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Sjoerd Schreuder (sjoerd@geodan.nl)
Tue, 18 Jul 2000 15:54:42 +0200

Retired Lord of the Crown, Íledema Firstborn (Graeme Anderson) wrote:

[snip: LOTC retires from the game]

It's sad to hear the war ends because it became boring rather than that
one side has won. Where g1 was won by sheer power, it seems g2 can't
be "won".

Nevertheless, you've proved to be worthy opponents, so I look forward
to fight side-by-side with you in other games. <plug> At the moment
I enjoy playing Eldritch http://www.pbegames.com/eldritch/ </plug>

> So long and thanks for all the punch-ups, it's been great fun! I shall be
> around for a little while yet, I hope we meet again, though you may not
> recognise me! I hope this does not spoil the fun for Rimmon - what WILL you
> do now?

I think I'll start doing more interesting stuff than harvesting yew,
harvesting wild horses, and breeding lizards in which more than half
my faction has been involved for a long time by now.

Maybe I'll be able to QUEST once more, pay a visit to strange lands,
search for gates and hidden locations, forge powerful artifacts,
or other fun stuff. Maybe I'll update my library of scrolls and
finally research all skills (I used to rank #2 on the skill list once).
And maybe, just maybe, I'll retire from the game.

Sjoerd Schreuder
Zwagonian [qu9]

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