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Todd Nielsen (
Wed, 19 Jul 2000 00:43:49 -0700

Just as I was about to march every able body that can hold a weapon South
for one last final hurrah before dropping, you declare a peace? Peace? Is
it possible? Damn! Now where am I supposed to teleport all these pikemen?

First let me say, I do not speak for the Musketeers, only for myself. I can
say that my nobles and troops already deployed will stay in place until I
know for a certainty that a withdrawal is underway. Then at that point I
will have no problem withdrawing myself. It would be foolish of me to do
otherwise. I will abstain from any attacks this turn. If your folks are
withdrawing and we remain where we are, I don't see a problem. We may want
to work out a safe passage route for your northern nobles as to avoid
possible 'incidents'. Sorry to be overly cautious, but this type of message
so sudden does raise an eyebrow a bit.

I myself agree with your sentiment about the war and applaud your suggested
use of your soon to be vacated lands. Now maybe I can go back to breeding
winged horses for trade routes instead of these damned giant lizards that
keep eating my winged horses.

I know there are details to be worked out, like a possible teleport swap of
bodies and what not, so I'll bow out and let those discussions take place.


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From: Graeme Anderson <>
To: 'Oly2-list' <>
Date: Tuesday, July 18, 2000 6:32 AM


Yes folks, that's right - we, the Lords of the Crown have become
disenchanted with our situation as such we are breaking up the alliance.

We have had some great tussles and enjoyed the last few years but the
challenge is gone - warring has become the sluggish lumbering of behemoth
armies since we explored all the possible tactics and our foes their
equivalent defences.

Most of our members are quitting and the remainders are becoming independent
factions or joining new alliances. We shall be completely withdrawing from
our lands on Provinia over the next several turns and there is an immediate
ceasing of the offensive against Rimmon. Prisoners will be released this
turn. All our spies will be withdrawing from Rimmon lands immediately.

I must emphasise this is also a shock for myself and I cannot fully detail
where all remaining Lords are going or what they are doing since I have not
yet grasped it all myself.

We ask all parties particularly Rimmon Musketeers to allow us to reorganise
our resources among the remaining members and withdraw from Provinia over
the next 10 turns or so. We consider the war with Rimmon at an end. They
have no one fight but retreating nobles. We ask for no further garrison or
nobles attacks and the equivalent immediate withdrawal of all stacks
(e.g. Odysseus, Meglok, Scorn!) until at least turn 188.

Unfortunately this all came so suddenly yesterday that I have had no
opportunity to personally get in touch with the Rimmon leaders before today,
I welcome and encourage their response and co-operation to facilitate this
break up with no further losses on either side.

Though of course we cannot dictate what happens to LotC lands we would like
to see this are given over to younger factions as a free area to develop
without the constraints or regulations of an alliance. As such those castles
of our which cannot be so handed over will indeed be razed asap. We hope to
leave this legacy of freedom for those who come after us.

So long and thanks for all the punch-ups, it's been great fun! I shall be
around for a little while yet, I hope we meet again, though you may not
recognise me! I hope this does not spoil the fun for Rimmon - what WILL you
do now?

Retired Lord of the Crown, Íledema Firstborn.

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