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   | The Olympia Times                               times@olympia.rt.com |
   | May 15, 1992                                                    v4n1 |
   |                                                                      |
   | Turn 24  126 Players                            "This is a PLAYTEST" |

Turn 25 orders due: Friday, May 22, 1992 *** No Olympia May 29 *** Turn 26 orders due: Friday, June 5, 1992

Orders are due 6:00pm EDT, 22:00 GMT.

Questions, comments, bug reports, to play: olympia@rt.com

* * *

A Note from your GM

* * *

The flow of design suggestions, bug reports, and opinions from the players in private email and on rec.games.pbm has been phenomenal. I thank you all for your help!

A few players, however, from time to time seem to forget that this is a playtest. We are trying to make a really swell game here, and this means that I am constantly changing things to see if new ideas work better than old ones. I'm sorry if your turn is ruined in the process, but so things must be.

If you got flustered by the entertainment changes, do yourself a favor and SWEAR 0 now. Tuning the amount of gold generated by a skill use is peanuts compared to some of the changes I'm considering.

-- Rich Skrenta

* * *

Travel Routes Redesigned ------------------------

o Routes are no longer entities, so they are no longer identified by four digit numbers.

o Stacking with routes is no longer possible. A new mechanism, to be implemented, will allow control of a region's borders.

o The syntax of the MOVE command has changed:

MOVE direction|province [dir|province . . . ]

Move in the indicated compass point direction, or towards the specified province. Abbreviations for compass points are allowed: N, S, E, W, NW, NE, SW, SE.

A list of directions to try may be given:

move n ne nw e w

The first route found which exists will be tried.

o Routes [1001] and [1070] will be removed.

Lore Skill Considered Harmful -----------------------------

The LORE command and the Lore research skill will be removed.

Beware Signals --------------

Many players were bitten last turn by creative attempts to use WAIT SIGNAL. Like the infamous GOTO statement in programs, signals can turn otherwise neat orders into a tangled mess. Only use signals when one of the other waits won't suffice. If you do use wait signal, pay very careful attention to timing to avoid grief.

Combat Changes --------------

Attack takes a style option, i.e.:

attack target [ kill | capture | booty ]

Giving no style argument is equivalent to style kill.

Attacking to kill attempts to kill the target and its stack. Attacking to capture attempts to capture instead of kill, and attacking for booty means that one is not really interested in harming, but is more interested in treasure (a la highwaymen of the 18th and 19th centuries).

Because one has to pull one's punches when capturing, it is harder to capture a unit than to kill it. Attacking for booty means that the attacker will not pursue a unit that chooses to flee, but will stop and pick up whatever booty it could collect. Units fleeing in terror tend to leave some valuables behind.

Combat takes place after all zero-time commands are processed, but before the "evening" phase. Thus, an attack will be resolved after all stacking operations are complete, but before a unit can leave a province.

Something's Funny with Skills -----------------------------

Instead of the 1-2-3 progression of skill uses, I'm considering having a separate skill for each of the things-one-can-do.

For instance, instead of USE 110 1, USE 110 2, etc. there'd be a top level skill, 110, and sub-skills which you'd automatically pick up after reaching certain levels of the top skill. The sub-skills could be studied to gain proficiency with the particular task.

For example:

107 Shipbuilding, level 2 9107 Build small boats, level 0 9215 Repair ship, level 1

This system has a couple of nice features:

o It's flexible and extensible. Skill uses don't have to adhere to a rigid 1-10 progression. There can even be research past the "top level":

9xxx Further shipbuilding research

o You can specialize in the areas you're interested in.

o It has a nice feel. The collection of things-one-can-do large, and who knows what new task research will uncover. Perhaps there's some things that can't be learned through study alone...

o I can get rid of levels on lore sheets. No more wondering if level 4 was the last sheet Rich wrote on a topic. One entity, one lore sheet would be much cleaner.

I'll explore this system over the next few turns. Comments on the system are welcome. Questions about how these changes affect your position are not. Send no whiney mail saying that I've ruined your life again! I don't want to hear it, and Graendak is sharpening his claws on a rock in the far north. He really is.

In keeping with my tradition of keeping my mouth open when it should probably be shut, I am offering, for an unlimited time, for the low, low price of "free", a set of maps and lore. Just send me a note and I'll send it out.

-- Oleg the Loudmouth

The Riddlecorner! =================

The answer to last weeks riddle:

Two legs sat upon three legs with one leg in his lap. In comes four legs, grabs one leg, and runs off with him. Up jumps two legs, grabs up three legs, throws it after four legs, and makes him bring back one leg.

