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   | The Olympia Times                               times@olympia.rt.com |
   | July 5, 1992                                                    v4n7 |
   |                                                                      |
   | Turn 30  121 Players                                                 |

Turn 31 orders due: Friday, July 10, 1992 Turn 32 orders due: Friday, July 17, 1992

Orders are due 6:00pm EDT, 22:00 GMT.

Questions, comments, bug reports, to play: olympia@rt.com

Late news flash:


Yes, the turn report says turn 29. Other than the obits, and, uh, the month, I don't think this affected anything else.

Next turn will continue with turn 30. Consider it discontinuity ripples from the mucking with space-time we did last turn.

I'll include a merged this-turn-29 and turn-29B obit section at the end of this _Times_.


WORK works best in cities and towns.

Street performing can only be done in cities and towns.

I haven't changed RECRUIT or IMPRESS to use the new resource system yet.

A city is bigger than a town.

Brief mechanics of work, production and ASSIST:

Anyone may ASSIST.

A unit's contribution to a task is based on:

loyalty 10% health 10% skills 60% fixed 20%

I may removed the fixed component and make skills be 80%. Comments?

The estimated time for tasks from the old lore sheets are based (approximately) on a healthy, average loyalty worker with level 1 of the required skill (or level 1 of the parent, level 1 of the subskill).

The most highly skilled worker would be about twice as productive. Thus, they could finish a given task in half the time, or obtain twice as much of a region resource.

Maybe this should be higher -- five times better (sublinear), ten times better? (linear). I think it should be sublinear, but only having a 2X factor between the average and the best worker may not be enough.

Where a parent skill and a subskill are involved: 1/3 of the skill component comes from the parent, 2/3 from the subskill. Skills are weighted so that early levels are worth more than later ones (gains diminish with further study).

I've written some new tools to mail out turn reports, including a new decollater, so hopefully the turn processing will be less of a burden. Turn 29B took seven hours for my machine to mail out. I expect turn 30 will take a fraction of that time.

In the name of Allah, the Magnificient, the Merciful! Sunderer of societies and Deliverer of delights! He who watches while Gabriel reads from the great book, whereupon it is written when both those of the Believing and those of the Unbelieving will be delivered unto Him! To proceed: It is with great surprise that we learn that the city-state of John Smith has not been overrun by the hordes of his neighbor, for in sooth the hideous writings of the despot continue to be peddled to the Times. Let our proclamation cause the truth to shine forth like the light that makes understanding out of confusion. As the despot claims, we are murderers and we are kidnappers, and as he so aptly informed all those who had ears to hear, we are armed, and we are dangerous! However, it should be known that we did not break any laws that the despot erected within the city of Camaris, for there were no laws posted nor were they enforced until the month after our dastardly deed. To be brief, we offer the following rede to all those who raise the hue and cry against those who would gain wealth by the sword: An thou would keep thy heads and purses, do get thyselfs a means of protection, so that the fruit is not so readily plucked from the tree. Might we suggest hieing to the lawful regions, where the wise Khadiv of the land has undoubtedly raised a garrison to ensure the protection and support of his citizens.

All glory and all might belonging to Him under which every worldly King must bow! All praise belonging to Him unto which the wise King Solomon, son of David (upon the twain be peace!) himself did make obeisance to!

(signed) Mohammed ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi Commander of the Faithful

Rocko scanned the latest Olympia Times, and found an objection to Rocko's Rules for Rocko's Realm:

>> Rocko: No offense big guy, but your protectorate sounds more like a >> marshall law - Soviet Style. I think we all know how well that turned >> out. Is there no benign justice in Olympia? >> Sarogin Bellewood

There are several differences, not the least of which is that those who object to the rules are free to leave. As a matter of fact, I'll insist on it. Those who have stayed have felt no oppression; none have my minions have so much as stopped a passerby.

We tried benign justice in Drassa. The citizens didn't want it.

