Re: (no subject)
Tue, 21 Nov 2000 15:02:49 EST

In a message dated 11/21/00 1:46:18 PM Central Standard Time,

> > Guess i shoulda been happy with 58 queded 3 errors
> > now Im 0 queded 58 errors
> > and do not exist
> > ive been using aol for nearly 2 years
> > i just dled 6.0 3 days ago

On another note, you might have left the "end" command off of your orders.
The order server continued reading until it hit the MIME stuff that aol
automatically tacks on to the end of every message, and tried to read it.
Technically, it would just have rejected everything it didn't recognize, and
your orders would probably have been processed normally.

I've done this one myself, until I got in the habit of using the template at
the end of the orders.



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