tune: to the tune of tarlton's carroll/ finis quod Richard Tarleton/ RP 10 & SHA p. 351

Rejoyce English Gallants all/ ZN2282| Europes Pride, Or, England's Glory/ Tune: Now now the Fight's done/ P2 224: WCTP

Rejoyce in hart good people all/ ZN2283| ..Execution of 14.. Traitors..[Sept. 1586. Babington-Ballard Conspiracy]/ Tune: Weep weep/ [by] T[homas]. D[eloney]./ CR 1027: Edward Allde

Rejoyce, rejoyce all ye brave English Hearts/ ZN2284| A New Touch of the Times/ Tune: Why are my Eyes still flowing/ P5 106: J. H., 1688

Rejoyce, Rejoyce, brave English boys/ ZN2285| Englands Royal Conquest [over Dutch fleet, July 25-6, 1666]/ Tune: A Fig for France and Holland too, or, Round about the Hollow Tree/ E 101 = WE25 55: Richard Burton

Remember man thy frayl estate, repent thy folles past/ ZN3347| [no title]/ Amen, quothe Rycharde Sheale/ ASM 18

Remember the standing corn/ ZN2286| The Country Lovers/ Tune: Hail to the Mirtle Shades/ CR 1028: P. Brooksby [HH1 44, C.22.f.6 99]

Repent oh England nowe repent, the time w[super]in[back] thow most sinfully hast spent/ ZN3238| [untitled]/ Tune: [none cited]/ [author] Tho. Churchyard/ BL MS Add'l 52825 f. 56 [possibly poem, not ballad, but Churyard's poems sometimes became ballads. (Cf. In Peascod time, which is from his Churchyard's Chance, 1580.) Possibly ptd., but Churchyard's books are rare and go back to 1550's. Here because this may be "Repent o ye England" entered 1560-61. AI 2268. "Repent, England, Repent" is said to be lost ballad by T. Deloney. See Mann's Deloney]

Rest the, desire, gaze not at such a starre/ ZN2287| A pleasant dreame/ Tune: To any new Tune/ SH #80

Return, return, now I must/ ZN2288| The Traveler's Repentence ..Robert Godfrey/ Tune: The Jealous Lover/ Licens'd according to Order/ [white letter]/ P2 95: J. Blare

A rich country squire call'd up to the town/ ZN2289| The Country Squire Deceiv'd/ Tune: Let Caesar live long/ P4 361: J. Millet

A rich Merchant man there was/ ZN2290| A most sweet Song of an English Merchant [Merchant of Emden]/ Tune: Excellent New Tune/ RB1 320: Francis Coules/ E 232 = W1 107: CVG/ E 230: CVW/ P1 542-3: CTP/ E 231: W. O., and booksellers/ CR 1029: A. M. W. O. and T. Thackeray [Entd. Mar, 22,, 1594, 1675. AI 1816, 1817. Stationers' Register notes ballad is by T. Deloney]

A rich old miser of renown/ ZN2291| Contriving Lover/ Tune: I often for my Jenny strove/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 293 = CR 1030 = OPB 163: R. Kell, 1690 [prototype of Child ballad #281, "Keach in the Creel"]

A rich wealthy batchelour, thirty and odde/ ZN2292| A pleasant new Ditty/ Tune: I know what I know/ RB3 225: J. Wright, junior

The riddle is expounded, the plot is very plain/ ZN2293| Sir John Friend and Sir William Perkins.. 1696.. Bloody Plot/ Tune: 'Twas within a Furlong of Edenborough Town/ [Roman letter]/ P5 16: J. Carew

Riding down a narrow lane, two or three hours after/ ZN2294| An Answer to Cold and Raw/ This may be Printed, R. P./ RB7 234 [from C.22.f.6 30]: J. Deacon [Answers "Cold and Raw," N499|]

A rimer of late in a barbers shop/ ZN2295| Rimmers new Trimming/ Tune: In Sommer time/ P1 464: T. Langley [Tune is "Callino," see next page, P1 465, N1474|, "In summer time when Phoebus rayes"]

Ring Bells, and let Bonefires out-blaze the Sun/ ZN2296| Englands Joy For the Coming..King Charles the Second/ Tune: A Joyful sight to see/ E 99: John Andrews

Ring Bells for joy, let none be sad/ ZN2297| The Dutch Damnified [Naval battle Aug. 8-9, 1666]/ Tune: A Fig for France, and Holland too, &c./ With Allowance/ E 60: CVW

Ring out your bells/ ZN2298| A pleasant newe Ballad.. prosperous Raigne [Elizabeth's, of 42 years]/ Tune: The Queene's hunt's up/ SH #42 [Cf. AI 335, of Nov. 3, 1602 for similar or alternate title]

Rise up, my darling/ ZN2299| a pleasant ditty.. joyful walkes in the month of may/ Tune: The Brides good-morrow [tune given]/ SH #44 p. 186 [1 verse, RB8 xxxii***]

Robin thou said'st thoud'st love me long/ ZN2300| The Controversie between Robin and Dolls House-keeping/ Tune: I'le be married tomorrow/ WE25 135: R. B[urton]. at the Horse-shoe

Rowland and Roger, with Bridget and Mary/ ZN2301| The Jovial May-pole Dancers/ Tune: Top and top gallant [Ah Cloris awake]/ CR 1034: I. Deacon [HH1 144, C.22.f.6 128]

Roger did a letter send/ ZN2302| Roger's Renown..Fourth and Last Merry Ditty of Cold and Raw/ Tune: Cold and Raw/ RB7 236 [from DC2 187]: J. Blare

Room boys, room, room boys, room/ ZN2303| The Soldiers Catch/ Tune: Let the Soldiers Rejoyce/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 68: S. Smith, 1691

Room for a Blade that spares no Gold/ ZN2304| The Extravagant Gallants Resolution/ Tune: She got Mony by't or four pence half penny farthing, &c./ This may be Printed, R. L. S./ P4 249: J. Conyers

Room for a lad that's come from seas/ ZN2305| The Jovial Broome man/ Tune: Slow men of London/ [by] R[ichard] C[limsell]./ RB1 499: Richard Harper

Roome for a lusty liuely Lad/ ZN2306| Heres to the kind Harry/ Tune: Heres to thee good Fellow/ P1 432-3: Henry Gosson [Entd. Apr. 12, 1627. AI 1104]

Roome for Companie, here comes good fellowes/ ZN2307| Roome for Companie/ Tune: pleasant new tune/ P1 168-9: E[dw]. W[right].

Round, Boys, a Bumper to Lorrain/ ZN2308| The Christians new Victory Over the Turks in Hungaria../ Tune: [Hark] The Thundering Cannons Roar/ by J. S./ This may be Printed, R. P./ P2 138: Phillip Brooksby [Ptd. RB5 380. DC1 49v] [Entd. Aug 19, 1656. AI 300]

Rouse Lucifer, let us prepare/ ZN2309| The Infernal Post of Paris ..Charnock's Ghost and King Lewis/ Tune: The Jealous Lover/ [Roman letter]/ P5 21: M. Pelcomb

Rouse up dull sinners all/ ZN2310| England's Warning-Piece/ Tune: The Rich Merchant Man/ WE25 127: R. Burton/ RB7 685: P. Brooksby, Harp and Ball

Rouse up your spirits and haste away/ ZN2311| Gallant News from the Seas/ Tune: The Fleet at Sea/ [By] Tom. Smith/ M1 #45: Printed for W. J., 1649 [Ptd. CP 273]

Royal and fair great Willy's dear blessing/ ZN2312| ..The Charmin [sic] Regent's Wish/ Tune: New Scotch Tune [given]/ P5 204: [imprint shorn, T. Moore?]// Charming Regents Wish/ Tune: pleasant new Tune [meaningless music given]/ CR 1035: C. Bates

The Royal Assembly that sate at the Hague/ ZN2313| Hogan Mogan, Or, The Wise Men of Europe/ Tune: The Pudding/ P5 132: J. Wallis, 1691

Russel on the ocean, minding Turvil's motion/ ZN2314| The Frighted French/ Tune: Pleasant New Tune/ CR 1036 = OPB 145: T. Moore, 1695 [Ptd. RB6 446]

Sad as death at dead of night/ ZN2315| Repentance too Late/ Tune: pleasant new play house Tune, called, Sad as Death: Or, Parthenia unto Cloe cryed/ P3 386: CVWCTP/ RB6 52: CVWC

The saddest tale that ever was told/ ZN2316| Sorrowful Song.. death of Sir Thomas Overberry/ Tune: Essex good night/ P5B 9, 10: I. W.

The sages of old, in prophecy told/ ZN2317| The Loyal States-Man/ Tune: The Sages of Old; or, Let the Souldiers Rejoyce [with meaningless music]/ P5 134: C. Bates [Expansion of D'Urfey song with tune by Eccles in Pills II, p. 17, 1719]

A sailor courted a farmer's daughter, whose living was in the wild of Kent/ ZN2318| The Goodhurst Garland/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 1037: Bow Church-Yard

A sailor new come over/ ZN2319| A Sayler new come over/ Tune: A Sayler new come over/ P5B 15-16: Henry Gosson [Entered June 13, 1631. AI 2355]

[Sawney was tall and of noble race?]/ ZN2320| The Scottish Lasses Complaint for Sawney's Unkindness/ Tune: Sawny will ne'r be my love again/ DC2 206v: ? [Expansion of song by D'Urfey, Pills I, 316, 1719. Answered by "When Sawney left me," N2881|]

Says Billy to Molly, together let's go/ ZN2321| Willy and Molly: Or, a Match to go a Maying/ Tune: I am a maid, and a very good Maid/ P3 34: CVWCTP

Scotch Jemmy, and Jockey, and Sawny/ ZN2322| The Scotch Soldiers Kindness/.. Fifty Young Damsels of Southwark, who lately lost their Maiden-heads/ Tune: The Crafty Miss/ This may be Printed. R. L. S. June 25/ Entered according to Order/ CR 1039 = RB8 472: I. Deacon [HH2 83] [Entd. June 25, 1685. AI 2380]

A seaman lov'd a Maiden pretty/ ZN2323| The She-Mariners Misfortune/ Tune: Doubting Virgin/ P4 187: J. Blare// The Mariners Misfortune/ Tune: The Souldiers Departure/ BB1 250: J. Blare

A seaman of Dover, sweet William by name/ ZN2324| Sweet William of Plymouth/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 1040 = RC3 332: Bow Church-Yard [Thompson and Cutting, A Pioneer Songster, p. 32. Traditional, Laws P9]

A Seamans Wife, a buxome Dame/ ZN2325| A Jobb for a Journeyman- Shoomaker/ Tune: Tom the Taylor/ P4 180: J. Deacon [Answer commences "At length the seaman he came home," N330|]

Seaventh chapyter of Isai/ ZN3288| A Carroll. Who trustes Chrystes Incarnatyone Are chyldren of Salvacyone/ [no tune indication]/ CV 8 [My guess: ?Entd. 1562/3, 'a godly new ballett, approvynge by ye scriptures that our salvation consesth only in Christe.' AI 92]

See how the charming Celia lies, upon her Bridal Bed/ ZN2326| Innocent Love in Triumph/ Tune: The Oxford Bells [Bonny Christ Church Bells]/ P3 77 = CR 1041: P. Brooksby [HH1 135, C.22.f.6 51]

See how the Romish whore goes down/ ZN2327| Ropery [sic] Routed: Father Petres's Farewel/ Tune: Hark how the Thundering Cannons Roar/ P2 296: Printed.. 1689

See how the Tories drives their trade/ ZN2328| A New Ballad, With the Definition of the Word Tory/ Tune: Hey Boys, up go we/ RB4 257: R. Lett, 1682

See how the wheels of fickle fortune/ ZN2329| The Forsaken Lover/ Tune: Dry bread shall be my food/ CR 1042: H. Green

See the building/ ZN2330| A Well-wishing to a place of Pleasure/ Tune: excellent new tune/ P1 335: [Francis Coles, from 2nd half of sheet, Pepys copy of N1729|]/ RB3 57: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke [on same sheet with "Loving mortal," N1729|] Copy in Bishop Percy's Folio MS: Loose and Humorous Songs. Bodleian MS says it is King James lament for Queen Anne]

See the guilding/ ZN2331| Cheapsides Triumphs/ Tune: [See] the Building/ P1 66-7: F. Coules

See yonder she swims and calls, Love/ ZN2332| The Passionate Squire's Petition/ Tune: Excellent New Tune [meaningless music given]/ P5 191: C. Bates

See you not Peirce the Piper/ ZN2333| A merry Wedding Or, O brave Arthur of Bradly/ Tune: pleasant new Tune/ E 214 [incomplete, no imprint]/ CR 1044: W. O. for A. M. sold by J. Deacon [HH2 57] [?Entd. 1656, 1675. AI 1753, 1754. See N81|, 18th cent. and note there]

Shakum Guie has gotten a Wife/ ZN2334| Scotch Moggy's Misfortune/ Tune: Excellent New Tune/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 288 = DC2 191 = CR 1045: BDBB [DC2 191, HH2 82] [Rptd. in RB3 347, with answer, "Moggy, now rejoyce and sing," N1773|. Tune, Robin Cushie (quoth she), or Kind Robin loves me, from chorus. It is in Wm. McGibbon's A Collection of Scots Tunes, 1742, p. 36, as "Robin Cushie," and later elsewhere as "Kind Robin loves me"]

Shall I here reherse the story/ ZN2335| Ione is as good as my Lady/ Tune: What care I how faire she be/ P1 236-7: A[ugustine]. M[athews]. [expanded from song by T. Campion, tune from song by G. Wither]

Shall I wed an aged man, that groaneth of the gout/ ZN2336| The Complaint of a Widdow against an aged man/ Tune: Trentam's Toy/ SH #66 [1 verse, RB8 716] [Entd. Sept 4, 1564. AI 2410]

Shall I wrestling in dispair/ ZN2337| A new song.. Young Mans opinion/ Tune: pleasant new tune/ P1 230-4: W. I. [by George Wither. Entd. late, Feb. 7, 1638. AI 3069] [Bishop Percy's Folio MS, II, p. 50]

Shall the Granadeer-Boys proclaim/ ZN2338| The Couragious Seamens Loyal Health/ Tune: The Granadeers Loyal Health/ This may be Printed, R. P./ CR 1047: J. Back

She lay naked in her bed/ ZN2339| Loves fancy, or, The Young Man's Dream/ Tune: pleasant new tune, or, the Hay-makers march/ WE25 88: CVW [Late entry, 1675. AI 1564. This has ten verses of 4 lines. With 4 verses of eight lines is a copy in BL MS Addl. 22582, which appears to be of 1620-5. This is later in drolleries (see Rollins' AI). Irish "Young Man's Dream" is a late imitation. This spawned many imitations, which started appearing in MSS about 1620-5. Three are in Percy Folio MS. This still appears in bawdy song collections]

Shepherd Adonis, being weary of his sport/ ZN2340| Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 1049: Aldermary Church-Yard [Tea Table Miscellany, Eliz. Cochrane song MS. With music in Scots Musical Museum #159. Traditional, Copper family]

Shepardes hoe! Shephards hoe!, hark how Phillis calles thee/ ZN3258| [Phillis hoe]/ [no broadside, Bishop Percy's Folio MS, II p. 507 [?Entd. Feb. 2, 1615 as "Shephard hay, shepard hee". AI 2413]

A shepherd sat him under a Thorn/ ZN2341| The Merry Bag-Pipes/ Tune: March Boys, &c./ Licensed according to Order/ P5 158 = RB7 326 = CR 1050: C. Bates [HH2 24, BC2 159]

Shinkin ap shone was rob a creet house/ ZN2342| Shinkin's Misfortune: Or, The Poor Welsh Taylor Kidnapt for stealing a Goose.../ Tune: Teague and Sawney/ Licensed according to Order/ CR 1051: J. Deacon

A Ship must have a Steers-man/ ZN2343| A Ship-load of Waggery/ Tune: new Tune. Or Cloris awake/ P4 177 = CR 1052: P. Brooksby, Pye-corner [HH2 88]

Shut the door after me/ ZN2344| The loving Chamber-Maid; or Vindication of a departed Maidenhead/ Tune: a New Tune/ E 179 = CR 1053 = OPB 209 = RB7 447 (expurgated): Phil. Brooksby [DC1 122v, OPB-expurgated] [Burden, "But that I'm a maid, and a very good maid" becomes tune title] [Simpson, p. 384, notes Douce copy has ms tune direction "Sit thee down by me," = "Jenny's Cogwheel"]

Sighs and groans, and melancholy moans/ ZN2345| The Passionate Lover/ Tune: pleasant New Play-house Tune, much in Request/ This may be Printed, R. P./ E 287 = CR 1054: BDBB// Tune: New Play-house tune [meaningless music given]/ This may be printed, R. P. [twice]/ P5 234: J. Back/ RB6 297: [no imprint]

The silly poor man came over the lee/ ZN2346| An Excellent Balladt Intituled The Gaberlunzie-Man/ Tune: [none indicated, its own in Orpheus Caledonius, c 1725]/ CR 1055: [no imprint, 18th cent.]

A silly poor Shepherd was folding his Sheep/ ZN2347| Innocent Shepherd and the Crafty Wife/ Tune: The Country-Farmer; Or, The Buxome Virgin/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P3 209 = CR 1056: C. Dennisson [expanded from 4 verse song in New Academy of Compliments, 1669. In Folger Lib. MS. V.a. 308, about same date. See also Wardroper, Love and Drollery, #387]

Silvia the fair by the side of a river/ ZN2348| Cupid's Kindness to Constant Corydon/ Tune: Charon make haste/ This may be Printed, R. P./ CR 1057 = DP 55: J. Back [C.22.f.6 38, DC1 48]

Silvia the fair, in the bloom of fifteen/ ZN2349| Maidens Wish Procur'd/ Tune: Excellent New Ayre [meaningless music given]/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P5 230: J. Blare, 1689 [this must be reissue of one licensed earlier]

Silvia, thou bright and charming maid/ ZN2350| Jockies Happy Meeting/ Tune: Jenny my blithest lass, &c., Or, Silvia thou brightest, &c. [meaningless music given]/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P5 267: C. Dennison

Simon the Salter, fine and trim/ ZN2351| The Seven London Lasses Lamentations For the Loss of Simon/ Tune: There is one black and sullen hour/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P3 335: I. Deacon

Since all the world's in arms/ ZN2352| Royal Ball.. in Masquerade by Two Seamen/ Tune: Excellent New Tune [meaningless music given]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 381 = CR 1058 = OPB 166: BDBB

Since all thy vows, false maid, are blown to air/ ZN2353| Cromlet's Lilt/ Tune: Sung with its own proper tune/ RB7 396: [no imprint, c 1750. Maidment's copy is now HC 763. Song with music in Orpheus Caledonius, II, #1, 1733]

Since arrival, proclaiming and crowning is o're/ ZN2354| The Welsh Fortune-Teller/ Tune: Touch of the Times/ P4 320 = CR 1059: G. Conyers/ RB7 722: [no imprint] [BC2 132, HH2 141]

Since Celia's a whore, I'le abide her no more/ ZN2355| An Answer to the forc'd Marraige/ Tune: Celia's my foe/ With Permission, Ro. L'Estrange/ CR 1080 = RL 8: E. Oliver [ptd., with expurgation, RB8 192] [Answer to "To what great distress," N2654|]

Since Celia's my foe/ ZN2356| Amintor's lamentation for Celia's unkindness/ Tune: Delicate New Tune of Since Celia's my foe/ RB3 386 [two copies] = WE25 1 = CR 1061 = OPB 205: P. Brooksby [RL 13] [Chappell, p. 384, gives 'original' Irish tune, 1676, and that from Lover's Opera, "Since Celia's my foe" = "King James March to Dublin." Answer to "Since Celia's my foe" commences "Tis better than so, Tho' you force me to go," N2619|]

Since drolling is grown such a trade in the town/ ZN3257| Reflections on the Catholic Ballad/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB4 110: E. T. Little Britain, 1675 [Entd. Mar, 22, 1675. AI 2205. E. T. in Stat. Reg. is Ed. Thomas]

Since her Beauty's grown a Snare/ ZN2357| The Tyrannical Beauty/ Tune: Pleasant Tune; called, Prodigious Fate/ E 364 = RB6 145 = CR 1063: CVWCTP

Since now the world's turn'd upside down/ ZN2358| The Dame of Honour; Or, Hospitality/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 1064: [no imprint] [from D'Urfey's The Kingdom of Birds]

Since poor Whiggs, our Senate's gone/ ZN2359| A New Presbyterian Ballad/ Tune: The Clean Contrary Way/ RB5 61: Printed in the Year 1681

Since Pop'ry of late/ ZN2360| The Catholic Ballad/ Tune: Tune of 88 [With music]/ RB1 89 = E 24 = E 25 = CR 1066 = W6 128a: Henry Brome, 1678/ CR 1066: Henry Brome [diff. issue]

Since the Frenchmem [sic] durst come o'er/ ZN2361| Englands Triumph Over the French..Coast of Sussex, July the First, 1690/ Tune: Leggan Water/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 223: J. Millet, and A. Milbourn

Since the whole World is so set upon news/ ZN2362| The Gazet in Metre/ Tune: Ever take care of the Parson precise, Who cants out the Way to Salvation/ With Allowance/ P5 124: J. Wilkins

Since women and maidens have been abused/ ZN2363| The Women and Maidens Vindication of Top-Knots/ Tune: Pleasant New Tune; Or, The Ladies of London/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 367: J. Gilbertson [Cf. N902|, N2801|]

Since women they are grown so bad, I'le lead a single life/ ZN2364| The Politick Countreyman/ Tune: Hey Boys, up go we, Or, Jenny Gin/ CR 1069: WCTP [HH2 57, C.22.f.6 163] [Ptd. RB8 697]

Sing, O sing, the day is cleare/ ZN2365| A most delicate... All Louers Ioy/ Tune: New Paradise/ P1 254-5: H. G[osson].

Sing, sing whilst we trip it, trip, trip it/ ZN2366| ... The Fairy Queen, or the Merry Companions/ Tune: [no tune indication. meaningless music given]/ P5 157: P. Pelcomb/ CR 1070 = OPB 51: T. Moore [Song from Purcell's The Fairy Queen]

Sing we Seamen now and than/ ZN2367| The Seamans Song of Danseker/ Tune: same tune [As other song on sheet, commencing "Gallants you must understand," N949|]/ E 327 = W1 79b: CVG/ W2 39: CVWG [Ptd. RB6 423. DC2 199] [Entd. July 3, 1609. AI 2394]

Sir, do not think these lines have flow'd from youthful hearts or hands/ ZN2368| The Forlorn Lover's Lament/ Tune: The Bony Broom/ RB6 586: [no imprint, Scottish broadside]

Sir Eglamore that valiant Knight/ ZN2369| Courage Crowned with Conquest/ Tune: pleasant new Tune/ P2 134 = CR 1071 = RB3 607: CVW, 1672|/E 53: WCTP [HH1 48, RL, BC] [Copy in An Antidote Against Melancholy, p. 24, 1661, "A Ballad of Sir Egle More."]

Ser, for the good chear[,] That I have hade heare/ ZN3376| [no title]/ ASM 48

Sir Walter Rawleigh ha's built a Ship/ ZN2370| Sir Walter Raleigh Sailing in the Lowlands/ Tune: The Sailing in the Lowlands/ This may be Printed R. L. S./ P4 196 = E 334 = CR 1073: J. Conyers [HH2 134, C.22.f.6 76] [Ptd. RB6 421, CB p. 201. Child Ballad #286]

Sir William, a knight of six thousand a year/ ZN2371| The Somersetshire Tragedy/ Tune: In vain, Cruel Nymph/ RB8 117: Aldermary Church-Yard

Sit thee down by me, my own sweet joy/ ZN2372| The Bonny Scottish Lovers/ Tune: pretty, yet common, Northern Tune [Jenny's Cogwheel]/ RL 110: CVWC [One of two expansions of song in Pills, III, 256]

Sitting beneath the Shade/ ZN2373| A Strange Apparition.. Phillis and Phillander/ Tune: Oh Cruel bloody Fate/ P3 378 = RB4 40: WCTP

Sitting beyond a River's side/ ZN2374| Parthenia's Complaint/ Tune: New Tune much in Request, Or, Sitting beyond a River Side/ E 288: Eliz. Brooksby/ RB6 47 [no imprint]/ DC2 175 = CR 1074: P. Brooksby [Answered by "Under a pleasant Willow shade," N2692|]

Sitting with my Dearest Dear/ ZN2375| The Hasty Wedding; Or, William's Patience Rewarded/ Tune: The Man of Fashion, Or, The Doubting Virgin/ E 140 = RB7 203 = CR 1075: P. Brooksby, Pye- corner [DC1 93v, CR]

Six long years I've served of my time/ ZN2376| The Good Fellow/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB6 245: [no imprint, 18th century]

Slepyng in my bede, even this othar nyghte/ ZN3385| [no title]/ Burden: Qui obtinuerunte deviciase/ ASM 57

So long have I followed the Alewive's cannes/ ZN2377| A merry new ballad intituled The begger comes, the Begger comes, etc. [2nd part] Watton towne's end/ SH #34

So longe may a droppe fall/ ZN3284| CV 4 [Rollins notes, MLN 34, 346, 1919, that this and a song in MS Ashmole 48, 'I rede howe that the marbell stone', were both inspired by a song in Tottel's Miscellany]

So merrily singeth the Nightingale, and merrily singeth the Jay/ ZN2378| The Proud Pedler/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB7 51+54: [no imprint, 18th cent.] [With music in Scots Musical Museum #564]

A Soldier and a bonny lass, as they walk'd forth one day/ ZN2379| The Valiant Soldier's Courtship/ Tune: excellent new Tune/ Licensed according to Order/ CR 1076: BDBB

A soldier and a sailor/ ZN2380| Buxom Joan of Lymas's Love to a jolly Sailer/ Tune: excellent new Play-house Tune [meaningless music given/ P5 361 = CR 1077 = OPB 154: P. Brooksby [expansion of Congreve's song in Love for Love, 1695]

Some Christian people all give ear/ ZN2381| Lamentation of a bad market/ Tune: The Ladies Fall/ With Allowance/ P2 146 = CR 1079: CVWC [HH1 149] [CB p. 287] [Three children sliding on the ice]

Some do write of bloody warres/ ZN3280| A sonnge in praise of the single life. To the tune of the gostes hearse, alius the voice of the earth/ RP 17 and Deloney's Garland of Goodwill, pt 1, #10, 1631 (earliest extant)

Some lasses are nice and strange/ ZN2382| The Innocent Country- Maid's Delight/ Tune: set to an excellent Country Dance/ This may be Printed, R. P./ [Burden] To carry the milking pail/ RB7 27 = CR 1080: P. Brooksby

Some men of nothing doe matters endite/ ZN2383| Song made of Nothing/ Tune: Dainty New Tune/ RB2 480: John Wright [CB p. 322]

Some mournful muse attend my quill/ ZN2384| Unconstant Damon: Or, Clorinda's Languishing Lamentation/ Tune: delightful new tune, or, He that loves best must suffer most/ Licensed according to Order/ CR 1081 = OPB 161: BDBB

Some women are like to the wine/ ZN2385| A Merry Discourse between Thomas and John/ Tune: delightful new tune, .. called, Women and Wine/ RB7 149: J. Williamson [DC2 216v]

Sore sick, deare friends, long time I was/ ZN2386| The Deadmans Song, Tune: Flying Fame/ RB1 223: F. Coules/ P1 55: E. Wright/ P2 8-9: CTP/ E 72 = W1 83: CVWC/ E 73: [no imprint]/ CR 1085: W. Onley and A. Milbourn/ CR 1086: Bow-Church-Yard [Entd. 1624, 1675. AI 495, 2498]

A souldier from Flanders he Travell'd of late/ ZN2387| The Young Damsels Courage and Conquest/ Tune: March Boys, &c. [meaningless music given]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 172 = CR 1078 = OPB 70: BDBB

Sound a Trumpet, beat a Drum/ ZN2388| Londons Loyalty..Royal Coronation [James II]/ Tune: Hark the Thundering Cannons roar/ P2 231: [imprint mostly shorn, C. Dennison?] [see two following]

Sound the trumpet, beat the drum/ ZN2389| The Courtly Triumph. Coronation, 11th of April 1689/ Tune: cannons roar/ CR 1087: [no imprint, Roman letter]// Licensed according to Order/ P2 268: W. Thackeray [Blackletter]

Sound the Trumpet, beat the Drum/ ZN2390| The New Couragious Conquest..Athlone..30th. of June, 1691/ Tune: Valiant Jockey/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 362: BDBB

Sound up the Trumpet, beat up the Drum/ ZN2391| The Protestant Courage..of Valiant Sea-men/ Tune: Lilli-borlero/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 209 = RB4 321: J. Deacon

Sound the Trumpet, brave Boys/ ZN2392| The Second Victorious Conquest..Cork/ Tune: Let the Souldiers Rejoyce/ P2 320: Charles Bates

Stand wide my Masters, and take heed/ ZN2393| A Fooles Bolt is soon shot/ Tune: Oh no no no not yet/ [By] T. F./ P1 178-9: I[ohn]. G[rismond]. [Entd. June 20, 1629. AI 902]

State and ambition alas will deceive you/ ZN2394| State and Ambition/ Tune: [none cited, music given is "I never saw a face till now." BBBM #447]/ P5 404: P. Brooksby [Pepys copy ptd. RB5 561]

State and ambition alas will deceive you, there's no solid joy but in blessings above/ ZN2395| The Protestant Father's Advice/ Tune: State and Ambition/ CR 1088 = OPB 159: P. Brooksby [parody of preceeding]

State and ambition, all joy to great Caesar/ ZN2396| New made Medley/ Tune: State and Ambition [meaningless music given]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 411: BDBB

Still I'm wishing, still desiring/ ZN2397| Contented Lovers/ Tune: Excellent New Play-house tune [Purcel's, BBBM #449]/ P5 232: J. Bissel

A story most strange I shall to you declare/ ZN2398| Sad and Dredful News from Horsty-Down/ Tune: Now now the Fight's Done; Or, Packington's Pound/ P2 152: J. Blare [PA #37]

A story strange I will declare/ ZN2399| News from Crutchet- Fryers/ Tune: Hey Boys up go we/ P4 287: [no imprint]

A story strange I shall relate/ ZN2400| Warning to Murderers/ Tune: Troy Town/ P5B 50: WCTP

Stout seamen come away/ ZN2401| The Boatswains Call/ Tune: Ring of Gold/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 205 = RB3 463 = CR 1090: BDBB [HH1 19, HH1 113]

Stout Shoony-ap-morgan to London would ride/ ZN2402| The Unfortunate Welch-Man/ Tune: The Country farmer/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P2 173 = CR 1091: J. Deacon [HH2 127] [CB p. 306]

Stout Tom and Jack from Cumberland/ ZN2403| A Dialogue Between Tom and Jack, Two North-Country Plow-men/ Tune: Liggan Water/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 359: BDBB

Strange news is come from Hounslo' heath/ ZN2404| A New Medley/ Tune: Tarlton's Medley/ [by] M. P./ RB2 240: [no imprint]

Strange news, strange news, I here have write/ ZN2405|..Relation from the Faulcon.. Mr Powel [a ghost]/ Tune: Chevy Chase/ W1 183: CVG [PA 87. MS date 1661]

Strange news to England lately came/ ZN2406| The World's Wonder Old Men.. Tholouze, in France/ Tune: My bleeding Heart/ RB8 31 = CR 1092: CVWCTP

Strange Wonders appear amongst us ev'ry Year/ ZN2407| The Shepherds Observation..General War of Europe/ Tune: Excellent New Tune: Or, Fond Boy/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 141: Charles Bates