What are all the legs about? (This one's not too hard)

is: One Leg = A leg of mutton Two Legs = A person Three Legs = A stool Four Legs = A dog

Now this weeks riddle (maybe the last) is:

It comes in on little cat's feet, Is neither sour, nor sweet. Hovers in the air, And then is not there.

The answer in the next edition of the glorious, free ditributed OLYMPIA TIMES!

I once again saw a couple of riddles in the times this week again and I wonder if I should quit this column, since flooding the times with riddles will kinda make it not fun anymore. So I decided to leave it up to the readers of the times to decide wether I should quit or not. You can mail me at this address (hereby also reveiling my true identity) since I wouldn't want the times to have to cope with this: cspas161@sus.eur.nl, and that's in holland.

=>The riddler


Beware these killers. A threat to society they are. Watch thy backs. The peaceful people of this world must unite if we are to survive.

Number of Last place Name innocents slaughtered of massacre ============================================================================== The Black Company [1301] 15 Chardia [354] (aka. Castle Guard) John Smith [823] 5 Camaris [355] Dr. Pain [814] 6 West Habyn [353] Seldon the Avatar [809] 5 Ilion [357] Zyzak [513] at least 11 Hothras [214] (killed by Kaspar)

A WORD OF CAUTION: There are others among thee who have also killed. These are but known criminals.

A WORD TO THE UNDERWORLD: Is this all that thou canst do? Surely more among thee can do better, and make thyselves known on this glorious list. A welcome to Seldon the Avatar, our newest killer of non-killers.

---- Pactra, the month of Dark night ----

"I hear minions of the murderer Zyzak have entered our prosperous town..."

"So FINALLY we have found them. Come! There is not a moment to lose! --- Call together our people!"

"Fellow citizens of Olympia, we know many of ye are but poor farmers, but when a threat is in our midst, we cannot sit idly by. They are heavily armed, and today, some of us may lose our lives... but NOT our honor! Let us avenge those who have died by his hand! COME!"

With that, the norsemen picked up what weapons they had and went in search of Zyzak's Roughnecks...

"Corningware china? You oaf! I said plate armor, not plates! Now return these for a refund and get the armor this time." And with that Tsagem's humble servant strode off to make amends for his master. "We're just starting out here men, so be prepared for anything. I will allow minor errors in the carrying out of my orders, but must stress the fact that we must do all possible to create a working system here." Tsagem then set about to ponder what mangerial decisions should be forthcoming....

Sent by moakler@remus.rutgers.edu (bam!) to the Warriors' Guild: ------------------- Guildmaster Evor,

Since guild elections are coming soon, I would like to know what you have done with the guild funds over the past year. It seems that you have been sinking the money into the guild towers in the old world, but now that Zyzak is dead, those realms should be relatively peaceful. On the other hand, Dr. Pain continues his designs of expansion and might possibly soon reach the region where the Warriors Tower is located (East Urvil). I think it would be appropriate to either strenghten the tower or use guild funds to recruit some sort of militia to defend the tower. If you give any ideas concerning the new world branch of the guild, then perhaps it its time to elect a guildmaster who will.


Briareos (815)

------------------- Hmmm... very interesting, perhaps this Briareros has the best interests of the Guild in mind. Perhaps, perhaps... ah, more mail from this moakler@remus.rutgers.edu (bam!), perhaps more info on his wishes to be Guildmaster, let us see:

------------------- Sent by moakler@remus.rutgers.edu (bam!) to the (??) Guild of Thieves:

Guildmaster D'arc Shadwoborn,

Since guild elections are coming soon, I would like to know what you have done with the guild funds over the past year. It seems that you have been sinking the money into the guild towers in the old world, but now that Zyzak is dead, those realms should be relatively peaceful. On the other hand, Dr. Pain continues his designs of expansion and might possibly soon reach the region where the Thieves Tower is located (Caburh). I think it would be appropriate to either strenghten the tower or use guild funds to recruit some sort of militia to defend the tower. If you give any ideas concerning the new world branch of the guild, then perhaps it its time to elect a guildmaster who will.


