Tradegoods - Strange Behavior
Tue, 28 Nov 2000 22:57:38 EST


Just a strange note.

On turn 196, I bought the final load, a full load, of a tradegood,
and the tradegood disappeard from the city's market report.
It is now being transported to the only city that buys that good.

On turn 196 and 197 I sold full loads of this good which were bought a
few turns ago. The tradegood is still on the market report for the
buying city. There are still 2 full loads to be sold on turn 198 and

I assumed that the tradegood would disappear from the buying city's
market report this turn, since I sold a full load the turn after the
good disappeared from the selling city's market report.

I intend to sell another full load this turn. We'll see what happens.


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