The strangest news you e're did hear/ ZN2408| Sweet Williams Kindness/ Tune: A Fig for France/ CR 1093: J. Deacon

Strephon vow'd and swore to me/ ZN2409| Forsaken Nimphs Complaint/ Tune: Celia that I once was blest [meaningless music given]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 300: J. Bissel

Strike up you lusty Gallants/ ZN2410| A Famous Sea-Fight between Captain Ward and the Rainbow/ Tune: Captain Ward/ E 108: Fr. Coles in the Old-Baily/ P4 202: CTP/ RB6 426 [3 copies]: W. O./ CR 1094: [no imprint, 18th cent.] [Child Ballad #287]

Strike up drousy Guts-scrapers/ ZN2411| Richmond Recreation/ Tune: excellent play-house tune/ P5 408: J. Deacon [expansion of D'Urfey song. Music given as in Pills II, p. 218, 1719, where tune is named "Mr. Lane's Maggot"]

String up your hearts, & tune your throats/ ZN2412| Englands Tryumph..Second Royal Victory.. [against Dutch fleet, June 1-4, 1666]/ Tune: A Fig for France and Holland too, &c./ E 93: CVW

Such commands o'er my fate/ ZN2413| The faithful lover/ Tune: Fond Boy [meaningless music given]/ P5 206 = CR 1095: Charles Barnet, 1694

A Sudden sad mis-chance/ ZN2414| A Looking Glasse for Young Men and Maids/ Tune: The Brides Burial/ BF 24: Tho. Vere [Ptd. CP p. 366]

The Summer Sunne ore heatinge/ ZN2415| A posie of rare Flowers/ Tune: delectable new tune/ P1 308-9: H. Gosson/ The Summers [Sun] o're heating/ P4 39: CVW/ RB2 275: H. G./ CR 1096: CVW [RL 202, HH2 58] [CB p. 55. Entd. Apr. 12, 1627, 1656. AI 2129, 2152]

The summer's departed, and winter is come/ ZN2416| The Naked Truth.. poor Man's Cares/ Tune: The Touch of the Times/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 314: BDBB

Surely now I'm out of Danger/ ZN2417| The Redeemed Captive/ Tune: When Aurelia first was/ E 296: [no imprint]/ BB2 549: CVWCTP/ CR 1097: [imprint shorn]/ OPB 199: CWCTP [no Vere!] [See Ebsworth's date and attribution, BB2 547-8]

Susan a Merchants Daughter dear/ ZN2418| The Merchants Son of Exeter/ Tune: O How can I be merry or glad/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 365: BDBB [Answer commences "Disloyal lovers listen now," N789|. Traditional, Laws P32, "A Gentleman of Exeter"]

Susan, I this letter send thee/ ZN2419| Love and Loyalty..letter from ..on Board of an English Privateer/ Tune: Tender hearts of London City/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 173 = RB7 497 = CR 1098: BDBB [DC1 122]

Susan my hearts delight/ ZN2420| The Couragious Coronet/ Tune: Ring of Gold/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 71: BDBB

The swan before her death/ ZN2421| Wofull Lamentation of William Purcas..murdering his mother/ Tune: The rich Merchant/ RB3 29: Francis Coules

Sweet England, call for grace/ ZN2422| The Four Wonders of this Land/ Tune: Dear Love, regard my grief/ RB1 354: P. Brooksby, Pye-Corner/ RC2 174-5: [imprint trimmed] [The 2nd wonder, which starts with the 15th verse, seems to be a version of a ballad entered June 1, 1580, "the report of a grest boie borne in Pountfret". AI 2274. The 3rd part may be connected wirh a ballad of 1585, AI 2538]

Sweet England's pride is gone/ ZN2423| A lamentable Dittie,.. death .. of late Earle of Essex/ Tune: Weladay [BBBM, p. 747]/ [also on sheet, N116|]/ P1 106-7: printed at London for C. W[right]./ [original issue?] M1 #37a: London Printed by Edward Alde/ E 198: Printed at London for Cuthbert Wright/ RB1 564 [both ballads]: Cuthbert Wright/ W1 75 [both ballads]: W. Gilbertson/ P2 162: TP/ E 199 = CR 1099: A. M. W. O. and T. Thackeray [Entd. May 18, 1603, 1656, 1675. AI 1401, 1402, 1403]

Sweet fac'd Jenny receiv'd a Guinea/ ZN2424| The Country Lass, ..left spinning wheel/ Tune: My Maid Mary [My Young Mary]/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 290 = CR 1100: BDBB [C.22.f.6 97]

Sweet heart be not coy/ ZN2425| The true Lovers Summons/ Tune: pleasant new tune, Or, Lady be not coy/ BF 14: Richard Burton [Ptd. CP 427]

Sweet if thou lov'st me come away/ ZN2426| The Helpless Maidens call to the Batchellors/ Tune: [Music given]/ P5 195: T. M., 1691 [Answer commences: Love I am ready at your call, N1721|]

Sweet if thou wilt be, as I am to thee/ ZN2427| Come turn to me thou pretty little one/ Tune: pleasant new tune/ CR 1101: Charles Tyus/ P3 226: WCTP/ RB6 277: TPW [HH 1 33, C.22.f.6 37] [Entered to R. Ibbitson, Mar. 12, 1656, AI 330, with "No Ring, No Wedding," (John Hammond issue) of which second parts of the two ballads are identical. Latter in Rollins' CP 396, comm: "Sweet-heart I love thee," N2443| J. P. Collier printed "Come turn to me" in A Book of Roxburghe Ballads, p. 116, 1847, with a note that it was of the time of Henry VIII. In Extracts.., II, ix, #41, he listed "My pretty little One" as a song in his MS of the time of James I. This is his 'improved' version, a forgery, in his MS, now Folger Shakespeare Lib. MS V.a. 339]

Sweet Joan my joy and hearts delight/ ZN2428| The Ploughman's Love and Loyalty/ Tune: Ise often for my Jenny strove/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 69: BDBB

Sweet kind and loving husband dear/ ZN2429| The Chearful Husband: or, the Despairing Wife/ Tune: The Jealous Lover/ Licensed according to Order/ RB3 515 = CR 1102: J. Blare

Sweet Lucina, lend me thy ayde/ ZN2430| The witty Western Lasse/ Tune: The begger boy/ [By] Robert Guy/ P1 304-5: F. Coles// [By] Robert Guy/ RB3 47: I. W. [Entd. Sept. 5, 1631. AI 2979]

Sweet Margery I am prest to Sea/ ZN2431| The Seaman's leave taken of his Sweetest Margery/ Tune: Ile goe through the World with thee/ M1 #17: J. H[ose]. for Francis Coles, dwelling in the Old-Bailey/ E 326: Francis Coles/ P4 158: WCTP

Sweet Meg, behold thy Willy's now/ ZN2432| There I mumpt you now/ Tune: I'le go no more into Scotland for to lye/ M2 #41: F. G[rove]. [Ptd. CP p. 298]

Sweet mistress money/ ZN2433| The World's Sweet-heart/ Tune: The Begger Boy/ RB3 81: Thomas Lambert [Entd. Aug. 19, 1634. AI 3035]

Sweet Nancie I doe loue thee deare/ ZN2434| A mad kind of wooing/ Tune: tune of the new dance at the Red Bull Play-house/ P1 76-7: H. G[osson]./ RB2 121: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke [Entd. Dec. 14, 1624. AI 2566]

Sweet open the door and let me come in/ ZN2435| The Repulsive Maid/ Tune: pleasant New Tune: Or, sweet open the Door, &c./ RB6 209: CVG/ P3 115 = CR 1103: WCTP/ BF 31: [no imprint, c 1655] [Entered July 12, 1640 and transfered from Burton July 26, 1658. AI 2278, 2568] [C.22.f.6 170] [Traditional. See "Rap at the Door" in Logan's Pedlar's Pack, and Grieg-Duncan #780, 1990]

Sweet Princess the Nations delight/ ZN2436| Great Britains Earnest Desires for the Princess Mary/ Tune: Grim King, &c./ P2 265: P. B[rooksby].

Sweet Robin the Plow-man lov'd young Kate/ ZN2437| Robin the Plow-man's Courage/ Tune: March Boys, March Boys, &c./ Licensed according to Order/ P3 305: BDBB

Sweet use your time, abuse your time/ ZN2438| A Word in Season: Or, Now or Never/ Tune: Sweet use your time, &c./ P3 151 = RB6 140 = CR 1104 = DP 12: WCTP [HH2 158]

Sweet Virgin, hath disdain mov'd you to passion?/ ZN2439| The Young Mans Vindication Against the Virgins Complaint/ Tune: The Virgins Complaint: Or, Cupids Courtesie/ RB6 255: R. Burton/ P3 4: CTP/ P3 16: TPW/ RL 29: Ptd. for Richard Burton and sold by CVW [DC2 263v] [I haven't found the ballad this answers]

Sweet William and pretty Betty/ ZN2440| The Seaman's Adieu/ Tune: Tender hearts [of London city]/ BB1 274 = RB7 527: J. Deacon [DC2 196]

Sweet William, prithee tell me, wilt then wed/ ZN2441| Susan's Courtship/ Tune: The bonny grey ey'd Morn/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 24: J. Deacon

Sweet youthful charming ladies fair/ ZN2442| The Unfortunate Concubine [Rosamund Clifford]/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB6 676: Aldermary Church-Yard

Sweetheart I come unto thee/ ZN2443| No Ring, No Wedding/ Tune: The Parson of the Parish/ M2 #4: Iohn Hammond [Ptd. CP p. 396. Entered to Ibbitson, Mar 12, 1656. AI 1950. The second half of the ballad is identical to the second half of another ballad entered at the same time, "Come turn to me thou pretty little one"= N2427|]

Sweet-heart I love thee/ ZN2444| ..Sweet-heart I love thee/ Tune: See the building/ P1 262-3: H. G[osson]. [Copy in Folger Lib. MS V.a. 345]

Sweet Heavens have been pleas'd/ ZN2445| The Queens Lamentation.. death of Henry Duke of Gloucester, 13. of September, 1660./ Tune: Franklin/ E 290: Charles Tyus

Take comfort Christians all/ ZN2446| The Kentish Miracle/ Tune: A Rich Merchant Man/ Entred according to Order/ P2 54 = RB8 39 = CR 1105: J. Deacon [Mar. 27, 1684, to Deacon. AI 1349.]// Title: The Worlds Wonder/ Tune: Chevy Chase [which won't fit]/ E 401: F. Grove [CB p. 117] [This version prob. that entered to Tho. Millington, Oct. 31, 1594 = AI 2145, but not with this tune direction. It has several additional verses. Another version commences "You faithful Christians, whereso'er you be," N3008|. Traditional version in JFSS 7, 136 (1905) tells the story rather differently than the broadsides. See RB8 pp. 34-55 for yet other versions]

Take hede in tyme, whylste youthe dothe reane/ ZN3339| [no title]/ ASM 10

A tar[e] it is laid, on the brewing Trade/ ZN2447| The Brewers Benefit/ Tune: An Orange/ P4 338: J. Millet

A taylor, good Lord, who liv'd in the Strand/ ZN2448| Rampant Taylor/ Tune: March Boys, &c./ Licensed according to Order/ P5B 63: J. W. 1692?

A taylor and a louse liv'd together in a house/ ZN2449| A Bloody Battle between a Taylor and a Louse/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB7 478: [white letter, 18th cent, c 1746] [Earlier versions, N2570| N2449| I've heard this on phono record as folksong, but haven't seen a printed traditional version]

A taylor in the Strand, Touch and go, touch and go/ ZN2450| Touch and Go; or, the French Taylor finely Trappan'd/ Tune: Sound a Charge, sound a charge/ RL 92: CVW [Ptd. RB7 486]

A Taylors wife exceeding fair/ ZN2451| The Jolly Coach-Man: Or, The Buxome Taylors Wifes Late folly/ Tune: A Jobb for a Journeyman-Shooe-maker/ CR 1107: P. Brooksby [C.22.f.6 54]

Teague and all his fellows they/ ZN2452| Tyrconnels Courage Confounded/ Tune: The Cannons Roar/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 366: J. Deacon

Tell me, Jenny tell me roundly/ ZN2453| Coy Jenny, And Constant Jemmy/ Tune: [none indicated]/ Entred according to Order [not]/ P4 33: J. Deacon// Tune: New Play-house tune or, Tell me, Jenny/ RB3 541 [no entry statement]: J. Deacon [See "Jenny, when I was most loyal," N1547|. Cf. also next two]

Tell me, Jenny, tell me roundly/ ZN2454| Come to it at last/ Tune: Tell me, Jenny/ RB3 537: [no imprint]/ CR 1109 = DP 43: WCTP. [HH1 32] [Chappell also gives version from 180 Loyal Songs, 1685, 1694. See preceeding, N2453|]

Tell me Jenny, tell me roundly/ ZN2455| The Love sports of Wanton Jenny and Simpering Jenny/ Tune: new Tune, called, Tell me Jenny, &c./ CR 1108: Phil. Brooksby [C.22.f.6 143, DC2 140]

Tell me Jhon, why art thow so sad/ ZN2456| A proper new ballet, intituled Rowlands god sone/ Tune: Loth to depart/ RP 14 & SHA p. 354 [Moralized version entd. in 2 parts, Apr. 18, 29, 1592. AI 2334, 2335] [Also ptd. Baskerville, Elizabethan Jig #20]

Tell me no more you love/ ZN2457| Love Al-A-Mode/ Tune: Excellant, and familiar New Tune/ P3 102: [no imprint, shorn?]

Tell me, O Shepherd, why so sad/ ZN2458| Love-sick Shepherd Cured/ Tune: We all to conquering beauty bow, or, I never saw a face till now [meaningless music given]/ P5 330: J. Deacon

Tell me sweet son, what you intend to do/ ZN2459| The Parent's Pious Gift/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RC3 661: [no imprint, 18th cent. garland]

Tell me thou mournful King/ ZN2460| An Answer to the Mournful Monarch/ Tune: The Ring of Gold/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 77: B. J., 1691 [Answer to "You Christian Princes of the World," N3000|]

Tell me you wandering Spirits in the Air/ ZN2461| Loves Mistress or, Nature's Rarity/ Tune: excellent new tune called Tell me ye Wandering Spirits in the Air/ [by] S[amuel]. S[mithson]./ M1 #25: Francis Grove on Snow hill/ WE25 79 = P3 12: CVWC [RL 66] [Entd. Mar. 12, 1656, 1675. AI 1569, 1570. 2 verses, RB8 cxxiii*. Expansion of anonymous song with music by Henry Lawes, BL Add'l. MS 53723. Ptd. 1652 and later by Lawes. Song in Folger MS V.a. 169]

Tender hearts of London City/ ZN2462| Loves Lamentable Tragedy/ Tune: a Pleasant New Play-house tune/ Licensed and Entred according to Order/ [with music, reprinted as BBBM #459]/ P3 352 = RB6 80 = CR 1110: I. Deacon/ CR 1111: I. Deacon [diff. issue]/ CR 1112: [no imprint, italic letter] [DC1 124v, C.22.f.6 82v, two more Roxburghe issues. Entd. to Deacon, Mar. 10, 1683. AI 1567. Answered by "How can I conceal my passion," N1165|]

That gallant prince, Grave Maurice/ ZN3262| A true discourse .. winning of the towne of Berke by Grave Maurice [June 12, 1601]/ Tune: ?/ SH #67 = p. 272 [?Entd. Aug. 3, 1601. AI 2737]

That men may feare the acts/ ZN2463| The Captain Cut-purse/ Tune: To a new tune/ Finis [by] Henry Smith/ P5B 7: [no imprint, probably separated sheet, but 1st on that including "Oh how happy is that man," N2015| On John Sellman the cutpurse]

That this great ware may stay/ ZN3378| [no title]/ ASM 50 [Lamentation for the poor in dearth]

Then (spight of all that doe their state molest)/ ZN2464| ..High and Illustrious King of Bohemia [beginning of title missing]/ [poem on Chas. I's daughter, husband, and children, no tune]/ P1 104: Edw. Allde for Henry Gosson

There came up a lass from a Country Town/ ZN2465| The Country Maidens Lamentation/ Tune: Ladies of London/ This may be printed, R. P./ R. Kell [with woodcut containing Ibbitson's initials] [DC1 35v] [Ptd. RB7 475]

There dwelt a fair Maid in the West/ ZN2466| A Warning to Married Women/ Tune: gallant new West-country tune, cal'd The Fair Maid of Bristol, Or, Bateman, or, John True/ [By] L. P./ E 377: CVG/ [no author's initials] P4 101: TP/ [no author's initials] E 378: W. O[nley]./ RB3 200: [no authour's initials, imprint]/ CR 1114: A. M. W. O. and T. Thackeray [Child ballad #243, entered Feb. 21, 1657. AI 2868]

There dwelt a man in Babylon/ ZN2467| The Ballad of constant Susanna/ Tune: [none indicated, "King Solomon" form]/ P1 33: H. Gosson/ excellent new tune/ RB1 190: Iohn Wright/ M2 50: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke// There was a man in Babylon/ An Excellent Ballad,.. Constancy of Susanna/ Tune: excellent New tune/ P1 496-7: WCTP/ CR 1138: W. Thackeray, J. Millet, and A. Milbourn

There dwells a brave young wife in London city/ ZN2468| The Country Cozen, or, The Crafty City Dame/ Tune: Good Morrow Valentine/ WE25 151 = P3 249: P. Brooksby

There happened of late a terrible fray/ ZN2469| A New Ballad ... German Prince and renowned English Duke/ Tune: [none indicated on Crawford copy. new French tune, call'd "Monsieur Ragou, or, The Dancing Hobby-horses"]/ CR 1115: James Cottrell, 1666 [W6 111, BC1 77, Harvard, C.20.f.2] [Entered Aug. 16, 1666]

There is a brave Doctor come newly a shore/ ZN2470| Romes Doctor/ Tune: The Two English Travellers, &c./ Licensed according to Order/ P5 122: A. Milbourn

There is a certain kind of idle creature/ ZN2471| A Woman's Birth/ Tune: Pleasant New Tune/ [by] Philo-balladus/ RB3 94: Francis Grove [Expansion of song, c 1625-30, in BL MS Harl 6057, Folger MS V.a. 345, "There is a certaine kind of scurvey creature, which by a foolish name men call a woman". For Bodleian copies see M. Crum, First Line Index.. Bodleian T 1691, T 1703. There is also a four verse version in Merry Drollery Compleat, 1691.]

There is a cursed Project, grown common in the town/ ZN2472| Conscience by Scruples, and Money by Ounces/ Tune: The Scotch Hay-makers/ Licensed according to Order/ [Roman letter, with woodcuts]/ P4 307: Charles Barnet, 1697

There is a fine Doctor now new come to Town/ ZN2473| The Well-Approved Doctor..Cure for Cuckolds/ Tune: The Two English Travellers/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 149: J. Deacon

There is a Holy Father/ ZN2474| The Papist Prayers/ Tune: A Begging we will go/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 James Bissel

There is a lad in our town/ ZN2475| The Love-sick Maid of Portsmouth/ Tune: Jenny Gin/ Ent'red according to Order [not]/ RB6 186: J. Blare

There is a Lass of London City/ ZN2476| The Contention, between a Countryman & a Citizen/ Tune: Oh Mother Roger/ This may be Printed R. P./ P3 255: P. Brooksby

There is a Lass whom I adore/ ZN2477| The Yeomans Delight/ Tune: Excellent New Tune; Or, To Bed to me, &c./ This may be Printed, R. P./ P3 169: J. Back

There is a Report/ ZN2478| A Letter to Satisfie all Person that Whitney is not fled/ Tune: Let Mary live long/ Licensed according to Order/ [Roman letter]/ P5 26: BDBB

There is a ship we understand/ ZN2479| An Invitation to Lubberland/ Tune: Billy and Molly; or, The Journey-man Shoemaker/ This may be Printed, R. P./ RB7 564 = CR 1116: J. Deacon [Descended from "The Land of Cockayne" and prototype for traditional "The Big Rock Candy Mountain" and "Oleana"]

There is a tapster in More-lane that did a pasty make/ ZN2480| News from More-lane/ Tune: A Health to the best of Men/ RB7 55: William Gammon

There is many a Man that in England do dwell/ ZN2481| Nothing like to a good Wife/ Tune: The Country Farmer/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 80: J. Conyers

There is no tre that grow[,] On earthe -- that I do knowe--/ ZN3293| The proofe and prayse of wine in measure and due time. [no title, that here from Stationers' Register. no tune indication]/ CV 14 [My ident: Entd, June 7, 1582, as title above. AI 2212. Drinking wine 'in measure' is explicit in the 3rd verse, and in 'time' implicit in the 5th and 6th verses]

There is one black and sullen hour/ ZN2482| Beauties Cruelty/ Tune: New Play-house Tune/ This may be Printed, R.P./ P3 374: J. Deacon/ Tune: a Play-house Tune/ Licensed according to Order/ E 17: J. Deacon/ CR 1118: BDBB [Expansion of song, M. Crum, First Line Index...Bodleian, T 1687]

There liv'd a Lass in London Town/ ZN2483| The London Lady Or Wife and Wanton/ Tune: Four pence half penny Farthing: Or, Tom the Taylor/ Lycens'd and Entered [not] according to Order, June the 19th. 1689/ P3 41: John Wallis, 1689

There liv'd in Bristol city fair/ ZN2484| The Fair and Loyal Maid of Bristow/ Tune: Jenny ginn, Or, Busie Fame/ RB6 443: P. Brooksby, Smithfield [Rollins, AI 825 identifies this with entry of 1623, but could not be that with tunes cited here]

There liv'd of late in Luteners-Lane/ ZN2485| A Westminster Wedding/ Tune: Tom come tickle me [= burden of song]/ WE25 94: R. Burton [MS note 'about 1662'] [Ptd. Common Muse #202]

There was a beautiful damsel of late/ ZN2486| The Contented Cuckold/ Tune: Ladies of London/ This may be Printed, R. P./ CR 1120: J. Back [HH1 34, C.22.f.6 94]

There was a bold seaman, a ship he could steer/ ZN2487| The Seaman's Renown/ Tune: A week before Easter/ RB7 559 [two copies]: TPW [This version of the "Child of Elle" tale seems to be several years earlier than Abraham Miles "It was a bold keeper", N1516|, but Miles is of the 1660's]

There was a brave citizen/ ZN2488| The Courageous Plow-man/ Tune: Dick and Nan; or, The Tyrant/ RB3 613 = CR 1122: CVWC [Grove issue gives T. J. as author. RL 57]

There was a brisk Lass both Bonny and Brown/ ZN2489| The Country Farmer; Or, The Buxome Virgin/ Tune: new Tune, called, New- Market, or King James's Jigg/ P3 263 = RB3 363 = CR 1123: P. Brooksby [HH1 40] [answered by "The country farmer is now undone," N724|, N758|]

There was a brisk Scotchman as I understand/ ZN2490| The Scotchmans Lamentation for the loss of his Pack/ Tune: Without ever a penny of Money/ This may be Printed R. L. S./ P3 340: J. Conyers

There was a country gallant/ ZN2491| Rocke the Cradle John [Restored title, trimmed]/ Tune: Ouer and Vnder/ [by] Lau. Price./ P1 404-5 = RB7 162: E. B[lackmore]. [Entered, Nov. 4, 1631. AI 2319]

There was a damsel young and fair/ ZN2492| Beautiful Barkshire Damsel/ Tune: All happy times/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 239: Charles Barnet [Sequel, N942|]

There was a cobler lived of late/ ZN2493| The Cobler's Golden Prize/ Tune: The Coventry Squire/ CR 1124: J. Shooter

There was a Doctor that lives in Barkshire/ ZN2494| The Doctor and Beggar-Wench/ Tune: The Ladies of London/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P3 280 = CR 1126: J. Back

There was a Duke's Daughter Lived in York/ ZN2495| The Duke's Daughter's Cruelty/ Tune: excellent new Tune/ Licensed according to Order/ [Roman letter]/ P5 4 = CR 1127 = OPB 150: J. Deacon [Ptd. RB8 liv***. Child Ballad #20]

There was a fair maid at Islington/ ZN2496| The Fair Maid of Islington; Or, The London Vintner Over-reach'd/ Tune: Sellenger's Round, Or, Caper and ferk it, &c./ With Allowance/ P3 259: CTP// Licensed and Enter'd according to Order/ BB1 410: W. O./ CR 1128: W. O. and sold by C. Bates [With music in Pills. The late Jeany Robertson sang this, but I haven't seen a printed traditional version]

There was a grave man, both wealthy and wise/ ZN2497| A new Ballad...Parable of the Prodigal Child/ Tune: The wanton Wife/ P2 84-5 = E 140: CVW/ RB2 393: A. M. and booksellers [Entd. 1656. AI 794, but must be of 16th century]

There was a jovial Beggar/ ZN2498| The Beggars Chorus In the Jovial Crew/ Tune: pleasant new Tune/ P4 251: P. Brooksby, Pye- Corner/ BB1 216: P. Brooksby, Pye corner (this copy has the verse commencing "Of all occupations, a Beggar lives the best"/ CR 1129: J. Walter at the Golden Ball in Pye Corner/ The Beggars Chorus, or the Jovial Crew/ HC 666: [no imprint] [Pepys copy does not contain the verse commencing "Of all the occupations, a beggar lives the best" This verse is starting one in The Scots Nightingale, 2nd ed., p. 24, 1779. Scots traditional copies may descend from this latter. I\ note that this verse, and a few others, stem from rhymed dialogue in R. W.'s play printed in 1584, The Three Ladies of London, following the song sung by three beggars]

There was a jovial beggar bold/ ZN2499| The Jovial Beggars Merry Crew/ Tune: A Fig for France/ BB2 878: I. Deacon

There was a jovial Begger-man/ ZN2500| The Politick Begger-man/ Tune: There was a jovial Begger/ P3 73: CVWC [Entd. Mar. 12, 1656. AI 2131. Drastically pruned by Child #279. Note tune here can't be that from the later ballad N2498| but may be that in Silvia, #6, 1731, which fits well, but must be repeated 3 times per verse]

There was a jovial pedler/ ZN2501| The Jovial Pedler/ Tune: Pleasant New Tune/ RB7 49: [no imprint] [Expansion of song of the early 1630's in BL MS Harl. 6057, and Wit and Drollery, 1661, as noted by Ebsworth]

There was a jovial Tinker/ ZN2502| Joan's Ale is New/ Tune: pleasant New Northern Tune/ CR 1130 = P4 245: CVWCTP [C.22.f.6 52, DC1 99v] [Traditional. Entered, Oct. 16, 1594, and 1656, AI 1288, 1289.]

There was a iouiall Tinker/ ZN2503| A pleasant new Songe of a iouiall Tinker/ Tune: Fly Brasse/ P1 460-1: I. Trundle [Entd. Mar. 22, 1616. AI 1309. Simpson, p. 713, suggests tune may be Tom of Bedlam. In book, Tinker of Turvie, 1630, a version of the song is given, but without tune direction]

There was a jovial Waterman/ ZN2504| The Water-Mans Delight; Or, The Fair Maid/ Tune: new Tune; called, The Watermans Delight/ P4 174 = BB1 257: TP [2nd part, "You jovial gallants all give ear," N3032|]

There was a Knight was drunk with Wine/ ZN2505| An Excellent New Song, Call'd, The Lady's Policy; Or, The Baffled Knight/ Tune: a pleasant New Tune/ P5 169: T. Moore, 1693/ RB7 439 = DC3 52v: [18th cent. no imprint, all four parts] [Child Ballad #112C, with a 4th part not in Pepys collection. Answer (2nd part) commences 'The baffl'd Knight was by the Lass,' N372|. The Third part commences 'The baffl'd Knight was fool'd once more,' N373|. Cf. N2506|. In a sequel in NLS MS 6299, 1740's, the knight wasn't baffled on the second encounter, and it ends with the maid begging the knight to marry her]

There was a knight was wine-drunke/ ZN2506| The Politick Maid/ Tune: Pleasant New Tune/ [by] R. C[limsell]./ RB2 281: Thomas Lambert [Entd. May 16, 1637. AI 2133. Cf 2505, and Ravenscroft's Deuteromelia, p. 22, 1609, "Yonder come a courteous knight"]

There was a lad in Cumberland/ ZN2507| Cumberland Laddy; Or, Willy and Nelly of the North/ Tune: The Lass that comes to bed to me/ RB7 465 [from DC1 42, 43v]: CVWC

There was a Lady of the North-Country/ ZN2508| A Noble Riddle Wisely Expounded/ Tune: Lay the bent to the bonny broom/ E 253: CVG/ P3 19: W. Thackeray, E. M. and A. M./ WE25 15 = RL 193: CVWC [Child Ballad #1. Entered Mar. 1, 1675. AI 1959]

There was a Lass her name was Nell/ ZN2509| The Bonny Lass of Bristol/ Tune: Sawny will ne'r be my Love again/ P3 303: CVWCTP

There was a Lass in Cumberland/ ZN2510| Cumberland Nelly [The Lass that comes to bed to me]/ Tune: The lass that comes to bed to me/ With Allowance/ P4 25: J. Conyers [Ptd. RB7 463] [DC1 43] [See next]

There was a lass in Cumberland/ ZN2511| The Lass of Cumberland; or, Love in Abundance/ Tune: New Northern Tune, or, The Lass that comes to bed to me/ RB7 464 [from DC1 115]: CVWC [see preceeding]

There was a Lass in London Town/ ZN2512| The Witty Chamber-Maid; Or, Dick the Weaver strangely Cheated/ Tune: The Journey-man Shooe maker; Or, Billy and Molly/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P3 143: C. Dennisson

There was a lass in London town/ ZN2513| The Lady of Pleasure, Or, The London Misses Frolick/ Tune: Pleasant New Play-House Tune [Four Pence Halfpenny Farthing. BBBM #424]/ This may be Printed, R. L. S./ CR 1131: J. Back [HH1 148, C.22.f.6 134. See Simpson for others. Ptd. RB8 710. See Parker's original, N2173|]

There was a lass in our town, and she was wondrous fair/ ZN2514| Jenny, Jenny; Or, The False-hearted Knight/ Tune: New Scotch Tune: Or, Jenny, Jenny/ RB7 350: [no imprint]/ CR 1133: CVWC/ DC1 101: J. Clarke, Bible and Harp [Entd. 1675. AI 1279. No tune in Simpson's BBBM. Scots variant, possibly the original song, is "Sweet sir for your courtesie" = My Jo Janet" in Tea Table Miscellany, 1723/4. Tune is "Long e'r onie old man" in Skene MS, or "The Old Man" in Straloch Lute MS, 1627-29. Both these were printed by G. F. Graham in Songs of Scotland, II, p. 166. Tune is also printed as "Reuben" in Vol. II of The Dancing Master (1728), and Vol. II of Walsh's Compleat Country Dancing Master (1719), and in Gay's Polly, 1729. Also in many Scots collections from c 1726]

There was a lass in our town, Slea Willy Stenson/ ZN2515| Oppertunity Lost, Or The Scotch Lover Defeated/ Tune: a pleasant Northern Tune/ With Allowance/ CR 1132: P. Brooksby, West-smithfield [HH2 49, C.22.f.6 68] [18th cent. issues with music. Ptd. as late as 1819 in Encyclopedia of Comic Songs. Opening quoted RB7 351]

There was a lass in the North country/ ZN2516| Fickle Northern Lass/ Tune: There was a lass in the North Country/ WE25 62 = RB7 173 = CR 1134 = DP 52: CVWC [RL 93]

There was a Lord of worthy fame/ ZN2517| The Lady Isabella's Tradgedy/ Tune: The Ladies Fall/ P2 149 = E 182 = RB6 651 = CR 1135: P. Brooksby, Pye-Corner// Tune: Fair Rosamond, or Chevy Chase/ WE25 54: CVWC/ CR 1136: E. Brooksby/ CR 1137: [no imprint, c 1750] [BC1 35, BC2 66, DC1 111, DC2 142v, DC3 60] [RB6 652 contains short continuation from Newcastle copy, CB p. 302]

There was a lusty Lad/ ZN2518| Drunkards Dyall/ Tune: Riding to Rumford/ P1 428-9: Phil. Byrch. [Entd. 1617. AI 574]

There was a lusty youthfull lad/ ZN2519| A pleasant Ditty of a mayden's vow/ Tune: O no, no, no, not yet/ RB2 198: H. G[osson]. [Entd. 1633, 1636. AI 1649, 1648, but entry is to T. Lambert, which doesn't make sense]

There was a maid as I heard tell/ ZN2520| Joy after Sorrow.. Sea-mans return from Jamaica/ Tune: excellent new tune, called, my love is gone to Bohemy, or, Wet and Weary/ [by] L. P./ WE25 60: T. Vere/ [later issue] RL 128: T. Vere [source of tune title "Jamaica"] [Entd. Mar. 25, 1656. AI 1316, but ballad is of 1655]

There was a maid in the North-country/ ZN2521| ...The Musical Couple/ Tune: New Playhouse Tune/ With Allowance/ P5 202: T. Moore

These [sic] was a maid liv'd in the North, which had of late a sore mischance/ ZN2522| Bobbin Io: Or, The Longing Maid Satisfied at last/ Tune: The Bobbin Jo/ RL 106: ?

