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Twas a night before christmass, like this one ya know?
was a man named don, ho ho de ho ho.
Tonight was the night he'd go have some funs
Where the gals get nekked and shaketh their buns.
He'd drink and smile with a shiteatin grin
A rolled dollar bill from his teeth to his chin.
I'll get you my pretty, was the thought on his mind
As the young gal took the bill with her silky behind.
And off to the stage for a swing on the pole.
Then squat down in front for a peak at her hole
Now!! dancer, Now Prancer oh donna You vixen
Gimme Comet, You stupid, On don you were pissen!
The gals would take turns Lining up for a tip
He'd give a buck in return for some lip.
He spoke not a word, cause he sure liked this work
filling all the panties with ones, like a jerk
Barmaid oh barmaid some drinks for my friends
And bring me some singles, I got nothing but tens.
When the cash was all gone cept the price of some eggs
He went for the car, still thinking of legs.
Then the ladies did hear him exclaim...ere he drove out of sight

"what the hell is that smell on my fingers tonight?"

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