-- Rocko [505]

Fellow Olympians, Greetings... Many among you have been aware (and probably victim as well...) of Silbur's unexplainable outburst. All over the world, his men recklessly attacked the peaceful people of Olympia. Some escaped, most were killed or sorely molested, then sent to slavery. Even Osswid, the eldest and most respected inhabitant of our dear Olympia fell prey to his wrath...and with Osswid fell the Staff of Calyx. Seemingly not all of Silbur's captains obeyed his desperate orders. Maia and Arhhain rebelled against their former master and victoriously defended Areth Pirn'tower against the enraged mob Silbur had gathered there. Arhhain's guard heroically supported the bulk of the assault, and against all odds managed to utterly destroy the attacking force. Many of them fell though, and I shall pray for them, as well as for all those wretched souls which died for the sake of Arhhain's madness. In the Aftermath, Silbur's officers somehow lost control of their troops, their bloodlust quenched, they began to disband and plunder the area...Then Silbur's dying grasp was felt again and, with the same mindless obedience that but Maia and Arrhain escaped, they swore fidelity to me ! I never intended to become a Warlord and I suddenly was to become the leader of a bunch of ruthless killers... I finally decided to try and redeem them and granted them my protection. But I'm deeply troubled by what has been done, in a way in my name ... That's why :

1) Every prisonner of every unit of mine shall immediately be released. 2) I shall try to make up for Silbur's last acts in every way that will seem appropriate. 3) Every claim for retribution will be listened to and eventually answered. so contact me NOW... 4) I shall speak to Silbur myself and try to find a punishment that would match the extent of his faults.

But beware, I'm trying to restore the peace Silbur destroyed, and any ruthless individual act of vengeance against Silbur or any of Silbur's former retainers will be severely punished will all the extent of my power...

In the 31th day of the month of Harvest

Derek Holyblast [530]. former confident and ally of Silbur [545].

Wanted: Expert mercenary soldiers to help me out of a jam. This is a high risk venture whose legality is questionable. Payment negotiable, to be arranged. Interested parties please respond to ap.1407@cupid.sai.com (an electronic PO Box if you will). This is set up to so that your reply is anonymous.

The Death of a Tyrant!

I hereby report that Dr. Pain, tyrant of the South, has been destroyed by a colation of concerned players in Pesbrand. Pain threatened me, and we responded. I wish to thank all the parties involved. It has been a good war. I also wish to tell the rest of the populence, the South is open again for business! And to anyone thinking about emulating Pain, the alliance is still firm. We will tolerate NO banditry in the South. We intend to from a peaceful society here. I would welcome all visitors here in Pesbrand.

| -=+=- Renaldo [852] |

ps. thank-you gifts for the destruction of Pain would be MOST appreciated!!

Amber urged his men forward. There would be much slaughter among the survivors of the great victory at Pesbrand in the name of the Dark Prophet.

But - the great god Atnerks rolled back Time, and the forces of the Dark Prophet were sent to oblivion.

No mind - Amber would raise a great army, and spread the True Faith through the New World by fire and sword.

But worse tidings - Atnerks has said, Let there be unemployment. No longer shall an army be able to obtain sustenance by working among the populace for gold.

What the gods have decided, let no man debate. Amber will diminish, and go into the West.

To all Fellow Olympians The World Over.

Greetings to you from Delf the Trader, self-appointed guardian of Caburh. It is my intention to safe-guard Caburh from the evil that is in this land. Although Dr Pain is now dead there are still threats of further disruption in this fair land. If you all permit, as guardian of Caburh I would enforce the following laws.

- There is to be no unjustified killing.

- No-body shall sway or try to sway the loyalty of men belonging to another entity.

- There is to be no single unit with more than 15 men.

These rules are only set for the moment, and may be subject to change if the situation proves to warrant it. There may also be a need for a tax to be charged to residents in Caburh. These taxes would be used for the building of guild towers and for the renovation of Caburh. If you have any questions or comments to make regarding this note please send them to

- Delf the Trader - vanhalewyns@ccc.govt.nz

Please talk to me before you attack me. I'm not evil and I'm sick of the bloodshed. I just want to make Caburh a safe haven for all travellers.


