Chapter 14: On Improvisation and Composition.

Although the preceding discussion has centered the issue of composing counterpoints for existing basse dance tenors, as was noted before, the art of improvising divisions and recercada on the tenors follows those same rules.

Also, before a musician is ready to improvise a counterpoint, it helps to have played many existing counterpoints. To this end, I have begun to write counterpoints to the existing basse dance tenors, so that for each dance, there will be music. These are appended to this treatise.

Thus, I have solved the problem of the lack of basse dance music. If any musician should wish to learn to compose a basse dance or play divisions upon it, then let him read this treatise and thereby learn the art. If he is not capable of composing or improvising, then let him play one of the parts I have already written and thus make music for the dancers. And if he is unable to play an instrument, then let him come to me, and I shall teach the basics of music. Thus, shall the music of the basse dances spread from Madrone to the rest of the known world, thereby bringing greater fame to Your Excellencies.

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