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To: players@olympia.rt.com
From: olympia@rt.com (Olympia PBM)
Subject: Olympia Times v5n7

+----------------------------------------------------------------------+ | The Olympia Times times@olympia.rt.com | | September 13, 1992 v5n7 | | | | Turn 38 104 Players | +----------------------------------------------------------------------+

Turn 39 orders due: Friday, September 18, 1992

Orders are due 6:00pm EDT, 22:00 GMT.

Questions, comments, bug reports, to play: olympia@rt.com

* * * *

* * * The Dragaeran Trading Company - Who Are These Guys? * * *

The Olympia turn checker!

It's under your bed, waiting for you to sleep!

This marvel of the midevil age reads in turn commands, checks syntax, and prints out an english version of the commands for easy checking. No longer will you buy 5 of 6 instead of 6 of 5. It also does reasonability checks (ie. you can't buy Osswid, and you can't terrorize a rug).

Binaries for Next, Vax, Sparc, Decstation and Sun3 machines running UNIX are available from shrimp.cs.washington.edu in pub/olympia. Source code is NOT available, so don't ask.

Comments/questions/bug reports to hauck@cs.washington.edu.

Note: For bug reports, please include the line that triggered the bug, and the output the checker gave.

The men were tired after the hard ride from Caburh. Peaceful Caburh! he thought. Caburh where an army had attempted to ambush him! Come visit the newly reconstructed tower! Observe the excellent arrow slits and murder holes!

He spat in disgust. Why had they attacked him? And what of Delf, Lord of Caburh? Delf was a friend. Delf wanted law and order in Caburh; surely he did not order that attack. Was, then, Delf a prisoner in his own tower? Or were there deeper intrigues, some conspiracy against the master of West Habyn?

One thing was certain, he thought. He would remember their faces, and remember them well.

"My lord!" called one of the men. "Renaldo and fifty men just came in on the road from Caburh!"


Log entry (7/2, "Waning days", winter):

Party weak. One dead, plague. Funds critically low. Men have not been paid in two months. Income from manual labor down to a trickle. Morale deteriorating. Loyalty of men decreasing, cannot be trusted. Bodies starving, spirits freezing, fear growing. Foreboding premonitions....

Twisted Peaks

A new soapie,

Featuring: Jade, Jack, Judy, Jim, Julia, Justin, Julie, Jason and Bob.

Episode 2. (final)

Bob, having flayed an infected corpse, catches the plague and gives it to the producers of the show (sorry, no scriptwriters involved here...). Freed at last of the restrictive control of the production staff, the show becomes a guaranteed success, a veritable monopoly in the realm soapies, whence the executive staff of competitive soapies hires a group of mercenaries to 'liberate' the public from such entertainment... However, pleased with their success and fame at removing one soapy (which no-one really wanted anyway), the mercenaries return and sequentially dispose of all other current soapy directors (and producers, and viewing public, and their houses, and the hospitals where they where born, and.....)

STOP IT! This is getting silly!

And now for something completely different:

The end of the article! Welcome to the end of the article!

Can anyone give any reliable information/press releases about the plague? (Yeah, I know that 'a reliable press release' is an oxymoron...)

The only information I have seen suggests that one must have four days or more of exposure before one gets infected, and then the infection lasts from five to twenty days (during which time the units health obviously drops...).

Can this be verified? What areas are still infected? Is it safe to travel through Celenth[227]?

Coming soon to a town near you!

The Olympian Tax service!

If you feel guilty about earning so much gold in a month, and feel like redistributing your wealth, don't hesitate to leave your excesses with any individual carrying a black bag. Watch your location reports and feel free to give a small portion of your earnings to those that qualify!

Everything you give is guaranteed to go to the needy!

Briareos gazed out into the Gulf of Atnos from his vantage point and saw the schooner sail into port. It was the Pallas Athena, returned from her maiden voyage, and looking none the worse for wear. He had no doubt that Guges and Hitomi, shrewd operators that they were, had succeeded in their mission. In the past year, he had made a suitable base of operations here in North Atnos. It had been hard at first, since he had neither the capital nor the manpower that some of his neighbors had used in building powerful cadres. But now, the shipyard and lumber mill were fully operational (Though with scarcely a customer. Perhaps he should advertise with the Times.), the savages had been vanquished, and he was beginning to show a profit. Now, at last, he felt secure enough in his position to go south to see what his old ally Varian had meant by "recruitment opportunities".

In commemoration of the successful completion of the Pallas Athena's maiden voyage from North Atnos to Pesbrand (i.e. I didn't get trapped in a calm spot, run aground on a reef, accidentally sail to the new continent, or leave the ship behind when I left Pesbrand.), the honorable Briareos Hecatoncheires has declare Waning Days to be a month of celebration in North Atnos, and therefore invites all members of the Midlands Alliance as well those belonging to any worthy, law-abiding faction to any of the series of parties, concerts, and banquets being held on the Pallas Athena's decks througout the month. In addition, the esteemed combat master Kotus (Combat Lvl5/Teach Lvl5) will be offering a month of martial instruction, without expectation of compensation, as a symbol of the Brothers Hecatoncheires' unity with and gratitiude towards the Alliance.

-Briareos Hecatoncheires-

(All you have to do to reap the benefits of this is go to N. Atnos, stack with 2553, and study 102. Please mail me at moakler@remus.rutgers.edu if you plan to stack so I can declare you cooperative.)