Delf the Trader

Roving Reporter's Column ========================

Warlording doesn't Pay ! ========================

Our latest, and arguably most efficient, warlord has recently become deceased due to a combination of his own bad attitude and some strange occurances in the time/space continuum. Dr Pain follows the path that many others have been before him. Zyzak came, rampaged, and finally vanished in a blaze of ignominy after an abortive attempt to ravage the populace of a settled land. Dr Pain met his end attempting the same thing ! Attacking citizens in their own home ALWAYS leads to the citizens standing up for themselves (eventually and if forced).

And, at the same time as the Pain in the South met his gory end, another would-be warlord attempted another rampage in the more settled side of Olympia. Silbur [545] massacred people in several places, including the capture of Osswid, the incarnation of the Great Ghod Atnerks in the land. Many of his forces finally met their match when assaulting the Mage's tower in Aerth Pirn where, by another quirk of fate, they were forced to fight their own comrades who who protecting the tower.

Who will be next ? Who, amongst those growing in power in the land, will try to win where EVERYONE ELSE has eventually lost ? The next contender for the largest funeral pyre may now step forward and make their play ! There is always room for another 'hero' on Boot Hill !!

Congratulations to the citizens of Pesbrand !

Removing Dr Pain has solved a major problem in the region and now means that the planned invasion from Drassa can now stop, and the 700+ peace- keeping force which was starting to load onto ships may now return to their homes, secure in the knowledge that the citizens have done their duty.

To all those who offerred their services to the peacekeeping force, I appreciate the help of all of you, and am glad it was unneccessary. But don't go to sleep too fast, it may be needed again at any time !!

Thanks from Rocko, Prenola, Evor, Merlinium, Kaspar

Fine Dwarven Weapons Now Available!!

Contact Greenbeard the Dwarf(1380) for info on buying longswords or crossbows. Other requests will be honored time permitting

A black and white banner -- per pale argent and sable, an owl displayed, counterchanged. The banner whipped in the fierce winds of East Urvil as the soldiers escorted their prisoner towards a large canvas tent. They roughly thrust their prisoner beneath the tent flap to sprawl on the dirt floor within. "Look, it's another one," said a voice within. The prisoner squinted, barely able to make out shadowy figures moving towards him in the dim lighting within the prison tent. "So, another good citizen seeking the protection offered by me lord Varian, is it not?" leered a man just above him. "Let him be, Daeron, can't you see the man is hurt?" This from a young woman, slight and very fair, who approached him. The one named Daeron backed off from the newcomer, looking rather embarrassed. "Here, let me see to that," said the woman, moving to tend the prisoner's bruises. "My name is Aeira Half-Elven. We're all in the same boat as you are." The newcomer winced at Aeira's touch, the bruises still sensitive after the beating he had suffered. "I am called Nogard, lady. Can you tell me why the soldiers have taken me? I've done nothing wrong." "Nothing wrong?" said Daeron. "NOTHING WRONG? Why, good man, surely ye must know that ye have committed the grave crime of not having a sponsor to protect ye. That being the case, Varian has gladly volunteered to lend ye his defense." Daeron laughed bitterly. "On the contrary," said an old man in the back of the tent. "Lord Varian is protecting and feeding us. The world is dangerous, and were we left to our own devices, to wander about at will, surely some brigand would set upon us and deprive us of our goods and likely our lives." The old man looked about defiantly, as to challenge anyone to deny it. "Well, I certainly have been set upon," said Nogard with a wry smile. "And Varian and his men certainly were willing to take my goods, seven thousand coin in gold. Though at least I still have my life." "It's for ye own good that he takes your money," said Daeron, mimicking the old man's deep tones. "Why, you might have gone and spent it on something frivolous. Now, milord Varian, he'll put it to good use. Paying for troops to defend ye and me, aye, that he will." "You shut up," stormed Aeira at Daeron. "We're in a bad spot but your incessant whining makes it no better." "She's right," said Nogard. "Words won't do us much good right now. We need action. I intend to escape as soon as I can." "Escape?" said Daeron. "Why, there be a hundred armed men in this camp. Not likely!" "No," said Aeira. "They" with a nod of the head towards the guards "have made it quite clear there is no way out unless we swear our loyalties to Varian."