Guges (1333)

------------------- Hum. Ah... hum. *confusion* Oh wait, I see...

do while ! eof(GUILDS) { ? "Guildmaster " + GUILDS.MASTER ? ? " Since guild elections are coming soon, I would like to know" ? "what you have done with the guild funds over the past year. It seems" ? "that you have been sinking the money into the guild towers in the old" ? "world, but now that Zyzak is dead, those realms should be relatively" ? "peaceful. On the other hand, Dr. Pain continues his designs of" ? "expansion and might possibly soon reach the region where the " + ; GUILDS.TOWER ? "is located (" + GUILDS.CITY + "). I think it would be appropriate to" ? "either strenghten the tower or use guild funds to recruit some sort of" ? "militia to defend the tower. If you give any ideas concerning the new" ? "world branch of the guild, then perhaps it its time to elect a" ? "guildmaster who will." ? ? " Sincerely," ? ? " " + GUILDS.MEMBER

do mail_letter with GUILD.EMAIL enddo

Golly. And he seemed so sincere, too.


Strange Birds Sighted in North; Aerial Attacks Feared!

Dorenth (OPI) -- Flights of giant birds have been spotted in Dorenth and surrounding provinces. "Scared the bejeezus out of me!" said one D'arc Shadowborn, when queried by this reporter. "Big honkers, two of 'em, birds of death or something, came through. Flew on into Drucartan. I hope they stay there!"

This sighting coincides with reports from the northern mountain provinces of a new form of winged death. Hordes of peasants have fled the mountainous regions of Baraxes and Celenth, claiming that large birds have descended from the peaks to feed on any animal smaller than an oliphaunt.

A call has gone out across all of Olympia to rally forces to oppose these birds. The citizens of the central plains are waiting in trepidation to see which will arrive first: death from the sky or reenforcements from Drassa.

Kotus was weary from the long days he had spent on the road, searching out new lands and adventures. The hamlet he had passed, Dezarne it was called, had been merely a collection of hovels, too filthy to even spend the night. If he marched at double time, he might make it to Atnos before the inns closed... A figure materialized beside him. He had a strangely inhuman aura about him and his elfin features had a mischievous cast to them. This must be one of the legendary wee folk, a fairy! For some reason, he has munching on a carrot...

"Eh, What's up, Doc?" "Begone. For nothing can distract me from reaching Atnos." "Suit yourself, Doc." !ZZAPP!

Later that night, long after all the inns had closed, Kotus was still on the road to Atnos. Although he pumped his legs as fast as he could, his speed was no little more than a crawl, a result of the spell the fairy had cast on him. He thought furiously to himself...

"Guns! Faiwy twaps! I'll get that wascally faiwy if it's the wast thing I ever do!"

O perilous, with streets of blood Where men doth go insane A monument to treachery It's architect is Pain

O Chardia! O Chardia! Pain set his sights on thee With hostile will, his brigands kill But someday you'll be free.

(To the tune of America_the_Beautiful)

The black and white banner -- Per pale Argent and Sable an Owl displayed counterchanged. It blew wildly in the stiff winter breeze blowing across the plains outside of Pesbrand. Varian looked up from the tome on his desk. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and looked over towards the entrance to his tent. "He leads the army deep into hostile territory and there releases the trigger." He repeated the words he had just read, again in his mind as he opened the flap to the tent. He looked Southwest, towards Chardia and wondered. "Perhaps," he said. "Are ya finally ready ta leave, sir?" one of his soldier, sitting by a fire nearby, asked. "Yes, we should make Ilion by the 20th." "But, sir, 'tis the 19th already!" the soldier said, standing. Varian paused for a moment, stunned. "I was studying that long?" "Yes, sir. Ya told us ta leave ya alone when we tried to tell ya." The book had held his attention for almost three weeks. Thinking back, yes, it must have been that long. "Gads, ignore my commands next time, that's an order!" "Yes, sir. We've been practicin', like ya said. We've become quite good at it." "Excellant. And the minstrels?" "Playing day and night. They want ta perform for the townfolk." Varian paused for a moment. "It's too late to leave now and catch that rogue Maidez." The month has been wasted. "They've come 'ere, sir." "They are HERE!" It was a good thing he hadn't left. He would have passed Maidez on the road. "Arived yesterday with 11 men and a mysterious fella by the name of Mawgli. Our scouts can't tell a thing about him." "Really, now! Finish studying and I'll contact Renaldo." "He's left, sir. He pulled out and 'is people've scattered 'cross Pesbrand." "Finish studying, I must write some letters and pull everyone back together or we will be sitting ducks for Maidez and Pain. Tell the others. Prepare! It is going to get very hot here next month -- a few months early and we have preparations to attend to." Varian looked out towards the banner of Maidez de la Montt in the distance. A large black bird circled over his camp. "Pain." He hissed the word. Varian retreated to his tent to finish his studies. "He burns his boats and smashes his cooking pots; he urges the army on as if driving a flock of sheep, now in one direction, now in another, and none knows where he is going," the book continued. By early next month, they must be prepared. He must be prepared.