There was a maid this other day, see As Watkin walked by the way, N3278|

There was a maid this other day/ ZN3241| [Heigh ho for a husband]/ broadside not extant. Tune and two verses from J. Gamble's MS in Chappell's PMOT p. 454. Variant in Pills, IV, 56, 1719. [Entd. Apr. 4, 1657. AI 1114]

There was a maiden fair and clear/ ZN2523| Love Overthrown/ Tune: All happy times when free from love, &c./ P5 305: Charles Barnet/ P5 307: no imprint [Answered by one commencing "Alas! my dearest dear is gone," N46|. Traditional "Betsy was a beauty fair." Laws M20]

There was a man in Babylon, see There dwelt a man in Babylon

There was a miller who had three sons/ ZN2524| The Miller's Advice to his Three Sons, On taking of Toll/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB8 611: Aldermary Church-Yard/ [DC4 44] [Traditional, Laws Q21]

There was a race in Glasgow/ ZN2525| Cripples Race/ Tune: [none cited]/ P5A 1: [Scottish broadside with no imprint]

There was a poor man liv'd in Somersetshire/ ZN2526| The Cruel Land-Lord/ Tune: If Love's a sweet passion/ CR 1140 = DP 41: J. Blare/ RB3 624: [no imprint]

There was a poor Schollar, who loued a Lasse/ ZN2527| Hockley in the hole/ Tune: the Fiddler in the Stockes/ [by] W. H./ P1 294-5: T. L[angley].

There was a poor Smith liv'd in a poor town/ ZN2528| The industrious Smith/ Tune: Young man, remember delights are but vain/ [by] Humfrey Crowch/ RB1 469: Richard Harper

There was a poor York-shire man/ ZN2529| A true sence of Sorrow/ Tune: Rich Merchant Man/ This man be Printed. R. P./ P2 53 = BB1 167: J. Deacon [This may be related to N3324|, but is a century later, and with 'happy' ending]

There was a proud banker, a theefe to his trade/ ZN2530| .. robberies and lewde life.. Phillip Collins pressed to death [Dec. 3, 1597]/ Tune: Paggington's rounde/ SH #32 [1 verse, RB8 857]

There was a rare rat-catcher/ ZN2531| The famous Ratketcher/ Tune: iouiall Tinker/ P1 458-9: Iohn Trundle/ [half only] SH #22 [1 verse, RB8 xxxvii***]

There was a shaving Royster/ ZN2532| Dead and Alive/ Tune: Old Flesh/ Entered according to Order/ [By] L. P.]/ RB7 387: F. G[rove]./ P4 118: CTP/ CR 1141 = C.22.f.6 43: W. Onley and A. Milbourn [evidently that entered as "Dead and Alive Again," Mar. 12, 1656, to Grove, and re-entered in 1675. AI 494, 493] [Another version is "Simple Simon's Misfortune", commencing "Come listen a while, and here I will relate" = N630|]

There was a Shepherd's daughter/ ZN2533| Beautiful Shepherdess of Arcadia/ Tune: The Shepherd's Daughter, &c./ Licens'd and Enter'd according to Order/ RB3 451 = CR 1142: A. M. W. O., and T. Thackery; also Gilbertson issue, RC III 160/ HC 664, 665: Aldermary Church Yard [diff. issues] [DC1 11v, 14] [Child ballad #110. Entd. to Wm. Gilbertson, May 15, 1656. AI 173. AI 2420? Cf N323|]

There was a ship, and a ship of fame/ ZN2534| .. Captain Glen/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB8 141: [no imprint, c 1770] [Logan's Pedlar's Pack p. 47. Traditional, Laws K22A]

There was a stout seaman, as I understand/ ZN2535| The Seaman's Folly/ Tune: Cloris awake/ Written by Joseph Martin/ RB7 555 = CR 1143: P. Brooksby, West Smithfield

There was a tanner that lived in Kent/ ZN2536| The Kentish Frolick: or, The Tanner Betray'd/ Tune; [Ladies of London]/ DC1 107: ?

There was a tinker lived of late/ ZN2537| Jovial Tinker, or, The Willing Couple/ Tune: new tune called, to high, to low/ WE25 45: E[liz]. Andrews [Ptd. Common Muse #155]

There was a wealthy man/ ZN2538| An excellent Ballad of the Mercers sonne of Midhurst/ Tune: Dainty come thou to me/ P1 334: [no imprint]/ P1 540: [no imprint, late]/ [Answer on sheet commences "All you that fathers be", N131|] E 90 = CR 1144: W. Thackeray, J. M. and A. M./ RB2 189 (also RC2 331): A. M[ilbourn]./ [1st half only, 2nd half is E 12 or E 13] E 91: [no imprint]/ CR 1145: A. M./ [first half only] CR 1146 [2nd half = CR 56]: W. Thackeray [on CR 56] [Entd. 1624. AI 1705]

There was a wealthy old Broker of late/ ZN2539| The St. Giles's Broker/ Tune: Ladies of London/ Licensed according to Order/ E 319 = RB7 52 = CR 1147: BDBB

There was a wealthy young Squire/ ZN2540| The Cov[et]ous Mother/ Tune: O so Ungrateful a Creature/ This may be Printed R. P./ E 42 = CR 1148: J. Deacon/ CR 1149: [imprint shorn, c 1750?]/ RB8 131: John White, Newcastle [HH1 51]

There was a young Damsel both bonny and brave/ ZN2541| The Country Damosels Lamentation For her Love/ Tune: The Country Farmer/ By Gabriel Owens/ P3 341: J. Deacon

There was a young damsel of late/ ZN2542| The Doting Old Dad/ Tune: All Trades/ This may be Printed, R. P./ RB4 412 = CR 1150: P. Brooksby, West-smithfield

There was a young-man both handsome & fair/ ZN2543| The Country-Clowns Delight/ Tune: the Country Farmer/ By M. H./ P3 261: C. Dennisson

There was a young-man for lucre of gain/ ZN2544| The Scolding Wife/ Tune: Pleasant New Tune/ RB7 192 = CR 1151: P. Brooksby [HH2 77, DC2 189]

There was a young-man in his prime/ ZN2545| A New-Fashioned Marigold/ Tune: Behold the Man [with a glass/ can in his hand]/ P4 98 = CR 1152: CVWC

There was a young-man liv'd of late/ ZN2546| The Nine Maidens Fury/ Tune: She got money by't/ This may be printed, R. P./ P3 275: James Bissel [with adv. to chapmen] [Sequel, "I Wonder that this Age is grown," N1353|]

There was a Young man who lately exprest/ ZN2547| Tobias Observation/ Tune: The Country Farmer/ By Tobias Bowne./ This may be Printed, R. P./ P3 155 = CR 1153: P. Brooksby [Ptd. RB7 155. HH2 102, C.22.f.6 217] [Entd. Aug. 3, 1687. AI 2654]

There was a young man, a young man/ ZN2548| The up-shot of a New Wedding/ Tune: Tom Farthing/ P4 112: WCTP

There was a youth, and a well belov'd youth/ ZN2549| True Love Requited, Or, The Bayliffs Daughter of Islington/ Tune: North Country Tune. Or, I have a good old Mother at home/ P3 258 = CR 1154 = RB6 243 [three copies]: P. Brooksby [DC2 239, DC3 94] [CB p. 158. Child Ballad #105]

There was an a bonny young Lad/ ZN2550| .. Moggies Jealousie: Or, Jockies Vindication/ Tune: You London Lads be merry; Or, woo't thou be wilfull still my Joe/ Entred according to Order/ P4 32: J. Deacon [See RB4 544 for MS verses. Entd. June 1, 1684, to J. Deacon. AI 1783]

There was an a bonny young Lass/ ZN2551| The Surpriz'd Shepherdess/ Tune: Moggies Jealousie/ Entred according to Order/ P3 199: I. Deacon// [no entry statement]/ RB6 171 = CR 1121: J. Deacon [DC2 198v, C.22.f.6 184. Entd. to Deacon June 10, 1684. AI 2561]

There was an Attorney of Lincoln/ ZN2552| The Countrey Clerk/ Tune: Moggies Jellousie/ P3 264: P. Brooksby

There was an Excise-Man so fine/ ZN2553| The Crafty Miss; Or, An Excise-man well fitted/ Tune: Moggies Jealousie/ Entered according to Order/ P3 274 = CR 1155: J. Deacon/ RB8 553: [no imprint] [DC1 23v. Entd. June 19, 1684. AI 423]

There was an old Fryar of late/ ZN2554| The Lusty Friar of Dublin.. catch'd in bed with another Man's Wife/ Tune: Old Simon the King/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 43: BDBB

There was an old Knight liv'd in Sommersetshire/ ZN2555| The Bountiful Knight of Sommersetshire/ Tune: Packington's Pound/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 57: BDBB

There was an Old Maid of late/ ZN2556| Nell's humble Petition.. John the Joyner../ Tune: I merry and thank ye too/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 79: BDBB

There was a[n] Old wife/ ZN2557| The Old Pudding-pye Woman set forth in her colours/ Tune: rare new Tune much in use, or, There was an Old Wife/ E 261 = P3 121 = CR 1139 = RB7 77 + RB8 776: CVWC [HH2 47. Entd. 1675. AI 2011]

There was an Old woman came out of North Wales/ ZN2558| The Jolly Welsh-Woman/ Tune: Hey brave Popery/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 75 = CR 1156: BDBB/ RB7 724: [no imprint]

There was an Old Woman then/ ZN2559| The Old Woman's Resolution Marry../ Tune: I marry and thank ye too/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 186 = CR 1157: BDBB [HH2 48, DC2 170v]

There was as fine a London Blade/ ZN2560| The Oxfordshire Damosel/ Tune: The Jobb for a Journey-man-Shooemaker/ This may be Printed, R. L. S./ P4 21 = CR 1158 = RB7 134: J. Deacon

There was fowre pleasant wiues of late/ ZN2561| Four wittie Gossips disposed to be merry, Refused muddy Ale, to drinke a cup of Sherrie/ Tune: the Mother beguilde the Daughter/ P1 436-7: H. G[osson]. [Similar is N2120|. Gossips here drink spiced ale]

There was, I must tell you, a Jocular Spark/ ZN2562| The Penitent Gallant/ Tune: Hide Park/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 138: C. Bates

There was, I'll tell you, a wealthy young squire/ ZN2563| The Faithful Squire/ Tune: Charon/ This may be Printed, R. P./ BB1 454 = CR 1159: J. Deacon

There was in Bristol City fair/ ZN2564| The jealous Lover satisfy'd/ Tune: The gallant Youth of Gravesend/ P3 218 = CR 1160: J. Blare [HH1 137]

There was of late a cuckold-maker/ ZN2565| The Trappaned Cuckold- maker. Or, Yea-and-Nay well fitted/ Tune: O mother Roger, &c./ This may be Printed, R. P./ CR 1161: J. Deacon [HH2 104, C.22.f.6 185] [The 'Yea-and-Nay' identifies him as a Quaker]

There was of late a young Beautiful Lady/ ZN2566| The Ruined Lover: Or the Young Ladies Tragedy/ Tune: What shall I do to show how much I love her/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 369: Charles Bates

There was seven Gipsies all in a gang/ ZN2567| The Gypsie Laddy/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB8 156: [no imprint, c 1720?] [Child Ballad #200]

There was three travelers, travelers three/ ZN2568| The Jovial Companions, Or, The Three Merry Travellors/ Tune: Excellent North-Country Tune/ Licensed according to Order/ BB1 51: C. Bates [Pills IV, 1719, with music]

There was two lovers that met together/ ZN2569| Cupid's Delight/ Tune: If the door is lock'd where I have knocked,' Or, The Valiant Trooper [and pretty Peggy]/ RB7 98: J. Deacon

There was upon a time, a Taylor neat and fine/ ZN2570| A dreadful Battle between a Taylor and a Louse/ Tune: I am the Duke of Norfolk/ [By] J. Taylor/ BF 25: J. A[ndrews]. [Ptd. RB7 479] [Later altered to commence "Once upon a time, There was a Taylor neat and fine," N2449| Cf. N2168|]

There were three men of Gotham/ ZN2571| Choice of Inventions/ Tune: Rock the Cradle, sweet John/ RB1 105: F. Coles [Entd. Jan. 2, 1632. AI 289]

There were three Taylors, Taylors three/ ZN2572| The Valiant Dairy-Maid/ Tune: My Child must have a Father; Or, Billy and Molly/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 283: C. Dennisson

There's an honest man of Labour/ ZN2573| The Country Cuckold/ Tune: Soldier's Departure/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 139: BDBB

There's many a clinking verse was made/ ZN2574| The Praise of Brewers/ Tune: No body can deny/ WE25 63 = RL 187: CVW [A copy in An Antidote Against Melancholy, 1661, says it was made in 1657, to the tune of "The Blacksmith"]

There's many a comical story you know/ ZN2575| Captain Hind's Progress & Ramble/ Tune: Robin Hood revived/ RB7 644: [no imprint, c 1770] [DC3 122, Madden coll'n]

There's n'er a lad in our town, that's worth an ounce of Powder/ ZN2576| Daniel Cooper; Or, the High-land Laddy/ Tune: To a Scotch tune called, Wally on't, Or, We'l welcome you to Yarrow. Up go we, Or, Jenny Gin/ C.22.f.6 42, DC1 51: P. Brooksby (1683)

There's none can express, Your great happiness/ ZN2577| The Famous Orange..Antidote against Romish Poison/ Tune: The Pudding/ Licensed and Entred according to Order/ P2 360: A. Milbourn

There's seven young wives met together of late/ ZN2578| Seven Merry Wives of London/ Tune: Fond Boy/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 413: J. Blare

These passions here which I professe/ ZN3273| A prety songe to the tune of Legoranto/ RP 2 [Legoranto = ?Le Coranto. Several Corantos in FVB: 201, 203-5, 218, 221, 223-6, 228, 241, 264, 266]

Think not my dear thou shalt be absent long/ ZN2579| The Noble Gallant/ Tune: pleasant new tune called the German Princesses farewel/ WE25 80: J. Hose at seven stars/ I. H[ose]. and sold by CVWC [Ptd. RB7 10]/ DP 44: Ptd. by I. H[ose] for CVWC [DC2 162v, C.22.c.2 156. Cf. N1706|. Answer to N1706|]

This doth make the world to wonder/ ZN2580| A Conscionable Couple/ Tune: The Faithful Friend/ RB3 561 = CR 1164 = DP 42: CVWC [RL 54] [Entd. 1656. AI 378]

This holy stephen, replet with grace/ ZN3290| A carroll of saint stephen/ [no tune indication]/ [four line chorus given first, which begins, 'There was no deathe nor worldlie Joie.'] CV 10

This is a black and gloomy day/ ZN2581| The Bloody-minded Husband ..William Terry.../ Tune: Russel's Farewel/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 194: J. Bissel

Thys miserable world in dede/ ZN3354| [no title]/ Amen, quoth Harry Sponare/ ASM 25 [Entd. 1561/2. AI 1458]

This nation long time hath been plagued with old rats/ ZN2582| Come Buy a Mouse Trap/ [by Humphrey Crouch]/ Tune: Packington's pound/ M1 #52: Printed for John Hammond [Ptd. CP p. 202]

This noble relation which I am to write/ ZN2583| The Garland of Trials/ Tune: [none indicated/ RC3 692: [no imprint, 18th cent. garland] [DC3 38]

This song's of a beggar, see It was a blind beggar

This twenty years and more that I have liv'd a single life/ ZN2584| The Unsatisfied Lover's Lamentation/ Tune: Hey, Boys, up go we/ RB8 693: WCTP [HH2 130]

This Winter was sharp, it did plainly appear/ ZN2585| London's Wonder [frost ending Feb. 4 1685]/ Tune: Packington's Pound/ RB5 463: J. Deacon [CB p. 284]

Thomas why come you not/ ZN2586| The Bashful Batchelor..Courtship of Squire's Daughter/ Tune: The Ring of Gold/ Licensed according to Order/ E 15 = CR 1169 = RB3 421: J. Deacon [HH1 12]

Those gentle hearts, see, You gentle hearts

Those passions here which I professe/ ZN2587| A prety songe to the tune of Legoranto/ SHA p. 337 = RP 1

Those poets vain, who think no shame to make those Jigs of love/ ZN2588| A Godly Ballad.. I will go seek my Saviour/ Tune: We'll pluck the Heather, &c./ RB7 797: Newcastle, John White

Those that a story sad will hear/ ZN2589| [Fragment, no title, woodcut, or tune. Powder explosion over Tower of London.]/ M2 #13: F. G[rove].

Those that will run a vertuous race/ ZN2590| Solomons Sentences/ Tune: Wigmore's Galliard/ P2 64 = E 339 = CR 1171: W. Thackeray/ RB2 539: Henry Gosson [also on sheet "Of all the Kings in Israel," N2088| [BC2 5]

Thou art she whom I love dearly/ ZN2591| Toby's Delight/ Tune: Tender Heart of London City/ ?: P. Brooksby [Ptd. from unspecified source, RB7 xi*]

Thou sweetest of complexion/ ZN2592| The Northamptonshire Louer/ Tune: Falero leroo lo/ P1 324-5: H. Gosson

Thou that these lines dost eyther heare or reade/ ZN2593| A Warning for Swearers and Blasphemers/ Tune: [none]/ I[ohn] T[aylor]./ CR 1174: Francis Couls, upper end of Old Baily, 1626 [Entd. June 5, 1626. AI 2871]

Thou wealthy man, of large possessions here/ ZN2594| The midnight messenger, or a sudden call... to a cold grave/ Tune: Tune: Aim not too high, &c./ [Roman letter]/ DC3 64: [no imprint] [Ptd. Dixon's Songs of Peasantry, Bell's Early Ballads]

Thou who art so sweet a creature/ ZN2595| A delicate new ditty... Posie of a Ring/ Tune: Dulcina/ P1 228-9: London Printed for F. C[oules]./ Thou that art/ RB1 244 = E 74: H. Gosson/ M1 #23: W. Gilbertson

Tho' at present I must leave thee/ ZN2596| Real Reality, Or; The Souldiers Loyalty/ Tune: The Doubting Virgin/ This may be Printed, R. L. S./ P4 43: J. Deacon

Though bootless I must needs complain/ ZN2597| The faythfull Louers Resolution/ Tune: My deere and only Loue take heed/ P1 256-7: P. Birch [Two MS copies of "The blazing torch", c 1625, show that the first part of this ballad, 6 verses, is song "The Blazing torch", but first three and last three verses switched around, as in drollery and Pills copy of song (and this re-arranged song was not known as "The Blazing Torch"). Cf."A Batchelour I have been too long," N378|, and N407|]

Tho' Trading we find in the City/ ZN2598| The Naked Truth; Or, a New song without a Lye/ Tune: Old Simon the King:, Or, The Character of sundry Trades and Callings/ E 236 = CR 1168: J. Blare/ RB7 19: [no imprint]

Though the town does abound so with plots and with shams/ ZN2599| The Protestant Cuckold [Ben. Harris and wife Ruth]/ Tune: Packington's Pound; or, Timothy Dash the Scrivener Apprentice/ CR 1175: Francis Smith, 1681 [See also N87|]

Thoughe weddynge go be destenye/ ZN3352| [no title]/ ASM 23 [Entd. 1558/9. AI 2216. Cf. 'The proverb reporteth no man can deny it, That wedding and hanging go by destiny.' N. Ault's Elizabethan Lyrics]

Though Wentworth's beheaded/ ZN2600| Keep thy head on thy shoulders And I will keep mine/ Tune: Merrily and Cheerily/ [by] John Lookes/ M2 #48: Thomas Lambert, 1641 [Ptd. CP p. 125]

A thousand times I me recommend/ ZN2601| Two proper new Balletes/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 1176: [no imprint, c 1560. See "E hath my herte in hold", N817|. CLB]

A thousand times my love commend/ ZN2602| The Distressed Virgin/ Tune: an excellent New Tune/ [By] M[artin]. P[arker]./ RB1 277: F. Coules/ BF 11: CWVG/ [no author] P3 313 = CR 1177 = DP 49: CVWCTP [RL 160] [Entered June 1, 1629. AI 610]

Three Beggars met together/ ZN2603| The Merry Beggars of Lincolns-Inn-Fields/ Tune: A begging we will go/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 252: C. Dennisson

Three Jouiall sparkes together/ ZN2604| It is bad Iesting with a Halter/ Tune: There was a Ewe had three Lambs/ By Robert Guy/ P1 440-1: F. C[oules]. [Entd. Jan. 2, 1632. AI 1263]

Three maides did make a meeting/ ZN2605| A good throw for three Maiden-heads/ Tune: Ouer and Under/ [by] M. P[arker]./ P1 314-5: I. Grismond [Entd. June 1, 1629. AI 2627]

Three Pipers, and three Fidlers too/ ZN2606| The Downfall of Dancing..[Fidler caught Wife with bagpiper]/ Tune: Robin Goodfellow/ P3 188: J. Deacon [DC1 62v]

Thrice Noble Lords, and Gentlemen/ ZN2607| The Happy Return.. Parliaments/ Tune: The Fair One Let me in/ This may be Printed, R. L. S./ P2 234: C. Dennisson

Thrice welcome to London, that renowned Prince/ ZN2608| The Protestants Triumph/ Tune: A touch of the Times/ WE25 109: J. Wolrab

Through fear of sharpe and bitter paine/ ZN2609| The Kings Last farewell to the World/ Tune: [none]/ Imprimatur T. J. Jan 31. 1648/ CR 1180: Robert Ibbitson 1648 [date is old style. Entered to F. Grove the following day, Feb. 1, 1649. AI 1375] [Ptd., Rollins' CP and CB p. 129. Rollins, AI 1375, cites another copy in BL]

Through Liddersdale as lately I went/ ZN2610| The lovely Northern Lass/ pleasant Scotch tune, called, The broom of Cowdenknowes/ E 166: F. Coles/ RB1 588: F. Coules [RL 205, DC2 137v] [Entd. Jan. 2, 1632. AI 1579]

Through the cool shady Woods/ ZN2611| Cupids Courtesie/ Tune: pleasant Northern Tune/ By J. P./ Licenced and Entred according to Order/ E 39 = DC1 46: F. Coles in Wine-street [after fire, 1666]// By J. P./ P3 219: TP/ Thro' the cool shady woods/ RB3 530 = CR 1179 = OPB 233: W. O. for A. M. and sold by Booksellers/ CR 1178: W. Thackeray, J. M. & A. M. [DC, HH4 2] [Entd. Jan. 12, 1664 to J. Coniers. AI 458]

Through the Royall Exchange as I walked/ ZN2612| Londons Ordinarie/ Tune: pleasant new tune/ P1 192-3: Iohn Wright, neere Old Baily/ E 169 = CR 1181: CVWC/ RB2 24: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke [RL] [Version of song in T. Heywood's Rape of Lucrece, and as "In ye Royal Exchange as I walked," in BL MS Add. 22603, f. 57]

A thumping lusty country lad/ ZN2613| Love in a Mist/ Tune: Hey Boys up go we/ CR 1182: J. Deacon [HH1 161, DC1 125, C.22.f.6 57]

Thursday in the morn, The Ides of May/ ZN2614| Admiral Russel's Scowering the French-Fleet [1692]/ Tune: [None indicated]/ BB1 117 [from garland]: I. Walter [With tune by Ackeroyde in Pills]

Thus I, inconstant Jockey/ Love and Honour/ ZN2615| Tune: Luxemburg's March/ With Allowance/ P5 238: J. Deacon

Thy Life and thy Death thou didst freely declare/ ZN2616| Alexis Loyalty: Or, Fair Aminta... An Answer to My Life and my Death/ Tune: To the same Tune/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P3 180: J. Deacon ["My Life and my death," N1819|]

The times are grown hard, more harder then stone/ ZN2617| The Sorrowful Lamentation of The Pedlars, and Petty Chapmen.. / Tune: My Life and my Death/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 298 = RB7 46: I. Back

Till from Leghorn I do return/ ZN2618| Loyal Constancy/ Tune: Cloris full of harmless thoughts; Jenny Gin. The fair one let me in/ [by] John Blay/ RB7 542: [no imprint]/ CR 1183: P. Brooksby, West-smithfield [HH2 11, RL 190v] [Answer, "My dear, to thee I'le surely be," N1798|]

'Tis a pitiful thing that now a days, Sirs/ ZN3243| A merry song in praise of blackjack/ [Entd. 1675. AI 1230. no broadside, song in Pills, III, 249, 1719]

'Tis better then so, Tho' you force me to go/ ZN2619| Celia's Answer to Amintor's Lamentation/ Tune: Celia's my Foe/ With Allowance/ RL 12 [Ptd. RB3 389]: Phillip Brooksby [Answers "Since Celia's my foe," N2356|

'Tis Money makes the Mare to goe/ ZN2620| Mony makes the Mare to go/ Tune: Four-pence-half-penny Farthing/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 257: I. Deacon [HH2 150]

'Tis all confirm'd the News is true/ ZN2621| The Protestants Triumph in Re-taking Kilmore and Raising the Siege at London- derry/ Tune: King William he is now come o'er, &c./ P5 57: A. Milbourn

'Tis not long ago, good People you know/ ZN2622| An Answer to the Maidens Frollick/ Tune: An Orange/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 66 = RB3 405: BDBB [HH3 2] [Answer to one commencing "Late near Temple-Bar, a Frolick we hear," N2115| Another version, N1608|. See following, N2623|]

'Tis not long since, good people you know/ ZN2623| An Answer to the Maidens Frolick/ Tune: An Orange/ Licensed according to Order/ E 4: BDBB. [See preceeding]

'Tis this eighteenth months now since I/ ZN2624| The Seamans Return to his Sweetheart/ Tune: Dub a Dub/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 175: P. Brooksby, Pye-corner [DC2 198]

To a sad story now give ear/ ZN2625| A looking-glass for wanton Women [July 15, 1677]/ Tune: In Summer time/ With Allowance Ro. L'Strange/ P. Brooksby, West-smith-field

To all christian people/ ZN2626| Good Admonition/ Tune: Magina-cree/ P1 50-1: E[dw]. B[lackmore] [Entd. July 8, 1633. AI 1010, but how did Blackmore get if from the 'company'?]

To all good fellows I'le declare/ ZN2627| Jack Hadlands Lamentation/ Tune: It is Old Ale that has undone me/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P2 93 = CR 1185 = RB6 475: P. Brooksby [HH1 136]

To all Good-Fellows now/ ZN2628| The Bad-Husbands Folly/ Tune: Come hither my own sweet Duck/ P4 76 = RB6 493: I. Deacon [C.22.f.6 82]

To all men now Ile plainely show/ ZN2629| John Hadland's advice/ Tune: The bonny, bonny Broome/ [by] R. C[limsell]./ RB3 268: Francis Coules [?Entd. July 16, 1634. AI 2860]

To all my good Friends these presents I send/ ZN2630| A New Song, called Jacke Dove's Resolution/ Tune: To drive the cold winter away/ [by] G. B./ RB1 475: John Wright

To all true-hearted Shoomakers/ ZN2631| A New Song in Praise of the Gentle-Craft/ Tune: The Shoomakers Travels to London, Oxford, Cambridge, and a Thousand more places/ Written by R. Rigby/ P4 233: A. Milbourn

To all you ladies now at land/ ZN3252| [Noble Seamans complaint to the ladies at land]/ Tune: [Shackle Hay]/ [Entd. Dec. 30, 1664. AI 1960. no broadside, but oft reprinted and attributed to Lord Dorset]

To Caleb Shillocks propheaies/ ZN2632| Caleb Shillocke, his Prophesie/ Tune: Bragandarie/ P1 38: T. P[avier].

To Complement and kisse/ ZN2633| Kissing goes by Favour/ Tune: I marry and thank you to/ BF 1: Thomas Vere [Ptd. CP 451. This ballad too early to be to usual tune here cited]

To cure melancholy, I travers'd the fields/ ZN2634| Cupid's Power/ Tune: Dick and Nan; Or, The Tyrant/ CR 1186: Charls Tyus

To drive away the weary day/ ZN2635| The King and poor Northern Man/ Tune: The Slut/ W1 49: F. Grove/ W2 45: Francis Grove. Entred according to Order// The King & Northern-man/ P1 538-9: CTP/ P2 124-5: W. Thackeray/ RB1 521 = CR 1187: Alex. Milbourn/ CR 1188: Alex. Milbourn [diff. issue]/ CR 1189: [no imprint] [BC ?] [Entered to Rich Cotes, Nov. 9, 1633, & re-entered 1675. According to Rollins, it is by M. Parker. AI 1356, 1357. Tune, ?She cannot keep her legs together]

To England comes strange tidings/ ZN2636| A wonder.. Greenland...1631/ Tune: Iasper Coningham/ P1 74-5: H. Gosson [Entd. Jan. 2, 1632. AI 3015]

To England lately news is come/ ZN2637| The two inseparable brothers/ Tune: The Wandering Jews Chronicle/ [by] Martin Parker/ M2 #46a: Thomas Lambert [c 1637. PA #2, Manchester copy. RB8 23, 876.] = RB8 26 (defective copy): Thomas Lambert

To every faithful lover that's constant to his dear/ ZN2638| The Valiant Virgin; Or, Philip and Mary/ Tune: When the Stormy Winds do blow/ With allowance/ RB7 546 = CR 1190 = DP 9 = CR 1190: Thomas Passenger [Traditional, "It's of a brisk young lively Lad," JFSS 1, 60, 1900]

To faire Olimpus high/ ZN2639| Gallant News from Ireland [July, 1649]/ Tune: Spindolow, or, brave Essex and Drake/ M2 #19: Edward Wright [Ptd. CP 285]

To fashions strange the world is bent/ ZN2640| The Praise of Brotherhood/ Tune: Abington Fayre/ [by] I. D./ RB2 362: R. Harper [Entd. Aug. 23, 1634. AI 2158]

To God alone, let us all Glory give/ ZN2641| [Title lost. Naval Warfare of 1692]/ Tune: Aim not too high/ RB7 746 = CR 1191: BDBB, 1692

To horse brave boys, to New-Market, to horse/ ZN2642| The Call to the Races at New-Market/ Tune: To Horse, Brave Boys/ Licensed according to Order/ BB1 80: C. Bates// This may be Printed, R. P./ CR 1192: BDBB [CB p. 255] [Expansion of D'Urfey song]

To hurt the widow in dystresse/ ZN3287| [no title, tune indication] CV 7 [Entd. 1562/3. 'Herodes persecution &c'. AI 1109]

To Ireland I must quickly Go/ ZN2643| The Royal Salutation of King William and Queen Mary/ Tune: The Italian Dutchess/ P5 39: J. W. Near the Green Dragon in Fleet Street

To little or no purpose/ ZN2644| Oh! how I sigh when I think on the Man, &c.: Or, The Amorous Virgin/ Tune: dainty new Tune, much Sung in the Duke of York's Play-House/ WE25 31: E.C. for CVW/ P3 310 = CR 1194: WCTP [Entered, Mar. 1, 1675. AI 1985. Expansion of song by Etheridge]

To lodge it was my chance of late/ ZN2645| The Lamentation of John Musgrave/ Tune: Wharton [N1509|]/ W1 89: CWVG/ P2 160: WCTP/ RB7 604 = CR 1195: WCTP/ Tune: New Tune/ SH #2 [BC2 71, RL 204]

To London is mad Thomas come/ ZN2646| A merry discourse/ Tune: Spanish Pavin/ [by] Ed. Ford/ RB2 170: M. P. for F. C[oules]. [Entd. 1638. AI 1722]

To lordlings proud/ ZN2647| A Ballad on the Battle Of The Two Dukes [Lechmere and Guise]/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 1196: [18th cent., no imprint, by Mat. Prior?]