* * * The Dragaeran Trading Company Blathers On And On About * * *

The Olympia turn checker!

It handles subskills!

This marvel of the mideval age reads in turn commands, checks syntax, and prints out an english version of the commands for easy checking. No longer will you buy 5 of 6 instead of 6 of 5. It also does reasonability checks (ie. you can't buy Osswid, and you can't terrorize a rug).

Binaries for Next, Vax, Sparc, Decstation and Sun3 machines running UNIX are available from shrimp.cs.washington.edu in pub/olympia. Source code is NOT available, so don't ask.

Comments/questions/bug reports to hauck@cs.washington.edu.

Note: For bug reports, please include the line that triggered the bug, and the output the checker gave.

* * * The Dragaeran Trading Company Announces * * *

The lore archive!

Finally open to the general public, the lore archive is the combined results of hordes of newbies studying away at their books. With about 2/3 of the written lore in our files, we're now making it available to you.

The deal - for any piece of lore you send in which isn't in our archive, we'll send you two pieces of your choices. Also, for every two subskill numbers you send in that we don't have, we'll send you one piece of lore (if you prefer, two subskill numbers from us for each new subskill number you send me).

Send a SASE to hauck@cs.washington.edu with the lore/subskill #'s. I'll send back a menu of choices if you've sent something new.

Oleg the Loudmouth's Free Lore & Map have been extensively revised and expanded. Actually the map has not changed much, but the lore is much improved so I am calling them both Version 3.

New items include: list of little-known items, list of little-known artifacts (6 of 'em), and a partial list of subskills.

I need the regions around Ragnor for the map. There are a bunch of people there, and your area is well-known among the people who have lots of information to trade, but I have nothing to trade for it because I give all my information away. So if you have this information, and you realize that it isn't worth hoarding, send it on in. You can't sell it to anyone, there are too many sellers. So give it away.

-- Oleg the Loudmouth [810]

Camaris Police Report =====================

No action worth mentioning occured in Camaris last turn.

An arrest order has been issued for Rondo of the slight hands [1367] because they have been performing entertainment in Camaris for the last couple of turns without a licence. The town council has repeatedly tried to conntact the master of this unit, but has had no response. The unit has one more month to respond before the arrest order is implemented.

A group of Wandering Matematicians were apprehended for vagrancy last turn. This unit will now have been released, and asked to leave Camaris until it has found a master.

This report is a reqular feature in the Times, and always ends with the most up to date wanted list.

WANTED ======

Mohammed ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi [819], for assault and kidnapping. Band of Mamelukes [1464], for assault and kidnapping. one-eyed Kalendars [1977], for assault and kidnapping. Rondo of the slight hands[1367], unlicenced entertaining

The Town Council of Camaris [355]