Thou art like one of these fellows that, when he enters the confines of a tavern, claps me his sword upon the table and says, "God send me no need of thee!" and by the operation of the second cup draws him on the drawer, when indeed there is no need.

Ah, law and order! While we, coming from a land where we ourselves were Sultan, Wazir, and Kazi, find the concept somewhat confusing when applied to our person, we applaud the brave attempts to bring justice to these barbaric areas. True jucicial efforts, however, require the knowledge and the consent of the population which they are purported to protect. Unfortunately, strangers such as ourselves have no way of knowing which areas are cradled in the gentle but firm hands of the law, and which areas are yet swathed in anarchy. Furthermore, while we assume that it is no longer considered acceptable for us to rip out the tongue of one who swears in our presence, as we did when it amused us in the Good Ol' Days, we are ignorant as to what exactly is considered to be a transgression of the local ordinances. Be these matters as they are, we plead for all would-be Protectors of the Peace to reveal themelves and their agendas, for the knowledge and well-being of all people, &tc.

With profound regards to the citizens both continents,

Mohammed ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi [819] Commander of the Faithful

Justice served at last, the evil Zyzak brought to trial, and Drassa saved. And did any of His fellow magicians notice His self sacrificing move, abandoning the safty of the magicians towe? No! They probably thought He was running out on them.

Hah, little did they know. Of course they would think that, but He knew differently. Should Zyzak have chosen to attack the magicians tower, it was most likely that he would have gone for the head of the tower, Himself. But where were the thanks, the rewards and the attention He truely deserved for such a self sacrificing act?. Perhaps he should run for guild master, another thankless job.

And with the teleportation spell now under His command, He could visit the outlying towers, and provide some protection for the mages therein. Well, best wait and see what His fellow mages thought of the idea...

The troops were juggling in the square. Everyone else was at their books. When a paniced voice, a townsman cried. "Ware, oh ware; the bird have come".

The Bird of Death. The bird of Grief. Oh woe, oh woe, the birds have come. They'll surely squash us like a bug. Our puny troops, scarce trained at all... Alas for the time we danced in the square, rather than training our skill. Alas for our wimpy weapons, our puny leader, our helpless scholars. If only we had at least set flee at 0; then maybe some would have escaped. We're doomed ! We're doomed ! They'll trash us sure... And our lord and master too.

The troops straggled back from the square. The scholars were torn from their books and hastily armed .... Then tensely, they awaited their doom.

But the birds flew past ! Headed out to sea !

We should have fought them. We'd surely have won. And loot these red clawed fiends have in plenty. And if no loot, as they're merely birds ... just imagine capturing them to ride.

The troops returned to entertaining the town. The scholars returned to their study. But the townsfolk booed their latest show ... a tale of capturing birds.

The back room of the 'Tangled Eel' was dimly lit by badly trimmed candles and a smoking oil lamp. The charcoal brazier in the corner offered more heat than light, warming the young men in the room against the chill of the fog-sodden night outside.

One last figure stole inside and closed the thick wooden door.

"Is this all who would come? Very well, bar the door.", one of the men seated at the table in the crowded room commanded as he stood. He looked over the assemble group - less than a dozen young men, some in finery, some in the rough habit of swordsmen, some in trappings that marked them as truly foreign.

"My friends, princes all, I welcome you. We have not all met, but we can tell our tales after we reach some agreements. However we each came to this benighted place, none of us have been here very long. In that short time we have all of us heard how lawless and backward this land is. Many of us have heard of a man, a demon rather, called 'Doctor Pain' who would slaughter those like us for the fat purse we each seem to have."

At this, every man in the room shifted. Not a few stole one hand to their wallets and the other to their daggers.

"It is for this reason we are met here tonight. Whatever fate brought us each here, whatever hopes we might have to thrive or survive in this land depend on our banding together against the evil that wields its power without restraint."

One of the young men standing near the door spoke up. "We cannot defeat this Doctor Pain! It is said he has dark powers at his command."

The first man nodded. "I do not suggest we hunt him down. Not yet, at any rate. But there are other bandits and murders in this land and if we stand together and work together, we can gain the time to strengthen our arms and other powers, so the greater villains of this land will think twice before they attack any of us."

"Are we agreed?"

The frightened young men murmurred their assent. They knew they were doomed on their own. Perhaps, if they stood together... ----------- Two weeks after the band of young princes had sworn themselves to each other, young Wulf wandered down a narrow alley. He had had a terrible time trying to understand the language and currency in this barbarian land. The daily customs of these rude people so unnerved him, he had yet to successfully acquire more than his daily bread. In confusion and despair he made his way back towards the 'Tangled Eel' to meet with some of his companions.

