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   | The Olympia Times                                       issue g2-204 |
   | January 16, 2001                                                     |
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Olympia PBEM

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Player-contributed press

*************** The Continuing Epic of Prince Oledema ******************* ******** ex Lord of the Crown and Western Isles Confederate *************

Oledema and his entourage marched out of Lords' land and Adbar for the last time and said goodbye to his compatriots from the last several and mighty years.

Taking to boat in a voyage to discover a new future with his noble retinue Oledema's party came across and rescued an almost drowned convict, Grombach.

Gromabch was hauled from the waters and after a day of rest recited tales of horrid injustice and torture from the prison colony whence he had escaped.

Bloodhook Island. A name which has sent children running to their beds and watery shiver down the backs of hardened sailors.

Disgusted at the tales from this wretched fugutive Oledema took upon himself a mission to break this prison island and enlisted directions from Grombach.

A hard fought battle from a surprise attack sprung at midnight left only Oledema and a few refugees standing in pools of bloody victory. Battered but free the band swore fealty to their Deus ex Machina.

Bedraggled and tired the refugees reached the nearest havens of the Confederacy. Hearing of the arrival of Prince Oledema the local lords agreed to help him restore his position and granted him deserted lands within their realm to settle.

-- Bloodhook Island Refugees [wc9]

To all,

The House Erigadorn seeks al questing partner, Ee will accept contacts from those interested, please be patient if your message haven't been replyed, we are short on staff for so many messages.

References will be taken. Please contact us at ribas_pedro@hotmail.com using 'Questing partnership' as subject.

-- Erigadorn [xy3]


Oh for wish of a still!


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