Roving Reporter's Column ========================

More General Ramblings ======================

The Bird of Death has once more flown across the face of the land. It was sighted by many folk in different provinces as it sped at great speed across Atnos, Lower Resh, Wastelands of Resh, heading straight towards Kircarth and lands beyond. It seems to move incredibly fast. This creature would, no doubt, make a very worthwhile addition to any entertainment team, as I believe the yokels (sorry, that should be the civilians of the lands) would pay well to view such a beast. Anyone out there with the equestrian skill to capture it or archery skill to bring it down ??

Talking about monsters, a smaller monster in human form, namely Amber [912], has once more shown his true colours. A small group of travellers were wandering freely through the Southern Lands. But when they reached their destination of Chardia, they were attacked by surprise by Amber's men under the leadership of a follower of Bastrestric ther Archymonaged [801]. And not only were they attacked without warning, but when they fled for their lives, they were persued and attacked again by the same group. Are both Amber and Bastrestric attempting to take up the mantle dropped by Dr Pain before his only too timely demise ? Has Amber decided once more to continue the murderous rampage he has been on in the past ? Admittedly he has sworn that he has reformed, but for anyone to actually believe him or to stake their life on his good behaviour would be rather dangerous for their health. And has Bastrestric ther Archymonaged [801] got a good reason for this automatic agression, or is this just intended as a warning to all inhabitants of the Southlands, that Chardia is home to a pair of mad dogs ?

Only time will tell, but I suspect that the tale told will not be a nice one.

For sale, this announcement is to notify you, am I to offer the following gentleman of most beseemly character for sale, proficient in the arts of combat to the first level and how masterful is his leadership! yes it could even be said that he has achieved what some would say to be the third level of military leadership, so do you therefore step right down and make yourself an offer to my amassment of wealth is so meager that I am to with great dispair offer the loyalty of this gentleman for sale! so be informed that as my name is mWambaha and the numerical identifier of my most enviable Faction is [937] contact is to be initiated by the buying party!

Friends of the revolution !

The conspiracy of "5" controls everything you do by force and gold ! They have the mighty armies, they have the huge slave workgangs which rape the land and tear down the mighty forests in the land. They have the gold, and the great fortunes with which to buy any help or equipment they need.

Just because they arrived first shouldn't allow them any more power than us !

And their main desire is to keep the later arrivals down. To stop us from growing and gaining power in the land. To stop us from earning the riches they believe belong only to them. TO KEEP US IN OUR PLACE !

Destroy them where you find them ! All those with numbers in the low "500"s deserve destruction. Bring them down !!

EQUALITY FOR THE PEOPLE !! (from the quill pen of Quastar for the Olympia Liberation Organization)

THE PEASANTS ARE REVOLTING! Two gold per day worked! That is the formula that created the massive manpower juggernauts we have to deal with today. While we have to tolerate the huge body counts, we shouldn't promote them by raising the amount earned by work. It doesn't take a genius to see that someone with 1,000 untrained workers will make a lot more than someone with 100 or even 10 untrained workers. Keep work in the sewer where it belongs. Tell the peasants to find a real job. Sarogin Bellewood [843]

Oleg's Interesting Player List ==============================

Player 863, Outlaw Netexus, killer of player 874, has declared that he will kill anyone who gives away information about the Island of Shavnor. I, Oleg the Loudmouth, do hereby announce the formation of the Shavnor Tourism Council. If you would like to vacation on sunny Shavnor, please contact me. There has been some fighting in the area, but it is considered safe for armed tour partying.

In other news, player [544], Pirililaeran, attacked a stack of Tony Wayland [572] in Cnossa last turn, wiping it out. Tony Wayland points out that Pirililaeran threatened him and many other players with the spread of the plague. If this action of Pirililaeran results in general warfare in the Old World, it would be very interesting indeed, perhaps as interesting as the plague itself.

Finally, Bastrestric the Archymonaged [801] and Amber [912] viciously attacked a 3-man unit of mine last turn in Chardia. I was merely attempting to purchase a Cherry Coke from the Chardia market, and the entire stack in the Castle Chardia, lead by Calliope [2300], a unit of [801]'s, attacked me with 450 men. I fled to Habyn, and they followed immediately and attacked me again. When last seen, my unit was fleeing towards West Habyn with the entire stack in pursuit. I find it quite amazing and interesting that Bastrestric the Archymonaged and Amber find me so threatening that they'd use 450 men to chase 3 of mine all over the Southlands, but so be it. I also am not surprised that they have not reformed their murderous ways.

-- Oleg the Loudmouth

Southland Police Report =======================

This report now covers the happenings in Chardia, Camaris and Habyn. If you have any questions, additions etc., please contact John Smith[823].

Some vagrants were arrested, but release immediatly. The interesting thing that happened was that Calliope [2300] assisted by 404 men in 25 groups attacked Oleg's 3 Observers [2739] in Chardia. This was a strange battle since, no blows were struck. Both of the parties then left for Habyn, were the performace was repeated. They then departed for West Habyn, presumably to put on another show. Is this a new form of entertainment???. Because of the total absence of violence in these "battles", no charges were laid against any of the participants.

There is also an unconfirmed report that Maisez de la Montt [868] and his 19 men were attacked by Shakti[871] and all inhabitants of the Thieves Tower. The outcome of this battle is not known, and we trying to get more information before any comments are made or actions taken about this battle.

This report is a reqular feature in the Times, and always ends with the most up to date wanted list.

WANTED ====== Nobody. Peace reigns in the Southlands

The Town Councils of the Southlands

The Chardia Shipwrights Academy now is capable of building small boats, clippers, schooners and galleys. If you are interested please contact Dave Smith[2291].

The Academy is also willing to build roads, houses, temples, mines, towers and fortify structures. Please contact Peter Smith[2678].

The following two gentelmen can be reached directly via oyvind@jade.ab.ca