With no warning, a group of thugs wielding blades surrounded the bewildered Wulf. Their leader stepped forward, bringing the point of his sword to Wulf's chin. "Whassamadda, princey-wincey? You lost? You tryinta findja mamma?"

Wulf looked around in desperation. He was confused, but he was not a coward. He feinted a dodge to his left, then swept the leader's feet, sending the punk to the cobbles. It was hopeless. The others were on him instantly, plunging their swords in his back. --------- Brillan Damar clenched his jaw as he was told of the murder. In his mind he tallied the number of armed men that had been entrusted to him.

"We'll get the bastards," he growled, "and whoever paid them."

John Smith has no ties with Dr. Pain ==================================== We have been informed that John Smith has marked as beeing part of Dr. Pain's group of killers, and we want to set the record straight. John Smith had some communication with Dr. Pain before the later started his killings, this is why most of his units escaped unharmed. His brother Dave Smith was killed though, and his other brother Dave had to step in. John Smith was involved in the attempt of arresting the group of bandits known as "Cohort Mirhys". Unfortunatly the group resisted arrest, and all of them were killed. John Smith has also tried to arrest 4 vagrant (INDEPENDENT) units, but they have in all resisted arrest (despide the recent changes allowing prisoners), and unfortunatly died in the process.

The Town Council of Camaris would also like to announce the following:

Camaris is protected by John Smith and his men, and the following rules apply: 1. Entertainers need a licencee (25g/unit/month). Please pay John Smith. 2. Vagrants (independents) will be apprehended, forced to pay a fine, and then released. 3. Any attacker ( appart from law enforcement ) will be apprehended, fined , and released at the beginning of next month. 4. The law enforcement units are not responsible for any deaths caused while apprehending units resisting arrest.

This announcement will be posted every turn in Camaris, and will take effect at the beginning of next month.

The Town Council of Camaris [355]

It was the night of the 14th day of the month of dark night. The struggling street performer was just finishing up after a slow day. "Competition sure was hell today in Pactra," he mumbled to himself. Then, the sky suddenly darkened as dark clouds rolled in. The wind picked up. The performer saw a swirl of leaves as a small whirlwind appeared in an alley. When the dust cleared...there stood a man, from out of thin air. "Milamber!" he thought, "What is he doing sneaking around here?"

Log of Dark Night, Year 3127

With eager anticipation I parted the underbrush and silently slipped from the constrains of the forest. I looked down at the sea first, having never seen it, and then at the small town which I would call home. It was a small place with only a few score residents but the aromatic smell rising from the cooking fires drew me in. Being careful not to be seen while filching food and supplies was easier than I had ever encountered before, but I remained wary. I sought out a few townsmen who were of kindred spirits and brought them into my confidence. Later that night I learned of other new travellers in town and feared the wrath of Morgoth continuing his vile destruction of my life... The next few days I remember little. I came upon a fever of great power to succumb one into the depths of its fury. When I finally rose from my bed with my companions at my side I said, "Let us destroy the minions of Morgoth in this land before they do me further harm."

Dawn broke over South Charrick, to find Rocko and his Rowdies aboard the Dawn Star, ready to make sail. Nej and her Personal Guard waved to the former Sheriff from the School of Combat; the two groups had become quite friendly during the training sessions held there. Nej wondered silently at Rocko's sudden desire to take to sea, but said nothing. During his last few days in the tower, the warrior had become distant and preoccupied.

Down on the deck, Rocko was listening to his Runner, who was acting as captain for the coming voyage. "Sir, the ship is overloaded. We can't take all these horses with us; we'll sink as soon as we hit the sea."

Rocko's features twisted in a spasm, "Damn it, man, I said sail! We're bound for Chardia, as fast as the winds will take us!" He fingered his longsword, and a look of fright crossed his lackey's face, and the frightened man left the foredeck at a run.

>Chardia. Come to Chardia< spoke a voice in Rocko's mind. The whisperings had begun several months earlier, when he had first heard of the place. Deep memories stirred within him. He remembered a place called Chardia, and a gleaming city that he had never seen. He could see the tall spires of its towers, and the gaily colored streamers flying from the tallest tower of all. >My abode, in Runesward< came the silent voice, >We can build it here, in this world.<

He clasped his hands to his temples, and screamed. "No! I am Rocko, not Kosar. There is no Runesward, and I will not leave my new home in South Charrick." His guards stopped in their work to look at their leader, now barely recognizable as Olympia's foremost military leader. "I will not go!" he snarled between clenched jaws, his face a livid mask. "I am my own master, and will hear no other." Sweat beaded upon his brow as he battled his inner demon.