The black and white banner -- Per pale Argent and Sable an Owl displayed counterchanged. It flapped gently in the cool winds coming from the North carrying the scents of Fall down from Atnos. It was early morning and the sun had just risen, illuminating East Urvil. The trees clustered around the base of the Warriors Tower had turned a bright red, making it look as though it was on fire. Varian sat up in his bedroll and screamed. Sweat ran down his face and dampened his sleeping clothes. Within moments, the guards on duty arrived. Peeking between them was Touchstone. "What is it, sir?" one of the guards asked. "Nothing -- go back to what you were doing," Varian said. He had calmed down but was still a bit shaken. "I had a bad dream." The guards hesitated for a moment but seeing all was in order, they left. Touchstone lingered at the entrance to the tent. "A dream? A nightmare's more like it," Touchstone said. "An evening horse's ride to the Doctor of Pain, perhaps?" "Yes. I dreamed of Pesbrand. It was terrible. Pain marched in with his army. For some reason, the commanders there shouted orders but they were not heard. When is army swooped down upon them, they were unprepared and were slaughtered. Poor Shakti lay dead by nightfall." "Perhaps it was a spell," offered Touchstone, "which made it so they could not yell?" "No. It seemed more sinister than that. As if the universe had conspired against them. I vaguely remember Briareos and myself having the same problem." "Should you not be fit to shout, simply wave your arms about. I love charades," Touchstone said with a smile, trying to lighten the situation. "Somehow I don't think that would be suitable for military orders. Let me go back to sleep. I am not in the mood for this right now," Varian said seriously. "Sweet dreams," Touchstone said as he left. Varian's head had just hit the pillow when one of The Players arrived. "Sir, good news from Pesbrand!" The minstrel held several notes. "You aren't teasing me," Varian said. "It you are, I'll kill you." The seriousness of his voice sent shivers down the minstrels spine. "No, sir! No joke. Read these!" Varian took the notes from the minstrel and read. A smile spread across his face. Pain was dead and Shakti wasn't! From what he read, the casualties must have been terrible. It might take forever to get the stains of blood from the once golden fields of Pesbrand. Varian handed the notes back to the minstrel and lay back down. "Share the good news with the others and Briareos. I want to get some sleep." Within moments, Varian was sleeping with a look of contentment on his face. It was the first sound sleep he had gotten in over a year.

Dearest Mumsie,

I have wonderful news. Soon I shall be by your side again. I have the distribution network all set up for the Soralen wine, and all our other plans have come to fruition. I can't wait to see Reginald and Percifal again. And I bet I won't even recognize Elaine anymore. My men have taken to calling me the Protector. Isn't that quaint? As if I could protect them, when they are really protecting themselves. I've heard about some new markets opening up in far-off places, and I'll be sending merchants there soon. You'll be happy to hear that the Chardian peninsula is also safe again. I hope to be in the vineyard soon after this missive reaches you, so look for me.

Your loving son,


Prenola tossed in his bed in the Magician's Tower. He dreamed a Far Dream, and saw the dark visage of Pain, victorious, slaying the innocent of Pesbrand. He awoke with a scream, heart pounding.

"No. Pain is dead, and his darkness gone from the world."

But Prenola's heart did not calm, and his sense of unease grew. "Pain is dead. I Saw it myself. What could this be?"

Prenola moved quickly across the Tower, into the hidden recesses. Placing his hand on the Crystal, he concentrated, and Saw.

"Cnossa! Areth Pirn! Who... SILBUR? He... he has gone mad!"

The loss and pain filled him, leaving him sobbing in the now dark chamber.

"Poor Silbur. The madness took not only him, but all his people."

Prenola straightened, and placed his hand on the Crystal again.

"First Pain, and now Silbur. This madness cannot continue, cannot be allowed to reach the island."

Prenola bent his will to the Crystal, and Sent:

A Proclamation from Prenola the Puissant

The Island Nation south of Merinth Sound is off limits to all factions. Colonization of the Island will not be allowed. Lone travellers may expect the courtesy the island is famous for, but concentrated groups of men are forbidden. Current inhabitants of the island have 2 months to leave the island, or face the displeasure of Prenola the Puissant.

Tears still in his eyes, Prenola turned, and slowly left the chamber.

Top 10 Mistakes by a confused (new) adventurer. Box [932], Port Aurnos.

10. I test-drive the order-checker, to facilitate communication between me 'n my men. Oops. It does not work on my magic Sparc. Something about not having the same libraries installed. Perhaps it should be relinked, static-ly.

9. I decide I will make this town my own, when a benevolent dictator reclaims the city. What is a weak character to do?

8. I get caught in a WAIT-loop that will never end by issuing signals by characters out of sequence.

7. I nearly starve factions while caught in the wait-loop.

6. I study an art that (at the time) has no apparent use (Weaponsmithing).

5. I arm my combat trained men with rugs and ale.

4. I try to persuade a boss-less faction to join me, only to see them leave town under attack 3 days earlier.

3. I reverse the order of a pay command, thereby causing my factions to starve some more.

2. My factions do better when guided without orders (Turn 29A) than with (29B).

1. I bet on Dr. Pain during the WarGames.

Stay tuned for more adventures of the poor and clueless.

