Re: Double billing
Thu, 17 May 2001 06:40:14 EDT

For those that treat tuesday like a bowling night
and stay home, read the report
figure out orders and send them in on tuesday.
Save yerself the task of reordering and resending next weeks
Go to your sent mail to copy what you sent in 36 hours ago.
no wonder i didn't recieve a ack

on another note, "contact a human" is worthless
i'm minus 112.50
I'd like to have given a new credit card info but i get no response
having said this to who knows how many list readers
I wil now be suspect of all email but rich's
I have a vauge memory of what it was and almost look forward to seeing it
someday soon, before I don't have sufficient balance to pay it

and just in case I decide to quit tuesday...
May the musketrears Rot in Hell

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