OLY - G1

Wed, 21 Jun 2000 22:57:04 EDT


G1's turn ran on time tonight. Are G1 and G2 run on different machines?

And NOW!! From the grooveyard of forgotten favorites! Circa turn 7!

Eric, the Seehawk!!

Posted in Drassa:
Posted by Lazarus Long [7636]:
There is a lot happening in and around Drassa.
Claims are being staked. Castles built.
And alliances formed. There will soon be
2 types of factions in Drassa. Those in the loop,
and those out of the loop. Don't be left out of the loop.
Email Seehawk42@aol.com and inform Eric
that your faction is in the Drassa region. You will
quickly be informed of all other factions that reply.
We can use this mailing list to keep each other
informed of claims and such before conflict arises.
Let's strive to keep the Drassan region peaceful.
There are strong alliances forming elsewhere.
Only a peaceful and united region can stand up
to these alliances. Contact Eric at
Seehawk42@aol.com if you are interested
in joining other like minded factions that strive
for peace through a strong and united defense."

How's that for a golden oldie??


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