John the Lucky or 915 has taken on with his factions the venerable art of shipbuilding. Since this art is very complex, and time consuming there are probably many in the realms who do not wish to take the time to build up a large force to build a single ship. There are still others who wish many ships, but do not wish to build a shipbuilding army. Although the customers may be few, and far between let it be known that if anyone is interested in ships within the lands of olympia they can be delivered to the shores of your choice at the price a price to be discussed. At the current time I will handle my own negotiations, but the payment will probably be arranged through the Starlight Courier service as will the delivery of the boats assuming that a suitable arrangement can be arrived upon. In the future the StarLight Courier service may serve as the complete sales network for high quality FlagShip boats. This service of boat building is mainly part of our haritage, and thus our prices are competetive. We build ships out of love, and not for profit.

Please contact FlagShip Boats for your high quality clipper today at Olympia post office box 915 or you can contact use directly by carrier pidgeon at jwoolsey@server.gfx.engga.uwo.ca. Buy a FlagShip Boat TODAY!

It was a beautiful day in Cnossa. A small breeze made it's way over the river bringing a breath of fresh air in the populous capital of Olympia. Tony Wayland suddenly felt a dizzy sensation hit him. The world spun round and round until he finally blacked out.

"Wah-?" He said as he was being helped up to his feet by one of his men. He rose unsteadily, the smell of sorcery was in the air, almost a tangible aura. He looked around. Something is wrong. somehow everything is different.

He walked into his office and noticed the calender was on the wrong day. No one had bothered to change the month. he walked to his desk and sat down, going through his papers. But I signed these. I already did all this. The sense of deja vu was almost too prevelant.

Tony walked to the front door to ask someone what had happened.


A javalin quivered as it hit the door inches from his head. Two men dressed in the livery of StarLight Courier leapt through the door and pushed Tony inside again. Tony caught glimpses of men in Silbur's colors leading a determined assault against him.

Tony Wayland stood behind the window and looked out at the situation before him. "Do we have a chance?" he asked the military advisor in his group.

The military advisor shook his head. "It was a complete surprise, and Silbur is hands-down a better military leader than you are, sir."

Tony Wayland nodded. "Ah.. Yes, but can he trade?"

"Doesn't matter right now. The Priests of Skrenta has talked to the merchants in such a way that they will no longer give discounts to those who understand the way that business works in Olympia. They will not give us a better price on our items for fear that the wrath of Atnerks come down on them most heiniously." explained Wayland's cheif accountant. "It also seems that Silbur's men have us outnumbered 7 to 1."

"We're better trained."

"We're worse off armed. Our main combat units were off to the Pain capaign. "

"We have right on our side."

"We should run."

"You read my mind."

Tony handed all the important paperwork to various clerks and lifted a large sack of gold to his back. "To the east! We regroup and shall return with steel justice."

Obituaries: ---------------------------------------------

_____ / \ | | | R.I.P.| | | | \|/ | | | | | / \

Dr. Pain [814], died attacking Zanetta Zim [845] in Pesbrand [359].

Brynth [822], died under attack from Seldon the Avatar [809] in Ilion [357].

Eidolon [835], executed by Dr. Pain [814] in Bayarth [299].

Illiandra Starfire [844], died under attack from Amber [912] in West Ilion [287].

tammy [851], died under attack from Seldon the Avatar [809] in Ilion [357].

Prenola's Prince [935], died under attack from The pros and cons of Hitch Hiking [1587] in Raskold [217].

Raevsky [1016], died under attack from Commandeur de tous les croyants [1899] in Mt. Norgar [229].

Vengeance Company [1034], died attacking Zanetta Zim [845] in Pesbrand [359].

GreenSleeves [1051], died attacking Savage [3992] in Haemfrith [316].