To mourne for my offences/ ZN2648| true Relation of Susan Higgs [a highwaywoman]/ Tune: The Worth London Prentice/ RB2 633: F. C. in the Old Baily

To mourn for the dead that in joy doth remain/ ZN2649| No Fool to the old Fool/ Tune: a very pleasant new tune/ Entered according to Order/ W1 [split sheet] 40+38: F. Grove

To my Gracious Queen I send/ ZN2650| The Royal Letter.. Queen Mary from his Majesty in Flanders/ Tune: Valiant Jockey's Marcht away/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 355: C. Bates

To pass the place where pleasure is/ ZN3417| [no title, tune]/ OEB #34 [Entd. 1561/2. AI 2647]

To speak of murthers that have been/ ZN2651| ...Midwives Ghost .Mar. 1680../ Tune: When Troy Town/ T. Vere, 1680

To thee, loving Roger, this Letter I write/ ZN2652| Joan's Loving Letter/ Tune: If Love's a sweet Passion/ P3 270: J. Deacon

To Wars (my Dear) I now must go/ ZN2653| A New Copy of Verses upon King William's Going To Flanders/ Tune: All Happy Times/ P5 85: J. W. in White-Friers, 1692

To what great distress/ ZN2654| The Forc'd Marriage: Or, Unfortunate Celia/ Tune: Since Celia's my Foe/ With Allowance, R. L. Estrange/ By W. P[ope?]./ E 119 = WE25 24 = WE25 143 = CR 1198 = RB8 190: E. Oliver [?Answered by "Since Celia's a whore," N2355|]

To whom shall we go, To make application/ ZN2655| The Young Mens Answer to the Ladies of London's Petition/ Tune: Mary live long/ DC2 262v: ? [Answer to N3065|]

To you, both old and young, these lines I do indite/ ZN2656| A Warning-piece for all Wicked Livers/ Tune: The Rich Merchant Man/ RB8 96 = CR 1199: WCTP/ CR 1200: WCTP [diff. issue] [HH2 137]

To you that have bad tokens/ ZN2657| Faire fall all good Tokens/ Tune: Pleasant new Tune/ RB1 342: Henry Gosson

Tobacco is but an Indian weed/ ZN2658| A Ballad upon Tobacco/ [MS ballad, no tune indicated]/ P5 436: [handwritten]

Tom and Will were shepherd swains/ ZN2659| Tom and Will/ Tune: pleasant new Country Tune/ P3 231: WCTP/ RB7 257: F. Coles [DC2 216]

Tom & Will with Ned and Ben/ ZN2660| The Devonshire Damsels Frolick/ Tune: Pleasant new Play-House Tune; or, where's my Shepherd &c./ This may be Printed R. P./ P4 19 = E 233 = CR 1204 = RB4 438: P. Brooksby, Pye-corner

Tom Farthing, Tom Farthing/ ZN2661| Tom Farthing: Or, the Married Womans Complaint/ Tune: New Tune, well known by the same name/ CR 1205 = [expurgated, restored, p. 856] RB8 670: P. Brooksby, WS

Tom the taylor near the strand/ ZN2662| Poor Tom the Taylor His Lamentation/ Tune: Daniel Cooper/ P3 336 = RB7 472 [two copies] = CR 1206: J. Deacon [Entd. June 12, 1684. AI 2142]

Tom Tinker's wife, Joan Ruggles, sat/ ZN2663| The Cuckoo of the Times/ Tune: The Wandering Jew's Chronicle/ RB3 511 = CR 1207: P. Brooksby ?

Tommy and his love were walking/ ZN2664| The Faithful Lovers: Or, Tommy and Bettys Declarations/ Tune: Tender Hearts of London City/ CR 1208: P. Brooksby, WS [DC1 73v]

Tommy was a Lord of high renown/ ZN2665| The Disloyal Favourite/ Tune: Sawney will ne'r be my Love again/ CR 1209 = RB4 85: TPW [HH1 74]

Too long have I been a drunken sot/ ZN2666| Wades Reformation/ Tune: the maid is best that lyes alone; or, 'tis old Ale has undone me/ P2 90 = BB16: CTP [Entd. 1675. AI 2828]

The town is our own, when the streets are all clear/ ZN2667| The Night-Walkers/ Tune: On the bank of a river/ CR 1211 = OPB 15: P. Brooksby, West Smithfield, 1682

Toule, toule, gentle bell for a soul/ ZN2668| The Discontented Lover/ Tune: pleasant new Court tune/ M1 #11: Imprinted at London for Richard Harper, 1650/ P3 38, RB4 430: F. Coles, in Wine-street/ [Entd. Aug. 1, 1643 to Harper. AI 601. A song commencing thus, but for which text has not been compared, is in BL MS Harl. 6918, f. 24. Wit and Drollery, 1661]

A Trades-man hearing of the story/ ZN2669| The London Cuckold/ Tune: O Mother Roger, &c./ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 122 = CR 1212 = RB8 603: J. Back [BC1 58] [Answer commences "I pray now listen to my Ditty," N1326|]

The Truble in this Kingdom puts us to a stand/ ZN2670| Protestants of Englands Prayers/ Tune: The English Travelers; or, Why are my Eyes still flowing/ With Allowance/ P5 380: J. Wilkins, 1689

True Christian hartes, cease to lament/ ZN3411| heare followeth the songe mr. Thewlis writ himself/ To the tune of [blank]/ OEB #12, [from BL MS Addl. 15225, as is N3412| on death of Thewlis]

True English Boys be merry/ ZN2671| The Tavern Query, or The Loyal Health/ Tune: Jolly Bacchus, or I am the Duke of Norfolk/ P5 147: S. P.

True Love's a sweet Passion when crown'd with Delight/ ZN2672| An Answer to The Young Lover's Enquiry/ Tune: an Excellent New Tune ['If love's a sweet passion.' With meaningless music.]/ P5 175: C. Bates [Answer to 'If loves a sweet passion,' N1390|]

True lovers all, both far and near/ ZN2673| The Mournful Lady's Garland/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RC3 700: Stonecutter Street [18th cent.] [DC3 65]

True Protestants I pray you to draw near/ ZN2674| The Gunpowder Plot/ Tune: Aim not too high/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 370: BDBB [Rptd. OEB #72]

True Protestants listen while I shall relate/ ZN2675| Londons Triumph.. King's Birthday/ Tune: Let Cesar live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 353 = BB1 418: BDBB

True Subjects mourn, & well they may/ ZN2676| The Mournful Subjects [on death of Chas. II, Feb. 6, 1685]/ Tune: Troy Town; Or, The Dutchess of Suffolk/ P2 228: [no imprint]/ RB2 210 [repeated RB5 527]: J. Deacon [CB 137]

Turn, gentle hermit, of the dale/ ZN2677| Edwin and Angelina/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 1216: Turner, Coventry [18th cent.]

Twa bonny Lads were Sawney and Jockey/ ZN2678| Unfortunate Jockey/ Tune: excellent new play-house Tune/ P3 359 & 389 = RC4 83 [see RB5 615]: WCTP [See the following for a diff. issue]

Twa Bonny Lads were Sawney and Jockey/ ZN2679| The Scotch Lasse's Constancy/ Tune: New Tune/ RB5 613: P. Brooksby, 1682/ CR 1217: P. Brooksby [diff. issue, without date. This and previous are different expansions of D'Urfey song] [DC2 190, C.22.f.6 174]// Jenneys lamentation for the loss of Jockey/ Tune: [given?]/ W7: ?

Twas a Lady born of high degree/ ZN2680| The Dub'd Knight of the Forked Order/ Tune: I am fallen away/ By Abraham Miles/ E 66 = CR 1218 = RB4 368: W. Whitwood [HH1 82]

'Twas early one morning, the cock had just crow'd/ ZN2681| Complaining Bridegroom/ Tune: excellent New Tune/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 237: C. Cates [Bates?] Bible and Sun

'Twas in the month of May, Jo, When Jockey first I spy'd/ ZN2682| Jockey and Jenny: Or, the Yielding Maid overtaken/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 1220: [18th cent. no imprint]

'Twas within a furlong of Edenborough town/ ZN2683| Scotch Hay- makers: Or, Crafty Jockey's Courtship to Coy Jenny of Edenborough/ Tune: excellent new tune [meaningless music given. BBBM #412]/ P5 266 = CR 1221: C. Bates, Sun and Bible

Twice blessed is that Land/ ZN2684| A newe Ballad... Societie.. of Porters/ Tune: In Edinburgh, behold/ [by] Tho. Brewer/ P1 196: Thomas Creek

Twice Welcome to London, that Renowned Prince/ ZN2685| The Protestants Triumph.. King William Proclaim'd/ Tune: A Touch of the Times/ P2 261: J. Wolrah

Two brisk countrey girls did agree, to go unto Windsor-Fair/ ZN2686| The Windsor Frolick: or, A Hue and Cry after a couple of Maiden-Heads/ Tune: Oh so Ungrateful a Creature; Or, The Doubting Virgin/ DC2 2511: ?

Two famous Louers once there was/ ZN2687| Leanders loue to loyall Hero/ Tune: Shackley hay/ quoth William Meash/ P1 344-5: I. W[right]. [Entd. July 2, 1614. AI 1108. Percy Folio MS, III, p. 296]

Two louely Louers, walking all alone/ ZN2688| The two kinde Louers/ Tune: dainty new tune/ P1 318-9: F. Coules/ RB2 617: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke [CB p. 153]

Two lovers by chance they did meet, possesed with a mutual flame/ ZN2689| Love's Power/ Tune: Moggie's Jealousie/ RB7 445: [no imprint]

Two lovers in the North, Constance and Anthony/ ZN2690| An Admirable New Northern Story/ Tune: I would thou wert in Shrewsbury/ E 8: A. M[ilbourn]./ E 9: T. Vere/ E 10: T. Vere [diff issue]/ P1 534-5: CTP/ RB1 24 [Chappell mentions two more copies in RC and others): William Thackeray and A. M./ [no tune] CR 1222: [18th cent., no imprint] [HH4 13, HH4 17]

Two louing Friends once meeting/ ZN2691| I would you neuer said so/ Tune: vpon the Meddow brow/ P1 180-1: T[ho]. L[angley]. [Entd. July 8, 1618. AI 1210]

Under a Pleasant Willow shade/ ZN2692| Amintor's Answer to Parthenia's Complaint/ Tune: a New Tune; Or Sitting beyond a River side, &c./ With Allowance/ P3 373 = WE25 136 = CR 1223 = RB6 50 [reprinting C.22.f.6 29]: P. Brooksby [HH1 6] [Answer to "Sitting beyond a river's side," N2374|]

Underneath a little Mountain/ ZN2693| The Dumb Lady, Or, no, no not I I'le Answer/ Tune: the Doubtful Virgin, or the new Borey, or Will you be a Man of Fashion/ P3 128 = CR 1224 = RB4 352: P. Brooksby, Pye-corner [DC 65v, HH1 83]

Unfortunate Clea now e'ne broken-hearted/ ZN2694| The Shepherds Unconstancy/ Tune: Sawney and Jockey/ DC2 205: ?

Unfortunate Strephon! well may'st thou complain/ ZN2695| True Love without Deceit/ Tune: Over hills and High Mountains/ CR 1225 = RB6 126: P. Brooksby, Pye-Corner

Unhappy I, who in the prime of youth/ ZN2696| A Looking-Glasse for Maids/ Aim not too high/ E 163 = RB8 113: Tho. Vere/ CR 1226: CVWCTP [RL 28, DC1 120, C.22.f.6 8]

Vnhappy she whom fortune hath forlorne/ ZN2697| Lamentation ..Master Pages Wife of Plymouth [1609?]/ Tune: Fortune/ [plus 2nd and 3rd parts]/ P1 126-7: H. Gosson/ P2 170-1: CTP/ E 192: CVG/ RB1 555 (all 3 parts): [no imprint]/ RC3 742: J. White/ CR 792 and 624 [2nd and 3rd parts] + CR 1229?: [no imprint, c 1700?] CR 625 [If ever woe = 3rd part] + CR 1227 [Alex. Milbuorn]/ CR 626 [If ever woe = 3rd part] + CR 1228: W. O. and sold by B. Deacon [HH3 12] //[2nd part, The man that sighes] The Lamentation of George Strangwidge..1609/ [2nd part] SH #26, [3rd part] SH #27 [Chappell, RB3, quotes imprint of edit. of 1591, with initials of Delony as author, but being from John Payne Collier, and with his copy not located, it may have been imaginary) [Page's Wife ballad entd. 1624, 1675. AI 2030, 1451]

Unto my sad complaint give ear/ ZN2698| ... Sorrowful Lamentation of Mrs. Cooke [husband executed Aug. 11, 1703]/ Tune: Forgive me if your looks I thought/ BB1 54: C. Barnet, 1703

Unto the prophet ionas I read/ ZN2699| The historie of the Prophet Ionas/ Tune: Pagginton's round/ P1 28-9: E. A[lde]. [?Entd. 1562/3. AI 1310]

Vnto the world to make my moane/ ZN2700| A warning for all desperate Women. Alice Davis..killing husband..12 July, 1628/ Tune: Ladies fall/ P1 120-1: F. Coules [Entd. Dec. 11, 1633. AI 2852, but entered to R. Harper]

Unto West-Country men/ ZN2701| A New Song.. Praise of the West of England/ Tune: The Protestant Prince; or, Up the green Forrest/ P2 291: T. R.

Unto you all this day/ ZN2702| The Golden Farmer's Last Farewell ..executed 22nd of December, 1690../ Tune: The Rich Merchant- Man/ Licensed according to Order/ [BB 244]/ P2 187 = BB1 244 = BC2 74: BDBB/ [C. Bates chapbook of 1691, Lauriston Castle Collection, supplies his name as John Bennet. Term used later to apply to others]

Unwelcome Tydings over spreads the Land/ ZN2703| Englands Tribute of Tears.. Death..Duke of Grafton.. 9th. of October, 1690/ Tune: The Watch for a Wise Man's Observation: Or, Aim not too high/ P2 365 = CR 1230: J. Millet [HH1 90, C.22.f.6 46] [Ptd. RB7 740. Cf. N316|]

Upon a certain day when Mars and Venus met together/ ZN2704| Honesty is honesty, Come off my Mother Sirrah/ Tune: [Thomas you cannot]/ RL 60: ? [Original in Farmer's Merry Songs, I, 35. Revised, in different meter, as single sheet song with music in early 18th century and fitted to new tune as "Cupid's Revenge"]

Upon a Holy day, When the nimphs had leave to play/ ZN2705| The Wooing Lasse/ Tune: The Nightingale/ [By] M. P./ RB3 296: John Wright, junior, Old Baily

A.. ...vpon a strawe/ Newes! newes! newes! newes! Ye never herd so many newes!/ ZN3286| [no tune indication]/ [farcical news] CV 6 and Reliquiae Antiquiae I, 239. [This is prototype for "Gossip Joan", c 1705, and I think it must be part of the ballad entered on Sept. 18, 1579, 'Jone came ouer London bridge, and told me all this geere'. AI 1287. Much the same is "My Lady went to Canterbury", Chambers and Sidgwick, Early English Lyrics, #151, from R. Keele's Carolles. One verse and chorus embedded in song in Pamelia, p. 31, 1609. Cf. N3401|]

Vpon a Summer's time/ ZN2706| A pleasant new Court Song [best known from first line]/ Tune: New Court Tune/ RB1 80: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke/ P1 300-1: Edward Wright [Early MS copies, Folger MS V.a. 345, Bodleian MS Eng. poet. f. 10] [?Entd. June 19, 1625. AI 1865. Wm. Chappell assumed Rox. copy older than Pepys, but what evidence?]

Upon a time it chanced so/ ZN2707| The Bugle-Bow: Or, A Merry Match of Shooting/ Tune: My husband is a carpenter: or, the Oyl of care/ P3 118 = CR 1231: CVWC [C.22.f.6 90]

Upon the Banks of Ireland/ ZN2708| The loyal Soldiers Courtship/ Tune: Pleasant New Tune/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 207 = CR 1232: BDBB

Upon the Change where Merchants meet/ ZN2709| The New Courtier/ Tune: Cloris since thou art fled away, &c./ WE25 89: Printed by P. L. for CVW/ E 246 = P2 212 = P2 222 = RB7 266 = CR 1233: CVWCTP [DC2 162, HH2 37, RL 206]

Upon the smooth Arcadian plain/ ZN2710| Arcadian Lovers/ Tune: Tune of Great Rarity/ E 7: T. Mabb for R. Burton

The valiant deeds of Britain's bold/ ZN2711| Britains Valor/ Tune: Oh no, no, no, not yet/ RL 185: CVW// The Welsh-Men Glory/ Tune: [none indicated]/ Entered according to order/ BB2 847: Th. Dawks [See BB p. 1008-9] [Entd. as "Britains Valor," Jan. 21, 1634. AI 248. Cf. Britains Honour, to How now Mars, by M. P., N3080|]

Valiant Jockey's march'd away/ ZN2712| The Maiden Warrier/ Tune an Excellent New Tune/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 308: BDBB/ E 206 = CR 1235: P. Brooksby/ RB7 737: [no imprint]

Valiant Protestant Boys/ ZN2713| The Royal Triumph/ Tune: Let the Soldiers Rejoyce/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 218 = BB1 297: BDBB

Venus that fair lovely queen/ ZN3228| [Venus and Adonis]/ Tune: [given] SHN 4 [Rollins identifies it with an entry of 1656, AI 2807, which is very late. Traditional version in English County Songs, 1893]

A vintner from fair London would ride/ ZN2714| The Broken Vintner of London/ Tune: Let Caesar live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 291: BDBB

A Virgin fam'd for her Vertue and Beauty/ ZN2715| The Lover's Tragedy: Or, Parents Cruelty/ Tune: Charon make haste and Carry me Over/ This may be Printed, R. P./ E 186 = CR 1236: P. Brooksby [C.22.f.6 13] [CB p. 161]

A Virtuous young lady ingenious and fair/ ZN2716| The Lady's Garland/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 1238 = RC3 320: Bow-Church- Yard [DC3 60v, Madden1 70]

Vous faitez lesbay ce semble/ ZN3328| [no title, Dance of Death in French, no tune indication]/ CV 50 (misnumbered 51) [2 verses of what is probably a poem, with one verse by Death and the second by a cardinal. Boeddeker adds English analogues.]

Wae's me! what mun I do/ ZN2717| Scotch Lover's Complaint... at Epsom Wells/ Tune: new Tune/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 356: J. Deacon [Expansion of D'Urfey song, Pills, I, 53, 1719]

Walking abroad of late/ ZN3264| The Maidens Choice/ Tune: pleasant new tune: Or, Let Father angry be./ BF 15: ? [?Entd. Dec. 14, 1624. AI 2831. Susan's parents wish her to marry Tom, but she wants John, who has a little thing that will please her]

Walking all alone, not long agone/ ZN2718| A Godly Ballad of the Just Man Job/ Tune: The Merchant/ [also on sheet, "Can you dance the shaking of the sheets," N462|]/ P2 62 = CR 1239: CVWCTP [RL 203] [?Entd. 1624. AI 2046]// [from MS]/ OEB #33

Walking in a meadow green/ ZN2719| The two Lester-shire Lovers/ Tune: And yet methinks I love thee/ RB2 598: John Trundle

Walking in a pleasant Garden/ ZN2720| Loves Victory Obtained/ Tune: True Blew: Or, Ha ha ha/ P3 32 = DP 31 = CR 1240: F. Coles, in Vine-street [C.22.f.6 6] [Entd. Mar. 21, 1656. AI 1576. Mock battle, bawdy tryst]

Walking most early in a morning fair/ ZN2721| Loves fortune/ Tune: Sweet come love me once again/ P3 106 = CR 1241: CVWCTP [HH1 168] [Entd. Mar. 15, 1656. AI 1566]

Walking of late through London streets/ ZN2722| A Mad Crue/ Tune: Pudding-Pye Doll/ P1 444-5: Iohn Trundle

Walking one Evening in a Grove/ ZN2723| The Jesuits Lamentation/ Tune: Hey boys up go we; or, Russel's Farwel/ P5 108: J. Bissel

Wandering on my way, as I was wont for to wende/ ZN3365| [no title]/ Fynis, quod John Wallys/ ASM 37

The wanton Girls of Graves-end Town have now quite lost my heart/ ZN2724| A Farewel to Graves-end/ Tune: Hey Boys, up go we/ RB7 505: J. Deacon

Warlike Soldiers now Advance/ ZN2725| An Excellent New Song... Seige of London-derry/ Tune: Hark the Thundering Cannons Roar, &c./ Lycensed, and Entered according to Order/ P5 52: J. Wilkins, 1689

Wars and Arms, and loud Alarms/ ZN2726| The English Painter For the French King's Picture/ Tune: My Young Mary, &c./ Licensed according to Order/ P5 129: BDBB

Was ever country maid perplext/ ZN2727| The more Haste, the worst Speed/ Tune: O no, no, no, not yet, or What shall I do, shall I dye for love?/ RB7 141: P. Brooksby [This was entered to Lambert in 1635. AI 1797]

Was ever Knight for Ladies sake/ ZN2728| A Pleasant Song of the Valiant Deeds... Sir Guy of Warwick/ Tune: Was ever Man/ W2 5: John Wright/ P1 522-3: CTP/ W1 3: CVG/ RB6 734: CVWC/ CR 1242: A. M. W. O. and T. Thackeray [DC1 92v, DC3 83v, BC2 19] [Entd. Jan. 5, 1592, 1624, 1675. AI 2118, 1057, 2119. Bishop Percy's Folio MS, II, p. 201, opening lost]

Was ever Maiden so scorned/ ZN2729| The Slighted Maid/ Tune: I prithee Love turn to me/ E 335: [no imprint]/ Licens'd and Enter'd according to Order/ E 336: [incomplete, no imprint]/ P5B 21: F. Coles/ RB7 122 = CR 1243: W. O., A. M., sold by C. Bates [RL 136]

Was ever man bewitch'd, or so besotted/ ZN2730| The Flattering Damsel/ Tune: marke Antony/ BF 5: John Andrews [Ptd. CP 444] [Tune = "Never Mark Anthony" from song by J. Cleveland?]

Was e'er man so unfortunate/ ZN2731| The Poor Contented Cuckold/ Tune: Cold and Raw/ P4 133: James Bissel

Was ever Man so vext with a Wife/ ZN2732| Poor Anthony's Complaint/ Tune: Tom the Taylor, the Journey-man Shooemaker, or, Billy and Molly/ This may be printed/ P4 121: J. Conyers, Fetter Lane// Tune: Cold and Raw. The Journey-man Shoemaker. Or, Billy and Molly/ This may be Printed. R. P./ E 275: J. Conyers, Holborn Hill [Other versions, N2736, N2740. This is least like the version in Pills, IV, 154 (1719)]

Was ever poor maid in such a distress/ ZN2733| The Distressed Virgin/ Tune: I am a maid and a very good maid/ P4 58: M. Coles, VWCTP

Was ever poor maiden so left in distress/ ZN2734| The Distressed Damosel/ Tune: My Life and My Death/ This may be Printed R. P./ P3 5: I. Deacon

Was ever poor man mistaken so/ ZN2735| The Married Man's Complaint, who took a Shrow instead of a Saint/ Tune: Come off my mother, sirrah [Thomas, you cannot]/ DC2 150: R. Burton [noted RB8 701, BBBM]

Was ever poor Man so perplext with a Wife/ ZN2736| Couragious Anthony/ Tune: The two English Travelers/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 146: J. Blare [for other versions see N2732, N2740, but meter different]

Was ever the like in any age known/ ZN2737| A Description of Old England/ Tune: a pleasant new tune, Or, is not old England grown new/ WE25 72 = CR 1244: CVWC [RL 103] [Cf. N3254|]

Was ever young Noble so tortur'd as I/ ZN2738| Answer to the Wronged Lady/ Tune: If love's a sweet passion/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 291: J. Deacon [Answer to " O pity a lover who lyes I declare," N2036|]

Was never in Scotland heard nor seen/ ZN2739| Christs Kirk on the Green/ Tune: [none indicated]/ P5A 6: [Scottish broadside with no imprint]// Newly Corrected according to the Original Copy/ CR 1245: [no imprint, c 1700]/ RC3 706: ?

Was there ever any man so plaug'd with a Trul/ ZN2740| The Scolding Wife/ Tune: New Play-House/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 136: A. Milbourn [Other versions, N2732, N2736. Also with music in Pills, IV, 154 (1719)]

A waterman near Gravel-lane/ ZN2741| Deceitful Merchant/ Tune: The Jealous Lover/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 249: C. Bates, Sun and Bible

We all to conquering beauty bow/ ZN2742| The Conquering Virgin/ Tune: excellent New Air/ This may be Printed, R. P./ OPB 4: P. Brooksby, Pye Corner [Tune in BBBM, but in 18th cent. songbooks this is directed to be sung to "John Anderson, my Jo"]

We are jovial topers, that no man think evil/ ZN2743| Content's a Treasure/ Tune: We are jovial topers; or, There was a jovial Beggar/ RB5 162: J. Blare

We are the bold Suffolk boon revelling Boys/ ZN2744| The Boon Companions/ Tune: Fond Boy [with meaningless music]/ P5 95: Charles Bates// [with meaningless music] CR 1246: C. Barnet, 1696

We came into brave Reading by Night/ ZN2745| The Reading Skirmish/ Tune: Lilli burlero/ BB1 373 = P2 345 = WE25 113: J. D. in the Year 1688

We care not for these landed men/ ZN2746| Jolly Seamens Welfare/ Tune: Pleasant New Tune [meaningless music given]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 362: J. Bissel, 1691

We goe to brave buildings of fayre brick and stone/ ZN2747| [title missing, here from SH] The poore peoples complaint.. benefactor, the worthy Earl of Bedford/ Tune: Light of Love/ M2 #51b: [no imprint]/ SH #62 [1 verse, RB8 xvii***] [Entd. Aug. 1, 1586. AI 2138]

We had a Roman Queen of late/ ZN2748| The Boast of Great Britain.. praise of Mary/ Tune: Good Health to Betty: Or, Queen Mary's Lamentation (A Health to Betty, BBBM)/ P5 56: J. C. and P. K.

We happy hirdes men heere/ ZN3407| [no title]/ Tune :[given]/ SHN 3 [Christmas carol]

We have a God enthron'd above/ ZN2749| The Maidstone Miracle/ Tune: Russel's Farewel/ P2 78: P. Brooksby

We have lost a Lady belov'd of Rich and Poor/ ZN2750| Pecunia's Departure/ Tune: The Scotch Hay-makers/ P4 325: J. Deacon

We Lasses of London Town/ ZN2751| The young Women and Maidens Lamentation/ Tune: I marry and thank ye too/ Licensed according to Order/ [Chorus:] Old Women are Prest we hear/ P3 81 = CR 1247 = RB7 117: BDBB

We maidens are undone, our Sweet-hearts are flown/ ZN2752| The White-Chappel Maids Lamentation/ Tune: Methinks the poor Town has been troubled too long/ This may be Printed. June the 24, 1685. R. L. S./ Entered according to Order/ P3 338: C. Dennisson [Entd. to Dennisson, June 24, 1685. AI 2945]

We that are bonny Country girles/ ZN2753| True love without deceit/ Tune: The Fair one let me in; or, Hey boys up go we/ P3 101: WCTP

We that do lead a Country Life/ ZN2754| The Merry Plow-man, and Loving Milk-Maid/ Tune: Jenny Gin, Hey boys up go we, the fair one let me in/ P3 171 = DP 5: J. Deacon/ CR 1249: I. Deacon [Ptd. RB7 284. C.22.f.6 152]

We the brave Weavers of ancient renown/ ZN2755| The Weavers Request/ Tune: Ladies of London/ This may be Printed. R. P./ P4 355: J. Blare

We will leave all thoughts of the world for a while/ ZN2756| The Faithful Young man & Constant Maid/ Tune: The Plowman's Health/ This may be Printed, R. P./ CR 1250: J. Back [HH1 103]

welthe & Whoo throwgh their estate/ ZN3283| Lerne this lesson, in welthe & woo, Yo doo as thou woldste be doone vnto/ [no tune indication/ CV 3

A wealthy Man a Farmer, who had corn great store/ ZN2757| The Rich Farmers Ruine/ Tune: Why are my Eyes still flowing, As it is play'd on the Violin/ This may be Printed, R. P./ E 298 = CR 1251: J. Back [HH2 66, DC2 186v] [CB p. 329]

A wealthy squire in the North/ ZN2758| The Barbarous Uncle/ Tune: Forgive me if your looks I thought/ CR 1252: H. Hills

A wealthy Yeoman's Son/ ZN2759| The Kentish Yeoman/ Tune: The Ring of Gold/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 284: BDBB

The weather is clear, which was late over cast/ ZN2760| Holland turn'd to Tinder..Third Great Royal Victory [Naval battle, July 25-6, 1666]/ Tune: Packingtons Pound/ With Allowance/ E 134: F. Crowch for CVW

A weaver jealous of his wife, like many/ ZN2761| The Jealous Weaver/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 1253: [No imprint, 18th cent.]

A wedded wife there was/ ZN2762| The Cucking of a Scould/ Tune: Merchant of Emden/ P1 454: G. P[urslowe].

A wedding, hay, a wedding, hoe/ ZN2763| Mr. Plaistowe's Epithalamium/ Tune: Ha o'er, ha o'er the water/ RB2 399: G. E[lde?].

