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   | November 20, 1991                                               v1n2 |
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   | Turn 2  Circulation 45          "Yoda Soda--the cola with the Force" |
                  Next turn:  Sunday, November 24, 1991

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Rule changes:

The BUY and SELL orders now take zero time, as the original rules indicated. In turn 1 they took one day each. Some players have pointed out that it is silly to have to spend three days buying a sword, a shield and some tobacco.

New commands:

work GOLD [days] Attempt to mine gold from the province. Days defaults to 7.

work MINE Build a gold mine. Provinces are limited to one gold mine. Requires 5,000 gold and 25 men to begin. Work proceeds until interrupted or complete.

work SHIPYARD Build a shipyard. Must be in an ocean port. Requires 25 men and 5,000 gold to begin. Work proceeds until interrupted or complete.

The magic system isn't ready yet, so don't bother trying.

Real Soon Now: Automatic order checker and acknowledger.

Rocko 'The Truth' Zigarelli stretched and yawned. Morning---what a horrible time of day. Rocko much preferred the night life, and having just concluded a night of revelry, he was eager to find his bed and sleep until lunchtime.

But early sleep was not to be, for he had errands to run. He went down to the Mercenary Guild, and hired a few thugs to serve as his personal guard. After all, you never know when you're going to need a little help. Then it was off to the Ranger's guild, to hire two scouts and send them off exploring, with instructions. Then recruited a likely looking lad from the stables and sent him out looking for horses.

There was studying to be done, but he'd wait on that. Now, to bed and to sleep...

Merlinium the grey sends greetings to other practitioners of magic.

><><>< M ><><><


Word was brought to the Press this week that an un-named, but well intentioned, private citizen, with a personal dislike for Wolves, has offered a bounty on the invading wolves. The impression was that the wolves were harming the citizens business venture, and he therefore placed a bounty of 5 coins of the realm for each wolf head verified by the town herald in the coming months. Now this reward could greatly help offset the cost of hiring men to tackle this wandering menace. And even if you only get a few of the mangy currs, the bounty will be paid for each Lupine killed.

### Strange Dressed Men Invade Tower Of Darkness ### By Gabriel Synton

Drassa, turn 1 - And God said, "LET THERE BE LIGHT!" And there was light. And it was good. But I see nowhere in my handy dandy Bible Desk Reference where God sayeth, "LET THERE BE DRAGON WARRIORS!"

On the 7th day of last month, a force of no less than 10 Dragon Warriors sprung from the ground, out of complete nothingness and stacked in the Tower of Darkness.

Where did they come from?

What do they want?

They don't seem too harmful, but as it could happen, they might decide to suddenly destroy all of the small bazaar town known as Drassa. I am a small bit curious why they are called The Dragon Warriors. Does this mean they can summon a Dragon at any time, down upon this fine city?

I hope not.


Hear my Words citizens of Drassa and leave your lavish houses and petty concerns The wolves are but the forrunners of greater plagues to come ! Bow your heads and kneel in submission to your True Lord lest your life be taken back by the one who granted it to you and you so deeply deceived... FOLLOW ME, I tell you, FOLLOW MY WORDS and your life will be spared for you'll have a chance to redeem yourself and be Chosen, like I was to speak his words and act his will... Let Hope and Faith heed your steps. Amen.

Derek Holyblast the Pious

Dearest Mumsie,

Just arrived in Drassa. Dreadful little village, I'm afraid, dirty and violent. Just last week, this awful man tried to take over a simply charming little tower in town. All his men died of course, but it took them two days to clear out all the bodies. The stench was simply dreadful. And all the villagers are afraid of a pack of wolves. Can you imagine? I'm sure you'll be glad to know I'm investing your money well. I've hired a small troupe of puppeteers, as well as some men to guard them. I know that Daddy won't approve, but let's just keep it a secret, shall we? That's all for this month, Mumsie. Say hi to Elaine for me.