>Very well, then, fight me< the voice responded. >I grant you a victory today, but remember, I'll be back, and I will dominate your will.<

Rocko relaxed; the presence was gone from his mind. He inhaled deeply, and exhaled a shaky prayer to the gods of Olympia. He turned to his quivering shipmaster, whose concern for his lord had overcome his fear. "Unload the ship. We stay here," he said crisply, his grey eyes again clear.

Votes Recorded on Fleeing Before Combat

The votes are in, and it's 8 to 1 in favor of fleeing before combat, if the situation warrants. Therefore, units will do a flee check before any combat takes place, and thus avoid combat.

-- sc (Sen~or Combat)

* * * The Dragaeran Trading Company Announces * * *

The Olympia turn checker!

It's lo-fat! It's high-protein! It's FDA approved!

This marvel of the mideval age reads in turn commands, checks syntax, and prints out an english version of the commands for easy checking. No longer will you buy 5 of 6 instead of 6 of 5. It also does reasonability checks (ie. you can't buy Osswid, and you can't terrorize a rug).

Next, Vax, Sparc, Decstation and Sun3 binaries are available from shrimp.cs.washington.edu in pub/olympia. Don't be the last one in your Cabal to own one!

Comments/questions/bug reports to hauck@cs.washington.edu.

Note: For bug reports, please include the line that triggered the bug, and the output the checker gave.

An open letter to the Citizens of Olympia from Milinkthos:

I and many other people have been falsely accused of murder or aiding murderers. I feel it is my duty at this time to clear my name, and that of others which people with little real information are dragging through the mud.

I have been accused of being Dr. Pain's Lackey, something that even Dr. Pain seems to want the world to think. Well, the truth of the matter is that I had the misfortune early in the game of unwisely choosing friends. Yes, I was friendly with Dr. Pain at the beginning, before the killings. However, I do not condone murder of innocent newbies, and do not support Dr. Pain's actions. Because of this, I have severed all links with Dr. Pain. I am not interested in warfare, and am taking steps to remove myself from the contested lands around Chardia.

In keeping with the generally held philosophy, I have never ATTACKed, PERSUADEd, or TERRORIZEd another player's units, and do not condone this actions when performed by any player, except when directed against another murderer. However, although I have also not ATTACKed any independent units, I feel it is stupid to extend the same protection given to controlled units to independent units, and I feel most players would agree with me. Independent units benefit no-one, and serve no useful purpose as is, so the only reasonable thing to do with them is ATTACK, PERSUADE, or TERRORIZE them so that their assets can be put to good use. People don't object to killing Orcs, so why should they care about independents?

So, why have I gone through this long diatribe? Well, there are several people who have been falsely accused of crimes, when in fact their actions are quite reasonable. So, to set the record straight:

Tharkin The Cool - He has been accused based solely on The Black Castle News. However, the only proven dealings between him and the Dr. were the acceptance of 3 feet of cold steel in the chest on turn #18.

Bastrestric ther Archmonaged - Last turn he killed [1318] Halena Hathar - independent since turn 18 As I mentioned before, killing an independent should be considered completely reasonable and respectable.

John Smith - His killings have been to date: [1319] Cohort Mirhys - murderers of several in Chardia [1325] Ouslander - independent since turn 19 [1335] Ashley Lotta - independent since turn 19 [829] Old man - independent since turn 19 (for partial corroboration of this, notice that there was no name change announcement when this unit went from "Poka" to "Old man". At the same time god made him independent (presumeably an abandoned position) he changed the name). [1311] Starlight the Concubine - independent since turn 19 So, the only controlled unit killed was a murderer. This hardly makes him a public menace, though probably not someone to get on the bad side of!

So, the point of all this is Yes, there are murderers abroad who should be held accountable for their crimes. However, let's not be too quick to judge others. As was hinted at by the more prominent citizens of Drassa in connection with Zyzak, if you don't have a witness you can't be sure what really happened.

--- Milinkthos [808]

from The notes of Fengal Algor, Researcher, Dragonslayer and immigrant ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Entry 1: --------

It was with mixed feelings that I stepped into the gate to Kircarth. Joy at the prospects of a new life in untamed Olympia, and apprehension of the unknown, having left the routine safety of civilization in Algoria. Fears made no less threatening by the blanket of fog surrounding this village.