A Week ago as I did walk/ ZN2764| You'l never get her up, Or, Love in a tree/ Tune: Buggering Oates prepare thy Neck/ CR 1254: P. Brooksby [C.22.f.6 225, HH2 160]

A week before Easter/ ZN2765| The Forlorn Lover/ Tune: Pleasant New Tune [Love is the cause of my mourning?]/ P3 103: CTP/ E 112: [no imprint]/ RB6 233: [J. White, Newcastle, c 1770]/ BC2 130: W. O., and sold by booksellers [Douce] [Traditionally most often called "The False Bride". Entd. Mar. 1, 1675. AI 907]

The week before Easter/ ZN2766| Love is the Cause of my Mourning/ Tune: Sung with its own proper tune/ RB6 235: [no imprint, 18th century]

Welcome death, the cure of all my sorrow/ ZN2767| Languishing Lady/ Tune: excellent New Tune [meaningless music given]/ P5 327 = OPB 132: C. Bates

Welcome Jemmy to my arms again/ ZN2768| Mirth and Gladness... Dutchess of Monmouth/ Tune: the Charms of Love/ P2 220: P. Brooksby

Welcome my Dearest with joy now I see thee/ ZN2769| The Seaman's joyful Return; Being an Answer to the Seamans Doleful Farewell/ Tune: State and Ambition/ P4 179: C. Dennisson [Sequel to one commencing " Farewel my dearest Love now must I leave thee, N877|]

Welcome Princess to the Shore/ ZN2770| The Princess Welcome to England/ Tune: The Cannons Rore/ P2 256: W. Thackeray

Well may the world against us cry/ ZN2771| Villany Rewarded ..Pirates last Farewel..25th of November, 1696/ Tune: Russels Farewel/ P2 199 = CR 1258: Charles Barnet, 1696

Well met, brother Jack, I have been in Flanders/ ZN2772| The Farmer's Son of Devonshire/ Tune: Let Mary live long/ Licensed according to Order/ CR 1259 = RB7 748: J. Deacon [Anti-war song]

Well met faire maid/ ZN2773| A mery new Iigge... Kit and Pegge/ Tune: Strawberry leaues make Maidens faire/ Written by Valentine Hamdulton/ RB2 101: H. Gosson/ [diff. issue] P1 258-9: H. Gosson [Ptd. Baskerville's Elizabethan Jig #5]

Well met, my dear Sister, you've grown very strange/ ZN2774| The Unthankful Servant: Or, a Scolding Match between Two Cracks of the Town/ Tune: If Love's a sweet Passion [with meaningless music]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 167 = OPB 19: BDBB

Well met, my joviall blades/ ZN2775| A Mess of Good Fellows/ Tune: Ragged and torne/ [by] M. P./ RB2 143: Thomas Lambert [Entd. Sept. 15, 1634. AI 1756]

Wel met, my loving brother Jack/ ZN2776| The West-Country Dialogue.. Anniseed-Robin and.. Jack/ Tune: O folly, desperate folly, &c./ Licensed according to Order/ RB7 260 = CR 1261: P. Brooksby, Pye-Corner [HH2 142]

Well met my own dear honey/ ZN2777| [The Batchellors happiness]/ RL 49: ? [Entered Mar. 1, 1675. AI 121]

Well met my pritty Betty/ ZN2778| The Downright Wooing Of Honest John & Betty/ Tune: Cold and Raw/ This may be Printed, R. P./ CR 1262 [HH1 81, C.22.f.6 113, DC1 63]

Well met, my sweet Susan, whom I do adore/ ZN2779| The Two Loyal Lovers/ Tune: Let Caesar live long/ Licensed according to Order/ RB7 499 = CR 1263: J. Blare

Well met, neighbour Needy, what! walking alone/ ZN2780| A Dialogue betweene Master Gues-right and poore neighbour Needy/ Tune: But I know what I know./ [By] E. F[ord]./ RB1 230: F. Cowles [Entd. 1634. AI 581]

Well worth[y] Predecessors, and Fathers by name/ ZN2781| Pitties Lamentation/ Tune: Packentons pound/ P1 162-3: I. W[right].

What a racket is here about sic Men of War/ ZN2782| Sir Blue- String's Expostualtion with Admiral Vernon/ Tune: Ye Commons and Peers/ [incomplete reprint] RB8 838: W. Webb, 1740

What a sorry life I live/ ZN2783| The Languishing Lover Cured/ Tune: Hang sorrow, cast away care [Old Simon the King, BBBM, p. 545, from Joy and Sorrow mixt together]/ M1 #31: CVW

What ails my love to be so sad/ ZN2784| The Willow Green turned into White/ Tune: My Love sleeps on another mans Pillow. Or, The Willow Green/ P3 33: CVWCTP/ WE25 7 = RB7 357: CVWC [RL 18, DC2 254]

What ayls the Anabaptists/ ZN2785| A Lecture for all Sects and Schismaticks to read/ Tune: hey, ho, my hony/ [By] J. P./ W1 163: F. Grove

What an innocent loving life Shepherds do lead/ ZN2786| The Shepherds Delight/ Tune: delightful tune Sung at the Dukes Play-house to the King, and all the Nobility: Or, Now the Tyrant has stolen my dearest away, &c./ P3 55: CVWC [RL 48] [Burden: 'Laugh and lie down.' Song is expansion of "Thus all our life long we are frolick and gay", Shadwell, 1669, and in Pills, with Bannister's tune]

What Booker can Prognosticate/ ZN2787| Englands Great Prognosticator/ Tune: When the King injoyes his own again/ Entred according to Order [not]/ E 96: Francis Grove// The King enjoys his own again/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB7 682: [18th cent. no imprint]/ CR 1266: [no imprint, estimated 1660-5] [2nd verse differs in 17th and 18th cent. copies. CB p. 134. Bishop Percy's Folio MS, II, p. 24]

What chear poor soul mouth'd whig what Chear?/ ZN3230| A new song between Wigg and Tory/ Tune: Some say the papists had a plot/ Chetham 306:? Entered May 8, 1683. Info. from AI 194]

What damn'd confounded fate is this/ ZN2788| The Jesuits Lamentation/ Tune: Russels Farewell/ P2 286: J. Wallis

What dismal cruel news is this I hear/ ZN2789| Billy's Answer/ Tune: Pleasnt and Delightful New Tune/ P5 350: A. M., 1696 [Answer to "Oh Billy, Billy, whither art thow fled," N1993|]

What dismal news is this I hear/ ZN2790| Britain's sorrowful Lamentation..Queen Mary [died] 28th of December, 1694/ Tune: The Bleeding Heart/ RB7 768: Printed at London, and re-printed at Edinburgh by John Reid, 1695

What dismal tidings do I hear/ ZN2791| Answer to Despairing lover/ Tune: The Ruined Virgin/ Licens'd and Enter'd according to Order/ P5 284: J. Shooter [Answer to N668| or N1263|]

What dismal tydings do I hear/ ZN2792| Answer to Unfortunate Lady/ Tune: The Languishing Swain/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 320 = OPB 72: BDBB [Answer to "I do not sing of triumph," N1263|]

What doth aile my loue, so sadly/ ZN2793| A pleasant new Song, betwixt a Saylor and his Loue/ Tune: Dulcina/ P1 422-3: Iohn Grismond/ P4 156: [no imprint]/ P4 160: WCTP/ E 266: CVG/ RB2 470: F. C. in Old-Baily/ RL 188: CVW [BC, Unreadable copy in Bodleian MS Rawl. poet. 152] [Entd. Dec. 14, 1624, 1675. AI 1381, 2116]

What faithless froward sinful man/ ZN2794| A most Goodly and... Resurrection of our Lord/ Tune: Rogero/ P2 20-1: CTP/ E 224: CVG/ CR 1267: W. Thackeray/ RB1 389: A. M.

What greater griefe than losse of love/ ZN2795| The description and qualitye of an unconstant Lover/ Tune: Wit whither will thou/ SH #69 [1 verse, RB8 xxxi***]

What greater grief then losse of Noble Peeres/ ZN2796| Epitaph.. Earle of Bedford..July 28, 1585| Tune: [poem, not song]/ Finis N. B. [Breton?]/ P5B 1-2: Henrie Carr [Cf. "We go to brave buildings," N2747|]

What hart so hard, but will relent/ ZN2797| A doleful ditty.. Five Unfortunate Persons.. drowned [Oct. 15, 1616]/ Essex good-night/ SH #14 [1 verse, RB8 xxvi***]

What horrid execrable Crimes/ ZN2798| The Bloody Butcher..April the 24th, 1667| Tune: The Bleeding Heart/ With Allowance/ E 20: E. Crowch for CVW

What if a day or a month or a yeare/ ZN2799| A Friends aduice/ Tune: New tune/ P1 52-3: H. Gosson/ [pleasant new Tune]/ P2 18: [no imprint]/ Tune: Pleasant new tune/ RB1 348: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke/ RC2 182-3: ?/ CR 1268: E. C. for CVW/ SH #59 [DC1 74v, RL 199] [Entd. 1624. AI 2909]

What is our Oxford Africa/ ZN2800| ..Gyants in the Physick Garden in Oxford/ Tune: the Counter Scuffle/ W6: [no imprint] [PA #18]

What is the matter you make such ado/ ZN2801| The Maidens Resolution; An Answer to the Advice against Top-Knots/ Tune: Ye Ladies of London/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 366: J. Blare [Cf. N902|, N2363|]

What is this I hear still by all I do meet, A complaint against Celia is sung in the street/ ZN2802| Celias Answer to the Lover's Complaint/ Tune: same Tune/ CR 1270 = OPB 82: Charles Barnet [Ptd. RB8 411] [Answer to what, N2654|?]

What learned astrologers write this yeare/ ZN2803| England's Monethly Observations.. for 1653| Tune: Fair Angel of England/ RB4 472: W. Gilbertson [Cf. England's Monthly Predictions, 1649, to same tune, N838|]

What means this grumbletonian Crew!/ ZN2804| The Villanous Plot.. To Kill King William/ Tune: Liggan Water, &c./ P5 119: M. Carivv [?].

What mournful ditty, or lamenting verse/ ZN2805| Youth's Warning-piece/ Tune: Doctor Faustus/ RB3 1: A[ndrew]. K[emb] 1636 [Entd. Apr. 8, 1636. AI 3079]

What needs we brag or boast/ ZN2806| St. George for England, And St. Dennis for France/ Tune: a new tune/ by S. S[mithson]./ W1 117: W. Gilbertson

What Protestant can now forbear/ ZN2807| The Noble and Imprison'd Protestants.. Prisoners. Dublin/ Tune: I often for my Jenny strove/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 63: BDBB

What serpent is this/ ZN2808| Huberts Ghost/ Tune: Basses Carrier/ P2 42 = BB1 160: WCTP [RL]

What shall I do in this deep distress/ ZN2809| The Necessitated Virgin/ Tune: What shall I do, shall I dye for love, &c./ P3 200: J. Deacon

What silly senseless country clown has put this wit in print/ ZN2810| The Citizen's Vindication Against the Downright Countryman/ Tune: Hey, Boys, up go we/ RB7 278 [from DC1 45v]: P. Brooksby [Ans. to N1195|]

What strange affections have my thoughts possest/ ZN2811| The Young-man's Wish/ Tune: I am in love, and cannot tell with whom [from RB1 337]/ [by] L. P./ RB3 18: John Wright the younger [Entd. Jan. 25, 1638. AI 3073]

What tyme that god his holy hande[,] The lively shape of Adam drew/ ZN3302| A Ballet of Adam and Eve/ [no tune indication]/ CV 23 [Entd by first line, 1564/5. AI 2910]

What woeful times we have now in our land/ ZN2812| A Looking- Glass for all true Protestants/ Tune: Papists aim not too high [i.e., Aim not too high]/ P2 68: CVWC

What Writers could Prognosticate/ ZN2813| The Loyal Subjects exultation..Coronation of King Charles the Second/ Tune: When the King comes home in peace again/ Entred according to Order [not]/ E 158: F. Grove

What's this my dearest Nanny, that fain would be a bride/ ZN2814| The Young Farmer's Answer to his Sweetheart Nanny/ Tune: The Scotch Hay-makers/ RB8 207: A. M. 1696 [Answer to "Maulster's Daughter" = "Mother let me marry, I long to be a bride," N1781|]

When all hearts did yield unto Cupid as King/ ZN2815| Pyramus and Thisbie/ Tune: Digby's Farewel/ P3 346 = CR 1274: TPW [HH2 64] [Cf. N1745|]

Whan all his fowghte that may be fownde/ ZN3282| [untitled, no tune indication]/ CV 2

When all men hathe spoken, and all men hathe sayde/ ZN3370| [no title]/ Finis, quod Johan Walles/ ASM 42

When all was wrapt in dark Mid-night/ ZN2816| William and Margaret. An Old Ballad/ N.B. -This Ballad will sing to the Tunes of Montrose's Lilt [I'll never love thee more], Rothe's lament, or the Isle of Kell"/ [reprinted from BL copy, RB3 671]// A Lamentable Ballad, or the Tragical end of William and Margaret/ CR 1276: D. Wighton, Birmingham [Single sheet issue with music in Folger Shakespeare Library and Library of Congress entitle it "William and Margaret. A New Ballad"]

When Anne, a Princess of renown/ ZN2817| The Glorius Warriour/ Tune: Fair Rosamund/ CR 1277: S. Popping, 1710

When Arthur first in court began/ ZN2818| The Noble Acts.. Arthur of the Round Table/ Tune: Tune: Flying Fame/ RB6 722: CVW/ W1 61b [=62]: CVWC/ CR 1278: [first half only] [BC2 14] [Entd. June 8, 1603, 1624. AI 1951, 2915. Incomplete in Bishop Percy's Folio MS, I, p. 84]

When as I doe record[,] the pleasures I haue had/ ZN3409| [no title, tune]/ burden: that Iynye were here again/ Bishop Percy's Folio MS: Loose and Humorous Songs, p. 68. J. Wardroper, Love and Drollery, #341, points out late copy of song with music in BL MS Add'l 29396. Is N1275| a version of this song?]

When as in faire Jerusalem/ ZN2819| The Wandering Jew, or Shoemaker of Jerusalem/ Tune: Ladies Fall/ W1 123: E. Wright in Guilt-spur-street/ P1 524-5: CTP/ RC3 718: Bow Churchyard// Licensed according to Order/ CR 1279: W. O./ CR 1280: Aldermary Church-Yard [Entd. Oct. 9, 1620, 1656, 1675. AI 2833-2835]

When as King Henry rul'd this Land/ ZN2820| A Lamentable Ballad of Fair Rosamund/ Tune: Flying Fame/ P1 498-9: TP/ E 238: W.O., and booksellers// A Mournful Ditty../ W1 7: CVG/ RB6 673 = CR 1282, 1283: Bow-Church-Yard/ CR 1281: J. Pitts [1802-40] [By T. Deloney from Garland of Goodwill Entd. 1656, 1675. AI 1824, 1825, 2325]

When as my mind was fully bent/ ZN2821| Bloudy News from Germany [Bishop Hatto of Mainz, 970 CE]/ Tune: Chievy Chase/ RB3 467: P. Brooksby [Rollins, AI 3046, Aug. 15, 1586, but "Chevy Chase" tune title wasn't around until c 1624]

When as our noble king came home from Notingham/ ZN2822| ..miller and King Henry/ Tune: The French Laurata [Levalto]/ SH #76

When Aurora in Azur was blushing/ ZN2823| Cupids Golden Dart/ Tune: Down in an Arbour devoted to Venus/ P3 30 = RB3 533 = WE25 121 = CR 1284 = DP 40: CVWC// When bright Aurora in Azur was blushing/ E 34: [no imprint] [RL 40, HH1 60. Entd. 1675. AI 461]

When brave King William of renown/ ZN2824| The Royal Salutation.. King William..Return from.. Ireland/ Tune: I often for my Jenny strove/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 325: J. Millet

When bright Aurora, see When Aurora

When busie Fame o'er all the Plain/ ZN2825| Coridon and Parthenia/ Tune: most Pleasant and Delectable New Play Song/ E 47 = CR 1286: CVWCTP/ E 48 = CR 1287 = RB3 568: P. Brooksby [HH3 6]

When captains courageous, whom death could not daunt/ ZN2826| Valorous Acts.. Mary Ambree/ Tune: Blind Beggar's Daughter/ [PF I 516]/ M1 #15: W. Gilbertson/ P2 132 [Tune: the blind Beggar] = CR 1288: WCTP/ BB1 311: W. Thackeray [Entd. June 20, 1629, 1675. AI 2803, 2804]

When Christ our Lord drew nigh/ ZN2827| Christ's Tears over Jerusalem/ Tune: The Merchant Man/ P2 6: TP [RL 190: CVWC?] [Ptd. RB7 787. Entd. 1624, 1675. AI 293, 294]

When cold winter storms were past/ ZN2828| The Scotch Lass Deceiv'd/ Tune: New Scotch tune of Mr. Farmers [music given]/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P5 268 = OPB 7: P. Brooksby, Golden Ball, 1688 [Tune also in Agnes Hume MS]

When comes the voice that makes this lamentation/ ZN2829| Answer to What shall I do to show how much I love her/ Tune: excellent new play-house tune [meaningless music given]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 243: BDBB

When Cupid's fierce and powerful Dart/ ZN2830| False Mans cruelty/ Tune: Jenny Gin, Busie Fame, or, The fair one let me in/ P3 385: WCTP

When Daphne did from faire Phoebus flee/ ZN2831| A pleasant new Ballad of Daphne/ Tune: new Tune/ E 216 = RB2 530: Assignes of Thomas Syncocke [On sheet is another commencing "On yonder hill there springs a flower," N2156|]

When David in Jerusalem/ ZN2832| David and Bers[h]eba/ Tune: pleasant new tune/ RB1 271: J. Wright in Guiltspur street/ Tune: [none indicated]/ P2 31: CTP/ E 79: W. O., A. M. and sold by C. Bates/ CR 1290: [c 1790, no imprint] [BC, RL][Entd. 1624, 1675. AI 489, 490. Was this AI 679 of 1569-70? This seems quite possible. Wright (I) copy is c 1632-46]

When David over Israel, had/ ZN2833| The Iudgement of Salomon/ Tune: the Ladies fall/ P1 30-1: Henry Gosson

When drousie Orbs did begin to appear/ ZN2834| Poor Robin's wonderful Vision/ Tune: Sawney will ne'r be my Love again/ CR 1291: P. Brooksby [C.22.f.6 70]

When Edward was in England King/ ZN2835| Lamentable fall of Queen Elenor/ Tune: Gentle and courteous/ M2 #16: Edw. [shorn. Wright?]/ P2 141: [no imprint]/ E 184: CVG/ RB2 69 = E 185: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke/ E 380: A. Milbourn/ E 381: W. O[nely]/ CR 1292: [imperfect, no imprint] [RL 178] [Entd. 1656, 1675. AI 1407, 1408]

When England half Ruin'd had cause to be sad/ ZN2836| Romes Beargarden/ Tune: Packington's Pound [with meaningless music]/ P5 116: J. C./ [Title] Rome in an Uproar/ RB4 316: [no imprint]

When fair Jerusalem did stand/ ZN2837| A Warning or Lanthorn to London, by the fair destruction of Jerusalem/ Tune: Bragandary/ W1 81a: CWVG [on same sheet "destruction of Jerusalem" to Queens Almaine W1 = 81b]/ Tune: Bragandarye/ SH #5 [entd June 8, 1603, 1624. AI, 2877, 2916. Cf. AI 564, of 1586, and AI 2881] [first verse, no source, RB8 798]

When first Amintas su'd for a Kiss/ ZN2838| Charing Amintas/ Tune: Pleasant New Tune/ This may be Printed [R. P.]/ CR 1295: P. Brooksby [C.22.f.6 36, DC1 50v]

When first I bid my Love good morrow/ ZN2839| Cupid's Count of Equity/ Tune: When first I bid my Love Good-Morrow/ E 38 = CR 1296 = RB3 526: P. Brooksby [Douce, HH3 7]

When first I began to court/ ZN2840| Fright'ned Yorkshire Damosel/ Tune: I met with a Country Lass [meaningless music given]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 250: J. Millet, 1689 [Late 18th or early 19th cent. revised version in Common Muse #231. Traditional "Foggy, foggy dew", Laws O3]

When first I drew the breath of life/ ZN2841| The Breath of Life/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 1297: no imprint, 18th cent.]/ RC3 722: Aldermary Church-Yard

When first Mardike was made a Prey [Oct. 1657]/ ZN2842| The Soldiers Fortune: Or, the Taking of Mardike/ Tune: [none indicated]/ E 338 = RB7 561 = CR 1299: P. Brooksby [DC2 195v, HH2 93, HH3 18]// Mardike: Or, The Soldiers Sonnet of his Sword/ BC1 69: ?

When first of all I began for to Wooe/ ZN2843| The Unnatural Mother/ Tune: Excellent New Tune/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 72: BDBB

When first on board a Man of War/ ZN2844| The Jolly Sailors true Description of a Man of War/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 1300: [no imprint, c 1790]/ CR 1301: T. Magg [18th cent.]

When first on my Phillis I cast my eye/ ZN2845| The Loving Shepherd: Or, Phaon's humble Petition/ Tune: Excellent New Tune much in Request/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 285: BDBB/ RB6 143: [no imprint] [HH2 8]

When first rebellion pusht at the crown/ ZN2846| Jockey's Farewell to Jenny Or Scottish Loath to Depart/ Tune: excellent new tune, or General Monk sail'd through the Gun Fleet/ With Allowance/ [by] I. P./ WE25 91 = BB2 481: R. Burton

When first the Scottish wars began/ ZN2847| Jockies Lamentation, Whose Seditious Work, Was the loss of his Country and his Kirk/ Tune: Stately New Scottish Tune/ [By] S. S./ W1 151: Francis Grove. Entred according to order/ P4 345 = BB1 331: WCTP [entered to Grove, July 16, 1657. AI 1293]

When first this couple fell in Love, see "Of a maid that was deep in love" = Famous Woman Drummer

When first thy Feature and thy face/ ZN2848| ..Composed by a Lover, in praise of his Mistress/ Tune: I'le fix my fancy on thee/ RB6 19: [white letter, no imprint. Scottish?]

When Flora she had decked/ ZN2849| The Turtle Dove/ Tune: The North Country Lasse/ RB2 592: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke

When Flora with her fragrant flowere/ ZN2850| A True Relation.. Sir Andrew Barton/ Tune: Come follow me loue/ W2 37: E. W.// Tune: Come follow my loue/ W1 55: CVG/ P1 484-5: WCTP/ RB1 10 = CR 1304: W. O[nely]./ CR 1303: Alex. Milbourn, W. Onley and T. Thackeray/ CR 1305: A. M./ CR 1306: Aldermary Church Yard [Entd. June 1, 1629, 1656, 1675. AI 2454, 2255, 2731] [Child Ballad 167. Bishop Percy's Folio MS, III, p. 403. Ed. Wright's copy is the earliest extant issue not a late corrected copy as Child (#167) termed it]

When Flora with rich Tapestry/ ZN2851| The Cuckolds Dream/ Tune: Your humble Servant Madam/ WE25 82: CVWC [RL 89]

When glistering Phoebus had hid his head/ ZN2852| The defence of Hide-Park/ Tune: curious new Court tune/ [two parts separated], P1 197, 347: H. G[osson]./ M2 #29: [incomplete, no imprint]

When God had taken, for our sinne/ ZN2853| The most rare and excellant History,..Duchess of Suffolke's Calamity/ Tune: Queene Dido/ RB1 288: Edward Wright/ W1 57: CWVG/ P1 544-5: CVWCTP/ E 228: CVW/ E 229: A.M. and booksellers/ CR 1307: W. Thackeray, J. M. and A. M. [HH3 13][Entd. 1624, 1675. AI 647, 1811]

When Greeks, and Trojans, fell at strife/ ZN2854| A Looking-Glass for Ladies.. Penelope wife of Ulisses/ Tune: Queen Dido: or, Troy Town/ With Allowance/ P4 81 = RB6 553 = CR 1308: CVWC [RL 83, HH1 158]

When I a maiden was/ ZN2855| A Hee-Diuell/ Tune: The Shee-diuell/ [by] M. P[arker]./ P1 398-9: F. Groue [Entd. Mar. 12, 1630. AI 1087]

When I do cawll to mynd/ ZN3344| [no title]/ ASM 15 [Rollins, Notes, entry to Sampson/ Awdelay in 1560/1. AI 1387]

When I call to mind those Jouiall dayes/ ZN2856| Oh Grammercy Penny/ Tune: Its better late thriue then neuer/ [By] L. P./ P1 218-9: M. Trundle, Widddow [Price's earliest ballad]

When I do call to mind my former life/ ZN2857| A Discourse betwixt Simple-Wit the tenant, and Money-Love the Landlord/ Tune: I am in Love/ RL 146: ? [noted in RB8 601]

When I have often heard young maids complain/ ZN2858| .. The Politick Lady/ Tune: Excellent New Tune/ Licensed according to Order/ CR 1310: J. Conyers

When I heard a Trumpet sound/ ZN2859| Daphne's Complaint.. O my love thou stay'st too long/ Tune: pleasant New Tune/ P3 122: R. B. for CVWC// [by] J. P./ RB8 cliii* [RL 33] [Roxburghe copy same imprint as Pepys, so why doesn't Pepys copy have authors initials? Entd. July 1, 1678. AI 486]

When I was a Batchelour/ ZN2860| A merry Jest of John Tomson and Jakaman his wife/ Tune: Pegge of Ramsey/ [by] M. L./ RB2 137: Edward Wright [Entd. Aug. 1, 1586. AI 1727]

When I was a Young-man/ ZN2861| The Old Mans Sayings/ Tune: The two English Travellers/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 301: J. Back

When I was Young and handsome too/ ZN2862| The Coy Maids Repentance/ Tune: The Buff-Coat hath no fellow/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P3 150: TP

When I went early in the Spring/ ZN2863| Seaman's Complaint/ Tune: I love you dearly, I love you well: Or, Languishing Swain/ P5 368 = CR 1312: Charles Barnet/ CR 1311: Charles Baker [HH2 73, C.22.f.6 175] [Ptd. RB8 433] [Traditional. Laws M1. Answered by "In e'ery street I hear 'em sing," N1423|]

When Israel did first begin to worship every heathen God/ ZN2864| Jephthah's Rash Vow/ Tune: In Nineveh old Tobit dwelt/ Licensed and Enter'd according to Order/ RB8 591 [from DC3 46v]: C. Brown and T. Norris, and sold by J. Walter [early 18th cent.]

When Jesus Christ was twlue [sic] years old/ ZN2865| A new ditty, Lord/ Tune: Triumph and Ioy/ P1 58: H. G[osson]./ P2 12: WCTP [also on sheet, O Lord my God I come to thee, N2019|]/ RB7 791: CVW [split from other half, RB4 365]/ Tune: Tryumphe and Joy/ SH #24 [Entd. Sept. 11, 1578, 1586, 1624, 1675 AI 1663, 1766, 2917, 2433]

When men and women lead the way/ ZN2866| The Salisbury Assizes.. Witchcraft [Mar. 19, 1653]/ Tune: Bragandary/ M1 #47: [imprint shorn] [CP p. 329]

When Musidorus fell in love/ ZN2867| ..wandring Prince and Princess..Musidorus and Amadine/ Tune: Young Phaon/ P3 282 = CR 1315: M. Coles, VWCTP/ RB6 664: [no imprint]

When my kids and my lambs I treated/ ZN2868| The Languishing Shepherd/ Tune: excellent new Tune [with meaningless music]/ Licensed according to Order/ CR 1316 = OPB 11: BDBB

When Noble bold Brittains did Victory gain/ ZN2869| Ungrateful Lewis.. [French fleet defeated]/ Tune: Let Cesar Live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 347: BDBB

When of late I sought my bed/ ZN2870| Bar'ra Faustus' Dream/ Tune: pleasant new tune/ RB8 596 [This is Ebsworth's recontruction from MS versions. See "As lately I lay in my bed," N300|]

When out of England first I went/ ZN2871| The Uncoustant [sic] Maid of Portugal/ Tune: an excellent new Tune/ Licens'd and Enter'd according to Order/ P3 323: E. Tracy

When Philomel begins to sing/ ZN2872| An excellent new Medly/ Tune: The Spanish Pavan/ RB1 57: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke/ P1 446: [no imprint]

When Phoebus bright the azure skies with golden rayes enlighteneth/ ZN2873|.. Leader-Haughs and Yarrow/ Tune: Its Own Proper Tune/ RB6 607 [two copies]: [no imprint, Scots, c 1690?] [Ptd. by Motherwell, The Paisley Magazine, 1828]

When Phoebus had run/ ZN2874| The Distra[c]ted Lovers Downfal/ Tune: [Ah] Cloris awake/ P4 45: WCTP

When Phoebus with her glittering Beams/ ZN2875| Flora Happily Revived By Strephons Return/ Tune: The fair one let me in/ P3 193: J. Deacon

When Phoebus with his Beams/ ZN2876| The Court-Miss Converted/ Tune: England's fair dainty Dames/ P4 11 = RB3 638 = CR 1317: CVWC

When ragyng dethe doth drawe his darte/ ZN3360| [no title]/ Finis, Sponer/ ASM 31 [Rollins, Notes, this is moralization of 'When raging love' by Surrey in Tottel's Miscellany]

When ravishing Rebellion reignes/ ZN2877| The Royal Wanderer.. Charles the Second/ Tune: The Wandering Prince of Troy, or, Troy Town/ E 312: F. Grove

When righteous Joseph wedded was/ ZN2878| The Angel Gabriel/ Tune: The blazing Torch/ P2 30: TP/ [both ballads] E 126: CVG [RL 176] [both ptd. RB7 779-80] [Entered 1639. AI 302. on same sheet, "The gift is small, a dozen of points," N954|. Traditional, several versions as "Christmas Mummers Carol", JFSS 2, 128, 1905. First version is almost too close to broadside text to be considered a traditional song]

When Royal William of Renown/ ZN2879| The Courtly Salutation.. K. William and Q. Mary.. Return from Irish Wars/ Tune: I often for my Jenny strove/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 334: BDBB

When Sampson was a tall young man/ ZN2880| A most excellent and famous Ditty of Sampson/ Tune: the Spanish Pavin/ P1 32: no imprint/ RB2 460: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke [Entd. Aug. 15, 1586. AI 2371]

When Sawney left me he had store of gilt/ ZN2881| Jennie's Answer to Sawney/ Tune: Sawney will ne'r be my Love again/ RB7 15 = CR 1321 = DP 24: P. Brooksby [HH1 138] [Answer to "Sawney was tall and of noble race," N2320|]

When scorching Phoebus he did mount/ ZN3266| [Splendent Phoebus?]/ [no broadside extant. Song in Bishop Percy's Folio MS: Loose and Humorous Songs, p. 70. ?Entd. as "a pleasaunte Dyttye When Splendent Phebus," 1564/5. AI 2105]

When she heard how he died/ ZN2882| The Frowns of Fate.. Answer to the Young-Mans Unfortunate Destiny/ Tune: The Doubting Virgin/ P3 355 = CR 1322: I. Deacon/ RB7 401: [no imprint] [Answer to N1862|]

When Sol could cast no light/ ZN2883| A pleasant new Song between a Seaman and his Love/ Tune: Robin the Devil/ [by] Cuthbert Burket/ RB3 127: [sheet divided, no imprint]/ BC ?: ? [?Entd. Dec. 14, 1620. AI 2388] [Traditional, Laws N29]

When Sol did cast no light/ ZN2884| The Valiant Seamans happy return to his love/ Tune: I am so deep in love; or, Through the cool shady woods/ With Allowance/ WE25 153: P. B. and E. O. [Brooksby and Oliver] [Ptd. RB7 518]// When Sol will cast no light/ The Pensive Maid/ Tune: Through the cool shady woods. Or, Deep in Love, &c./ P3 10 = WE25 3 = CR 1323: P. Brooksby [BC2 158]/ RB7 516 [two copies]: [no imprints]

When Sol had left his weary Teams/ ZN2885| Roger's Delight/ Tune: Excellent New Tune: Or, Cold and Raw/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 290: BDBB/ RB7 210: [18th cent.] [C.22.f.6 73]

When Soll with golden Rayes/ ZN2886| Love and Loyalty/ Tune: when Soll will cast no light/ With Allowance/ P3 123: CVWC

When Sol with his beams/ ZN2887| The West-Country Jigg/ Tune: Pleasant New Tune, called, New Exeter/ With Allowance/ RB7 250: [no imprint]/ CR 1324: P. Brooksby [DC2 245]

When that I call to mind my great extremities/ ZN2888| The Louers Lamentation to his Loue Nanny/ Tune: Did you see Nan today [1st and 3rd parts], Virginia [2nd part]/ P1 332-3: E. W[right].

