Oly: TAG Game 7

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Fri, 20 Apr 2001 08:06:57 -0700

Hi all,

We young-and-upcoming Oly: TAG players hearby challenge you
old farts who have been playing Olympia forever to a
fight-to-the-death battle. I'm sure that there are lots of
you who have gotten comfortable with your vast powers in G2,
and don't want to get soft in your old age.

Scott Turner is starting a new game of TAG, the Mandoria (wizards)
versus Imperia (priests) scenario. Check www.pbm.com/oly/tag
for the gory details. I'd wager that there are some pretty good
TAG players by now who could seriously beat the snot out of
most G2 wargamers. So let's see.

The other two scenarios of this type lasted 150 turns (G3, see
http://tagempire.virtualave.net for details) and about 100
turns (G6), with the Empire winning G3 and the Mandorians (or Pen,
depending on who you believe) winning G6.

There is a G2-to-TAG primer at:
and you can follow the links at pbm.com for some more tips/info.
There is also a TAG email list at:

(And Scott is considering letting you play free with only
2-4 nobles.)

The gauntlet has been thrown down. Pick your side, if you
are brave enough! (priests or wizards) If some group want
to come in as a large team on one side, that would be even
more interesting. If you dare chance the utter humiliation
that you face at the hands of us young whippersnappers, that
is. :-)



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