Your Loving Son,


******************** CHAOS IN DRASSA **********************

All readers of our last issue know of the hordes of wolves that terrorize the population around Drassa. What has been done about this threat by the powerful of the city ? I am very sorry to say - nothing. The rich and powerful men of Drassa spend their time, energy and money fighting each other. Yes ! Last month, the famous Orzok, one followed by many warriors, attacked Osswid and his Warriors of Pelenth. The reason for such violence is still unknown, but surely it must be hidden in the menacing Tower of Darkness, which provided Osswid's men with such a mighty defense that all of Orzok's men were killed in the assault !

So, it seems that honest people in Drassa will still have to be very carful not to meet those hungry wolves, as none of those bold warriors has dared attack an destroy them...

Farnol Kerean, a Drassan citizen

Rocko scratched his head. How had an entire month slipped by without his noticing? He had made many plans, but apparently he had slept the month away. Well, it was time to be up and about, and doing something.

He checked his list of things, and decided to still go hire all the thugs he had planned. But that pack of wolves sure was interesting. And what about all this fighting between Orzok and Osswid? Most odd.

After he ran his errands, he went out to inspect his troops. "Dominic, you go check out Hothras. You guys, buy some boats and head for Pectra." He nodded as his new minions saluted and headed off. "Rocko's Guard & Puppet Show, assemble!" he cried, and the small band of entertainers and soldiers careened towards him, in true Keystone Kops style. "Now, here's the plan..."

New Soldier Types Seen at Drassa!!!

Dragon Warriors have appeared at Drassa, reinforcing the Tower of Darkness under Osswid. These soldiers appear to be magical as they were summoned by Osswid. However, it appears thhese soldiers have either been damaged by an attack by Orzok or naturally deteriorate with time. Further updates will be forthcoming but please be careful in your dealings with the Tower of Darkness or Osswid until more can be found out.

The Battle at Drassa, An After Action Report.

The Contenders: Orzok; with 47 followers, lightly armored, with good combat skills.

Osswid; inside the Tower of Darkness, 37 foot soldier, 30 mounted soldiers, all with good combat skills, PLUS 10 Dragon Warriors with excellent combat ability.

Advantages: Orzok: Armor. Osswid: Weaponry, leadership skills and numbers of soldiers.

Conclusion: Orzok: All followers wiped out. Osswid: 4 footmen killed, Dragon Warriors seem weakened.

Comments: Orzoks action cannot be reasonably explained. Perhaps he simply wished to be the first on to battle. With Osswid under cover of the tower and possessing superior weapon and troop strenght Orzok was doomed. However it must be said that Orzok certainly does not look invinceable. Osswid only produced 2 1/2 times the injuries that Orzok did, not impressive considering his advantage. Neither force was properly equipped either, the wind was bad, a disadvantage that could have provided a large advantage to either side that was properly equipped with hand weapons. Each force was armed almost exclusively with range weapons, and the Osswids side was barely armored. With Plate Armor for all troops, better leadership skill and hand weapons, things could have turned out much different. All this boils down to one thing that Quality is definitely more important that Quantity here. Fight Hard.

The Golden City Theatre Company [1085] will still be holding auditions in the province of Drassa. Technitions, seamstresses, and entertainers of all ilk are encouraged to stop by our booth in the Drassa market.

Come one, Come all! Join the merriment!

Investors are sought for speculative gain with the Bonny Trading Company. Already, trade scouts are out amoung the land, seeking trade routes for explotation.

A gaurenteed return of 3% of investment, or 10% of profits on a monthly basis, is assured.

Inquire with the main office, Bonny Trading Company [1088], or with our benifactor, Allister McGuillicuddy [506], located in Drassa.

I, Allister McGuillicuddy[506], issue a call to individuals of skill, strength, and courage, in stamping out a local inconvenience to be found in Drassa. A pack of wolves has dared to make their presence known.

Join me, and help stomp out these curs.


Jobs Wanted: The Peasants of Carolingia seek contracts in manufacturing and menial labour. They are hard working, and content to live frugally off the fruits of their fields. These fields, unfortunately, grow only rocks. They need jobs or they will soon starve! Skilled in road construction. Contact their liege, Remilai du Chat Gris, for more information.


I am seeking to make fiends, learn to speel and cast magic!

Dale Bleggamaster

--- 31 players submitted 445 total orders this turn.