When the Dartmouth friggot lay off a the town/ ZN2889| Treachery of the Spaniards of Porto Rico/ Tune: [none indicated]/ Composed by Howenden Walker on board of Dartmouth/ P5 374: [no publisher] 1686

When the joy of all I hear, and desire of all eyes/ ZN2890| Packington's Pound/ Tune: [none indicated]/ OPB 107: [no imprint, on verso of, "I loved no king in forty one"]

When the kine had given a Pail full/ ZN2891| The Bashfull-Maidens No, no, no, turn'd to I, I, I./ New Tune much in Fashion, Or, the Soldiers Departure/ Licensed according to Order. P3 183: [no imprint] [D'Urfey song expanded]

When the soft winds did blow/ ZN2892| Goddesses Glory [Queen of May]/ Tune: Walking beneath the shades [meaningless music given]/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P5 258: J. Deacon

When the wyntar wynddys ar vanished away/ ZN3371|[no title]/ Finis, quod Johan Walles/ ASM 43

When this old cap was new/ ZN2893| Times Alteration... When this Old Cap was new/ Tune: Ile nere be drunk againe./ P1 160-1: [no imprint]// [by] M. P./ RB2 582: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke/ SHNB 7 [CB p. 5]

When thou hast spent the longsom day/ ZN2894| A Christian's nightly care/ Tune: [none indicated]/ [1st of three on sheet]/ RB3 187: [no imprint]

When Titan's fiery steeds/ ZN2895| Take time while 'tis offer'd/ Tune: Within the North Country/ [by] M. P./ RB2 555: Richard Harper [Entd. Apr. 29, 1634. AI 2582]

When Tommy first became a lover/ ZN2896| The Faithful Shepherd/ Tune: There was an a bonny young Lad, &c./ RB6 174: [no imprint]/ DC1 77 = CR 1326: J. Deacon

When Troylus dwelt in Troy Towne/ ZN3391| [no title, in entry 'the history of Troilus Whose throtes hath Well bene tryed']/ To the tune of Fayne woold I fynd sum pretty thynge to geeve unto my lady/ ASM 63 [Rollins, Notes, entd. 15665/6. AI 1124. Cf. N2897|]

When Troy Town for ten years, wars/ ZN2897| ... The Wandering Prince of Troy/ Tune: Queen Dido/ M1 #51: E. W. in Gilt-spur street/ P1 84: Printed at London for Iohn Wright/ W2 1: I. W./ BF 21: CWVG/ E 262 = RB6 548 [RC3 43]: CVG/ RC3 730: Aldermary Churchyard/ E 87: CVW/ E 88 = CR 1328: A. M./ CR 1329: A. M. [diff. issue]/ P1 548: CTP/ CR 1329: R. Gamble/ SH #68// When as Troy town/ [no title]/ Tune: [given, Simpson's BBBM #383]/ SHNB 3: [BC2 10, DC3 102v, DC4 35] [Bishop Percy's Folio MS, III p. 502. 'Though Troy town', Folger Shakespeare Lib. MS V.a. 399, c 1605] [Entd. ?1564/5, 1603, 1624, 1675. AI 2839, 2710, 2841, 2842. Cf. N3391|]

When Venus did my heart inspire/ ZN2898| A Kiss of a Seaman's worth two of another/ Tune: Leave thee, &c./ [by] S. S./ [Ptd. CP 391]/ BF 16: John Andrews

When will we be married,...My own sweet Nicol a Cod/ ZN3251| Nicol a Cod/ [no broadside, song in D. Herd's MSS, c 1776. Ptd. by Hecht, 1904] [Entd. June 1, 1629. AI 1942. Martin Parker said, 1633, that he did not know who wrote it. Traditional, "Buffalo Boy" and "The Mountaineer's Courtship" among others in US. Version in Halliwell's Nursery Rhymes, confuses name with that of Nicholas Wood, N153|]

When will you Marry me William/ ZN2899| The West-Country Damosels Complaint/ Tune: Johnny Armstrong/ E 384 = RB6 635 = CR 1331: P. Brooksby, WS [Child Ballad #292, 1672-84]

When William Duke of Normandy/ ZN2900| The Wandering Jews Chronicle/ Tune: Our prince is welcome out of Spain/ [By] M. P./ W1 121: F. Grove/ P1 482-3: CTP/ RB6 695: CVWC [Later Roxburghe copy, RC3 732, has continuation] [Entd. Aug. 11, 1634, 1656, 1675. AI 2836-2838]

When Willy once he stayed/ ZN2901| A pleasant new Northerne Song.. two York-shire Louers/ Tune: pleasant new court tune, Or the tune of Willy/ P1 240-1 = CR 1332: I. W[right]./ RB2 229: John Wright [What may have been an answer to this was entered in the Stationers' Register on June 5, 1633. AI 1105]

When woman fyrst dame nature wrought/ ZN3395| [no title]/ Finis, Wylliam Case/ ASM 67 [Rollins, Notes, this is apparent sequel to N3394|]

Where got'st thou the Haver-mill Bonack/ ZN2902| Bonny Dundee: Or, Jockey's Deliverance, being his Valiant Escape from Dundee And the Parson's Daughter, whom he had Mow'd/ Tune: Bonny Dundee/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 262 = CR 1334: Charles Bates, White Heart/ RB8 453: [not given, but apparently 18th cent.] [With music in Pills V, 17, 1719]

Where gripinge greffes the hart wold wound/ ZN3296| A songe to the lute of musicke/ [no tune indication]/ CV 17

Where have you been, you drunken Dog/ ZN2903| A Dialogue between a Baker and his Wife/ Tune: Hey Boys up go we/ Licensed and Enter'd according to Order/ P4 147: J. S. in the Strand

Where's my Shepherd (my love) hey-ho/ ZN2904| Cupids Victory over the Virgins hearts/ Tune: Pleasant New Play-Tune; Or, The Maids a Washing themselves/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P3 195 = E 40 = CR 1336: I. Deacon/ RB3 554: [no imprint]

The Whigs are small, and of no good race/ ZN2905| .. The Unfortunate Whigs/ Tune: The King enjoys his own again/ RB5 140: S. Maurel, 1682

While I gaze on Cloris trembling/ ZN2906| The Jealous Lover's Complaint/ Tune: While I lay gazing/ CR 1339 = OPB 79: J. Blare [on same sheet as "As I lay musing all alone" = "Shepherds Lamentation," N218|]

While I in brief shall make appear/ ZN2907| The sad effects of covetousness/ Tune: The Young-Mans Legacy/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P2 168: [no imprint]

Whither art thou going my old man/ ZN2908| The Jealous Old Dotard: Or, the Discovery of Cuckoldry/ Tune: pleasant new Tune/ CR 1337 = RB 8 198 [partially ptd. only]: P. Brooksby [Traditional, e.g., F. Purslow, The Wanton Seed, "My Good Old Man", p. 81, not related to "Our Goodman"]

Whither away good neighbor/ ZN2909| Well met Neighbor/ Tune: Ragged and Torne/ [By] M. P./ E 383 = RB3 98: Thomas Lambert

Who is it will repair/ ZN2910| The Pedlar opening his Packe/ Tune: Last Christmas 'twas my chance/ P1 238-9: E. A[lde]. [Pills tune in Simpson is not the original of 1622, see note at N3270|]

Who list to reade the deeds/ ZN2911| The Praise of Saint David's Day/ Tune: When this old cap was new/ RB2 329: [no imprint]

Who lovithe to lyve in peas, and merkithe every change/ ZN3348| [no title]/ ASM 19 [Rollins, Notes, broadside version of song in Tottel's Miscellany. Entd. Sept. 4, 1564. AI 2949]

Who please to heare such news as are most true/ ZN2912| The lamentable burning..Corke..1621/ Tune: Fortune my foe/ P1 68-9: E. A[lde].

Who sekes to tame the blustering winde/ ZN3322| A ditie to hey down/ [no tune indication]/ CV 45 [moralizing, labour in vain]

Who so in wedloke doth intend/ ZN3317| A ballet of marriage/ [no tune indication]/ CV 39

Who that antique story reads/ ZN2913| The Dream of Judas' Mother Fulfilled/ Tune: Christ is my Love/ RB8 583: [no imprint, c 1730]

Who views the lyfe of mortall man/ ZN2914| A proper new ballad.. I know not what [1614]/ Tune: Labandalashot/ SH #9 [Ptd. RB8 xxxvii***] [Entd. 1624. AI 2950]

Who wislye wyll with gostlye eye/ ZN3307| A Ballet of the last dayes/ [no tune indication]/ CV 29 [?Entd. 1569/70. AI 2264]

Who's here so ingenious, mis-spending his time/ ZN2915| The Maid's Answer to the Batchelor's Ballad/ Tune: No more silly Cupid; or, The Duke of Monmouth's Jig/ With Allowance, By Ro. L'Estrange/ RB7 336 = CR 1340: P. Brooksby, WS [HH2 16, DC2 147, RL 16]

Why are my eyes still flowing/ ZN2916| Happy Lovers/ Tune: New song [Tune is BBBM #520. That given on ballad sheet here is "Cold and Raw"]/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P5 247 = BB1 89: J. Blare, [1689. Pepys copy]

Why are my eyes still ZN2917| The Constant Lover/ Tune: new tune of Why are my eyes still flowing [BBBM #520]/ This may be Printed, R. P./ CR 1341: J. Conyers [C.22.f.6 93]

Why are the Shepherds more happy than princes/ ZN2918| Answer to The Shepherd's Happiness/ Tune: Pleasant New Tune/ Licensed according to Order/ CR 1342: BDBB [Amswers "How happy are shepherds," N1162|]

Why come you not often to see me/ ZN2919| The Bashful Batchelor.. Courtship of a Squire's Daughter/ Tune: The Ring of Gold/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 301: J. Deacon

Why did the god of love wound a commander/ ZN2920| The Love-Sick Soldier/ Tune: No, no poor suffering heart [meaningless music given]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 213 = CR 1343 = OPB 116: P. Brooksby, Pye-corner

Why doe you boast of Arthur and his Knights/ ZN2921| Saint Georges commendation to all Souldiers/ Tune: a pleasant new tune/ P1 87: W. W., 1612/ Why should we boast of Arthur and his knights/ .. St. George and the Dragon/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB6 727: [white letter, no imprint]/ CR 1349: W. O. and sold by J. Blare/ CR 1350: J. Turner, Coventry [DC3 89, C.22.f.6 4, BC2 16] [Incompletely ptd. RB6 780]

Why does the Poets abuse us/ ZN2922| The Seamans Wives Vindication/ Tune: O so ungrateful a Creature/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 185: J.Deacon [sequel to one commencing "Come all you brave Gallants and listen to me, N519|]

Whye doth the vaine fantasie. Dust in thy faice/ ZN3321| A Ballet/ [no tune indication]/ Experte, criede Roberte [this an extra line may be a conclusion, rather than indication of authorship]/ CV 44 [lively celebration of joys and freedom of youth]

Why how Nan what is the reason/ ZN2923| The Mother and Daughter/ Tune: Come Sweet-heart and embrace thine own; or, The dancing of primrose hill/ CR 1344 = RB8 203: P. Brooksby [HH2 35, BC2 126, DC ?]

Why is my love unkind/ ZN2924| Lady's Tragedy/ Tune: The Ring of Gold/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 311: BDBB/ CR 1345: J. Deacon [Sequel, N89|]

Why should friends and kindred gravely make thee/ ZN2925| Love's better than Gold/ Tune: New Delightful Tune/ RB6 13 = CR 1347 = DP 32: P. Brooksby, West Smithfield [RL 130, HH1 165]

Why should I complain/ ZN2926| The Unbelieving Maiden/ Tune: No no, 'tis in vain, &c./ This may be Printed, R. P./ P3 111: CTP [HH1 101]

Why should I thus complain on thee/ ZN2927| The Faithful Lovers of the West/ Tune: As I walkt forth to take the air/ By William Blunden/ RB6 257 = CR 1348: P. Brooksby, Pye-Corner

Why should not I complain on thee/ ZN2928| False hearted young man/ Tune: pleasant new tune, or, The Languishing Swain/ Licens'd according to Order/ P5 287: A. M. 1697 [answered by "It's true, thous justly maist complain," N1535|] [Ptd. RB8 x*]

Why should not mortal man awake, and see the day appere?/ ZN3274| A goodly and good example to avoyde all inconveniences as hereafter followeth. To Wilsons tune. R. H./ RP 3 & OEB #43, [?Entd. Aug 1, 1586. AI 630]

Why should we boast, see Why do you boast

Why should we boast of Lais and his Knights/ ZN2929| .. King Edward and Jane Shore/ Tune: St. George for England and the Dragon/ RB8 423: London, 1671

Why should we speak of Caesars Acts/ ZN2930| Englands pleasant May-flower [Chas. II come home]/ Tune: Upon St. Davids day/ E 100: W. Gilbertson

Wife prethee come hither & sit thee down by me/ ZN2931| A pleasant new ballad, both merry and witty,...wiues in the city/ Tune: How shall a good husband [How shall we good husband live]/ P1 376-7: H. G[osson].

Will the baker a Wooing went/ ZN2932| The Discontented Bride/ Tune: The Maids a Washing themselves, &c./ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 119: J. Deacon

Will you buy any broome, birch and greene/ ZN2933| A sonnge of the guise [cries] of London [no tune indication]/ RP 1 and SHA p. 335. [?Entd. May 16, 1599, 'The Crye of London, together with the song.' AI 442. This entry is late if identification is correct. As early as 1563/4 'buy Bromes buye' was entered. AI 254. It may be the following: Quite similar is a song 'Conscience, with brooms at her back, singeth as folleth:' in R. W.'s play The Three Ladies of London, 1584. Burden is, 'New brooms, green Brooms, will you buy any, Come, maidens, come quickly, let me take a penny.' This appears may be related to a ballad entered on July 25, 1592, 'Conscience Crye to all estates in sellinge of broom'. AI 377. Another song in The Three Ladies of London, 'The Countrey hath no peare,' has been identified by Rollins (with certainty) as an entry of Sept. 4, 1564. AI 403. Thus it isn't unreasonable that the song the play was an old one, but precise connection with that in RP is still lacking]

Will ye complaine without a cause/ ZN3298| A ballet/ [no tune indication]/ CV 19 [Praise and dispraise of women. Among several Stationers' Register entries where this might be found, take your choice: AI 531, 1258, 2167, 2491]

Will you hear a German Princess/ ZN2934| The Westminster Wedding; Or, Carletons' Epithalium/ Tune: The Spanish Lady/ RB7 230 [from DC2 253v]: S. B. 1663 [See The German Princess, N865|]

Will you hear a Spanish Lady/ ZN2935| The Spanish Ladies Love/ a Pleasant New Tune/ P3 148: CTP/ E 340 = WE25 11: CVG/ P5B 26: TP/ OPB 219: W. O./ RB6 655: [no imprint]/ CR 1351: W. O and A. M. and sold by J. Conyers/ CR 1352: Bow-Church-Yard/ CR 1353: Aldermary Church-Yard/ CR 1354: J. Butler, Worcester [c 1750] [DC2 210v, DC3 84v, BC1 48, BC2 36] [Entd. June 11, 1603, 1624, 1675. AI 2509, 2508, 2510]

Will you hear of Tom'sons dream?/ ZN2936| Toms-Son his Repetition to his Wife/ Tune: Young Jemmy [with meaningless music]/ CR 1355: J. Deacon, Sign of Rainbow

Will you hear how the rich do oppress the poor/ ZN2937| The poor Peoples Complaint of the Unconscionable Brokers and Talley-Men/ Tune: This is the cause that the Land complains, or, Sawney will never be my love again/ P4 353: J. Conyers

Will you know why the old misers adore/ ZN2938| The Wonderful Praise of Money/ Tune: Ye Ladies of London/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P3 256 = CR 1356: P. Brooksby/ RB6 16: [no imprint] [HH2 157]

William and Susan they happily meeting/ ZN2939| The True Pattern of Loyalty/ Tune: Charon make haste, &c./ This may be Printed, R. P./ CR 1357: J. Blare [CR 1358, imprint not cited] [HH2 70, C.22.f.6 189] [Ptd. RB7 501]

William the Miller, who liv'd in the West/ ZN2940| The Witty Maid of the West: Or, ..Miller well thrash'd by Robin../ Tune: Ladies of London/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 16 = CR 1359: J. Back/ E 390: [incomplete, no imprint]/ RB7 426: [no imprint]

Wilt thou forsake mee thus, and leave me in misery/ ZN2941| A new Northern Jigge, called Daintie, come thou to me/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB1 629: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke [?Entd. Jan. 5, 1591, Dec. 10, 1638. AI 1893, 1894] [Ptd. Baskerville's Elizabethan Jig #2. Source of title of lost tune "Dainty come thou to me"]

The winter it is past, and the summer come at last/ ZN2942| The Love-Sick Maid/ Tune: [none indicated, in Scots and Irish works]/ RB6 240 [from London Rake's Garland, 1765] [Many 18th cent. copies of this, Holloway and Black's Later English Broadside Ballads, I, #54, #66. With music in Scots Musical Museum #200. Petrie's Ancient Music of Ireland. Traditional version, Greig-Duncan #97]

Wisdom woold I wish to have/ ZN3392| [no title]/ ASM 64 [Judgement of Solomon. Rollins, Notes, two entries, 1563/4. AI 2971, 2970]

The wit hath long beholden been/ ZN2943| The Song of the Caps/ Tune: The Shaking of the Sheets/ Collier's A Book of Roxburghe Ballads [Said there to be printed by John Trundle. Song appears with music in Pills. Several MS and ptd. copies listed in M. Crum First Line Index.. Bodleian. By Wm. Strode. A copy is in An Antidote Against Melancholy, 1661]

Wit whither wilt thou? Woe is mee/ ZN2944| .. Love doth bereave a man of health, witt, and memory/ Tune: Hart's-ease/ SH #65 [1 verse, RB8 xxxi***]

With aking heart this day I write/ ZN2945| The Murtherers Moan.. J. B. .. Executed..September, 1691/ Tune: Johnson's Farewel/ Licensed according to Order/ [Roman letter]/ P5 13: BDBB

With bleeding heart and melting eyes/ ZN2946| A Tribute of Tears. .Death of William the Third/ Tune: My Bleeding Heart/ License'd according to Order/ P5 146: E. Tracy

With bleeding heart & mournful tear/ ZN2947| A Dreadful Relation of the Cruel, Bloody, and most Inhumane Massacre.. Duke of Savoy/ Tune: The Bleeding Heart/ BF 20: John Andrews, 1655 [Ptd. CP 385]

With bleeding heart of heaviness/ ZN2948| The Counter Counterfeit Coyner..John Moor..12th of July, 1695/ Tune: Russel's Farewel/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 7: J. Bissel

With brinishe teares and sobbing sighes/ ZN2949| The Lamentation of England [Execution of Francis Throgmorton, July 10, 1584]/ Tune: Weep, weep/ CR 1361: Richard Ihones [16th cent.]

With hart oppressed with griefe and care/ ZN2950| A warning for all Souldiers [Wm. Wrench, Sept. 8, 1600]/ Tune: Shore's wive's Lamentation/ SH #47

With letters three, I do begin/ ZN2951| The Letters Three/ Tune: Pleasant New Tune, or Letters Three/ By M. S./ RB7 538: CVWC

With many Glasses flow-------ing/ ZN2952| The Coy Damosel Conquered/ Tune: Why are my eyes still flowing/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P3 296: J. Deacon

With melting eyes and bleeding heart/ ZN2953| ..Mournful Murtherer.. Thomas Randall/ Tune: Russel's Farewel/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 161: J. Blare

With sails let fall and sheeted home/ ZN2954| Time for us to Go/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB8 448: [source unstated, late 18th or early 19th cent.]

With sobbing griefe my heart will break/ ZN2955| A Lanthorne for Landlords/ Tune: The Duke of Norfolk/ P1 146-7: I. Wright/ RB1 547: John Wright

Within a mile of London town/ ZN2956| The Sporting Couple; or, Love in the Grass/ Tune: To a pleasant new tune/ P5 181: A. M.

Within the haven towne of Rye/ ZN2957| The True Mayde of the South/ Tune: Come, come my sweet and bonny one/ RB2 627 = P1 322-3: Francis Coules

Within the North country [source of tune title]/ ZN2958| A pleasant song,.. of a North-country-Lasse that lost her way/ Tune: new court tune/ M1 #3: Printed at London for H. Gosson [Entd. Dec. 14, 1624, with other old ballads. AI 2978. This copy ptd. RB8 lxxxvii*, clxxii*. Tune not in Simpson, but see his comments on p. 6 in relation to note below. A fragment of what was undoubtably a mid-16th century version is in Pamelia, p. 37, 1609. "Malkin was a country maid, a country maid tricke and trim, tricke and trim as she might be, she would needes to the Court shee said to sell milke and firmenty." Rollins, AI 1693, pointed out this as from original in connection with "Mawken was a Counttry mayde moralysed", entered in 1563/4. Strangely, Rollins did not connect it with the song here. An early 18th century condensed version is called "Farmer's Daughter of Merry Wakefield," whose tune is in Merry Musician, I, 1716 and on single sheet issues from c 1705. Compare with Carman's/ Comber's Whistle, Watkin's Ale]

Within the northe contre/ ZN3379| [no title]/ ASM 51 [listing of valiant northern English lords if it comes to fight with Scots]

Within the town of Walton fair a lovely lass did dwell/ ZN2959| The Knotter's Job/ Tune: Shackley hay/ RB7 331: [no imprint]/ DC1 108v = CR 1362: P. Brooksby, West Smithfield

Within these Prison Walls we lye/ ZN2960| The Mournful Plotters/ Tune: Russel's Farewel/ [Roman letter]/ P5 17: C. Bates

Wo worthe the, Lenttone, that ever thowe was wrought/ ZN3334| [no title]/ ASM 5 [Rollins. Notes, this is probably that later as AI 1488. But in AI at 1488, he identified the entry as N2240|]

Woe, see Wae

Women to prayse who takes in hand/ ZN3394| [no title]/ ASM 66 [Rollins, Notes, entd. 1564. AI 3008, also in Crown Garland, 1612. See N3395|]

A wonder stranger ne'r was known/ ZN2961| The Suffolk Miracle/ Tune: My bleeding heart/ P3 332 = RB8 43: CVWCTP/ WE25 83: TP/ CR 1363: A. M. and sold by booksellers/ CR 1364: A. M. [diff. issue] [DC2 207v, RC2 440, RC3 891] [CB p. 110. Child Ballad, #272]

The wondrous works of god above/ ZN2962| .. young man.. wrongfully hangd/ Tune: O man in desperation/ SH #38

The wonders of the Lord are great/ ZN2963| A Prophesie of the Iudgement Day/ Tune: the Ladyes fall/ P1 36-7: I[hon] W[right].

The wonders of the Lord are past/ ZN2964| Strange and wonderful Predictions/ Tune: Bragandary round/ By John Saltmarsh/ M2 #40: Gilbert Mabbott for John Hammond [Ptd. CP p. 195]

The world hath allurements and flatterin show/ ZN2965| Trial brings truth to light/ Tune: The Begger-boy/ [by] M. P./ RB3 285: Thomas Lambert [Entd. May 31, 1634. AI 2688]

The world is orerun with enormous abuse/ ZN2966| Fayre Warning/ Tune: Packington's pound/ [by] M. P./ RB1 370: Richard Harper

The world in ungrateful/ ZN3421| The Late Duke of Monmouth's Lamentation/ Tune: On the Bank of a River, Or; Now now the Fights done/ This may be Printed July 18. 1685. R. L. S./ P2 244: P. Brooksby, Pye-Corner [C.22.f.6 139, HH2 33] [Ptd. RB5 699]

The world's a blister sweld with care/ ZN2967| The Batchelor's Delight/ Tune: The King's Delight or, The young man's advice to his fellow Batchelors/ RB3 423 = CR 1368: F. G. on Snow-hil [HH1 14]

Worthy Gentlemen all/ ZN2968| The Royal Favours of K. William.. Speech to..Soldiers in Flanders/ Tune: Let the Soldiers Rejoyce/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 309: BDBB

A worthy lord, of vast estate/ ZN2969| The Durham Garland/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 1369 = RC3 328: Bow-Church-Yard [DC3 22]

Would god, that deth with cruell darte, & fatall awsters thre/ ZN3311| Ellin Thorne songe:/ [no tune indication]/ CV 33 [mad with love as yet unreturned]

Would you be a man in fashion/ ZN2970| The Compleat Citt: Or, The Man of Fashion/ Tune: [with music, BBBM #531]/ OPB 112 = [title missing] CR 1371: P. Brooksby, West Smithfield, 1683 [Bod. Ashmole G.16]

Would you be a man in Favour?/ ZN2971| A Man in Favour/ Tune: Would you be a Man of Fashion [meaningless music given, for "Would you be a man of fashion"]/ P5 127 = OPB 110: J. H., 1688// A New Song/ Tune: [meaningless music given]/ CR 1372: [no imprint] BL C.38.i.25 1, W7]

Would you know when I will marry/ ZN2972| The Lover's Prophesie/ Tune: The Doubting Virgin, or Buggering Oates prepare thy neck/ CR 1373: P. Brooksby [Ptd. RB7 299]

Would you know who may take the greatest pleasure/ ZN2973| Rich Mens Joyes/ Tune: Charon make hast, &c./ This may be Printed, R. P./ P5B 67: J. Back

Wully and Georgy now beath are gean/ ZN2974| A Scotch Song, sung at Tunbridge Well/ Tune: [not indicated, music given]/ BB1 94: [no imprint, prob. single sheet song with music]

Ye Batchelors that brave it/ ZN2975| The lamentation of a new married man/ Tune: Where is my true Loue/ P1 380-1: A. M[athews].// You Batchelors.../ RB2 34: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke [Entd. Dec. 14, 1624. AI 3051]

Ye commons and peers, pray lend me your ears/ ZN2976| Jack French-Man's Defeat/ Tune: Pleasant Tune, called, There was a Fair Maid in the North Country, Came triping over the Plain, &c. [evidently not Leveridge's familiar tune]/ BB1 386: [18th cent, no imprint]

Ye females, draw near, some news you shall hear/ ZN2977| .. The Cony Barber/ Tune: Pleasant New West Country Tune/ [Burden "hah, hah, hah]/ RB3 572: [no imprint]/ CR 1395: P. Brooksby

Ye hardy sons of chase, give ear, all listen to my song/ ZN2978| A New Fox-Hunting Song.. 29th Day of January, 1785/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB7 95: [no imprint]

Ye Jacobite crew, 'gainst Willy conspiring/ ZN2979| King William Triumphant: Or The Siege of Dunkirk/ Tune: Let Mary Live long, &c. [with meaningless music]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 84: BDBB

Ye Kings and Princes, all draw nigh/ ZN2980| King James's Lamentation upon the Landing of King William in Holland/ Tune: [none indicated]/ P5 103: J. W., 1690

Ye lads and ye lasses that live in Great Britain/ ZN2981| The Pedlar/ Tune: The Old Tune of King John, and the Abbot of Canterbury/ CR 1374: J. Baker [c 1705-14]

Ye merry hearts that love to play/ ZN2982| Win at first, lose at Last: Or, A New Game at Cards/ Tune: Ye Gallants that delight to play/ W2 71: Fran. Grove. Entred according to Order/ P4 344: WCTP/ P2 207: F. Coles, Vere, Wright, Clark, and Passinger, [no Thackeray!]. 16XX/ DP2: [no imprint] [See N3019|]

Ye noble Brittaines, be no more/ ZN2983| Gallants, to Bohemia/ Tune: a pleasant new Warlike tune/ P1 102-3: G. E[lde].

Ye nymphs and sylvian gods/ ZN2984| ...The Bonny Milk-Maid/ Tune: [meaningless music given, BBBM #310]/ P5 221: Charles Barnet/ CR 1376: A. M./ CR 1377: [no imprint, 18th cent.]/ The Merry Milkmaids/ Tune: The Milking-Pail/ Licens'd and Enter'd according to Order/ CR 1375: J. Deacon [from D'Urfey's song in Don Quixote, 1694] [CB p. 45]

Ye parents that love children dear/ ZN2985| The Children's Example/ Tune: The Bleeding Heart/ RC3 769: [no imprint, 18th cent. garland]

Ye Sages of London, of states high and low/ ZN2986| City Justice/ Tune: Packington's Pound/ P5 133: [no imprint]

Ye Whigs and Dissenters I charge ye, attend/ ZN2987| The Whigs Hard Heart for the Cause of the Hard Frost/ Tune: Packington's Pound/ RB5 461: Sold.. Old Spring-Gardens, 1684

Yea, see Ye, You

You, see also ye

You are so fair and cruel too/ ZN2988| The Frantic Lover/ Tune: Excellent New Play-House Tune/ This may be Printed. R.P./ P3 22: R. Kell/ BB2 563 = CR 1380: J. Deacon [HH1 112]

You bakers now do you not hear the sad news/ ZN2989| April Horse Race/ Tune: O brave Popery/ CR 1381: J. Murray

You bakers of England both country and city/ ZN2990| The Weaver turn'd Devil/ Tune: The Royal Forester/ CR 1382: T. C., 1701

You Bartholomew tapsters I first do advise/ ZN2991| A Description of Bartholomew-Fair/ Tune: Digby's Farewel/ P4 341: CVWCTP

You Batchelors all attend/ ZN2992| The Country Lawyers Maid Joan..want of a length...Mark/ Tune: Turn Coat of the Times/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 268 = CR 1383 = RB3 585 = DP 53: BDBB [HH1 43]

You Batchelors that brave it, see Ye Batchelors..

You Batchelors that single are/ ZN2993| Advice to Batchelors/ Tune: Hey boys up go we; busie fame; Martellus; Or Jenny Gin/ P4 103 = RB3 376: J. Deacon

You beauteous Ladies great and small/ ZN2994| The famous Flower of Serving-Men/ Tune: delicate new Tune, Or, Flora farewel. Summer time, Or, Loves tide/ [By] L. P./ Entered according to Order/ E 111: John Andrews/ P3 142 [no entry statement, author's initials]: TP// [no authors init]/ WE25 75: J. Hose/ RB6 567: Aldermary Church-Yard/ CR 1384: Bow-Church-Yard [DC1 83v, DC3 30v, DC3 110v, DC4 26] [Child Ballad #106, by Lawrence Price. Entered to J. Andrews, July 14, 1656. AI 855]

You blades of the North, to my story give ear/ ZN2995| The Bak'd Bully: or, Love in an Oven/ Tune: [Jenny come tie my cravat]/ DC1 11: ?

