Re: Harn war again?

Dominick Vansevenant (
Fri, 30 Jun 2000 09:43:31 +0200

Okay, but it is always nice to say that their spot is the most dangerous.

Harn hasn't seen any real action really. The most brutal acts were the BORG
killing of our garrisons, ouch that hurt :-)

I'll give both sides of this coming brawl 5 turns before they made peace,
men are hard to find these days, where are Ming the Merciless, Artemis
Bruennor Battlehammer, The Bruce, Oleg the fartmouth when you need'em :)

Domme, realling looking forward to some decent warfare from someone else
Rimmon, CD, PLATO, SOA and LotC.

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> > I can't believe there is more conflict in the Harn region.
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> >
> > That has to be the most dangerous piece of land on Provina.
> Not by a longshot!
> Though Harn is high on the list, Eastern Camaris and East central Provinia
> are far more deadly as far as #s of dead are concerned.
> L8r,
> Pat

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