Re: To Targ the mouthy
Thu, 29 Jun 2000 04:08:32 EDT

Some family and friends got in this mess, way back on turn 100.
I told them it was fun. Come join me I said.
Then alas I was wiped out, as they were just starting.
By a group of red god followers.
When my sister, just woke me up and said go read the list,
"duh" why, I said.
And sure enough it targ the mouthy, The same guy that whined and threatened
like a nut for 6 turns about the death of a lone beast master.
My priest was too a bm.
Alone no troops.

Now with vyassa and jerimiah quit, targo is taking over the land.
As much as he can. Anyway he can.
I wanted a piece of them, but targ will do.

The only truth in his post is the lone priest in the temple.
If your keeping score its one/one

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