Stanislas Devernon [1063], died attacking Maia, enchanteress [1981] in Areth Pirn [206].

Scout, codenamed 00001 [1155], died under attack from Stanislas Devernon [1063] in Areth Pirn [206].

The Black Company [1301], died attacking Zanetta Zim [845] in Pesbrand [359].

The Taken [1321], died attacking Zanetta Zim [845] in Pesbrand [359].

The Faceless One [1330], died attacking Zanetta Zim [845] in Pesbrand [359].

Prenola's Pariah [1369], died under attack from Stanislas Devernon [1063] in Areth Pirn [206].

The Red Company [1376], died attacking Zanetta Zim [845] in Pesbrand [359].

Demon Lords [1424], died attacking Zanetta Zim [845] in Pesbrand [359].

Ten'Saroth [1475], died attacking Zanetta Zim [845] in Pesbrand [359].

Akordia Argith and the Accordions [1487], executed by Dr. Pain [814] in Bayarth [299].

The Sword [1497], died under attack from Amber [912] in West Ilion [287].

La foule en delire [1521], died attacking Maia, enchanteress [1981] in Areth Pirn [206].

Sebeleador [1548], died attacking Maia, enchanteress [1981] in Areth Pirn [206].

Arghun pied d'arbre [1567], died attacking Maia, enchanteress [1981] in Areth Pirn [206].

Garaud-Durgard [1570], died attacking Maia, enchanteress [1981] in Areth Pirn [206].

Bitter Victory [1580], died attacking Zanetta Zim [845] in Pesbrand [359].

Skull Crackers [1585], died attacking Zanetta Zim [845] in Pesbrand [359].

Prenola's Pest [1609], died under attack from The pros and cons of Hitch Hiking [1587] in Raskold [217].

Prenola's Pulpiteer [1633], died under attack from Mahardian [1591] in Pirn [223].

Jharmin [1642], died under attack from Amber [912] in West Ilion [287].

the stinking rabble [1680], died attacking Wandering Willy [1246] in East Urvil [314].

Jus de chaussette [1713], died attacking Maia, enchanteress [1981] in Areth Pirn [206].

Glopy [1883], died attacking Maia, enchanteress [1981] in Areth Pirn [206].

Agrathrassis [1938], died under attack from Maidez de la Montt [868] in West Habyn [353].

Abd al-Malik bin Marwan [1986], died attacking Wandering Willy [1246] in East Urvil [314].

Toadkiller Dog [1993], died attacking Zanetta Zim [845] in Pesbrand [359].

Fuzzbuster [1999], executed by Dr. Pain [814] in Bayarth [299].

The Snake Company [2002], died attacking Zanetta Zim [845] in Pesbrand [359].

Youthful student [2007], executed by Dr. Pain [814] in Bayarth [299].

Troll [2015], died under attack from Prenola's Pugilist [1410] in Lebrus [250].

The Hammer of Pain [2040], died attacking Zanetta Zim [845] in Pesbrand [359].

The Anvil of Pain [2055], died attacking Zanetta Zim [845] in Pesbrand [359].

Jean, de la marine commerciale [2103], died attacking Maia, enchanteress [1981] in Areth Pirn [206].

Michael Souton [2105], died attacking Maia, enchanteress [1981] in Areth Pirn [206].

Merci mon pote [2147], died attacking Maia, enchanteress [1981] in Areth Pirn [206].

Suicide Squad [2181], died attacking Zanetta Zim [845] in Pesbrand [359].

Suicide Squad [2192], died attacking Zanetta Zim [845] in Pesbrand [359].

Suicide Squad [2263], died attacking Zanetta Zim [845] in Pesbrand [359].

Savage [3841], died under attack from Mohammed ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi [819] in Atnos [305].

Faery [4287], died under attack from Knights of the Quest [1018] in Cerian [293].

Troll [4748], died under attack from Prenola's Pugilist [1410] in Lebrus [250].

-- 6659 commands queued for 1129 units