You bloudy minded Sons of Rome/ ZN2996| The Bloody Plot/ Tune: Russel's Farewel/ P2 368: J. Deacon

You bold undaunted Souls attend/ ZN2997| Devol's last farewel/ Tune: Vpon the Change/ Licens'd according to Order/ E 77= BB 14: C. Bates

You bonny boon blades that are company keepers/ ZN2998| The bad husband's Information of ill Husbandry/ Tune: Digby's Farewell. Or, The jovial Crew/ P2 91 = CR 1385: P. Brooksby [HH1 8, RL 135]

You brave loyal Churchmen/ ZN2999| King Charles the Second's Restoration/ Tune: Where have you been, my lovely Sailor bold/ RB4 511: [white letter, no imprint]

You Christian Princes of the World/ ZN3000| The Mournful Monarch..Lamentation of the late King James.. Surrender of Lymerick/ Tune: Russels Farewel/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 76: B. J., 1691 [Answered by one commencing "Tell me thou mournful King," N2460|]

You country damsels, fine and gay/ ZN3001| The Constant Country Maid/ Tune: True love rewarded with loyalty/ RB6 272: W. Whitwood

You country men that are/ ZN3002| The Essex man coozened by a Whore/ Tune: Gallants come away [Last Christmas 'twas my chance]/ [by] R. C[limsell]./ P1 290-1: H. Gosson

You dainty dames so finely framed/ ZN3003| A Godly Warning... Jermans-Wife/ Tune: The Ladies Fall/ P1 504-5: TP/ CR 1386: A. M. W. O. and. T. Thackeray/ CR 1387: W. O. and sold by C. Bates// Jarmans/ The Ladyes fall/ E 128 = W 105: CVG// A Warning for Maidens/ RB3 194: [no imprint, sheet also contains "One year begins," N2189|]/ CR 1388, 1389; [18th cent., no imprints]//Bateman's Tragedy/ Tune: [none indicated]/ HC 654: Bow Church yard [HC 655]

You Damsels now of Beauty Bright/ ZN3004| The Lamented Lovers/ Tune: Frantick Lover/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 372 = E 190 = CR 1390 = RB7 405: BDBB

You desperate swearers/ ZN3005| A Looking-glasse/ Tune: Jasper Cuningham/ P5b 11-12: I. T[rundle].

You disobedient children mark my fall/ ZN3006| Save a Thief from the Gallows/ Tune: Fortune my Foe/ [2nd part]/ Gods judgements now are rightly seen said/ The confession.. George Sanders/ Tune: Fortune my Foe/ M1 #57: Printed at London for Edw [Wright, shorn]/ M2 #10: W. ?/ E 320 = W1 143: CVG/ P2 196-7: CTP/ RB8 72: CVWC [Entd. 1624, 1675. AI 958, 2374. Play on same murder entered Nov. 17th, 1599]

You Dukes and Lords, and English Knights/ ZN3007| .. Great Victory at Sea/ Admiral Russel, May 1692/ Tune: Hey Boys, up go we/ Licensed and Entered according to Order/ CR 1391: A. B,. and sold by Richard Baldwin

You faithful Christians, whereso'er you be/ ZN3008| The Kentish Wonder/ Tune: Aim not too high/ RB8 36: [no imprint/ CR 1392: P. Brooksby, Pye-corner [See another version and note at "Take comfort Christians all", N2446|]

You Farmers now both far and near/ ZN3009| The Wretched Miser: . covetous Farmer/ Tune: O Folly, desperate Folly, &c./ Licensed according to Order/ P4 331: J. Blare

You fathers and mothers, and children also/ ZN3010| The Wandering Young Gentlewoman; Or, Catskin/ Tune: [none]/ CR 1393 = RB8 167 = DC3 105: [18th cent., no imprint]/ DC4 24: J. Evans [Ebsworth mentions his own later copies, also, and one black letter issue by T. Norris, 1712 = ? BL 1876.i.l pp 31, 33. A form of Cinderella"]

You female trappaners, I pray you draw near/ ZN3011| Trepanner Trepanned/ Tune: the flatteries of fate, [BBBM # 141] or, Mall Cooper is grown so gallant and gay/ WE25 51: [imprint shorn] [DC2 221]

You females all give ear/ ZN3012| The Forsaken Maid's Frolick/ Tune: The Knight and Beggar-Wench/ CR 1395 = RB7 380: W. Whitwood

You free-men, and masters, and 'prentices mourn/ ZN3245 London's Lamentation/ Tune: Packington's Pound/ RB5 250 (from BL): N[at]. T[hompsom]. [Entd. June 12, 1683. AI 1518a]

You friends to reformatiom/ ZN3013| The Saint turn'd Sinner/ Tune: A Soldier and a Saylor/ BB1 30: N. Palmer [18th cent.]

You frolicksome sparks of the game/ ZN3014| The Frolicksome Spark/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB7 520: [18th cent. no imprint, Ebsworth's copy, D.Wighton, Birmingham]

You gallant maidens of the world/ ZN3015| Of a maide nowe dwelling at the towne of Meuros in dutchland/ Tune: The Ladie's fall/ SH #10 [1 verse, RB8 xxi***]

You gallants all I pray draw near/ ZN3016| The Merchant's Son and the Beggar-Wench of Hull/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB7 379: Aldermary Church-yard/ CR 1397: Bow-Church-Yard [DC3 66v] [Traditional in Scotland]

You gallants all in London, if you will but draw near/ ZN3017| The Cook-Maid's Garland/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RC3 772: [no imprint, 18th cent. garland]

You Gallants all that love to play/ ZN3018| A New Game at Cards/ Tune: pleasant new tune, Or, what you please/ W1 147 = E 247: [no imprint] [Ptd. RB7 615. Entd. Mar. 13, 1656. AI 1872]

You Gallants all that love to play/ ZN3019| A New Game at Cards/ Tune: pleasant new tune, Or, what you please/ E 247: [no imprint]/ RB7 615 [from W1]: [no imprint] [See "Ye merry hearts that love to play," N2189|]

You gallants, and you swag'ring blades/ ZN3020| There's nothing to be had without money/ Tune: The Mother beguil'd the Daughter/ RB2 565: H. G[osson]. [Entd. July 8, 1633. AI 2614]

You Gallants of Country and City/ ZN3021| The Merciful Father [Chas. II to] James D. of Monmouth/ Tune: There was an a bonny young Lad/ P2 221: P. Brooksby [Ptd. RB5 641]

You Gallants of every Station/ ZN3022| The Female Frolick/ Tune: excellent new Tune called The Rant/ P3 246: C. Bates// The Female Highway Hector/ CR 1398: C. Bates [HH1 107] [Ptd. RB8 ix*]

You Gallants that resort to Hide Parke or Totnam Court/ ZN3023| The Nightingale/ Tune: Court Tune/ RB2 251: F. Coules [Entd. July 8, 1633. AI 1943]

You Gentle-Crafts both far and near/ ZN3024| Shooe-makers Delight/ Tune: The Low-country Souldier/ Licensed according to Order/ Written by Richard Rigby/ P5 392: J. Shooter

You gentle hearts that true love crave/ ZN3025| The Dying Tears of a true lover forsaken [Hugh Hill and Sarah]/ Tune: Come live with me/ M2 #9: E. Wright/ Those gentle hearts../ P3 357: CTP/ Those gentle hearts../ E 64 = CR 1170 = RB4 420: CVWCTP/ Tune: Live with me and be my love/ SH #30 [HH1 86] [Entd. 1624, 1675. AI 1168, 659]

You gentle Nimphs that on the Meddows play/ ZN3026| An Excellent Sonnet: Or, The Swains complaint/ Tune: Bodkins Galliard/ [By George Wither]/ E 84: John Wright/ RB1 337: J. Wright [Entd. 1633. AI 797]

You Gentlemen all come listen a while/ ZN3027| A Warning and good Counsel to the Weavers/ Tune: The Country Farmer. Or, The Devonshire Damosels/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 356: P. Brooksby

You Gentleman of England, that lives at home at ease/ ZN3028| Neptunes Raging Fury/ Tune: When the Stormy Winds do Blow/ By J. P./ Euing 239: T. Mabb for Ric. Burton// [no author's initials] P4 201: CTP/ RB6 432 = CR 1399: A.M., W. O., and T. Thackeray/ CR 1400: Francis Clifton [18th cent.] [BC2 81] [CB p. 213] [Tune cited before 1664. Entd. July 1, 1678. AI 1860. Another entry of ballad previously printed by Burton. Draws on earlier songs N221| and N728|] [A favourite, reprinted and reworked in 18th century. Modeled on this are Laws K2 and K3]

You Gods and Goddesses that rules in Helicon/ ZN3029| The Pensive Prisoners Lamentation/ Tune: Gerhard/ M2 #5: [imprint shorn]

You I love (by Jove) I do/ ZN3030| The Wounded Lover's Lamentation/ Tune: Excellent New Tune/ This may be Printed, R. P. [this copied from earlier issue]/ CR 1401 = RB7 202 [from DC2 210v]: BDBB [C.22.c.2. 209]

You jolly young sailors, that loves to delight/ ZN3031| The Jolly Sailor/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB8 568: [no imprint]

You jovial gallants all give ear/ ZN3032| Second Part Of the Water-mans Delight/ Tune: Watermans Delight/ BB2 955 [from RL 1]: J. Williamson [1st part, "There was a jovial waterman," N2504|]

You lasses of London, attend me/ ZN3033| A Mad Marriage/ Tune: Moggie's Jealousie/ RB8 442: J. Deacon [DC2 149v] [?Entd. 1638. AI 1613]

You Limber Ladies that appear/ ZN3034| The Description of a Town Miss/ Tune: Amarillis/ P3 57 = CR 1402: CVWC [C.22.f.6 109]

You Lovers all both far and near/ ZN3035| Answer to the Maiden's Tragedy/ Tune: Russel's Farewel/ P3 370 = RB3 360 = E 5 = CR 1403: BDBB [Answer to one commencing "Near Wolverhampton liv'd a Maid," N1871|]

You Lovers all both far and near/ ZN3036| The Extreams of Love/ Tune: In Summer time/ This may be Printed, R. L. S./ P3 349: J. Back

You Lovers all, where e're you be/ ZN3037| Times Darling/ Tune: If you love me tell me so, or, Love's tide/ [by C. H(ammond)., Manchester, Douce copies]/ M1 #33: F. Grove on Snow hill/ P2 11 = BB2 523: CTP [DC2 227v] [Entered to Grove, Apr. 14, 1658. AI 2639]

You lovers, I pray you, be pleas'd to draw near/ ZN3038| London Tragedy/ Tune: Farewel my dear Johnny [N876]/ Licens'd and Enter'd according to Order/ P5 309: J. Shooter

You Lovers of Loyaltie/ ZN3039| A New Mournful Ballad, Called, The Duke of Allbemarle's Farewell/ Tune: Grim King of the Ghosts/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P4 305: J. Bissel

You Lovers of mirth attend a while/ ZN3040| The Unconscionable Batchelors of Darby/ Tune: To thee, To thee, &c./ P3 269 = CR 1404 = OPB 188 = RB7 225: J. Bissel

You Lovers most Loyal, where-e're you be/ ZN3041| The True-Lovers Glory/ Tune: The Country-Farmer; Or, The New-Market Jigg/ P3 205: C. Dennisson

You lovers that have been false-hearted/ ZN3042| Cruel Lover/ Tune: The Maiden Lottery [Evening Ramble]/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 372: J. Blare [Answered by "The lottery has now been completed," N1720|]

You Loyal-hearted English-men/ ZN3043| Englands joys increased.. [coronation of James II]/ Tune: A New Game at Cards/ P2 229: CTP

You loyal Lovers all draw near/ ZN3246| Loves Secret Wound/ Tune: ? /DC1 133: ? [Entd. 1685. AI 1571]

You loyal lovers all draw near/ ZN3044| The Bristol Bridegroom: Or, the Ship-Carpenter's Love to the Merchant's Daughter/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 1405: L. How [18th cent.]// You loyal lovers far and near// The Ship-Carpenter's Love to the Merchant's Daughter/ Tune: Fare well, my Love/ RB8 146: Bow-Church-Yard [Tune, Simpson, BBBM, footnote, p. 296]

You loyal lovers all help me to moan/ ZN3045| Love in Despair/ Tune: The Ruined Virgin/ P5 313: P. Brooksby

You loyal lovers attend to my ditty/ ZN3046| The Damosels Tragedy/ Tune: Charon, &c./ This may be Printed, R. P./ CR 1406: J. Back [HH1 66, C.22.f.6 108]

You loyal Lovers far and near/ ZN3047| The Young Seaman's Misfortune/ Tune: The Spinning Wheel/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 224: BDBB

You loyal Lovers far and near, see You loyal lovers all draw near

You loyal Lovers that are distant/ ZN3048| The Constant Lover/ Tune: Shall the absence of my Mistresse/ [By] P. L./ RB1 213 = CR 1407: Henry Gosson [Entd. Jan. 8, 1638. AI 382. See N1787| for notes, traditional versions]

You Loyal Subjects all/ ZN3049| The Royal Subjects Joy/ Tune: Sound a charge/ [By] T. R./ E 309: Charles Tyus// The Loyall Subjects Joy/ RB7 678: [same, or no imprint?]

You Loyal Subjects all give ear/ ZN3050| Hells Master-piece discovered/ Tune: Sommer time/ [By] C. H[ammond]./ E 138: Francis Grove

You loyal subjects of this Isle/ ZN3051| The Westminster Wonder/ Tune: Jealous Lover/ [P5B 48, is title and introduction to another edition, but does not contain the verses or tune direction]/ P5 144 = CR 1408 = OPB 96: J. Blare

You loyal subjects wherefoe're you be/ Disney's Last Farewell/ ZN3052| Tune: Fortune my Foe/ This may be Printed, R. L. S. July the 1st, 1685/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 154: CTP

You loyal young damosles, whose lovers are bent/ ZN3053| A Tryal of True Love/ Tune: The Flatteries of Fate: Or, Jenny, Jenny/ RB6 293: TPW [Same main title, N761|]

You lusty young Batchelors pray now attend/ ZN3054| The Bucksome Lass of Westminster/ Tune: If Love's a sweet Passion/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 241 = CR 1409: BDBB [HH1 20, C.22.f.6 89]

You maidens all I pray give ear unto my sad downfall which I declare/ ZN3055| The Broken Contract; or, The Betrayed Virgin's Complaint/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB8 807: Stonecutter Street [See Ebsworth's notes, and Simpson's under BBBM #146 (Franklin is fled away) for several earlier variants and titles]

You Maidens all of London City/ ZN3056| Dick the Plowman Turn'd Doctor/ Tune: O Mother Roger, &c./ This may be Printed, R. P./ P3 170 = CR 1410 = RB4 418 + RB8 761: C. Dennisson [HH1 70]

You Maidens all that would be wise/ ZN3057| Doctor Experience's excellent Advice to the Virgins/ Tune: Oxford-shire Damosel/ This may be Printed. R. P./ P3 100: CTP

You Maidens that are fair and young/ ZN3058| Hey ho, for a Husband/ Tune: Ile warrant thee boy she's right, Or, a little o'th tone with 'tother/ With Allowance, Ro. L'Estrange/ P4 9: CVWC

You Maidens wild, that were beguil'd/ ZN3059| The Answer to the London Lasses Folly/ Tune: The Journey-man Shooe-maker/ This may be Printed, R. L. S./ P3 237 = CR 1411 = RB3 353: C. Dennisson [Answers "Not long ago it chanced so," N1901|]

You maidens who intend to wed/ ZN3060| Fatal Love/ Tune: Johnson's Farewel/ Licensed according to Order/ BB1 47: John Wiseman, 1704

You maids and widows all a row/ ZN3061| The Maid's Revenge upon Cupid and Venus/ Tune: Love's tide, or, Flora Farewel/ [by] L. P./ And Entered according to Order/ RB7 104: Francis Grove [Entd. to Grove, Mar. 12, 1656. AI 1635]

You maids and wives, and women kind/ ZN3062| The Maiden's complaint of her Love's inconstancie/ Tune: Delicate New Tune RB2 96: E[dw]. W[right]./ RC1 248-9: H. G[osson]. [Burden: For which I sigh, and sob and weepe, To see false men no faith can keepe. Wardroper prints short version from MS but without its attached tune, Love and Drollery, #104]

You maids that live in London town/ ZN3063| The Seamans Deceit, Or, The wanton Wench of Wapping/ Tune: The Journey-man Shoo- maker/ P4 220: C. Dennisson

You married men, whom Fate hath assign'd/ ZN3064| The Merry Cuckold/ Tune: The Merry Cuckold/ RB2X 5 [repeated] RB8 cxxxii*: Assignes of Thomas Symcocke [Entd. June 24, 1630. AI 1716]

You matrons all, With humble Submission/ ZN3065| The Ladies of London's Petition.. for Husbands.. never a crakt Maiden-head nor Widow amongst them/ Tune: Mary live long/ CR 1412: J.Blare/ CR 1413: [no imprint, 18th cent.] [Answer is N2655|]

You men that are married, come hearken to me/ ZN3066| The Married Man's Lesson/ Tune: All you that will wooe a wench/ [by] M. P./ RB3 231: John Wright, the younger, Snow-hill

You men that are married, I pray now atend/ ZN3067| The New German Doctor: Or, an Infallible Cure for a Scolding Wife/ Tune: Here I love; or, The English Travellers/ CR 1414: J. Deacon/ RB7 198: [no imprint]

You men that are well wived/ ZN3068| Seldome come the better/ Tune: The He-Devill/ RB2 509: At London [Entd. June 20, 1629. AI 2397]

You men that louing be, loue not to fondly/ ZN3069| Loues vp to the elbows/ Tune: Codlings [from N3268|]/ [By] William ---/ P1 306-7: H. G[osson]. [Entd. June 20, 1629. AI 1556]

You Merchants, rich Farmers and Grafters/ ZN3070| The Royal Regulation/ Tune: The Evening Ramble/ Licens'd and Enter'd according to Order/ P5 104: J. Blare

You Millers, and Taylors, & Weavers each one/ ZN3071| The Crafty Maid of the West..Miller.. trapan'd/ Tune: Packingtons Pound/ P4 17 = CR 1415: P. Brooksby, Pye-corner [Ptd. RB8 526] [C.22.f.6 105, DC2 167]

You Millers and Taylors/ ZN3072| The west Country Crafty Maid/ Tune: What should a young Woman do with an old man/ by John Wade/ With Allowance [ptd. twice]/ WE25 29: W. Thackery

You mortal men who vainly spend your youth/ ZN3073| Dying Christians friendly Advice/ Tune: Aim not too high/ This may be Printed. R. L. S./ P2 43 = RB4 426: C. Dennisson

You mortals all, of high and low degree/ ZN3074| Christ's Love to Penitent Sinners/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB8 588: John White, Newcastle [Ebsworth notes many variations from another copy, RB8 796]

You mortals all that deal unjust, who use yourselves in filthy lust/ ZN3075| The Guernsey Garland/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RC3 782: Aldermary Church-Yard [DC3 34]

You most indulgent parents lend an ear/ ZN3076| The Cruel Step-Mother; Or, the Unhappy Son/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 1416: J. Davenport [c 1780-1800]/ CR 1417: [no imprint, 18th cent., with one more verse at end]

You muses all assist my pen/ ZN3077| The Praise of Lancashire Men/ Tune: A Job for a Journey-man Shoomaker/ BB1 450: [no imprint]

You muses all, your aide to mee assigne/ ZN3078| A Compleate Gentle-woman/ Tune: Sabina/ [By] L. P./ RB1 197: [no imprint]. [Entd. July 8, 1633. AI 372]

You nine Castalian Sisters/ ZN3079| John and Joan/ Tune: The Paratour/ [By] M. P./ RB1 504: Tho. Lambert [Entd. Sept. 15, 1634. AI 1296]

You noble Brittains bold and hardy/ ZN3080| Britaines Honour [Valiant Welshmen]/ Tune: How now Mars/ [By] M. P./ W1 131: E. G[riffin]. Horse-Shooe in Smithfield [Ptd. CP 89. Cf. N2711|]

You noble buds of Brittaine/ ZN3081| ..triumph.. Aulgernon Perrie.. 13 of May, 1635/ Tune: Quell the pride [of France? Jockey?]/ [by] M. P./ RB3 220: Francis Coules

You noble lady muses just in number nine/ ZN3082| The weeping Widow/ Tune: Gerhard/ M2 #20A: [incomplete, no imprint] [Ptd. CP p. 238]

You Noble Lords of high Degree/ ZN3083| Capt. Johnsons last Farewel [Dec. 1690]/ Tune: Russel's Farewel/ Licensed according to Order./ [Roman letter with meaningless music]/ P5 5 = OPB 43: Charles Bates/ RB7 742: [18th cent, tune: Russell's Farewell or Monmouth's Lament. MS copy of 1740's, NLS MS 6299, no tune indication]

You Noble minded Souldiers all/ ZN3084| The Gallant She-Souldier/ Tune: Farewel to St. Giles's/ BF 10: Richard Burton [Ptd. RB7 728. On Mrs. John Clarke, July 16, 1655. Price's ballad on same subject is "The Famous Woman Drummer," N2076|]

You noble minds and famous martiall wights/ ZN3085| Titus Andronicus Complaint/ Tune: Fortune/ P1 86: E. Wright/ W2 35: Thomas Symcocke/ P2 184-5: CTP/ RB2 544: A. M and sold by Booksellers/ SH #55| FSLB 3: W. O. and sold by E. Brooksby (c 1702)/ FSLB 4: [no tune, imprint] [Entd. Feb. 6, 1594, 1624, 1656. AI 2643, 2644, 1123]

You Nobles, and Peers of the Kingdom/ ZN3086| Great Britain's Triumph.. Peace.. 10th..Sept. 1697/ Tune: The Evening Ramble/ Licensed according to Order/ P2 374: John Shooter

You Nobles here of England/ ZN3087| Englands Welcome to King William.. Return [from Flanders]/ Tune: When the Stormy Wind does blow/ Licensed according to Order/ [Variable burden, "God save the King"]/ P2 351: J. Conyers

You Nymphs and Sylvan Gods/ ZN3088| An Excellent New Play-House Song, Call'd, The Bonny Milk-Maid/ Tune: Excellent New Tune much in Request/ [Chorus:] To carry the milking pail/ P3 63: Charles Bates

You Parents all attend, see what of late befell/ ZN3089| The True Lovers Lamentable Overthrow/ Tune: Cruel Bloody Fate/ This may be Printed, R. L. S./ P3 353 = BB1 154: I. Deacon

You parents all, that now these lines do read/ ZN3090 The Disobedient Son and Cruel Husband/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RC3 788: [no imprint]

You Poets that write of the age's that's past/ ZN3091| The Honest Age/ Tune: the Golden age/ [by] L. P./ P1 156-7: H. G[osson]. [Entd. May 24, 1632. AI 1134]

You pretty ladies all, That merrily are disposed/ ZN3092| To her brown Beard/ Tune: I'le warrant thee girl he'l love thee, &c./ CR 1418: P. Brooksby, PC [HH1 130, DC2 217] [Entd. Mar. 12, 1656. AI 2670 Cf. AI 2646]

You pretty little young men all/ ZN3093| The True Lover's Admonition/ Tune: So sweet is the lass that loves me/ CR 1419 = RB6 219 = DP 10 [incomplete]: P. Brooksby [HH2 111]

You pretty maidens all, I pray draw near/ ZN3094| The distressed Damosels downfall/ Tune: Franklin is dead and gone, O hone o hone/ RL 80: ?/ DC1 59v: ?

You pretty maidens all I pray give ear/ ZN3095| Injur'd Lady/ Tune: pleasant new tune/ P5 292: T. Moore, 1691 [slight variant of that above]

You pretty maidens all I pray give ear/ ZN3096| The Ruined Virgin/ Tune: To an excellent new play-house tune/ With Allowance/ OPB 118: Charles Barnet [See RB8 807, BBBM #146, for variant texts and other titles, RL]

You pretty maidens listen well/ ZN3097| Good Counsell for all Maids/ Tune: My Love and I'll be married/ [by John Wade]/ DC1 90: [Wm. Gilbertson?]

You pretty maids where e're you are/ ZN3098| The Taunton Maids delight, Or, Hey for the honest Woosted-Comber/ Tune: I have a good old Mother at home, &c./ [by] T. L[anfire?]./ CR 1420: P. Brooksby, West-Smithfield [HH2 99]

You pretty young lasses all/ ZN3099| Passionate Maid of Rochester/ Tune: The Milking Pail/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 370: J. Blare

You Protestants of England/ ZN3100| News from London-Derry In a Packet of Advice from Room [Rome]/ Tune: The Begger with the Wooden Leg/ Licensed, and Entered according to Order/ P5 45: Jer. Wilkins, 1689 [For answer see, "Your scandalous lies I with patience have read," N3223|]

You Rich Men that do live at ease/ ZN3101| The Poor Folks Complaint: Or, A Hint of the Hard Times/ Tune: Hold Buckle and Thong together; Or, All things are dear but poor Mens labour/ P4 340: TPW

You rural goddesses, that fields and woods possesse/ ZN3102| The Milke-maid's Life/ Tune: The Milk-maid's Dumps/ [by] M. P./ RB2 116: T. Lambert [Entd. 1634. AI 1760]

You Sabbath-day Tiplers, pray do not repine/ ZN3103| A Caveat for Tiplers/ Tune: Packington's Pound/ Licens'd and Enter'd according to Order/ P5 139: J. Blare

You single Men all whose Money is small/ ZN3104| A Market for young Men/ Tune: An Orange/ P3 250 = P4 234: E. Tracy [DC2 153v]

You sportsmen all both old and young/ ZN3105| A New Song; or, the Gamblers Fitted/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB7 85: [no imprint, 1770's]

You subjects of Britton/ ZN3106| ..Duke of Cumberland's Victory.. Cullodon-Moor/ Tune: The Earl of Essex/ RB6 624: Sheffield: Francis Lister, 1746

You subjects of Britain come listen a while/ ZN3107| .. King William And his Forrester/ Tune: its own proper Tune/ CR 1421: [no imprint, c 1690-94] [Another version, "You subjects of England," N3108|]

You subjects of England come listen a while/ ZN3108| The Loyal Forrister, Or, Royal Pastime/ Tune: Excellent New Tune/ E 156: C. Bates// The King and the Forrester/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB7 763: [white letter, no imprint] [See "You subjects of Britain," N3107|]

You talk of New England/ ZN3254| Ould England grown new/ [no broadside extant. Entd. June 19, 1640. AI 2004. Copy in Merry Drollery, Pills, III, p. 120, 1719. Cf. N2737|]

You that a fair maids heart would obtain/ ZN3109| Faint Heart never won fair Lady: Or, Good Advice to Batchelors/ Tune: Lilli burlero/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 21: J. Millet [Rollins, AI 822, identifies this with a ballad entry of 1639, but that is very unlikely, and certainly not with this tune]

You that are bad husbands/ ZN3110| A Looking-Glass for a Bad Husband/ Tune: The poor Man's Comfort: Or Digby's Farewell/ By T. L./ CR 1422: TPW/ CR 1423: TPW [diff. issue] [HH1 157, C.22.f.6 6] [Ptd. RB8 109 + 802. Lanfiere also wrote "I have been a bad husband," N1277|]

You that are of the merry Throng/ ZN3111| My Dog and I/ Tune: My Dog and I; Or, Bobbing Jone/ P4 229: CVWCTP [RL 108] [Entd. 1675. AI 1847] [18th cent. copies- RC, DC, Chetham, Harvard. Double entendre. Much of it appears in the traditional song "George Riddler's Oven", Bell's Early Ballads and A. Williams FSUT. Fragment in Grieg-Duncan]

You that are summon'd, fail not to appear/ ZN3112| Cuckolds all a-Row/ Tune: Ladies of London/ This may be Printed., R. P./ P5A 10: R. Kell

You that are with jests delighted/ ZN3113| The Wanton Vintner, And The Subtile Damosel/ Tune: The Doubting Virgin/ CR 1424 = RB8 479: Josiah Blare [DC2 242] [Similar is version "All you that desire to hear of a jest", ZN125, and earlier, ZN922]

You that delight in a jocular song/ ZN3114| The Wanton Virgins Frighted/ Tune: Ladies of London/ This may be Printed, R. P./ CR 1425: R. Kell/ CR 1426: J. Pitts [1802-40] [DC2 239, DC3 104v] [D'Urfey, Pills, II, p. 12, 1719]

You that delight in merriment/ ZN3115| The Unfortunate Fencer/ Tune: The Spinning Wheel/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 358 = CR 1427: BDBB [HH2 125, C.22.f.6 196]

You that delight in wit and mirth/ ZN3116| News from the Coffee- House/ A Poem/ RB5 177 [from Luttrell coll'n]: E. Crouch for Thomas Vere, at the Cock in St. John's Street, 1667

You that desire newes/ ZN3117| Newes from Hollands Leager/ Tune: [When] Canons are roaring/ [by] L. P[rice]./ P1 98-9: I. W[right]. [Entd. May 24, 1632. AI 1925. Holland's Leaguer was a brothel]

You that desire strange news to hear/ ZN3118| The Great Turks Terrible Challenge,..this yeare 1640/ Tune: My bleeding heart, or, Let's to the wars again/ M1 #2; Printed for Richard Harper at the bible [Ptd. CP p. 108]

You that desire to be inriched/ ZN3119| The Honest Man's immaginary Dreames/ Tune: Honor Invites [you to delights]/ M2 #42: [no imprint] [Ptd. CP 224. Tune from song without music in Bodleian MS Rawl. poet. 160, commencing, "Come all you farmers out of the country/../ Honour invites you to delights, Come to the Court & all be made knights," c 1628.]

You that do desire to hear/ ZN3120| The Virgin Race; Or, York- shires Glory/ Tune: New Game at Cards/ P4 26 = RB7 84: WCTP [CB p. 277]

You that do know what to true love belong/ ZN3121| The Wandering Shepherdess/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 1428: Bow-Church-Yard

You that enjoy your hearts delight/ ZN3122| The lovesick maid of Wapping Her Complaint for want of Apple-Pye/ Tune: Jenny, Gin, Fair one let me in, Busie Fame, Hey Boys up go we/ CR 1429: J. Conyers/ RB8 435: [?]

You that ever in love delighted/ ZN3123| True Love Rewarded with Cruelty.. Mary Story dyed.. July, 1683/ Tune: Tender Hearts of London City/ BB2 949 = CR 1430: P. Brooksby, West Smithfield

You that good houses keepe/ ZN3124| A good workman needes never want worke/ Tune: The nine Maids/ [by] M. P./ RB3 318: Francis Grove

You that have lost your former joys/ ZN3125| The Spanish Tragedy/ Tune: Queene Dido/ RB2 545 [RC I 364 & 390]: H. Gosson

You that have melting hearts to grieve/ ZN3126| The Chamberlain's Tragedy; Or, The Cook-Maids Cruelty/ Tune: The bleeding heart/ Licens'd according to Order/ P2 178: J. Deacon/ BB1 174: [no imprint]

You that have spent your time in wickedness/ ZN3127| The Young- Mans Repentance/ Tune: Aim not too high/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P2 37: J. Back/ RB8 100 = CR 1431: [no imprint]

You that in England once bore sway/ ZN3128| The fatal fall of five Gentlemen.. March 6, 1648/ Tune: In Summer Time/ Imprimatur T. J[ennings]./ M2 #43: Fra. Grove [Ptd. CP 241]

You that in merriment delight/ ZN3129| Shameless Joan/ Tune: Jealous Lover/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 423: J. Beare [Blare]

You that in merriment delight/ ZN3130| Crafty Kate of Colchester/ Tune: The Jealous Lover, or, Languishing Swain/ Licensed according to Order/ CR 1432: [no imprint]/ RB8 430: J. White, Newcastle [18th cent.] [DC3 15, Madden1 177] [Traditional, Laws N22, "Kate and her horns." Compare "Politick maid of Suffolk, Or lawyer outwitted," N711|]

You that in Verses do delight/ ZN3131| A Description of Wanton Women/ Tune: Braggandary; or, Southampton/ WE25 17: CVWC [Ptd. RB8 14]

You that in wicked wayes/ ZN3132| A Statue for Swearers and Drunkards/ Tune: When Canons are roaring/ P1 214-5: J? T. in Smithfield

You that love mirth, give ear to my song/ ZN3133| Teague and Sawney/ Tune: Lili bulero [meaningless music given]/ P5 270: C. G./ CR 1433: [imprint shorn] [Wood 417 #?]