Already an attempt has been made on the Fengal name, have one of the Brothers followed me here? Surely not! I told no-one that I was gating into Olympia! But there are spies everywhere...

The Olympian culture seems to be very different to the Inherited Class of Algoria. The guide said "Start a new life", but made no mention of "From the bottom"! But probably just as well, I have been accepted by almost everyone I have spoken to, and I have accepted two as my peers... but there is no indication of the Status Funding I am used to.. perhaps we are expected to work for our income?

Aside from these problems, I have already determined that there is Lore to research, with unexplored terrain 25 days to the South East. Though I hope that my investigations do not again reveal any treasonous information...

Entry 2: --------

Oh! My ignorance! Olympia is indeed an uncivilized place! There is a large underworld, with murderous Dr.Pain and Zyzak leading multiple attacks against innocent men and families! Where is this lands policing agency? There have been talks of an "Anti Pain Alliance", but little seems to have come of them.

And what of this Bird of Death that flew through Kircarth last month? Why have these inhabitants not cleared land of such wildlife? I am beginning to see what task lies ahead of me... .. ..

[ A puzzled-looking young man wanders into town, stopping when he sees the Olympia Times, and begins to read it - shaking his head over tales of carnage, murder, and mahem. Suddenly he stops and exclaims: ]

"25 gold for submissions to the Times! What a wonderful idea! Let's see, what to post, what to post ... Say - can I post the same boring thing every month and keep getting 25 gold pieces??"

[ He reads some more, noticing another issue of the Times. ]

"Hmm. Seems like Labor Force already thought of that idea."

Sylvester the Puzzled

While discussions were underfoot for the formation of a transitional immigrant alliance, agents of the underworld sowed discord by the formation of a bloodthirsty combat group hell-bent on destruction.

In an attempt to undermine the reputable Fengal Algor, a corrupt Olympian created Fengal's Hoodlums and proceeded to attack citizens Wulf and Antonius.

Fortunately Antonius had hired a bodyguard and was himself familiar with battle tactics, managing to valiantly defend their honour. Tragically losing two of his loyal escorts, though not without inflicting similar damages to the traitorous horde of Hoodlums.

Even more tragic, citizen Wulf was caught completely unawares, and was cold- bloodedly murdered, even while he attempted to flee.

The remaining members of the alliance have sworn to find the purveyor of such evil, and have already taken steps to expose the coward.

The good name of Fengal Algor was reinstated during the investigations into these meaningless attacks.

- Kircarth correspondent

Oleg the Loudmouth's Interesting Player List ============================================

This is a list if people you might want to watch out for, because they've done, erm, "interesting" things in the past.

This list does change -- would people prefer that I only give a summary of the new information, or the entire list every time?

Dr. Pain [814] -- Killed 12 new players in Chardia on turn 17, captured 2 units in Habyn on turn 21. Captured 4 players and 10 units on turn 21. Units owned or captured: 1301 1308 1312 1321 1332 1346 1353 1356 1359 1360 1363 1365 1368 1371 1375 1376 1465 1875.

Bastrestric ther Archymonaged [801] -- Killed 1 unit on turn 23 in Chardia. Listed as friend by Dr. Pain.

Seldon the Avatar [809] -- killed 1863 in Pesbrand on turn 20. Killed 1 player and 3 units in Ilion on turn 23. Units owned: 1400.

Mohammed ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi [819] -- Attacked newbie player in Ilion on turn 21, but was unable to beat one man. Units owned: 819 834.

John Smith [823] -- Present in Chardia during Dr. Pain massacre but was not attacked; listed as ally by Dr. Pain; killed unit that killed player 830 and others in Chardia; killed 2 other units in Camaris on turn 20. Killed player & one unit on turn 23 in Camaris. Units owned: 1317 1494? 1935 1972?.

Sadness [853] -- Listed as ally by Dr. Pain; killed once in Chardia while studying at guild towers, so must have had Dr. Pain's permission. Units owned: 1880.

Maidez de la Montt [868] -- formed unit Men in Black [1918] that attacked Longshot in Pesbrand turn 21. On turn 22, Men in Black formed Captain Marhalt [1991], who then formed [1998], [2007], and [2012], and tried to kill 4 players but failed every time. Men in Black was captured but the other units escaped. Units owned: 1991 1995 1998 2007 2012 2020(stealth 1).

Despair [1461] -- killed 1 unit in Chardia. Anyone know who owns this?

Fengal's Hoodlums [2037] -- killed newbie in Kircarth on turn 23. The violence spreads. Player 876 is Fengal Algor, can anyone confirm if he owns this unit?

