Re: E-mail lists using palyer lists

Terry Hoffman (
Tue, 08 May 2001 11:15:51 -0700

Amen to this.

Donn Breshears wrote:
> I am most unhappy, and scince I have not been able to get a response
> from Rich on this issue I have decided to make it widley known.
> I have recieved an average of one piece of SPAM e-mail a day through
> the diplomatic e-mail forwarding service provided by Due to a
> wish to reduce the number of unwanted e-mails I recieve (which was
> literally over 20 a day before I switched e-mail addresses) I switched
> my visible e-mail address on the Olympia player lists to my diplomatic
> e-mail forwarding account and was happy, until now. I am now recieving
> SPAM that has been addressed to my G2 diplomatic e-mail forwarding
> address.
> I would ask that Rich limit the e-mail forwarded to the purpose of
> those forwarding accounts. Limit it to current players only.
> Please join me in trying to get action out of Rich on this most
> annoying of matters.
> Donn Breshears
> (who wishes his $2.50 a week would get an occasional response)
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