You that the Lord have blessed with riches/ ZN3134| ... By the direction of the Scripture [by L. P. Title partially shorn]/ Tune: Ayme not too high/ M1 #5b: London, printed for Francis Grove on Snow-Hill

You that true Christians be/ ZN3135| Rochell her yeelding to.. French King, 22. October 1628/ Tune: In the dayes of old [= Crimson Velvet]/ P1 96-7: I. Wright

You that would not our glorious Peace believe/ ZN3136| The Princely Triumph... Peace..19th.. October, 1697/ Tune: O Billy, &c./ Licensed according to Order/ P5 142: J. Shooter

You Tories round the nation/ ZN3137| King Charles the Second's Restoration/ Tune: The Duke of Ormond/ RB4 513: [no imprint]

You traitors all that doo deuise, to hurt our Queen in trewcherous wise/ ZN3138| A warning to all false Traitors.. [execution of 14 traitors, Aug. 1588]/ Tune: Greensleeues/ CR 1434: Edward Allde [16th cent.] [Ptd. Collier's Broadside Black-Letter Ballads. CLB]

You Traytors be gone, for the Plot you thought on/ ZN3139| Here Is Incouragement to Loyalty/ Tune: Let Caesar Live Long/ P2 216: CVWCTP

You true=hearted Protestants now attend/ ZN3140| The Successful Commander..Earl of Athlone../ Tune: Let Caesar live long: or, If Love's a sweet Passion, &c./ P2 340: J. Bissel

You Victualers all I pray attend/ ZN3141| The Victular's Wifes kindness to the Jolly Horse-Courser/ Tune: The Baffled Knight/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 114 = CR 1435: James Bissel [C.22.f.6 202, HC]

You Virgins so pretty/ ZN3142| The Wandering Virgin/ Tune: Over Hills and high mountains/ P3 125 = CR 1436: P. Brooksby, Pyecorner// Tune: Cloris awake, or the loving Chambermaid/ E 373 = CR 1437: P. Brooksby, West-Smithfield [HH2 135] [Ptd. BB2 575]

You wanton wives, that are grown old/ ZN3143| The Toothless Bride/ Tune: The Old Woman Poor and Blind/ BB1 25: E. Johnson, 1705

You weavers all I pray give ear/ ZN3144| The Valiant Weaver.. Complaint against the French/ Tune: A Fig for France and Holland too/ CR 1438: Elizabeth Bever, and sold by Absalon Chamberlain, 1685

You who haue been rich heretofore/ ZN3145| The honest plaine dealing Porter/ Tune: the Maids A.B.C./ [by] M. P./ P1 194-5: F. Coules

You who have run in Cupid's maze/ ZN3146| A Lover's teares/ Tune: Sigh, sob, and weep/ [by] M. P./ RB1 582: Thomas Lambert [Entd. Aug. 19, 1634. AI 1596. Tune from N3062|, see note there]

You who would be inform'd of forraine news/ ZN3147| A Lamentable List.. Prodigious signs.. 1618.. 1638/ Tune: Aim not too high/ W2 67: Tho. Lambert [PA 22] [Entd. Aug. 20, 1638. AI 1411]

You young Maids all, where e're you be/ ZN3148| The Merry Maid of Shoreditch/ Tune: I have a Mistris of my own: Or, Hold Buckle and Thong together/ P4 94 = CR 1440: J. Deacon [HH2 26] [Answer, "Do you see how," N791|]

You young maids that would live chary/ ZN3149| The Maids Chastity that is troubled in mind/ Tune: pleasant new tune/ M1 #20: Richard Burton/ P3 30: WCTP/ BB2 1020 [from DC2 269v]: R. H. & J. Williamson

You young men all take pitty on me/ ZN3150| This Maide would giue tenne shillings for a Kisse/ Tune: Shall I wrastle in dispaire/ P1 316-7: I. White

You young men all to you I call/ ZN3151| The Contented Cuckold/ Tune: She cannot hold [keep] her Legs together/ [by] T. R./ CR 1441: Thomas Passenger [HH1 35]

You Young-Men and Lasses I'd have ye take care/ ZN3152| The Female Ramblers.. Pastime at the Naggs-Head/ Tune: Let Cesar live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 294 = E 122 = CR 1442 = RB8 645: BDBB [HH3 9]

You young men and maidens that to love belong/ ZN3153| The Strand Garland/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RC3 798: [no imprint, 18th cent.] [DC3 90]

You young-men and Maids that in the country doth dwell/ ZN3154| The Country-Maids Delight/ Tune: the souldiers delight, or the Seamans adieu/ WE25 18: CVWC [Ptd. RB7 818]

You young men that down in the county do dwell/ ZN3155| The Countryman's Garland/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RC3 865: [no imprint]

You yong men, that much pleasure have/ ZN3156| The forlorne Traveller/ Tune: Dainty New Court Tune/ [by] R. C./ RB3 274: F. Coules [Entd. 1634. AI 908]

You Young men that want skill in wooing/ ZN3157| You young men all I pray draw near [verse title]/ Tune: The World goes merrily round / P3 51: F. Coles, in Vine-street

You young men that want skill in wooing/ ZN3158| The English Fortune-Teller/ Tune: Ragged and torn, &c./ P3 152: WCTP/ E 104: T[PW]/ E 105: [no imprint]/ RB4 488 = CR 1443: TPW [HH1 93]

You youthful charming ladies fair, I pray now give attention/ ZN3159| The Unhappy Lady of Hackney/ Tune: to an excellent new tune/ RB8 658: Sympson's, Stonecutter Street [18th cent.] [DC4 34]

You youthful damsels far and near/ ZN3160| The Unjust Uncle/ Tune: The Languishing Swain/ Licensed according to Order/ OPB 120: J. Blare

You're welcome my Billy, to the English shore/ ZN3161| Billy the Midship-man's Welcome home/ Tune: Ianthe, &c./ BB1 112 [from garland]: I. Walter

Young batchelours all, come hear this new song/ ZN3162| The Cuckold's Lamentation of a Bad Wife/ Tune: The Country Farmer; or, Why are my Eyes still flow--ing/ RB3 635 = CR 1444: P. Brooksby [DC1 41]

Young Coridon a stubborn heart/ ZN3163| The Young Mans Resolution/ Tune: When Kings are called to give Account of what their Expenses be/ P5 223: J. Wilkins, 1689 [later variant of that below, N3164|]

Young Coridon whose stubborn heart/ ZN3164| The stubborn Lover cacht/ Tune: Amoret and Phillis/ P3 382: CVWCTP [variant of that above, N3163|]

Young damosels all, both far and near/ ZN3165| The Maidens Counsellor/ Tune: The Spinning Wheel/ This may be Printed, R. P./ CR 1445: P. Brooksby/ RB4 77: [no imprint]

Young damsels come hither/ ZN3166| Young Flesh is for my Money/ Tune: Had she not care enough of this Old Man/ RL 23 [from RB7 390]: CVWC [Tune, unknown, from catch in Merry Drollery , 1661. Reprinted in Wardroper's Love and Drollery , #390]

Young gallants all and ladies fair/ ZN3167| The Virgins Tragedy: Or, the Faithful Maiden, and the Faithless Young Man.. by her brother/ Tune: Genny Gin Or, fare [fair] one let me in/ CR 1446: J. Conyers [HH2 133]

Young gallants, that are single/ ZN3168| The Hen-peckt Cuckold/ Tune: Guinea wins her/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 257: J. Blare/ CR 1447: Charles Barnet

Young handsome wives and lasses/ ZN3169| Joyful News for Maids and Young Women/ Tune: The Blue Bells of Ireland/ Licensed according to Order/ CR 1448: BDBB [HH1 145]

Young Jemmy is a lad/ ZN3170| Englands Darling.. James Duke of Monmouth/ Tune: Young Jemmy, or Philander/ E 94: J. Wright [rest shorn, WCTP]/ P2 219 = RB4 503 = CR 1449: WCTP [HH1 88]

Young Jemmy was a lad, of royal birth and breeding/ ZN3171| Young Jemmy, Or, the Princely Shepherd/ Tune: New Play-house Tune. Or, In January last, Or, The Gowlin/ CR 1450 = RB4 658 [two copies]: P. Brooksby, West Smithfield [HH2 161] [Expansion of Aphra Behn song, 1681]

Young Jockey was jolly, blith, and gay/ ZN3172| Couragious Jockey/ Tune: King James's Jigg; Or, The Country Farmer/ Entred according to Order/ This may be Printed R. L. S./ P4 38: I. Deacon [Entd. June 5, 1685. AI 415]

Young ladies be wary, Who yet are to marry/ ZN3173| The unequal marriage: or the Old Bridegroom and young Bride/ Tune: the Flatteries of Fate/ RL 91 [BBBM, p. 220]: ?

Young Ladies now of Beauty bright/ ZN3174| The West-Country Lady .. Marry a Schollar/ Tune: Merry and Glad/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 14: BDBB

Young ladies that live in the city/ ZN3175| Maiden Lottery/ Tune: The Evening Ramble/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 420: P. Brooksby

Young lasses draw near, good news you shall hear/ ZN3176| Catalogue of Taylors/ Tune: An Orange/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 433: BDBB

Young lovers all, of each degree/ ZN3177| Faithful Lovers/ Tune: Chatam Town/ P5 286: J. W., 1698

Young lovers lend an ear, I'm sure you'll shed a tear/ ZN3178| Northamptonshire Tragedy/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 1451: J. Pitts [1802-40]/ RC3 778: Aldermary Church-Yard [DC3 69]

Young lovers most discrete and wise/ ZN3179| Leistershire Tragedy/ Tune: The Jealous Lover, or, The Languishing Swain/ P5 296 = P5 304 = OPB 28: P. Brooksby [Traditional, "Susannah Clargy" in Sharp-Karples, English Folk Songs from the Southern Appalachians. Laws P33]

Young lovers pray listen a while and you'l find/ ZN3180| .. The Father Outwitted, Or, The Faithful Lovers of Wapping/ Tune: On the fourteenth of October/ Licensed according to Order/ CR 1452: A. M. and sold by E. Brooksby [Scots tune "Fourteenth of October" used for "Ye Gods! Was Strephen's picture blest]

Young Maidens all beware/ ZN3181| The Unfaithful Serant; and the Cruel Husband...[21] August 1684/ Tune: The Rich Merchant-man: Or, George Barnwel/ P2 151: J. Deacon

Young maidens all, pray pity me, and think of my extremity/ ZN3182| The Distracted Maid's Lamentation/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB8 314: [no imprint, c 1756.] Distracted by love for sailor Billy, she is sent to Bedlam, and dies. Billy returns, kills her father, and ends his own life over her grave. A maid in Bedlam, or warped Romeo and Juliet]

Young maidens all, to you I call/ ZN3183| Crafty Maids Invention/ Tune: Hey boys up go we/ With Allowance/ P5 228: T. M., 1689

Young maidens I pray you be carefull/ ZN3184| The Loyal Maids good Counsel to all her Fellow-Maids/ Tune: Come hither my own sweet Duck/ This may be Printed, R. P./ CR 1453: P. Brooksby [DC1 128v, HH2 9, HH2 12, C.22.f.6 145]

Young maids, and young men/ ZN3185| A pretty new Ditty.. A young Lasses Resolution/ Tune: I know what I know/ RB2 290: Henry Gosson [Entd. July 8, 1633. AI 3056]

A yong man and a Lasse of late/ ZN3186| Good Sir you wrong your Britches/ Tune: Oh no, no, no, not yet: Or, I'le neuer loue thee more/ P1 280-1: I. T[rundle].

A young-man and a pretty Maid/ ZN3187| Hold Buckle and Thong together/ Tune: She cannot keep her [legs together], &c./ P4 99: CVWCTP [Late issue] [Entd. 1675. AI 1126]

A young man in our parish/ ZN3188| Rocke the Babie Joane/ Tune: Under and ouer/ P1 396-7: H. G[osson]. [entered to Coules and partners, Jan. 2, 1632. AI 2318]

A young man lately lov'd a lass/ ZN3189| The Souldiers delight, Or the she Voluntier/ Tune: Amoret and Phillis/ With Allowance/ WE25 69: CVWC [With Carlk for Clark] [Ptd. RB7 732]

A yong man lately wedded was/ ZN3190| The Discontented Married Man/ Tune: Shee cannot keepe her, &c./ RB1 295: Richard Harper [Expansion, with much modification, of song in BL MS Harl. 6057, f. 41, with burden "She could not keepe her leggs together," which became a tune title]

A youngman lately who complains/ ZN3191| Tis not otherwise: or, the praise of a married life/ Tune: I'le neuer loue thee more/ P1 394-5: G. B[lackwall].

A young man walked once alone/ ZN3192| [Without title, chorus: oh no, no, no, not yet]/ [no tune indication, same as other on sheet]/ P3 166: CVWC/ Bishop Percy's Folio MS, Loose an Humorous Songs, p. 92 [Other on Pepys sheet, "My dear and only love," N1795|]

Young marry'd women, pray attend/ ZN3193| The Woman's Victory.. Conceited Cuckold cudgel'd/ Tune: The Languishing Swain, &c./ CR 1454: J. Deacon [HH2 155, C.22.f.6 207]

Young Men and Batchelors, pray attend/ ZN3194| The Jolly Widdower/ Tune: Caper and firk it/ P4 102: J. Blare

Young Men and Maidens all arow/ ZN3195| A New Summons to Green- Goose-Fair/ Tune: She got Money by't/ This may be Printed, R. P./ P3 278: C. Dennisson

Young men and maidens all, give ear unto what I relate/ ZN3196| The Berkshire Tragedy; or, The Wittam Miller/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB8 629: Sympson [Stonecutter St]/ [others, DC3 1v, HC 680, 681, 682, 683] [Traditional. Laws P35. Laws studied this ballad and included text, p. 104, American Balladry from British Broadsides, 1957. He also gives texts of the related "The Lexington Miller" and "The Cruel Miller." Note, however, that a ballad of c 1684-93, "The Bloody Miller," N1624|, tells the same tale earlier. In this the miller's servant is Francis Cooper of Hocstow and the murdered lover is Anne Nicols]

Young men and maidens all, I pray/ ZN3197| The Barnard Castle Tragedy/ Tune: Constant Anthony/ RB8 633: Printed for the Author. 1718 [Madden coll'n]

Young men and maidens, pray draw near/ ZN3198| Sussex Tragedy/ Tune: I love thee dearly, I love thee well/ Licensed and Entered, according to Order/ P5 314: J. Blare

Young men and maidens, to you Ile declare/ ZN3199| The Praise of a Pretty Lasse/ Tune: Bank's Game/ RB2 285: M. P. for F. Grove

Young Men and Maids come listen a while/ ZN3200| The Innocent Maid Deceiv'd/ Tune: Pleasant New Tune/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 82: W. Thackeray, J. Millet, and A. Milbourn

Young-Men and Maids I pray attend/ ZN3201| The Hungtington-shire Plowman: Or, The Plowmans Complaint/ Tune: My Child must have a Father/ This may be Printed. R. P./ P3 11 = RB7 31 = CR 1455: P. Brooksby [C.22.f.6 126, DC1 97]

Young men and maides lend me your aids/ ZN3202| A constant wife and a kind Wife/ Tune: Locks and Bolts doe hinder/ M2 #15: E. P. for Edw. Wright/ [A constant wife, a kinde wife.]./ Tune: Lie Lulling beyond thee, P1 390-1: F. C[oules]./ P4 82 = CR 1456: CVWC/ E 41: CVG [Entered Sept. 5, 1631 to F. Coules & partners. Then 1656, 1675. AI 386, 387, 388. Traditional, Laws M13, Scotland and U.S.]

Youngmen & Maids that live in love/ ZN3203| The Willow-Green/ Tune: a new Tune, called, The willow green, Sung by Musicians, and in the Theater/ P3 330: CVWCTP/ RB7 355: J. Hose [DC2 253]

Young men & Maids to these few lines give ear/ ZN3204| The Dispairing Prodigal/ Excellent New Tune, Sung at the Court, Call'd, The Boarding School/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 313: J. Conyers [There is said to be a broadside, "The boarding School" in Nat'l. Lib. of Ireland]

Young men & pretty maidens/ ZN3205| The amorous Lady's Garland/ Tune: [none indicated]/ CR 1457: L. How [18th cent.]/ CR 1458: J. Butler, and sold by J. Grundy/ HC 635: Aldermary Church-Yard

Young men give ear to me a while/ ZN3206| The Maids Complaint for want of a Dil doul/ Tune: the Dil Doul; or, Women and Wine/ P4 50 = BB2 552: WCTP/ CR 1459: V. Wentbridg [Ptd. Common Muse #219]

Young Men shall be blam'd for their lewdness no more/ ZN3207| The Frolicksome Bricklayer of Mile-End Town/ Tune: Let Caesar live long/ P5 166: A. Chambers, 1693

Young mens hearts of London City/ ZN3208| The tender Citizens/ Tune: Tender hearts of &c./ P3 251: WCTP [With woodcut of John Clark's sign, Bible and Harp, with name] [DC2 217v]

Young Nelly, my heart's delight/ ZN3209| The Conquer'd Lady/ Tune: The Milking Pail/ P5 216: J. Blare

Young Palmus was a ferriman/ ZN3210| A most excellant new Song of the loue of young Palmus, and faire Sheldra/ Tune:Shackley- hay/ P1 350-1: [no imprint]/ P1 478-9: CTP/ E 219: CVW/ E 220: CVW?/ RB3 6: J. W./ CR 1460: W. Thackeray, J.M. and A. M. [BC2 75]//A verie pretie Songe of yonge Palmus and faire Sheldra/ Tune: [given]/ SHNB 4 [Entd. Mar. 16, 1613, 1624, 1675. AI 2121, 2407, 1804]

Young Phaon sate upon the brink/ ZN3211| The Constant Lover's Mortal Mistake/ Tune: Young Phaon/ RB3 55 [two issues]: CVWC/ CR 1461: CVWCTP

Young Pheon strove the bliss to take/ ZN3212| Loves Conquest, or, Take her in her humour/ Tune: pleasant new tune, or, Amoret and Phillis/ DC1 128: ? [BBBM p. 20, 881]

Young Thomas he was a proper Lad/ ZN3213| The Loyal Soldier of Flanders/ Tune: How can I be merry and glad?/ Licensed according to Order/ E 165 = P2 306 = RB7 750 = CR 1462: BDBB

Young virgins fair of beauty bright/ ZN3214| The Oxfordshire Tragedy; or, the Virgin's Advice/ Tune: [none indicated]/ RB8 68 + 175: Aldermary Church-Yard

Young William met his Love/ ZN3215| Sir William of the West/ Tune: The Ring of Gold/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 283 = RB6 638 = CR 1463: BDBB

Young Women and Damsels, I'd have you draw near/ ZN3216| The Somersetshire Wonder.. [a Calf]/ Tune: Let Caesar live long/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 362: BDBB

Young Women and Damsels that love to go fine/ ZN3217| The London Ladies Vindication of Top-Knots/ Tune: Here I Love, there I Love: Or, The two English Travellers/ Licensed according to Order/ P4 363 = CR 1464: BDBB [C.22.f.6 141] [Ptd. RB8 16, CB p. 34] [Answer to ballad commencing "Now you young females that follows the mode," N1990|]

Young Women and lasses too/ ZN3218| The Witty Lass of Lime- street/ Tune: The bonny Milk-maid/ Licensed according to Order/ P 179: J. Blare

Young women and maidens all/ ZN3219| Young Womens Complaint for Pressing the Old Ones/ Tune: I marry and thank you too/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 399: James Bissel

Young Women I pray/ ZN3220| Labour in Vain, Or, The Taylor no Man/ Tune: Let Mary Live Long/ Licensed according to Order/ P5 168 = CR 1465: BDBB

Your answer to my sad laments/ ZN3221| The Ladye's replye .. Lamentation/ Tune: Oh hone/ SH #35 [1 verse, RB8 xxxv***]

Your hay is mow'd, and your corn is reap'd/ ZN3222| ..Husbandman's Delight/ Tune: New Playhouse Tune [Purcell's, BBBM #180]/ P5 410: J. Chapman, 1691 [Another version, "Our oats they are how'd," N2196|]

Your scandalous lies I with patience have read/ ZN3223| An Answer to the Packet of Advice/ Tune: Packington's Pound/ P5 48: Printed in the Year 1689 [See "You Protestants of England," N3100|]

A youthful damsel fair and bright/ ZN3224| The Painted Ladies Rambles/ Tune: [There is one] Black and Sullen Hour/ This may be Printed, R.P./ P3 203: C. Dennisson

A youthfull serving-man of late/ ZN3225| An Answer to the Love-sick Serving-Man/ Tune: I often for my Jenny strove/ Licensed according to Order/ P3 60: BDBB [Answer to N832|]

A youthful damsel did in London dwell/ ZN3226| Scornful Damsels Overthrow/ Tune: O, Billy, Billy [P5 349]/ P5 324: J. Bissel

A youthful lawyer, fine and gay, was riding unto the city/ ZN3227| The West-Country Lawyer/ Tune: The Baffled Knight/ RB7 428: [no imprint] CR 1466: J. Deacon [HH2 146]

Robin Hood Ballads

All gentlemen and yeomen good/ RZN1| Robin Hood and the Shepherd/ Tune: Robin Hood and Queen Katherine/ W1 13: John Andrews/ P2 115 = CR 27 = DP1: William Thackery/ RB8 490: [no imprint] [DC3 115] [Child #135. Not entered]

All you that delight to spend some time/ RZN2| Little John and the Four Beggers/ Tune: Robin Hood, &c./ W1 33: W. Gilbertson/ P2 119 = P5B 51: WCTP/ RB8 497: TPW [Child #142B. Entered to Gilbertson, Aug. 18, 1657. AI 1505]

A bonny fine maid of noble degree/ RZN3| A famous battle.. Robin Hood & Maid Marian/ Tune: Robin Hood Revived/ [by] S[amuel] S[mithson]./ W1 21: [no imprint] [Ptd. RB8 ciii***][Child #150. Not entered. This is Smithson's parody of Robin Hood ballads]

Come all you brave gallants & listen a while/ RZN4| Robin Hood and the Butcher/ Tune: Robin Hood and the Beggar/ [by] T. R[obins]./ Entered according to Order/ W1 19: F. Grove/ P2 102: CTP/ RB8 535: [no imprint] [DC3 114] [Child #122. Entered 1st to Nath. Ekins, July 2, 1657, then to F. Grove on the 16th. AI 2312, 2313]

Come gentlemen all, and listen a while/ RZN5| Robin Hood and the Bishop/ Tune: Robin Hood and the stranger/ W1 11: F. Grove/ P2 109: CTP/ E 303: CVWC/ P2 122: Alex. Milbourn/ RB2 449: W. O. [Child #143. Entered to F. Grove, Mar. 12, 1656. AI 2311]

Come light and listen you gentlemen all/ RZN6| Robin Hood & the Beggar/ Tune: Robin Hood and the Stanger/ [by] T. R./ W1 23: F. Grove/ P2 113: CTP/ RB8 517: CVW [Entered Mar. 12, 1656 to F. Grove. AI 2310]

Come listen a while you Gentlemen all/ RZN7| Robin Hood newly revived/ Tune: Delightful New Tune/ P2 101: CTP/ E 305: Alex. Milbourn/ RB2 426 = W1 27: R. Burton/ RC II 408: [18th cent.] [Child #128]

Come listen to me, you gallants so free/ RZN8| Robin Hood and Allin of Dale/ Tune: Pleasant Northern Tune, or, Robin Hood in the Green-wood stood/ With Allowance/ P2 110: Alex. Milbourn/ DC2 185: CVWC/ E 299: CVWCTP, 1681| CR 260 = RB8 493: Alex. Milbourn, Will. Ownley, and Tho. Thackeray/ DC3 119: Bow- Church-Yard [Not entered. DC2 185, DC3 119b. Child #138]

Come you gallants all, to you I do call/ RZN9| Robin Hood's Chase/ Tune: Robin Hood and the Beggar/ [by] T. R./ W1 29: [no imprint]/ P2 104 = CR 279: William Thackeray/ RB8 512: CVWC [C.22.f.6 74] [Child #146. Not entered]

Gold tane from the Kings harbengers/ RZN10| Renown Robin Hood/ Tune: a New Tune/ W2 9: F. Grove. Entered according to Order/ RB2 419: Francis Grove/ RC II 450: L. How/ E 300 = W1 31: CVW/ P2 103: WCTP [Child #145, where title is "R. H. and Queen Katherine". Entered to Grove, Mar. 12, 1656 & re-entered 1675. AI 2266, 2267]

I have heard talk of Robin Hood/ RZN11| Robin Hood's Golden Prize/ Tune: Robin Hood was a tall young man/ [by] L. P[rice]./ W1 39: F. Grove/ P2 114: William Thackeray/ RB8 509: CVWC [Child #147. Entered to Grove, June 2, 1656. AI 2315]

In Nottingham there lived a jolly Tanner/ RZN12| Robin Hood and the Tanner/ Tune: Robin Hood and the Stranger/ W1 9 = RB8 502: W. Gilbertson/ P2 111: WCTP/ E 304 = CR 665: A. M. and W. O. [Child #126. Entered to Gilbertson, Apr. 17, 1657. AI 2314]

In summer time when leaves grow green/ RZN13| The famous Battell ..Robin Hood and the Curtal Fryer/ Tune: a new Northerne tune/ P1 78-9: H. Gosson/ W1 15: CVG/ P2 99 = CR 682: W. Thackeray, J. Millet, and A. Milbourn/ RB8 521: CVW [DC2 184, HH2 69] [Child #123B Version in Bishop Percy's Folio MS, I, p. 26. Not entered]

In summer time when leaves grow green/ RZN14| A New song to drive away cold Winter. A New Song...Robin Hood and the jovial Tinker/ Tune: In Summer time/ Entered according to Order/ W1 17: F. Grove/ P2 107: CTP/ RB8 527: CVWCTP/ DC2 118b: J. Hodges] [Not entered. Child #127]

In summer time when leaves grow green/ RZN15| The Noble Fisher- Man/ Tune: In Summer time when leaves grow green/ W2 17: F. Coles/ W1 25: CVG/ P2 108: Alex. Milbourn, Will. Ownley, Tho. Thackeray/ P2 123: WCTP/ E 301: CVW/ E 302: Alex. Milbourn/ CR 683 = RB8 486: TP [BC2 22, RL 159, HH2 68, DC2 370] [Child #148. Entered to Coles & partners, June 13, 1631]

In Wakefield there lives a jolly pinder/ RZN16| The Jolly Pinder of Wakefield../ Tune: [none indicated]/ P2 100: Alex. Milbourn/ W2 41: CVW/ W1 61a: CVWC/ CR 692: W. Thackeray, J. M. and A. M./ CR 693: W.O./ RB8 531: [no imprint] [DC ?, BC2 20, 21] [Child #124. Incomplete in Bishop Percy's Folio MS , I, p. 34] [Entd. late, 1675. AI 1308]

Kind gentlemen will you be patient awhile/ RZN17| ..Bold Robin Hood/ Tune: pleasant New Northern Tune/ P2 116-7: WCTP/ P2 118 [no tune ind.]: Alex. Milbourn/ RB2 441: W. O. [Child #149, where title is "Robin Hood's Birth, Breeding, Valor, and Marriage". Not entered]

Now Robin Hood, Will Scadlock, and little John/ RZN18| A new Ballad of Robin Hood, Will Scadlock, and Little John/ Tune: Robin Hood, or, Hey down, down a down/ P2 120-1 = CR 900: A. M. W. O. and T. Thackeray/ RB2 432: W. O. and Booksellers/ RC III 582: [npn] [Child #129, where title is "R. H. and Prince of Aragon"]

Robin Hood he was a tall young man/ RZN19| Robin Hoods Progress to Nottingham/ Tune: Bold Robin Hood/ W2 13: Fran. Grove. Entred according to Order/ W1 37 = RB8 500: CVW/ P2 105: CTP/ E 306: W. O. for A. M./ CR 1031: A. M. [Child #139. Entered to F. Grove, Mar. 26, 1656, re-enterd 1675. AI 2317, 2316]

There's some will talk of Lords and Knights/ RZN20| Robin Hood's Delight/ Tune: Robin Hood and Queen Katherine, Or, Robin Hood and the Shepherd/ W1 41: John Andrews/ P2 112 = CR 1162: William Thackeray [HH2 67] [Child #136. Not entered]

When Robin Hood in the Green wood/ RZN21| Robin Hood his Rescuing Will Stutly/ Tune: Robin Hood and Queen Katherine/ Entered according to Order/ W1 35: F. Grove/ P2 106: CTP/ E 307: W.O. for A.M./ CR 1319: A. M. [Child #141. Not entered]

When Robin Hood was about twenty Years old/ RZN22| Robin Hood and Little John/ Tune: Arthur a Bland/ CR 1320: W. Onley/ RB8 504: Bow-Churchyard [DC3 125] [Child #125. Entered June 29, 1624. AI 2309]

When Robin Hood and Little John/ The death and burial of Robin Hood/ Tune: [none indicated]/ Child #120B: [Entered Oct. 17, 1691, but no 17th cent. copy known. AI 499]

Then bold Robin Hood to the north / [Robin Hood and the Scotsman, Child #130. This is last part of Robin Hood newly revived, qv]

To be fixed:
[can't read my xerox].. as rewfull Rarclyffe died/ ZN3318| A Ballet of the deathe of Ratclyffe .. maid a little apaice befor he was handged. [Nov. 1569]/ [no tune indication]/ CV 41

_____/ God's great and wonderful work in Somerset-shire/ Tune: Aim not too high/ By L. W./ With Allowance/ Wood 276b 101: CVWC [Cf. Rollins' Analytical Index, #280]

_____/ Maids Complaint against the Batchelors/ Tune: Long days of absence/ WE25 9: J. Coniers. [forgot to get opening line]

Incomplete ballad sheets with no opening line:
____For in a wet tempestuous hay/ [1st part, title, tune missing]/ [by] Humphery Crouch/ M2 #52b: W. Gilbertson

____ Like the Egyptain locus/ [1st part, tune missing/ Tune: [whither wilt thou go]/ M2 #52a: F. Grove

____/ [fragment with burden "Sweet England now repent, Doomes day is neere at hand"]/ M2 #29b: R. H[arper].

___ your brests do heave/ ... Three horible murthers [Sept. 1646]/ Tune: Aim not to high: or, Fortune my Foe/ M2 #21: John Hammond

_____/ [fragment, with little besides tune direction left]/ Tune: Lets to the wars again, or, Maying time/ M1 #47B: Printed by John Hammond

____ / News from Newcastle, by M. Parker./ Tune: Let's to the Wars againe/ M1 #1: Printed at London, by E. G[riffin]: and are to be sold at the Horse-shooe in Smith-field [Ptd. CP 96]

_____/[monthly prediction, second half only/ Tune: same tune/ W1 47b: John Hammond

Ballads mentioned, but not found:

RB7 511, Net for Night Raven [given somewhere by C. H. Firth]

"The lost cow, or the bulling match under the tree" where?

C22.f.6 ?. See ZN1366.

Find AI 1252, No man love's fiery passions, ptd. somewhere