Sightings last turn: ====================

Maidez de la Montt [868] ended turn 23 in Pesbrand, along with unit 1995.

Seldon the Avatar [809] was killing people in Ilion during turn 23.

Bastrestric ther Archymonaged [801] was killing people in Chardia during turn 23.

John Smith [823] was killing people in Camris during turn 23.

Dr. Pain [814] was killing people in West Habyn during turn 23.

If you believe any information on this list is incorrect, please write me. If you would like to contribute information, especially combat reports and/or sighting reports, please write. Information is like a breath of fresh air: it makes everyone's day happier.

Oh the competition, I must say I did pick up a bunch of new material to add to my repetoire; however, 'tis a much mixed blessing. I think 'tis time to move on for better pickings elsewhere in the wide world; I was getting a little tired of Rimmon anyway. Maybe I'll head up to Areth Pirn; I haven't been up there in a good long time. Then again Kircarth sounds promising. I've never been there, but I've heard some good things about it. Ok, one more meal to bum off LJ, then I'm off again to tour the world. Damn, I wish I'd gone back to Pactra to get that horse M'lord Erekosse promised. Maybe I'll do that before heading off to Kircarth. Maybe that's not such a bad idea after all. No doubt he'll have some choice viddles for me to mooch. We'll see how we do in clearer pastures. Upper Rimmon sounds like a likely spot on the way to Areth Pirn. We'll see what's cooking there, and perchance do a bit of street busking.


All entrants fight to prove that THEY are the greatest warriors in Olympia. They train as they like, they flee when they like, they carry their preferred weapons, and the winner takes a HUGE prize purse !

Contact Kaspar [581] or mail "rob@ccc.govt.nz" immediately. For the small fee of 50 gold, your CHAMPION could become the greatest fighter in all Olympia ! JOIN TODAY !

Roving Reporter's Column ========================

Zyzak Dead ! Thousands Rejoice ! ================================

The recent battle in Drassa was indeed the bloodbath it was expected to be. Zyzak, taken by surprise, outflanked and outmanoeuvered, was systematically massacred. His men stayed with him to the bitter end, but obviously they also knew that there would be no mercy for any of them after their crimes.

Bravely they fought to the death, but the result was the same. Zyzak - 268 deaths Defenders of the Olympian way - 0 deaths

And after Zyzak had been captured and formally executed, the people of Drassa came into the streets and celebrated for days !!

However, the death of Zyzak does not bring peace to this world. many others are still involved in the business of slaughter. During the last month, Dr Pain slaughtered 5 prisoners, John Smith massacred 2 travellers on the road, and Seldon tha Avatar also killed 4 groups, 2 of which were going about their lawful business !

I call upon the Defenders of the Olympian way who have bought justice to Drassa, to go forth into the wider world (especially Chardia etc) and spread the same justice there ! Those who live by the sword, should also die by the sword !!

Tony Wayland raised his eyebrows at the Times before him. "Killed by what?" No wonder the progress reports from the new continent wasn't coming in. There was nothing to report. Killed. All of them. He cursed under his breath.

Someone named Seldon the Avatar did this. Tony took a swig of rum to calm his nerves down. Well... that tears it. Partially getting the entire new continent team killed was the fault of managment but the corporation's name was at the line. Whether he wanted to or not, he was going to have to hunt down Seldon the Avatar and make him pay for his crimes no matter how much it cost.

He looked around his office and his eyes alighted to the map that recently came in. The route to the new continent has almost been established. It will take him 2 months to prepare his team and to get them on the ship to the new continent. Tony started callin in favors he was owed....

Yet he was not totally obsessed with vengeance. The starlight courier on the old continent was running as smoothley as ever. He decided he still needed someone on the new continent to handle business and if possible take care of one Seldon the Avatar.


BOUNTY: 5000 gold for the head of Seldon the Avatar and all his units. If you don't get him, I will and I have no problem keeping 5000 gold all to myself.

WANTED: An aspiring new partner to open up a Starlight courier service in the new continent. All prospects considered. Interesting lore, information, and trade as benifits. Enjoy recognition, strong allies, and use of the company condo for family vacations.

All questions, comments or inquiries to dirque@gnu.ai.mit.edu


-Tony Wayland [572]

Starlight Courier: When we decide to come get you. We decide to come GET you.

P.S: This is an open bounty. I'll give my 5k to anyone. Including Dr. Pain, Oleg the Loudmouth. Anyone.

-- 3341 commands submitted for 508 units