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Just for the record, I haven't played any form of text-based
game in over three years.

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Bah! No takers? Not even any comments? I guess that you
players have turned into a big group of wimps!


>Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 08:06:57 -0700
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>Hi all,
>We young-and-upcoming Oly: TAG players hearby challenge you
>old farts who have been playing Olympia forever to a
>fight-to-the-death battle. I'm sure that there are lots of
>you who have gotten comfortable with your vast powers in
>and don't want to get soft in your old age.
>Scott Turner is starting a new game of TAG, the Mandoria
>versus Imperia (priests) scenario. Check
>for the gory details. I'd wager that there are some pretty
>TAG players by now who could seriously beat the snot out of
>most G2 wargamers. So let's see.
>The other two scenarios of this type lasted 150 turns (G3,
> for details) and about 100
>turns (G6), with the Empire winning G3 and the Mandorians
(or Pen,
>depending on who you believe) winning G6.
>There is a G2-to-TAG primer at:
>and you can follow the links at for some more
>There is also a TAG email list at:
>(And Scott is considering letting you play free with only
>2-4 nobles.)
>The gauntlet has been thrown down. Pick your side, if you
>are brave enough! (priests or wizards) If some group want
>to come in as a large team on one side, that would be even
>more interesting. If you dare chance the utter humiliation
>that you face at the hands of us young whippersnappers,
>is. :-)
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